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833 01707 3468 

GC 977.2 P75f- 

Polk ' 5 Indiana State 

gazetteer and business 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2010 with funding from 

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center 

E. C. Atkins & Co., 

Manufacturers of Best Refined Cast Steel and the 

"Silon Steel" Circular & Cross Cut 


Quality and Workmanship Warranted. Write for 
Price-List and Special Quotations. 

206 to 216 South Elinois Street, 
Repairing a Specialty. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 

Chicago Business College 

Tbis Institution Stands at the Head of the Schools of Commerce 

of tlie United States. 

It is a well-known fact that Mr. H. B. BRYANT has had more experience in establishing and con- 
ducting Business Colleges than any other man in the country, having founded and put in successful 
operation, forty-eight Colleges in the principal cities of the United States and Canada. More than 
40,000 Students attended these Colleges while under his management. 

Mr. BRYANT is now giving his whole attention to the great institution located at Chicago. 

Young men, middle-aged men and young women go to Chicago from all parts of the American Con- 
tinent, knowiug that the grandest of all tlie Practical Schools is located there, and their wants will be 
fully met in that great and growing city. 


•• It has more Students in attendance than any other Business College in America. 

Its great patronage is the result of superior management, the great number of experienced in- 
structors, and the thoroughness of the work in all departments. Graduates of our best Literary 
Colleges attend this Institution in large numbers, and are helped to positions as soon as prepared. 

Scarcely a day passes that there are not several calls from Business Houses for help. 

It affords the readiest introduction to business and professional life. 

Send for large Catalogue. Address 


77» 79 and 8i STATE STREET, 




Also Wood Boring Machines and Chair Machinery in Great Variety. 
the Manufacturers. 

Manufacturers of 

Nut Tapping 


Rapid Bolt Cutters and 
the Best Wood Turning 

and Pattern Makers' 
Lathes ever ofFered to 
the Trade. 

For Prices and Cuts, address 

E. C. Atkins & Co., 

Manufacturers of Best Refined Cast Steel and the 

"Sllon Steel" Circular & Cross Cut 


Quality and Workmanship Warranted. Write for 
Price-List and Special Quotations. 

206 to 216 South IlUnois Street, 
Repairing a Specialty. INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 

Chicago Business College 

Xliis Institution Stands at tbe Head of the Schools of Commerce 

of the United States. 

It is a well-known fact that Mr. H. B. BRYANT has had more experience in establishing and con" 
ductins:; Business Colleges than any other man in the country, having founded and put in successful 
operation, forty-eight Colleges in the principal cities of the United States and Canada. More than 
40,000 Students "attended these Colleges while under his management. 

.Mr. BRYANT is now giving his whole attention to the great institution located at Chicago. 

Young men, middle-aged men and young women go to Chicago from all parts of the American Con- 
tinent, knowing that the grandest of all tlie Practical Schools is located there, and their wants will be 
fully met in that great and growing city. 


•■ It has more Students in attendance than any other Business College in America. 

Its great patronage is the result of superior management, the great number of experienced in- 
structors, and the thoroughness of the work in all departments. Graduates of our best Literary 
Colleges attend this Institution in large numbers, and are helped to positions as soon as prepared. 

Scarcely a day passes that there are not several calls from Business Houses for help. 

It affords the readiest introduction to business and professional life. 

Send for large Catalogue. Address 

H. B. BRYi^NT & SON, 

77» 79 and 8i STATE SXK.EHT, 




Also Wood Boring Machines and Chair Machinery in Great Variety, 
the Manufacturers. 

Manufacturers of 

Nut Tapping 


Rapid Bolt Cutters and 
the Best Wood Turning 

and Pattern Makers' 
Lathes ever offered to 
the Trade. 

For Prices and Cuts, address 

J. W. Hart. 

Established 1855. 

C. A. Cheistman. 

J. W. HART & CO. 

S. W. Cor. Fifth and Race, CINCINNATI, 0. 



We solicit a trial from MANUFACTURERS, PUBLISHERS, PRINTERS, INVENTORS, and all others 
wlshiriK Drawing ami Kii«raviri(,', f(,-(,-liiif; confident of ability to meet their wants, in work and price. 
We PHOTO OX WOOD (when practical), insuring correct likeness of object. Inquiries and orders by- 
mall receive prompt attention. 

/ W. HART & CO., Fifth and Race Sts., 

Passenjer Elevatw in the Building. OIITCIITITATI, OSIO. 

IV: C. HITE, Pres. ■ B. C. LEVI, Gen. Freight Agt. 

A. T. GILMORE, Supt. W. W. HITE, Sec. and Treas. 

General Offices, Louisville, Ky. 

Evansville and Henderson 



Daily, except Sunday at 4 o'clock P. M. 

Monday, at 10 a, m. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 
Friday and Saturday, at 6 p. m. 



Indianapolis, Indiana. 

Manufacturer of all kinds of! 


Carriacfe and Waran Material. 


Hickory Rims, Oak Rims, 
Trnek Rims, Sulky Rims, 
Bent and Straight Heel Shafts, 
Platform Spring Wagon Shafts, 
Express Shafts (Double or Single Bend), 
Cutter Shafts, 

Carriage Poles (Double or Single Bend), 
Double and Single Trees, 

Carriage, Wagon and Express Bows, 
Hickory and Oak Spokes, 

Sleigh Runners, Sleigh Fenders. 
Bob Runners and Raves. 

MY SHAFTS AND POLES are bent ou Iron Forms, Heated by Steam. They 
are aUo«<Ml to cool on these forms, and wiH not straighten or spring when re- 
moreil, thns secnring uniformity in shape. Orders Solicited. The Highest Cash. 
Price Paid for 


St. Louis® Pacific Railway. 

^ « ■» — ^ 



East, West, North-West or South-West ! 


IMlaiBolis anfl ToMo ! liiaiBolis ai Ctoap ! 
MiaiapUs anfl Detroit! Infliaipfllis ai liiiai City! 


New York, Boston, Niagara Falls, Toronto 


Before Purcliasinsr Tickets Call at the ]Se>v City Ticket Office, 

40 West Washington Street, |0 


Kor Rates and Information. »s*rspecial attention to Colonist, l,an<l- 
Seeker and emigrant Parties. 

Second V. P. and Gen'l Manager. General Passenger Agent. 

F. A. PALMER, Passenger and Ticket Agent, 40 W. Washington 8t. 











The Track and Equipnient of this Line are in splendid condition, and 
Passengers are guaranteed Pi'oiiipt Time, Comfortable Accom- 
modations and Sure Connections. 

^Cheaper Rates, Better Acconimodations, or Quicker Time*^ 


Get Tickets over the Vandalia Line ! 

Indianapolis Ticket Oy^ce*— Union Depot; Corner Washington and Illinois 
Streets, and one block directly west of the Union Depot. 

Terre Haute Ticket Offices — Union Depot, and 629 Main Street. 

)jl^°For particular and reliable information about Rates, with Time Tables, Maps, 
etc., please call upon or address 

ROBERT EMMET, District Passenger Agent, 


GKO. E. FAIIRINGTOX, Sec'y and Oen. Ag't, 


E. A. FORD, General Passenger Agent, riltsbiirgh, Pa. 


I?. A-ILI^O -A-D. 







From Evansville, connects at Terre Haute with Vandalia and I. & St. L. Trains at 10:15 
a. m., for St, Louis and all Local Points West of Terre Haute. 

10.00 A. M, From Evansville, with Elegant Parlor Car 10.00 A. M, 

for INDIANAPOLIS, making close connections with the evening trains for all Eastern 

Cities; also making close connection with Ohio & Mississippi Ry. at 

Vincennes for Louisville and Cincinnati. 

6.45 P. M. EVENING TRAIN 6.45 r. M. 

From Evansville, with Woodruffs Magnificent Sleepers for CHICAGO DIRECT, con- 
necting at Vincennes with O. & M. trains East and West, and at Terre Haute 

with Fast Express 

(^For New York Via Vandalia Line.e) 

3.40 A. M. 


3.40 A. M, 

Leaves Terre Haute 3:40 A. M. — Through Train from Chicago, with Woodruff Sleeper ^ 

and through coach for Nashville attached, making direct connection at Evansville with 

the L. & N. R. R. for Nashville, Atlanta, New Orleans and all points South. 

2.45 P. M. With Through Parlor Car from. 2.45 P. M. 

Indianapolis. This train makes the line from the East via Vandalia and * 
Pennsylvania Railways. 

10.45 A. M. Trains connect at Vincennes 10.45 A. M. 

■with O. & M. Trains for St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati, making from two to four 

hours the quickest time to the above points. Also connects with O. & M. 

trains from St. Louis, Louisville and Cincinnati. 


G. J. GRAMMER, Gen. Ticket Agt. C. J. HEPBURN, Superintendent. 


J. 3VC. &> I. 1%. IR;. 



— TO — 


Chattanooga, Knoxville, Atlanta, 



Only One Change of Cars 



Little Rock, Mobile, New Orleans, or 
Jacksonville, Fla. 

Freights Billed Through 



At I^oweHt RateH, and Sent TIirouKli to Destination 'Without 
Xranfer or Clian^fe of Cars. 


Superintenflent, Louisville, Ky. Gen'l Pass, and Ticket Ag't, Louisville, Ky. 


Freight Ag't, Indianapolis. District Passenger Ag't, Indianapolis. 



Louisville, New Albany & Ghicago R'j'. 


Louisville & Chicago. 

Only Line, Under One Management, Betiveen Louisville and^ 
Greencastle, Craivfordsvillej Lafayette, Michigan 
City and Chicago. 

Pullman Cars on all Night Trains ! 


Will find this the Most Direct and Expeditious Route between the 
North-West and South East. 

E. B. STAHLMAN; Oeueral Traffic Manager, Louisville, Ky. 

MURRAY KELLER, General Passenger Agent, Louisville, Ky. 
A. B. SOUTHARD, Gen. Freight Agt., 122 Randolph St., Chicago, 111. 






Chic. & E. I. R. R, and E. & T. H. R. R. 


The Shortest Route to Nashville, Atlanta, Chattanooga, Macon, 
Savannah, Charleston, Montgomery, and all points in 

Clap to islflllfi wioiit Claie ! 
Chicago to Jaksonville with Only I Change 

For Guides, Maps, Time Tables and further Information, address 

O. S. liVrORD, 


Superintendent. Gen'l Pass. Agent. 

WILLIAM HILL, Oen'l Traveling Agt., 101 Clark St., Chicago. 




Affording Direct Cqnnection Between 

Cliicag^o, 111. 
South Bend, Ind. 
Blkliart, Ind. 
Gosben, Ind. 
'Warsa-**-, Ind. 
'Wabasb, Ind. 
Marion, Ind. 
Anderson, Ind. 
Grand Bapids, Mich. 
IMuskeson. Micb. 
Grand Haven, Mich. 
Blalamazoo, Mlcb. 
Jackson, ]»Iieb. 
Detroit, ]nicb. 

Indianapolis, Ind. 
Terre Haute, Ind. 
Evans-ville, Ind. 
Ricbmond, Ind. 
IVe-^' ^Ibany, Ind. 
Cincinnati, Oblo. 
Columbus, Obio. 
Dayton, Obio. 
Sprins:field, Obio. 
l,ouisville, Ky. 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 
St. I^ouis, Mo. 
Kansas City, Mo. 
Denison, Xexas. 



DAIL Y {Sundays Excepted ) JJ 



Makii^g Direct Connectio>^s for -the South and West. 


Express Trains Daily, For Chicago and all Points in Michigan, it 

. Direct Connection at Chicago for the Great Northwest. 

The Tonrist's and Sportsman's Route to the Syracuse Lakes and Grand 
Hayen. The Extension of this Line to Niles and Benton 

Harbor, Michigan, will aiford a Direct Line / 

to Lake Michigan. 

Ask for Through Tickets and Baggage Checks. Speed. Safety. Comfort. 


General Manager, ELKHART IND. 


G. F. and T. A. WABASH, IND. 


Grand Rapids & Indiana 




Ft. TftTayne & Indianapolis, 

and Southwestern Points. Also for STURGIS, KALAMA- 

Traverse City, Petoskey, and all points in Northern and 
Western Michigan. 

Through Express Trains Daily, with Sleeping and Chair Cars 
on Night Trains. The Only Route to the Celebrated Summer and 
Game Resorts, and Trout, Grayling and Black Bass Fisheries of 


Excursion Tickets during the season at Low Rates to Mackinac, Petoskey, Traverse City 

and Lake Superior Points. Through Tickets and Baggage Checks. J^^For Time 

Cards, Map Folders, Tourist Guides and further information, call on 

Ticket Agent or address 

A. B. LEET, General Passenger Agent, Grand Rapids, Michigan. 









A.nd all Points in the South and West, and in Connection with 

the BALTIMORE S OHIO^ is decidedly 

the BEST ROUTE to 


And Ne^MT York, 



KOR.IMLS, and all Improvements for Comfort and Safety. 


General Superintendent, General Freight and Ticket Agent, 



Fflrt fane, Ciiiiti k Loiie 








Solid Trains Each lATay BetiAreen Cincinnati and 

Fort Wayne. 


General Sup't. 


Oen'l Ticket As't. 







ZE'IE^ICE, 2^I-\7-E 3DOIjILi-^I^S, 



Publishers of the Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Missouri, Kentucky, 

Minnesota and Dakota, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, and West Virginia State 

Gazetteers, and City Directories for Indianapolis, Detroit, 

Toledo, St. Paul, Grand Rapids, Saginaw, East / 

Saginaw, Bay City, Jackson, Fort Wayne, 

Toronto and London, Ont. 


Entered according to an act of Congress, in the year 188-2, by R. L. Polk ct Co., in the olhce of the 
Librarian of Congress, at Washington, D. C. 



This, the second volume of the Indiana State Gazetteer and Business Birectoi-y, is now- 
presented to the public with the assurance that it will meet with the same approbation 
that was accorded to our first volume, and that it will be found correct in the main. It 
is replete with valuable information that can not fail to benefit the entire business com. 
munity and prove a valuable source of information to all persons. 

The present volume is entirely original. All descriptive and gazetteer matter has 
been freshly collected and re-written from information recently obtained. The general 
features of this work comprise a full description of each postoffice in the State, such as 
the location, population, nearest shipping point, location of nearest bank, township wherein 
located, distance and geographical direction from the county seat, express and telegraph 
companies, stage communications, and other statistics showing water power, mining 
interests and inducements to settlers and manufacturers. The present volume contains 
1,212 pages of printed matter — an increase of 68 pages over the former volume— giving 
the names of 63,500 business houses, professional men and manufacturers. The map 
accompanying this work has been corrected up to date, showing all the numerous new 
railroads within the State, and is, in fact, the latest map issued. 

Great care has been taken to make this volume complete in every particular, and 
we trust that it will meet with the kind approval of our patrons. 

The subscription list of 1882 exceeds that of 1880 by over one-third, while the adver- 
tising department shows a vast increase over that of Volume I, which is the most con- 
clusive evidence that the work is appreciated and sought after. 

Thanks are kindly tendered to those who have rendered assistance in gathering in- 
formation and statistics, especially the postmasters throughout the State, who have in 
nearly all cases promptly responded to out communications, and have given the required 
information. The sea-son of 1882 has been an exceedingly prosperous one to all, as is 
shown by the bounteous croi)s throughout the entire State, and we tender our congratula- 
tions to the entire community upon the substantial business outlook, and trust that the 
game state of commercial activity may meet us on the publication of our next volume. 





Chicago, 111 1191—1193 

Cincinnati, Ohio...... 1165—1190 

Classified Business Directory 835 — 1164 

Cleveland, 1193 

Commissioners of Deeds 70 

County Seats and County Officers 71 — 75 

Courts 69 

Dayton, O. 1194 

Detroit^ Mich 1194—1199 

Digest of U. S. Patent Laws 79 — 80 

Gazetteer and Alphabetical Directory 81 — 834 

Indiana Collection. Laws 76 — 78 

Louisville, Ky 1200 — 1204 

New York, N. Y 1205 

St. Louis, Mo.r , 1205—1206 

State Government 69 

Toledo, O 1206—1211 




Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred 

Heart opp 267 


Gibson OM 85 

Shirk Henry E 85 

Williams House 85 


Chamness E B 87 

Free Eudolph 87 


EankinHP 1061 


Anderson Eeview 91 

Doxey House 91 

Excelsior Mutual Aid Association 93 

Globe Mutual Assessment Life Ins Co. 93 

Hurst Bros 93 

Johnson & Weyburn...... 97 


Straw F B 105 

Umber James H... 105 

Young Peter '. 105 


Klinefelter Bros 944 


Batesville Carving Co opp 112 

Blank J jr & Co opp 112 

Union Furniture Co opp 112 


Hobson & Co 115 

Houston HV 115 




... 121 

Woody MA 


Dennison Mfg Co,back bone and back fly leaf 


Acker W J. ••... 133 

Bourbon House 133 

Bourbon Review 133 

McKinnev C B Sons & Co 131 

KiggenbergJ C& C II 131 


Clav Countv Abstract Co 135 

Wilder & Halstead - 135 


Buchanan Wind Mill Co opp 1162 


Breckenridffe House 149 

Bunker Hiil Press 149 


Bertsch c*c Co 158 

Straub C 153 

Weekly Isaiah 153 


Clark County Record 167 


Acme Engraving Co. 940 

Bliss SS opp 1094 and 1095 

BremnerDF 981 

Brunswick J M & Baike Co, The, 

back fly leaf 

Bryant H B & Son front cover and 3 

Chicago Medical College opp 1099 

Chicago Telegraph Supply Co opp 919 

Chicago & Eastern Illinois R R 12 

Collender H W Co, The 854 

ColsonCI) opp 941 

Colwell BL Dr 1091 

Davis John c^ Co back cover 

Eureka Oil Co opp 928 

Everingham L&Co bottom lines 

Goss & Phillips Mfg Co 1143 

Home Life Insurance Co top lines 

Knisely Bros & Miller opp 956 

Ix-e HT Dr 1093 

Lumberman Publishing Co opp 1050 

Manz J & Co opp 957 

Mariner G A 1091 

Palmer, Fuller & Co opp 1002 

Rush Medical College opp 1098 

Sears AT opp 940 

Shedd E A & Co 1014 

Stuver T D top lines, alpha and 351 

V'igeant Greg opp 940 

Wheeler & Tappan 1118 


American Paint Co 1175 

American Patent Agency 1183 and 1184 

\rrico Frank 1178 

\ult liroH 1188 

Vult & Wiborg opp 1116 

(icrningliaus Eugene 849 and 921 

liurnet & Co opp 888, 974 and 1000 

Caldwell A Co 1164 

Campbell & Co 1179 

Cincinnati .College of Medicine and 

Surgery 1181 and 1182 

Cincinnati Gymnasium 1179 

Cincinnati Paint and Color Works 

opp 892, 930, 958 and 984 

Cincinnati Roofing Co opp 890 

Craven G T & Co front cover 

Crawford House 1180 

Dennis N M top lines, clars and 1169 

English CL 1189 

Enterprise Carriage Mnfg Co, 

opp 898 and 899 

Evans Charles M 1189 

Folger Lewis B 1187 

Gerke Brewing Co 1171 

Hall's Safe and Lock Co, ts-to 

back cover and 845 and 

Hart J W& Co 4 

Havward & Hurd 1167 

Hecker Christ 1190 - 

Hollstegge & Baumann opp 847 

Hyndmau W G & Co, 

top lines alpha, opp 886 and 887 

Jacob Charles jr, & Co 978 

Knight Bros, top stencil edge and digest 

79 and 80 

Longlev, Garlick & Co opp 982 

McBetii & Latta .....opp 1059 

McGowan John H Co The 

front paster and opp 1018 and 1019 

MackenzieJ D 1187 

Madison House 1185 

Mendenhall CS 837 and 952 

Miami Medical College, 

back fly leaf and opp inside back cover 

Murdock .James jr 1188 

Murray James H, opp 892, 930, 958 and 984 

National Lubricator Co 1175 

New York Iron Roofing and Paint Co, 

back bone and opp 1124 and 1125 

Odgers Richard 1189 

Ohio College of Dental Surgery 1173 

Peale W C & Bro 1167 

Porter Iron Roofing Co opp 890 

Post & Co 1177 

Queen City Printing Ink Co 1174 

Reedv Henrv J, top lines, class and 1176 

Robbins E P, M E 1190 

Ryling John & Son 1186 

Schloctermeyer A Co opp 874 

Siel)ern W N & Co opp 1060 

Sudler W F 1186 

The John II McGowan Co, 

front paster and opp 1018 and lOlS 

Warner Warren 937, 957, 983 and 1007 

Williams J A 409, 475 and 669 

Wiser Otto 1189 

Wolff C J 1185 


Cleveland Non Conducting Co opp 1143 

Kenney W'ni c^ Co, opp 1143 

Purdy Machine Co 3 

Tracy George C& Co 1085 


Democrat 183 

Efinger Andy 183 




Elm House 181 

Jackson R M 183 

Kitzinger George 181 

Nieman Wm R 181 

St Denis Hotel 181 

Winterberg L 181 


Deutsch's Hotel 189 


Crigler Wm H H 191 

Hotel Brunswick 191 


Wabash College opp 192 and 193 


Burt Hoiise 203 


New Frisbee House 



American Lubricator Co opj) 1119 

Anderson W H &,Co..... opp 929 

Bearss & Co 1197 

Bennett W C & Co 1141 

Calvert Lithographing and Engraving 

Co opp 1198 

Detroit Rubber Stamp Co opp 1119 

Detroit Stained Glass Works; 1197 

Diamond Fanning Mill Co 837 

Fredericks & Staffin .- 1197 

Gmeiner Julius 1197 

Holliday W P opp 882 

May hew Business College 1195 

Michigan Exchange Hotel opp 441 

Murphy M J & Co opp 951 

Starling A F & Co^ opp 870 

Western Engraving Co 834 


Cincinnati, Wabash and Michigan R'y 13 

Elkhart House 223 

Phillips J M & Co 223 

Rogers John 223 

Stephens Andrew 221 

Wright HC 223 


Armstrong Furniture Co 233 

Becker & Bro 237 

Bush A S & Co 1119 

Courtot J Mrs 235 

Evansville Leather and Belting Co 235 

Evansville & Terre Haute R R 9 

Grote F & Co 237 

Indiana Post 235 

Schaefer Joseph 235 


Academy of Our I^ady of the Sacred 

Heart ; opp 267 

Bass Foundry and Machine Works,opp 260 

Centlivre C L opp 261 

Empire File Works 265 

Fletcher J F 269 

Ft Wayne, Cincinnati & Louisville R'y 16 

Fort Wayne Organ Co opp 266 

Glynn Mathias 269 

Holman B M 267 


Hughes & Humphreys 1123 

Jenne C R 265 

Jones FL& Co 269 

Kaog & Bro 265 

Kegelmann Julius 267 

Keller Charles C ;.• 265 

Krieger Jerome opp 271 

Lade Max G '. opp 261 

Mayer House 263 

Medical College of Ft Wayne opp 272 

Pennock S & Sons Co opp 270 

Peters Box and Lumber Co opp 273 

Robbe & Scherer opp 274 

Robinson House 267 

Tremont House 267 


Fowler Republican 27& 

Harkrider Wm R 279 

Summit House 279 


Coulter House 283 

Fr an kf ort Crescent 28 1 

Hammond J W 283 

Lough Pleasant 283 


McGladePH 285 

Needham Wm & Co 285 

Ricketts House 285 


Brown Silas M& Bro 301 

Drake & Walker 2&9 

Evans Thomas. 301 

Goshen Pump Co opp 1118 

Hattel Bros & Co 299 

The Independent 299 


Grand Rapids & Indiana RR 14 


Indiana Asbury University 

opp 304 and 305 


Puterbaugh George W opp 1142 


Seitz House 311 


Lowe George M D 315 

Newcom House 315 


Roy Tadaypaly V Dr 319 


Rominger A S 333 


Huntingburgh Signal 335 

Krueger Jonathan 335 


BriantC E 339 

Briant Wm T ;»7 

Commercial Hotel • • -^337 

Indiana Herald 337 

Lime City News 337 




Anderson Hardware Co opp 997 

Anderson Wm C 835 

Atkins E C & Co top lines, 3 and 1048 

Backus Wm & Co 395 

Baron George 415 

Barry W B front cover and opp 1048 

Bates House 361 

Belt R E L^' Stock Yard Co opp 346 

Berterman Bros 389 

Black Charles H opp 361 

Bradford C bottom lines and 1087 

Brunswick The 389 

Brvce Peter lines, alpha and opp 360 
Builders' and Manufacturers' Associa- 
tion opp 1142 

Bula E W Dr opp 1088 

Bunting G W 365 

Burford Wm B opp 1038 and 1039 

Butler University bet 360 and 361 

Bvram, Cornelius & Co. 

360, 936, 956 and 1079 
Capital Aid Association of Indiana ... 381 
Carlon t^' Hollenbeck 

top and bottom lines, and opp 1032 

Carter J F 411 

Chandler H C & Co _. 391 

Clapp Thomas lines, alpha and 371 

Cobb & Branham opp 910 

Cohen Isaac 409 

Comstock A S 369 

Corbalev W H bottom lines alpha 

CullenEd F 403 

Cunningham Michael 419 

Danner S E 415 

Darrow Bros opp 420 and 421 

Dell Frank lines, class and opp 918 

Diamond H M opp 370 

Drainage and Farm Journal 399 

Equitable Life Assurance Society 373 

Excelsior Steam Laundry 397 

Fahnley &McCrea 383 

Fairbanks & Co. ojip 978 

Farley Thomas opp 1052 

Farm, Herd and Home 355 

Fletcher tV' Thomas 369 

Fulton W H 395 

Gage, Eifle& Co 405 

Gaunt Moses 417 

Gem Laundry 399 

Gillette O S bottom lines and 6 

Globe Tailoring Co 395 

Godman & Winslow 351 

Grauman M Mrs 419 

Grimes A E & Co 417 

Grum L B 417 

Guedellioefer John & Son 411 

Hamilton A C opp 347 

Harvie J E 417 

Hide, Leather and Belting Co, 392 and 870 

Helm Ed 413 

Herrlich Max 401 

Hetherington & Berner opp 347 

Hilker Henry 417 

Hoffman H A 415 

Hollingsworth Zcph 415 

Hood H P top lines, class and 1086 

Hnebner & Mueller 413 

Hunt J A & Co 429 


Hurley M F Dr 419 

Indiana Baptist 413 

Indiana Foundry Co front cover 

Indiana Insurance Co. ..back cover and 357 

Indiana Paint and Eoofing Co opp 1122 

Indianapolis Business College 913 

Indianapolis Female Seminary 379 

Indianapolis Machine and Bolt Works 

opp 869 
Indianapolis Manufacturers' and Car- 
penters' Union opp 400 

Indianapolis News opp 401 

Indianapolis Pottery Co 391 

Indianapolis Sentinel 349 

Indianapolis Steam Brush Factory, 

top lines, alpha and opp 360 

Indianapolis Times 353 

Indianapolis Wood Turning Factory... 413 

Jenne C H top lines, alpha and 367 

Jordan J S Dr 393 

Kendall John 411 

Kidd John 1029 

Kinklin E , 401 

Kissell Fred; : 401 

Knight & Jillson opp 869 

Kolyer John W 407 

Langsenkamp Wm 884 

Larsen Bros 381 

Lawrence A V 405 

LieberH& Co 377 

Lizius James B & Co. ...bottom lines alpha 

McAvoyTJ opp 1028 

McKain A A ..inside back cover 

Manheimer Louis 379 

Martens Herman opp 1158 

Mayer Charles & Co opp 344 

Medical College of Indiana,bet360 and 361 

Merrill, Meigs & Co 377 

Miller G W & Co 415 

Milwaukee Bottling Co 403 

Mueller Leonhardt 387 

MyerW P 407 

Newcomb, Olscn & Co opp 869 

New York Life Insurance Co, 

bottom lines and opp 1016 

Noelke Frederick 399 

Over Ewald... front cover, 999 and opp 836 

Patterson W O 363 

Physio-Medical College opp 424 

Pioneer Brass Works 405 

Polk E L & Co, 

bot lines, 67, 68, 75, 1190, 1208, 1211 and 1212 

Preston Fred T 281 

Eafert CF 403 

Eandall & Fish opp 425 

Eieman Bros 427 

Eikhoff Herman 375 

Eohrer Mary & Co 927 

Eoter & Co 403 

EouscJames H , 395 

St Charles Hotel 385 

Sarber WH Dr 419 

Share Geo K & Co... top lines, class and 383 

Shaw Charles E 411 

Sims & Smither 419 

Smjlev & Son 397 

Smith Frank H opp 432 and 433 

Smith J Giles 1115 




Solliday HF& Bro 407 

Spencer House 365 

Spiegel, Thorns & Co opp 952 

Steeg & Beruhamer 835 

Stem JH &A H 407 

SweeneyH & Co 401 

Taylor Major 397 

The Bradstreet Co, 

bottom stencil edge and 78 

Treuhann Frank 906 

Trumper C J 842 

Turner FS& Co 393 

Uhl & Elff 409 

Union Oyster Co... top lines alpha and 363 

US Encaustic Tile Co 409 

United States Home and Dower Ass'n 359 

Tajen & New top lines class 

Vandalia Line 8 

IV abash, St Louis & Pacific E'y 7 

Walker EH 419 

Wallingford C A 841 

Weddell House 387 

Westphal&Co 385 

Whitehead W C 

front stencil edge and opp 440 

Wiegand A 403 

Wiegel & Ruehl bottom lines, alpha 

Wilber Mercantile Agency 405 

Wrought Iron Bridge Co.' 351 


Schafer & Morris 443 


Butler University bet 360 and 361 


Fort Wayne & Jackson E R 15 


Daniel House 445 


€riswell J B 447 

Daily and Weekly Times 447 

National Hotel 447 

Stauss House 447 


Jahne & Co bottom lines 


Jonesborough Cornet Band 453 

Lottridge F M & Son 453 


Brock House 455 

Eogers O F & Son 455 


Watts Harry opp 1122 


Andrews Moses E jr 465 

Clinton House 465 

Michener & Co 463 

Eeed Byron 463 

TateGeorgeD 463 

W^illisWLDr 463 


.^tna House 473 

Crapp T S 471 

Kankakee Crystal Ice Co 473 

Lahr House 475 

St Charles Eestaurant 473 


Martin H 885 


Holmes John B bottom lines, class 

Meyer JHWm M D 489 

Eumely M & J, top lines,class and opp 486 
Teegarden House 489 


McLean Mnfg Co opp 494 and 495 


Jenner & Bro 497 

Ouerbacker Hotel 497 


Darnall J S & Co... 



Walder Andrew 505 


Messinger J B 511 


Commonwealth Distribution Co 1203 

Fischer, Leaf & Co 1204 

Holyoke Academy, back cover and opp 914. 
JefTersonville, Madison & Indianapolis 

EE 10 

Kentucky School of Medicine 1201 

Louisville, Evansville and Henderson 

Mail Co 5 

Louisville, New Albany & Chicago E'y 11 
Scott Charles W 1204 

Conklin E L Miss, M D..... 523 

Madison Brewing Co inside back cover 

Eobinson D C & Co 523 

WmTell House 523 


Baldwin & Irvine 533 

Dunning G W 531 

Grant County Eepublican opp 532 

Kinley WF 531 

Kinneman E L 531 

Marion Democrat 531 

Perry A C, M D 533 


Mason House 537 

Smock & Mitchell 537 


Jewell House 543 


Tykle House 547 


Martling J W... 553 

Palmer O C 553 




Southern Indiana Normal College,opp 554 


McCuaig & Dunlop 559 


Citv Hotel 567 

Magill E & J T 567 

Mt Vernon Democrat 567 

Newmanu A W 567 


Davis W T 571 

Maddy House 571 

Meeker C W 571 


Berlin Lew 575 

Stahly's Opera House 575 


Crumbo & Melcher 579 

DePauw College for Young Women, opp 580 

Gwin B &Son 581 

Helfrich George Sr. 579 

Hopkins T& X 581 

Payton House 579 

Eeising Paul 579 

Tribbey Francis M 589 


Eedman KS 920 

Searls Anson 897 


Junction House 597 

Newcastle Business College 595 

Newcastle Furniture Association 597 


Dessau S opp 1051 

Dunham & Schofield opp 1008 

Wagner E W 927 


City Hotel 607 

Hotel Wainwright 007 


Eel River Valley Spirit 611 

Williams J W &"Son 611 


Brunswick Hotel 61.3 

Feadler Hotel 613 


University of Notre Dame opp 722 


Berry Samuel Pi 641 

Clark L .M 641 

Dow B F& Co 637 

Ivovatt Thomas F 6.39 

Miami County .Sentinel 641 

Peru Manufacturing Co 035 

Reed Anson 641 

Smith M F 639 

Wilkinson Daniel 639 


Steel Horse Collar Co 1004 


Gueuther&Co 927 


Baker Josiab S, M D 649 

Morrill R M 651 

Parker House 649 

Scott Walter 649 


Baker & Houck 653 

Headington House 653 


Donald House 657 


New Makeever House 665 


Albright .Joseph 671 

Huntington House 671 

Leeds & Co 669 

Meerhoff H IL... 671 

Moon HE& Co opp 672 

Newman C E 671 

St James Hotel 673 

Wooler John H 66& 


Sumption House 677 


Hefflev Samuel 683 

Killen ML 683 

Rochester Republican 683 

Smith John W 683 


Clark James F 689 

Colman MW ." 687 

Foster Bros 689 

Rockville House 687 


Island ParkHouse 691 

Owen & Swinehart 691 



Cline A S 695 


Chandler House 697 


Arnd Henry 1113 

Brecht Gus V 1063 

Kane D P 1085 

Kern August 849 

Prail A A 1113 

Riches & Co opp 979 

St Louis Stoneware Co. ..opp 1206 and 1207 


Hungate House 703 


Entner Tobias 711 

Hill J C & Co 711 




Broiighton C & Son 715 

Walker James D 715 


McFaul N A&Co 834 


American Life and Accident Associa- 
tion opp723 

Aspinwall D 727 

Bacon John T 725 

Baxter Peter 725 

Chockelt John A 725 

European Hotel 723 

Grand Central Hotel 723 

Plartman John A 725 

Morse C W 1082 and 1162 

Oliver House 1007 

Schrop Bros 723 

University of Notre Dame opp 722 


National Hotel 733 


Davis Greenup back cover 


Seymour, Sabin & Co opp 347 


Sullivan Abstract Co 743 

Whitmore Bros 743 


Cliff& Son 755 

Everlasting Elevator Bucket Co 753 

Faller & Schuchardt 763 

Foote J A opp 1144 

Gallagher A J 761 

Hanley John 757 

Isbell & Miller 751 

King E J 753 

Kiissner Lorenz 755 

Lancaster Block Coal Co • 757 

Lockwood Lewis 757 

Magnetic Artesian Bath Co 759 

Negler John H 765 

Newhart Phil 761 

Roberts J W & Co 765 

Boss P B 759 

Seibt & Co 763 

Smith Harrison 763 

Terre Haute Commercial College 751 

Terre Haute Cracker Co 763 

TrinkleCCDr .761 


Hopkins Imjjroved Scale Co 769 


Chandler Wilson 773 

Commercial Hotel 773 

Tipton Times 773^ 

Webb & Wright 773 


BartleyH 1210 

Breckenridge Tool Co opp 944 

BurchN 1210 

Hepburn Bros 1209 

Kibbe & Lenhart 1209 

Lenk Wine Co 1210 

Peckham E G 1207 

Powell A F&Co 1207 

Shepler John B opp 441 

Smith & Post 1211 

Standard Saw Works 1210 

Toledo Plow Works 1210 

Toledo Saw and File Works.. 1207 

To4edo Wire Works 1207 


Mercer Kubber Co opp 1124 


Smith Bros. 779 


Meyer & Walliam 787 


Central Hotel 791 

Knox Nursery Co opp 1080- 

St John's Hotel 791 


New Lutz Hotel 795 

Green & Lawton 797 

Lutz R F 797 

Ross Foundry and Machine Works.... 797 

Smith Warren 795 

Zimmerman John C 795 


Cunningham Andrew 799 

Walkerton Visitor 799 


Mershon A J. 803 

Occidental Hotel 803 

Warsaw Republican 803 


Wickersham & Gorham." 821 


CI awso'n House 825 

Conklin I C 825 


Osborn House 829 






Clav Co Abstract Co, Brazil 135 

Audersou "Wm C, Indianapolis 835 

Steeg & Bernhamer, Indianapolis 835 

Baldwin & Irvine, Marion 533 

Smock & Mitchell, Martinsville 537 

Smith J W, Eochester 683 

McFaul X A & Co, Sioux City, la 834 

Sullivan Abstract Co, Sullivan 743 

Webb & Wright, Tipton 773 


Holman B M, Ft Wayne 



Over Ewald, Indianapolis, 

front cover and opp 836 
Seymour, Sabin & Co, Stillwater, Minn, 

opp 347 


A^'igeant Greg, Chicago, 111 opp 940 

Hammond J W, Frankfort 283 

Bunting G W, Indianapolis 365 

Huebner & Mueller, Indianapolis 413 

Stem J H A: A H, Indianapolis 407 

Wallingford C A, Indianapolis 841 

Berry Samuel R, Peru 641 


Jsoelke Frederick, Indianapolis 399 


Lieber H & Co, Indianapolis 377 


Bliss S S, Chicago, 111 opp 1094 and 1095 

Evans Charles M, Cincinnati, 1189 

Odgers Richard, Cincinnati, 1189 

AViser Otto, Cincinnati, 1189 

Wolff C J, Cincinnati, 1185 

Kane D P, St Louis, Mo 1085 

Lockwood Lewis, Terre Haute 757 


Smith Warren, Wabash 795 


Hartman.John A,-South Bend 725 


Gaunt Moses, Indianapolis 417 


Ryling .John & Hon, Cincinnati, 1186 

Martens Herman, Indianapolis opp 11 58 

Trumper C .1, Indianapolis 842 

Hanley John, Terre Haute 757 

Klinefelter Bros, Baltimore, Md 944 


Messinger J B, Logansport 511 


Bryce Peter F, Indianapolis, 

top lines, alpha and opp 360 


Efinger Andy, Columbus 183 

Kitzinger George, Columbus 181 

Winterberg L, Columbus 181 


Solliday H F & Bro, Indianapolis 407 


Jonesboro Cornet Band, Jonesborough 453 


Berninghaus Eugene,Cincinnati,0 . 849 

Hollstegge & Baumann, Cincinnati, O, 

opp 847 
Kern August, St Louis, Mo 849 


Gibson O M, Albion 85 


Magnetic Artesian Springs, Terre 

Haute 759 


Shaw Charles E, Indianapolis 411 


English C L, Cincinnati, 1189 


Gillette O S, Indianapolis, 

bottom lines and 6 


Brunswick J M & Balke Co The, Chi- 
cago, 111 back fly leaf 

Collender H W Co The, Chicago, 111... 854 


Kinneman E L, Marion 531 

Clark L M, Peru 641 


Hepburn Bros, Toledo, 1209 


Owen &Svvinehart, Rome City 691 


Cliff & Son, Terre Haute 755 




Newcomb, Olsen &Co, Indianapolis, 

opp 869 


Merrill, Meigs & Co, Indianapolis 377 


Grimes A E & Co, Indianapolis 417 


Starling A F & Co, Detroit, Mich, opp 870 


Stuver T D, Chicago, 111, 

top lines, alpha and 351 

Eobbe & Scherer, Ft Wayne... opp 274 

Backus Wm & Co, Indianapolis 395 

Milwaukee Bottling Co, Indianapolis.. 403 

Eoter & Co, Indianapolis 403 

Meyer & Walliam, Vevay 787 


Herrlich Max, Indianapolis 401 


Batesville Carving Co, Batesville.. opp 112 


Pioneer Brass Works, Indianapolis-.. 405 
Wooler John PI, Richmond 669 


Knight &Jillson, Indianapolis opp 869 


Straub C, Cambridge City 153 

Gerke Brewing Co, Cincinnati, 1171 

Centlivre C L, Ft Wayne opp 261 

Walder Andrew, Ligonier 505 

Madison Brewing Co, Madison, 

inside back cover 
Eeising Paul, New Albany 579 


Martin H, Lancaster, Pa 885 


Fletcher & Thomas, Indianapolis 369 


Godman & Winslow, Indianapolis 351 

Wrought-Iron Bridge Co, Indianapolis, 351 


Indianapolis Steam Brush Factory, In- 
dianapolis, top lines, alpha, and opp 360 


Bryant H B & Son, Chicago, 111, 

front cover and 3 

Mavhew Business College, Detroit, 
Mich .....1195 

Indianapolis Business College, Indian- 
apolis 913 

Holmes John B, Laporte, bottom, lines, class 

New Castle Business College, New Cas- 
tle 595 

Terre Haute Commercial College, Terre 
Haute 751 


Eankin H P, Allegheny, Pa 1061 

Siebern W N & Co, Cincinnati, O, opp 1060 
Brecht Gus V, St Louis, Mo 1063 


Hurley M F Dr, Indianapolis 419 


Aspinwall D, South Bend 727 


Shirk Henry E, Albion 85 

Enterprise Carriage Mnfg Co, Cincin- 
nati, O opp 898 and 899 

Jackson E M, Columbus, 183 

Becker & Bro, Evansville, - 237 

Lough Pleasant, Frankfort, 283 

Black Charles H, Indianapolis, opp 361 

Danner S E, Indianapolis 415 

Guedelhoefer John & Son, Indianap- 
olis 411 

Miller G W & Co, Indianapolis 415 

Lottridge F M & Son, Jonesborough... 453 

Jenner & Bro, Leavenworth 497 

MagillE& JT, Mt Vernon 567 

Tribbey Francis M, New Albany 589 

Heffley Samuel, Eochester 683 

Foster Bros, Eockville 689 

Hill J C & Co, Sevmour 711 

Chockelt John A," South Bend 725 


Arnd Henry, St Lonis, Mo 1113 

Prall A A, St Louis, Mo 1113 


Mariner G A, Chicago, 111 1091 


Kaag&Bro, Fort Wayne 265 


Brown Silas M & Bro, Goshen 301 


Treuhann Frank, Indianapolis 906 


Faller & Schuchardt, Terre Haute..-.. 763 


Corbaley W H, Indianapolis, 

bottom lines, alpha 


Eogers O F & Son, Kendallville 455 


Newman C E, Eichmond 671 


Burnet & Co, Cincinnati, O opp 1000 


Lancaster Block Coal Co, Terre Haijte, 757 


Cobb & Branham, Indianapolis opp 910 

Dell Frank M, Indianapolis, 

top lines, class and opp 918 


Burnet & Co, Cincinnati, O opp 974 




Chamness E B, Alexandria 87 


Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred 

Heart, Academy....' opj) 267 

AVabash College, Orawfordsville, 

opp 192 and 193 
Academy of Our Lady of the Sacred 

Heart, Ft Wayne...". opp 267 

Indiana Asbury University, Greencas- 

tle .■ lopp 304 and 305 

Butler University, Indianapolis, 

bet 360 and 361 
Indianapolis Female Seminary, Indi- 
anapolis, 379 

Butler University, Irvington, 

bet 360 and 361 
Holyoke Academy, Louisville Ky, 

back cover and opp 914 
Southern Indiana Normal College, 

Mitchell .opp 554 

DePauw College for Young Women, 

New Albany^ opp 580 

University of Notre Dame, Notre 

^Dame o])p 722 

University of Notre Dame, South 


opp /22 


Everinghara L & Co, Chicago, 111, hot lines 
Hayward & Hurd, Cincinnati, 1167 


Fulton W H, Indianapolis 

Eafert C F, Indianapolis 




Langsenkamp Wm, Indianapolis 884 


Grauman M Mrs, Indianapolis 419 

Kinklin K, Indianapolis 401 


Bremner D F, Chicag6, 111 981 

Bryce P F, Indianapolis, 

to]) lines, alph and opp 360 
Terre Haute Cracker Co, Terre Haute 763 


Helm Ed, Indianapolis 413 


St Louis Stoneware Co,St Louis Mo, 

opp 1206 and 1207 


Hecker Christ, Cincinnati, O 1190 


Ohio College of Dental Surgery, 

Cincinnati, O 1173 


Berninghaus Eugene, Cincinnati, O.... 921 


Redman R S, Newark, N. J 920 


Crigler Wm H M, Covington 191 

Kinley W F, Marion 531 


Dessau S, New York, N. Y opp 1051 


Polk R L & Co, Indianapolis, 

hot lines, 67, 68, 75, 1190, 1208,1211 and 1212 


Williams J W& Son,North Manchester 611 


Byram, Coi-nelius & Co, Indianapolis, 

360, 936, 95,6 and 1079 


Ault Bros, Cincinnati, 1188 


Cohen Isaac, Indianapolis 409 

KendallJohn, Indianapolis 411 

Walker E H, Indianapalis 419 

Negler John H, Terre Haute 765 


Craven G T & Co, Cincinnati, O.front cover 
Wagner E W, New York, N Y 927 


Campbell & Co, Cincinnati, 1179 


Dennis N M, Cincinnati, O, 

top lines, class and 1169 
Reedy Henry J, Cincinnati, O, 

top lines, class and 1176 
Warner Warren, Cincinnati, O, 

937, 957, 983 and 1007 
Smith & Post, Toledo, 1211 


Myer W P, Indianapolis 407 

Everlasting Elevator Bucket Co, Terre 
Haute 753 


McAvoy T J, Indianapolis opp 1028 


U. S. Encaustic Tile Co, Indianapolis.. 409 


Bass Foundry and Machine Works, 

Fort Wayne. opp 260 

Over Ewald, Indianapolis, 

front cover, 998 and opp 836 
Rumely M & J, La])orte, 

top lines, class and opp 486 
Dow B F& Co, Peru 637 


Diamond Fanning Mill Co, Detroit, 
Mich 837 


Smith Harrison, Terre Haute 763 


Keller Charles C, Fort Waynt 265 

Peckham E G, Toledo, O 1207 

Toledo Saw and File Works, Toledo, 0, 1207 


Over Ewald. ...front cover, 998 and opp BBS 




Colson C D, Chicago, 111 opp 941 

Dell F M, Indianapolis 

top lines, class and opp 91S 


Dunham & Schofield, New York, N Y, 

opp 1008 


Berterman Bros, Indianapolis 389 

Hilker Henry, Indianapolis 417 

Eieman Bros. Indianapolis 427 

Wiegaud A, Indianapolis 403 

Leeds & Co, liichmond '.. 6G9 


Needham Wm & Co, Franklin 285 

Eominger A S, Hope 333 

Newhart Phil, Terre Haute *. 701 


Stephens Andrew, Elkhart 221 

Schaefer Joseph, Evansville 235 

JSTewmann A W, Mt Vernon 567 


The Little Furniture Store, Seymour... 711 


Free Eudolph, Alexandria 87 

Blank J jr & Co, Batesville opp 112 

Union Furniture Co, Batesville ...opp 112 
Armstrong Furniture Co, Evansville... 233 
Peters Box and Lumber Co, Ft Wayne, 

opp 273 

Hattel Bros & Co, Goshen 299 

Harvie J E, Indianapolis 417 

■Spiegel, Thorns & Co, Indianapolis, 

opp 952 
McLean Mnfg Co, Lawrenceburgh, opp 494 
New Castle Furniture Association 597 


Scott Charles W, Louisville, Ky 1204 


Detroit Stained Glass Works 1197 


Walker J D, Shelbyville 715 


Kogers John, Elkhart 223 

Lade Max G, Ft Wayne opp 261 


Cincinnati Gym.nasium,Cincinnati, O, 1178 


Krieger Jerome, Ft Wayne opp 271 


Anderson Hardware Co, Indianapolis, 

opp 997 


Vajen & New, Indianapolis, top lines, class 


Cunningham Andrew, Walkerton 799 


Steel Horse Collar Co, Philadelphia, 
Pa 1004 


Williams House, Albion 85 

Doxey House, Anderson 91 

Bourbon House, Bourbon ■. 133 

Breckenridge House, Bunker Hill 149 

Crawford House, Cincinnati, O 1180 

Madison House, Cincinnati, 1185 

Elm House, Columbus 181 

St Denis Hotel, Columbus 181 

Deutsch's Hotel, Corydon 189 

Hotel Brunswick, Covington 191 

Burt House, Decatur 203 

New Frisbee House, Delphi 207 

Michigan Exchange, Detroit, Mich, 

opp 441 

Elkhart House, Elkhart 223 

Mayer House, Ft Wayne 263 

Kobinson House, Ft Wayne 267 

Tremont House, Ft Wayne 267 

Summit House, Fowler 279 

Coulter House, Frankfort 283 

Ricketts House, Franklin 285 

Seitz House, Greensburgh 311 

Newcom House, Hagerstown 315 

Commercial, Huntington 337 

Bates House, Indianapolis 361 

St Charles Hotel, Indianapolis 385 

Spencer House, Indianapolis 365 

The Brunswick, Indianapolis 389 

Weddell House, Indianapolis 387 

Daniel House, Jasper 445 

National Hotel, Jeffersonville 447 

Stauss House, -Jeft'ersonville 447 

Brock House, Kendallville 455 

Clinton House, Kokomo 465 

^tna House, Lafayette 473 

Lahr House, Lafayette 475 

Teegarden House, Laporte 489 

Ouerbacker Hotel, Leavenworth 497 

Wm Tell House, Madison 523 

Mason House, Martinsville 537 

Jewell House, Michigan Citv 543 

Tykle House, Middletown..". 547 

City Hotel, Mt Vernon 567 

Maddy House, Muncie 571 

Payton House, New Albany 579 

Junction House, New Castle 597 

City Hotel, Noblesville : 607 

Hotel Wainwright, Noblesville 607 

Brunswick Hotel, North Vernon 613 

Feadler Hotel, North Vernon 613 

Parker House, Plymouth 649 

Ileadington House, Portland 653 

Donald House, Princeton 657 

New Makeever House, Eensselaer 665 

Huntington House, Eichmond 671 

St James Hotel, Richmond 673 

Sumption House, Ridgeville /.. 677 

Rockville House, Eockville 687 

Island Park House, Eome City 691 

Chandler House, Eussiaville 697 

Hungate House, Salem .' 703 

European Hotel, South Bend 723 

Grand Central Hotel, South Bend 723 

Oliver House, South Bend 1007 




National Hotel, Spencer 733 

Commercial Hotel, Tipton 773 

Central Hotel, Vincennes 791 

St Johns Hotel, Vincennes 791 

New Lutz Hotel, Wabash 795 

Occidental Hotel, "Warsaw 803 

Clawson House, Windfall 825 

Osboru House, ^yorthingtoll 829 


Davis W T, Muncie 571 


Shedd E A & Co, Chicago, HI 1014 

Kankakee Crystal Ice Co, Lafayette... 473 


Indiana Insurance Co, Indianapolis, 

back cover and 357 


Excelsior Mutual Aid Ass'n, Anderson 93 
Globe Mutual Assessment Life Ins Co, 

Anderson 93 

Home Life Ins Co, Chicago, 111, top- lines 
Capital Aid Ass'n of Ind, Indianapolis 381 
Equitable Life Assurance Society,Indi- 

anapolis 373 

New York Life Ins Co, Indianapolis, 

bot lines and opp 1016 
United States Home and Dower Ass'n, 

Indianapolis 359 

American Life and Accident Ass'n, 

South Bend opp 723 


Noelke Frederick, Indianapolis 399 

Over Ewald, Indianapolis, 

front cover, 998 and opp 836 
Sthrop Bros, South Bend 723 


Davis John & Co, Chicago 111. ..back cover 
McGowan John H Co The,Cincinnati,0, 

front inside paster and opp 1018 and 1019 

Grote F & Co, Evansville 237 

Bass Foundry and Machine Works, 

Fort Wayne opp 260 

Hetherington & Berner, Indianapolis, 

c pp 347 
Indiana Foundry Co, Indianapolis, 

front cover 
Over Ewald, Indianapolis, 

front cover, 899 and opp 836 

Michener & Co, Kokomo 463 

Rumely M & J, Laporte, 

top lines, class and opp 486 

Dow B F & Co, Pern 637 

Lovatt T F, Peru 6.39 

Smith M F, Peru 6.39 

Whitmore Bros, South Bend 743 

Smith Bros, Union City 779 

Green & Lawton, Wabash 797 

Ko-ss Foundry and Machine Works, 

Wabash 795 


Purdy Machine Co, Cleveland, 3 


Courtot J Mrs, Evansville 235 


Jones F L & Co, Ft Wavne 269 

Preston Fred T, Frankfort 281 

Excelsior Steam Laundrv, Indianapo- 
lis '. 397 

Gem Laundry, Indianapolis 399 

Preston Fred 'T, Indianapolis 281 


Kidd John, Indianapolis 1029 

Baker AHouck, Portland 653 

Smith J W, Eochester 683 

Clark James F, Rockville 689 

Davis Greenup, Springfield, 111, back cover 
Wickersham & Gorham, Winamac 821 


Schloctermeyer & Co, Cincinnati, O, opp 874 
Evansville Leather and Belting Co, 

Evansville 235 

Hide, Leather and Belting Co, Indian- 
apolis 392 and 870 


Martling J W, Mishawaka 553 


Cunningham Michael, Indianapolis.... 419 


Calvert Lithographing and Engraving 

Co, Detroit, Mich opp 1198 

Burford Wm B, Indianapolis, 

opp 1038 and 1039 


Hurst Bros,Anderson 9S 

Hobson & Co, Bedford 115 

Houston H V, Bedford 115 

Woodv M A, Bloomingdale. 121 

Riggeiiberg J C & C H, Bourbon 131 

Weeklv Isaiah, Cambridge City 153 

Fletcher J F, Fort Wayne 269 

Glynn Mathias, Fort Wavne 269 

Harkrider Wm R, Fowler 279 

Evans Thomas, Goshen i.... 301 

Ilollingsworth Zeph, Indianapolis 415 

Kolyer John W, Indianapolis 407 

Patterson WO, Indianapolis 363 

Smilev & Son, Indianapolis 397 

Darnall J S & Co, Lebanon 499 

McCuaig & Dunlop, Monticello 5-59 

Berlin Lew, Nappanee 575 

Gwin B & Son, New Albany 581 

Cline A S, Rushville ...' 695 


Commonwealth Distribution Co, Louis- 
ville, Ky 1203 


HofTman H A, Indianapolis 415 


National Lubricator Co, Cincinnati,0 1175 ' 


American Lubricator Co, Detroit, Mich 

opp 1119 




Carter J F, Indianapolis 411 

Gage, Kite & Co, Indianapolis 405 

Crapp T S, Lafayette 471 


Acker W J, Bourbon 133 

Goss & Phillips Mfg Co, Chicago, I11...1143 
Palmer, Fuller & Co, Chicago, 111, opp 1002 

Bearss & Co, Detroit, Mich 1197 

Wright HC, Elkhart 223 

Peters Box and Lumber Co, Ft Wayne, 

opp 273 

Briant Wm T, Huntington 337 

Builders' and Manufacturers' Associa- 
tion, Indianajjolis' opp 1142 

Indianapolis Manufacturers and Car- 
pententers Union, Indianapolis.. .opp 400 

Schafer & Morris, In wood 443 

Andrews Moses R Jr, Kokomo 465 

Tate George D, Kokomo 463 

Kobinson D C & Co, Madison 523 

Helfrich George sr. New Albany 579 


Colwell B L Dr, Chicago, 111 1091 


McBeth & Latta, Cincinnati, O opp 1059 

Purdy Machine Co, Cleveland, 3 

Green & Lawton, Wabash 797 


Fischer, Leaf & Co, Louisville, Ky 1204 


Moon H E& Co, Richmond opp 672 


McKain A A, Indianapolis, 

inside back cover 
Whiteheatl W C, Indianapolis, 

front stencil edge and opp 440 
Crumbo & Melcher, New Albany 579 


Kegelmann Julius, Ft Wayne 267 


Murphy M J & Co, Detroit, Mich. ..opp 951 


Chicago Medical College, Chicago, 111, 

opp 1099 

Rush Medical College, Chicago, 111, 

opp 1098 

Cincinnati College of Medicine and 
Surgery, Cincinnati, 1181 and 1182 

Miami Medical College of Cincinnati, 
O, back fly leaf and opp inside back cover 

Medical College of Ft Wayne, Ft 
Wayne opp 272 

Medical College of Indiana, Indiana- 
polis. ...= bet 360 and 361 

Physio-Medical College, Indianapolis, 

opp 424 

Kentucky School of Medicine, Louis- 
ville, Ky 1201 


The Bradstreet Co, Indianapolis, 

hot stencil edge and 78 
Wilber Mercantile Agency, Indiana- 
I>olis '. 405 


Young Peter, Auburn..*. 105 

Baron George, Indianapolis 415 

Globe Tailoring Co, Indianapolis 395 

Larsen Bros, Indianapolis 381 

Mueller Leonhardt, Indianapolis 387 

CriswellJ B, Jefl'ersonville 447 

Colman M W, Rockville 687 


Fahnley & McCrea, Indianapolis 383 


Bertsch & Co, Cambridge City 153 


Eobbe & Scherer, Ft Wayne opp 274 

Reed Anson, Peru 641 

Seibt & Co, Terre Haute 763 


Eureka Oil Co, Chicago, 111 opp 928 


Hood H P, Indianapolis, 

top lines, class and 108& 


Longley, Garlick & Co, Cincinnati, O. 

opp 982 


Anderson Review, Anderson 91 

Bourbon Review, Bourbon 13S 

Bunker Hill Press, Bunker Hill 149- 

Clark County Record, Charlestown 167 

Northwestern Lumberman, Chicago, 

111 opp 1050 

Democrat, Columbus 18S 

Indiana Post, Evansville 235 

Fowler Republican, Fowler 279 

Frankfort Crescent, Frankfort 281 

The Independent, Goshen 299 

Signal, Huntingburgh 335 

Indiana Herald, Huntington 337 

Lime City News, Huntington 337 

Drainage and Farm Journal, Indian- 
apolis. 399 

Farm, Herd and Home, Indianapolis... 355 

Indiana Baptist, Indianapolis 413 

Indianapolis News, Indianapolis. ..opp 401 
Indianapolis Sentinel, Indianapolis.... 349 

Indianapolis Times, Indianapolis 353 

Physio-Medical Journal, Indianapolis, 

opp 424 
Daily and Weekly Times, Jeffersonville 447 
Grant County Republican, Marion, opp 532 

Marion Democrat, Marion 531 

Mt Vernon Democrat, Mt Vernon 567 

Eel River Valley Spirit, North Man- 
chester 611 

Miami County Sentinel, Peru 641 

Rochester Republican, Rochester 683 

Tipton Times, Tipton 773 

Walkerton Visitor, Wabash .y..... 799 

Warsaw Republican, Warsaw.... 803 


Byram, Cornelius & Co, Indianapolis, 

936, 956 and 1079 


Mayer Charles & Co, Indianapolis, opp 344 




Leeds & Co, Eiohmond \ 669 

Knox Xurserv Co, Vinceuues opp 1080 


Faller & Schuchardt, Terre Haute 763 


Eureka Oil Co, Chicago, 111 opp 928 


Eobeits J W A Co, Terre Haute 765 


Clapp T H, Indianapolis, 

bot lines, alpha and 371 


Ft V.'ayne Organ Co, Ft Wayne opp 266 


Bacon John T, South Bend 725 


Union Oyster Co, Indianapolis, 

top lines, alpha and 363 


Jacob Charles jr & Co, Cincinnati, O... 978 


Palmer O C, Mishawaka 553 

painters' supplies. 

American Paint Co, Cincinnati, O 1175 

Cincinnati Paint and Color Works, 

Cincinnati, 0...opp 892, 930, 958 and 984 
Murray James H, Cincinnati, O, 

opp 892, 930, 958 and 984 
Peale W C & Bro, Cincinnati, 1167 

paper box MNFRS. 

Kenney Wm & Co, Cleveland, O.-.o^jp 1143 
Holliday W P, Detroit, Mich opp 882 


Lowe George M D, Hagerstown. 315 

RoyTadaypaly V Dr, Hanover 319 

Jahne & Co, Jersey City, N J hot lines 

Jordan J S Dr, Indianapolis 393 

Kohrer Marv & Co, Indianapolis 927 

Willis W L'Dr, Kokomo 463 

Guenther & Co, Pittsburgh, Pa 927 

Trinkle C C Dr, Terre Haute 761 


American Patent Agency, Cincinnati,0 

1183 and 1184 
Knight Bros, Cincinnati, O, 

top stencil edge and digest 79 and 80 

Tracy George C& Co, Cleveland, O 1085 

Bradford C, Indianapolis, 

• bot lines and 1087 
Hood H P, IndianajKilis, 

top lines, class and 1086 
Lizius James B &, Co, Indianapolis, 

bot lines, alpha 


Bobbins E P, M E, Cincinnati, 1190 


Arrico Frank, Cincinnati, 1178 

Reed Byron, Kok(;mo 463 


Colvvell B L Dr, Chicago, 111 1091 

Lee H T, Chicago, 111 1093 

Roy Tadaypaly V Dr, Hanover 319 

Bula R W, Indianapolis opp 1088 

Jordan J S Dr, Indianapolis 393 

Sarber W H Dr, Indianapolis 419 

Meyer J H Wm, M D, Laporte 489 

Conklin E L Miss, Madison 523 

Perry A C, Marion 533 

Baker Josiah S,- Plymouth 649 


Johnson & Wevburn, Angola 97 

Straw F B, Auburn 105 

Kiissner Loreuz, Terre Haute 755 


AVilder & Halstead, Brazil 135 

Builders and Manufacturers Associa- 
tion, Indianapolis opp 1142 

Indianapolis Manufacturers and Car- 

pienters' Union, Indianapolis opp 400 

Schafer & Mofris, Inwood 443 

Crapp T S, Lafayette 471 

AVilkinson Daniel, Peru 639 

Scott Walter, Plymouth 649 


Lovatt T F, Peru 639 

Burch N, Toledo, O 1210 

Toledo Plow Works, Toledo, 1210 


CuUen Ed F, Indianapolis '. 403 

Smith J Giles, Indianapolis 1115 

Meerhoff H H, Richmond 671 

Baxter Peter, South Bend 725 

Gallagher A J, Terre Haute 761 


Knight & Jillson, Indianapolis.. ....opp 869 


Indianapolis Pottery Co, Indianapolis 391 


Dunning G W, Marion 531 


Jenne C R, Ft Wayne 265 

Jenne C H, Indianapolis, 

top lines, alpha and 367 
Meeker C W, Muncie 571 


Burford Wm B, Indianapolis, 

opp 1038 and 1039 ' 
Carlon & Hollenbeck, Indianapolis, 

top and bot lines, and opp 1032 
Darrow Bros, Indianapolis, opp 420 and 421 

Diamond II M, Indianapolis opp 370 

Randall & Fish, Indiana{)olis ojip 425 

Smith Frank H, In(lianai)olis, 

opp 432 and 433 
Kibbe&Lenhart, Toledo, O If09 





Ault & Wiborg, Cincinnati, 0...opp 1116 
Queen City Printing Ink Co, Cincin- 
nati, O 1174 


Lawrence A V, Indianajjolis 405 


Drake & Walker, Goshen 299 


Wheeler & Tappan, Chicago, III 1118 

The John H McGowan Co, Cincinnati, 
O front paster and opp 1018 and 1019 


Goshen Pump Co, Goshen opp 1118 

Comstock A S, Indianapolis 369 


Chicago and Eastern Illinois R R, 

Chicago, 111 12 

Cinncinnati, Wabash and Michigan 

R'y, Elkhart 13 

Evansville and Terre Haute R R, Ev- 
ansville 9 

Fort Wayne, Cincinnati and Louisville 
R R, Fort Wayne 16 

Grand Rapids and Indiana R R, Grand 
Rapids, Mich 14 

Vandalia Line, Indianapolis 8 

Wabash, St Louis and Pacific R'y, In- 
dianapolis 7 

Fort Wayne and Jackson R R, Jack- 
son, Mich 15 

Jefferson ville, Madison and Indianpolis 
RR, Louisville, Ky 10 

Louisville, New Albany and Chicago 
R'y, Louisville, Ky 11 


Bush A S& Co, Evansville 1119 

McFaul N A & Co, Sioux City, Iowa, 834 


St Charles Restaurant, Lafayette 473 


Pennock S & Sons Co opp 270 


Mershon A J, Warsaw 803 


Knisely Bros & Miller, Chicago, 111. ..opp 956 

Watts Harry, Knightstown opp 1122 

Hughes & Humphreys, Ft Wayne 1123 


Caldwell & Co, Cincinnati, 1164 

Cincinnati Roofing Co, Cincinnati, O. 

opp 890 
Hyndman W G & Co, Cincinnati, O, 

top lines, alpha and opp 886 and 887 
New York Iron Roofing and Paint Co, 
Cincinnati, O, 

back bone and opp 1124 and 1125 
Porter Iron Roofing Co, Cincinnati, O. 

opp 890 
Indiana Paint and Roofing Co, In- 
dianapolis opp 1122 

Sims & Smither, Indianapolis 419 


Mercer Rubber Co, Trenton N J. ..opp 1124 


Detroit Rubber Stamp Co, Detroit, 

Mich opp 1119 

Turner F S & Co, Indianapolis 393 


Share Geo K & Co, Indianapolis, 

top lines, class and 383 

Krueger Jonathan, Huntingburgh 335 


Hall's Safe and Lock Co, Cincinnati,©, 

back cover and 845 and 846 


Goss & Phillips Mfg Co, Chicago,Ill... 1143 
Palmer, Fuller & Co, Chicago, 111, opp 1002 


Atkins E C & Co, Indianapolis, 

top lines, 3 and 1048 
Barry W B, Indianapolis, 

front cover and opp 1048 

Farley Thomas, Indianapolis opp 1052 

Westphal & Co, Indianapolis 385 

Bartley H, Toledo, 1210 

Peckham E G, Toledo, 1207 

Standard Saw Works, Toledo, 1210 

Toledo Saw and File Works,Toledo, O.1207 


Fairbanks & Co, Indianapolis opp 978 

Hopkins Improved Scale Co, Thorn- 
town 769 


Puterbaugh George W, Greenfield,opp 1142 


Umber James H, Auburn 105 


Foote J A, Terre Haute opp 1144 


Rumely M & J. lines, class and opp 486 
Seymour, Sabin & Co, Stillwater, Minn, 

opp 347 


Colson C D, Chicago, 111 opp 941 

Dell Frank M, Indianapolis, 

top lines, class and opp 918 


McGlade PH, Franklin 285 


Peru Manufacturing Co, Peru 635 


Wiegel & Ruehl, Indianapolis, 

hot lines alpha 


Challenge Sign Works, South Bend, 

1082 and 1162 


Grum L B, Indianapolis 417 


Hunt J A & Co, Indianapolis 429 


RossP B, TerreHaute 759 





Briant C E, Huntington 339 

Lutz R F, Wabash 797 


Cleveland Non Conducting Co, Cleve- 
land, O opp 1143 


The John H McGowan Co, Cincin- 
nati, O, 

front paster and opp lOlS and 1019 


Mackenzie J D, Cincinnati, 1187 

Murdock James jr, Cincinnati, 1188 


Belt E E and Stock Yard Co, Indian- 
apolis opp 346 


St Louis Stoneware Co, St Louis, 
Mo opp 1206 and 1207 


Crumbo & Melcher, New Albany 579 


King E J, Terre Haute.! 7-53 


Albright Joseph, Eichmond 671 


Burnet & Co, Cincinnati, O opp 888 


Post & Co, Cincinnati, O 1177 


Conklin I C, Windfall 825 


Lake Manitau Landing, Rochester 683 
Sylvan Lake, Eome City 691 


McKinney C B Sons & Co, Bourbon... 131 


Dennison Mfg Co, Boston, Mass, 

back bone ani back fly leaf 


Hopkins T & A, New Albany 581 


Chicago Telegraph Supply Co,Chicago, 

111. opp 919 
Post & Co, Cincinnati, 1177 


Btahly's Opera House, Nappanee 575 


I'hl k Elff, Indianapolis 409 


Anderson W H tt Co, Detroit, Mich, 

opp 928 

Bennett W C & Co, Detroit, Mich 1141 

Breckenridge Tool Co, Toledo, O, opp 944 


Mayer Charles & Co, Indianapolis, opp 344 


Louisville, Evansville and Hender- 
son Mail Co, Louisville, Ky 5 


Eouse James H, Indianapolis 395 

Shepler John B, Toledo, O opp 441 


Wiser Otto, Cincinnati, O 1189 


Broughtou C & Son, Shelbyville 715 


Lough Pleasant, Frankfort 283 


Martens Herman, Indianapolis... opp 1158 


Zimmerman John C, Wabash 795 


Manheimer Louis, Indianapolis 379 


Phillips J M & Co, Elkhart 223 


Clapp Thomas H, Indianapolis, 

bot lines, alpha and 371 


Morrill EM, Plymouth 651 


Searls Anson, Newark, N J 897 


Buchanan Wind Mill Co, Buchanan, 

Mich ,.- opp 1162 

Fairbanks & Co, Indianapolis opp 978 


Lenk Wine Co, Toledo, O 1210 


Eikhoff Herman, Indianapolis 375 

Sweeney H & Co, Indianapolis 401 


Nieman Wm E, Columbus 181 

Herrlich Max, Indianapolis 401 

Kissel 1 Fred, Indianapolis 401 

Kolyer John W, Indianapolis 407 

Chandler Wilson, Tijjlon 773 


Powell A F & Co, Toledo, 1207 

Toledo Wire Works, Toledo, 1207 




Acme Engraving Co, Chicago, 111 940 

Manz J & Co, Chicago, 111 opp 957 

Sears A T, Chicago, 111, opp 940 

American Patent Agency, Cincinnati, 

O 1183 and 1184 

Folger Lewis-B, Cincinnati, O 1187 

Hart J W & Co, Cincinnati, 4 

Mendenhall C S, Cincinnati, O, 837 and 952 
Sudler W F, Cincinnati, 1186 


Williams J A, Cincinnati, O...409, 475, 669 

Gmeiner J.ulius, Detroit, Mich 1197 

Western Engraving Co, Detroit, Mich, 834 

Chandler H C & Co, Indianapolis 391 

Riches & Co, St Louis, Mo opp 979 


Indianapolis Wood Turning Factory, 

Indianapolis 413 

Arnd Henry, St Louis, Mo 1013 


Pay no money in advance to itinerant Directory 
Canvassers. We are led to mention this from tlie 
fact tliat certain parties liave been fraudulently using 
our book as a specimen, and by tliat means col- 
lecting moneys in advance. We ask no payment 
until tbe i^ork is delivered, and our solicitors have 
strict orders not to take payment for either ad- 
vertisements or subscriptions. 

R. I.. POI^K & CO. 

See that our Name is on order before signing. 





FOR 1883 


IPK/IOE $5.00. 

Address, R. L. POLK & CO., 


Detroit, Michigan, op Philadelphia, Pa. 





Secretary of State, 

Auditor of State, 

Treasurer of State, 


Superintendent of Public Instruction, 

Clerk of Supreme Court, 

Eeporter of Supreme Court, 


Supreme Court. 

JUDGES— William E. Niblack, Vin- 
cennes ; James L. Worden, Fort Wayne ; 
George V. Howk, New Albany , Byron K. 
Elliott, Indianapolis, William A. Woods, 

Superior Courts, 

ALLEN COUNTY— Judge, Eobert Lowry 

Ft. Wayne. 
CASS COUNTY— Judge, John C. Nelson, 

MARION COUNTY -Judges, John A. 

Holman, Daniel W. Howe, Lewis C. 


B. Ward, Lafayette. 

Azro Dyer, Evansville. 

Criminal Circuit Courts. 

ALLEN CIRCUIT— Judge, James W. 

Borden, Ft. Wayne. 
MARION CIRCUIT— Judge, James E. 

Heller, Indianapolis. 
VIGO CIRCUIT— Judge, Thomas B. Long, 

Terre Haute. 

Judges of the Circuit Courts. 

FIRST CIRCUIT— William F. Barrett, 


THIRD CIRCUIT— Samuel Ramsay, Cory- 

FOURTH CIRCUIT— Charles P. Furgu- 
son, JefFersonville. 

FIFTH CIRCUIl— James Y. Allison, 

SIXTH CIRCUIT— John G. Berkshire, 


EIGHTH CIRCUIT— Samuel H. Bonner, 

NINTH CIRCUIT— Nathan T. Carr, Col- 

TENTH CIRCUIT— Francis Wilson, Bed- 

born, Princeton, 





FOR 1883 


DPRylOE $5.00. 

Address, R. L. POLK & CO., 


Detroit, Michigan, or Philadelphia, Pa. 





Secretary of State, 

Auditor of State, 

Treasurer of State, 

Attorney -General, 

Superintendent of Public Instruction, 

Clerk of Supreme Court, 

Reporter of Supreme Court, 


Supreme Court. 

JUDGES— William E. Niblack, Vin- 
cennes; James L. Worden, Fort Wayne; 
George V. Howk, New Albany , Byron K. 
Elliott, Indianapolis, William A. Woods, 

Superior Courts, 

ALLEN COUNTY— Judge, Eobert Lowry 

Ft. Wayne. 
CASS COUNTY— Judge, John C. Nelson, 

MARION COUNTY -Judges, John A. 

Holman, Daniel W. Howe, Lewis C. 


B. Ward, Lafayette. 

Azro Dyer, Evansville. 

Criminal Circuit Courts. 

ALLEN CIRCUIT— Judge, James W. 

Borden, Ft. Wayne. 
MARION CIRCUIT— Judge, James E. 

Heller, Indianapolis. 
VIGO CIRCUIT— Judge, Thomas B. Long, 

Terre Haute. 

Judges of tlie Circuit Courts. 

FIRST CIRCUIT— William F. Parrett, 



THIRD CIRCUIT— Samuel Ramsay, Cory- 

FOURTH CIRCUIT— Charles P. Furgu- 
son, Jeffersonville. 

FIFTH CIRCUIi— James Y. Allison, 

SIXTH CIRCUIT— John G. Berkshire, 


EIGHTH CIRCUIT— Samuel H. Bonner, 

NINTH CIRCUIT- Nathan T. Carr, Col- 

TENTH CIECUIT— Francis Wilson, Bed- 

born, Princeton. 



TWELFTH CIECUIT— Xewton F. Malott, 

fee, Brazil. 


Scott, Terre Haute. 
son, Spencer. 

Hord, Shelbvville. 

Kibby, Richmond. 

Forkner, New Castle. 

Adams, Danville. 

hune, Lebanon. 


Davidson, Covington. 

P Britton, Crawfordsville. 

Vinton, Lafayette. 


Goodykoontz, Anderson. 


Monks, Winchester. 

Bobo, Decatur. 


Walker, Pern. 

B. Saylor, Huntington. 

H. Chase, Logansport. 
mond, Rensselaer. 

Field, Crown Point. 

Noyes, Laporte. 

Long, Warsaw. 

Osborne, Elkhart. 

Tousley, Angola. 

Overman, Tipton. 
nand S. Swift, Brookville. 

O'Ronrke, Ft. Wayne. 

Gould, Delphi. 


Collins, Salem. 


Bufus K. McHarg, 
Philip A. Hoyne, 
E. V. Joice, ' 
Francis P. Burke, 
John C. Hollister, 
Jame.s W. Chapman, 
William M. Thoma.s, 
Edward J. .Jones, 
John W. Burroughs, 
James Crow, 
Vincent Rosemon, 
George W. Cas.sedy, 
George R. Jacf^ues, 
Charles Edgar Mills, 
Alfred Ingham, 
Edwin William Francis, 
N. Pendleton Schneck, 
S. Allaire Murden, 


New York 


San Francisco 

New York 

New Haven 


New Y'^ork 




New York 

Jersey City 

New York 

New York 

New Orleans 

New York 

New York 

New York 

Henry C. Banks, 
Fred W. Perkins, 
James F. ToplifT, 
John G. Eustis, 
Edward F. Ploffman, 
Lee D. Craig, 
Charles Nettlcton, 
Samuel C. Mills, 
James C. Kays, 
George W. Colles, 
Augustus F. W^arr, 
Francis Bloodgood, 
Theo. D. Rand, 
John W. Hodgkin, 
T. Henry Dewey, 
Frank F. Rankin, 
Hamilton D. Clark, 


New York 

Kansas City 


New Orleans 


San Francisco 

New York 

W^ashington City 

Los Angelos 

New York 




St. Louis 

New York 






ADAMS CO. — Decatur the county seat. 
Clerk, Norvall Blackburn. Sheriff,nenry 
Krick, Treasurer, Eobert D. Patterson. 
Auditor, Godfrey Christen. Recorder, 
John Schurger. Coroner, John E. Smith. 
Surveyor, Gabriel F. Kintz. 

ALLEN CO.— Fort Wayne the county seat. 
Clerk, Martin V. B. Spencer. Sheriff, 
Franklin K. Cosgrove, jr. Treasurer, 
John M. Taylor. Auditor, Martin E. 
Argo. Recorder, Joseph Mommer, jr. 
Coroner, William Gaffney. Surveyor, 
William H. Goshoru. 

BARTPIOLOINIEW CO. — Columbus the 
county seat. Clerk, Zachariah H. Hau- 
zer. Sheriff, Thomas C. Burgess. Treas- 
urer, Joseph Andrews. . Auditor, Lewis 
Donhost. Recorder, David Stobo. Coro- 
ner, James M. Summers. Surveyor, 
John W. Dundon. 

BENTON CO.— Fowler the county seat. 
Clerk, Simon F. Carter. Sheriff, Carver 
Stanfield. Treasurer, William Moore. 
Auditor, James S. Bradley. Recorder, 
Thomas A. Baldwin. Coroner, William 
J. Snyder. Surveyor, James Wherry. 

BLACKFORD CO.— Hartford City the 
county seat. Clerk, Isaiah Cortright. 
Sheriff, Samuel L. Gadbury. Treasurer, 
Eli Hughes. Auditor, John P. A. Leon- 
ard. Recorder, Peter Timmons. Cor- 
oner, Henry C. Davidson. Surveyor, 
James McEldowney. 

BOONE CO. — Lebanon the county seat. 
Clerk, George Hauser. Sheriff, Mark 
C Moore. Treasurer, Geoi'ge F. L* 
Essex. Recorder, Samuel L. Heath. 
Coroner, Elias W. G. Hilligoss. Survey- 
or, Charles F. S. Neal. 

BROWN CO.— Nashville the county seat. 
Clerk, Eleokin Hamblin. Sheriff, John 
H Watson. Treasurer, Joseph M. Cook. 
Auditor, Geo. W. Allison. Recorder, 
Isaac Chafin. Coroner, Alfred J. 
Ralphy. Surveyor, Leonid as S. Alder. 

CARROLL CO.— Delphi the county seat. 
Clerk, George W. Pigman. Sheriff, 
Hiram Kerlin. Treasurer, Isaac R. 
Kennard. Auditor, Henderson Dankle. 
Recorder, Elias Hiestand. Coroner, 
Judson Shultz. Surveyor, John F. 

CASS CO. — Logansport the county seat. 
Clerk, Samuel L. McFadin. Sheriff,Henry 
Snyder. Treasurer, Thos. Pierce. Auditor, 
Robert R. Carson. Recorder, John W. 
Markley. Coroner, David N. Fausler. 
Surveyor, Walter A. Osmer. 

CLARK CO. — Jeffersonville the county 
seat. Clerk, Samuel C- Taggart. Sher- 
iff James W. Davis. Treasurer, Henry 
H. Furgusou. Auditor, Elam B. Gurn- 
sey. Recorder, Evan Shelby. Coroner, 
John J. Ross. Surveyor, Victor Lyon. 

CLAY CO.— Brazil the county seat. Clerk, 
George E. Hubbard. Sheriff, James E. 
Lankford. Treasurer, Joseph M. Booth. 
Auditor, James T. Casteel. Recorder, 
Silas Foulke. Coroner, George M. PelL 
Surveyor, Thomas Hyland. i, 

CLINTON CO.— Frankfort the county seat. 
Clerk, Elwood Avery. Sheriff, Joseph 
Miller. Treasurer, Wm. Kelly. Auditor, 
Newton J. Gaskill. Recorder, James A. 
Hedgecock. Coroner, Charles M. Petty. 
Surveyor, John H. Scholl. 

CRAWFORD CO.— Leavenworth the coun- 
ty seat. Clerk, Thaddeus P. Kelso. 
Sheriff, James 11. Turner. Treasurer, 
Clark F. Crecelius. Auditor, Alexander 
M. Sipes. Recorder, Elijah J. Stroud. 
Coroner, William M. Merrilees. Sur- 
veyor, Daniel Paschal. 

DAVIESS CO.— Washington the county 
seat. Clerk, Joseph Wilson. Sheriff, 
Francis A. Ward. Treasurer, Henry C 
Brown. Auditor, Thomas J. Lavelle, 
Recorder, Solomon Williams. Coroner, 
Jesse Winterbottom. Surveyor, Thomas 
J. Smilev. 

DEARBORN CO. — Lawrenceburgh the 
county seat. Clerk, AVarren Tebbs. Sher- 
iff, John C. Sims. Treasurer, William 
H. Kyle. Auditor, Alexander B. Pat- 
tison. Recorder, George C. Columbia. 
Coroner, Charles J. B. Ratjen. Survey- 
or, Samuel Allen. 

DECATUR CO.— Greensburgh the county 
seat. Clerk, Evauder F. Dyer. Sheriff, 
John W. Stout. Treasurer, Angus F. 
McCoy. Auditor, John L. Dobyns. 
Recorder, James E. Mendenhall. Cor- 
oner, Conrad Ehrhardt. Survevor, James 

C. Pulse. 

DeKALB CO. — Auburn the county seat. 
Clerk, John W. Baxter. Sheriff, Au- 
gustus S. Leas. Treasurer, Lafayette J, 
Miller. Auditor, Albert Robbins. Re- 
corder, Michael Boland. Coroner, James 
J. Latson. Surveyor, Azam P. Foltz. 

DELAWARE CO.— Muncie the county 
seat. Clerk, Asbury L. Kerwood. Sher- 
iff, Joel R. McKimmey. Treasurer, Amos 
L. Wilson. Auditor, Wm. H. Murray. 
Recorder, James L. Streeter. Coroner, 

D. B. Buchanan, Surveyor, Wm. Truitt. 



DUBOIS CO. — Jasper tlie countv seat. 
Clerk, Peter J. Gossman. Sherifi;" Frank 
Joseph. Treasurer, Ignatz Eckert. Au- 
ditor, IsiHor Sohuumaclier. Recorder, 
John G. Leming. Coroner, Anton Kar- 
lin. Surveyor, Henry Berger. 

ELKHART CO.— Goshen the county seat- 
Clerk, Thomas II. Daily. Sheriff, Chris- 
topher S. Gillette. Treasurer, George W. 
Rich. Auditor, 'Charles D. Henkle. 
Recorder, Isaiah W. Kronk. Coroner, 
Benjamin C. Dodge. Surveyor, Louis B. 

FAYETTE CO.— Connersville the county 
seat. Clerk, Thomas M. Little, vice Nel- 
son T. Barnard, removed. Sherifl', John 
T. Lair. Treasurer, Robert Utter. Aud- 
itor, Charles R. Williams. Recorder, 
William N. Young. Coroner John Far- 
ner. Surveyor, John Z. Perrin, vice 
Oliver 'W. Morris. 

FLOYD CO.— New Albany the county 
seal. Clerk, John B. Mitchell. Sheriff, 
Henry R. W^. Myer. Treasurer, Isaac 
Miller. Auditor, Thomas Hanlon. Re- 
corder, Charles Schwartzel. Coroner, 
John H. Lemon. Surveyor, George M. 

FOUNTAIN CO.— Covington the county 
seat. Clerk, James L. Allen. Sheriff, 
Thomas M. Rinn. Treasurer, Henry P. 
Nixon. Auditor, Lewis Hanes. Re- 
corder, Murphy Lewis. Coroner, George 
Rowland. Surveyor, Mathias H. Bever. 

FRANKLIN CO.— Brookville the county 
seat. Clerk, William H. Bracken. Sheriff, 
William H. Williams. Treasurer, An- 
drew J. Heason. Auditor, John P.Schiltz, 
Recorder, William H. Kerr. Coroner, 
Robert K. Mcintosh. Surveyor, Wil- 
liam H. Younts. 

FULTON CO. — Rochester, the county seat. 
Clerk, William Newcomb. Sheriff, Wil- 
liam T. Butler. Treasurer, William Pot- 
ter. Auditor, Charles W. Coffyn. Re- 
corder, John Blanch ard. Coroner, Alfred 
M. Shields. Surveyor, Silas J. Miller. 

GIBSON CO. — Princeton the county seat. 
Clerk, James S. Epperson. Sheriff, Henry 
P. Chambers. Treasurer, John Sipp. 
Auditor, John W. Johnson. Recorder 
James M. Keys. Coroner, Tipton W. 
Pearson. Surveyor, Alexander H. Polk_ 

GRANT CO.— Marion the county seat. 
Clerk, .lohn II. Zahn. Sheriff, As))ury 
E. Eystone. Trf-asurer, William I. Mil- 
ner. Auditor, .losoph W. Stout. Re- 
corder, Benjamin JIamaker. Coroner, 
A.siel A. Hamilton. Surveyor, Elias C. 

GREENE CO.— Bloomfield tlie county seat. 
Clerk, .John F. Slinkard. Sheri ff, .Joseph 
J. Sexon. Treasurer, Henry T. Neal. 
Auditor, .John L. Harreli. Recorder, 
.John A. Pate. Coroner, W'illiam Axe. 
Surveyor, Francis M. Parker. 

HAMILTON CO.— Noblesville the county 
seat. Clerk, James R. Christian. Sher- 
iff, William A. Semans. Treasurer, 
William J. Hawkins. Auditor, Hiram 
nines. Recorder, James K. Fister. 
Coroner, AVilliam H.Smith. Surveyor, 
James Sanders. 

HANCOCK CO.— Greenfield the county 
seat. Clerk, Ephriam Marsh. Sheriff, 
William H.Thompson. Treasurer, Isaiah 
A. Curry. Auditor, Henry Wright. 
Recorder, John -W Ryan. Coroner, 
James R. Trees. Surveyor, Winfield 
S. Fries. 

HARRISON CO.— Corydon the county 
seat. Clerk, William Ridley. Sheriff, 
Joseph L. Marsh. Treasurer, Lewis W. 
Bowling. Auditor, Amzi W. Brewster. 
Recorder, AVm. B. Hunter. Coroner, 
George E. Kintner. Surveyor, John 

HENDRICKS CO.— Danville the county 
seat. Clerk, William T. Haynes. Sher- 
iff, James M. Emmons. Treasurer, Enos 
C. Hornaday. Auditor, William H. 
Nichols. Recorder, John A. Osborn. 
Coroner, Eldridge C Wills. Surveyor, 
Joseph A Clark. 

HENRY CO.— New Castle the county seat. 
Clerk, Milton Brown. Sheriff, Joel Ha- 
zelton. Treasurer, Luther W. Modlin. 
Auditor, William W. Cotteral. Re- 
corder, James T. J. Hazelrigg. Coroner, 
Lewis Foutz. Surveyor, Robert J. Mor- 

HOWARD CO.— Kokomo the county seat. 
Clerk, John W^. Cooper. Sheriff, James 
W. DeHaven. Treasurer, David C. Spra- 
ker. Auditor, Henry L. Moreland. Re- 
corder, Levi JP. Rich. Coroner, Jona- 
than C. Wright. Surveyor, George In- 
gels, jr. 

HUNTINGTON CO— Huntington the 
county seat. Clerk, Willis A. Jones. 
Sheriff, John W. Kintz. Treasurer", Jo- 
seph Stults. Auditor, Harvey C. Black. 
Recorder, Porter Ayres. Coroner, John 
Lawlos. Surveyor, John C. Altman. 

JACKSON CO. — Brownstown the county 
seat. Clerk, Frank Burnell. Sheriff, 
James T. Applewhite. Treasurer, Wil- 
liam Acker. Auditor, Benjamin F. 
Price. Recorder, Jesse N. Gallamore. 
Coroner, Daniel 11. Brown. Surveyor, 
Fletcher D. Wood. 

JASPER CO. — Rensselaer the county seat. 
Clerk, Charles A. Price. Sheriff, John 
W. Powell. Treasurer, Moses B. Alter. 
Auditor, Ezra C. Newels. Recorder, 
James T. Abl)ett. Coroner, Norman War- 
ner. Surveyor, Lewis S. Alter. 

JAY CO. — Portland the county seat. Clerk, 
Robert T. Hammons. Sheriff', James T. 
Hartzell. Treasurer, John W. Mason, 
Auditor, Robert P. Davis. Recorder, Pat- 
terson M. Ilearn. Coroner, Thomas B. 
Evilsizer. Surveyor, Charles E. Rogers. 



JEFFEESON CO.— Madison the county 
seat. Clerk, William M. Jackman. 
Sheriff, William S. Demaree. Treasurer, 
Jonathan Schooley. Auditor, Thomas 
Graham. Recorder, Jesse Wagner. 
Coroner, William A. McCoy. Surveyor, 
Harlan B. Short. 

JENNINGS CO.— Vernon the county seat. 
Clerk, Daniel Bacon. Sheriff, Frederick 
W. Verbarg. Treasurer, John 11. Cox. 
Auditor Henry Carney, jr. Recorder, 
Wales M. CampbeH. Coroner, Hager- 
man T. Wagner. Surveyor, Wm. B. 

JOHNSON CO.— Franklin the countvseat. 
Clerk, Thos. Hardin. Sheriff, William 
M. Neal. Treasurer, George W. Gil- 
christ. Auditor, William B. Jennings. 
Recorder, Jefferson R. Clemmer. Coro- 
ner, John F. McClellan. Surveyor, 
David A. Leech. 

KNOX CO. — Vincennes the county seat. 
Clerk, Wm. B. Robinson. Sheriff, James 
E. Kackley. Treasurer, Christian Hoff- 
man. Auditor, Gerard Reiter. Record- 
er, Frederick Hall. Coroner, Alfred 
Merchant. Surveyor, Robert P. May- 

KOSCIUSKO CO.— Warsaw the county 
seat. Clerk, Joseph H. Taylor. Sheriff, 
John M. Reid, Treasurer, William B. 
Funk. Auditor, Joseph S. Baker. Re- 
corder, Johnson S. Roberds. Coroner, 
Abner Thomas. Surveyor, Caleb Hughes. 

LAGRANGE CO. — Lagrange the county 
seat. Clerk, Samuel P. Bradford. Sheriff, 
Edwin Temple. Treasurer, John M. 
Preston. Auditor, Samuel Shepardson. 
Recorder, Eugene V. Case. Coroner, 
John B. Rowe. Surveyor, William Duff_ 

LAKE COUNTY.— Crown Point the coun- 
ty seat. Clerk, John G. Hoffman. Sher- 
iff, Horace Marble. Treasurer, William 
Krinbill. Auditor, John Brown. Re,- 
corder, Richard W JPrice. Coroner, Henry 
Pettibone. Surveyor, John Fisher. 

LAPORTE COUNTY.— Laporte the coun- 
ty seat. Clerk, Charles S. McClung. 
Sheriff, Fitch D. Bo wen. Treasurer, 
Herman Hausher. Auditor, Edward J. 
Church. Recorder, John H. Organ. Cor- 
oner, Alvin G. Tillotson. Surveyor, 
James E. Bradley. 

LAWRENCE COUNTY. — Bedford the 
county seat. Clerk, Robert H. Carleton. 
Sheriff, Frederick T. Dunihue. Treasurer, 
James D. Moore. Auditor, Isaac H. 
Crim. Recorder, William Erwin. Cor- 
oner, Alfred C. Hamm. Survevor, John 
B. Mallott. 

MADISON COUNTY.— Anderson the 
county seat. Clerk, Jesse L. Henry. 
Sheriff, Randle Biddle. Treasurer,George 
Ross. Auditor, John L. Forkner. Re- 
corder, Albert C. Daviss. Coroner, 
Michael Ryan. Surveyor, Thomas P. 

MARION CO.— Indianapolis the county 
seat. Clerk, Daniel M. Ransdell. Sheriff, 
Henry C. Adams. Treasurer, John L. 
Mothershead. Auditor, Wm. A. Pfaff. 
Recorder, Jacob L. Beiler. Coroner, Al- 
lison Maxwell. Surveyor, Henry B. 

MARSHALL CO.— Plymouth the county 
seat. Clerk, Oliver P. Klinger. Sheriff, 
John V. Astley. Treasurer, Frederick 
Tescher. Auditor, Keim K. Brooke. 
Recorder, John L. Place. Coroner, 
Adolph C. Holtzendorff. Surveyor, Elias 
O. Boyce. 

MARTIN CO.— West Shoals the county 
seat. Clerk, David Garvey. Sheriff, 
Levi J. Pipher. Treasurer, Lewis Brooks. 
Auditor, Wm. L. Town. Recorder, Wine- 
park Fields. Coroner, Henry Chapman. 
Surveyor, James H. Brennan. 

MIAMI CO.— Peru the county seat. Clerk, 
Charles A. Parsons. Sheriff, Andrew J. 
Parks. Treasurer, Ebenezer Humerick- 
house. Auditor, Richard B. Runyan. 
Recorder, Wm, A. Gibney. Coroner, Ab- 
ner D. Kimball. Surveyor, Michael 

MONROE CO.— Bloomington the county 
seat. Clerk, Wm. F. Browning. Sheriff, 
Silas Grimes. Treasurer, Lawson E. Mc- 
Kinney. Auditor, Richard A. Fulk. Re- 
corder", Wm. N. Hall. Coroner, Chesley 
D. McLahlan. Surveyor, Michael H. 

MONTGOMERY CO.— Crawfordsville the 
county seat. Clerk, Theodore D. Brown. 
Sheriff, James Q. W. Wilhite. Treasurer, 
John C. Dwiggins. Auditor, James 
Henry Watson. Recorder, John Johnson. 
Coroner, Frank Henry. Surveyor, Ira 

MORGAN CO. — Martinsville the county 
seat— Clerk, Henry C. Hedges. Sheriff, 
John C. Connor. Treasurer, Elliott F. 
Branch. Auditor, Wm. G. Bain. Re- 
corder, Wm. G. Garrison. Coroner, 
Elijah P. Ritchey. Surveyor, Edgar A. 

NEWTON CO.— Kentland the county seat- 
Clerk, John G. Davis. Sheriff, John AV. 
S. Ulrey. Treasurer, George G. Jenkins. 
Auditor, Alexander Sharp. Recorder 
George Bridgeman. Coroner, Jerome C. 
M. Chaffee. Surveyor, Otis Sheppard. 

NOBLE CO.— Albion the countv seat. 
Clerk, Samuel E. Alvord. Sheriff, Wm. 
W. Riddle. Treasurer, Julius Lang. 
Auditor, Wm. S. Kiser. Recorder, James 
J. Lash. Coroner, Joseph S. Pqtts. Sur- 
veyor, .James T. .Johnson. 

OHIO CO. — Rising Sun the county seat. 
Clerk, George B. Hall. Sheriff, Michael 
McGuire. Treasurer, John C. Miller. 
Auditor, Joseph P. Hemphill. Recorder, 
Wallace P. Hall. Coroner, Enoch Drake. 
Surveyor, Edward P. Niles. 



OEANGE CO.— Paoli the county seat. 
Clerk, John E. Simpson. Sheriff, Ed- 
mund C. Braxton. Treasurer, George 
W. Thomas. Auditor, George A. Bus- 
kirk. Recorder, Edward C. Cornwell. 
Coroner, William Carter. Survevor, 
Charles H. Piunick. 

OWEX CO. — Spencer the countv seat. 
Clerk. Noel W. Williams. Sheriff, 
Lvourgus H. Wood. Treasurer, Wm. F. 
Megenhardt. Auditor, Nathaniel D. 
Cox. Recorder, Jacob Kiphart. Cor- 
oner, Elisha A. Mullinix. Surveyor, 
Joseph F. Rogers. 

PARKE CO. — Rockville the county seat. 
Clerk, David Strouse. Sheriff, Zimri D. 
Maris. Treasurer, James N. McCamp- 
bell. Auditor, Jesse B. Connelly. Re- 
corder, William J. White. Coroner, 
Thomas P. Chaver. Surveyor, Levi 

PERRY CO. — Caunelton the county seat. 
Clerk, John T. Patrick. Sheriff, Austin 
P. Hemphill. Treasurer, James . M. 
Combs. Auditor, John W. Minor. Re- 
corder, Louis Dwyer. Coroner, Freder- 
ick Meunier. Surveyor, Daniel R. Mc- 

PIKE CO. — Petersborough the county seat. 
Clerk, Daniel C. Ashby. .Sheriff, Thomas 
J. Scales. Treasurer, Perry W. Chappell. 
Auditor, Franklin Belderback. Recorder, 
Mark Powers. Coroner, William H. 
Thomas. Surveyor, Josiah Morton. 

PORTER CO. — Valparaiso the countv 
seat. Clerk, John M. Felton. Sheriff, 
Charles W. Dickover. Treasurer, John 
W. Crumpacker. Auditor, William E. 
Brown. Recorder, William C. Wells. 
Coroner, Wm C.'Paramore. Surveyor, 
Henr^' Rankin. 

POSEY CO. — Mt. Vernon the county seat. 
Clerk, George W. Curtis. Sheriff,"Alex- 
ander Crunk. Treastirer, Nicholas 
Auditor Alfred D. Owen. Recorder, 
Philo A. Hutchinson. Coroner, William 
Hendricks. Surveyor, Thomas J. John- 

PUL.\SKI CO. — Winamac the county seat. 
Clerk, William March. Sheriff, John 
Kruger. Treasurer, John R. Conner. 
Auditor, Jeremiah H. Falvey. Record- 
er, Joseph M. Steis. Coroner, Thomas 
B. Hedges. Surveyor, Jerome T. Bruce. 

PUTNAM CO.— Greencaatle the co'unty 
seat. Clerk, Moses D. Bridges. Sheriff, 
James Brandon. Treasurer, William R. 
Grogan. Auditor, James U. Edwards. 
Recorder, Daniel Mahoney. Coroner, 
Dudley liogers. Surveyor, Ranson H. 

RANDOLPH CO.— Winchester the county 
seat. Clerk, Isaiah P. Watts. Sheriff. 
Ralph V. Murray, 'frea.surer, Calvin 
Puckett. Auditor, George N. Edgar, 
Recorder, Oliver F. Luellen. Coroner, 
John D. Carter. Surveyor, Michael C. 

RIPLEY' CO.— Versailles the county seat. 
Clerk, William Gookins. Sheriff, Henry 
AVeber. Treasurer, Wm. Leslie. Audit- 
or, John H. Wernke. Recorder, Michael 
Busendrof. Coroner, John C. Hicks. 
Surveyor, Thomas L. Hughes. 

RUSH CO.— Roshville the county seat. 
Clerk, James W. Brown. Sheriff, George 
W. Wilson. Treasurer, William F. Gor- 
don. Auditor, Alexander Posey. Re- 
corder, John H. Osborn. Coroner, John 
H. Spurrier. Surveyor, Horace G. Hel- 

ST. JOSEPH CO.— South Bend the county 
seat. Clerk, Timothy E. Howard. Sheriff, 
Zachariah M. Johnson. Treasurer, Fred- 
erick Lang. Auditor, William D. Smith. 
Recorder, Harrison G. Beemer. Coro- 
ner, C. H. Myers. Surveyor, William M. 

SCOTT CO.— Scottsburgh the county seat. 
Clerk, Charles A. Manker. Sheriff, 
Charles AV. Cruson. Treasurer, Dauiel 
Blocher. Auditor, Peter S. Dykins. Re- 
corder, Samuel H. Burnett. Coroner, H. 
Worthe Bailey. Surveyor, Joseph B. 

SHELBY CO.— Shelbyville the county 
seat. Clerk, Frederick H. Chewden. 
Sheriff, James L. Brown. Treasurer, 
Eleazer B. Amsden. Auditor, Joseph L. 
Carson. Recorder, Edward L. Davisson,. 
Coroner, James L. Capp. Surveyor, 
Charles F; Webster. 

SPENCER CO.— Rockport the county seat. 
Clerk, Joseph C Richardson. Sheriff,, 
John R. Huffman. Treasurer, M. Heich- 
elbach, jr. Auditor, Joseph D. Arm- 
strong. Recorder, Wm. H. Ellis. Coro- 
ner, Richard W. Murray. Surveyor, 
W. W. Wells. 

STARKE CO. — Knox the countv seat. 
Clerk, Mathias T. Hepner. Sheriff,Wm. 
Seagraves. Treasurer, Austin P. Dial. 
Auditor, Wm. Perry. Recorder, Michael 
Kelley. Coroner, Joseph W. Hiler. Sur- 
veyor, Wm. C. Bovles. 

STEUBEN CO.— Angola the county seat- 
Clerk, Orville T. Goodale. Sheriff, Wm. 
H. Keyes. Treasurer, Lyman R. Wil- 
liams. Auditor, Robert H. Johnson. 
Recorder, W- Homer Twitchell. Coro- 
ner, Stephen H. Fuller. Surveyor, Rob- 
ert G. Morley. 

SULLIVAN CO.— Sullivan the county 
seat. Clerk, Thomas J. Mann. Sheriff, 
James L Berry. Treasurer, Commodore 
P. Riggs. Auditor, David Crawley. 
Recordci-, .John N. Fordyce. Coroner, 
John Wagner. Surveyor, Alonzo F. 

SWITZERLAND CO.-Vevav the county 
seat. Clerk, Robert T.F.Abott. Sheriff, 
Wm. S. Tower. Treasurer, Wm.C. Rob- 
inson. Auditor, John Gill. Recorder, 
James P. Orera. Coroner, Flavins 
Josephus Holdcraft, Surveyor, Elwood 



TIPPECANOE CO.— Lafayette the coun- 
ty seat. Clerk, James T. Chnte. Sheriff, 
Stephen O. Taylor. Treasurer, Mordecai 
L. Peck. Auditor, Curenius N. Johnson. 
Eecorder, Nelville I. Throckmorton. 
Coroner, George F. Beasley. Surveyor, 
Philemon C. Vawter. 

TIPTON CO.— Tipton the county seat. 
Clerk, Andrew B. Pitzer. Slieriff, James 
H. Fear. Treasurer, John H. Zehner. 
Auditor, Archibald E. Small. Eecor- 
der, John Long. Coroner, Martin V. B. 
Vickery. Surveyor, Jossius S. Clark. 

UNION CO. — Liberty the county seat. 
Clerk, Wm. O. Keffer. Sherifl", John L. 
Grove. Treasurer, David Brenizer. Au- 
ditor, Daniel T. Snyder. Recorder, 
Perry L. Snyder. Coroner, Henry C. 
Peters. Surveyor, John J. Leonard. 

VANDERBUEGH CO.— Evansville the 
county seat. Clerk, Jesse "VV. Walker. 
Sheriff, Thomas Kerth. Treasurer, 
Thomas P. Britton. Auditor, William 
W^arren, jr. Eecorder, Charles T. Jen- 
king. Coroner, John B. 'Hermeling. 
Surveyor, Eobert S. Cowan. 

VEEMILLION CO.— Newport the county 
seat. Clerk, James Eoberts. Sheriff, 
Wm. C. Myers. Treasurer, Henry O. 
Peters. Auditor, Elias Pritchard. Ee- 
corder, Cornelius S. Davis. Coroner, 
Hezekiah Casebeer. Surveyor, Piatt Z. 

VIGO CO.— Terre Haute the county seat. 
Clerk, Merrill N. Smith. Sheriff, Jack- 
son Stepp. Treasurer, Centenary A. Eay. 
Auditor, Andrew Grimes. Eecorder, 
James Phillips. Coroner, James T. 
Langhead. Surveyor, George W. Harris. 

WABASH CO.— Wabash the county seat. 
Clerk Clarkson W. Weesner. Sheriff, 
Asa S. Eoss. Treasurer, Hezekiah Cald- 
well. Auditor, William S. Stitt. Ee- 
corder, John H. Dicken. Coroner, Eich- 
ard E. Flinn. Surveyor, Samuel S. Ew- 

WAEEEN CO.— Williamsport the county 
seat. Clerk, Henry C. Johnson. Sheriff, 
Joseph L. Stump. Treasurer, Philip 
Gemmer. Auditor, William Moffit. Ee- 
corder, Thomas J. Graves. Coroner 
Philip W. Lewis. Surveyor, Samuel 

WAEEICK CO.— Boonville the county 
seat* Clerk, E. D. O. Moore. Sheriff, 
James W. Campbell. Treasurer, Hansel 
M. Scales. Auditor, Union Bethel. Ee- 
corder, Eice Wilson. Coroner Lewis 
Hulvershon. Surveyor, Otis B. Pasco. 

WASHINGTON CO.— Salem the county 
seat. Clerk, James M. Taylor. Sheriff, 
William McPheeters. Treasurer, Wil- 
liam M. Alvis. Auditor, William G. 
Jamison. Eecorder, Preston Bryan. 
Coroner, Samuel McClannahan. Sur- 
veyor, William C. McCloskey. 

WAYNE CO.^ — Eichmond the county seat. 
Clerk, Wm. T. Noble. Sheriff, Wm. 
H. Trindle. Treasurer, Peter P. Kirn. 
Auditor, Caleb S. DuHadway. Eecord- 
er, Christian Zimmer. Coroner, Charles 
A. Kersey. Surveyor, Allison H. Study. 

WELLS CO.— Bluffton the county seat. 
Clerk, W^m. J. Craig. Sheriff, Marcellus 
M. Justus. Treasurer, Lawson Popejoy. 
Auditor, Elmore Y. Sturgis. Eecorder, 
David E. Bulger. Coronor, W^arren W. 
McBride. Surveyor, John E. Beil. 

WHITE CO.— Monticello the county seat. 
Clerk, Samuel P. Cowger. Sheriff, James 
Hay. Treasurer, Madison T. Didlake. 
Auditor, Henry Van Voorst. Eecorder, 
Eufus L. Harvey. ' Coroner, Eobert J. 
Clark. Surveyor, A. E. Orton. 

WHITLEY CO.— Columbia City the coun- 
ty seat. Clerk, James M. Harrison. Sher- 
iff, Franklin P. Allwein. Treasurer, 
Joseph Clark. Auditor, Wm. E. Merri- ' 
man. Eecorder, Wright Lancaster. Coro- 
ner, Wm. Yontz. Surveyor, Eoscoe A. 


Pay no money in advance to itinerant Directory Canvassers. We 
are led to mention this from the fact that certain parties have been 
fraudulently u^ng our book as a specimen, and by that means collecting 
moneys in advance. We ask no payment until the work is delivered, 
and our solicitors have strict orders not to take payment for either ad- 
vertisements or subscriptions. R. L. POLK & CO. 



Actions.— Must be brought in the uarae of the real party, in interest. The distinction be- 
tween actions at law and suits in equity is abolished, and a single form denominated a civil action is 

Arrest.— Xo imprisonment for debt except in cases of fraud. 

Attacliment.— May issue upon proper aihdavit and bond when action is for the recovery of 
money in the followiu" cases: (1) Where a defendant is a foreign corporation, or a non-resident 
of the State ; or, C-) Where a defendant is secretly leaving, or has left the State, with intent to 
defraud creditors ; or, (3) so conceals himself that summons can not be served upon him ; or, (4) 
is removing, or is about to remove his property, subject to execution, or a material part thereof, out of 
the State, not leaving enough to satisfy plaintiffs claim ; of, (.5) has sold, conveyed or otherwise dis- 
posed of his property, subject to execution ; or suffered, or permitted to be sold,"witJi the fraudulent 
intent to cheat, hinder or delay his creditors: or, (6) is about to sell, convey or otherwise dispose of 
his property, subject to execution, with such intent. But no attachment shall issue where the 
plaiutift and principal defendant are both non-residents, and the money sought to be reached is the 
personal earnings or wages due or owing to the principal defendant from any person or corporation 
doing business in the State. 

Chattel Mortg'age.— Where mortgager retains possession, must be recorded within 10 
days in Recorder's oHiee of county where mortgager resides, to be valid. 

Coiuniercial I"aper.— See Notes and Bills. 

Corporations. — Are organized under general laws. The only personal liability of stock- 
holders of manufacturing and mining corporations is to pay the amount of stock subscribed by them 
respectively, except that such stockholders are Individ uallyliable for all debts due and owing laborers, 
servants, apprentices and employes for services rendered such corporations. (Laws Special Session 
IST.i, p -29.) By Act of March 13, 1877, it is provided that the employees of any corporation doing business 
in this State, whether organized under the laws of the State or otherwi,se, shall be entitled to have a 
lien upon the corporate property and eiirnings of such corporation for all work and labor done therefor.' 
Said lieu to be prior to any and all liens created or acquired subsequent to the date of such employ- 
ment, except that when any person, other than an employe shall acquire a lien upon the corporate 
property, and such lien shall remain a matter of record for 60 days in any county in this State where 
such corporation is located or doing business, and no lien shall "have been acquired by any emyloyee 
of such corporation during that period, then such lien shall have priority over the lien of the em- 
ployees, also, except any lien for purchase money. To acquire such lien the employee must have a 
notice of his intention to hold it recorded in the Recorder's office of the county where the corporation 
is located or doing business. The lien must be enforced within 6 months after acquiring it, or if a 
credit is given, from expiration of credit. (Law Special Session 1877, p 27.) 

Do'^ver. — Tenancies by the courtesy and in dower are abolished. If a husband die testate or 
intestate, leaving a widow, one third of his real estate shall descend to her in fee simple, free from all 
demands of creditors: Provided, That where the real estate exceeds in value $10,000, the widow 
shall have one-fourth only, and where it exceeds in value 820,000, one-fifth only as against the credi- 
tors. If a wife die testate or intestate, leaving a widower, one-third of her real estate shall descend to 
him, subject, however, to its proportion of the debts of the wife contracted before marriage. By the 
act of March 11th, 1875, it is provided that the wife shall be entitled to one-third in fee simple of real 
properly owned by the husband and sold at judicial sales on judgments rendered after the taking 
eflfect of said act f .-Vug. 2.5, 187.5), where it is not ordered in said judgments thai lier interests shall be 
Sfjld or barred, whenever the title to such real property shall become vested in the purchaser, his heirs 
or as.signs, V)y virtue of such sales, except that when such sale or sales amount to more than $20,000, she 
shall only be entitled to such interests in $20,000 of the same. 

Evidence. — Parties in interest of equal competency with other witnesses; husband and wife 
can not testify for or against each otlier. Confidential communications to lawyers, physicians and 
ministers, made to them in their professional character, are privileged. 

Execution.— Lien on personal property, within the county, from the time of going into hands 
of officer, if several are out at the same time in hands of diiferent'oflicers, first levied has preference; 
and all liens created by tlie prior delivery of any other execution sliall be divested in favor of execu- 
tion first levied 

Exemption.— 8000 to resident householders, of any property they may select. The foregoing 
provision only applies to debts founded on contract, express or implied, entered into since about 
May 30, 1879, ana does nf(t affect any laborer's or mechanic's lien, nor lien for the purchase money of 
the real estate exempted. Ujion contracts entered into before said date, there is only an exemption 
of 8:500. (As to excrnjitioiis in favor of married women, see Married Women.) 

Foreign Corporations.— Agents of corjiorations not incorporated or organized in this 
State before entering ujion the duties of their agency in the State, shall deposit in the Clerk's office of 
the county where they propose doing business therefor, the power of attorney, commission, appoint- 
ment, or other authority under or by virtue of which they act as agents. Said agents shall procure 
from such corporations, and file with the Clerk of the Circuit Court of the county where they propose 
doing business beff)re conimencingthe duties thereof, a duly authenticated order, resolution, or other 
.sufficient authority fif tlie Board of Directors, or managers of such corporations, authorizing the citi- 
zen.s or resident' of tliis State, having a claim or demand against sucli corporations arising out of any 
transaction in this State with such agents, to sue for and maintain an at^tion in respect to the same in 
any court of thi.s Slate of competent jurisdiction, jmd furtlier authorizing service of process in such 
acti'di on .such agent, to be valid service on such' corporation, and that sucli service shall authorize 
judgment and all other jiroceedings against such corporation. Such foreign coriiorations shall not 
enforce in any courts of this State any contracts matle Tiy their agents, or persons assuming to act as 
their agents, before a compliance by such agents, or persons acting as such, with tlie foregoing pro- 
vi.Hion.H of law. Any person acting as tigent of such corporations, neglecting or refusing to comply 
■with the foregoing provisions as to agents, shall, upon presentment or indictment, be fined in any 
«urn not less than fifty df»llars. The foregoing provisions do not ai)])ly to i)ersons acting as agents for 
foreign corr/orations for a special or temporary purpose, or for puryioses not within the ordinary 
ne.'«H of such corjiorations. The Supreme Court of this State has decided that the foregoing provisions 


of law do not apply to foreign corporations, or their agents, engaged wholly in the manufacture, use 
or sale of patented articles in this State. " ' 

Koreig-n Insurance Companies— Are prohibited from doing business in this State 
until they get a permit fnmi the Aiidiiur of State. Contracts made by such companies in this State 
before they obtain such permit, are void. ' 

Oarnislinient.— If at time, or before or after, an order of attachment issues, plaiutifl', or some 
one in his behalf, shall file an attidavit that he has good reason to believe that auv person [naming- 
him] has property of the defendant in his possession, or under his control, which officer can not 
attach, or that such person is indebted to defendant, or has the control or agency of any property, 
moneys, credits or effects of defendant, a writ of garnishment shall issue against such person, arid 
he shall be accountable to plaintiff for the amount of money, property or credits in his hands, or 
due from him to defendant from the time of service of the summons in garnishment, except that the 
wages of all persons in the employ of any person or corporation shall be exempt from garnish- 
ment and proceedings supplemental to execution in the hands of such person or corporation so 
long as such employe remains in such employment, not exceeding one month's wages at any one 

Orace, Days of.— All commercial paper payable in this State is entitled to three days of 
grace, except when the third day falls on,a holiday, the paper matures the day before. 

Holidays.— Sundays, January 1st, July 4th, December •25th, and any day appointed or rec- 
ommended by the President of the United States, or Governor of this State, as a day of public fast or 
thanksgiving, shall be holidays within this State for all purposes of presenting for payment or accept- 
ance for the maturity, protest and giving notice of the dishonor of all commercial paper, and all such 
paper falling due or maturing on either of said days shall be deemed as having matured on the day 

Interest.— By recent act, interest, in absence of contract as to same, is to be six per cent. Par- 
ties may agree in writing upojt rate, but not to exceed eight per cent. If higher rate than eight per 
cent, be charged, excess over six percent, void and recoverable. Future judgments iDear six per 
cent interest, unless contracts upon which judgment was recovered bear lower rate than tlie same 
rate. These rates apply to new contracts. The provisions relating to contracts made before the 
present act are as follows : Six per cent.; ten per cent, valid on written agreement and may be taken 
in advance. Contracts for more than ten percent., usurious only as to excess. Judgments on con- 
tracts made since the 5th of February, 1873, bear the same rate of interest up to ten per cent., as con- 
tracts bore at the time of rendition ; but when no rate is expressed in such contract, or a greater rate 
than ten per cent., such judgment shall bear interest at the rate of six per cent. 

Jndgments.—Of Circuit and Superior Courts, and transcripts of judgments from Justices, filed 
in County Clerk's office, lien upon real estate within the county, with or without the issue of ex- 
ecution, ten years ; but execution may be had after that time upon motion and affidavit and proper 
notice to adverse party. 

Jurisdiction!- Justice's Courts S200 and under. Circuit and Superior Courts in all amounts, 
but on contracts plaintiff must recover S50or over to cover costs. 

I^imitations.— Accounts and unwritten contracts six years ; contracts in writing, judgments 
of courts of record and for t)ie recovery of the possession of real estate, 20 years. 

Married "Women,— May dispose of separate personal property as if sole owner, and may car- 
ry on business, and enter into contract with respect thereto ; can not sell her real estate or dispose of 
same except on lease not exceeding three years, or a mortgage to secure the purchase money, unless 
her husband shall join therein ; can make contract lo improve her separate real estate, When liable 
her separate estate, both real and personal, may be taken on execution, but her wearing apparel and 
articles of adornment purchased by her not exceeding in value S200, all presents to her of jewelry, or- 
naments, books, works of art, and other effects for personal or household use and other property 
[other than for purchase money thereof] to the amount of S300 shall be exempt from execution. She 
can not encumber her separate estate acquired by descent, devise, or gift as a security for the debt or 
liability of any person whomsoever. 

M:inors.— Not liable on their contracts; except for necessaries supplied for their support and 

iXoteStand Bills.— Promissory notes, payable to order or bearer, at a bank in this State, and 
bills of exchange, are governed by the Law Merchant. Promissory notes, not payable at a bank, sub- 
ject to any defense or setoflF maker may have against payee, or any subsequent holder, accruing before 
notice of assignment. On last named notes [not payable in bank] maker must be exhausted before 
endorser can be sued. Protest not necessary to hold endorsers of such notes, but to hold them maker 
must be sued at first term of court after maturity, unless he is shown to have been insolvent at time 
of such maturity. 

Partnerships.— Are general or limited. In a general partnership each member [except mar- 
ried women and minors] is jointly and severally liable for all the debts of the firm. Limited partner- 
ships, for the transaction of mercantile, mechanical, or manufacturing [but not banking or insurance] 
business may be formed by one or more general partners and one or more special partners. The 
special partners shall contribute to the common stock a specified sum in cash, and shall not be liable 
for any debts of the partnership, except for some violation of their rights and duties as special 
partners. No such partnership shall be deemed to have been formed until all the partners shall sign, 
ackowledge and have recorded in the Recorder's office of the county where their principal place of 
business is located a certificate containing the name or firm under which such partnership is to be 
conducted, the full name and residence of all general and special partners, amount of capital con- 
tributed by each special partner, the general nature of their business, and when the partnership is to 
commence and terminate. A copy of said certificate shall be published for six successive weeks im- 
mediately after such registry in a newspaper published in said county, but if no paper is published in 
said county, then in a newspaper of this State nearest thereto ; and if such publication is not made, 
the partnership sliall be deemed general. The business shall be conducted by and in the name of the 
general partners; and if the special partners take part in or allow their names to be used in the busi- 
ness, they become liable as general partners. The capital stock shall not be reduced during the con- 
tinuance of the partnership. 

Redemption.— Real estate sold on execution or decree may be redeemed within one year 
from date of sale by payment of amount for which it was sold, with ten per cent, thereon from date 
of sale 

R-egistry I^aiivs. — Deeds and mortgages of real estate must be recorded within 45 days. If 
not so recorded, good as between parties thereto, biit not as against innocent parties acquiring interest 
after their execution, and before the actual recording thereof. 

Statute of Frauds.— No action shall be brought in any of the following cases : (1) To charge 
an executor or administrator upon any special promise, to answer damages out of his own estate; or, 
(2) to charge any person upon any special promise, to answer for the debt, default, or miscarriage of 
another ; or, (3) to charge any person upon any agreement or promise made in consideraeion of mar- 
riage ; or, (4) upon any contract for the sale of lands ; or, (5) upon any agreement that is not to be 
performed within one year from the making thereof, unless the promise, contract or agreement upon 
which such action shall be brought, or some memorandum or note thereof, shall be in writing, and 


signed lay the party to be charged therewith, or by some person thereunto by him lawfully authorized, 
exceptinst leases not exceeding three years. The consideration need not be expressed therein. Part 
performance of such agreements takes them out of operation of the statute. No action shall be main- 
tained to charge any person by reason of any representation made concerning the character, conduct, 
credit, ability," trade, or dealings of any other person, unless the same is in writing, and signed by the 
jiarty to be charged. No contract for the sale of goods for the price of S50 or more shall be valid, 
unless the purchaser shall receive part of such property, or give something in earnest to bind the bar- 
gain or in part payment, unless some note or memorandum thereof is in writing and signed by the 
party to be charged. 


and - .^ . . . , . , . , 

all sums over SIOO. In Justice's Courts substantially same, except that 180 days are given on all 
sums over 375. 

Valuation and Appraisnient l,a-*vs.— Contracts waiving relief from, are valid, and 
jud<rn\cnts are rendered thcrcou to be so enforced. 

■Voluntary Assignments.— Any debtor or debtors in embarrassed or failing circum- 
■stances may make a general assignment of all his or their property, in trust for the benefit of his or 
their bona fide creditors. 

•Chas. F. Clark, Pres. [Established 1849.] Edw. F. Randolph, Treas. 


Executive Offices, 279, 281 and 283 Broadway, New York. 

■Offices in all the Principal Cities of the U^iited States arid Canada ; 

in London, Eng. ; also a Continental and 

Australian Correspondence. 








Solicitors of Patents, Mechanical and Patent Law Experts, 


The t.a'^v of Patents.— A patent is a contract between the public and the inveirtor of a 
new and useful art or manufacture, whereby, in consideration of a complete disclosure of the inven- 
tion, the exclusive riglit tliereto, for a limited period, is guaranteed to the inventor and his legal rep- 
resentatives. (Whitney vs. Emniett, Baldwin, J., 319.) 

A. [U. S.] Patent for seventeen years is granted to the first inventor of a new and useful art, ma- 
chine, manufacture, or composition of matter not heretofore known in this country, nor published or 
patented in any foreign country. Application fee, $15. Issue, $20. (Revised Statutes, 4883.) 

Xlie Invention, if new and useful to tlie public, may be the result either of long experi- 
Tcent and profound research, or of a sudden and lucliy thought, or of mere accidental discovery. =•' * 
* Luck, labor or inspiration gives an equal right. (Tindal L. C. J.) 

There is no doubt that he who has discovered some new element or property of matter may se- 
cure to himself the ownership of his discovery so soon as he has been able to illustrate its practica- 
bility and to demonstrate its value. His patent, in such a case, will be commensurate with the prin- 
ciple it announces to the world, and may be as broad as the mental conception itself. But the mental 
conception must have been susceptible of embodiment, and must, in fact, liave been embodied in 
some mechanical device, or in some process or art. The abstract must be resolved into the concrete. 
The patent must be for a thing, not for an idea merely. (Kane, J., U. S. D. C. Pa.) 

When devices, however well known in other machines or for other purposes, have never been em- 
ployed in a given machine, or for purposes suggestive of the new application, legitimate combinations 
may be found embodying such old devices. (Underwood, ex parte C. D., 1870, p. 52.) 

Although from the standpoint of after time it might seem difficult to see that a particular com- 
bination of elements should have required the exercise of invention, still the fact that, in the multi- 
plicity of prior machines in the same line of invention, a combination of such value laad not been 
hit upon, and that, when introduced, its utility was universally recognized, render it evident that. 
In order to make such a combination, changes were necessary which the skill of the mechanic would 
not suggest, and that the work was practically much more difficult than to the theorist it might now 
seem. (Hoe vs. Cottrell, O. G., vol. 18, p. 59.) 

Whenever the cliange in the arrangement of a machine or invention, and its consequences, taken 
together, are considerable, there is sufficient of invention to support a patent. Wiien tlie change, 
however minute, leads to consequences and results of great practical utility, this condition is satisfied. 
(Morsel, J. Law's Digest, p. 423.) 

Interfering Applicants.— He is entitled to the right who, having been the first to con- 
■ceive, and, having used due dilligence, has matured the invention. 

The first inventor having failed to fulflU the above requirements, the right belongs to tlie next in 
order of date. 

Note.—" Conception" of an invention has been held to take date from the first placing on record 
or communication to another person of such a description as would have enabled one skilled in the 
art to put it in execution. 

Note.— An invention is construed to be " matured " either by complete description in a patent or 
by such public use as would have worked abandonment if it had occurred more than two years prior 
to the application for patent. 

(Law's Digest, pp. 427 et seq., O. G., vol. 9, pp. 1010, 1195 and 1196, and vol. 18, p. 1226.) 
Equivalents.- The inventor of a first improvement can not invoke the doctrine of mechan- 
ical equivalents to suppress all other improvements which are not mere colorable evasions of the first. 
(McCormick vs. Talcott, Whitman's Patent Cases, vol. 1, p. 1085.) 

(See also Bain vs. Morse. Cranch, Chief Justice, D. C, 1849. Burr vs. Duryee, U. S. Sup. C, 1st 
Wallace, 531.) 
. Note.— A " mechanical equivalent" is a substitute known to the art. 

An Improver upon an original patent has no right to use the original, nor has the original 
patentee a right to use the improvciaent, without license. (1 Peters, C. C. 339.) ^ 

IHere Colorable Differences, or slight improvements, cannot shake the right of the 
original inventor. (2 Gall, 54.) 

Combination.— A combination claim is not infringed by the use of any number of parts 
less than the whole. (3 M'Lean, 454.) 

No legitimate patentable combination exists between two things which do not co-operate in pro- 
ducing the result. (Com. Dec. 1869, p. 16.) 

Note.—" Legitimate combination" exists where two or more parts act together in a new way with a 
useful result. 

Claims. — An applicant may describe a genus and several species of the genus, and make a 
generic claim covering them all, and he may also select one of the embodiments of his invention for 


a specific claim. Other embodiments may be protected in as many separate patents. (C. D. 1870, p. 

Articles of ^Manufacture. — There are two recognized and reliable tests of'the utility of 
an article of manufacture: the rirst referring to its functions of operation, and the second to its cost 
of productiou, and it is immaterial whether an arti(?le of manufacture works a benefit in what it does 
when iu use. or ifi what it sace.s as a substitute in cost of production. It is, in either case, endowed 
with that element of usefulness required to render it patentable. (Com. Dec. 1S72, p. 143.) 

material. — While mere change of material in a fabric may not involve invention, and conse- 
quently, not be patentable, yet where "the change is sought and accomplished for the purpose of produ- 
cing a iiew etfect. or for accomplishing a new or improved result, then it becomes more than a m^re 
change of material, and may be patentable. (Com. Dec. 1871, p. 276.) 

Duplication.— Duplication of parts which gives a new and useful result is patentable. (Com. 
Dec. 1S7J, pp. 34 and 134. "l 

I»rior Description in a public work — if relied upon as ground for refusing an application 
for patent by the Patent Office, or for the invalidation by a court of a patent, already granted— must 
be such a description as would be suflicient in a patent. (Parker vs. Stiles, McLean, Nov. 1849.) 

Joint Inventors are entitled to a joint patent, but neither can claim one separately. 

Independent inventors of separate improvements in the same machine caunot obtain 
a joint patent for their separate inventions, nor does the fact that one man furnishes the capital, and 
the other makes the invention, entitle them to take out a joint patent, but the patent will issue jointly 
upon suitable assignment. (C. D. 1869.) 

Assls^nments niav be made pre^-ions to application, and should be recorded in the United 
States Patent Office within'three months. (Rev. Stat. 4895.) 

A Foreigner may obtain a patent on the same terms as a citizen. (Rev. Stat. 4892.) 

R.ule of Classification.— The creator of an art, as, for example, the inventor of the 
first watch, would be entitled to a patent including in as many claims, the several distinctive 
elements of its mechanism ; but when, iu the progress of the art, the efforts of inventors have been 
directed to the separate parts of the watch, and, at their requests, patents have been issued upon such 
separate parts, a corresponding classification of subjects necessarily arises in the olfice, and must be 
observed in considering any subsequent applications relating to the general class. (C. D. 1871, p. 210.) 

Abandonment.— If an inventor, before application for patent, knowingly suffers his in- 
vention to so into public and general use without objection, it is a dedication of it to the public. 
[4 Mason»l(3S.] 

No patent is held to be invalid by reason of the purcliase, sale or use prior to the applica- 
tion, except on proof of the abandonment of the invention to the public; or that such purchase, 
sale or prior use has been for more than two years prior to such application for patent. [Rev. 
Stat. 4886.] 

Xlie Specification must set forth the invention in such full, clear and exact terms, de- 
scribing the best mode known to applicant of carrying out the principle of the invention, as to enable 
one skilled in the art to which it appertains to compound and use it without making any experi- 
ments of his own. [5 Howard, 4. Rev. Stat. 4888.] 

Application for Letters Patent must be within two years after the first sale or public use of 
the invention, and must be accompanied by a Petition, Oath, Duplicate Drawings, Specification and 
Fee [SIS]. It must be made bv the inventor, or, if deceased, by his administrator, for the benefit of 
the heirs. [Rev. Stat. 4887, 48%.] 

Date of Issue.— The present practice of the Patent Office is to set up the specification in 
tvpe, and to prepare a photo-lithographic plate of the drawing, and to bind one printed copy of each 
with the certificate of grant. A consequence of this printing is a delay of about three weeks from 
pa>-ment of final fee to date and delivery of the patent. [Patent Office, Rule 213.] 

I^Iodels are not now required unless called for by examiner. [Patent Office, Rule 5.5, Revised 
March 1. LSSO.] 

Patentees are required to mark each article made or vended under their patent, or, where 
this is impracticable, to mark the package, with the woid "patented," and the day and year ; but in-, 
fringers, who have been duly notified, are liable, notwithstanding the omission of such marking 
bv the patentee. [Rev. Suit." 4900.] 

Penalty of not less than 3100 and costs is incurred for each fraudulent marking of unpatented 
articles with the word "patent," or like phrase, or for unauthorized use of a patentee's mark. [Rev 
Stilt. 4'JOl.] 

Reissue.— Patents with defective specifications may be reissued in an amended form. Gov. 
fee, S;50, [Rev. Stat., Sec. 4895 and 4917.] 

Matter so described in the original specification that it might have been claimed in the original 
patent mav properly be claimed in the reissue. [O. G. vol. 19, p. 173.] 

In Applications for Patents the Examiner should interfere as little as possible mth 
the language chosen bv the applicant in describing his invention. The largest latitude should be 
allowed: but in application for reissues a dilTerent rule prevails. The rule is: Liberality with 
original applications; strict constr\iction with applications for reissue. [Com. Dec. 1872, p. 118.] 

Disclaimer.— Where, by inadvertance, accident, or mistake, the original patent is too broad, 
a disclaimer mav be filed, either by the original patentee, or by any of his assignees. Fee 810. [Rev. 
.Stat. 4917] 

Extension of a Patent can now be obtained only by an act of Congress. [Const. U. S., 
Art. 1, Si-f. .S.J 

A Caveat is useful as a precautionary step, in cases where the inventor requires further time 
or means Uj mature his invention, and entitles the .party (for a year) to notice of any interfering appli- 
cation subsequently filed. Gov. 'ce. 810. [Rev. Stat. 4902.] 

Desigrn.- A patent for 3'/^, Tor 14 years is allowed to any citizen of the United States who orig- 
inates a new carving or sculpture composition, or a new shape or configuration of any article of man- 
ufacture, or a new ornamentiil, or usetul design, pattern or picture, to be worked into, or printed or 
painted, or cant, or otherwise atttiched to any article of manufacture. Gov. Fee, SIO, S15, or $30. [Rev. 
Stat. W-if-K] .... 

A. Pax* O^vner of a patent may, in the absence of any contract, assign his interest or any frac- 
tional part thereof, or he may, either alone or in company with others, or make as many 
machines as he pleases, and may .sell them to others with the right to use or sell them ; or he may 
refuHC to sell them, and may rent them ; but he has no power to control the action of nor to exercise 
any supervision ever a co-proprietor, nor to compel contribution of profits or losses, nor to enforce a 
partition of the right, nor is either party under any obligation to make the property profitable. Such 
parties be regarded as having interests which are distinct and separate in thfur nature, though 
derive<l from the same instrument ; and having the .same interests, with the right to them separ- 
ately, they cannot for any legal of them, incur any obligation to each other. [Chapman, J., Su- 
preme Ct. Mass. 1864, p. 22.5. Allen, Mass. Rep.] 







In the following section of the work, the cities, villages and post-offices of Indiana are arranged 
in alphabetical order, and a description is given of each place, with an alphabetical list of all persons 
doing business therein. In all the larger places the names have been procured by personal canvass, 
but in the smaller, they have been furnished by postmasters. Great care has been taken to ensure 
correctness, as well as completeness. 

A Alt ON. Settled in 1870; is located 
in Pleasant township, Switzerland county, 
12 miles northwest of Vevay, the county 
seat and shipping point. The village con- 
tains 55 inhabitants, a Methodist church 
and one saw mill. C. G. Adams, postmaster. 
Adams C G, General Store. 
Buchanan H H, cabinetmkr. 
Johnson Abraham, carpenter. 
Johnson S K, saw mill. 
McHenry J B, blacksmith. 
Smith G W, carpenter. 
Smitlt I M & Son, Saw and Corn Mill. 
Thieband C O, Ex agent. 


office in Ohio county. 

A discontinued post- 

_ ABING TON, Located on east fork 
of White River, in township of same name, 
Wayne county, 9 miles southwest of Rich- 
mond, the county seat, usual place of ship- 
ment and banking town. Live stock and 
Avheat are the shipments. Daily stage to 
Liberty ; fare, 50c ; and Richmond, fare, 
50c. Benjamin F. Hunt, postmaster. 
Christman Charles, physician. 
Davis John, barber. 
Duke J A, shoemkr. 
Dye John, hotel. 
Dye J S, grocer. 

Green, Thomas & Co, photographers. 
Green & Roby, iron fence mnfrs. 
Holmes Benjamin, plasterer. 
Hunt Benjamin J, Township Trus- 
Mitchell Moses, blacksmith. 
Munger Dr, physician. 
Newville George Rev, (Methodist). 
Robbins J F, justice of the peace. 
Stiimer Bent, General Store. 
Stephens Thomas B, blacksmith. 
Swallow James E, physician. 
Tucker George, harnessmkr. 
"Weaver John H, General Store. 
Williams John, blacksmith. 
Woodyard & Rapp, flour mill. 
Woodyard & Stevens, saw mill. 
Wyrick & Davis, stone masons. 

ABOI TE, Is a station on the W., St 
L. & P. Ry., in Lafayette township, Allen 
county, 11 miles southwest of Fort Wayne, 
the county seat and banking town. It has 
a population of 36, and shijjs produce and 
grain. Jacob Hill, postmaster, grocer and 
R. R. agent. 

ACADEMY. Known formerly as 
Academic, derives its name from the Acad- 
emy of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, a 
most excellent college, conducted by the 




16 and 18 Hubbard Block, INDIANAPOLIS, INDu 

InAll flA#%n&mr ^*^^ corrusratea aua crimped, Aaaress 
RON nuOFINGI W. G. HYNDMAN & go., GinciDDati, Ohio 





Sisters of the Holy Cross. This institution 
has gained a reputation for being first-class 
in all its hrauches, and while this is a fore- 
gone fact, its prices are as low as can be 
found in similar colleges of lesser note. 
The village contains 56 inhabitants, and is 
situated in "Washington township, Allen 
county, on the Ft. W. & G. K. R., only 6 
miles north of Fort Wayne. Express, U. 
S ; Tel. W. U. Oliver A. Archer, postmas- 
Academy ol Our t,ady of tlie 

Sacred Heart. {See Adv.) 
Archer Oliver A, Grocer, R E and 

Express agt. 
Bowser John, constable. 
Solliday J A, justice of the peace. 

A CTON. This thrifty village, of 500 

inhabitants, is located on the C, I. St. L. 

& C. E. E., in Franklin township, Marion 

county, 12 miles southeast of Indianapolis. 

It contains 1 Hour-mill, a saw-mill, and 

exports grain, live stock and wood. Ex- 
press, American; Tel. W. U. David W. 

Pierson, postmaster. 

Bass Henry, shoemker. 

Cooper "Wm, harnessmkr. 

Ferran & Hahan, flour mill. 

Foley John, agent C I St L & C Ry. 

Gillespie D J, blacksmith. 

Hamilton Bros, wagonmkr. 

Leavitt P C, physician. 

McCormick J P, agr imp. 

McGaughey S, physician. 

McGregor Joseph, blacksmith. 

Pierson David "W, Grain and Gen- 
eral Store. 

Plymate A H, saw mill. 

Poggs J H, justice of the peace. 

Smart L M, druggist. 

Spicer J "W, physician. 

Swails G W, general store. 

Swails J W, general store. 

Swails & Craft, live stock. 

Williamson James Eev, (Presbyterian). 

Wilson C D Eev, (Methodist). 

Wilson W C, undertaker. 

ADAMS. Has .36-5 inhabitants and 
is located in township of same name, De- 
catur county, on the C. I. St. L. & C. E. E., 
•5 miles northwest of Greensburg, the coun- 
ty seat and location of nearest bank. Grain, 
lumber and live stock are the exports. Ex., 
Am. W. H. Hazelrigg, postmaster. 
Adkin.s C, blacksmith. 
Armstrong A, j)hysieian. 
Conner Win, blacksmith. 
Cook A I J, carpenter and builder. 
Cooke J M, physician, , 

Jx'k Eva Mrs, lime mnfr. 
Eckert J J, wagonmkr. 

Elkins A M, general store. 
Gayer J W, blksmith, 
Hamilton S E, townshiji trustee. 
Ha^elrigrs: IfV H, Hotel and E E 

and Express Agt. 
Heaton & Co, flour and saw mill. 
Hofi'man Peter, shoemkr. ^ 

Linch B F, stock dealer. 
Logan & Bro, drugs and groceries. 
Marlow A, jihysician. 
Mull Bros, General Store, 
Pavey James Eev, (Baptist). 
Price A H, wagonmkr. 
Eeily W W, justice of the peace. 
Eichie J F, carriages and wagons. 
Eyan Wm., ^vagonmkr. 
Sliields & "Wooley, General Store. 
Stark E M, livery. 
Stewart J Y, lumber dealer. 
Tanner Ira, carp and builder. 
Tice J W, grain and agri. implements. 
Tucker J W, baker. 
Turner John E, blksmith. 
Walker & Son, painters. 
Webb Meritt, drugs and groceries. 
Webb W H, physician. 
"Vyelsh M C, lawyer. 

on the T. W. & P. E. E., located in Miami 
township, Cass county, 6 miles northeast of 
Logansport, the county seat and banking 
town. Eel river furnishes power to oper- 
ate one saw and one flour mill. The vil- 
lage contains 200 inhabitants and exports 
flour and wheat. Emanuel Loser, post- 

Bennett & Wilson, flour mill. 
Brown L E, justice of the peace. 
Friend George, blksmith. 
Gwinn Elijah, cooper. 
Kelley N, saw mill. 
IvOSer Hnaanuel, General Store. 
Pickett C, physician. 
Swigart Bros, saw mill. 

ADA 31 S 8 TA TION, Is a discon- 
tinued postoflice, located in Allen county. 

AD VANCE. Once known as Oceola, 
contains 52 inhabitants in Jackson town- 
ship, Boone county, 10 miles southwest of 
Lebanon, the county seat and banking town. 
Jamestown, 5 miles south on I. B. & W. E'y. 
is the nearest rail approach. Population 
52. G. W. Suratt, postmaster. 
Bain & McClaine, general store. 
Brell J C, blacksmith. 
Hamilton John, i)hysician. 
Hamilton J A, physician. 
McClaine & Wildon, druggists. 
Eoss J, blksmith. 
Suratt Ci W, General Store. 

James B.Lizius&COi 



lay^ bates Dlock, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, In I. 

B^r^The Celebrated "Silver 
Steel" Circular and Cross- 
cut Saws. 





A D YE riLLE. In Clark township, 
Perry county, is a hamlet of 100 population, 
located 24 miles north of Cannelton, the 
county seat and 16 north of Troy, the most 
available shipping point, situated on the 
Ohio. Anderson river furnishes power to 
operate 1 saw mill. Tobacco, wheat, pork 
and staves are marketed. A. R. Hunter, 
Adye A J, live stock. 
Adye B A, General Store. 
Klack Wm, wagonmkr. 
Chewing H J, justice of the peace. 
Chewing H M, saw mill. 
Harden Thomas, cigarmkr. 
Haynes J H, physician. 
Ileeps Peter, cigarmkr. 
Hunter A R., Blacksmifh. 
Kesner Solomon, blksmith. 
Miles Joseph, saloon. 
Minerares Wm S, saw and corn mill. 
Mullen Edward, lawyer. 
Eeason Wm, cooper. 
\\'^artlen Joseph, shoemkr. 

AINSJFORTS. Established as a 
postoflice in 1882, is a station on the C. & 
G. T. R. E., located in Ross township. Lake 
county, S miles from Crown Point, the 
county seat, and 40 from Chicago. It has 
a population of 210, and exports live stock, 
grain and hay. Ex. Am. Tel., W. U. J. 
Shannessy, postmaster. 
Gunsey George, live stock. 
Jones B P & Co, steam hay press and eleva- 
Meniel J P, grocer. 

Shannessy Jobn, R R and Ex Agt. 
Union Cheese Factoiy, creamery. 

AKBON. Settled in 1838, is a pleas- 
ant village of 425 inhabitants, located on 
the C. & A. R. R., in Henry township, Ful- 
ton county, 11 miles southeast of Rochester, 
the county seat, and location of nearest 
bank. Wheat and live stock are exported. 
Tri-weekly stage to Rochester ; fare, 40 cts. 
Milo Bright, postmaster. 
Beery Charles H, general store. 
Bitters Lemuel N, carpenter. 
Blaine E, blksmith. 

Brig^llt Milo, Druggist and Bookseller. 
Burns Geo W, auctioneer and painter. 
Curtis Alexander, stock dealer. 
Curtis Wm H, broom mnfr. 
Cutshall A, carpenter and builder. 
Daniels F W, justice of the peace. 
Dillon F, livery and feed stable. 
Dillon Frank, wagonmkr. 
Gast A A, shoemkr. 
Harter C K, Physician, 
Henry John, barber. 
Johnston A, physician. 

Kreighbaum Wm P, harnessmkr. 

Kuhn J B, hotel.' 

Onstott Andrew, tinner. 

Pontious A, carpenter and builder. 

Seare I J M, meat market. 

Shafer Albert, carpenter. 

Shireman Noah, saw mill. 

Slaybaugh M, shoemkr. 

Snook F, physician. 

Stanton A, chair mnfr. 

Strong: Andre-W) General Store and 

Tilman D B, flour mill. 

Vickery Charles A, painter. 

Welch C W, hardware. 

Wilhout Joseph, meat market. 

Whittenberger & Wilson, furniture and un- 

AIjA3IO, Settled in 1836, contains 
300 inhabitants in Riple}' township, Mont- 
gomery county, 10 miles southwest of Craw- 
fordsville the county seat, banking town, 
and nearest rail approach. Methodist, 
Christian and United Brethren churches 
are sustained. Tri-weekly stage to Craw- 
fordsville ; fare for return trip, 75c. J. H. 
Grimes, postmaster. 
Bayless & Craig, livery. 
Bell R S, blksmith. 
Bolser & White, pump mnfrs. 
Bro^wn A X, Physician. 
Brown I L, physician. 
Campbell George W, blksmith. 
Campbell H C, cooper. 
Clark & Hybarger, saw and planing mill. 
Fishero John, hotel. 
Fishero John J, flour chests. 
Gilkey J H, live stock. 
Orimes, J H, Grocer and Notions. 
Ham T R, saddle and harnessmkr. 
Heath & Myers, druggists. 
Plenry A F, physician. 
McSpadden, W W, shoemkr. 
Mitchell, J H & Co, dry goods. 
Parsons J M, shoemkr 
Riley J B, justice of the peace. 
Rountree Charles, live stock. 
Smith Joseph, carpenter. 
Smith Newton, notary public. 
Swearinger J, undertaker. 
Truax J M, justice of the peace. 
Truax Samuel, carpenter. 
Tucker A, blksmith. 
Williams D M, wagonmkr. 
lJVirt,Xitus & Heath, General Store, 

ALASKA, On line between^organ 
and Owen counties, but lying mostly in 
Morgan, is a village of 100 inhabitants, 
located in Ashland township, 15 miles west 
of Martinsville, the county seat. Gosport, 
the banking town and shipping depot, is 



\ 188 South Meridiau St., 


UNION OYSTER CO. largest Oyster House in the World! Capital Unlimited. 

OK BAi^xiiviORH, MD. Branch, 40 N. Illiuois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





distant 8 miles on the I & V and L, V & C 
railroads. "Wheat and live stock ai'e the 
chief exports. W. O. Sheets, postmaster. 
Brewer Jesse, constable. 
Bridges A P W, phvsician. 
Butterfield B"0, Carpenter. 
Caviness S B, constal>le. 
Foxworthy Perry, painter. 
Lambert & Bro, brick mnfrs. 
McAllister A, physician, 
^lorris T D Rev, "(Christian). 
Pearson Calvin, blksmith. 
Ehea G P, lawyer. 

Roggers W A, contractor and builder. 
Secrest A II, wagon mnfr. 
Smith W II, justice of the peace. 
Sheets W. O. & Co, General Store 
Blacksmiths and Wagonmakers. 

^LBxiy^JT, Situated on the Mississine- 
wa river and L. E. & W. Ry, in Delaware 
township and county, is a growing village 
of 400 inhabitants. Muncie, the county 
seat and location of nearest bank, is 12 
miles southwest. Ex., Am. J. S. Long, 
Beard J A, physician. 
Binegar B F, saw mill. 
Bracelen H, druggist. 
Bush Lewis, meat market. 
Carrey B F, grocer. 
Delong A J, liotel. 
Devoss R A, milliner. 
DO'WClen O, Lawyer. 
Flinn J, meat market. 
French & Bro, carpenters. 
Hsrwley R, hardware. 
Hitesman P, blksmith. 
Hobbs F ^I, carpenter. 
Hunt A Cochren, blksmiths. 
Johnson E S, lumber dealer. 
Lefavour J, druggist. 
Lockhart & Streight, general store. 
Manor .J, stoves and tinware. 
Manor J D & Co, general store. 
Maxwell & Krohin, carriage and wagon 

Miller W T, saw mill. 
Murphy S B, hotel. 
Murray A P, physician. 
Philips Mart, Ijarber. 
R^jok I T, grocer. 
Sharron Hattie, milliner. 
Shidler H, R R and ex agt. 
Smith & Rickey, agr imp. 
Smith Si Stafi'ord, grain dealers. 
Starr Christopher, justice of the peace. 
Wilson Si, Richev, general store. 
Woolpert I) C R(;v (Methodist). 
Wood E T, druggist. 

A-liBlON, This enterprising town, 
the county seat of Noble county, contains 

1,200 inhabitants, and is situated on the B_ 
& O. R. R., 33 miles northwest of Fort 
Wayne, 130 northeast of Indianapolis, and 
128 east of Chicago. It was incorporated 
a town in 1874, carries a bonded debt of 
^17,000, and supports 6 churches — Presby- 
terian, Catholic, Methodist, Wesleyan, 
Lutheran and United Brethren — 1 bank, 4 
hotels, 1 graded school of 6 departments, 
and a weekly newspaper. Its manufactur- 
ing interests comprise 1 flour mill, 2 saw 
mills, a foundry and 1 planing mill. Corn, 
wheat and oats are extensively grown, and 
comprise its chief exports. Ex., B. &. O. 
Tel., W. U. .James Greenman, postmaster. 
Adams, Palmer & Co, general store. 
Albion Lumber Co, R B Stone, prest ; A 

Agnew, secy and treas. 
Albion New Era, J P Prickett, publisher. 
Alvord Samuel E, county clerk. 
Arramona Rocco, barlier. 
Astkew & Miller, flour and saw mill. 
Avey Adam, saloon. 
Barr G W Rev, (Presbyterian). 
Baughman David C, foundry. 
Berger .Jesse D, hardware. 
Black Bros, general store. 
Bliss John H, justice of the peace. 
Bradley House, Hiram Bradley, 

Brackney .John ]\I, justice of the jjeace. 
Clapp Charles M, banker. 
Clapp Frank, general store. 
Commercial House, Miss Mae Wallace, 

Copper F P, R R and ex agt. 
Crozier George W, saloon. 
Denier, Albert J, saloon. 
Denny James M, lawyer. 
Dressel M & A, dressmkrs. 
Easterday Sylvester, justice of the peace. 
Eells Thomas M, lawyer. 
Elser Peter, baker. 
Engle Edwin, livery. 
Felkner Thomas B, If^wyer and justice. 
Ferris & Copper, milliners. 
Fitch Eugene S, jeweler. 
Forkner G H, grocer. 
Frazure Benjamin F, baker. 
Freeman Samuel A, barber. 
Garbcr Michael O, shoemkr. 
Gessaman Joseph, justice of the peace. 
OibSOU Orlando M, Barber. [See 

Greenman .James, postmaster. 
Hamilton D K, mnrble dealer. 
Hamlin & Skinner, druggists. 
Haiiey A E, Blacksmith. 
Ilarkless John A, sewing machines. 
Hart& Stoops, livery. 
Hays .John W, physician. 
Ilerron .Jerome, saw mill. 
Hofl'man Jesse, wagonmkr. 

b Everingham & Co. 

CoHunlssion Merchants. GRAITT and PRO- 

VISIONS Bought and Sold ON MARGINS. 

125 IjaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 


C. H. JENI^E, Agent, 

29^2 North Pennsylvania Street, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 





Howard Charles A, saloon. 
Johnson George E, dentist. 
Johnston J T, county surveyor. 
Kimmell Adam J, grocer. 
Kiser Wm S, county auditor. 
Konkle Simon K, carriage painter. 
Lang Julius, county treasurer. 
Lash James J, county recorder. 
Lemmon Stansbury \Y, physician. 
Leonard W Y, physician. 

Lewis Thomas S, carpenter. 
Markey & Lash, insurance agents. 
Martin I W, physician. 
Martin John J, hardware. 
Mathews James T,- harnessmkr. 
Miller David P, hooks. 
Myers D W & Co, merchant tailors. 
Northam M Rev, (Wesleyan). 
Pepple John, carpenter. 
Phillips C B, grain dealer. 

o. 2v£. o-iEsoiNr, 







The Albion Carriage Works, 

FINE WORK ^g^^^^ Ml I m, 

Cor. Hazel and Liberty Sis., ALBIOA', JKD. 


West Main St., opposit-e Court House, 



iPF'Saiiiple Rooms on First Floor. 

lUnV U ni ADD '■•euiisjlvania St., New-Denisou Hotel Block, INDIANAPOLIS. 

inBlaN n III llrr L»ealer in Watches and Optical Goods. Oculists' prescriptions 
IIIWll9lULBni I carefully filled. Cylindrical, Cataracts, etc., made to order. 

Home Life Ins. Co. 

Has perfected plans for a large business in Illinois 
during 1881. ^r= FOR AGENCIES APPLY TO 
E. H. KELLOGG, Superintendent, Chicago, 111. 





Pickett Columbus M, physician. 

Prentiss Nelson, county supt of instruction. 

Prickett Fielding, lawyer. 

Prickett J P, pub'r Albion New Era. 

Repine Christopher, justice of the peace. 

Eiddle AYm W, sheritl". 

Schlotterback Albert, blksmith. 

Schweitzer John H, wagonmkr. 

Scott <?>: Shisler, milliners. 

Seip Jacot> H, Proprietor Worden 

Shatler C C & Son, furniture and under- 

Shafier J Kev, (Lutheran). 

Shirk Henry R, Wagon and Carriage 
Mnfr. {See adv.) ^ 

Smith Charles L, meat market. 

Spencer ^largaret Mrs, milliner. 

Stewart W 8 Kev, (Methodist). 

Stone R L, druggist. 

Sunday Peter A, harnessmkr. 

'Wallace Mae Miss, Proprietor Com- 
mercial House. 

Walters J J & A, agr. imp. 

Ward Simon T, shoemaker. 

Webb & OlOTer, Planing Mill. 

Welker & Campbell, lawyers. 

"Williams House, Richard Wil- 
liams, Propr. [Sec adr.) 

Williams Richard, Propr Wil- 
liams House. (<St'e adv.) 

Worden House, J H Seip, Propr. 

Wrigley Luke H, lawyer. 

Zimmerman Henry G, lawyer. 

ALERT, Once known as Dogtown, 
is located in Jackson township, Decatur 
county, 21 miles southwest of Greensburg, 
the county seat, and location of nearest 
bank. Harper Station, distant oi miles on 
the V. & G. R. R., is the nearest rail ap- 
proach. It contains 100 inhabitants, and 
markets produce. Wm. Banister, postmas- 
Banister William, Manufacturer 

of Chain Pumps. 
Bifnister & Keely, saw and Hour mill. 
Dweese .Jacol), painter. 
Freed ersik)r IV Lewis, live stock. 
Hamilton Harriet Mrs, physician. 
Long .James, blacksmith. 
McCleary John, Nursery. 
Pepper .Jesse, shoemaker. 
Person li M, wagonmaker. 
Sheperd«on AVilliam, carpenter. * 

Spears J "W, General Store and Jus- 
Thomas .Samuel, live stock. 
Woolfinger F, carpenter. 

ALEXANDER. Clay Co. [SecCar- 


ALEXANDRIA. Located at 

ing of the C., W. & M. and L., E. & W. R. 

railroads, in Monroe township, Madison 

county, is a thrifty prosperous village of 

000 inhabitants, situated 12 miles north of 

Anderson, the county seat, and 48 northeast 

of Indianapolis. The village contains 

Methodist and Christian churches, a good 

graded school, 1 bank, 1 hotel, 1 flour 

mill, 1 machine sho;s, a flax mill, 1 

saw mill, and a patent coffee-pot manufac- 
tory. Grain, lumber and live stocl^re the 

chief exports. Ex., U. ,S. John *hnson, 


Adams Martin C, Propr Spencer 
House. Rates, $1.50 per day. Sample 
rooms on first floor. Special attention 
paid to commercial trade. Only hotel at 
this point. 

Alexandria Banking: Co, B Ba- 
ker, Cash'r. 

Baker, Braxton & Co, proprs Alexandria 
Banking Co. 

Bertsche Anthony, harnessmaker. 

Branson H A Mrs, millinery. 

Brenneman James, marble dealer. 

Burk & Mullen, blacksmiths. 

Canfield M, cooper. 

Carroll David, live stock, IJ miles south. 

Carroll James P, grocer. 

Carver Wm, hardware. 

Cliamness Ed^wardB, Stoves, Tin- 
ware and Inventor of the Chamness Cof- 
fee Pot. [See adv.) 

Chamness C K, Mrs, millinery. 

Chapman W ]SI, saloon. 

Childs Marcellus, meat market. 

Condo John P, furniture and undertaker. 

Curtis David W, Lawyer. Collec- 
tions promptly attended to. 

Finch Julial A, carriage and wagon factory. 

Finch & Kellv, blacksmiths. 

Fisher Samuel, agent C, W & M R R. 

Fox TJ C, saloon. 

Free Rudolpll, Furniture Manufac- 
turer. (Sec adv.) 

Hal! & Davisson, general store. 

Harlan Arthur E, dentist. 

Harrington Harry, flax mill. 

Henshaw S I^ e^ Co, general store. 

Hernley L J, jeweler. 

Herron & Co, general store. 

Howard Leander M, saloon. 

Huglics Si Co, hardware. 

Hunt John W, physician. 

Hurlock Edward, R R and ex. agt. 

Inlow .James Vj, physician. 

Inlow J W & Co, druggists. 

Kcefer Gideon, groeer. 

Lel)o George M, photographer. 

Lel)o Wm, merchant tailor. 

McClary Charles T, shoemkr. 

McDermit & White, saw mill. 


.Vf,t-. if iinil •■■,0 Kast <'j'-(>rv}a. Strcft. 


Wagon f Carriage Materials 

m/J-BKNT AND SAWED RIMS.'«« Sec adv., page 6. 



S. E. Cor. Cirrlo anil Moridiau Sts., 





McLeod Spencer, live stock. 

McMahan & Co, druggists. 

]\Iason David B, grocer. 

Newman John, barber. 

O'Bryant Nathan, boots and shoes. 

Pickard Thomas J, justice of tlae peace. 

Randall Charles, Confectionery and 
Fancy Groceries. Eestaurant in connec- 
tion. Meals, 2oc at all hours. Special 
attention paid to commercial travelers. 

Kunyan .James F, physician. 

Schwinn & McMahon, lawyers. 

Smith H C Eev, (Methodist). 

Spencer Mouse, Martin C Adams, 

Tuttle Marion, livery. 

Young: Samuel E, Flouring mill 
and Grain Elevators. 

ALFONTE, Is a station and post- 
office on the C, C, C. & I. Ky, located in 
Green township, Madison county, 13 miles 
southwest of Anderson, the county seat and 
banking town. Population, 76. Ex. U. S. 
Joseph Cahen, postmaster. 
Alfonte K M, carpenter. 
Cahen Joseph, General Store and 

Grain Dealer. 
Cumins John S, sewing machines. 
Edwards R S, justice of the peace. 
George J F, justice of the peace. 
Gwinn John, brick mnfr. 
Hiday Henry, blksmith. 
Shaul Prier, constalile. 
Walker ]M B Rev, (Methodist). 

township, Daviess county, 16 miles south- 
east of Washington, the county seat and 
location of nearest bank. Loogootee, 10 
miles north, on the O. & M. Ry, is the ship- 
ping depot. Population, 248. Daily stage 
connection with Loogootee ; fare, 75c ; and 
Jasper" fare, $1. .1. A. McCord, postm as- 
Afford & Grinder, blacksmiths and wagon 

Allen Charles, general store. 
Allen Emery, coal miner. 
Allen James jr, general store. 
Baker Bros, blacksmith. 
Barll F jr, notary public. 
Fanning Francis, general store. 
Hedrick John F, druggist and general store. 
Horrel P A, flour mill. 
Kaile Lewis, hotel. 
Kyle W H, township prosecutor. 
McCord J A, General Store. 
McCord Matt, photographer. 
McCord, M H, Insurance Agent, Jus- 
tice and Collector. 
Mitchell J S, physician. 
Myers Henry, hotel. 
Robinson J W, grocer. 
Rose Marion Rev, (Methodist). 
Walls W B, physician. 
Young W Y Rev, (Christian). 


[See Delectable Hill.) 

Pike county. 

Patented January 3, ISS'J. 

This Coffee Pot will produce COFFEE or TEA of 
the usual strength, with two-thirds the <niantitj re- 
((uired by the old method. It saves all the strengtli 
and aroma that usually escapes in the steam. By 
this method you obtain a much finer flavored Coffee 
than by any other process. 

Active Agents v/anted in every town and township 
in the United States, to whom liberal inducements 
will be given. State Rights for Sai.e. 

E. B. Chamiiess, Patentee, Alexandria, Ind, 

Tanner, Sullivan & Talbott, Ag'ts for Indianapo- 
lis, Ind.; Hunter Sifter Co., Ag'ts for Cincinivitl, O. 


Manufacturer of and Dealer in 

^F XJ n IJff I X XT R. E !^ 


.ii^lso TTncLertalser. Sonth side Cluiich St., ALEXANDRIA, IND. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

tHTThe only Company that issues Tontine In- 
vestment Policies. Send for Circulars. 

J. W. Deau, Oen'l Ag't, Indianapolis. 

PC RR YPC f"P'f °f ^1^^ Indianapolis Brush Faclory and Bryce's Steam Bakery, 
I 11 Dll I ULl 14 and 16 East South Street, Indianapolis, lud. 





ALIDA. Stands at junction of L. N. 
A. & C. and B. ilv: O. Ey's., iu Clinton town- 
ship, Laporte county, 14 miles southwest 
of Laporte, the county seat and banking 
town. Population, 20. Grain, hay and live 
stock are exported. Ex., B. & O. and L. 
N. A. & C. Jesse D. Lucas, postmaster. 
Cathcart C W, creamery. 
Herrold. Tulev & Co, grain and stock. 
I^UCas J O", K E and Ex Agt. 

ALLEX, Miami county. {See Macy.) 

ALLEN'S CBEEK. InPolktown- 
ship, Monroe county, with a population of 
15, is located 12 miles southeast of Bloom- 
ington, the county seat and banking town, 
and 5 south east of Smithville, its shipping 
station, on L., N. A. & C. Ey. John "VV. 
Cazee, postmaster. 
Adams M H Eev, (Methodist). 
Cazee Jolm "W, General Store. 
Coner L, general store. 
Dolard J C, stave and timber dealer. 
Eades W H, wagonmaker. 
Gilstrap E C, dentist. 
Leviah Ephrason, physician. 
Smith Joseph, physician. 

ALLENSriLLE. This hamlet of 
75 population is located in Cotton town- 
ship, Switzerland county, 11 miles north of 
Yevay, the county seat. Markland, a 
j-anding on the Ohio river 7 miles south, is 
the place of shipment. Hay is the princi- 
pal shipment. Frank Livings, postmaster. 
L.iiring'S Frank., General Store. 
Moore John, grocer. 
Vanarsdal John, physician. 
Vanarsdal J W & C L, physician. 
Yanatta A B, shoemkr. 

ALMA. Is strictly a rural postofBce, 
located in Smith township, Whitley coun- 
ty, 13 miles northeast of Columbia City 
court house, and 3 miles northwest of 
Churubusco its shipping station, on W.,St. 
L. & P. Ey. Tri-weekly stage to Wolf 
Lake and Churubusco. George Gaff, post- 
in a.ster. 
GafF A Ipheus, justice of the peace. 

ALPHA, A cross-roads postoffice, lo- 
cated in Johnson township, Scott county, 
10 miles north of Scottsburgli court house. 
Deputy, distant 5 miles on Louisville Br. O. 
& M. Ey., is the nearest rail approach. 
Live stock and jiroduce are marketed. 
Isaac Gibson, jiostni aster. 
Ducer Phillip, blacksmith. 
GitlSOtl I^aac, General Store. 
Griffith Lloyd, Idacksniith. 
Grow John <t Son, saw and flour mill. 

ALPINE. Is a hamlet located in 
Columbia township, Fayette county, on the 
W. W. Y. E. E , 7 miles south of Con- 
nersville, the county seat and location of 
nearest bank. White" Water river furnishes 
power to operate 1 flour mill. Population, 
67. Ex., Am. E. I. Chance, postmaster. 
Anthony J T, blacksmith. 
Brunner Thomas, flour mill. 
Cbance Bros, General Store. 
Chance E I, E E and ex agt. . 
Huxtable & Co, saw mill. 
Mason O & O, live stock. 
Williams Jonathan, justice of the peace. 

ALQUINA. Is the location of 125 
persons in Jennings township, Fayette 
county, 5 miles southeast of Connersville, 
the county seat, banking town and place of 
shipment. Semi-weekly stage to Conners- 
ville. W. H. Hewitt, postmaster. 
Darby J D, carpenter. 
Davis Leander, blacksmith. 
Davis & Price, steam thresher. 
Fetterington Mark, justice of the peace. 
Garrett Alfred, painter. 
Garrett John, sewing machines. 
Garrett Madison, shoemkr. 
Hewitt Wm, general store. 
He\\'itt "W H, Postmaster. 
Hull John W, painter. 
Lamoree D M, physician. 
Seely Frederick, blacksmith. 
Sprague Decatur, blacksmith. 
Wolf J, carpenter. 
Wolverton Yincent, shoemaker. 

ALTO, Dates as a settlement from 
1846. It is located in Harrison township, 
Howard county, 4 miles south of Kokomo, 
the county seat, shipping point, and loca- 
tion of nearest bank. Population, 160. 
Shipments, lumber. Daily stage route to 
Kokomo, West Middleton and New Lon- 
don. William A. Quick, postmaster. 
Armstrong C W, justice of the peace. 
Cooper J J Eev, (Methodist). 
Cragon J S, contractor. 
Finch Wm, blksmith. 
Fortner Aaron, wagonmaker. 
Greson David, live stock. 
Greson George F, sawmill. 
Jones Frank, blacksmith. 
Kikendol James, lumber and furniture. 
Miller L C, physician. 
Pearson M, carpenter. 
Pitzer G P, live stock. 
Quick y^m A, 

Live Stock. 
Shutters M & Son, produce. 
Stringer John T, tile manufacturer. 
Thatcher Alexander, constable. 
l^asIiiiis:ton George, Hotel. 

General Store and 

PrNS IINX S1So"nS?lirc'a.JrkS}48 Vance Block, Indianapolis, 

I lallVlWllV I of War Claims. Kejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 


LAG-EE BEER, ALE and PORTER, Bottled by 
PUKE. See Advertisement page 351- 





u4.L TON. Is a landing on the Oliio river 
in Boone township, Crawford county, 8 
miles southwest of Leavenworth, the county 
seat, and 70 southwest of Louisville. With 
a population of 275, the village supports 
Baptist and Methodist churches. Grain, 
hay and tobacco are the exports'. Adams 
Express. A. K. Kice, postmaster. 
Attwood John, grocer. 
Beard N B, General Store and Stave 

Manufacturer. , 

Boytl John T, general store. 
Bruner I E, lawyer. 
Franklin D B, shoemaker and grocer. 
Fullenwider W H & Bro, saw mill. 
Gaither R B, carpenter. 
Henderson A J, general store and hotel. 
Holler aft E P T, general store. 
Hollcraft "W R. & Son, General 

Lagle A S, lawyer. 
Meylin H B, justice of the peace. 
Murphv L H, phvsician. 
Murphy U P, hotel. 
Peckinpaugh, Harrison & Co, saw and feed 

Rice A K, Postmaster and Express 

Riddle W E, wagonmaker. 
Riley Robert, blacksmith. 
Roberts A S, grocer. 
Springer A A Mrs, mililiner. 

ALTON A. Is a station on the B. & 
O. R. R. situated on line between Butler 
and Richland townships in Dekalb county, 6 
miles west of Auburn, the county seat and 
banking town. Population 100. Ex. B. & 
O. H. E. Gettel, postmaster. 
Clark O C, grain and stock. 
Oettel H E, General Store. 
Rogers Harris, brick and tile manufac- 
Saxton O, hides and furs. 
Vaugh H R, carpenter. 

ALVARADO, Known formerly as 
Richland Centre, is the location of a store 
in Richland township, Steuben county, 10 
miles southeast of Angola, the county seat 
and usual place of shipment. Tri-weekly 
stage route to Butler ; fare, $1.00. S. Gray, 
postmaster and general store. 

AMBIA. On line of the L. E. & W. 
Ry., in Hickory Grove township, Benton 
county, is a thrifty village of 300 inhabi- 
tants, situated IS miles southwest of Fow- 
ler, the county seat, and 8 east of Hoopes- 
ton, 111., the location of nearest bank. Corn, 
oats and flax are the chief exports. Ex., 
U. S.; Tel., W. U. Frank H. Prosser, post- 

Allen & Kelly, Ggeneral Store. 

Beard J G M, physician. 

Beaver M, meat market. 

Rrown A R, saddler. 

Fix A L & Bro, saloon. 

Golden & McCormick, general store. 

James W T, confectioner. 

Pallock J W, Fix & Co, flour mill. 

Lewis T J, grain dealer. 

Lewis T J & Co, grain. 

Molo Bros, blacksmiths. 

Myers J II, hardware. 

Parker H J, ex agt. 

Parker S A, grocer. 

Prosser Frank. H, Attorney at Law. 

Pugh J C, blacksmith. 

Risser & Daggett, grain. 

Scott J W, druggist. 

Stuart C W, R R agt. 

Wallick W H, confectioner and hotel. 

White C L, grain. 

Woodworth J W, blacksmith. 

Wyman H, general store. 

AMBOY, Was settled in 1866. It 
now contains 300 inhabitants, one flour 
mill, 1 saw mill, 1 hotel, a tile factory 
and 1 Friends' church. The village is 
located on the P. C. & St. L. Ry., in Jack- 
son township, Miami county, 15 miles south- 
east of Peru, the county seat and banking 
town. Grain, lumber, staves and live stock 
are the chief exports. Ex., LT. S. and 
Adams. Hiram Pearson, postmaster. 
Baldwin J A, physician. 
Bennet Josephus, blacksmith. 
Bond B, General Store. 
Edgerton Calvin, general store. 
Elleman A J, hardware. 
Elleman Joseph, druggist. 
Firewood E K, phvsician. 
Hair J C, Flour and Saw Mill. 
Holtou A B, saw mill. 
Holton Q A R, physician. 
Hunter S H, basket manufacturer. 
Jones Jesse, hptel. 
Jones & Haisley meat market. 
Kiges & Jones, carpenters. . 
Melton .J F. saddles and harness. 
Overman J F & T C, grain dealers. 
Painter M W, sorghum manufacturer. 
Pearson Hiram, postmaster. 
Stramsburgh F, hotel. 
Tuey John, shoemaker. 
Vatow A A, broom manufacturer. 
AVilson John, justice of peace and grocer. 
Youart& Walker, tile manufacturer. 
Younce Solomon, blacksmith. 
Zimmerman J F, R R and Ex agent. 
Zimmerman M A Mrs, milliner a.nd dress- 
Zimmerman & Wilson, grain dealers. 


attention paid to complicsitod and difticult cases, Reis- 
sues, Interferences, etc. References given if desired. 
^iiS'Call or write for information. (See adv.) 

innil nnnnimr *="<>*• <*»« best ana cheapest, Address 

IRuN ROOrlNbl W. 6. HYNDMAN & go., CiDciDnati, Ohio. 





A.J)IEIiICA, A discontinued post 
office in Liberty township, "Wabasli county. 

AMITY. A station on the J. M. &I. 

K K., located in Blue Eiver township, John- 
son county, 5 miles southeast of Franklin, 
the county seat and banking town, and 26 
southeast of Indianapolis. It contains 100 
inhabitants and ships grain and live stock. 
C- C. Lipperd, postmaster. 
Adams James H, physician. 
Bradley J L, grain. 

Ivipperd C C, General Store and E R 

A.]\10. Twentv-tive miles west of In- 
dianapolis, on line of the St. L. V. T. H & I. 
E. E., is a thrifty village of 300 inhabitants, 
located in Clay township. Hendricks County, 
10 miles southwest of Danville, the county 
seat and banking town. It has Methodist, 
Baptist and Friends churches, and exports 
live stock, grain and lumber. Am. Ex. W. 
U. Tel. I. H. George, postmaster. 
Banta E M, grocer. 
Boyd O P, carriagemaker. 
Boyd & Tincher, grocers. 
Brown C H, shoemaker. 
Cosner A J, blacksmith and undertaker. 
Dill Emily, milliner. 
C?eorgfe, I H, Druggist. 
Hulsell, hotel. 
Leucy William, livery. 
Martin J A Eev, clergyman. 
Mendenhall T, justice of the peace. 
Owen E B, general store. 
Ealston George, R E and ex. agt. 
Ralston J G, General Store. 
Eat] ill', Jester t*c Co, saw and flour mills. 
Sumner H C, physician. 
Thompson John T, nursery. 

AXDEIiSOJV. The seat of justice 
for Madison county is a progressive, im- 
portant city of 5,000 inhabitants, pleasant- 
ly located on the west fork of White river, 
'.Hi miles northeast of Indianapolis and ll'J 
northwest of Cincinnati. Its railroad facili- 
ties consist of the C. C. C. & I., C. W. & M., 
P. C'. & St. L. an<l the C. I. & St. L. roads. 
It is the eastern terniinus of the last men- 
tioned. .\nderson was settled in 1822, in- 
corporated in 1.S2:;, and was made the coun- 
ty seat in 182S. Prior to 1828, Pendleton 
was the seat of justice for the county, but 
as this wa.s the most central and most im- 
portant town in the county, it was chosen 
as the county seat, since which time it has 
steadily increased in commerce and manu- 
facture, anrl is to-day one of the most im- 
portant cities of its size in the State. It 
has many hanrlsome residences, good busi- 
ncKs l)h<cks, is lighted by gas, has a volun- 

teer fire department, 1 public . hall, 4 
churches, excellent schools, a public library 
of 500 volumes, 3 hotels, 3 banks and 3 
weekly newspapers — Herald, Democrat, and 
Eevien: Among the recent improvements 
here is the new jail, just completed 
at a cost of $21,000, and a court house un- 
der course of construction, which will rank 
among the finest public buildings in the 
State. It covers an area of 216 feet square, 
will be constructed out of pressed brick, 
with stone trimmings, and will cost about 
$150,000. The city has the following manu- 
factories : 3 stave and heading factories, 2 
furniture factories, 1 foundry guage cock 
factory, 3 saw mills, 1 tannery, a pum2> 
factory, 1 shoe factory, 2 planing mills, a 
brickyard, 2 flour mills, 1 bent wood fac- 
tory, and a hub and spoke factory. Ex., 
U. S., American and Adams. Tel., W. U. 
Daily stage to Knightstown; fare $1.50. 
Stephen Metcalf, postmaster. 
Aiman Benjamin K, County Com- 
Alexander Horace, grocer. 
Alford Benjamin F, hardware. 
Allredge Francis B, supt and assistant sec 
Globe Mutual Life Insurance Company. 
Anderson Democrat, William E. 
Brownlee, I^ditor and Propr. Issued 
every Friday. Circulation 1800. A nine 
column folio, ably edited, and the best 
advertising medium in Madison county, 
Anderson Foundry and Machine Works, 
John H Terlune, prcst; Samuel Riser, sec 
and treas, B N Shelley, supt. 
Anderson Gas Manufacturing Company, N 

C IMcCullough, prest. 
Anderson Herald, the Herald Com- 
pany Proprs. Established in 1868. Issued 
every Friday morning. Circulation 1400. 
Anderson Review, George Winter, 

Editor and Pro])r. {See adv.) 
Armstrong Nathan, planing mill. 
Atherton Mortimer, lumber. 
Atherton Eansom V, shoemaker. 
Atlas Gauge Co, manufacturers water 

gauges and globe valves. 
Bain & Brown, insurance agents. 
Bain & Co, insurance agents. 
Baker John»& Co, grocers. 
Barns John P, hardware. 
Barrett Minor, shoemaker. 
Bell rm an John, barber. 
IMl Frederick, dry goods. 
Ik'll .lames L, jeweler. 
Biddle Randall, sherifi'. 
Biest Louis, cigar manufacturer. B L, clothing. ■ 
Binns .lonathan, blacksmith. 
I>ird Martin A, dentist. 
Blanco George, restaurant. 
Bliven &, Stephens, clothing. 


Hoia by MruKKiHtM. . OEPOX, JERSEY CITV, N. J. 


8®"Quality Warranted Un- 
excelled in Circular and 
Cross-Cut Saws. 



The Anderson Review, 


:^Official Organ of the Democracy..^ 

The Review has a bona fide circulation of 2,400. It has the reputation of 
being THE BEST LOCAL PAPER IN INDIANA. It is the best advertising medium 
in Madison County. Its Job Rooms are fitted up with the latest style type and the 
most improved machinery. 

If you don't believe all the above, send for a sample copy. 


Siibscription Price, $1. 50 per Year, in advance. 

editor and Proprietor, 




Chauged October, 1881. Rates, $2.00 per Day. 




Special Accommodations to Commercial Travelers. 

j^JF'Eigiit Full Sample Rooms. 

^JF^Located on Pnblic Square. 


S. E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 


R. L. POLK & CO, 

Oysters, Caiefl Friits ai Veptais. 

Union Oyster Co. 

J. S. Keller, 9lana8:er, 

40 N. lUiuoisSt., Indianapolis, Ind. 





Boring John B, grocer. 

Boswortli A Bro. planing mill. 

Bowman ils: McMillan, harnossmakers. 

Bradsba^' Alice Miss, Millinery 
and Fancy Goods, Trees Block. 

Brandon Joseph F, books and stationery. 

Braskett Britton, sewing machines. 

B r o n II eii burg Jacoto, County 

Brown H C iS: Bro, dry goods. 

Brown »?i Buck, druggists. 

Bro-willee Wm R., Editor and Propr 
of the Anderson Democrat. A most ex- 
cellent paper in every respect, with a 
circulation of 1,800. 

Burke Lewis C, lawyer. 

Burr Late J & Co, bent wood manufactur- 
ers and lumber. 

Cain C C, grocer. 

Campbell David W, dry goods. 

Carpenter & Sou, marble yard. 

Carter David M, physician. 

Carter & Brd-wn, Proprs Eozelle 
House; Bates Si per day; Meals at all 
Hours. Est:;blished November 13, 1881. 

Cherry Moses, brick manufacturer. 

Chipman & West, Lawyers. 

Citizens Bank.N C McCullough & Co, props. 

Coburn Alfred, city marshal. 

Conrad Henry H, carriage manufacturer. 

Conwell L R, boots and shoes. 

Corwin John, banker. 

Craighead John & Son, saw gummers. 

Cramer Wash, grocer. 

Crider James PI, hats, caps, boots, shoes, etc. 

Croak Patrick, saloon. 

Croan William M, county school supt. 

Cullen J C, physician. 

Daick George, grocer. 

Daniels H J, cashr Exchange Bank. 

Darling Peter B, agt. Am. and Adams Ex. 

Davis Albert C, county recorder. 

Davis A J, grocer. 

Davis Milton R, saloon. 

Dering George & Son, saw mill and lumber. 

Dilts House, Mrs Z F Dilts, propr. 

Divcn C ¥,, physician. 

Boxey House, Charles E Frey, Propr. 
Rates S2.00 per day. Special attention 
to commercial travelers. (Sfc adv.) 

I)uchene Charles, ice cream manufacturer. 

Dunham AVesley, mayor. 

East Charles W, l)arber. 

Eckhouse Bros, wholesale liquors. 

Ehli Nobart, shofiuakcr. 

KlliSOn Floyd S, Lawyer. Collec- 
tions will Bcfcivf I'rfjmpt Attention. 

Epply PVank G, notions. 

Ewing A Pettit, grocers. 

Kxcelsior Mutual Aid Asso- 
ciation, 1) (' (liipMian, Secretary, 
Organized February, 1880. iSeendv.) 

Exchang'e Bank, John L Forkuer. 
Prest ; H J Daniels, Cashr ; T J McMa- 
hon. Assistant Cashr. 

Falknor Elias, agricultural implements. 

Fallon John J, saloon. 

Fleming Wm C, flour and saw mills. 

Forlvuer John t,, Prest Exchange 
Bank and County Auditor. 

Forey Atoraham E, Artist, Pho- 
tographer. Pictures in every branch of 
the art. Copying and enlarging. South 
side Public Scjuare. 

Fox & Pittsford, livery stable. 

Fraizer Marcus E, Sec Globe M 
A Life Insurance Company. 

Franklin Joseph Rev, (Christian). 

Frey Charles E, Propr of Doxey 
House. Rates, $2 per day. Special ac- 
commodations to comhiercial travelers. 

Fromlet Peter, saloon. 

Fulkerson Richard, harnessmaker. 

Funk Hosea, notions. 

Funk Joseph, grocer. 

Funk Stephen, grocer. 

Olobe Mutual Assessment 
Ivife Insurance Company, 

Marcus E. Fraizer, Sec. {See adv.) 

Goehler Daniel, merchant tailor. 

Graham John, meat market. 

Gruenwald Martin, saloon. 

Gustin Benjamin, blacksmith. 

Haguy & Trueblood, propr bus line. 

Harlan "Wm A., Propr City Bakery 
and Restaurant; also Dealer in Confec- 
tionery, Fruits, Cigars, Tobacco, etc. 

Harlan & Miller, Restaurant. 

Harris Thomas P, county surveyor. 

Harrison A T, notary. 

Harter Jacob, medical director Globe M 
A Life Ins Companv. 

Harter J H, Treas Globe M A Life 
insurance Company. 

Harter & Harter, physicians. 

Ha-^'k Philip, "Photographer; Estab- 
lished 1879; First Class Work at Rea- 
sonable Rates; Gallery in Herald Build'g. 

Hays Abram, notions. 

Helvey & Richmond, flour and feed. 

Henderson & Krauth, druggists. 

Henry Charles L, lawyer. 

Henry Jesse L, county clerk. 

Hervey Charles M, caltiuetmaker. 

Herald Company, Xhe, Publish- 
ers of the Anderson Herald ; Charles L 
Henry, Stephen Metcalf, George McKe- 

Hockett & Atherton, physicians. 

Hodson & Clark, saddles and harness. 

Hodson & Grimes, grocers. 

Hoover Bros, Citv Restaurant ; Rates, 
S\.W per dny ; Day Board, $;5.oO to $4.00 
per Week. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. Consignments 
solicited. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 


Xbe Original Stump'Slastlng Po-wder. 

C. H. JEBJNE, Asretit, 

29)-2 North r'cunsylvani'a Street, 
Indianapolis, - - Ind. 





Hoover Isaac N, agent C C C & I Ky. 

Hubbard Jacob, saloon. 

Hughel George W, merchant tailor. 

Hugliel Silas, nursery. 

Hunt Richard, livery. 

Hunt William A, physician. 

Plunt & Pence, livery. 

Huntsinger & McKeown, marble works. 

Hurst Bros, Livery, Sale and Feed Sta- 
bles. [See adv.) 

Ice Benjamin, dry goods. 

Jackson James M, justice of the peace. 

Jackson John W, saloon. 

Jefterson A Howard, confectionery and 
news depot. 

Jenkins T K, Boarding House. Good 
Fare at reasonable rates. 

Jones & Gustin, blacksmiths. 

Jordon Elihu H,^barber. 

Keller Phillip A, saloon. 

Keltner& Brown, dentist. 

Kilgore & Morrison, staves and heading 

Kingyon & Wood, blacksmiths and wagon- 

Kitting^er "W A, Lawyer. Will prac- 
tice iu the district Courts of the U. S., 
the Supreme and all other Courts of the 
State of Indiana, and give prompt atten- 
tion to mercantile collections. Will give 

Livery and Sale Stable, 

Comer Meridian and Boliver Sts., ANDERSON, IND. 


First-class Single and Double Rigs furnished at all times. Prices 




JNO. HICKEY, President. 

JUDGE W. R. WEST, Vice-President. 

JXO. P. BARNS, Treasurer. 


HON. D. C. CHIPMAN, Secretary and Actuary. 
COL. W. T. ROYSE, Superintendent of Agencies. 
D. F. SPANN, Medical Director. 

Mortnary, Endowment and Sick and Accident Certificates Issued. 

Two years old. Paid five deaths in two years, and $3,378 to its sick and disabled mem- 
bers. An Association which pays from $150 to $300 per month to its sick. Its surplus 
invested in U. S. Registered Bonds. As solid as granite, 

g@°=Best organized, safest plan and most benevolent Association in the State. Send to 
the Secretary for circulars. 

The Globe Mutual Assessment Life Insurance Co, 


Incorporated under the L.a'ws of Indiana. 

All Certificates in our Regular Department are on the popular Endowment plan ; matur- 
ing in from ten to twenty years from date of issue. 


J. H. HARTER, Treasurer. 

FRANCIS B. ALLDREDGE, Superintendent and 
Assistant Secretary. 

MARCUS E. FRAIZER, Secretary. 
JACOB HARTER, Medical Director. 
S. M. BRUCE, Counsel. 
J. W. HEATH, Special Agent. 

THOS. H. CIvAPP, Optician and Watclimaker, 

93 ]Kortli Pennsylvania Street, 
Nen-Denisou Hotel Block, lP(DIA?(APOL,IS, TViD. 

Accurate adjustment of Spectacles. 
Personal attention to Fine Watch. 
Repairing. Thirty years experi- 
ence. fi®'SATISFACTION ASSUKED. 8 if ft I MO Pft All Policies non-forfeiting under the law of New York, 
nOnlc LUG in Si UUiafter Jan. 1, 1880. Will enable Agents to double their 

E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't., Chicago, ill. 






reports of the standing and responsibility 
ot dealers of Anderson and JSIadison 

Kline George W, grocer. 

Kline J H E, barber. 

Knotts "William H, furniture. 

Knotts i.^ Burk, saloon. 

Knitteuburger Dale, city prosecuting at- 

I^ake Ricliard, Lawyer. Admitted to 
practice in Supreme Courts, 1849. 

Lamy & Wallace, meat market. 

Larned James A, receiver C I & St L Ey. 

l,ee Hotel, Lockwood & Son, propr, 
centrally located, and excellent accom- 

IrOClfWOOd & Son, Props Lee Ho- 
tel. Kates $2 per day. 

Loeb Louis, clothing. 

Loftus Thomas A, wagonmaker. 

McCann Owen, saloon. 

McClure & Harrison, lawyers. 

McCullough N C & Co, props Citizens bank. 

McDonald .James H, saloon. 

McDonald E H Eev, (Presbyterian). 

McKeO'^'n Georg'e, with Anderson 

McMahan & Williams, boots and shoes. 

Madera Peter B, shoemaker. 

Madison County National Bank. Capital, 
SoO.OOO ; John E Corwin, Prest ; John W 
Pence, Cashr. 

Manefee Alex, justice, I5 miles north. 

Markle & Striker, meat market. 

Markt & Kaber, furniture and undertakers. 

Martitidale Simeon C, Lawyer, 
Eeal Estate and Collection Agent. Will 
give prompt attention to Mercantile Col- 
lections. Office South Side Public Square. 

Mithef Geo & Bro, wagon manufacturers. 

May Isaac E, deputy county auditor. 

Metcalf Stephen, Postmaster and 
P^Jitor Anderson Herald. 

Miller Hamilton S, saw tiler. 

Mohn James, city clerk. 

Moore K N ^liss, dressmaker. 

Myers John F W, merchant tailor. 

Myers Lou Mrs, milliner. 

Myers & Wood, lawyers. 

Myrick Louis H, grocer. 

Newby Gabriel, commission merchant. 

Nichol & Makepeace, hardware. 

O'Sullivan Jeremiah, merchant tailor. 

Patterson & Moore, meat market. 

Paxton J K, furniture. 

Pierce P^blon B, lumber manufacturer. 

Platter & Battreall, pump manufacturers. 

Price Mary J, milliner. 

Quinn Jlenry W, carriage hardware. 

Quinn h Son, carriage manufacturers. 

Keid JI B, dentist, 

]{eily John J, staves and heading manu- 

Khoads B & Sons, meat market. 

Ehoads Samuel, blacksmith. 

Eoaeh William, justice. 

Eoebuck Henry S, shoemaker, 

Eoss Alexander, books and stationery. 

Koss George, county treas. 

Eoth tt Co, jewelers. 

Rozelle Mouse, Carter & Brown, 
props. Eates $1.00 per day. Established 
Nov. 1881. Meals at all hours. 

Rozelle M T, Tanner and Currier, and 
Manufacturer of Fine Harness Leather. 
Cash paid for Hides, Pelts, Furs and Tal- 
low Grease ; East Washington. 

Eyan Henry C, lawyer. 

Kyan Michael, coroner. 

Eyan William A, saloon. 

Eyan & McCann, saloon. 

Sansberry, Chipnian & Sans- 
toerry, Lawyers. Practice in Madison 
and adjoining counties. Collections 
promptly attended to. 

Scott Eansom D, grocer. 

Scott & Williams, dry goods. 

Searle Gideon D, druggist. 

Seward Elias H, general store. 

Shafer William, blacksmith. 

Sharp Joseph H, grocer. 

Sherman Charles L, notions. 

Shinn Martha, restaurant. 

Shirk William S, jeweler. 

Shontield Levi, clothing. 

Shover & Johnson, saloon. t 

Siddall & Cox, dry goods. 

Skehan Patrick, grocer. 

Slater Edward B, lawyer. 

Sleet H C, undertaker. 

Smith Jordon, restaurant. 

Snow Thomas H, grocer. 

Spann B F, physician. 

Speer & Griffith, hats and caps. 

Stein Joseph, clothing. 

Stemper E M Mrs, dressmaker. 

Stewart Jonas A., physician. 

Suman William, physician. 

Swingin & Hoppes, grocers. 

Xerry 'Williani O, Blacksmith and 

Thomas Amzi W, lawyer and boots and 

Thompson & Orr, Attorneys at 

Thurston John K, Commissioner. 

Tobin Mathew, saloon. 

TrueI)lood Hezekiah L, justice of the peace. 

Trueblood M E Mrs, millinery. 

Tykle & Terhune, dry goods and merchant 

Vance & Carpenter, barbers. 

Van Dyke Bros, blacksmiths and wagon- 

Van Dyke Kobert B, tin and glassware.. 

Vernon Elmon G, coal, lime and lumber. 


1./AKKIA0E AND WAGON »TocK OF AhU HINDS monuiacturca anQ sola Dy 

o. s. gii^x^stt-e:. 

Sales Room, 28 and 30 E. Georgia St., Indiauapolis, Ind. See adv., p. 0. 

Blank Book Makers 



Printers, Binders and Blank Book Makers, 

S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts., Indianapolis. 




Vigns W J Kev, (Methodist). 

Wagoner Martin L, whitttetree manufac- 

Wagoner & Fisher, stoves and tinware. 

Walden E J, township trustee. 

Walden & Pence, grain dealei's. 

Wall Moses, restaurant. 

Walsh Bernard, saloon. 

W^ellington James, flour mill. 

'Western Union Telegraph Company, Har- 
vey L. Rhodes, manager. 

Whitinger & Wright, grocers. 

W^ickersham Noah L, physician. 
• Williams A D, city surveyor. 

Williams Charles II, hoot and shoe manu- 

"Winter Georgfe, Editor and Propri- 
etor Anderson Review. (See adv.) 

Wise, Wm A & Bro, grocers. 

Zwickel Adam, meat market. 

in 1818. It is a pleasant village of 234 in- 
habitants, located in Posey township, 
Franklin county, 18 miles northwest of 
Brookville, the county seat. It has daily 
stage communication with Rushville, the 
nearest rail approach and banking town, 
distant 11 miles northwest. Lumber and 
produce are the shipments. Samuel Bar- 
ber, postmaster. 
Barber D L, general store. 
Barber Samuel, General Store. 
Beal S, saw mill. 
Cowin J, drugs. 
Hite John, wagonmaker. 
Kaler, Wm S, shoemaker. 
Marshall J S, blacksmith. 
Marshall Z, hotel. 
Mitchell J A, General Store. 
Morgan A, general store. 
Perrin Z, wagonmaker. 
Eayburn .J W, physician. 
Scott Smith, physician. 
Shriner R., Hotel. 
Spillman F J, physician. 
St ant Thomas, wagon maker. 
Thorpe William, blacksmith. 
Young Henry, confectioner. 

ANDREWS, Known formerly as 
Antioch, is a progressive village of 800 in- 
habitants, located on the W., St. L. & P. 
Ry., in Dallas townshijj, Huntington county, 
6 miles southwest of Huntington, the 
county seat and banking town, and .30 west 
of Fort Wayne. The place contains 3 
churches — Christian, Methodist and Bap- 
tist — 1 public school, 2 hotels, saw mill, 
stave factory, flour mill, and supports a 
weekly newspapei- — Enterprise. The rail- 
road shops are located here, recently erect- 
ed at a cost of $250,000. Grain, staves. 

wagon materials and lumber are the ex- 
ports. Ex., Pacific. Tel., W. U. F. M. 
Cole, postmaster. 

Antioch Enterprise (weekly). • 

Boswell A J, physician. 
Brown E T, dry goods. 
Byram G W & Son, furniture. 
Casso Frank, bakery and restaurant. 
Clawson & Thalls, general store. 
Cole K M, Lawyer, Collector and No- 
Cubberly E B, drugs. 
Gardner R, noveltv works. 
Harter Noble, R R agt. 
Iry J A, general store. 
James M, physician. 
Jenks H W, groceries and provisions. 
Kantz Henry, ex agt. 
Kiplinger E A, drugs. 
Ivee J H, Boots and Shoes. 
Line B A, physician. 
Long C M, blacksmith. 
Long L & Co, hardware. 
Mills TL, hotel. 

Morris J S & Co, staves and heading. 
Much W A, flour mill. 
Peck Samuel, wagonmaker. 
Pegg & St John, milliners. 
Rhodes & Hampton, blacksmiths. 
Ritter C, wagonmaker. 
Roberts A H, groceries and provisions. 
Sloan A, drugs. 
Williams O B, phvsician. 
Young J C, Hotel. 

ANGOLA, The seat of justice for 
Steuben county, is an incorporated town of 
1800 inhabitants, located on line of the Ft. 
W. & J. R. R., 42 miles north of Fort Wayne 
and 58 south of Jackson, Mich. This town 
was settled in 1838, incorporated in 1866, is 
entirely free from debt, and sustains three 
churches — Methodist, Congregational and 
Christian — a graded school employing 7 
teachers with an enrollment of 360 schol- 
ars, a public library of 300 volumes, 2 
banks, 3 hotels, and an opera house with a 
seating capacity of 1000. It has fire pro- 
tection consisting of 1 hook and ladder 
company and a chemical engine. The press 
is represented by three weekly newspapers, 
known as the Herald, Steuben County Journal 
and Steuben Republican. Two handle factor- 
ies, 1 foundry, 2 wind mill factories, 2 saw 
mills, a stave factory, 1 woolen mill, 1 
flour mill, a brick and tile yard, 1 plan- 
ing mill and 1 pump factory comprise 
its manufacturing industries. The chief 
exports from this station consist of grain, 
live stock, cheese, lumber and apples. 
Am. Ex. Tel., W. U. Orville Carver, post- 
Adams George B, lawyer. 

New York Life lns.Co 

Purely Mutual. No Stockholders. Absolute Secur- 
ity at Actual Cost. Issues all desirable forms of 

J. W. Dean, Geu'l Ag't, lndunapoliI: 




14 East South Street, - - - Indianapolis, Ind. 





American Express Company, Alfred Os- 
born, agent. 

Angola Bank, capital $30,000 ; Jesse M. 
Gale, George \V. Wickwire, William 
Wiokwire and Alfred Osborn, proprs. 

Angola Herald, Weekly, William 
K. Shetler, propr. 

Austin Henry F, Inmber and grocer. 

Bigler William, propr Eussell House. 

Bellinger James A, meat market. 

Bew Charles, wagon manufacturer. 

Bodley G H & Co, grocers. 

Boon Samuel, Furniture and Up- 

Brokaw Austin H Mrs, grocer. 

Brown Benjamin F, meat market. 

Burt Frank E, jeweler. 

Butler, Walls & Cline, lawyers. 

Carland Patrick K, Rev, (Methodist). 

Carpenter James N, saloon. 

Carpenter & Beard, wind mill manufac- 

Carver Orville, druggist and postmaster. 

Cary 'William G, Blacksmith. 

Carv & Haddin, blacksmiths. 

Gary & Jackson, pump manufacturers. 

Central House, Wilson Teeters propr. 

Chase «& Gillis, grocers. 

Cline Cyrus, county supt of schools. 

Cole & Beil, Brick and Tile Manufac- 

Corbin A Judson, Cigar Manufac- 

Cowen John W, lawyer and insurance 

Crain Marcus F, physician. 

Craxton & Co, boots and shoes. 

Creditor Edward H, dentist. 

Crockett & Reeves, jewelers. 

Crubactt 'William, Tinsmith and 

Dague & Shank, flour and feed. 

Dougherty Cred H, jeweler. 

Dawson Benjamin F, justice of the peace. 

Draper John S, druggist. 

Dunning Addie, dressmaker. 

Eberly ct Longabaugh, general store. 

Fast Joseph, carjjcnter. 

Ferrier & Rakestraw, proprs, Steuben 
county Journal, and job printers. 

Fleming George B, traveling, land and 
passenger agent on L S&MSRR and 

French William D, agricultural imple- 

Freygang Harmon, harnessmaker. 

Fuller Stephen H, coroner. 

Gale, Stocker & Best, lawyers. 

Gates Lawreme, insurance agent. 

Gibson Marion E, Gold and Silver 

Oillett Louis R, Proi)r Morse House. 

Goddard Rf>llin H, county commissioner. 

Goodale Orville, county clerk. 

Hale A S Rev, (Christian). 

Hickmott John Rev, (Congregational). 

Hildreth William W, wind mill manufac 

Hoff John B, photographer. 

Hull Clara, hardware. 

Hull John M, general store. 

Hull J M Mrs, milliner. 

Jarrard Alonzo, saloon. * 

Jarrard William H, saloon. 

Jarvis Allen, saw mill and harness. 

Johnson Robert H, county auditor. 

Johnson &'Weyburn, Pianos and* 
Organs. [See adv.) 

Jordan & Spangle, meat market. 

Kenestrick Joseph D, physician. 

Keyes Wm H, sheriff. 

Killinger Frank, restaurant. 

Killinger Henry, carriage manufacturer. 

Kinney John J, insurance agent. 

Kinney & Co, Bankers ; Capital, $100,- 

Kirk W M, sewing machines. 

Latson Simeon R, general store. 

Leas Emanuel R, physician. 

Leas Obadiah H, Livery stable. 

Legg Thomas E, livery stable. 

Linder Henry, R R and ex agt. 

McClure John, county commissioner. 

McKillen James C, barber. 

Macartney Frank R, abstract of titles. 

Mawhood John, saw mill. 

Menzenberger Sebastian H, grocer. 

Miller George W, propr Star Flour Mill. 

Miller .James U, propr Steuben Republican 
and Steuben Republican Store. 

Moftet & Miller, carriage manufacturers. 

Morarity Eugene, restaurant. 

Morley Robert G, county surveyor. 

Morro-W John K, Lawyer and Jus- 
tice of the Peace. 

Morse House, Louis R Gillett, Propr. 

Moss William C, agricultural implements. 

Moss S A & Son, general store. 

Mugg Gilbert, saloon. 

Nimock George, marble works. 

Osborn Alfred, dry goods. 

Parish Orlo W, foundry. 

Parsell Abijah D, grocer. 

Peterson Henry C, county prosecuting at- 

Potter Alfred, livery stable. 

Potter William, cooper. 

Pow Lizzie, milliner. 

Powers & Bratton, lawyers. 

Richardson .John, Idacksmith. 

Russell House, Wm Bigler, Propr. 

Sheff'er W K, propr Angola Herald. 

Shore Mcrton, axe handles. 

Snyder Andrew J, blacksmith. 

Snyder John W, hardware. 

Sowle Adam W A, furniture dealer. 

War Claims. 

Collected I>y W. H. CORIIAI.KV, Attorney at I<a-wl 

*S'20 years experience. Ke.lecte(I and increase Pensions a SDeeialtT 


Porter's Joliet Lager Beer, 

Ale and Porter, cor. Market 
and Randolph. T. D. Stuver; 
SoleAgti Seeadv.page351 





Sowle Jane, milliner. 

Sowle Joseph A J, saloon. 

Spigelmyre E W, barber. 

Squier Henry, saloon. 

Squier Mary Miss, notions. 

Squier Wm W, justice of the peace. 

Star Flour Mill, George W Miller, 

Stealy Jacob, Marble works. 
Steuben County Journal, Ferrier & Kake- 

straw, proprs. 
Steuben Republican (weekly), James U 

Miller, propr. 
Steuben Republican Store, James U Miller, 

propr. Books and stationery. 
Steifel J & Son, general store. 
Swift David K, county commissioner. 
Talmadge Robert A, manufacturer of axe 

and sledge handles. 
Teeters Wilson, propr Central House. 
Tousley Hiram S, circuit judge. 
Twichell W Homer, county recorder. 
Uhl W W&Co, clothiers. 
Waller William H, physician. 
Waugh Edward J, dentist. 
Weicht Leopold E, undertaker. 
Weicht William C, physician. 
"Weicllt & Gale,' Carriage and Wag- 
on makers. 
■Weicht & Son, Planing Mill. 
Weiss Leonard G, tailor. 
Welch Rawson, woolen mill. 
"Welcll Robert, Stave and Barrel 

Wells William, saddle and harnessmaker. 
Wells W S, restaurant. 
Williams Lyman R, county treasurer. 
Williams Thomas B, physician. 
Williamson & Coe, stoves and hardware. 
Wolford Walter M. tinsmith. 
Wood Hugh D, physician. 
Wood Saul A, physician. 
Woodhull & Croxton, lawyers. 
Work Brothers, real estate and ins. aget's. 
Work Byron, druggist. 
Work Flora E, millinery. 
Zippel Joseph, boots and shoes. 

ANNAPOLIS. Is situated in Penn 

township, Parke county, 7 miles north of 

Rockville, the county seat and banking 

town, and 1| miles north of Bloomingdale, 

its shipping point, on the I., D. & S. Ry. It 

contains 960 inhabitants, 2 flour mills, 1 

saw mill, a tile factory, 1 planing mill, a 

graded school, and two churches — Method- 
ist and United Brethren. Daily stage to 

Rockville ; fare, SO cents. Henry Snyder, 


Atchison & Lee, pottery. 

Carty Ulrick F, blacksmith. 

Coffin W W Mrs, milliner. 

Connelly John D, insurance agent. 

Deer Bros & Carnine, flour mill. 

Deverter A B, blacksmith. 

Evans & Reynolds, plasterers. 

Pugfate James, Meat Market. 

Gleason Thomas, tinner. 

Goldsberry J A, physician. 

Gosham C W, hotel". 

Gurley Joseph A, pump manufacturer. 

Hall Omer A, physician. 

Hart & "Vickery, Tile Manufac- 

Hedrick T, cooper. 

Hunt Isaac N, carriage manufacturer. 

Jones Robert J, saw, flour and planing 

Long John, wagonmaker. 

McClure & Wheeler, painters. 

Nevins Mrs, milliner. 

Nixon & Bricker, drugs and groceiies. 

Snyder Henry, Confectioner. 

Stanley & Weaver, general store. 

Wasson John R, harnessmaker. 

W^elsh & Vickery, general store. 

Whitmer A, carpenter. 

ANOKA, Located at the junction of 
second and third di^-visions P. C. «& St. L. 
Ry., in Washington township, Cass county, 
5 miles southeast of Logansport. Contains 
•50 inhabitants, United Brethren church and 
district school. Ex., U. S. Mail daily. W. 
R. Tousley, postmaster. 


We are State Agents for Michigan and Indiana, for the unrivaled 


We are local dealers in the Steinway & Sons, Boardman & Gray, J. & C. Fisher, Ma.thushek, Hal- 
lett & Son, Vose & Son, Morris, Whitney & Currier 





and Notary Public. Office, Rooms l6 and l8 Hubbard 
f Block, Indianapolis, Ind. (See adv.) 

■ M^Ml nAAflllA r For Corrugated and Crimped, Address 

IRON ROOFINul W. G. HYNDMAN & go., GiDciDoati, Obio. 





Bensou Alexander, justiee of the peace. 

Brown J H, physician. 

Keener Simon, barber. 

Like Win, flour mill. 

Phillips J. grocer. 

Xousley "W R.» Grocer and RK Agt. 

Ulery A M, notary public. 

ANTHOXY. A discontinund post- 
office in Delaware county. 

ANTIOCH, Huntington county. {See 

APALONA, A farmers' postoffice, 
located in Clark township, Perry county, 
22 miles north of C'annelton court house, 
and 18 north of Tell City, its shipping point 
on the Ohio river. John C. Lemmon, post- 

ABBA. This hamlet of 150 inhabi- 
tants, is located in Green Fork township, 
Randolph county, 1-5 miles southeast of 
Winchester, the county seat. Fountain 
City, 6 miles southwest on the G. R. & I. R. 
R., is the usual place of shipment. Wheat, 
corn and oats are marketed. Daily stage 
to Union City and Richmond. W. A. 
Clements, postmaster. 
Arnold .J F, carriage painter. 
Bowen J AV, attorney at law. 
Fulghum F C, saw mill. 
Gardner F I^, Hotel. 
Harrison I S, shoemaker. 
Heiner E K, physician and drugs. 
Heiner John, physician. 
Horn Henry, live stock. 
IrC^wis & Clements, General Store. 
Meek Josei>h, physician. 
Parker J K, carriagemaker. 
Rhodes Vinson, blacksmith. 
Rogers .J C, general store. 
Thomas Jesse, agricultural implements. 
Wolf William, blacksmith. 

ABCADIA, Thirty -one miles north 
of Indianapolis, located on the W. St. L. & 
P. Ry., is a progressive village of 500 
inhabitants. It is in .Jackson township, 
Hamilton countv, 9 miles north of Nobles- 
ville, the county seat and banking town. 
Cicero Creek furnishes p»jwer to drive 1 
flour and 1 saw mill. Lumber, wheat 
corn, apples and produce are the shipments' 
Tri-weeklv stage to Omega and Aroma 
Y.X., U. S.'; Tel., W. C. J. Bartholomew; 

IJarbcr .J M, jihysician. 
Bartholonie-W J, Confectioner, Ci- 
gars and Tobacco. 
Ikrg & Keck, general store. 
Booth P^dward, general store. 

Booth S P, physician. 

Bryan Peter, shoemaker. 

Burgess Alexander Mrs, hotel. 

Caylor D, blacksmith. 

Correll A J, barber. 

Daniels Peter, shoemaker. 

Devaney & Hollett, druggists. 

Dickover D B, planing mill. 

Gentry & Gentry, General Store. 

Gettle Shaffer, blacksmith. 

Hershman & Wasman, livery stable. 

Houser J A, physician. 

Knause Joseph, cigarmaker. 

Landig A, undertaker. 

Martin J H L, physician. 

Martz Wm, justice of the peace. 

Myers Edward, meat market. 

Pettijohn Amos, physician. 

Rodenbeck C, wagonmaker. 

Russell J M, harnessmaker. 

Saul & Dickoirer, General Store, 

Staetzman L, physician. 

Stanard R G, saw mill. 

Tucker E W, cabinet maker. 

Tucker & Lynch, saw mill. 

Turner J M, R R and ex agt. 

ABC AN A, Monroe township, Grant; 
county, with a population of 38, is located 
9 miles east of Marion, the county seat, 
and most available shipping goint. The 
place has Christian church and district 
school. Mail received weekly. Joshua 
Strange, postmaster. 
Bole L D, general store. 
Strangle Josliua, Saw Mill. 

ABCOLA, Is an enterprising vil- 
lage of 200 inhabitants, located on the P.,. 
Ft. W. & C. Ry., in Lake township, Allen 
county, 9 miles northwest of Fort Wayne, 
the county seat and location of nearest 
bank. Aboit creek furnishes power to oper- 
ate 1 saw mill. Lumber is the chief arti- 
cle of export. William Rockhill, post- 

Blietschan John, shoemaker. 
Blystone Oliver, grain cradle and wagon- 
Bonnell J H, R R agt. 
Cartwright .lames, broom manufacturer. 
Cartwright W G & Bvo, saloon. 
Cavalier V, saloon. 
Colter & Co, Saw Mill. 
Coolman J H, carpenter and constable. 
Diflenderfer H C, justice of the peace. 
Difl'enderfer & Springer, general store. 
Hare Ciust, painter. 
McDowell H C, physician. 
Rockhill Oliver, live stock. 
Rockliill William, General Store. 
Shall' C W, blacksmith. 
Stevens S P, physician and surgeon. 

IfirnP^ R I 17111^ lO lln American and foreign patents, 

^UIIIUU Ul IbILIUU W U U I 1H>1^ ItatcH Block, opp. r. 0., Indianapolis, Ind. 

•E.C.ATKINS & CO. ( 

B^^Call or Write for 
Prices. 206 to 216 
South Illinois Street. 






A-ROOS. This progressive village of 
800 inhabitants, is located at crossing of 
W., St. L. & P. and N. Y. C. & St. L. R'ys., 
in Walnut township, Marshall county, 8 
miles southeast of Plymouth, the county 
seat and banking town. Argos contains 3 
churches — Methodist, Christian and Ad- 
vent — 1 flour mill, a saw mill, 2 hotels, and 
a weekly newspaper — The Reflector. Grain 
and live stock are exported. Ex., U. S. 
F. M. Hite, postmaster. 
Argos Eeflector, (weekly). 
Bailey & Kern, General Store. 
Beam Jacob, saddles and harness. 
Bock & Leonard, flour mill. 
Boyce Bros, meat market. 
Cailart Victor, physician. 
Carey W D, agt U S Ex Company. 
Culver C, blacksmith. 
Eaton R B, physician. 
Gordon Sarah Mrs, milliner. 
Gould S W, physician. 
Hatch D A, hotel. 
Helsel Samuel, saddles and harness. 
Hickman I B, drugs. 
Hite F M, Books and Stationery. 
Holly G J, justice of the peace. 
Hughs Bros, barbers. 
Johnson A H, physician. 
Leland C T Mrs, milliner. 
Leland J S, justice of the peace. 
Pickerill Jonathan, general store. 
Pickerill & Taylor, grocers. 
Railsback Robert, general store. 
Railsback William, saw mill. 
Sleigfht D B, General Store. 
Smith M L, hotel. 
Snyder G A, shoemaker, 
Sutton J A, drugs. 
Townsend C M, R R and ex agt. 
Wickizer & Boggs, general store. 
Wood Jacob, blacksmith. 

A.JiI. Formerly known as Potters' Sta- 
tion, is the location of 75 persons, in Swan 
township, Noble county, on Eel River Di- 
vision of the W., St. L. & P. Ry., 15 miles 
southesat of Albion, the county seat, and 
same distance northwest of Ft. Wayne. 
Grain and lumber are shipped. Albert 
Van Camp, postmaster. 
Barnes R H, blacksmith. 
Kinney Allen, R R agt. 
Kinney, Wappus &• Freeman, saw mill. 
Ross Frank W, lumber. 
Van Camp Albert^ General Store. 

AJRLIJVG TON. Contains a popula- 
tion of 365 in Posey township. Rush county, 
7 miles northwest of Rushville, the county 
seat and banking town. It is a station on 
the C. H. & I. Ry., 32 miles southeast of 
Indianapolis, and contains 2 churches, one 

saw mill, a planing mill, flour mill, and i 

hotel Daily stage to Carthage ; fare 35c, 

and Knightstown, fare 60c. Grain and 

live stock are the chief exports. Ex. U. S. 

Aloys Geyer, postmaster. 

Beal Samuel, saw and planing mill. 

Beckner Jacob, general store. 

Beckuer Samuel, groceries and drugs. 

Beckner & Moore, flour mill. 

Bennett S H, boot and shoemaker. 

Codington E, general store. 

Geyer Aloys, Groceries, Cigars and 

Tobacco, vStationery and Books. 
Green C S, ex agt. 
Green J C, physician. 
Green J W, physician. 
Havens J P, hotel. 
McGauchy J E, physician. 
MattheiJVS ^William M, General 

Mayer Henry, general store. 
Newhouse L L, blacksmith. 
Price E, justice. 

Rucker T H, physician and druggist. 
Sailors & Leonard, cattle dealers. 
TrueL, blacksmith. 
Wilson & Sheppard, lumber and saw milL 

ARMIESBUItOH. Located iu 
Wabash township, Parke county, with 65 
inhabitants, is a village 8 miles west of 
Rockville, the county seat and location of 
nearest bank. Montezuma 2 miles distant 
on the I. D. & S. R. R. is the nearest rail 
approach. Grain is the chief export. John 
M. Boyd, postmaster. 
Baldwin F A, grocer. 
Baldridge J A, physician. 
Boyd A E, shoemaker. 
Boyd Bros, blacksmiths. 
Boyd John M, Justice of the Peace, 
Braner AVilliam, cooper. 
Dunnigan A J, general store. 
Justun .1, blacksmith. 
L,a-verty A, Flour Mill and Hotel, 
Whitson William, carpenter. 

ARMSTRONG, Is a small station 
and postoffice located on the P. D. & E. R. 
R., in township of same name, Vander- 
burgh county, 12 miles northwest of Evans- 
ville, the county seat, location of nearest 
bank. Population 20. Wheat is the prin- 
cipal shipment. W. Knerr, postmaster. 
Hepler W A, R R agt. 
Knerr "W» General Store. 

ARJSEY. Formerly called. Middle- 
town, is located in JefTerson township, 
Owen county, 12 miles southwest of Spen- 
cer, the county seat. Freedom, 4 miles 
east on the I. & V. R. R., is the nearest 
rail approach. Coal and staves are the 



\ J88 South Meridian St., 


Mbers of CoYe and Fresti Oysters. UNION OYSTER GO. 

3. S. KCL,L,e:r, 9Ianas:er. 

40 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





chief exports. Populiitiou 55. Harrison 
O. Halbert, postmaster. 
Barton E J, sewing machines. 
Dillon Joel Kev, (Christian). 
Halbert Harrison O, General 

Hester U A V, physician. 
Long Jacob, blacksmith. 
Massey I, artist. 
Kaanes G AV, physician. 
Nations C F, blacksmith. ' 

ARO^IA. AVith a population of 65, 
is a hamlet situated in White Kiver town- 
ship, Hamilton county, 15 miles northwest 
of Noblesville, the ceunty seat and banking 
town. Frankton, 6 miles east on the P. C- 
& St. L. E'y, is the nearest rail approach. 
Tri-weekly stage to Arcadia ; fare 35 cts. 
Franklin Rummel, postmaster. 
Ault Henry, justice of the peace. 
Babbitt J W, blacksmith. 
Heartly Stephen, tile manufacturer. 
Jacks Walter P, constable. 
Lamb George, shoemaker. 
Lamb Isaac, cabinetmaker. 
Perry Jones, saw and planing mill. 
Teal & Hummel, -General Store. 

A-R T, A small hamlet located in Perry 
township, Clay county, 10 miles south of 
Brazil, the county seat and 4 northeast of 
Cory, its shipping depot on the T. H. & S. E. 
R. R. AVheat, produce, hay and coal are 
the shipments. Population 26. J. W. Cor- 
bin, postmaster. 

Corbin J IV, General Store. 
Harris William M, physician. 

ARTHUR. Is a village of 300 in- 
habitants located in Patoka township, Pike 
county, 12 miles southeast of Petersburgh, 
the county seat, and 6 east of Oakland City, 
the place of shipment, on L. N. A. & St. L. 
R'y. Daily stage to Oakland City. Pro- 
duce Ls marketed. Arthur Thompson, post- 

Allen T .J, physician. 
Bilderl>ack F, leaf tol)acco. 
Burch G P, carpenter and builder. 
Btirch Olin, shoemaker. 
Chatman Thomas, blacksmith. 
Dizney Thomas, hotel and undertaker. 
Ennes .Josephus, saloon. 
Grimes W J, justice of the peace. 
Hamby J N & Bro^ General Store. 
Honeycutt W J, physician. 
Hurt James II, coal dealer. 
Her D D, agt for books and periodicals. 
McConnell .James, justice of the peace. 
Pancake W II, hotel and feed stable. 
Polk Allen, cooper. 
Rose Frank, wagonmaker. 
Tbompson Arthur, Live Stock. 

Thompson A W, general store. 
Thurman W J, lawyer. 
Wiggs Joseph Rev, (Baptist). 
W^illiams E T, produce. 

ASCENSION. Known also as Far- 
mersburgh, is a station on the E. & T. H. 
R. R., located in Curry township, Sullivan 
county, 12 miles north of Sullivan, the 
county seat and location of nearest bank, 
with a population of 300. The village sus- 
tains a Methodist church. Ex, Adams. 
Jackson Hiukle, postmaster. 
Bennett I H, physician. 
Bennett & Son, druggists. 
Crary Thomas, grain. 
Cummins R I, general store. 
Delashmutt John, ex agt. 
Duncan W S, physician. 
Foot Z H, physician. 
Hammock James, blacksmith. 
Heap James, drugs. 
Hendren Joel, justice of the peace. 
Hinkle Jackson, Notary Public. 
Knolts John A, hotel. 
Lloyd T C, Blacksmith. 
McAllister J W, blacksmith. 
Hanv^arringf James "W, General 

Store and R R Agt. 
Moore I B Rev, (Presbyterian). 
Parker John, physician. 
VanCleave Robert, physician. 
"Wliitney Riley,' General Store. 
Wilson Peter, shoemaker. 

A SHB OR O UGH. Settled in 1855, is 
a village of 136 inhabitants, located in Su- 
gar Ridge township. Clay county, 10 miles 
south of Brazil, the county seat and bank- 
ing town. Saline Citv, 3 miles southwest 
on the T. H. & S. E. R. R., is the nearest 
rail approach. Flour, grain, produce, fur- 
niture and lumber are the exports. John 
W. McGinnis, postmaster. 
Barrows Chester, mail contractor. 
Barrows Francis P Mrs, midwife. 
Barrows John, gunsmith. 
Bunting James, flour mill. 
Calvert Calvin, Barber. 
Cromwell Oliver, provisions. 
Dietz C F, wagonmaker. 
Dilsaver .John, molasses manufacturer. 
Dilsaver J E, agricultural implements. 
Green T C, physician. 
Ilighnote & Co., coal mine. 
Ilyland Thomas F, county surveyor. 
Kholierger August, undertaker and cabinet 

McQinnis John "W, General Store.. 
Mcllvaiu Isaac, shoemaker. 
Moss J C, general store. 
O'Brien Enoch, carpenter. 
Ottenbacker Gotlieb, blacksmith. 

L Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. Orders for Purchase 
and Sale of Grain and Provisions Solicited. 
125 liaSaUe Street, CHICAQO. "^ 


C. H. JEBJNE, Asent, 29% North Pennsylvania Street, I]NI>IAKAPOL,IS, II«D. 





Starks Wesley, civil engineer. 
Tribble Minerva Mrs, dressmaker. 

ASHERSVILLE, Settled in 1872, 
is in Jackson township, Clay county, 7j 
miles southeast of Brazil, the county seat 
and banking town. The village contains 
125 inhabitants, and is distant from Knights- 
ville, the place of shipment, on St. L., V., 
T. H. & I. E. R., 5 miles. Staves, lumber 
and wheat are the chief shipments. Daily 
stage connection with Brazil. W. M. Pey- 
ton, postmaster. 
Goodhue Charles, saloon. 
McCullough Bros, druggists. 
McMillin G W, druggist. 
Peyton 'W M, General Store. 
Kenner Henry, wagonmaker. 
Snyder F M, general store. 
Stearley John, blacksmith. 
^Wolf A J, Saw Mill. 

A SS GJR O VE. Also known as Ger- 
ard, is a station on the L.^ N. A. & C. Ry., 
located in Tippecanoe township and county, 
10 miles north of Lafayette, the county seat. 
Grain, live stock and lumber are the ship- 
ments. Population, 50. Henry AVork, 

McAfee John R, saw mill. 
XimmotlS A, Attorney at Law. 

ASHLAND, Is a station and post- 
office on the P. C. & St. L. Ry, located in 
Liberty township, Henry county, 3 miles 
east of Newcastle, the county seat and 
banking town. Population, 106. Lumber, 
grain and flax seed are the principal ship- 
ments. Ex. Adams. John C. Pickens, 

Allen B F, blacksmith. 
Evans T J, justice of the peace. 
Mullen D, cooper. 
Mullen & Craig, saw mill. 
Netz J, grocer, R R and ex agt. 
Picl^ens Jolin C, General Store. 
Winnings S, grain dealer. 

ATHEMTON. Is a village possessed 
of 86 inhabitants, located in Otter creek 
township, Vigo county, on C. & E. I. R. R., 
10 miles north of Terre Haute, the county 
seat and location of nearest bank. Grain 
and live stock are the chief exports. H. H. 
Taylor, postmaster. 
Ay res G F, R R Agt. 
Knudson Jasper, blacksmith. 
Modisett G W, stock dealer. • 

Morris M, grocer. 
Park S, physician. 
Shadley Stewart, barber. 
Taylor H H., Grocer. 
Wood G D, stock dealer. 

ATKINSON, Situated in Oak Grove 
township, Benton county, on the C, I., St. 
L. & C. R. R., 6 miles southeast of Fowler, 
the county seat. The village contains 106 
inhabitants, and exports grain and live 
stock. Ex. Am. Tel., W. V. Henry Rom- 
mel, jr, postmaster. 
Ash ton H H, R R and ex agt. 
Atkinson Cephas, grain and live stock. 
Fletcher John, general store. 
Rommel Henry jr, Grain, Coal 

and Lumber. 
Sandon O, blacksmith. 

in 1839. It is situated in Morgan town- 
ship, Owen county, 10 miles northwest of 
Spencer, the county seat, banking town and 
nearest rail approach. The village con- 
tains Baptist and Methodist churches, and 
66 inhabitants. W. T. Asher, postmaster. 
Asher "W X, General Store. 
Cassida Reuben, meat market. 
Cooksey John, live stock. 
Query Daniel, general store. 
Query Solon jr, live stock. 
Welty Hiram, carpenter. 
Willams William H, live stock. 
Yerger William, barber. 

ATTICA. The chief commercial towia 
of Fountain county, is an enterprising, 
thrifty place of 3,000 inhabitants, pleasantly 
located on the east fork of the Wabash river, 
14 miles northwest of Covington court 
house, and 22 southwest of Lafayette. 
Attica was settled in 1825, and is now a 
busy commercial place, surrounded by a 
rich agricultural district. Its transporta- 
tion facilities consist of the W. St. L. & P. 
and C. & B. C. Rys. It is the present north- 
ern terminus of last mentioned road. The 
city supports 6 churches — Methodist, 
Baptist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Christian 
and Jewish synagogue — one of the finest 
graded school buildings in the State, 2 
hotels, a handsome opera house, 1 public 
library, 1 private and 1 national bank, and 
a weekly newspaper,. The Attica Ledger. Its 
water supjaly is obtained from a reservoir 
supplied by natural inexhaustible springs, 
and is amply suflicient for consumption 
and fire protection. Prominent among its 
manufactories are 4 flour mills, a drain tile 
factory, 1 saw mill, 2 carriage factories, 1 
planing mill, 1 brick yard, and 1 foundry. 
Grain is extensively grown, and is the chief 
article of export. Ex., Pacific. Tel., W. V. 
James Martin, postmaster. 
Adler L,OUis, Propr Revere House. 
Apt Henry P, sewing machines. 
Attica Ledger (weekly). Peacock & Martin, 


THOS. H. CLAPP, Optician, 

93 North Pennsylvania Street, 
IfefT-Denison Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

I have for sale SPECXACl,ES 

of all the best and late improved 
forms and material. 

Home Life Ins. Co. 

The strongrest in the world, has $140 for $100 of 
liability, therefore the best for the Agrent. Apply- 
to B. H. KELLOGG. Superintendent, Chicago, lU. 





Attica Mills Company, J C Aylsworth, 
prest ; W W Thomas, treas; flour mill. 

Barr Kate Mrs, dressmaker. 

Beamer Keuben, city marshal. 

Bell John, brickyard. 

Bernhardt & Irwin, founders and machin- 

Blent Mayer, city treasurer and insurance 

Burbidge & Son, flour mill, 4 miles south. 

Burlington James C, physician. 

Burrows Catharine M Miss, notions. 

Cameron James, saloon. 

Campbell Jollll E, photographer. 

Carlson Adolph K, Blacksmith and 
Horseshoer. Job Work a Specialty. 

Case Martin T, physician. 

Clark Samuel & Son, grocers and bakers. 

Coen Thomas M, agt Chicago & Block Coal 

Cole Wm C, physician. 

Collins D A, grain broker. 

Cooley John, druggist. 

Courtright Morgan, confectioner. 

Covey Ezra J Rev, (Baptist). 

Cunningham Andrew B, dentist. 

Curschmann George, saloon. 

Dale Isaac Rev, (Methodist). 

Dick Jacob C, cigars and tobacco. 

Dixon William Mc, live stock. 

Durham, Rankin & Co, Ijankers. 

Ennis William W, insurance. 

Feuerstein Frank, grocer and coal. 

Fields & Simms, carpenters. 

First National Bank of Attica; capital 
So6,000 ; George Nebeker, prest ; Samuel 
Finney, cashr. 

Fisher, Arbogast & Co, carriage manufac- 

Ford Nelson, harnessmaker. 

Foster Bros, grocers. 

Fox Elizabeth' M Mrs, propr St Charles 

Frambach Phillip, l)arber. 

Gallawavs & Clark, planing and saw mills. 

Gilbert Asa L, agt W, St L & P Ry. 

Grant John A, harness and saddles. 

Green Hansel .J, liardware. 

Green William, livery stable. 

Green William T, hats, caps, boots and shoes. 

Green & Martin, grocers, 

Grt-enwood & Macoughtry, live stock and 
flour mills. . 

Haller Charles .1, hats, caps, etc. 

Haller Daniel II, dfnggist. 

Harri-^on Millanl, blacksmith. 

Ilt-fklt-r .lohn .J, boots and shoes. 

Hernphilj Thomas, dry g(K>ds. 

Henney John A, j>hotographer. 

Hess & Harvey, wagon and jilow manu- 

Hirsch Simon, saloon. 

Hirs(,-h & Dingier, meat market. 

Hirsch & Ettlinger, live stock. 

Holder George T, marble works. 

Holmes Alexander, hardware. 

Irw'in Orfila C, fertilizer. 

Jennings Mollie Miss, dressmaker. 

Johnson Charles J, carpenter. 

Kifi' Clinton H, livery. 

Kopp John A, saloon. 

Kullmer & Martin, furniture. 

Lasch Frederick, baker and confectioner. 

Latta John R, boots and shoes. 

Lemon Albert D, jeweler. 

Lemper Chaides Rev, (Catholic). 

Levar Levi S, saloon and restaurant. 

Eighty William H, sewing machines. 

Lindburg William, crockery, wall paper, 

Ivindgfren OuStavUS, Saloon, Deal- 
er in line Liquors and Wines of all kinds. 

Linn Lizzie Mrs, milliner}-. 

Lippold Augustus, pawnbroker. 

Little Joseph J, marble works. 

Loeb H & Son, clothing. 

Loeb, Lauman & Co, dry goods and cloth- 

Loeb L & Bro, clothing. 

I^oeb Moses, Saloon, Fine Wines, 
Liquors, etc. 

Loeb H J & Co, clothing. 

Longsdorf Neri, carpenter. 

Ludlow Manford, meat market. 

Lyon Lewis D, physician. 

McDermond John W, dry goods. 

McDonald George W, lawyer. 

McElroy Henry grocer. 

Maguire John, agt U S and Pacific Ex 
Company and city clerk. 

Marshall J R & Co, wool dealers. 

Martin James & Co, grain dealers and 
tile manufacturers. 

Martin Jesse, painter. 

Mentzer & Hoover, dry goods. 

Milford Monroe, lawyer. 

Nail Wm, carpenter. 

Nathan Abraham, notions. 

Nave, Allen & Co, grain elevator. 

Nave & Hegler, lawyers. 

Nixon John T, lumber and grain. 

Opera House, Milton F Milford, proj^r. 

Patterson & Son, barbers. 

Peacock & Martin, publishers Attica 

Pearson Oeorg-e P, Architect and 

Pixley Charles, saloon. 

Pixley George, painter. 

Poke Henry, cooper. 

Porter Newman C, dry goods. 

Purviance Edward D, dentist. 

Rank Aml)rose E, blacksmith. 

Reed William B, lawyer. 

Reese Charles F, confectioner. 

Reid James O, druggist. 

/^ O {^11 1 Vi"l"|'T7 f MAifUFACTUEEE OF Wagon AND CARRIAGE Material. 
Nr^.'?anJ^ofi:ft7^..S'ia.stn.<T'' P<>LES, SHAFTS, DOUBLE & SINGLE TREES, 



Sec adv., page 6. 


Binding and Blank Book Making, 

Southeast Corner Circle and Meridian Streets. - INDIANAPOLIS. IND. 





Revere House, Louis Adler, Propr. 

Rice John T, physician. 

Robinson Charles F, druggist. 

Rodgers Edwin C, books and stationery. 

Rohliing Frederick, furniture and under- 

Roley Bros, barbers. 

Rupert Archibald M, physician. 

St. Charles Hotel, Elizabeth M. Fox, propr. 

Sattely John S, grocer and baker. 

Schoonover Isaac E, lawyer and mayor. 

Schoonover & Gwin, grocers. 

Scribner James M, jeweler. 

Sheets John R, plasterer. 

Shepard D J, flour mill, 4 miles south. 

Shepard & Churchill, carpenters. 

Sheridan James, saloon. 

Shideler Frank, flour mill. 

Shields David, merchant tailor. 

Shipps & Lusk, carriage manufacturers. 

Sibel Hiram, grocer. 

Smith David, wagon and plow manufac- 

Steimley Joseph, plasterer. 

Swank & Orr, flour mill, 3 miles south. 

Talbott Jefl'erson L, physician. 

Turman & Son, grocers. 

Van Deventer Rachel Mrs, milliner. 

Vogel Charles, meat market. . 

Walker James B, painter. 

Ward John, saloon. 

Weber Paul & Son, merchant tailors. 

Western Union Telegraph Company, Ida 
Greenwood, manager. 

Whitehall Samuel, physician. 

Whittier Joseph G, shoemaker. 

Wilmer William Rev, (Presbyterian). 

AVilson Frank, plasterer. 

Wilson J Allen, books and stationery. 

W^ilson Myrtle Miss, dressmaker. 

Wilson M L & Co, boots and shoes. 

Wilson William L, physician. 

Workinger David, merchant tailor. 

Wright Eva Mrs, milliner. 

Yeager John B, saloon. 

Zeigler A & Sons, dry goods. 

ATWOOD, Situated partly in each 
Prairie and Harrison townships, Kosciusko 
county, on the P., Ft. W. & C. Ry., 7 miles 
northwest of Warsaw, the county seat and 
location of nearest bank. The village con- 
stain 150 inhabitants, Methodist and United 
Brethren churches. Ex., Adams. Virgil 
Barber, postmaster. 
Ackard E, blacksmith. 
Barber H L, & Co, General Store. 
Barber Virgil, Dry Goods. 
Forst M M & Co. general store. 
iLutes S, blacksmith. 
Orcott Phillip, carpenter. 
Parks J P, physician. 
Rovenstine J A, druggist. 

Stokesburg J, harness. 

Welch David, R R and ex agt. 

Welch & Teegarden, grain dealers. 

A TIB TIRN. An enterprising incor- 
porated town of 1,700 inhabitants, the 
county seat of DeKalb county, is located 
at crossing of B. & O., Eel river Div. 
W., St. L. & P. and Ft. W. & J. R. 
R's., 23 miles north of Ft Wayne, 130 
northeast of Indianapolis, and 146 east of 
Chicago. It was established in 1837, car- 
ries a bonded debt of $1,300, has real and 
personal property (assessed value) amount- 
ing to $421,390, excellent county buildings, 
good business blocks, a number of fine resi- 
dences, 8 churches — Methodist, Presby- 
terian, Lutheran, German Reformed, Cath- 
olic and Baptist — and a very handsome 
school building. Prominent among its 
commercial and manufacturing industries 
are 3 hotels, 2 banks, 2 weekly newspapers — 
DeKalb County Republican, and Auburn 
Courier — 2 flour mills, a scythe and cradle 
snath factory, 3 planing mills, 1 foundry, 2 
saw mills, a hub and spoke factory, 1 woolen 
mill, 2 stave and heading factories, and a 
church furniture factory. Land in the 
vicinity commands from $70 to $100 per 
acre, is a rich sandy loam and very pro- 
ductive. The chief exports comprise live 
stock, grain, hubs, spokes and staves. Ex., 
Am., Pacific and B. & O. Tel., W. U. 
George W. Gordon, postmaster. 
Abrigbt Joseph, jeweler. 
Allen Aaron "W, livery stable. 
Allen William S, physician. 
American Express Co, John L Davis, agt. 
Ashley Engelbert, wagonmaker. 
Auburn Courier (Weekly), James 

A Barnes, Propr. 
Auburn House, Phillip Bashelier, propr. 
Austin W J & Co, boots and shoes. 
Bachtel Isaac O, flour mill. 
Baker Edward, baker. 
Baker & Stutz, saloon. 
Barns James A, Propr The Auburn 

Bashelier Henry, saloon. 
Bashelier Philip, propr Auburn House. 
Baxter .John W, county clerk. 
Berg John, blacksmith. 
Beringer Frederick, tailor. 
Beugnot C & Co, staves and heading manu- 
Beuret .Jules, stoves and tinware. 
Boland Michael, county recorder. 
Braun William L, meat market. 
Case James W, planing mill. / 

Case Maria E, hair work. 
Casebeer,Matlieny & Hunipb- 
rey. Livery, Physicians and Druggists. 
Cass Sarah S Mrs, hair goods. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

Purely Mutual. No Stockholders. Absolute Secur- 
ity at Actual Cost. Issues all desirable forms of 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, indianIpoliI: 


PEXEK. F. BR.YCE, Proprietor. 





Central House. Daniel W Jenner, propr. 

Cleveland Marv, milliner. 

Clock L D Mrs, milliner. 

Cool Isaac, flour and feed. 

Cowan John A, physician. 

Cowhick G G Mrs, dressmaker. 

Davenport Franklin E, druggist. 

Davis Joliu L,, Banker, Hardware 

Merchant. Insurance; also, Ag Am Ex 

DeKalb County Republican (weekly), C P 

Houser, publisher. 
Dills William H, lawyer. 
Eckhart Charles, carriage manufacturer. 
Ehlers John H, druggist. 
Eldridge Edward, saloon. 
Elson Richard, dentist. 
Emanuel Charles E, lawyer. 
Ensley N iS: G, agricultural implements. 
Ensley A Harter, dry goods. 
First National Bunk"; capital $50,000 ; Guy 

Plumb, prest ; William Mclntyre, cashr. 
Fitzgerald William .J, sewing machines. 
Foltz Azem P. county surveyor. 
Goodman Benedict, tinsmith. 
Gordon George W, postmaster. 
Gordon G W Mrs, photographer. 
Grosh Samuel, flour mills. 
Gross Thomas D, saloon. 
Gugerli John H, merchant tailor. 
Hague ct Raut, boots and shoes. 
Harris .John, grocer. 
Hartman Ezra O, Lawyer. 
Has,selman & Sanborn, saw mill. 
Hebel John, cigars and tobacco. 
Hoff' Frank A, general store. 
Hoff'man P V, lawyer. 
HoUister Sherman, restaurant. 
Houser C P, publisher The Dekalb County 

Jenner Daniel W, propr Central House. 
Johnson Louis, agt W, St L & P R'y. 
Jones cS: Son, dry goods. 
Kiblinger W H, hardware. 
Kircher Horace, barber. 
Knoder John, blacksmith. 
Kruger & Gibson, bakery and restaurant. 
Lanning George L, grocer. 
Latson .James J, coroner. 
Lea.s .Augustus S, sheriff. 
Little Andrew .J Mrs, milliner. 
IvOCke Simon J, Saloon and Bil- 
Lockwood Philo .J, lawyer. 
Mcintosh William II, insurance agt. 
McNabe Davirl, stave and heading manu- 
McQuiston & Ralston, general store. 
Martin John J, agt B A O R R. 
Matthews William F Rev, (Presbyterian), 
Meese William L, insurance agt. 
Miller Lafayette .J, county trea.surcr. 
Miller & Getrost, general .store. 

Mitchell Jacob, saw mill and hoop manu- 

Moody Daniel D, lawyer. 

Morell Bros, foundry. 

Norris Hugh J Rev, (Methodist). 

Ober David S, justice of the peace. 

OchS Isaac, General Store and Grain 

Otto John, grocer, boots and shoes. 

Penlield William L, lawyer. 

Peterson Henry C, prosecuting attorney. 

Plumb Guy, lawyer. 

Pommert Samuel, barber. 

Pommert & Zook, barbers. 

Potter James A, shoemaker. 

Rainier & Headley, meat market. 

Rakestraw William H, carpenter. 

Ralston Andrew J, grocer. 

Rav John M, boot and shoemaker. 

Roy P & F et Co, grocers. 

Rice John M, Photographer. 

Robbins Albert, county auditor. 

Rose James E, Lawyer. 

Rothenberger & Houston, saloon. 

Rush John F, agt F, W & J R R. 

Rush William E, grocer. 

Schaab & Beugnot, general store. 

Schwab George, woolen mill. 

Sears Charles S, physician. 

Sebring David A, physician. 

Shafier Christopher C, furniture and un- 

Shaffer John W, wagonmaker. 

Shearer & Wilson, planing mill. 

Sheffier & Rush, harnessmakers. 

Slaybough Henry, grocer. 

Snyder David D, hubs, spokes, bent wood 

Snyder William, blacksmith. 

Snyder & Culbertson, hardware, furniture, 
and undertakers. 

Sommers Thomas, saloon. 

Sproot Thomas H, insurance agt. 

Stahl George W, sewing machines. 

Staudacher John, cabinetmaker. 

Steele & Weyer, sign and carriage painters. 

Stemmett House, Jacob Stemmett, propr. 

Sthair William S, blacksmith. 

Straw Frederick B, Pianos and 
Organs, and Domestic Sewing Machine 
Agt. {See adv.) 

Stutz August, saloon. 

Swarts David J, physician. 

SwartS Vesta M Mrs, Physician, 

Swineford House, Sapharus C Swineford 

Tarney Simeon U, meat market. 

TetftR Dexter, lawyer. 

Tousley Hiram S, judge circuit court. 

Umber James H, Scythe and Cradle 
Snaths Alanufacturer. (See adv.) 

Walborn Jacob, justice of the peace. 

Ward Simon B liev, (Baptist). 


or thfir heirs HhouM have their ritrhtx investigated by 

48 Vnnrf Hlorii, INDIANAPOLIS, INI)., 
nho has had 20 years experience. C'orrcHpondence tiolicited. 

lloQ Pnrtor'o Inliot Alo t. d. stuver. soie Agent, .Chicago. 
USB r Oricr S JOIIBI AIBi x^ see advertisement page 351. 





Weamer George W, cigar manufacturer. 

Wilbarger Samuel F, physician. 

Willis Moses B, books and stationery. 

Wittmer Bros, carpenters. 

Yesbera George H, merchant tailor. 

Young August Father, (Catholic). 

Young' Peter, Merchant Tailor. {See 

Zimmerman George B, insurance agt. 
Zimmerman & Co, manufacturer of church 

furniture and planing mill. 
Zirwes Mathias, blacksmith. 

A UB URN JUNC TIO N. Is lo- • 

cated in DeKalb county at junction of Eel 
River Div. W., St. L. & P., B. & O. and Ft. 
W. & J. Eys, 1 mile from Auburn, the 
county seat and post office. Population 
150. (For business names see Auburn.) 


Neir Augusta.) 

Marion county. {See 

AUGUSTA. Dates as a settlement 
from 1868. It contains 250 inhabitants and 
is located in Lockhart township, Pike coun- 
ty, 14 miles south of Petersburg, the county 
seat and banking town. Oakland City, 9 
miles west on the L., N. A. & St. L. Ry. is 
the most available shipping depot. Pro- 
duce, wheat and tobacco are the exports. 
O. A. Kelsey, postmaster. 
Ager Jesse, general store. 
Arnold J W, saloon. 
Bayher Jacob, flour mill. 
Beagfll C O & Co, General Store. 
Chandler William Rev, (Methodist). 
Corn H, physician. 
Corn Jackson, flour mill and cattle dealer. 


F. B. STR.A.AAT', 

UeakT in all kinds of 


Sheet Music, Books and Stools. 







Scythe and Cradle Snaths, 




16 and 18 Hubbard Block, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 

inAll nnnriiinr ^**' ^^^ best ana cheapest. Address 

InUN nUUFINblw. G. HYNDMAN & go., CinciDDati, OMo. 





Corn Jackson jr, hotel. 

Corn & Coleman, drugs and groceries. 

Hair G B, sewing machines. 

Harrison .James A, physician. 

Kelsey O A, General Store and Drugs. 

Morby K L, blacksmith. 

Osborn M E, physician. 

Shoulders Henry, shoemaker. 

Wilds E, blacksmith. 

A.JJJRORA-. Is an important manu- 
facturing city of 5,500 inhabitants, located 
on the Ohio river and the O. & M. Ky., 4 
miles from Lawrenceburgh court house, 25 
from Cincinnati, and 90 from Indianapolis. 
The city was laid out in 1819, incorporated 
in 1848, and is an enterprising, commercial 
city, well lighted by gas, has a good fire de- 
partment, many substantial business blocks, 
fine residences, and has one of the most 
pleasant locations to be found on the Ohio 
river. It contains 12 churches of different 
denominations, 2 large graded schoools, a 
fine opera house (seating capacity, GOO), 

1 national bank, several hotels, and 2 
weekly newspapers — Saturday Neivii and Bear- 
born Independaitt. Aurora is essentially a 
manufacturing place, prominent among its 
mills, factories, etc., are 2 flour mills, a 
furniture factory, a large distillery (said to 
be the largest in the State), 1 foundry, a 
chair f.actory, 2 saw mills, 1 nail foundry, 

2 brick yards, a machine shop, and a brew- 
ery. These institutions are in a flourishing 
condition, and operated very successfully. 
There is every facility offered here for man- 
ufacture, and the cheap river transporta- 
tion in connection with the railroad, gives 
it a market all over the U. S., for its manu- 
factured goods. Bonded debt, $23,000. The 
city has O. & M. and Adams Ex., tele- 
phone and telegraph facilities. Daily stage 
to Kising Sun and Hartford. John Walker, 

Aurora Distillejy Company, Thomas Gaff, 
prest ; H W Smith, sec and treas. 

Aurora Gas Light, Coke and Coal Com- 
pany, Thomas Gaff', prest; W E Gibson, 

Aurora Valley Furniture Company, Gar- 
rett Bosse, presi ; Wm Willman, sec and 

Barker Walter S, insurance. 

Barker William, carpenter. 

Basler Henry, mercliant tailor. 

Bauer John H, tailor. 

Bauer Sisters, milliners. 

Bicker F W, i)hysician. 

Bitneer Henry, barber. 

Blackmoro (/live M Mrs, dressmaker. 

Bloom .\, grocer. 

Bond Richard C, physician. 

Bowman Charles, shoemaker. 

Braunagel Egidius, saloon. 

Brison William N, livery. 

Brown Robert D, lawyer. 

B.uce Amos R, lawyer. 

Bruce & Craig, lumber manufacturers. 

Busby Isaac, hotel. 

Caldwell Samuel, horseshoer. 

Calvert David N, propr Saturday News. 

Canfield William W, lawyer. 

Carbaugh Isaac H, justice of the peace. 

Chambers, Stevens & Co, general store. 

Chapin A M Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Cobb's Iron & Nail Company, O P Cobb, 
prest; J S Stratton, sec; L M Faulk, 

Cobb John & Co, chair manufacturers. 

Cobb Louis W, propr Dearborn Independ- 

Cobb O P & Co, hardware and grocers. 

Cochran G & L Misses, milliners. 

Crescent Brewing Company, J W Gaff, 
prest ; J R Vail, sec ; S D Langtree, 

Davidson A C Rev, (Baptist). 

Day William P, undertaker. 

Dearborn Independent (weekly), L W 
Cobb, propr. 

Dewey E P Mrs, milliner. 

Dobel A & Bro, boots and shoes. 

Dobel Frank, grocer. 

Downey Erastus S, agricultural imple- 

Drester Benjamin F, carpenter. 

Droge & Donselman, flour mill. 

Dunn Isaac M, lawyer and insurance. 

Eagle Hotel, Leonard Richt, propr. 

Egan John, tailor. 

Elliott Aaron, agricultural implements. 

Epstein Samuel, grocer. 

Erie Phillip, grocer. 

Everett James, job printer. 

Fehling Charles jr, grocer. 

Feustel Ernst F, saloon. 

First National, Bank (capital $200,000); 
Thomas Gaff, prest ; E H Davis, cashr. 

Fisher Joseph, grocer. • 

Fisk Bros, carriage manufacturers. 

Fletcher Leslie C, real estate. 

Flohr John, barber. 

Freeman A W Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Fritz Hiram, carriage manufacturer. 

Gear Margaret Miss, milliner. 

Gehrish Joseph, shoemaker. 

Giegoldt J L & J F, meat market. 

Giegoldt Michael, projir Indiana House. 

Goeirth L & Son, painters. 

Goldsmith C & liros, general store. 

Graham John, lumber manufacturer. 

Grand Opera House, Leive & Stapp, proprs. 

Hahn Henry, hotel. 

Haines Abraham B, physician. 

Hannah Lydia Mrs, dressmaker. 

Haring Emil L, dentist. 

Jaline & Co,s MALARIA 


BCS'Sold by Drii^'gistN. 


( Special attention given 

E . C. ATKINS & CO, < to repairing 

i Work Warranted. 






Haring Matthew, furniture and undertaker. 

Harman Leonard, grocer. 

Harwood Charles B, painter. 

Hauck Frederick, barber. 

Hauck Julius J, barber. 

Hays James N, furniture. 

Held H, stoves and tinware. 

Held J Ph H, merchant tailor. 

Henry William C, physician. 

Herdegen Charles, agt Adams Ex Com- 

Herdegen & Cress, grocers. 

Herman George, shoemaker. 

Hibbert Mai-garet A Mi's, milliner. 

Holman & Holman, lawyers. 

Holmes Robert F, grocer. 

Horr Phillip, jeweler. 

Housemeyer Frank, grocer. 

Hundt Ferdinand Rev, (Catholic). 

Hurlbert Lewis G, lumber. 

Indiana House, Michael Giegoldt, propr. 

Johnson Adam, baker and confectioner. 

Johnson Bros, flour mill. 

Johnson John A, confectioner. 

Kassebaum Frederick W, marble works. 

Kastner Phillip, grocer. 

Kerr Mahlon B, blacksmith. 

Kirsch Jacob, hotel. 

Kleaver F A & Co, harness. 

Knight Sarah Mrs, fancy goods. 

Koehler Peter, grocer and saloon. 

Kriete Frederick, grocer and saloon. 

Laird Samuel E, hardware. 

La Mar Lillian I, general store. 

La Mar W W, general store. 

Lamb & Treon, physicians. 

Lansberry Alexander B, wagonmaker. 

Leibecke Charles, druggist. 

Leive W & Bro, jewelers. 

Letcher David, notions. 

Lindsay Thomas O, carpenter. 

Lostutter, Stratton & .Jelley, insurance. 

McArdie James, grocer. 

McClellan Mattie E Miss, milliner. 

McClellan William, blacksmith. 

McConnell Robert A, di-y goods. 

McCreary & Niebaum, dry goods. 

McHenry B F, lumber. 

Mclntyre Charles A, confectioner. 

Mclntyre John A, furniture. 

McMullen & Downey, lawyers. 

Maloney Michael, propr Valley House. 

Marger Henry, meat market. 

Margileth B & Son, grocers. 

Marshall H J & Co, druggists. 

Martin Charles, saloon. 

Mattox Charles, agt O & M Ry and Ex Com- 

Mauntel Frederick, furniture and under- 

Maybin Robert, general store. 

Markel Rudolph H, grocer. 

Meyer Joseph, clothing. 

Mitchell George, brick manufacturer. 

Morun Thomas, grocer. 

Mueller Charles C, druggist. 

Mueller John M, hotel. 

Mulbarger James E, stoves and tinware. 

Mulvaney John M, shoemaker. 

Nees John A, saloon. 

Notmyre Christian S, saloon. 

Oester Nicholas, wines and liquors. 

Oetgen, Rev, (Methodist). 

Oswald George, baker and grocer. 

Parks John A, lawyer. 

Pelgen Peter, grocer. 

Peters Jacob, carpenter. 

Petescher John, saloon. 

Philipp George, saloon. 

Pickelheimer Moses S, lawyer. 

Rabe Herman, grocer. 

Rabenstein Henry, tailor. 

Rectanus Frederick, physician. 

Reiche T J Rev, (German Methodist). 

Reichert Frederick, saloon. 

Renkert Elizabeth L Miss, milliner. 

Richt Leonard, propr Eagle hotel. 

Riddell J A & Co, druggists. 

Ritter George, cigar manufacturer. 

Roach Samuel G, dry goods. 

Roberts John W, harness. 

Roberts Omar F, lavryer. 

Roberts & Sutton, drj' goods. 

Sarg:ent Xhoiiias "W, Coal and Salt 

Saturday News, (weekly), D W Calvert, 

Schaefer George, boots and shoes. 
Schroeder Ernst, hotel. 
Schuber Mary E Mrs, hair work. 
Siemantel George, grocer and baker. 
Siemantel .John H, saloon. 
Siemantel Simon, grocer and saloon. 
Small Perry, clothing. 
Smith Edwin, physician. 
Smith T Curtis, physician. 
Somerfield Louis, merchant tailor. 
Somerfield & Meyer, gents' furnishing 

Spaeth H P & Co, hardware. 
Stamm Adolph, saloon. 
Stamm Julius, machinist. 
Stapp David H, lawyer. 
Stedman & Co, founders and machinists. 
Stevens George W, physician. 
Stoll Leonard, meat market. 
Stratton Loren S, general store. 
Strunk Ferdinand, grocer. 
Suerman Edward, saloon. 
Sutton George, physician. 
Sutton Harley H, physician. y 
Taylor George W, livery. 
Tebbs, Brogan & Co, grocers. 
Tuck Nelson H, photographer. 
Twentyman John, shoemaker. 
Uhlev William, barber. 



IK,. Xj. IPOLIC <Sc oo., 
E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 



J. S. KHL,I<ER, IMCanasrer, 40 Kortli Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





Ulrey & Harryman, dentists. 

Valley House, Michael Malouey, propr. 

Walker Alfred D, carriage manufacturer. 

Walker A Mrs, dressmaker. 

Walker «fc Son, brick manufacturers. 

Walton James X, photographer. 

Webster Mary C Miss, milliner. 

Wells M L Rev, (^Methodist). 

Wilbur E C & Co, grocers. 

Wilburn John N, jeweler. 

Wilke John H, dry goods. 

Winkley Charles P, harness. 

Winkley Kichard T, grain and commission. 

Wood Henry, flour and feed. 

Wright Thomas, grocer. 

Wymond Phillip, cooper. 

Wymond S & Co, coopers. 

Wymond & Hayes, grocers. 

York & Briddell, livery. 

Zimmer Michael, baker and confectioner. 

A. TISTiy^. Is a village located on the 
J., M. & I. E. E., in Jennings township, 
Scott county, 4 miles north of Scottsburgh 
court house, and 16 south of Seymour, the 
location of nearest bank. Methodist and 
Christian churches are sustained by a pop- 
ulation of 350. Lumber, grain, hoop poles 
and heading are exported. Ex., Am. 
Baldwin Louis H, furniture. 
Butt John B jr, saw mill. 
Casey Henry E, physician. 
Foster B F, wagonmaker. 
Harrod W G, sewing machines. 
Henslee B F, drugs. 
Hughbanks Thomas, dry goods. 
Johnson Stewart, grocer. 
Kinney CI ay bourne, boots and shoes. 
Miller George, flour mill. 
]M[ontg:oiliery J "W, General Store. 
Morgan D W, agricultural implements. 
Ogden Oscar, blacksmith. 
Owens James, chair manufacturer. 
Eeynolds Adam, blacksmith. 
Eodgers S M, physician. 
Thomas William C, saw mill. 
Thompson John C, stave manufacturer. 
Wilson Ann, milliner. 

A VENTON. Is a small hamlet loca- 
ted in Harrison township, Dearborn coun- 
ty, 17 miles north of Lawrenceburgh, the 
county seat. Harrison, O., 8 miles south, 
on the W. W. V. E. E., is the nearest rail 
approach. Population, bO. Produce is 
marketed. James Stewart, postmaster. 
^' " ^avid, grocer and carpenter, 
^oble Iden, lime manufacturer. 
Klemm fieorge, shoemaker. 
Stephens .losfjih, carpenter. 
Ste^-art James, Postmaster. 

A.VEItYt Is in Michigan township, 
Clinton county, on the T. D. & B. E. E., 4 
miles northwest of Frankfort, the county 
seat and banking town. Population, 106. 
Grain and live stock are the principal ship- 
ments. Alfred D. Clark, postmaster. 
Clark Alfred, E E Agt, General Store 

and Grain Dealer. 
Hiatt T, live stock. 
Kelly William, live stock. 
Meeks G W, constable. 
Meneely .Joseph, justice of the peace. 
Messier James, live stock. 
West E, live stock. 

A VILLA, Is located at junction of G. 
E. & I. and B. & O. E. E's, in Allen town- 
ship. Noble county, 10 miles east of Albion, 
the county seat, and 5 south of Kendall- 
vile, the location of nearest bank. The vil- 
lage contains 448 inhabitants, 3 churches, 
1 flour mill, a saw mill, 1 tile factory, a 
pump factory, and 2 hotels. Live stock and 
lumber are the principal shipments. Ex. 
Adams, U. S. and B. & O. Teh, W. U. Sam- 
uel P. Stewart, postmaster. 
Berger & Tetters, saloon. 
Blust Bros, tile and brick manufacturers. 
Carper A J, physician. 
Carver W D, justice and insurance agt. 
Catlin Jobn, Grocer. 
Catlin M J Mrs, milliner. 
Cessna J P, physician. 
Clougler Chester, carpenter. 
Coker George, barber, 
Denhmeg Dominick Eev, (Catholic). 
Dolan Michael, hotel and harnessmaker. 
Fisher Charles, tailor. 
Fitch C B, notary public. 
Gensemer Joseph, wagonmaker. 
Hadley W F, grocer. 
Haines E S, agt G E & I E E. 
Halferty Eobert, justice of the peace. 
Harter George A Kev, (Lutheran). 
Hartman & Son Drugs. 
Henry G S, furniture. 
Hess Adam, carpenter. 
Hooper .Johu S, live stock. 
Isbell John, blacksmith. 
Jackson Thomas, shoemaker. 
James Jonathan, hotel. 
King H L, cattle dealer. 
Lathrop Elias, blacksmith. 
L,ob<lell "L, A, Grocer. 
Maloney F C, ^jhysician. 
Moore & Amon, tinners. 
Pilgrim Daniel, wagonmaker. 
Eandall S K, general store and grain. 
Eessler Oliver, blacksmith. 
Eiese Michael, shoemaker. 
Schmidt John, harness. 
Schmink Garrett, saloon. 
Schutt L C, physician. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. Consignments 
solicited. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 



a9>2 Nortli reu^syt-vania Street, ... lN»lAP«Al»ot,lS, INr 





Shaeffer J D, flour mill. 

Slotter & Berger, saloon. 

Spencer E B, cattle dealer. 

Ste^wart Bros^ Grocers and Hard- 

Stewart S P Mrs, milliner. 

Stewart & Co, meat market. 

Vogeding August, agt U S Ex Company. 

Vogeding & Son, general store and grain. 

Wilkinson W C, R R and ex agt. 

Wood Wash L, justice of the peace. 

■Wood & Haines, Pump Manufac- 

Yeiser Bros, saw mill. 

A rO CA, On line of B S O & B Ry, 
in Marshall township, Lawrence county, 
is a village of 50 inhabitants located 5 
miles northwest of Bedford, the county 
seat, and banking town. Produce and tim- 
ber are shipped and a Baptist church sus- 
tained. O. W. Owens, postmaster. 
Bridewell Hayden, flour mill. 
Byers J W, blacksmith. 
Carter Bricen, blacksmith. 
Cobb M, live stock. 

Heaton J C, general store and R R agt, 
Moore J, carpenter. 
Owens Elisha & Son, carpenters. 
O'wenS O "Wj Postmaster. 
Owens Zibbie, hotel. 

A VON* Thirteen miles west of Indian- 
apolis, is a small hamlet located on the I. & 
St. L, R. R., in Washington township, Hen- 
dricks county, 7 miles east of Danville, the 
county seat and banking place. Population, 
50. Live stock, grain and logs are shipped. 
Am. Ex. W. U. Tel. Robert M. Bartley, 

Bartley Bobert M, General Store. 
■Guthrie George A, live stock. 
Mayhew J A, R R and ex agt. 
Middleton J L, shoemaker. 
Reagan J S, physician. 
Snyder R D, blacksmith. 

A YDEL O TT. Contains 50 inhabi- 
tants, and is located in Pine township, Ben- 
ton county, 10 miles east of Fowler, the 
county seat, banking town and place of 
shipment. Robert Timmons, postmaster. 
Campbell Moses, blacksmith. 
Xitunions Botoert, General Store. 

AZALIA. Settled in 1828, is a village 
containing 150 inhabitants, located in Sand 
Creek township, Bartholomew county, 10 
miles south of Columbus, the county seat 
and banking town. Jonesville, 4 miles 
southwest on the J., M. .& I. R. R. is the 
nearest rail approach. Grain and livestock 

are the exports. Joel Newsom, postmaster. 
Fardrea Benjamin, blacksmith. 
Hammond W, physician. 
Lewis M C, saw mill. 
McHenry R H, cattle dealer. 
^e-wsom Joel, General Store. 
Overman C H, wagonmaker. 

BADGER. Is a farmers' postoffice, 
established in 1881, and has a location in 
Prairie township. White county, 16 miles 
southwest of Monticello court house, 
Brookston, distant 6 miles on the L. N. A. 
& C. Ry., is the place of shipment. A. L. 
Brown, postmaster. 
Aidlatte Dr, physician. 
BrO'wn A t,", General Store. 

BAISBRIDGE, Is a prosperous 

village of 450 inhabitants, located on the 

L., N. A. & C. Ry., in Monroe townshid, 

Putnam county, 9 miles north of Greecastle, 

the county seat and banking town. The 

place contains Christian, Catholic, Metho- 
dist and Presbyterian churches, a graded 

school, 1 hotel, 1 planing mill, a saw mill, 

and 1 flour mill. Wheat, live stock and 

produce comprise its chief exports. Ex. 

Am., and L., N. A. & C. Mrs. Mary E. Dar- 

nall, postmaster. 

Adams R L Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Batman Wesley T, hardware. 

Black Harvey C, general store. 

Bridge James, live stock. 

Bugg Jesse L, meat market. 

Cawley John, saloon. 

Cline L C, physician. 

CofFman & Dunnington, druggists. 

Colliver Richard T, physician. 

Colliver Samuel, justice of the peace. 

Cross .Joseph B, physician. 

Cully John F, physician. 

Darnall Charles F, physician. 

Darnall Mary E Mrs, Postmaster. 

Dyer George W, agt L, N A & C Ex and Ry. 

Faught Benjamin F, tailor. 

Finley Amaziah, wagonmaker. 

Flint Sophia Miss, dressmaker. 

Ford Lou & Ellen, dressmakers. 

Ford & Huffman, meat market. 

Gordon John R, lawyer. 

Gordon & Ader, general store. 

Grimstead Beverly C, blacksmith. 

Housel George W, shoemaker. 

Hubbard & Fry, agricultural implements. 

Kelly & McClure, Shoemakers. 

Kennedy Robert, carpenter. 

Lane Oscar F Rev, (Christian). 

r,ient>erger L,ouis P, Metal and 
Wood Burial Cases and Caskets, Fur- 
niture, Looking Glasses, Picture Frames, 
etc. A fine Hearse, also Undertakers' 

THOS. H. CLAPP, Optician, 

Qj North Pennsylvania Street, 

5eTT-Denisou Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

I have for sale SPECTTACI^ES 

of all the best and late improved 
forms and material. 

II I "£ S ft The strongest in the world, has $138 for $100 of liability, therefore 

Home LiiB inSi iiO, '^^^^^'^"'^^^^^s'^A Appiyio 

E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't, CMcag-o, 111. 





Limbrock John G, stoves and tinware. 
Louis Leander L, harness and saddles. 
Low James A, drv goods. 
Loyd Charles WJilacksmith. 
McDaniel Carlton, agt Am Ex Company. 
McDaniel Julia D Mrs, millinery. 
McFadden William A, planing mill. 
Maloney Michael, carpenter. 
Iflead Bros, Lumber Manufacturers 

and Flour Mill. 
Merrick Lyman, propr National House. 
Merrick William, livery stable. 
Munganvan Martin, shoemaker. 
National Hotel, Lyman Merrick, propr. 
Peacock Thomas O, photographer. 
Priest Amelia Mrs, milliner. 
Eea Matthew, shoemaker, 
Ritter J N, grocer. 
Smith Georgia Miss, dressmaker. 
Smith Joseph E, blacksmith. 
Stone Samuel J, grocer. 
W^ampler George W, wagonmaker. 
Watson Eliza Mrs, dressmaker. 

portant rural postoffice in Adams township, 
Hamilton county, 11 miles northwest of 
Noblesville, the county seat, and 7 west of 
Cicero, on the I., P. & C. K'y, its shipping 
station. Mail received daily from Cicero. 
A. Baker, postmaster. 
Baker A, General Store. 

RA-LBECm This is a small hamlet 
located in Penn township, Jay county, 16 
miles northwest of Portland, the county 
seat, and 7 southeast of Montpelier, its ship- 
ping point, on the Ft. W., M. & C. R. R. 
Population, 28. Grain and live stock are 
marketed. B. L. Dewees, postmaster. 
Cash Hamilton, blacksmith. 
Dewees B L & Co, general store. 
Edmundson John, broom manufacturer. 
Griest William, justice of the peace. 
Harris B, constable and stock dealer. 
Paxson C C, stock dealer. 

BALLSTOWN. Sometimes called 
Steamboat Landing, is a village of 50 in- 
habitants, located in Laughrey township, 
Ripley county, 15 miles north of Versailles, 
the county seat. Batesvill3, 5 miles north 
on the C, I. St. L. & C. R. R., is the nearest 
rail approach. It supports Methodist and 
Baptist churches. F. Talkenberg, post- 

Bush A, V)lacksmith. 
Jernian I>r, liotel and physician. 
Krans John, machinist. 
Rickman H, wagonmaker. 
Short Wjh, saw mill. 
Talkentoerg F, General Store. 
Weser Cbristian, saw mill. 

BARBER'S MILLS. Onceknown 
as Rockford, is situated in Rock creek 
township. Wells county, 8 miles northwest 
of Bluihngton, the county seat, banking 
town, and place of shipment. Population, 
100. Lumber and produce are the chief 
exports. Morgan Ware, postmaster. 
Brown James H, drain tile manufactui'er. 
Davis M, saw mill. 
Dickey William, justice of the peace. 
Fair William, saw mill. 
Julius T, wagonmaker. 
Lucubaugh H F, general store. 
Minch George, shoemaker. 
Raub Dr, physician. 
Spaulding L A, physician. 
Stall David, blacksmith. 
'Ware Morgfan, General Store and 

Drain Tile Manufacturer. 
Wolf John, blacksmith. 

BARBERSVILLE. A village of 
50 population, located in Shelby township, 
Jefferson county, 15 miles northeast of 
Madison, the county seat, shipping point 
and banking town. Grain, live stock, hay 
and fruit are the shipments. W. H. H. 
Benefiel, postmaster. 
Benefiel W H H, General Store, 

Agricultural Implements and Fertilizers. 
Buchanan Joseph, carpenter and architect. 
Fox W H, wagonmaker. . 

Grimes Rev, (Baptist). 
Hall W R, broom manufacturer. 
Hunter James, physician. 
Jarvis L, stone mason. 
Johnson J, shingle manufacturer. 
Land D M, shoemaker. 
Lund J R, blacksmith. 
Monroe Rev, (Presbyterian). 
Paugll L,eoiiard, Meat Market. 
Shepherd Samuel, painter. 
Stewart Joseph, shingle manufacturer. 
Stevenson & McCarty, saw mill. 
Thornton James, shingle manufacturer. 
Warfield James, carpenter. 
Wetherford D, carpenter. 

BARGERSVILLE. Contains 275 

inhabitants, and is situated in Union town- 
ship, Johnson county, 6 miles northwest of 
Franklin, the county seat, banking town, 
and nearest rail approach. The village 
supports Christian and United Brethren 
churches. W. T. Littleton, postmaster. 
Barger G T, painter and carriage manu- 
Clark George, blacksmith. 
Covert & Jenkins, General Store. 
Echols James, painter. 
Farris J S, physician. 
Glasgo & Poor, general store. 
Humphreys .John R, carpenter. 

Bent Felloes 


and sold by O. S. G XX^I^S X XEZ, 

28 and 30 E. Georgia St., Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., page 6. 



S. E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, INDIANAPOLIS. IND. 





Johnson E B, produce. 
Ivittleton "W X, Books and Periodi- 
McDermott T, shoemaker. 
Powell H, cattle dealer. 
Rivers W T, justice of the peace. 
RobardsLandon, justice of the peace. 
Sedam & Bro, tile manufacturers. 
Williams W T, blacksmith. 

BARNARD. Once known as Fort 
Red, is situated in Jackson township, Put- 
nam county, on the I., D. & S. Ry., 20 miles 
north of Greencastle, the county seat and 
banking town. It contains 56 inhabitants, 
and exports live stock and grain. William 
Hovermale, postmaster. 
Biddle James T, hetel. 
Heady James H, physician. 
Hovermale William, Drugs and 

Rice A G, blacksmith. 
Wilson B F, general store. 

BARNES. Is the location of one 
family in Marion township, Jennings coun- 
ty, IS miles southwest of Vernon court 
house, and 8 west of Commisky, its ship- 
ping station on Louisville br. O. & M. Ry. 
John W. McGuire, postmaster and general 

BARREN. Or Fairdale, as the vil- 
lage is sometimes called, is located on L. 
E. & St. L. R. R., in Spencer township, 
Harrison county, 10 miles north of Cory- 
don court house, and 20 northwest of New 
Albany, the location of nearest bank. 
Daily stage to New Albany. A popula- 
tion of 200 supports 1 United Brethren 
church. William J. Arnold, postmaster. 
Arnold W J, Tax Collector. 
Dalton James, grocer and hotel. 
Durnell & Luke, blacksmiths. 
Heuser George, general store. 
Jones B C, constable. 
Little J, carpenter. 
Miles W J, blacksmith. 
Ott Felix, lawyer. 
Ramsey Samuel, lawyer. 
Regot D A, huckster. 
Sigler R R., Physician. 
Wetzel J, blacksmith. 
Wolfe Andy, shoemaker. 

BAR TLE. Is a post village of 78 
inhabitants, located in Polk township, 
Washington county, 12 miles southeast of 
Salem the county seat. Memphis, distant 6 
miles on the J. M. & I. R. R., is the usual 
place of shipment. Lumber, spokes, staves 
and fruit are the chief exports. D. Gray, 

Bagshaw Henry, harnessmaker. 
Casey William & Bro, spoke and saw mill. 
Davis • Marshall, blacksmith and wagon- 
Dawson Joseph, keg manufacturer. 
Gray D, General Store. 
Hosea Wilbur, cooper. 
Humphres Chauncey, blacksmith. 
Palmer Andrew, shingle and spoke mill. 
Richarde Julius, tanner. 
Taylor John, wagonmaker. 
Willie Col, stave and saw mill. 

BARTONIA. Settled in 1832, is a 
hamlet of 50 population, located in Wayne 
township, Randolph county, 8 miles south- 
east of Winchester court house, and same 
distance south of Union City, either of 
which are shipping points for the place. 
Daily stage to Richmond ; fare 50 cents — 
and Union City ; fare 25 cents. John H. 
Smith, postmaster. 
Adams C & Co, blacksmiths. 
Cammack J H, saw mill. 
Colhren Amos, blacksmith. 
Marquis W^illiam K, physician. 
Smitll Jolm H, General Store. 

BASCOM. Is a recently established 
postoffice, situated in Cass township, Ohio 
county, 9 miles west of Rising Sun, the 
county seat and banking town. Aurora, 
distant 17 miles, is the nearest rail ap- 
proach, but shipments can be made by boat 
to Rising Sun. Population 25. R. B. Bas- 
com, postmaster and general store. 

BA TEH AM. Is a a rural postoffice, 
located in Cass township, Sullivan county, 
8 miles east of Sullivan, the county seat 
and usual place of shipment. There are 
in the immediate neighborhood Christian, 
Presbyterian and Methodist churches. John 
Lammey, postmaster. 

BATES VILLE. Is an_ important 
manufacturing town oi 1,000 inhabitants, 
located in Laughrey township, Ripley 
county, on C, I., St. L. & C. R. R., 20 miles 
north of Versailles, the county seat, 49 
northwest of Cincinnati, and 62 southeast 
of Indianapolis. The village contains 3 
churches, good schools and three hotels. 
Its extensive manufacturing industries 
comprise 3 furniture factories, 2 saw mills, 
a large bracket factory, 1 flour mill, a 
stave and heading factory, a hosiery fac- 
tory, and 1 basket factory. The majority 
of the establishments rank among the 
first in the State, and produce first-class 
goods. Nearest bank at Greensburg, dis- 
tant 14 miles. It has daily stage commu- 
nication with Oldenburgh ; fare 50 cents. 

New York Life Ins. Go. 

fisg*The only Company that issues Tontiue Iih 
Testment Policies. Send for Circulars. 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, Indiauapolis. 

"DT3 VT^XT'C r^D A r^inriD C r Address p. K. BRVCB, 

1311 1 L'Jl O L/ri/\vXVJlriO 14 East Soutb Street, 
<3::^-ARE THE: BESX MADE.-^^:^ I Indianapolis, Ind. 





Furniture and brackets comprise the prin- 
cipal shipments. Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. 

John Lehmknehler, postmaster. 

American Furniture Company, furniture 

Batesville Carving: Company, 
W T Greeman, Prest; John A Richter, 
Treas; Herman Greeman, Sec; Bracket 
Manufacturers. (See adv.) 

Bertrams Benjamin, general store. 

Blank J jr & Co, Furniture Manu- 
facturers. (See adv.) 

Bohmer Frederick, blacksmith. 

Brockmann Ernst, shoemaker. 

Bunnemeier Clemens, merchant tailor. 

Coors Frank, general store. 

Drascher Frederick, basket manufacturer. 

Falzgrove John, meat market. 

Ferkinhoff John, shoemaker. 

Fischer ISIartin, saw mill and stave and 
heading manufacturer. 

Flick Casper, live stock. 

Gabler J Rev, (Methodist). 

Gaupel & Decker, stoves and tinware. 

Haas Herman, shoemaker. 

Hammerle John, hotel. 

Hillenbrand & Bro, general store. 

Johnson Charles,, Cigar Manufac- 
turer, Justice of the Peace and Ex. Agt. 

Kammacher Henry, wagonmaker. 

Koster Louisa Miss, milliner. 

Kouns AYilliam H, druggist. 

Kraus John, saloon. 

Kuester C E Rev, (Lutheran). 

Lambert Charles, carpenter. 

Lehmkuehler John, general store and post- 

Lindemayer Adam, tailor. 

Metternich John, hosiery manufacturer. 

Meyer William, grocer. 

Nickols .John, blacksmith. 

Nurre L Rev, (Catholic). 

Ohergffell Christian, Propr Sher- 
man House. 

St Clair John, insurance agt. 

Saurland William, saloon. 

Schafstall George, saloon. 

ftchrader Frederick, live stock. 

Schwier Christ, Flour and Saw 

Sherman House, Christian Oberg- 
fell, Propr. 

Stewart Charles W, barber. 

Thomas Joseph, general store and hotel. 

Timmermann Edward, agt C, I, St L & C 

Timmermann Ernst, physician. 

Timmermann J P, grocer. 

Turner f>lward, cigar manufacturer. 

Union Furniture Company, H 
Dallman, Prest; O E Wilson, Treas; A 
Wi.smann, Sec; Furniture Manufacturers. 
(See adv. ) 

Vanderheide John H, mineral water manu- 
W^eil Charles, harness. 

BA TTLE GR O UND. Is a pros- 
perous village of 800 inhabitants, located 
in Tippecanoe township and county on the 
L., N. A. & C. R'y, 7 miles north of Lafay- 
ette, the county seat and banking town. 
The village was once known as Harrison- 
ville, but was changed to Battle Ground in 
memory of the fierce battle fought here by 
Gen. W. H. Harrison against the In- 
dians under Tecumseh, November 9, 
1811. It is 72 miles northeast of Indian- 
apolis, and contains a Methodist church, 
the Battle Ground Collegiate Institute, 1 
flour mill and a hotel. Ex., Am. Tel., W. 
U. James P. Clute, postmaster. 
Abbott T D, blacksmith. 
Acheson John, cattle dealer. 
Archibald A, carpenter. 
Bacon W S, general store. 
Battle Ground Collegiate Institute. 
Clute James P, Grocer. 
Colburn E R, Avagonmaker. 
Conkliu A & Co, bent wood manufacturers. 
Downs A J, cattle dealer. 
Dunbar James, physician. 
Fox & Pattison, blacksmiths. 
Ilaig^h J J, General Store. 
Head T, hotel and insurance. 
Hughs S W, barber. 
Hull J HRev, (Methodist). 
Jewett H L, R R and ex agt. 
Johnson CM, shoemaker. 
Johnson J L, shoemaker. 
McMillen J R, blacksmith. 
Mote William, lawyer. 
Muter & Smith, meat market. 
Nebeker L Rev, (Methodist). 
Nethercutt I M, physician. 
Prestly N W, physician. 
Reddle H D, physician. 
Roberts W H & Son, carpenters. 
Rush M A, physician. 
Scott ^W S & J W, Flour Mill. 
Serrell W H Rev, (United Brethren). 
Smith E H, livery. 
Stambaugh George, plasterer. 
Timiuons C, loan agt. 
Timmons H H, notary public. 
Todd M J Mrs, hotel. 
Walters W J, druggist. 
Wolfer George, cattle dealer. 
Wood Moses, justice of the peace. 
Woodson E B Rev, (Methodist). 
Wright & Moore, saw mill. 

BEAN BLOSSOM, Once known 
as Georgetown, is located in Jackson town- 
ship, Brown county, 5 miles north of Nash- 
ville, the county seat. Morgantown, S 


1 lNuIUNO ' ?S-^^^«^^^^^^^ ^^"'^ ^^^^^*^' Indianapolis. 

of War Claims. Rejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence eolicited. 

W. T. GREEMAN, President. j. a. RICHTER, Treasurer. 

Batesville Carving Company 



Lijlit d hmii Wool Work. 

N. B. — This is one of the largest Bracket manufactories in the 
West, and their prices are as low as any house in the country. 


H. Dai-lmann, Pres't. O.^E. Wilson, Treas. A. Wismann, Sec'y. 


Manufacturers of all kinds of 



'Wholesale and Retail. 


.Ia(,'ol) Blank, Jr. John Blank. Joseph Blank. Joseph Spiegel 

Fine and Fashionable Furniture, 


Ask for Porter's Joliet Ale. h^^^^^^'^^^fi. 





miles north on the F. F. & M. R. R., is the 
place of shipment. Population, 100. Pro- 
duce, staves, hoop-poles and grain are the 
•chief exports. H. Waltman, postmaster. 
Arwine E S, physician. 
Arwine H, justice of the peace. 
€lark W D Rev, (Baptist). 
Deringer James W, carpenter. 
McDonald J T, shoemaker. 
Miller John, blacksmith. 
Farm a lee Bros, tanners. 
Prosser Williard, general store. 
Rollings Theodore, wagonmaker. 
Rund H, general store. 
Spencer & Ward, physicians. 
•Stuart & Moser, general store. 
"Waltman H, General Store. 
Waltman Thomas, flour mill. 
Waltman William M, carpenter and law- 
W^ard Thomas blacksmith. 

BEAU BRANCH, Or Freedom, 
as it is sometimes called, is a place with a 
population of 25, located in Pike township, 
Ohio county, 15 miles southwest of Rising 
Sun, the county seat, and 13 north of Ve- 
vay, on the Ohio river, the most available 
shipping point. Contains 2 churches — 
Baptist and United Brethren — and district 
school. Stage communication with Dills- 
boro. . Mail tri- weekly. H. Ford, post- 

Cabway David, carpenter. 
Dennis M M, milliner. 
Elder Annie L, dressmaker. 
Ford H, General Store. 
French J B, wagonmaker. 
Oibbs W J, blacksmith. 
Halbert William, physician. 
Longcamp J F, blacksmith. 
Pate I H, cattle dealer. 
Pate J H, cattle dealer. 
Turner I W, justice of the peace. 

_ BEA VEB CITY. Was the original 
■site of the county seat of Newton county. 
It is in Washington township, 10 miles 
north of Kentland, the county seat, and at 
present the most available shipping depot. 
This is merely a country office with no vil- 
lage population. John McCarthy, postmas- 

BEA VEB DAM, This is a hamlet 
of 50 inhabitants, located in Franklin 
.township, Kosciusko county, 15 miles south- 
west of Warsaw, the county seat, banking 
town and nearest rail approach. Tri- 
weekly stage to Warsaw ; fare 50 cents, J. 
B. Middleton, postmaster. 
Hagenbook N, hotel. 
Leininger J, hotel. 

^liddletoil J B, Postmaster. 
Petry David H, General Store. 
Petry Jacob, saw mill. 

postofhce located in Jackson township, 
Newton county, 18 miles north of Kentland, 
the county seat. St. Mary, 111., the bank- 
ing town and place of shipment, is distant 
17 miles on the C, I. St. L. & C. R. R. 
Population, 20. G. W. Clark, postmaster. 
Baldwin Harvey, watch and clock repairer. 
Clark G ^W, Blacksmith. 
Kennedy John «& Peter, grain and cattle 


BECK'S GROVE. Van Buren 
township. Brown county, contains 50 in- 
habitants, a Christian church, and district 
school. It is 14 miles southeast of Nash- 
ville court house, and 15 southwest of Co- 
lumbus, the nearest shipping point. Mail 
semi-weekly. J. B. Beck, postmaster. 
Beck jblin B, Grocer. 
Cain J, constable. 

Carmichael A S, justice of the peace. 
Carmichael David, live stock. 
Carmichael W J, lawyer. 
Moore H, blacksmith. 
Waggoner W S, dry goods. 
Wagner T M, physician. 

BECK'S MILLS. Was settled in 
1807. It is the location of 75 persons in 
Howard township, Washington county, 6 
miles southwest of Salem, the county seat, 
banking town, and nearest rail approach. 
The place has 2 flour mills, a saw mill, 
and 1 woolen factor}'. David Beck, post- 
Beck David, Flour Mill, saw mill, 

and Woolen Factory. 
Beck John A jr, county supt schools. 
Bradshaw E A, physician. 
Huff Harbin, carpenter. 
Kay James P, blacksmith. 
Rudder .James Rev, (Christian). 
Rudder James & Son, Flour and 

Saw Mill. 
Rudder William, township trustee. 
Wyman Samuel W, blacksmith. 

BEDFORD. With a population of 
2500, is the county seat of Lawrence county, 
located on the L., N. A. &C. Ry., at eastern 
terminus of the B. S. O. & B. Ry., 71 miles 
northwest of Louisville and 75 southwest of 
Indianapolis. This city has a bonded debt 
of $25,000, and is surrounded by almost in- 
exhaustible quarries of building stone that 
has no superior in the United States. Prom- 
inent among its commercial and manufac- 
turing industries are 5 hotels, 1 bank, a 


pertaining to these and like matters promptly and carefully 
ttended to by C. BRADFORD, Solicitor of Patents, 16 and 1.8 
bbard Block, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (.*e adv.) 

inn El nnnri II nr *^o«"«fte best and cheapest, Address 

InDN ROOFING Iw, G. HYNDMAN & CO., GiDcinnatl, OMo. 





fine opera lionse, a great number of sub- 
stantial comuicreial houses, 3 tiour mills, a 
carriage factory, planing mill, spoke fac- 
tory, brick yard, 1 woolen mill, a saw mill 
and several very large stone quarries. Its 
religious and educational facilities com- 
prise 5 churches — Methodist, Presbyterian, 
Christian, Baptist and Catholic — an ex- 
cellent graded school and a college. Bed- 
ford supports in all 6 newspapers, the Ban- 
ner, Journal, Magnet and Star are issued 
weekly, and the Christian Record and Com- 
mon School Teacher monthly. It has L., N. 
& C. and Adams Ex. and Tel. W. U. offices. 
Henry Davis, postmaster. 
Acoam John AV, saddle and harness. 
Acoam Laura J Miss, dressmaker. 
Adams George W, blacksmith. 
Aley Calvin R, saddles and harness. 
Allen "William, barber. 
Baker John L, grocer. 
Batte Bros, saddles and harness. 
Bedford Bank; capital, §100,000; W C 
"Wiustandley, prest ; T H Malott, cashier. 
Bedford Banner, weekly, Charles L Yockey, 

Bedford Hotel, Samuel Judah, propr. 
Bedford Journal, John Y Smith, publisher. 
Bedford Magnet (weekly), Harry S Os- 
borne, publisher. 
Bedford, Springfville, Owens- 
burg: and Blooiufield. R'y, 
John Thomas, Prest ; W C Winstundly, 
Vice Prest and Treas ; J W I^ennedv, 
Bedford Star (weekly), John Johnson, jr, 

Bedford Woolen Mills, Mitchell & Co, 

Blackburn Albert, justice of the peace. 
Brown Forest W, millinery. • 
Burcham House, Mrs Belle Burcham, propr. 
Carlton & Houston, druggists. 
Chamberlain John, lumber. 
Chicago and Bedford Stone Company, 
George Doyle, prest; S S Kimbell, sec 
and treas. 
Chrisler William B, publisher Common 

School Teacher. 
Christian Kecord (monthly), James M 

Mathes, publisher. 
Common School Teacher (monthly), Wil- 
liam Chrisler, pulilisher. 
Conklin llezekiah, sewing machines. 
Cosner J W & Co, general store. 
Crawford House, John C Crawford, i)ropr. 
Crooke Newton, lawyer. 
Daggy, Hodge & Wallhauser, carriage man- 
Daggy I^wis, brick manufacturer. 
Daggy Thomas O, flour mill. 
Davis Henry, postmaster. 
Dieiil Hr), Jacol) Diohl, propr. 

Dinkelspiel Bros, general store. 

Driscoll Willis E, dentist. 

Dunihue & Son, general store. 

Dunn & Dunn, Lawvers. 

Edgeworth Michael J, agt'L, N A & C Ry. 

Edmondson William, painter. 

Edwards Harbert H, flour and feed. 

Elliott George & Co, grocers. 

Ellis Augustin, jeweler. 

Fidler & Bro, blacksmiths. 

Fillion & Mishaw, stone contractors. 

Foote & Parker, general store. 

Fox William, dentist. 

Frank Josie Miss, milliner. 

Friedly & Pearson, lawyers. 

Gainey & Sons, general store. 

Garrison James, shoemaker. 

Gaussin Constant, saloon. 

Oeig^er Adam, Saloon and Wholesale 
Cigar Manufacturer. 

Gerber Louis, furniture. 

Giles & Co, grocers. 

Gowen George D, boots and shoes. 

Graff Otto, marble works. 

Green & Leach, meat market. 

Heitger Bros, stoves and tinware. 

Heitger George, shoemaker. 

Heitger Theodore, planing mill. 

Hinsdale Doyle Granite Company, stone 

Hinsdale N C & Co, stone quarry. 

Mobson & Co, Livery and Feed Sta- 
ble. (<See adv.) 

Houston Henry V, Livery and Feed 
and Sale Stable. {See adv.) 

Houston Maria L Mrs, milliner. 

Ir^win Cyrus C, Carpenter and Build- 

Jeter Horatio, hardware. 

Johnson Enos E, drugs and books. 

Johnson John, news stand. 

Johnson John jr, publisher Bedford Star. 

Johnson Joseph J, carpenter and builder. 

Judah Samuel, propr Bedford Hotel. 

Kennedy James 'W, Supt B S & 
B By depot. 

Kramer Charles, flour mill and justice. 

Laforce Howard C, physician. 

Laforce Juliette B Mrs, milliner. 

Lane W H & Co, grocers. 

McDaniel George W, meat market. 

McDaniel Joseph H, meat market. 

McMillion John H, saloon. 

McNaught Thomas A, dry goods. 

Malott John E, clothing. 

Malott & Murphy, mar1)le works. 

Martin & Luckett, lawyers. 

Mathes James M, publisher Christian Rec- 

Messick IMichael N, hardware. 

Miller John V R Rev, (Methodist). 

Mitchell .Jesse A, flour mill. 

Mitchell John W, druggist. 

James B. Lizius & Co. 



183^ Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, Ind. 

E. C.ATKINS & COA'''''^:^^L''"'^ 


i Work Warranted. 





Mitchell & Co, proprs Bedford Woolen 

Newland Benjamin, druggist and physician. 

Opera House, .John Johnson jr, manager. 

Osborne Harry S, publisher Bedford Mag- 

Otis Charles H, clock repairer. 

Owen George K, blacksmith. 

Owen K D & Co, grocers. 

Owens House, John Owens, propr. 

Palmer, Duuihue & Haase, clothing. 

Parks George, agt Adams Ex Company. 

Parks & Ferguson, furniture and under- 

Peak Wm, furniture. 

Putnam Gideon, lawyer. 

Eariden Samuel A, physician. 

Eeath Bros, barbers. 

Eeath Jacob, baker and confectioner. 

Reath John A, saloon. 

Renter Jacob, baker and confectioner. 

Richardson H B & Son, general store. 

Riley & Isenminger, lawyei's. 

Robison & Glover, hardware. 

Ross Thomas, restaurant. 

Smith John V, publisher Bedford Journal. 

Smith ^William, Marble Works and 
Stone Quarry. 

Stalker John M Rev, (Baptist). 

Stilsou Joseph, physician. 

Stoessel Bros, barbers. 

Thomas Eugene, photographer. 

Thornton Harry P, saloon. 

Thornton Thomas V, saw mill. 

Tilford & Miller, stoves and tinware. 

Unkel August, baker and confectioner. 

Von Behren & Co, spoke manufacturers. 

Voris, Morton & Co, stone quarry. 

Voss John C, jeweler. 

"Walls & Walls, Insurance and Loan 
Agts. District agts for s. w. quarter 
of Indiana for Phenix Fire Insurance 
Company of Brooklyn. Agts wanted 
for the farm department. 

Webb & Ferguson, general store. 

Wiegman Henry, shoemaker. 

Willard James H, lawyer. 

Williams Nathaniel, grocer. 

Yerger Julia Mrs, dressmaker. 

Yockey Charles L, publisher Bedford Ban- 

Younger John, justice of the peace. 

Younger Nannie C Miss, millinery. 

Zahn John & Son, dry goods. 

BEECAMP. Known locally as Pleas- 
ant Ridge, contains a population of 100, in 
Madison township, Jefferson county, 5 miles 
from Madison, the county seat, banking 
town and place of shipment. Grain, pota- 
toes and fruit are the exports. Valentine 
Reul, postmaster. 
Anger Louis, wagonmaker. 
Brandon E W, carpenter. 
Imel Robert Rev, (Baptist). 
Lock Nicholis Rev, (United Brethern). 


m m SUE, 


Mitchell's Old Stand, - - BEDFORD, IND. 

Particular attention paid to the wants of traveling men. 
Stock boarded by the day or meal. 

Fine horses, with new buggies and carriages, for hire at all times. Terms reasonable. 

noBson^ dz. CO., 
Livery, Feed and Sale Stable, 

BE:DF0RD, INI3. / 

Stable just in rear of west side of Public Square. Stock left in their care will be well 
attended to, at the lowest prices. 

Particular Attention paid to Drovers and Commercial Travelers. 

CANNED GOODS AND OYSTERSJ union oyster co., 

I 40 North Illinois Street, ISDIASAPOLIS, I>D. 






Lvon James, carpenter. 

Reul "Valentine, General Store. 

Wolf Frank G, blacksmith. 

AVolf Peter, blacksmith. 

BEECH GROVE, Marion coun- 
ty. {See Ingalhton.) 

BEECHfFOOJ). Is a conntrv post- 
office located iu Crawford county, 5 miles 
west of Leavenworth, the county seat and 
place of shipment. Xo village population. 

BEECHY MIBE. _ This office Avas 
established for the convenience of an intel- 
ligent farming community, and is located 
in Harrison township. Union county, 8 
miles northeast of Liberty court house, 
and 10 south of Richmond, the banking 
town and usual place of shipment. Daily 
stage toEichmond. Fred. Gregerson, post- 

Brower Daniel Rev, (Dunkard). 
Fitsimons .James, saw mill and lumber. 
Gregerson Frederick., Black- 
smith and Wagonmaker. 
Gregerson Tracy Mrs, general store. 
Hart James, live stock. 
Hart John, live stock. 
Hart Will C» Breeder of Blooded 

Horses, and Justice. 
Moss Daniel, live stock. 
Eailsback S H & Co, live stock. 
Toney Carey Rev, (Baptist). 

BEES ON. Is a recently established 
country postoffice, located on Ft. C. & L. 
and W. W. R. R's, in Washington town- 
ship, Wayne county, 19 miles southwest of 
Richmond court house. Hogs, corn and 
wheat comprise its exports. F. R. Beeson, 
postmaster, R. R. agt, and dealer in agri- 
cultural implements. 

BELDEN. Inhabited by 50 persons 
in La Gro township, Wabash county, is a 
station on the W., St. L. & P. Ry., 10"^miles of Wabash, the county seat and 
location of nearest bank. Antioch distant 
2 miles, furni.shes it with telegraph and 
express facilitie.s. Spokes and grain are 
the chief exports. G. H. Lynn, post- 

Fisher Adam, saw mill. 
King Philip, blacksmith. 
Lynn G H, R R agt. 
Lynn Matthew, flour mill. 
L,ynn & Morrison, General Store 

and Timber. 


(•See Hedf/r.) 

BELLE UNION. Is the location 
of 48 persons, in Jefferson township, Put- 
nam county. Greencastle, the county seat, 
shipping depot and banking town, is 12 
miles northwest. A Baptist church is sup- 
ported. A. J. Hill, postmaster. 
Brown W B, general store. 
Cohn M & Son, General Store. 
Cox & Dunivan, druggists. 
Dunkins J II, wagonmaker. 
Fisher B T, physician. 
Hawkins E, physician. 
Holingsworth J W, flour mill. 
]\IcAninch S W, justice of the peace. 
McCormack S W, justice of the peace. 
Macy D W, blacksmith. 
Scott & McCormack, General 

AVallace Lemuel, druggist. 

BELLEVILLE, A small hainlet 
located in Liberty township, Hendricks 
county, 7 miles southeast of Danville, the 
county seat and banking town, and 2 south- 
east of Clavton, its shipping station, on the 
St. L., Y., t. H. & I. R. R. Population, 50. 
Daily stage to Cartersburgh. William J. 
Cope, postmaster. 
Callahan Cyrus, wagonmaker. 
Cantley C G, blacksmith. 
Cope "William C, General Store. 
Cox William J, carpenter. 
Hamrick Benjamin F, live stock. 
Hamrick Thomas E, live stock. 
Kebner Moses A, carpenter. 
Mays S R, live stocjc. 
Moore R C, physician. 
Strong A M, physician. 
Swindler H T, flour and saw mill. 
Swindler William C, washing machines. 
White Thomas F, grocer. 

BELLMOBE, Union township, 
Parke county, with 300 inhabitants, is a 
post village, located 6 miles east of Eock- 
ville court house, the nearest rail approach 
and bank location. One Methodist church is 
sustained. Tri-weekly stage to Rockville 
and Hollandsburgh. R. L. Smith, post- 

Carrnichael William, nursery. 
Chapen Rozell, hotel and cooper. 
Connelly Harrison, lawyer. 
Goss M, physician. 
Jerome Willard, carpenter. 
Jerome Willard M, wagonmaker. 
McGilvery John J, flour mill. 
Martin D, physician. 
Mater J M, general store. 
Mater T W, harnessmaker. 
Reid Bros, wagon and plow manufacturers. 
Riner J H, blacksmith. 
Sharp Samuel carriage painter. 

L, Everingham & Co., 

125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. © 

onrTTTi/ri^o blown out and 

olUiVLrb Torn to Pieces 

by Hercales Pow^der, 

C. H. JElSBfE, Agent, 

29}^ N. Fennsylrania St,, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Sxilitll R. ly, Insurance Agt. 

Smith W A & Son, blacksmiths. 

Spencer & Caffrey, general store. 

Swains W P, livery and live stock. 

Thomas Sanford, agricultural implements. 

Thompson W L, broom manufactvirer and 

Turner John M, undertaker. 

Wilkinson & Laning, brick and tile manu- 

Wright & Stout, general store. 

BEN DA VIS, Six miles west of In- 
dianapolis, on the St. L., V., T. II. & I. K. 
R., is a village of 100 population, located 
in Wayne township, Marion county. It 
has Methodist church, graded school. 
Am. Ex., and W. U. Tel. John Pierson, 

Bailey William A, justice of the peace. 
Dunn A, carpenter. 

Foltz Jesse, wagonmaker and carpenter. 
Grant James, blacksmith. 
Lumbard S D, shoemaker. 
Martin John, Brick Manufacturer. 
Mickley Jacob, grocer and shoemaker. 
Minneimyer C H, saw mill. 
Pierson Frank, General Store and 

R R Agt. 
Pierson Jobn, Cooper. 
Poland G, constable- 
Poland N, general store and meat market. 
Porter C N, physician. 
Pratt P, blacksmith. 
Reagan S & J, stock dealers. 
Rybolt W L & M, dairy. 
Sawyer & Rubey, artists. 

BENGA.L. Is a recently established 
rural postoffice, located in Hendricks town- 
ship Shelby county, 9 miles southwest of 
Shelby ville, the county seat; Franklin, 8 
miles west, on J., M. & I. and F., F. & M. 
R. Rs. , is the banking town, and nearest 
rail approach. J. H. Pottengar, postmaster. 

called Lincolnville, is a post village of 100 
inhabitants, located in Brown township, 
Ripley county, 7 miles south of Versailles, 
the county seat. Osgood, 12 miles north, 
on the O. & M. R. R., is the nearest rail 
approach. Miss Flora A. King, postmaster, 

Basset Thomas, blacksmith. 
Benham John, Shingle manufacturer. 
Benham L, shoemaker. 
Benham R, blacksmith. 
Bird J R, shoemaker. 
Creath R M, blacksmith. 
Hyatt John W, flour mill. 
King Emma Miss, artist. 
King: Flora AMisS) Music Teacher. 

McCullum D, general store. 
O'Neal B, Avagonmaker. 

on the W., St. L & P. Ry., in Deer Creek 
township, Miami county, has 100 inhabi- 
tants. Peru, the county seat, is 14 miles 
north, and Kokomo, the banking town, 10 
miles south. Tri-weekly stage route to 
Wawpecong; fare 40 cents. Ex. U. F^^S. 
Tel. W. U. J. Shaffer, postmaster. 
Coucher & Fletcher, grain dealers. 
McConnell J H, justice of the peace. 
Proctor R G, physician. 
Ross R H, physician and di uggist. 
Shaffer J A, General Store. 
Sivartsee & Green, tile manufacturers. 
Wilson J A, agt W St L & P Ry. 

BENNE T TS VILL E. A sm all set- 
tlement located in Carr township, Clark 
county, on the L., N. A. & C. Ry., 15 miles 
north of Jeffersonville, the county seat and 
banking town. Population, 38. Mrs. Au- 
gustus Kramer, postmaster. 
Bir'Cliarles, General Store. 

BENNIN GTON. Contains 100 in- 
habitants, in Pleasant township, Switzer- 
land county, 10 miles northwest of Vevay, 
the county seat, shipping depot and loca- 
tion of nearest bank. The village supports 
Methodist and United Brethren churches 
and one flour mill. J. P. Marsh, post- 

Belden J .1, flour mill. 
Holland P C, physician. 
McGregor J B, general store. 
Marsh H H, constable. 
Marsll J P, General Store. 
Neal John, wagonmaker. 
Neal John C L, justice of the peace. 
Newkirk C M, blacksmith. 
Shoddy A, blacksmith. 
Smith J V W, tinner. 
Voris N, wagonmaker. 
'Wainscott Millard F, General 


BENTON. Is located on the Elkhart 
river, in township of the same name, Elk- 
hart county, 7 miles southeast of Goshen, 
the county seat, banking town and usual 
place of shipment. Methodist and Luther- 
an churches are sustained. Population, 

Alwine Henry, general store. 
Baker E W, physician. 
Banla Alonzo W, General Store. 
Chatten Robert, shoemaker. 
Dennis & Bryant, flour mill. 
Hildebush Henry, Avagonmaker. 
Prickett Bros, saw mill. 

TWOQ "W C*T S 1313 OPTICIAN AND WATCHMAKER, 93 North Peunsjlvania Street, 
'■'^^^(S* **• \^i.dr%.X-r'f New-Denison Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

1 make a specialty of WATCHES AND OPTICAL GOODS, aud liave a full line. Having over thirty 
years experience, can assure satisfactory results in adjustment and repairs. 

Home Life tns. Co. 

Has paid large diTidends. lias the largest surplus fot 

dividends in future. Best Co. for Agents. 

J? IT KT:rTMaa. s^v't chUsoffo m. 





Scott <& Anderson, flour mill. 
Young c*i: Longacre, blacksmiths. 

BENTONVILLE. Has a popula- 
tion of 200, in Posey township, Fayette 
county, on the Eushville Div. J., M. & I. 
E. E., 10 miles northwest of Connersville, 
the county seat and location of nearsst 
bank. The village supports Christian and 
Methodist churches. O. H. Swift, post- 

Crawford James M, E E agt and justice. 
Crawford J M & Bro, Saw Mill 

and Grain. 
Derbyshire E, physician. 
Frazier Samuel, live stock. 
Gingrich F, wagonmaker. 
Hathaway Ira, general store. 
Hauhn H E, constable. 
Spencer S, carpenter. 
Swift O H, General Store. 
Thompson Charles & Son, grocers. 
Thompson & Son blacksmiths. 
Tyuer John H, township trustee. 

BENVILLE, Is in Bigger town- 
ship, Jennings county, 10 miles east of Ver- 
non, the county seat. Butlerville, the ship- 
ping depot, is 7 miles west, on Madison Br. 
J., M. & I. E. E. Population, 40. J. F. 
Hayden, postmaster. 
Graham James, saw mill. 
Haines J A, live stock. 
Hayden J W, General Store and Jus- 
Hoole J II, carpenter. 
Hughes H, live stock. 
Mayer J G, wagonmaker. 
Neill W A, live stock. 
Perkins John H, undertaker. 
Eansdell Eobert, constable. 
Seamon Edmund, blacksmith. 
Stout TT G, Saw Mill. 


office discontinued. 

Clav countv. Post- 

BEJtNE, Stands on line between 
Monroe and Wabash townships, Adams 
county, ]2 miles south of Decatur, the 
county seat and banking town. Berne is a 
station on the G. K. & I. E. E., and con- 
tains oOO inhabitants, Mennonite church, 1 
saw mill, and a flour mill. E.x., U. S. and 
Adams. Andrew Gottschalk, i)ostma.ster. 
Aeschleman P>ugene, meat market. 
Allen David E, saddler. 
Allison E B, general store. 
Bogli S, saw mill. 
Brown Jacob, Idacksmith. 
Gehrig U, furniture. 
Gobat A L, saloon. 
Hacher Alje, blacksmith. 

Haruft' Harvey, wagonmaker. 

Hirschy J J, lumber. 

Hirschy J J & Co, grain. 

Hofer Adolph, saloon. 

HufTman & Oottsctialk, Drugs. 

Marker Albert, shoemaker. 

Neuenschwander & Beer, hardware. 

Springfer J A & Co, General Store. 

Springer & Bro, flour mill. 

Wagner John, shoemaker. 

Wilson Charles, saloon. 

BETHEL. Population, 200. This is 
a prosperous village, located in Franklin 
township, Wayne county, 12 miles north- 
east of Eichmond, the county seat, place of 
shipment and banking town. East fork of 
White Water river furnishes power to op- 
erate 1 saw mill. Grain and flax seed are 
the exports. Daily stage to Eichmond ; 
fare, 75 cents. jSTathan Harlan, postmaster. 
Anderson F S & I^ F, Saw Mill. 
Anderson James H, hotel. 
Beam Joseph, constable. 
Colby A H, blacksmith. 
Harlan Xathan, General Store. 
Harrison & AViley, tile manufacturers. 
Hyde Henry L, justice of the peace. 
Tillsou Hosea C, druggist and shoemaker. 
Vanuoys A L, lumber. 
Vannoys H, undertaker. 

BETHLEHEM, Is a landing on 
the Ohio river, located in township of same 
name, county of Clark, 30 miles above 
Jeftersonville court house and 15 below 
Madison, the location of nearest bank. 
Population, 150. It has Methodist and 
Presbyterian churches, and ships wheat, 
corn and hay. J. M. Stewart, postmaster. 
Allen Daniel, carpenter. 
Benjamin Jacob Eev, (Methodist), 
Borschneck Louis, shoemaker. 
Borschneck L Mrs, milliner. 
Boyer Jacob, live stock. 
Duerson T, physician. 
Dye D T, general store. 
Jackson J W, blacksmith. 
Nash E N, general store. 
Patterson J W, justice of the peace. 
Stewart J M, General Store. 
Ternett E S, grocer. 
Tucker Frank, constable. 

BETHLEHEM, Hamilton county. 

[See Carmel.) 

BICKNELL. A thrifty village of 
400 inhabitants, located in Vigo township, 
Knox county, on the I. & V. Ey., 15 miles 
northeast of Vincennes, the county seat and 
banking town. Methodist, Christian and 
Baptist churches are sustained. Grain is 

Q O dX/TiETTE r Manufacturer of Wagon and Carriage Material. 
Nos.2^'an< East Georgia Street, '] Spokes, Hubs, Loug and Short Carriage and 

I?«DIAP(APOL,I8, - - IND. I C:XPRE:S9 BOWS. See adv. , page 6. 


Binding and Blank Book Making, 


Southeast Corner Circle aud Meridiau Streets, - INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





the chief export. Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. 

Oeorge W. Fuller, postmaster. 

Alton D E, lawyer. 

Bunting A Mrs, milliner. 

Bunting Samuel, druggist. 

Bunting William, constable. 

Davis W G, saloon. 

Freeman Edward, confectioner. 

Freeman Job, coal mines. 

Fuller George "W, General Store, 

Grain and Livery. 
Hilburn E D, justice of the peace. 
Hilburn & Kieth, milliners. 
Hooper H, barber. 
Kixmiller E & Bro, boots and shoes. 
Kixmiller H, blacksmith. 
Palil J, general store. t 

Reel E, physician. 
Staley L B, physician. 
Stewart C T, R R and ex agt. 
Toups Frank, hotel. 
Trueblood J W, physician. 
^rueblood & McLiii, Druggists. 
Wells (k Winters, flour mill. 

BIGFOOT. A farmer's postofRce, lo- 
cated in Fulton county, 9 miles from Roch- 
•ester, the county seat, banking town and 
place of shipment. Grain, live stock and 
lumber are the exjjprts. James H. Kizer, 

Jefferies & Busenburg, general store. 
Kizer James li, Physician. 

BIG INDIA iV. With 75 inhabitants, 
is a hamlet located in Harrison township, 
Cass county, 12 miles north of Logansport, 
the county seat, banking town and most 
available shipping depot. Big Indian 
Creek furnishes power to drive 1 saw mill. 
Semi-weekly stage to Royal Centre. George 
Herd, postmaster. 
Eglin John, cattle dealer. 
Herd Georgfe, General Store. 
Long John, carpenter. 
Long Newton, cooper. 
Long J N, carpenter. 
Long J N & William, saw mill. 
Zartman D K, physician. 

BIGBEST. Decatur county. {See 

B ILLINGSJILLE. Six miles west 
•of College Corners, its shipping depot, on 
the C, H. & I. Ry , is a village of 125 in- 
habitants. It is located in Union town- 
ship and county, 7 miles south of Liberty, 
the county seat and location of nearest 
bank. James W. Coombs, postmaster. 
Brown J N, carpenter. 
Ballard Ezra, broom manufacturer. 
Burnett O A, shoemaker. 

Clark I M, saw mill. 

Coe William, carpenter. 

Colyer G, blacksmith. 

Coombs David, saddler. 

Coombs & Freeman, General 

Dare & Colyer, blacksmiths. 
Fry J K, justice of the peace. i 

Hannah John, stone mason. 
Hannah Thomas, carpenter. 
Hayward A & B, cattle dealers. 
Masters J M, physician. 
Squires E A, physician. 
Stech Jacob, wagonmaker and grocer. 

BINGEN. A station and postoffice 
on the G., R. &. I. R. R., frequently called 
Williams, located in Root township, Ad- 
ams county, 7 miles north of Decatur, the 
county seat and location of nearst bank. 
The village contains 75 inhabitants, and ex- 
ports grain and hogs. William Scheimann, 
jr., postmaster. 

Hoene & Bulmaker, tile and brick manu- 
Kaiser Frederick, carpenter. 
Mej'ers Frederick, saw mill. 
Zwick Henry, R R agt. 
Zwick it W, General Store. 

BINFOBD. Montgomery county. . 

{See Garfield.) 

Biy WO OD. Established in 1881, is 
the location of 1 family in Centre town- 
ship, Hancock county, 5 miles from Green- 
field, the county seat and place of ship- 
ment. George tague, postmaster and gro- 


BIBDSEyE, A settlement consist- 
ing of 100 persons, located in Jefferson 
township, Dubois county, on L., E. & St. 
L. R. R., 15 miles southeast of Jasper court 
house. Produce, st.ives and lumber are 
shipped. E. H. Baxter, postmaster. 
Baxter & Bradley, General Store. 
Butler W C, physician. 
Friedman J & Co, general store. 
Gobble Dr. physician. 
Inman E, hotel. 
Jacobs J W, blacksmith. 
Koerner & Bro, staves and lumber. 
McGregor & Hubbert, stave manufacturers. 
Peicue T, wagonmaker. 
Pollard J, carpenter. 
Sanders J M, drugs. 

BIRMINGHAM. _ Allen township, 
Miami county, with 75 inhabitants, is a 
hamlet and station on I., P.& C. Br. W., St. 
L. & R. R. R., located 13 miles_ north of 
Peru, the county seat and banking town. 

New York Life Ins. Go. 

Was the first to issue Non-Forfeitable Policies. 
No suicidal clause or objectionable restrictions 

J. W. Deau, Geu'l Ag't, isdianIpoliI: 

For Mills, Foundries, and all kinds of Machinery, 


Nos, 14 and 16 East South Street, 






AVheat aud hogs are the shipments. Ex., 

X'. S. Isaac Caulk, postmaster. 

Caulk Isaac, R R and Ex Agt and 

Grain 1 Valor. 
Caulk I & Co, General Store. 
Caulk tt Jones, flour mill. 

BLAIR, Locally known as St. Joe, is 
situated in Concord township, DeKalb 
county, on the B. & O. E. R. and St. Joe 
river, 10 miles southeast of Auburn, the 
county seat and locatio^i of nearest bank. 
The river is not utilized at this point for 
water power. Blair contains 125 inhabit- 
ants, Evangelical and Lutheran churches. 
Grain, lumber, and live stock are exported. 
Daily stage to Fort Wayne and Butler. 
Ex., B. & O. M. X. Bishop, postmaster. 
Barley C, meat market. 
Barney S & T, general store. 
Bleeks, TuUy & Co, saw mill. 
Bowls William, wagonmaker. 
Case & Olds, General Store. 
Chaney & Leighty, meat market. 
Elston Archibald, barber. 
Fales t*c Youngling, bakers and grocers. 
Johnson Dr, jihysician. 
Kinsey & Smith, furniture. 
Lachapelle A, blacksmith. 
Leighty Wm, hotel and livery. 
Weighty & Bishop, General Store. 
Meek Harry, cooper. 
Mitchell I)r((S, drugs. 
Mitchell W K, physician. 
Shell A, saloon. 
VoUmer W, furniture, 
Washier C, saloon. 
White Edward, livery. 
Wineland S, handle manufacturer. 
Zern A, .shoemaker. 

BLAIRSVILLE, Contains 134 in- 
habitants, in Robinson township, Posey 
county, and is situated 16 miles northeast 
of Mt. Vernon, the county seat, and 14 
northwest of Evansviile, the location of 
nearest bank, and most available shipping 
depot. Tri-weekly stage to Evansviile. T. 
W. Kreipke, postmaster. 
Bannigartcn .Jacob, saloon. 
BitZ L, B, physician. 
Cole W T, jibysician. 
Emrich William, cooper. 
Falter Edward, carj)enter. 
Fox V, saloon. 
Fox Josejih, blacksmith. 
Geiss Christ, sliocmaker. 
(iraiil J, carfXinter. 
Hihlingcr (Jasper, cooper. 
Kreipke T "W, I'.ook and News Agent. 
Krei{)kc \Villiam. sah)on. 
Mayer ii, meat market. 
Pitzer G, plasterer. 

Rothline D, carpenter. 
Salwachter M S, blacksmith. 
Staiger George, shoemaker. 
Weyer Henry, wagonmaker. 
"Winterlieituer & Daninij Flour 

BLOOMFIELD. AVas laid out in 
February, 1824. It is the county seat of 
Greene county, contains 1,000 inhabitants, 
and is located on White river, Richland 
creek and B., S., O. & B. Ry., 75 miles south- 
west of Indianapolis. The town contains 
4 churches — Baptist, Methodist, Christian 
and Presbyterian — a graded school of 6 
departments, 1 bank, 3 hotels, 1 flour mill, 
2 planing mills, and 2 saw mills. It has 
good county buildings; is in a good finan- 
cial condition, and supports two weekly- 
newspapers— i)ejnoera< and Neivs. The sur- 
rounding countr}'^ is underlaid with a good 
quality of coal, and iron ore is found itt 
small quantities near the village. Grain, 
coal, live stock and lumber are the princi- 
pal shipments. Ex., Adams. Robert E- 
Eveleigh, postmaster. 
Adams Buck, saloon. 
Adams Eli W, harness. 
Alexander & Letsinger, lawyers. 
Axe William, coroner. ^ 
Axtell Samuel W, lawyer. 
Axtell & Neal lawyers. 
Baxter James R, lawyer. 
Beard George W, editor News. 
Beaty Marshall, physician. 
Beem Richard E, saloon. 
Bloomfield Bank ; capital, $50,000 ; M H 

Shryer, prest; O W Shryer, cashr. 
Bloomfielcl Democrat, William M Moss^ 

Bloomfield News, G W Beard, editor. 
Blount House, R A Blount, propr. 
Burbank John O, real estate and insurance. 
Callender Henry C, flour mill. 
Cavins William L, lawyer. 
Gavins & Cavins, lawyers. 
Cravens Bros, drugs. 
Cravens & Rankin, physicians. 
Darnell Henry, photographer. 
Dugger, Huffman & Co, grain elevator. 
Dugger & Neal, coal miners. 
Eagleson Halson V, barber. 
East & Osborn, lawyers. 
P^dwards Sylvester, confectionery. 
Eveleigh Robert E, postmaster and drug- 
. • gist. 

Exchange Hotel, George Hartzell, propr. 
Fuller Allen, planing mill. 
Gainey William W, general store. 
Gallcmore William F, lawyer. 
Hardy .John J, propr National House. 
Harrel John L, county auditor. 
Harris & Hardy, livery. 



nsio.isan<ianothcrkiiHT8}48 Vancc Block, Iiidiaiiapolis, 

of i 

of War ClainiH. 

Rejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 

Porter's Joliet Bottled Ale and Porter 

is equal to imported. T. D, 
STUVER, Sole Agt. See 
advertisement page 351. 





Hartzell George sr. propr Exchange Hotel. 

Hartzell George R, livery. 

Hatfield Daniel B, township trustee. 

Hatfield & Lehman, general store. 

Hogle George T, harness and shoemaker. 

Hubble Foster, restaurant. 

Hubble Ruth Miss, dressmaker. 

Huff" Thompson D, general store. 

Jones Louis H, general store. 

Jones Wm G, general store. 

Kidd John W, blacksmith. 

Knapp Calvin, cabinet maker. 

Knauer Henry, barber. 

Lanier George W, saloon. 

Lehman Simon, justice and furniture. 

McKee AVilliam, lawyer. 

Marshall Leon P Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Moss Wm M, editor Democrat. 

Murray Timothy C, shoemaker. 

National House, John J Hardy, propr. 

Neal Henry T, county treasurer. 

Nesom Thomas, grocer. 

Nickerson Hoyt H, blacksmith. 

Norvell Horace V, physician. 

Oliphant & Walker, meat market. 

Osborn George W, justice and lawyer. 

Parker F M, county surveyor. 

Pale John A, county recorder. 

Ramp Isaac L, wagonmaker. 

Reignbolt August, blacksmith. 

Riggs Bros, grocers. 

Rose & Short, lawyers. « 

Ryan Thomas M, furniture and undertaker. 

Seely Elizabeth, dressmaker. 

Sexson Joseph J, sheriff. 

Shaw & Bays, lawyers and abstracts of title. 

Sherman William, tailor. 

Slinkard H S, drugs and groceries. 

Slinkard John F, clerk circuit court. 

Stalcup Ella, millinerv. 

Stalcup Lovel H, generaf store. 

Stalcup Stephen, drugs and jewelry, 

Stropes Edward R, general store. 

Tate Louis C, marble works. 

Taylor Robert R, lawyer. 

Templeton William W, saw mill. 

Thomasson John W, drugs. 

VanSlyke Stephen, saloon. 

Warnick Thomas H, confectionery. 

White John W, restaurant. 

Whittaker Andrew J, R R and Ex agt. 

Whittaker David S, abstracts of title. 

'^Villiams X R. & Son, Saw and 

Planing Mill, Lumber Manufacturers and 
Carpenters and Builders. 


[See Grass.) 

Spencer county. 

some and pleasantly located village of 550 
inhabitants, in Penn townshijj, Parke coun- 
ty, on the St. Louis Div. I., B. & W. Ry., 5 
miles north of Rockville, the county seat 
and banking town. The place contains 1 
flour mill, 1 saw mill, brick and tile 
yards. Friends church, district school, 1 
hotel, and the Bloomingdale Academy. In 
the vicinity there is a large supply of 
superior potters and fire proof clay. Daily 
stage route to Rockville. Ex., Am. Tel., 
W. U. W. M. McCoy, pastmaster. 
Bloomingdale Academy, controlled by the 

Friends' Church. 
Brown Jesse, barber. 
Cadwallader Maria Mrs, millinery. 
Carter Daniel G, general store. 
Coate James M, shoemaker. 
Coleman & Murray, blacksmiths. 
Dare and Mendenhall, ph^^sicians. 
Darnell & Fyfte, hai-dware. 
Davenport & Phipps, brick manufacturers. 
Fisher Charles A, physician. 
Fulwider James H, blacksmith. 
Gilkey Hotel, Joseph A Gil key, propr. 
Haworth Bros, stone tile manufacturers. 
Hixson Robert O, R R and ex agt. 
Hobbs Barnabas C Rev, (Friends). 
Huff" Crass K, live stock. 
Kuhn M Viola, milliner. 
Little & Hadley, dry goods, etc. 
McCoy Willis M, postmaster and station- 
ery. • 
Mahuren James, pump manufacturer. 
Moore & Piier, druggists. 
Morrison E & Co, grain, implements and 

Mote & Dare, shoemakers. 
Murry J H & Co, lumlier manufacturers. 
Newlin & Parker, carpenters. 
Outland Cornelius, live stock. 
Parker Almot F, harnessmaker. 
Phipps James, meat market. 
Pike Samnel A, meat market. 

nx. A.. MtrooiiTC, 


Good Horses. No. i Rigrs. 

Special attention paid to the wants of traveling men. 
Reasonable rates. 


and Notary Public. Office, Rooms l6 and l8 Hubbard 
f Block, Indianapolis, Ind. (See adv ) 

||«f«B| nflfin&lfir t^'or tjorrngratea ana crimpea, A.aares8 

IRON ROOFING Iw. G, HYNDMAN & go., Gmcinnati, Obio. 





Reynolds 9Iallloil, Druggist and 

Eeynolds & Stanton, flour mill. 
Eifner Martha C, grocer. 
Siler Ehvood C Eev, (Friends). 
Slatrv James C, general store. 
Stanley Ella Miss, dressmaker. 
Tomlinson Andrew D, physician. 
Yickery Elkana S, justice. 
"Wooilard John E, live stock. 
"Woody John M, carpenter. 
Woody M A, Livery Stable. (See Adv.) 
W©ody Thomas B, grocer. 

BL O 03IIXG GM O VE. Is a thrif- 
ty village of 150 inhabitants, located in 
township of same name, county of Frank- 
lin, 7 miles northwest of Brookville, the 
county seat, banking town and shipping 
point. Has tri-v.-eekly stage communica- 
tion with Brookville; fare, 25 cents. T. E. 
Powers, postmaster. 
Cooper William, live stock. 
Genu Thomas, machinist. 
Genn & Fearis, saw and planing mill. 
Genn & Kingery, Saw Mill. 
Hays Lfiu, constaljle. 
Lynn W H, carpenter. 
Metzger Jacob, blacksmith. 
Parrott Willis, Tile Manufacturer. 
Pettijohn Mattie E Miss, dressmaker. 
Powers X E, General Store. 
Remy W H, physician. 
Roberts George E, blacksmith and machin- 
Starr P J, general store. 
"Wagoner M, shoemaker. 
Webb John, justice of the peace. 

in Washington township, Randolph county, 
10 miles south of Winchester, the county 
seat and banking town, and 4 southwest of 
Lynn, its shipping station, on the G., R. & 
&1 R. R. Daily stage to Richmond; fare, 
75 cents. With a population of 200, the 
village _ supports United Brethren and 
MethodLst churches. Isaac N. Beeson, 

Baldwin G W, physician. 
Bales Joel F, blacksmith. 
Batcholer J W, cooper. 
Batcholer <fe Nichols, druggists and gro- 
Beeson & Bales, General Store. 
Bright George II, general store. 
Chamnt'ss John, hotel. 
Cranor William, live stock. 
Davisson Wiiiiaiii, shoemaker. • 

Engle A S, carpenter. 
Hockett & Duke, saw and flour mill. 
Hodson .Jonathan liev, ( Friendsj. 
Hutohens J O, wagonmaker. 

.Johnson & Son, blacksmiths. 
Kenny Br, physician. 
Lennon John Rev, (Methodist). 
Morris N, carpenter. 
Nichols John, carpenter. 
Wall J L, physician. 


Tippecanoe river, in New Castle township, 
Fulton county, contains 150 inhabitants, 
and is situated 8 miles nortneast of Roch- 
ester, the county seat and location of near- 
est bank. Tiosa, 3 miles west on I., P. & 
C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y is the shipping 
depot. The river furnishes power here to 
operate 1 saw and 1 flour mill. Two churches 
are supported. Live stock and produce 
are shipped. F. P. Waugh, postmaster. 
Baugher William M, wagonmaker. 
Baxter J, blacksmith. 
Bell Charles, grocer. 
Bowman H, saw mill. 
Bowman & Clymer, Flour Mill. 
Bugby B F, boots and shoes. 
Busenburg Isaac, cattle dealer. 
Clepper Frank, barber. 
Clymer N J, physician. 
Coplen'M V, cattle dealer. 
Correll John, justice of the peace. 
El}' Lewis, saw mill and stave factory. 
Fish S R, physician. 
Grove S Y, hotel anfl meat market. 
Murdick H, grocer. 
Shank Dr, physician. 
Turner F H, harnessmaker. 
Ward H H, dry goods. 
l^augll M D & X t,, General Store. 

BL OOMING TON. An incorpora- 
ted city of 3,0000 inhabitants, the county 
seat of Monroe county, located on the L., 
N. A. & C. Ry., 50 miles southwest of In- 
dianapolis, and 98 northwest of Louisville. 
The most i)rominent feature of this city is 
the Indiana State University, an institu- 
tion that ranks first among the educational 
institutions of the State. This city has 
good county buildings, substantial business 
blocks, wide streets, handsome residences, 
and supports 5 churches, excellent graded 
schools, a national bank, 3 hotels, and 3 
weekly newspapers — Progress, Telephone and 
Courier. Its manufacturing industries com- 
prise 2 flour mills, 2 spoke factories, a tan- 
nery, 2 stave factories, 1 woolen mill, an 
evaporator factory, 1 foundry, a planing 
mill, 1 plow factory, 1 bedstead factory, 
and a large chair factory. Its manufac- 
tories are all substantial concerns, and its 
commercial houses are successfully con- 
ducted. Ex., Adams and L., N. A'. & C. 
Tel., W. U. Joseph G. McPheeters, jr., 

Trade l»Iarlt. 


*-"""^-^^,^„?L'»'»~*-lJaline & Co,, Prop's, 

IDP1-U-C3-0-ISTS. j jersey city, N.J. 

Er^ A T^I^T'RTC 5 f^d r B@^Call or Write for 
. L/. /\ 1 XVlIMO Ot l^U. \ Prices. 206 to 216 


(. South Illinois Street. 





Allen William J, hardware. 

Alexander William J, wagon and plow 

Allison James B, photographer. 

Allison William T, dentist. 

Anderson J K & Co, grocers. 

Atkinson George T, boots and shoes. 

Axtell Andrew J, physician. 

Baker Henry, baker and confectioner. 

Bass Benjamin, barber. 

Bates Henry S, shoemaker. 

Benckart George A, baker. 

Bloomington Courier (weekly), Henry J 
Feltus, publisher. 

Bloomington Telephone, Samuel W Brad- 
fute, jiublisher: 

Eollenbacher George, boots and shoes. 

BoUenbacher & Sons, spoke manufacturers. 

Bower John A Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Bowman Peter, druggist. 

Eradfute Samuel W, publisher Weekly 

Breeden & Co, general store. 

Browning: 'William F, County 

Bryan George W, physician. 

Burch William HEev, (Methodist). 

Buskirk & Duncan, laAvyers. 

Charpie A E Eev, (Baptist). 

Clark William A, blacksmith. 

Olaspill & Smith, hardware. 

Clay John H Eev, (Methodist). 

Clayburn Washington B, carpenter. 

Cochran Leverett F, jeweler. 

Coffin Ezekiel T, real estate. 

Cole Hliplialet P, Books, Station- 
ery, Wall Paper, Newspapers and Maga- 
zines, Frames and College Text Books. 

Collins & Karsell, grocers. 

Cooper Allie Miss, dressmaker. 

Grain John W, dentist. 

Cron & Eoseberry, meat market. 

Davidson Christian, furniture. 

Davis John W, merchant tailor. 

Demaree David L, flour and feed. 

Dickey Eose A Mrs, milliner. 

Dodds Clelland F,mayor and insurance agt. 

Dodds James F', physician. 

Dolan John C, staves and heading. 

Dunn & Co, grocers. 

Dunning Paris C, lawyer. 

East & East, lawyers. 

Ehni John, merchant tailor. 

Emery William, saddles and harness. 

Falkner Francis M, propr National Hotel. 

Farmer & Cathcart, dressmakers. 

Fedder J H, painter. „ 

Fee William O, general store. 
Feltus Henry J, publisher Courier. 
Field L S & Co, dry goods. 
First National Bank; capital $120,000; 
John Waldron, prest; Walter E Wood- 
burn, cashr. 

Friedley Harmon H, insurance agt. 
Friedley , Pearson & Friedley, 

Fulk EiclKird A, county auditor. 
Gabe William A, publisher Eepublican 

Gilmore Bros, wagonmakers. 
Gilmore Eobert, county recorder. 
Graham John, insurance. 
Gregory Margaret Mrs, milliner. 
Greves J J & Son, grocers. 
Greves Eobert C, city clerk. 
Grifi'y & Co, carpenters. 
Grimes Silas, sheriff'. 
Harris John E, physician. 
Henly Henry, city engineer. 
Hewson Henry L, shoemaker. 
High Milton, flour mill. 
Hinds George P, gunsmith. 
Holtzman A & Sons, woolen mill. 
Hoover & Dobson, carriagemakers. 
Howe Joshua O, jeweler and agt Adams 

Ex Company. 
Howe J M & Son, dry goods. 
Howe, Maxwell & Co, plow manufacturers. 
Hughes Ephraim H, barber. 
Hugle Louis, restaurant. 
Hunter Olive O Mrs, boots, shoes and no- 
Indiana State University, Dr Lemuel Moss,. 

Johnston Andrew W, grocer. 
Kahn & Tannenbaum, clothing 

Kerr John, wagonmaker. 

Kerr Samuel M, shoemaker. 

Krueger August, saloon. 

Langley AVilliam L, confectioner. 

Leffler Bros, flour mill. 

Lindley Hiram, druggist. 

Louden John H, insurance agt. 

Louden & Miers, lawyers. 

McCalla Christopher G, planing mill. 

McCalla & Co, general store. 

McConnel & Bault, meat market. 

McGee Benjamin, clothing. 

McGee Benjamin A, dentist. 

McGee John M, county supt public schools. 

McKinney Lawson E, county treas. 

McPheeters Joseph G, physician. 

McPheeters Joseph G jr, postmaster and 

McPhetridge Jennie W Mrs, milliner. 

Massey Andrew T, city assessor. 

Massy & Beatly, painters. 

Maxwell James D, physician. 

Meadows Wade H, general store. 

MetFord C C & Son, general store. 

Millen Eli K, laAvyer. 

Mobley Charles A, dry goods. 

Monroe County t,itjrary, Rich- 
ard A Fulk, Prest ; Eobert Gilmore, Sec ; 
William F Browning, Treas; William 
H Jones, Librarian. 


T^. Z-j. ZE'OXjIS: <Sc CO., 

S. E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 

iT«ii>iAP«APOJUis, i:kd. 

Fruits, Oysters and Canned Goods. 



J. S. KHL,L,ER. Manaeer, 

40 North Illinois Street, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Morgan James F, lawyer. 

Mulky James B, lawyer. 

Mullen Patrick, saloon. 

National Hotel, F M Falkner, propr. 

^Nichols Hiram J, architect. • 

Orchard House, S M Orchard & 
Son, Proprs. 

Orchard S Ttl & Son, Proprs Or- 
chard House. 

Purdue Calvin K, boots and shoes. 

Perring Thomas C, agt L, N A & C R'y and 
Ex Company. 

Perry & Porring, abstracts of title. 

Phillips House, J M Phillips, propr. 

Philput Allen B Rev, (Christian). 

Pitner John L Rev, (Methodist). 

Pittman Jeremiah 

Proffit "William, barber. 

Raley D T & Co, grocers. 

Reed W F c^ Son, saddles and harness. 

Reeves George W, marshal. 

Republican Progress (weekly), William A 
Gabe, publisher. 

Rhorer Samuel K, general store. 

Rogers I >Iilt, saddles and harness. 

Rogers William P, city treasurer. 

Rogers & Bro, livery stable. 

Rogers & Henley, lawyers. 

Rott Minnie Mrs, baker and confectioner. 

Ryan James, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Ryors J H & Co, spoke and hull manufac- 

Sadler "William R, laAvyer. 

Seward & Co. founders and machinists. 

Shaw David J Rev, (Covenanters). 

Shoemaker .John W, druggist. 

Shoi^'ers Bros, Bedstead iSIanufac- 

Stao^vers, Dodds & Co, Chair 
Manufacturers; Cane and Perforated Seat 
Chairs in Oil Finish and Varnish. 

Sluss James R, saloou. 

Smith John P, furniture. 

Stockwell John S, saloon. 

Stuart it McPheeters, hardware. 

Sudbury Tolbert H, marble works. 

Tate William M, insurance and justice. 

Taylor William C L, lawyer. 

Throop .John W, justice of the peace. 

Toumer John A, physician. 

Unverzajrl J V Rev, (Catholic). 

Vatizailt Casper, Funeral Director, 
established in 1^72. A first class estab- 
lishment in every res{)ect, and the lead- 
ing concern of the kind in Monroe 

Voss Henry H, plasterer. 

Vos.s Washington T, barlier. 

Waldron John, tanner and currier. 

Walker & Bro, meat market. 

Wier R*;bert M. i)liysi(i:in. 

Wicks & Co, grocers and dry goorls. 

Wilson .\rchibal(l H, grocer. 

Wilson Francis Hon, judge 10th judicial 

AVorley & May, livery stable. 
Worrell Isaac D, harnessmaker. 

BL O UJVTS riLLE. This is a vil- 
lage of 200 inhabitants, located in Stony 
Creek township, Henry county, 14 miles 
northeast of New Castle, the county seat, 
and 13 southeast of Muncie, the shipping, de- 
pot and banking town. It contains Metho- 
dist and Christian churches, 2 tile facto- 
ries, 2 saw mills and 1 furniture factory. 
Daily stage communication with Hagers- 
town and Muncie. I. T. Lake, postmaster, 
Bainter Samuel, restaurant. 
Bar John S, tanner. 
Bidwell J "W, Druggist. 
Billhaner John, furniture manufacturer. 
Brewer Wesley, saw mill. 
Brewington J D, hotel. 
Burch Erastus, shoemaker. 
Chalfant .Jonathan, blacksmith. 
Council R, blacksmith. 
Hodgson & Reede, tile manufacturer and 

saw mill. 
Howell Bros, meat market. 
Howell J B, justice of the peace, 
I^ake J 'T, General Store. 
Lake Rosa Mrs, dressmaker. 
Luther William, dru^s. 
Rogers Oscar, shoemaker. * 

Ross Jonathan, physician. 
Smelser G M, carpenter. 
Smelser Reuben, wagonmaker. 
Templin L Mrs, milliner. 
Templin & Johnson, tile manufacturers. 

BLUE CREEK. Is in Highland 

township, Franklin county, 6 miles south 
of Brookville, the county seat, banking 
town and place of shipment. The hamlet 
contains 33 inhabitants, and a Lutheran 
church. Wheat and hogs are exported. 
Peter Quante, postmaster. 
Beckman W^, carpenter. 
Bossert Abram, blacksmith. 
Fosher H & Bro, saw mill. 
Klemme Joseph F, general store. 
Quante Peter, Boot and Shoe Manu- 
Schock Louis, cooper. 
Strathman H, blacksmith. 
Weber John, blacksmith. 

BLUE GRASS. Is a settlement in 
Wayne township, Fulton county, possessed 
of (i4» inhabitants, a Baptist church, and 
district school. It is located 14 milessouth- 
west of Rochester, the county seat, banking 
town and usual place of shij)ment. Stage 
route to Logansport, Rochester, Big Indian 
and Royal Centre. J.T.Towery, postmaster. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants, Grain and Pro- 
visions. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 


By the Orisrlnal Hercules ro-^vder. 

C. H. JENNE, Agent, 

No. 29>^ North Pennsylvania Street, 





Barker Thomas, blacksmith. 
Beattie, Barker & Co, saw mill. 
Beattie S N, general store. 
Campbell C W, physician. 
Carroll John, carpenter. 
Growell Emanuel, tanner. 
Kelly Patrick, saw mill. 
Kendrick T W, blacksmith. 
Kershner Edward, carpenter. 
Kiggle J B, general store. 
Eush D H, carpenter. ■ 
Rush S T, carpenter. 
To-wey J X, physician. 

BLUE LICK. Is a post village of 
38 inhabitants, located in Union township, 
Clark county, 17 miles north of Jetlerson- 
ville, the county seat and location of near- 
est bank. Memphis, 2 miles east on the J., 
M. & I. R. R., is the shipijing depot. Staves, 
ties, hoop poles and hark are the shipments. 
T. McDietz, postmaster. 
Hawes J J, stave and heading manufac- 
Hawes N W, stave and heading manufac- 
Hawes & Dietic, General Store- 
McLellan Jasper, blacksmith and wagon- 
McRose Joel, justice of the peace. 
Willey J F, stave manufacturer and saw 

BLUE BIDGE. Formerly known 
as Cynthiana, is located in Liberiy town- 
ship, Shelby county, 8 miles eas. of Shelby- 
ville, the county seat, banking town .and 
nearest rail approach. The village con- 
tains 100 inhabitants, and supports a Meth- 
odist church. William C. Yager, postmas- 

Austin Aaron, wagonmaker. 
Inlow J W, general store and physician. 
Jones E X, Justice of the Peace. 
Marshall J N, saw and flour mill, 
Mullen S A, carpenter and builder. 
Query & Freeland, tile factory. 
Query & Yeager, blacksmiths. 
Raynes Robert, physician. 
Stead James, shoemaker. 
Yeager S H, carijenter. 
Yeager ^William C, General Store. 

BLUE MIVEB. Established as a 
postoffice in 1871, is a small hamlet, located 
in Polk township, Washington county, 11 
miles southeast of Salem, the county seat. 
New Providence, 6 miles south on the L., 
N. A. & C. Ry., is the place of shipment. 
Population, 36. Hogs and tobacco are 
marketed. C. B. Wyatt, postmaster. 
Davis H Rev, (Christian). 
Elrod Ely, justice of the peace. 

Gray H L, blacksmith. 
Hughes E .J, saw mill. 
Littell M Rev, (Christian). 
Wiley J F Rev, (Methodist). 
'Wyatt C Bj General Store. 

BL UFF CREEK. Locally called 
Browntown, contains 58 inhabitants in 
White River township, Johnson county, 11 
miles northwest of Franklin, the county 
seat and location of nearest bank, and 7 
west of Whiteland, its shipping point on the 
J., M. & I. R. R. Live stock and grain are 
the shipments. Jacob G. Tresslar, post- 

Brown T J, hotel. 
Dunn C C, general store. 
Hibbs S. physician. 
Jacobs James, meat market. 
Jacobs P C, live stock. 
McCollum & McCollum, carpenters. 
Moody C, blacksmith. 

Robinson James X, General Store. 
Shufflebarger F, wagonmaker. 
Surface H H, cattle dealer. 
Sweetser & Garner, carpenters. 
Xresslar J G, Physician. 
Tresslar W H, cattle dealer. 
Wood .Jesse D, druggist. 

BLUFF POINT. A post village 
of 60 inhabitants, located in Pike township. 
Jay county, 6 miles south of Portland, the 
county seat and banking town. Collett, 35- 
miles northwest on the G., R. & I. R. R., 
is the nearest rail approach. Live stock 
is marketed. Jacob Sutton, postmaster. 
Baughman T J, shoemaker. 
Bickel James A, general store. 
Crowell J G, stock dealer. 
Losch.J G, justice of thtf jjeace. 
Rarick I N, physician. 
Skinner R M, carpenter. 
Sutton Jacob, General Store. 

BLUFFTON. The county seat oi 
Wells county, is an incorporated city of 
3,000 inhabitants, pleasantly located on the 
Wabash river, 25 miles south of Ft. Wayne, 
and 120 northeast of Indianapolis. It is 
traversed by the Ft. W., C. & L. .and T. C. & 
St. L. R. R's, and is surrounded by one of the 
most fertile agricultural districts in North- 
ern Indiana. The city is rapidly improv- 
ing, both in comm-erce and manufacture; 
a large number of new business blocks are 
under course of construction. Among its 
recent improvements is the county jail, 
erected in the winter of 1880-81, at a cost of 
$24,000, which is a very handsome struc- 
ture, and in fact, nearly all of its buildings, 
both public and private, are both substan- 
tial and handsome. Its principal business 


Pennsylvania .St., New-Denison Hotel Block, INDIANAPOLIS. 

Dealer in Watches and Optical Goods. Oculists' prescriptions 
carefully filled. Cylindrical, Cataracts, etc., made to order. 

linmO I ifo InC Pfl Only reqiilres TWO-t±ilkDS premfttm paid 
nUlllU Lllu lllwl UUl Balaooekiaadzperoeiiti Motdiag Agents a great advantage. 





features consist of 3 hotels, 1 bank, 3 news- 
papers — Chronick, Times and Banner; 3 flour 
mills, a pump factory, 2 foundries, a -wash- 
insc machine and corn planter factory, 1 flax 
mill. 2 stave and heading factories, 4 saw 
mills, a pork-packing establishment, 1 
planing mill, a bentwood factory, and 1 
brick yard. Its educational and religious 
facilities consist of a large graded school 
and 5 churches — Methodist, Presbyter- 
ian, Baptist, Christian and Catholic. The 
assessed value of real and personal property 
of the city amounts to §850,000. Grain, 
lumber and live stock comprise the princi- 
pal shipments. Ex., U.S. and Am. Tel., 
W. U. George Arnold, postmaster. 
Aker John AV, pump manufacturer. 
Arnold Charles A, publisher Bluffton 

"Weekly Chronicle. 
Arnold H C & Co, dry goods. 
Ashbaucher Bros, clothing. 
Baily Bros, barbers. 
Bauiugardner & Hatfield, dry goods. 
Beal John E, county surveyor. 
Bell James, livery. 
Bender Harry, marble works. 
Bigley John J, propr Exchange Hotel. 
Blackburn T D & Bro, restaurant and 

Blosser John, saloon. 
Bluflfton Banner, S S Roth, publisher. 
Bluftton Ximes, W P McMahon, 

Bluffton Weekly Chronicle, C A Arnold, 

Bly Alfred F, wagonmaker. 
Bruce John H, physician. 
Brum c^i Sprague, blacksmiths. 
Brown Jonathan L, harnessmaker. 
Bugh John W, physician. 
Bugh & Co, druggists. 
Bulger David E, county recorder. 
Burgan Cyrus S, flour mill. 
Carr George T B, lawyer. 
Central Hotel, Richard Rossingtori, propr. 
Chri.stman Frank, l)aker. 
•Christman Frederick, vineyard. 
Clark W R S, physician. 
Clark <k Martin, contractors and builders. 
Clayton John C, flour mill. 
Colbert Lewis II, justice. 
Cook Bros, grocers. 
Co})eland G G Rev, (Presbyterian). 
Craig William J, county clerk. 
Crosby Anna J Mrs, milliner. 
Crosby & Co, meat market. 
Cumraings & Kellogg, saw mill. 
Cumrauns Benjamin F, physician. 
Dai ley. Mock & Bulger, abstract of titles. 
Dailey &Mock, lawyers. 
Dailey Samuel M, dry goods. 
Davenport Lewis C, druggist. 
Deam James P, produce. 

Deam, Lew & Co, grain dealers. 

Deam W^ilson & Son, livery. 

De Long Joseph S, books and stationery. 

Dick John U, harnessmaker. 

Eaton T A R, vineyard. 

Brnst 'William H, County Supt of 

Evans William I, books and stationery. 

Exchange Hotel, J J Bigby, propr. 

Feeser John G & Sons, blacksmiths. 

Fisher Henry, florist. 

Fox John R, foundry. 

France & French, lawyers. 

Freeman Jackson W, druggist. 

Fulton George E, physician. 

Gettle John W, blacksmith. 

Gorrell Andrew G, physician. 

Gottschalk George J, shoemaker. 

Griffin Emanuel, saloon. 

Grimes George AV, foundry. 

Gutelius William A, druggist. 

Hale James P, lawyer. 

Hallen M Miss, dressmaker. 

Harnish George A, photographer. 

Harley G W & O, hardware. 

Hartle & Son, grocers. 

Horton Mary A Mrs, milliner. 

Horton Manufacturing Company, corn 
planter and washing machine manufac- 

Horton Theodore, vineyard. 

Horton T & Son, physicians. 

Horton, Weisell & Co, flax mill. 

Houtz & Bewder, dry goods. 

Justus Marcellus M, sheriff. 

Kapp & Gardner, stone quarry. 

Kapp & Mosure, merchant tailors. 

Karns Calvin H, wagonmaker. 

Karns Frederick W^, dentist. 

Karns & Keller, marljle works. 

Keller & McDowell, brickmakers. 

Kellerman Bros, grocers. 

Kellogg Francis N, books and stationery. 

Klick Emanuel D, carpenter and builder. 

Kline Clemens J, barber. 

Kohlin George, tailor. 

Krehl Jacob F, leather and findings. 

Lesh & Brickley, hardware. 

Little Benjamin F, physician. 

McBride Warren, furniture. 

McFarren George F, clothing. 

McKendry J E & Son, stave and heading 

McMabon l^illiam P, Publisher 
Bluffton Times. 

Mason Bros, merchant tailors. 

Mason Leonidas, physician. 

Meek H J Rev, (Methodist). 

Mellott Manason, restaurant. 

Melsheimer Charles T, physician and saw 

Miller Mattie Mrs, milliner. 

Miller W B & Co, sewing machines. 

Road Cart 

MATERIAL OF ALL KINDS Manufactured on short notice. 

O. S. C3- 1 Ij Ij E! I"!" E , 
Nos. 28 and 30 East Georgia Street, Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., page 6. 



S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts., 





Montgomery E H, saw and planing mill. 

Morgan Benjamin E, jeweler. 

Mosure Ephraim, boots and shoes. 

Myers & Kinert, grocers. 

Nimmons William B, stave and heading 

North J & Bros, lumber dealers. 
North & Einehart, saw mill. 
Oliver House, Henry Townsend, propr. 
Oppenheim Albert, agt Am Ex. Company. 
Oppenheim & Son, cigar manufacturers. 
Owens J W & Co, grocers. 
PofFenberger Ezra, meat market. 
Popejoy Lawson, countv treasurer. 
Eeider J H Rev, (Baptist). 
Ricbey Harlan G, Meat Market. 
Ridgley Catherine Mrs, milliner. 
Eidgley .James H, millinery. 
Einehart & Vaughs, lawyers. 
Eobison Peter L, dentist. 
Eogers Philo, dry goods. 
Eossington Eichard, propr Central Hotel. 
Eoth Samuel S, publisher Bluffton Banner. 
Eoth & Padgett, real estate agts. 
Samuels W D Eev, (New Light). 
Saylor Eobert Y, merchant tailor. 
Shaflfer Charles, produce. 
Shaffer Charles jr, carriage painter. 
Sharpe A L, lawyer. 
Shielly David M, Flour Mill. 

Shepherd & Williams, grocers. 
Silver Win S, lawyer. 
Smith David T, lawyer. 
Smith Eri A, wagonmaker. 
Smith Jacob H C, lawyer, justice and agt 
U S Ex Company. 

Smith J H & Co, bent wood manufacturers. 

Spake James W, agt Ft W, L & C E E. 

Staver Solomon, carpenter. 

Stephenson William A, sewing machines. 

Stout Jacob, Saloon. 

Studabaker John & Co, bankers. 

Sturgfis Elmore Y, County Auditor. 

Sturgis John E, druggist. 

Sturgis Thomas, dentist. 

Thoma Henry, furniture and undertaker. 

Thomas Eli, baker. 

Thomas William M, lawyer. 

Todd Jacob J, lawyer. 

Townsend Henry, propr Oliver House. 

Tribolet Bros, clothing. 

Valentine Joseph S, grocer. 

Venis George E, shoemaker. 

Wallace Henry C, jeweler. 

Warner Cyrene, jeweler. 

Warring, Studabaker & Co, pork packers 
and grain dealers. 

W^hite John H, barber. 

W^hitney & Dougherty, lumber dealers. 

Wiecking Herman, cigar manufacturer. 

W^illiamson Bros, hardware. 

Wilson Oscar F, dry goods. 

"Wisner & Mortimer, Gunsmiths. 

Witthoff F CEev, (German Eeformed). 
Workman William, furniture dealer. 

_ BOESMEB. Is a recently estab- 
lished postoffice in Salamonie township, 
Huntington county, on the T. D. & B. E. E., 
located 22 miles southeast of Huntington 
court house. Population, 25. Grain, hogs 
and produce are the principal shipments. 
Ex., Am. William Matlock, postmaster. 
Arnold G J, E E and ex agt. 
Jones J M, saw mill. 
Matlock, '^'illiam. Postmaster. 

BOGGSTOWN. A hamlet of 100 
inhabitants, located on F. F. & M. Br. C, I., 
St._ L. & C. E. E., in Sugar Creek town- 
ship, Shelby county, 9 miles northwest of 
Shelbyville, the county seat and banking 
town. Its shipments comprise grain lum- 
ber and live stock. Ex. Am. George W. 
Smith, postmaster. 

Barker James H, Blacksmith. 
Beynon Thomas, saw mill. 
Carson J F, shoemaker. 
Farrbrough B, live stock. 
Gibson C A, live stock. 
Gilmore M E, physician. 
Hickman B, carpenter. 
Hoop, Smith & Co, grain. 
Kline Louis, shoemaker. 
Easp John, flour mill. 
Sandefer S A, tile manufacturer. 
Smitti Oeors:e "W, Ex Agt. 
Smith, Lee & Co, general store. 
Smith E N, E E agt. 
Strickler S L, physician. 
Strickler, Smith & Co, general store. 
Walker G F, wagonmaker and justice. 
Wilson James, tile manufacturer. 
Winthorst F, blacksmith. 

BONO. On White river, in township 
of same name, county of Lawrence, has 100 
inhabitants, Methodist church, and district 
school, located 15 miles southeast of Bed- 
ford, the county seat. Tunnelton, 2J miles 
north, on the O. &. M. Ey., is the nearest E. 
E. station. Mail tri-weekly. Mary A. 
Miller, postmaster. 

Ferguson Anna, grain and stock dealer. 
Knigfllt Charles A, General Store, 
Knight William P, barber. 
Malott Henry C, physician. 
Marks Thomas, grain and stock dealer. 
Miller Mary A, Hotel. 
Montgomery A .J, live stock. 
Montgomery Polly Mrs, live stock. 
Montgomery Sally, dressmaker. 
Morris John T, grain and stock dealer. 
Simpson William, grain and stock dealer. 
Smith B F, stock dealer. 
Smith George W, stock dealer. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

Has the best Canvassing Doenments and offers 

J. W. Dean, Geu'l k^'i, ludianapolis. 

'Q'D XT' /*^ XT' O ^O XT A T^ f Country orders for Crackers ok Bread 
ijljL 1 K^lL O DrXlLlA.Lj\ filled at short notice. Address 

CS^^IS TKE BESX.=5=::0 I P- F. Bryce, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Smith James, justice of the peace. 
Talbott B F. stock dealer. 
Yoges John, stock dealer. 
Wilfong Micliael, blacksmith. 

BO OX GROVE. Is a country 
postoffice located in Porter township and 
county, 8 miles south of Valparaiso, the 
county seat, banking town and present 
shipping point. Hay, grain and live stock 
are exported. Tri-weekly stage communi- 
cation with Hebron and Valparaiso. Enoch 
Jones, postmaster. 
Dye AVilliam W, creamery. 
Fisher Ira, blacksmith. 
Jones Enocll, Farmer. 
Potts Francis, wagonmaker. 

BOONVILLE. The county seat of 
"Warrick county, was platted May 15, 1818. 
It is located online of L., E. &St. L. R. R., 
21 miles east of Evansville. The town is 
incorporated and contains 2,000 inhabit- 
ants. Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran 
and Catholic churches, 1 graded school, 
4 hot^s, 1 bank and 2 flour mills. Two 
weekly newspapers — Standard and Enquirer 
— are sustained. Boonville is situated in 
the midst of a vast tobacco growing dis- 
trict, and has the largest stemming estab- 
lishment in the state. Coal is found in the 
vicinity, but is not mined very extensively. 
It has good county buildings, and the as- 
sessed value of its real and personal prop- 
erty amounts to $468,765. The town has 
telephone connections with Evansville and 
about 25 other surrounding villages. Ex. 
Adams. Tel., W. U. George L. Masters, 

Allen William H, agricultural imple- 
Armstrong & Cockrun, lawyers. 
Baker Aaron J, jeweler. 
Baker & Schneider, drugs. 
Barker & Howard, physicians. 
Becker August, marble works. 
Becker's Hotel, Jacob Becker, propr. 
Bennett Morris W, groceries and hardware. 
Bennett Theo E, physician. 
Bethell John B, propr Farmers' House, 
liethell Union, county auditor. 
Bock Edward, harness. 
Bohrer Louis, barber. 

Boonville Enquirer, William Swint, propr. 
Boonville National Bank ; $50,000 capital; 

L J Miller, prest; E W Bethell, cashr. 
lioonville Standard, R M Graham, propr. 
Bullivant Alice Miss, dressmaker. 
Camp James T, dentist. 
Campbell James W, sheriff. 
Carter James B, justice of the peace. 
Cromeans & Ga.Hwood, commis-sion. 
Dailey & Dailey, physicians. 

Davis Stephen D, grocer. 

Dettling August, grocer. 

Dickey & Minick, physicians. 

Eckstein Leonard, grocer. 

Filers Frederick G, baker and confection- 

Farmers' House, J B Bethel, propr. 

Fisher John, tailor. 

Franz Andrew <^ Son, proprs St. Charles ho- 

Franz Jacob jr, saloon. 

Freck Anton, shoemaker. 

Freeman Annie Mrs, clothing, boots and 

Freundlick Jacob, saloon. 

Fuller Benjamin, township trustee. 

Fuller William W, county school supt. 

Gardner Charles, blacksmith. 

Gast W, shoemaker. 

Gast & Gerhard, clothing, boots and shoes. 

Gordner Charles, carriagemaker and livery. 

Gordner Peter, livery. 

Gough Edward, lawyer. 

Graham, Robert M, editor Standard. 

Gross Jacob, meat market. 

Guernsey John S, saloon. 

Handy John B, judge circuit court. 

Hatfield & Hazen, lawyers. 

Hebner Peter, jewelry. 

Hepp Frank C, groceries and hardware. 

Hoggatt William M, lawyer, 

Honey cutt Andrew J, lawyer. 

Howard & Barker, physicians. 

Hudspeth .J M & Co, dry goods. 

Husk M J Mrs, projjr Prince Albert hotel. 

Johann Peter, cooper. 

Katterjohn J F, flour mill. 

Keith Esther Mrs, millinery. 

Kerr, Clark & Co, leaf tobacco. 

Kindermann Augfust, Dealer in 
Groceries, Provisions, Produce, etc. 

Kindermann AVilliam, hardware. 

Kliapp IvOuise Mrs, Drugs and . 

Koegel Frederick W, grocer. 
Koegel Mary, grocer. 

Kuntzman I^OUiS, Baker and Con- 
Lamar Thomas J, dentist. 
Latshaw & Jacobs, livery. 
Lewis Benton P, grocer. 

L,ink Jesse, Lawyer and Collection 
Agt, St Charles Building. 

Lunenburg Albert, general store. 

Lunenburg William, furniture and under- 

Lutz John L, saloon. 

McCulla & Co, boots, shoes and clothing. 

McKenney James W, dentist. 

Masters George L, postmaster. 

Masters & Ferguson, clothing, boots and 

rFNS IINN 'X^^':^':^^^'^^^^ Vance Block, Indianapolis. 

1 !■! 1 wl"l 1 W I of Wur Claims. Rejected Cliiims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 

Use Porter's Bottled Lager Beer 

ALE and POKTER. T. D. 

Stuver, Sole Agt., Chicago. 

) See advertisement page 851. 





JMCattbe-wsoti Cliarles C, Drugs, 
Medicines and Wall Paper. 

Meyer Charles A, grocer. 

Miller & Bethell, insurance agts. 

Minick John, painter. 

Moore Robert D O, county clerk. 

Nester & Becker, groceries and dry goods. 

O'Grady John, justice. 

Oatly & Hargrave, flour mill. 

Patterson Philip N, physician. 

Patterson & Taylor, lawyers. 

Piatt Robert M, lawyer. 

Picker Charles F, dry goods. 

Prince Albert Hotel, Mrs M J Husk, propr. 

Eeckert Frederick, furniture and under- 

Reider George M, meat market. 

Rotli Andrew, carpenter. 

Roth George J & Co, dry goods. 

St Charles Hotel, Andrew Franz & Son, 

Scales Hansel M, county treasurer. 

Scales & Hargan, physicians. 

Schneider Charles, grocer and hardware. 

Schneider John, saloon. 

Schreiber Gustavus, hardware. 

Shafer Bros, stoves and undertakers. 

Simon Patrick, saloon. 

Stocking William H, meat market. 

Swint William, editor Enc[uirer. 

Taylor John L, lawyer. 

Taylor & Barker, abstracts of title. 

Thornburg, Pelzer & Taylor, agricultural 

Thornburg & Pelzer, grocers and harness. 

Topf Herman, harnessmaker. 

Veeck Nicholas, wagonmaker. 

Weaver R W, ex and R R agt. 

West Alfred, carpenter. 

Weyerbacher Jacob & Son, confectioners. 

Wilde Gottfried, drugs. 

Wilson Rice, county recorder. 

Wurster J A, shoemaker. 


Doxm Hill.) 

Crawford county. [See 

BOSTON. Township of same name, 
Wayne county, with a population of 250, is 
located 7 miles south of Richmond, the 
county seat, shipping point and nearest 
bank location. The village contains Meth- 
odist and Universalist churches, 2 saw mills, 
and tile factory. Live stock and grain are 
the exjjorts. Daily stage to Richmond; 
fare, 20 cents. E. B. Dillman, postmaster. 
Bosworth & Young, painters. 
Clark Mary Rev, (Unyv^ersalist). 
Clark & Rhoads, blacksmiths. 
Craig John L, saw mill. 
Davenport Amos, blacksmith. 
Dillman K B, General Store, Livery 

and Justice. 

Estep & Lamb, cattle dealers. 
Evans William H, drugs. 
Girten S & Soti, tile manufacturers. 
Grines William A, wagonmaker. 
Huber John, shoemaker. 
Jones W F, poultrv breeder. 
McCoy William R, Saw Mill. 
Ponlar David, justice of the peace. 
Rife J J, physician. 
Rinehart Jacob, general store. 
Ryan D Rev, (Methodist). 
W^ashington Rev, (Christian). 

BOSTON STORE. _ Contains 45 
inhabitants, and is located in Coal Creek 
township, Montgomery county, 10 miles 
northwest of Crawfordsville, the county 
seat, place of shipment, and location of 
nearest bank. A ]\Iethodist church is sup- 
ported. It has stage communication with 
Crawfordsville. J. Dilling, postmaster. 
Bennet J S, insurance agt. 
Boes J, carpenter. 
Denney L, blacksmith. 
Dilling: J, House Painter. 
Dilling L, general store. 
Foot William, blacksmith. 
Olin L W, physician. 
Ox4ey Henry, wagonmaker. 
Oxley J H, queensware and druggist. 
Widener John, auctioneer. 

BOSWELiL. This prosperous village 
of 400 inhabitants is located on L., E. & W. 
R'y, in Grant township, Benton county, 9 
miles southwest of Fowler, the county seat. 
Nearest bank at Oxford. Boswell has a 
Methodist church and supports one weekliC 
newspaper — The Courier. Grain and live 
stock are the principal shipments. U. S. 
Ex. W. U. Tel. J. A. McKnight, post- 

Alexander R W, coal dealer. 
Arms Solon, grain. 
Bailey Bros, lawyers. 
Barker Clinton, justice of the peace. 
Boswell Courier, (weekly). 
Christley .J B, physician. 
Claypool J J Rev^ (Methodist). 
Coft'enburg William, carpenter. 
Eljerly A J & Co, wagonmakers. 
Gillespie J & Son, Grocers. 
Gillespie William, livery. 
Granburg J, lilacksmith. 
Green J W, pliysician. 
Hall J & Co, live stock. 
Harris, Spies & Keys, live stock. 
Hash J W & Son, dry goods. 
Keys W T, livery. 
Knott Thomas, saddles and harness. 
McGinnis J, restaurant. 
9IcKnig:llt J A & Co, General Store. 
Melvin M, grocer. 

On all matters pertaining to 
bard Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 
careful and prompt personal 



consult C. Bradford, 16 & 18 Hub- 
All business confidential, and given 
attention. (-See adv,\ 

Innil nnnniin r J^*®' t>»e best and chEAI»EST, Address 
KUN KUUFINbl W. G. HYNDMAN & CO., GinciDoati, Obio. 





Melvin Misses, milliners. 

Menefee ct Bro, drugs. 

Menefee Bros A Co, hardware. 

Menefee M, ex agt 

Menefee W & C, boots and slices. 

Mount tS: Son. druggists. 

Mount iS: Vanover, meat market. 

Jfagle J M, R K agt. 

Payne W G, photographer. 

Potter Abe, grocer. 

Potter & Keys, hardware. 

Eiohards E Mrs, dressmaker. 

Kiohards John L, lawyer. 

Kobertson John W, carpenter. 

Kockhold John, plasterer. 

Scheurenbrand John, tinner- 

Simpkius & Harris, grocers and hotel. 

Sniitll Oliver, General Store. 

Spies John, grocer and furniture. 

Stokes, Meyers c^ Co, carpenters. 

Taylor Van Horn & Co, live stock and 

Yanover A, hotel. 
'Whitcomb James H, Physician 

and Dealer in Real Estate. 
"VVhitton C E, publisher. 
Wiley Jesse, barber and painter. 

BOUNDARY. Is the location of 
100 persons in Pike township, Jay county, 
7 miles southeast of Portland, the county 
seat and banking town. Ship to Union 
City, distant 14 miles, on P., C & St. L. 
and C, C, C & I. R'ys. Produce, grain, 
wool and livestock, are the exports. Daniel 
Hiester, postmaster. 
I)ickes Phillip, pliysieian. 
Hieister O &'San, General Store. 
Hiester D G, township trustee. 
Hiester Henry, general store. 
Johnson E S, carpenter. 
Losch A PI, saw mill. 
Losch & Byrd, drain tile manufacturers. 
Mann & Staley, flour mill. 
Smith Levi, wagonmaker. 
Stewart Perry Rev, (German Reform). 

JBOUIiBON, Is an incorporated 
town of loOO inhabitants, pleasantly loca- 
ted on the P., Ft. W. & C R'y, in township 
of same name, county of Marshall, 10 miles of Plymouth, the county seat. 
Bourbon is rapidly becoming known as a 
manufacturing centre, and to capitalists it 
offers advantages unsurf)assed by any town 
of its size in northern Indiana. Its promi- 
nent manufacturing industries comprise 2 
flour mills, 2 saw mills, 3 brick yards, a tile 
factory, 1 jdaning mill, 2 ax handle facto- 
ries, a large boat oar factory and the Swine 
Panacea establishment of C. B. McKinney, 
.Son.s & Co. The business interests of the 
place includes several substantial commer- 

cial houses, 2 hotels and 3 weekly news- 
papers — Hevien; Mirror and Democrat. A 
bank, with from $25,000 to $50,000 capital 
would prove very profitable. The village 
sustains 4 churches, a good graded school, 1 
opera house, a volunteer fire department, 
and is nearly free from debt. Lumber, 
grain, boat oars, produce, live stock and ax 
handles comprise its chief exports. This is 
one of the most enterprising towns of its 
size in the State. Its commercial and man- 
ufacturing business for 1881, was about 
$1,000,000. Tri-weekly stage to Tippecanoe- 
town ; fare, 50 cents. Ex., Adams. Tel., 
W. U. Ignatius Mattingly, postmaster. 
Acker 'William J, Lumber Manit- 

facturer and Dealer. (See adv.) 
Acker William J & Son, hardware. 
Armantrout A J, Carriage and 
Wagon Manufacturer and Agt for Cham- 
pion Reaper. Special attention paid to 
to Repairs of all Kinds. 
Baugher Henry, wagonmaker. 
Beals S, saloon. 

Beck Bros, live stock, 22 miles south. 
Belknap Alders A,"cooper. 
Bendel Joseph, grocery and saloon. 
Bolton John, broom manufacturer. 
Bourbon House, John S Page, 
Propr. Special attention paid to commer- 
cial travelers. {See adv). 
Bourbon Democrat, Mikels & Mel- 
ick, Proprs. The Democrat was estab- 
lished in 1881, and has a good circulation 
in Marshall and adjoining counties. 
Bourbon Mirror, Ignatius Mattingly, propr. 
Bourbon Review, J L Wilkins, 

Propr. {See adv). 
Bowman D & Son, druggists. 
Brillhart Jeremiah, meat market. 
Brown Mary Miss, dressmaker. 
Chaplin Jesse D, justice. 
Christy Andrew H, blacksmith. 
Clugston L R Mrs, millinery, 
Davis Homer, flour mill. 
Elliott Mark, saloon. 
Erwin Bros, live stock. 
Erwin & Mendenhall, grain and lime. 
Foulks K Mrs, millinery. 
France Samuel, physician. 
French E Mrs, dressmaker. 
Galentine Allen S, flour mills and jeweler. 
George R. & Son, Manufacturers 
and Dealers in all kinds of Furniture. 
Maple and Ash Bedsteads a Specialty. 
Send for Price Lists and Circular. 
Gordon S F gunsmith. 
Gospel Messenger (monthly). • 

Greer John F, marble worker. 
Griffin Frank P, R R and ex agt. 
llamman Frank M, music teacher, 
nines Ansel D, carriage manufacturer. 
Hunt Lucy C Mrs, milliner. 

James B. Lizius & Co. 


ISJ4 Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, Ind. 

#E. C. ATKINS g( GO 

g^-Quality Warranted Uii- 
■ I excelled in Circular and 
Cross-Cut Saws. 




Maiiufaoturers ana Proprietors of the Celebrated 



^ ^j use '^. ^. 

7 use 

ys^^^^f^e, how they ^y^/^ 




J. 0. & 0. H, EINQOENBEEG, Prop'rs, 

Main Street, north of Bourbon House, 


First-class Rigs furnished at low rates. 
Best Sample Wagou iu the city. 



\ 188 South Meridian St., 


Oysters Shipped in Large or Small Qaantities, 


J. S. KEL,L.CR, Ittanaser. 40 North Illinois Street, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Hupp & Son, blacksmiths. 

Hutts John, brick manufacturer. 

Iden John H, photographer. 

Johnson Luther, physician. 

Jolinson & O'Brien, Manufactur- 
ers of Boat Oars ; also. Fork, Hoe 
Handles, etc. Most Practical Machinery 
for Boat Oar Manufacture in the United 

Kehler Daniel, justice and carpenter. 

Ketcham c^ Barton, hardware. 

Knisley Peter, ax handle manufacturer. 

Lawrence J K & Co, general store and 

Lee Isaiah M, dentist. 

Leedy Jacob, restaurant.* 

Leedy Jacoto D, Manufacturer of 
Brick and Drain Tile. None but skilled 
mechanics employed, and the best qual- 
ity of clay used. Goods guaranteed to 
be first class. 

Letts John, blacksmith. 

Lewellyn J W Eev, (Methodist). 

Linn Elsie Mrs, millinery. 

Linn Olando L, boots and shoes. 

Linn & Short, physicians. 

McCrum Calvin B, blacksmith. 

McCrum James C, carriage manufacturer. 

McDonald Bela, brick manufacturer. 

I»IcKinney C B, Sons & Co, 
Manufacturers of Swine Panacea. {See 

Matchett & Curran, druggists and physi- 

Mattingly Ignatius, propr Bourbon Mirror. 

Mikels & Melick, Editors and' 
Proprs Bourbon Democrat. 

Motz Adam, cooper. 

Mounsir Thompson, tinner. 

Norris S C Rev, (United Brethren). 

Northern Indiana Manufacturing & Lum- 
ber Company. 

O'Brien Samuel E, general store. 

I"aSe John E, Propr Bourbon House. 

Parks Condie ^I, druggist. 

Parks J O, S D & J \V, lawyers. 

I'aync Callie Miss, millinery. 

Pickett James, barber. 

Porter James H, justice. 

Power &Turley, general store. 

Ramsey W S, justice. * 

Ri'-e House, Andrew Rice, pro])r. 

Richie & Nicliols, meat market. 

Ringfjifenbers: Bros, Livery, Sale 
and Feed Staliles. {See adv.) 

Ringgenlierg & Keller, live stock. 

Roberts & Cirl, ax liandle makers. 

Sauner Milson, meat market. 

Hears 0[)era House, Wm Sears, propr. 

Sellers John H liev, (I)unkard). 

Shively David licv, (Dunkard). 

Snipp Henry A liev, (United Brethren). 

Spencer Charles, barber. 

Swyhart J H Rev, (Congregational). 

Thompson David, grocer. 

Tliomas John D, Attorney at law. 
Will attend to Loans, Collections, and 
Real Estate Business in Marshall county. 

Tyrell Hubbard H, insurance agt. 

Unger & Son, furniture. 

Walmer Daniel S R, shoemaker. 

Watchter & Haag, restaurant. 

"Wick., H A, Merchant Tailor. 

AVilkius Joseph, saddles and harness. 

"Wilkins J I,, Editor and Proprietor 
Boupbon Review. {See adr.) 

Wood & Metheny, restaurant. 

Zebley William H, blacksmith. 

BOWERS. Settled in 1871, is the 

location of 50 persons in Sugar Creek town- 
ship, Montgomery county, 12 miles north- 
east of Crawfordsville, the county seat. 
Nearest bank at Colfax. The Logansport 
Div. T. H. & I. R'y exjjorts its surplus of 
wheat and live stock. George W. Tucker, 
Armstrong William & Bro, saw mill and 

tile manufacturers. 
Clouser D, flour mill. 
Dunbar L M, grain. 
Grifiin James M, general store. 
Martin & Corns, blacksmiths. 
Seifort Martin L, general store and R R agt. 
Xucker Oeorgfe "Wj Physician. 

BOWLING GREEN. This is an 
incorporated town of 700 inhabitants, lo- 
cated in Washington township. Clay county, 
14 miles southeast of Brazil, the county seat 
and banking toAvn, and 7 east of Saline 
City, on T. H. & S. E. R. R. Both places 
mentioned are used as shipping stations. 
Bowling Green was formerly the conty seat 
and is a pleasant village, surrounded by 
one of the most fertile farming districts in 
the county. Methodist, Christian, and Bap- 
tist churches are sustained. Daily stage 
to Brazil ; fare, %l. Samuel G. N. Pinkley, 
Allen H P, physician. 
Bogle Jerome, painter. 
Bogle John, justice of the peace. 
Bosley Wat, lawyer and justice. 
Boyer Martin, saw mill. 
Buell Richard, livery. 
Caniphell Bros, Boots and Shoes. 
Campbell R R, constable. 
Cole S S, harnessmaker. 
Cromwell Mary, hotel. 
Dillon J H, livery. 

Drake Daniel, agricultural implements. 
Hobbs R S, live stock. 
Keifner Frederick, meat market, 
Lenor John, barber. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants, Grain and Pro- 
visions. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO 


The Safest High Explosive known. 

C. H. JE1S?«E, Agent, 
291^ North Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





Long J J, hardware. 

Maris T D Rev, (Christian). 

Miles W H, wagonmaker. 

Pinkley G X, Postmaster. 

Ray Allen, drugs. 

Rodenbarger John, saloon. 

Senseney .John W, general store. 

ShoU H, flour mill. 

Sinders George, grocer. 

Smith John T Rev, (Methodist). 

Sparks John, blacksmith. 

Staley T J, blacksmith. 

Stiicki Frederick, distiller. 

Taggart James, justice of the peace. 

Talbott E P. physician. 

Talbott George, barber. 

Teter George D, lawyer. 

Tbonipson & Co, General Store. 

Travis M J Mrs, milliner. 

Tressell John, lawyer. 

Wagner H W, shoemaker. 

Walker & Walker, druggists. 

Ward George W, grocer. 

Weber George, saloon. 

Young John, wagonmaker. 

Young John II, wagonmaker. 

BOXLEY, Inhabited by 250 persons, 
is located in Adams township, Hamilton 
county, 15 miles northwest of Noblesville, 
the county seat and location of nearest 
bank. Cicero, 10 miles southeast, on I., P, 
& C Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, is the place 
of shipment. Methodist and Christian 
churches are supported. Daily stage to 

J. M. Richardson, postmaster. 
Burkhardt D P Rev, (Christian). 
Fisher William, hotel. 
Plines L C, furniture. 
McMurtry T J, physician. 
Mitchell T J, township trustee. 
Newby J C, physician. 
Ogle J R, blacksmith. 
Palmer George, wagonmaker. 
Patterson A M Rev, (Methodist). 
Pearson T, tanner. 
Phillips E S, justice of the peace. 
Ricliardson J M, General Store. 
Rodeman & Walker, general store. 
Smith A, live stock. 
Smith A & Co, general store. 
Steffey Joseph, blacksmith. 

The Bourbon Review, 

Published at BOURBON, IND., by J. L. WILKINS. 

Kstablistied Ketoruary 24tli, i88r. 

The Review is the official organ in this county of the Greenback party. Its circulation 
has steadily increased since the date of its establishment. It is an unusually good adver- 
tising medium. 

Terms, $1.50 per annum, invariably in advance. 

JI^^Advertisements neatly and conspicuously inserted at reasonable rates. 

Manufacturer and Dealer in 



J." E. PAGE, Proprietor. 

n^ain St., BOTJI^BOZ^T, IISTHD. 

TKHIUS, $1.50 PER. OAY. 

Good Sample Rooms on first floor. The most convenient to business. • 

THOS. H. CLAPP, Optician and Watchmaker, 

93 North Pennsylvania Street, 
NewDenison Hotel Block, INI>IAJ«APO)L,IS, IP«D. 

Accurate adjustment of Spectacles. 
Personal attention to Fine Watch 
Repairing. Thirty years experi- 

UnttlO I ifo I no Pn Sas removed all restrictions upon residence and travel 
nUlTlu LII6 inSi UUi policies. World-wide best Co. for Agents to work. 

E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't., Chicago, III. 





Teeter & I^indley, Headinc 

S:iw Mill. 
AVilson William, live stock. 


BOYLESTOX. Is a station and 
postoffice located on the L., E. & W. E'y., 
in Michigan township, Clinton county, 6 
miles east of Frankfort, the county seat 
and banking town. Grain and lumber are 
the exports. Population, 125. Ex., U. S. 
Tel., W. U. Samuel Deal, postmaster. 
Boyer J R, blacksmith. 
Deal Samuel, Postmaster. 
McCorkle W B, blacksmith. 
Paul SF, saw mill and felloe manufacturer. 
Khoads J A, carpenter. 
Roush Fred, General Store and Jus- 
Strong "William, general store. 
Wallace H L, heading manufacturer. 

BBA CK EX, Once known as Clays- 
ville, contains (50 inhabitants, and is located 
in Warren township, Huntington county, 
10 miles northwest of Huntington, the 
county seat. North Manchester, the shij)- 
ping depot and banking town is 7 miles 
west. Lumber is the chief article of ex- 
port. Thoqias A. Sprinkle, postmaster. 
Bitner A F, shoemaker. 
Bolinger J H, cooper. 
Bolinger S, blacksmith. 
Deifenbaugh P, justice of the peace. 
Hullibarger & Blood, saw mill. 
King R, blacksmith. 
Knepper E, wagon maker. 
Morford William P, general store. 
Sprinkle Xhomas A, General 

Sprinkle E & Son, general store. 
StaufiTer O W, physician. 
Trembly George, physician. 

BRADFORD. Apost village of 200 
inhabitants, located in Morgan township, 
Harrison county, 14 miles north of Cory- 
don, the county seat, and 17 northwest of 
New Albany, the place of shipment and 
nearest bank location. Daily (stage to New 
Albany. Frederick Raake postmaster. 
Baker C, shoemaker. 
Baker Louis, marble yard. 
Bott .Joseph, jihysician 
Danreitz Louis, general store. 
Ellis Josejih, physician. 
Gesbnrgh Henry, tailor. 
Raake Frederick, General Store 

anil Hriigs. 
Roekner Joseph, blacksmith. 
Seiler (',, wagonniakcr. 
Seller F, wagonmaker. 
Stemm Henry, Idacksmilh. 
Stierstadb-r Lorciiz, general si ore. 

BRADFORD. White county. {See 

BRADY. Once known as Thomp- 
son's Station, is a recently established rural 
postoffice, located in Sugar Creek township, 
Shelby county, on the C, I., St. L. & C. R. 
R., 10 miles northwest of Shelbyville court 
house. O. M. Thompson, postmaster. 

BRAMBLE, Brown township, Mar- 
tin county, is only a country postoffice, with 
no village population. West Shoals, the 
county seat, is 10 miles sotitheast, and Loo- 
gootee, the shipping depot, 6i miles south 
on O. & M. Ry. Marion Halbert, postmas- 

BRANCHriLLE. Name of post- 
office for village of Oil Creek, in Oil town- 
ship. Perry county, 30 miles northeast of 
Cannelton, the county seat, and 11 north- 
west of Alton Landing on the Ohio rivej*. 
Contains 100 inhabitants, Methodist church 
and district school. Mail tri-weekly. John 
S. Fraker, postmaster. 
Duparkt Louis, saloon. 
Fraker John S, General Store. 
Fraker & Son^ General Store. 
Marting F, cattle dealer. 
Mathey A, general store. 
Pollard Newton, cooper. 
Ronald M J, blacksmith. 


[See Craig.) 

Switzerland county. 

BRAZIL, The most important coal 
mining town in the State, is the county seat 
of Clay countv, located on the St. L., V., 
T. H. & I., and C. & E. I. R. R's., 57 miles 
west of Indianapolis, and 16 east of Terra 
Haute. This is an enterprising manufac- 
turing and commercial town of 4,500 in- 
habitants, and contains 5 churches — Meth- 
odist, Presbyterian, Catholic, Christian and 
Baptist — good graded schools, a business 
college, public library and 2 banks, 3 
hotels. The press is represented by 4 weekly 
papers — Miner, Register, Democrat, and Clay 
County Enterprise. The most important 
feature of Brazil is its immense deposits of 
block coal, which is extensively mined 
and shipped, there being 7 mines in daily 
operation, employing a large force of 
miners, who receive in payment for their 
labor over $40,000 per month. Its manu- 
facturing intei-ests comprise 3 foundries, 2 
Hour mills, a blast furnace, 1 pottery, 2 
planing mills, 1 rolling mill, a furniture 
factory, cooper shop, and 1 woolen mill. 
It is lighted by gas, has good water-works, 
a fire department, substantial county build- 


Siis. •2><!iri'):;i)i;usl 'ieorgia. Street, ' ) 

Manufacturer of Wagon and Carriage Material. 

SLHiGH a:su bob RUI«rVHRS, 

I9iO. (. Fenders and Raves. Sec adv., page 6. 

Blank Book Makers 


Printers, Binders and Blank Book Makers, 

S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts.. IndianaDOlia. 





ings, and is rapidly improving by the erec- 
tion of several new business blocks and 
handsome residences. Bonded debt $62,- 
000. Coal is the chief export. Ex., Am. 
Tel., W. U. Thomas M. Eobertson, post- 

Anderson Bros, grocers. 
Baker William J, saloon. 
Barnett & Nire, general store. 
Barnett & Eenfro, milliners. 
Barrick Charles E, grocer. 
BiggerstafF Paris, saloon. 
Black Leslie, dry goods. 
Blair ^William P, Lawyer. 
Bolinger Joseph, carpenter. 

Bowman L J, propr Justice House. 

Brattin Dudley W, jeweler. 

Brazil Bank; capital, $50,000; C S An- 
drews, prest. 

Brazil Block Coal Company, D C Jenne-, 
prest and treas. 

Brazil Commercial College, .J W Howard, 

Brazil Miner (weekly), »S B Riley, publisher, 

Brazil Register (weekly), A F Bridges, 

Brazil and Chicago Coal Company, J G 
Niblock, prest. 

Bridges Albert F, publisher Brazil Register. 

Brighton & Teter, bankers. 


The Brazil Planing 












^lag ^ountyi |cl*s^racl ^om^ang 





New York Life Ins. Go. 

Has the best CanTassiiig Dociinients and offers 

J. W. Dean, Gen'I Ag't, ludianapolis. 


14 aud 16 East South Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Britton Jollii C, Lawyer and Justice 

of the Peace. 
Brown .1 ames, saloon. 
Brvson John G. lianlware. 
Caley & Porter, Carriage Manufac- 

Campbell & Smith, druggists. 
Carj>entor J A c*s: Co. dry goods. 
Carter W W, lawver. 

Central Iroii and Steel Com- 
pany, M Collins, Prest; William _C 
Hall, Sec and Treas ; Manufacturers Pig 
Iron, Merchant Bar and Car Axles. 
Clay County Abstract Com- 
pany. Abstracts of Title. {See adv). 
Clay County Enterprise (Weekly). Luther 

Wolfe, publisher. 
Clearwaters J A Kev, (Methodist). 
Collins Major, flour mill, 
Cooper David C, harness. 
Craft John B, grocer. 
Crawford Coal Company, A J Crawford, 

prest ; .J. P Cmwford, sec and treas. 
Crawford & BIcCrimmon, Foun- 
ders and Machinists, Manufacttirers Steam 
Engines and Pumps. 
Croasdale Jonathan, General In- 
surance and Real Estate Agt. 
Culberson Robert, physician. 
Curtis Samuel N, lawyer. 
Daly William, merchant tailor. 
Dougherty & Son, liverv. 
Davies Thomas, photographer. 
Decker Andrew S, grocer. 
Delger Frederick, druggist. 
Delletield Isaac, fancy goods. 
Delletield Myer, furniture and undertaker. 
Democrat (The), Lansing & Lusk, publish- 
Dickson John, tailor. 
Dickson Lewis E, harness. 
Drake Elizabeth Mrs, dressmaker. 
Drake Kate ^Irs, restaurant. 
Dunagan & Adams, harness. 
Egener Herman, shoemaker, 
Ellis & Co, grocers. 
Finkelstein Solomon, junk dealer. 
Fisher Charles A, grocer. 
Flowers Thomas D, physician. 
Ford & McCullough, clothing. 
Frank .John Mrs, millinery. 
French I'eiiford F, saloon. 
Gainor .John A, baker and confectioner. 
Gardner it .Johnson, grocers. 
Gaudoin .John, barber. 
Girtord Josci)h C, j)hysician. 
Gilford William H, i)hysician. 
Oonter S K & Co, Groceries, Crock- 
ery and Glassware. 
Goodin .John, carpenter. 
Gowen William .M, saloon. 
Graham Floyd, insurance. 
Gregg John C, sewing machines. 

Gundelfinger Saul, clothing. 

Guthrie R W, lawyer. 

Haeberle George, carriagemaker. 

Hall W C & Co, general store. 

Hammerly Joseph, boots and shoes. 

Hand Abijah P, general store. 

Hatick & Son, grocers. 

Hawkins William B, physician. 

Hendrix E & J, real estate. 

Hendrix Frank, blacksmith. 

Herbtrt Bros, meat market. 

Herbert Charles, meat market. 

Herr Jacob, lawyer. 

Herr Simon, druggist. 

Herron W^illiam M, saloon. 

Hill William, barber. 

Holliday & Byrd, lawyers. 

Holloway & Co, general store. 

Hoskins J M & Co, dry goods. 

Hoskins William A, second-hand goods. _ 

Howard J W, propr Brazil Commercial 

Howard William V, laundry. 

Hunt Daniel, grocer. 
'Hussey Edward S, agt Am Ex Company. 

Hysung Jacob P, druggist. 

Ingoldsby Peter, saloon. 

Irwin John W, flour mill. 

Jackson Coal & Mining Company, M A 
Jackson, prest ; D W Miushell, sec and 

Jalbert Remy, grocer. 

Jarboe Ignatius, insurance and real estate. 

Jarboe William, meat market. 

Jones George, agt St L, V, T H & I, and C & 
E I R R's. 

Jones John, baker and confectioner. 

Justice House, L J Bowman, propr. 

Keith John W, milliner. 

Kerfoot Richard A, hardware. 

Klingler D & U, saloon. 

Knight & Knight, lawyers. 

Krieter Frederick, grocer. 

Krieter M & M, millinery. 

Kruzan & Bro, grocers. 

Kruzan & Co, dry goods. 

Lansing & Lusk, publishers The Democrat. 

Leavitt William, real estate. 

Lenhard Joseph, cooper. 

Luther & Bowman, lawyers. - 

Lybyer Salem H, dentist. 

McClelland James W, grocer. 

McDonald Jane Mrs, grocer. 

McDonald John, lumber dealer. 

McGregor & Compton, lawyers. 

McNutt James A, lawyer. 

Matson Charles E, lawyer. 

Menough Bros, founders and machinists. 

Mercer & I'ittenger, harness. 

Michaelree William J, saloon. 

Miller J F Rev, (United Brethren). 

Moore & Montgomery, hardware. 

Morgan Brasleton B, physician. 

I III IjvAD/iLri 1 1 '"''^'"'^'- '^^"'^'O'"*- Increase IViision.s, I'ay, IJounty, i.aini Warrants 

) H Claims, etc' iSpecial ationtion g'ivcn"^to KejectcVl Claims. Special 

' iiijint: vyiuuiiK, uic. npcciai uiioiiiKJii given \.i> ivejuuii-u v^iuiius. opeciai 

arraDgements made with Claim Agents going out of the business, or Attorneys sending me business. 


Price List sent by request. 





Morgel John, blacksmith. 

Mosher John, saloon. 

Nance & Mercer, livery. 

O'Connell Thomas, saloon. 

Oberdorfer Bertha Mrs, saloon. 

Pappy John, barber. 

Payne Kate Miss, dressmaker. 

Pierce Charles, saloon. 

Pierrardt H Rev, (Catholic). . 

Plumb William H, baker and confectioner. 

Poff & Phillips, meat market. 

Pontious Martha Mrs, dressmaker. 

Price J M, physician. 

Price & Black, physicians. 

PuUen S S & Son, jewelers. 

Heed & Gaines, carpenters. 

Richardson & Co, dry goods. 

Ridpath William M, lawyer. 

Rigby House, E Rigby, propr. 

Riley Samuel B, publisher Brazil Miner. 

Roberts Lewis D, cooper. 

Roberts William, saloon. 

Robertson T M, postmaster. 

Robertson T M & Co, books and stationery. 

Rosengarten Herman, sewing machines. 

Schrepferman Casper, shoemaker. 

Schromver William F, boots and shoes. 

Sellers W T Rev, (Christian). 

Shadley Frank, flour and feed. 

Shannon, Fast & Sowar, bakers and con- 

Shaw George P, justice of the peace. 

Shellhouse & Co, coal miners. 

Sherfey Joseph E, furniture and under- 

Sherfey & Reed, planing mill and lumber. 

Shultz George R, hotel and livery. 

Siegel Samuel, clothing. 

Slater Jarvis, saloon. 

Smith George W, cigars and tobacco. 

Smith & Jones, groceries and bottlers. 

Spry& Co, marble works. 

Spurgin & Stough, meat market. 

Sourwine John D, druggist. 

Stepenson James, saloon. 

Stewart Bennett, barber. 

Stewart Burton, barber. 

Stewart Roberts, meat market. 

Stewart T Calvin Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Stough John S, wagonmaker. 

Stunkard Ross M, Carriage Man- 

Thimm Frederick W, merchant tailor. 

TifTee William H, grocer. 

Torbert & Baker, tottery. 

Turner Abraham W, woolen mill and dry 

Turner Lewis C, grocer. 

Vanes John, boilermaker. 

Volz Andrew, shoemaker. 

Wake William, saloon. 

Washburn S G, tailor. 

TVatson Coal & Bliuing Com- 
pany ; Capital, $150,000 ; Thomas 

. Watson, Prest ; M D Watson, Sec and 

Wehrle Frank J, boots and shoes. 

Western LTnion Telegraph Company,Charles 
Hunt, manager. 

Wheeler A B, insurance. 

White J M Rev, (Baptist). 

White Leon, saloon. 

IJVilder & Halstead, Planing Mill, 
Lumber Dealers and Stair Builders. 
(ibee adv.) 

Wilson Malcolm T, confectioner. 

Wolfe Luther, publisher Clay County En- 

Wolfe William J, dentist. 

W^oodruffife Trunky Bros, coal. 

Wright Francis M, grocer. 

York & Myer, billiard hall. 

postoffice, located in Franklin township, 
Harrison county, 6 miles east of Corydon, 
the county seat, and 14 southwest of New 
Albany, the place of shipment. Daily 
stage to Corydon ; fare, 40 cents ; and New 
Albany ; fare, 75 cents. 
ScllUtliail I^ag'gfie, Postmaster and 

General Store. 

BREMEN. Is an incorporated town 
of 1,200 inhabitants, located on the B. &0. 
R. R., in German township, Marshall 
county, 13 miles northeast of Plymouth, 
the county seat, and location of nearest 
bank. This is a prosperous, growing vil- 
lage, surrounded by a rich farming district 
and contains 7 churches — Lutheran, Metho- 
dist, Congregational, Evangelical, Catholic, 
United Brethren and German Reformed — a. 
graded school of 4 departments, and 2 hotels,' 
A weekly newspaper, the Banner, is sus- 
tained. Bremen is rapidly becoming an 
important manufacturing town, numbering 
now among its i^rominent mills, factories, 
etc., 5 saw mills, a stave factory, 2 flour 
mills, 1 pump factory, 1 woolen mill, 
a wagon material factory and 1 cooper 
shop. It is entirely free from debt, and its 
business interests are in a flourishing con- 
dition generally. Lumber and grain are 
the principal shipments. Ex., B. & O. 
Moses Keyser, postmaster. 
American House, J Walters & Son, proprs. 
Bauer A & J & Co, general store. 
Bowan John F, lawyer. 
Bowman Bros, druggists and bakers. 
Bremen Banner, G A Sunderland, publisher. 
Bremen Pump Company, manufacturers 

wood pumps. 
Breunbin W Gottleib, stoves and tinware. 
Clark Frederick, barber. 


PATENTS, 16 and 18 Hubbard Block, eoriier of Washington and 


j PA 

j Meridian Streets, Indianapolis, Ind. • 'Kr'All business confidential 

l.efeg'CALL OR Write for Information. 

(Sec adv.) 


Crimped, Address 

Cincinnati, Ohio. 





Conrad Jacob, Wagon maker. 

Dietrich J E & Co, general store. 

Fink Martin, grocer. 

Fink v& Nufer, meat market. 

Fii-her Valentine, harnessmaker. 

Foglev Annie Miss, hair goods. 

FoltZ Charles W, "Tinware. 

Freese t*c Jordan, agricultural implements. 

Garver House, H M Garver, propr. 

Gerber Louis A, hardware. 

Hans Jacob, blacksmith. 

Hans »& Etcold, shoemakers. 

Hardzog Mary A Miss, milliner. 

Haves Samuel J, lawyer. 

Helmlinger George & Co, general store. 

Herring Nathaniel A, physician. 

Hershberger & Shinefield, saw mill. 

Hoople Charles J, saloon. 

Hudson Manufacturing Company, stave and 

heading manufacturers. 
Hull' John, furniture. 
Hufi" John P, saw mill. 
HulF& Carbiener, saw mill. 
Huffman John Rev, (Evangelical). 
Kaneger Philip, shoemaker. 
Kershaw & Kose, saw mill. 
Knoblock A J & Co, flour mill. 
Koontz .John, wagonmaker. 
Leahr William, jeweler. 
Light Summerfield Eev, (Methodist), 
Listenberger Caroline Mrs, milliner. 
Listenberger H & Co, harnessmaker. 
McEchran Donald Eev, (United Brethren). 
Macoumber Eliza C Mrs, dressmaker. 
Macoumber Hiram J, drugs and books. 
Mensel William F, agt B e^ O E E Ex. 
Miller .John, furniture and undertaker. 
Miller & Frost, druggists. 
Modricker Morris, physician. 
Moody .James W, physician. 
. Noyes Charles N, cigars and tobaccos. 
Olds 'William M B, Physician and 

Overdale William G, barber. 
Richards Israel L, dentist. 
Schilt 'William F, Flour and Grist 

Schlessimann Henry Eev, (Lutheran). 
Seller Christian, physician. 
Stabe Charles F, wagonmaker. 
Stange .\ugust Pu;v, (Gern?an Eeformed). 
Stange William, physician. 
Stockinger Phillipfi^ shoemaker. 
Sunderland Oeorge A, publisher Bremen 

Banner and grocer. 
Turner Sterling B, jeweler and justice. 
Unrnh .Jacob, coojjer. 
Wahl .Michael, saloon. 
Walter .Jacob, saloon. 
Walter John, meat market. 
Walters J & Son, propr American House 

anf! saloon. 
Whittaker ,\, saw mill. 

Wilhelm John, tailor. 
Wilkison & Lehr, hardware. 
Wright John J, wagon material manufac- 
AVyraugh Bros, woolen mill. 

BRETZVILLE. A small settle- 
ment located in Jackson township, Dubois 
county, 7 miles southeast of Jasper, the 
county seat, and 5 east of Huntingburgh, 
the place of shipment, on C, E. & S. W. 
Ey. Population, 48. A Lutheran church 
is sustained. William Bretz jr, postmaster. 
Abel David G, cattle dealer. 
Bretz Philip jr, hotel. 
Bret;2 William, Blacksmith. 
Demdorfer J C, lawyer. 
Frick Elizabeth Mrs, general store. 
Frick Jacob P, saloon. 
Leeker Henry, coal mine. 
May William D, lawyer. 
Merkley Frank, coal mine. 
Merriman Daniel, carpenter. 
Portenheimer Philip, carpenter. 
Eitzmann J C O Eev, (Lutheran). 
Eorschieb Jacob, stone mason. 
Scliur^ Jolm F, Justice of the Peace. 

BBEWEBSVILLE. Is located on 
v., G. & E. Br. C, I., St. L. & C. E. E., in 
Sand Creek townshijJ, Jennings county, 8 
miles north of Vernon, the county seat, and 
6 north of North A'^ernon, the location of 
nearest bank. The village contains 100 
inhabitants, and supports a Methodist 
church. Sand Creek furnishes power to 
operate 1 saw and 1 flour mill. Ex., Am. 
Tel., W. U. David Marsh, postmaster. 
Grinstead A L, general store. 
Marsh David, General Store. 
Eobinson N N, flour mill. 
Stearns S J, lime manufacturer. 
Thicksten William, E E and ex agt. 
Wright J H, saw mill. 

BRICK CHAPEL. Is situated ing 
Monroe township, Putnam county, 5 mile, 
north of Greencastle, the county seat, ship 
ping depot and banking town. It contain 
Methodist church and 50 inhabitants- 
Wheat, hay, potatoes and produce are the 
exports. Daily stage to Greencastle. E. 
F. Oakley, postmaster. 
Allen & Eeising, manufacturers sorghum 

Cocks William, justice of the peace. 
Hall H F, blacksmith. 
Hall J B, physician. 
Johnston Bros, live stock. 
Pierce William, saw mill. 
Priest C C, General Store. 
Slavins J S, physician. 
Wyatt Scott, blacksmith. 

Jahne & Co.'s 






•E. G. ATKINS & C9, 

g@^The Celebrated "Silver 
Steel" Circular and Cross- 
cut Saws. 





BRID GEP on T. Harrison county. 

{See Locust Point.) 

BBin GEP OB T. Nine miles west 
of Indianapolis, is a station on the St. L., 
v., T. H. & I. R. R., located in Wayne town- 
ship, Marion county. The village contains 
200 inhabitants, and supports three churches _ 
— Friends, Methodist and Baptist. Grain, 
live stock and timber are the shipments. 
Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. John H. Ingling, 

Albertson E & Co, nursery. 
Bybee Addison, fruit grower. 
Bybee Strawder, live stock. 
Chew Mattie C Miss, R R agt. 
Clickner J S, blacksmith. 
Crone D L, bricklayer. 
Cumlerworth George, tile manufacturer. 
Forsha H, constable. 
Griggs O B, physician. 
Ingling A S, justice of the peace. 
Inkling; John H, General Store. 
Ingling T W, grocer. 
Manken Lewis, physician. 
Mills J & Son, dairy. 
Reagan Noah jr, auctioneer and stock 

Spray W & Son, stock dealers. 
Spray & McMillen, daii-y. 
Sullivan G, grocer and druggist. 
Sullivan W O, shoemaker. 
Slivindler A X, Flour Mill. 
Thompson R W, lawyer and notary. 
Yoke Charles, physician. 
Zimmerman Joel, wagonmaker. 

BBIDGETON, With 175 inhabi- 
tants, is a post village located on Big Raccoon 
creek in Raccoon township:), Parke county, 
10 miles southeast of Rockville, the coun- 
ty seat, and 5 northwest of Carbon its ship- 
ping depot, on the I. & St. L. R. R. The 
creek furnishes power to operate 1 flour 
mill. Daniel Duree, postmaster. 
Allen R C, wagonmaker. 
Belt George C, blacksmith and justice. 
Brubeck Willit.m, meat market. 
Cale J W, miller. 
Casey C W, blacksmith and grocer. 
Crabb R Miss, dressmaker. 
Crooks James, phvsician and druggist. 
Dtiree I^ C Mrs, Milliner. 
Jacks A M, general store. 
Johnson M H, physician. 
Lane Eli, cooper. 
Lay B, carpenter. 
Lay Sarah, dressmaker. 
Martin G K, carpenter. 
Mitchell A, stock dealer. 
Nutt John E, dentist. 
Tenant lla^vrence, Grocer. 
Tenant Prudy, dressmaker. 

Tuvnen J Rev, (Baptist). 
Webster Daniel, flour mill. 

BBIGHT, Or Bunkum, as the place 
was formerly called, has a population of 
90, and is located in Harrison township, 
Dearborn county, 11 miles north of Law- 
renceburgh, the county seat and banking 
town. Harrison, O, 4 miles northeast, on 
the W. W. R. R., is the nearest rail ap- 
proach. Joseph Haddock, postmaster. 
Aperias Henry, shoemaker. 
Crim Jeremiah, blacksmith. 
Haddock Josepti, Postmaster. 
Houk A, wagonmaker. 
Howlin Henry, general store. 
Hurgitt Thomas Rev, (Methodist). 
Ingham Thomas, shoemaker. 
Judd J C, carpenter. 
Kibbey David, general store. 
Liddie William, general store. 
Siddle J R., Physician. 
Swales C A, blacksmith. 
Whipple A B, blacksmith. 
Wilson J A, lawver. 

BRIGHTON. Formerly called Lex- 
ington, is the location of 86 persons, in 
Greenfield township, Lagrange county, 10 
miles northeast of Lagrange court house. 
Lima, its shipping depot and banking 
town, is 6 miles west on the G. R. & I. R. 
R. Live stock and grain are the exports. 
Ex., Adams and U. S. J. P. Crandell, 

Long Peter Rev, (Baptist). 
•Long & Shut, general store. 
Crandall Frank, hotel. 
Crandall J P & Son, General Store. 
Ferguson C W, physician. 
Garletts John, meat market. 
Hendricks John B, cabinetmaker and 

Keagv A E, carpenter. 
Keagy John, justice. 
Mix James, broom manufacturer. 
Price George "W, Blacksmith. 
Price William B, blacksmith, 
Scott James, blacksmith. 
Shattuck C A, plasterer. 
Shattuck Henry, plasterer. 
Wade W L, grocer. 

BBIGHTWOOD. This flourish- 
ing manufacturing suburb of Indianapolis 
is located on the eastern extension of the I. 
B. & W and C. C. C. & I. R. R's., at the 
eastern terminus of the Belt R. R. The 
village joins the city on the northeast, and 
is 100 feet higher than the Union depot. In 
addition to the extensive shops erected here 
by the C. C. C. & I. R. R., Bright wood has 
a large foundry, 1 bentwood factory and a 

R. L. POLK & CO, 


E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 


Brancli, 40 ^iortb Illinois Street, .... Indianapolis, Ind. 





desk factory, employing in all over 500 

hands. One Catholic church, a Union 

chapel and a good graded school constitute 

its relitcious and educational facilities. 

Population, (,)00. Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. 

C. A. Barnes, postmaster. 

Barnes C A, Physician. 

Eeerbower Edward, E R and ex agt. 

Bradshaw W A, grocer. 

Coster Henry, shoemaker. 

Indiana Foundry Company, 

Stove Manufacturers. 
r,anipton G "W, Druggist. 
Sears John, blacksmith. 
Updegraff George, shoemaker. 

BRIMFIELD. Is located on the 

L. S. it M. S. (Air line) R'y, in Orange 

township. Noble county, 5 miles north of 

Albion, the county seat, and 136 southwest 

of Chicago. The village contains 350 in- 
habitants, saw mill, hotel and a Methodist 

church. Grain, live stock and lumber are 

its exports. Ex., U. S. William B. Dunn, 


Bowman Jacob, carpenter. 

Briggs G W II, livery. ^ 

Briggs Henry,' Hotel. 

Casper George W, general store. 

Duesler .John S, blacksmith and wagou- 

Dunn 'William B, groceries and no- 

Fisher James H, carpenter. 

Frank & Son, wagonmakers. 

Gaby George D, general store and feed mill. 

Hart Bros, General Store. 

Ilart Clinton B, R R and ex agt. 

Krum S Rev, (Baptist), and Notary Public. 

Lane William C, saw mill. 

McMeans C W, hardware. 

Nise^wander A J, Drugs. 

Park man E B, justice of the peace. 

Parks F M, blacksmith. 

Rosenberger & Keeler, shoemakers. 

Tidd Wilder G, carpenter. 

Trader J L, physician. 

. BRIXKLEY. Is a recently estab- 
lished postotiice, located in Green township, 
Randolph county, 16 miles northwest of 
Winchester court house. Population, 28. 
Albany, distant G miles, on the L. El. & W. 
R'y, is ihe nearest rail approach. J. G. 
MoProwd, general store and postmaster. 

BRIKG HURST. Is a village and 
station on L. Div. T. H. & I. R'y., located in 
Monroe township, Carroll county, 12 miles 
southefist of I>ehphi, the county seat and 
banking town. Bringhurst contains 261 in- 
habitants and supports a Methodist church. 
Am. Ex. W. U. Tel. Grain, flaxseed and 

lumber comprise its exports. Moses Plank, 


Bennett E M & Son, carpenters. 

Briggs Bros, Shingle Manufacturers. 

Burns A Gasaway, live 'stock. 

Demars Dennis, meat market. 

Guthridge John W, grain and lumber. 

Henderson A, undertaker. 

Henderson & Dawson, carpenters. 

Jackson C P, physician. 

Kraus G W, wagonmaker. 

Landes & Roskuski, tile manufacturers. 

McCormick M C, general store. 

Metsger D, blacksmith. 

Nelson B A Rev, (Baptist). 

Plank C M, pianos and organs. 

Plank Moses, Lumber and Agricul- 
tural Implements and Hardware. 

Retherford & Mann, brick and tile manu- 

Roskuski J, boots and shoes. 

Rutherford Benton, drain tile manufac- 

Shanklin & Rankin, General 

Smith L S Rev, (Methodist). 

S\dvester, Unroe & Towel, saw mill. 

Sylvester W, saw mill. 

Thomas & Champion, live stock. 

Tidrick R R, drugs. 

BRISTOL. Pleasantly situated on 
the St. Joseph river and L. S. & M. S. R. 
R., is a thrifty village of 700 inhabitants, 
located in Washington township, Elkhart 
county, 10 miles north of Goshen, the 
county seat and banking town. Bristol 
supports 3 churches — Presbyterian, Metho- 
dist and Episcopal — and a weekly newspa- 
per, the Banner. Grain and fruit are ex- 
ported. U. S. Ex. W. U. Tel. J. Moffit, 

Aitken F M, physician. 
Beck L L, meat market. 
Bertch C H, hardware and ex agt. 
Bickel C E, hardware. 
Bower C C, physician. 
Boyer John, Hour mill. 
Brazie & Barbour, physicians. 
Bristol Banner, C F Mosier, publisher. 
Congdon L A, hotel and drugs. 
Coss William, general store. 
Floyd G J B, drugs. 
Heaton D, grain dealer. 
Hilbish Thomas, general store. 
Kelly F, physician. 
Kellv S F, grocer. 
Kline A K, agt L S & M S R'y. 
Krug li Mrs, jewelry. 
Lamport II ^I Rev, (Methodist). 
L,ee & Deitch, General Store. 
Merritt W H & Son, general store. 
Mofflt J, Books and Stationery. 

L. Everingham & Co.] 

Commission Merchants. GBAIN and PRO- 
VISIONS Bought and Sold ON MARGINS. 
125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 

BOULDERS BLOWN OUT ''^iTcii'l'k'S'^^S^'S^^r 

C. H. JENNE, Agent, 29i North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Mosier C F, editor Bristol Banner. 

Nicholson & Chess, general store. 

Roman F G, grocer and stationery, 

Rosevelt S Eev, (Episcopal). 

Sanders Samuel, Grocer. 

Seely G W, drugs. 

SIbert C T, carpenter and builder. 

Sterner B, livery. 

Storn A, barber. 

Wise W P, restaurant. 

Wise & Beck, meat market. 

Bouse William, live stock. 
Worland V B, saw mill. 

B BIS TO TV, Is a rural postoffice, lo- 
cated in Clark township, Perry county, 16 
miles north of Tell City court house and 12 
north of Troy, its shipjiing point on the 
Ohio river. Population, 10. Thomas J. 
Dugan, postmaster and general store. 

BBOAD BLPPLE. Six miles 
north of Indianapolis, on the C. & I. (air 
line) R. R., is a hamlet containing 100 in- 
habitants, located in Washington township, 
Marion county. White river flows by the 
village and furnishes power to drive 1 flour 
mill. Grain is the principal shipment. S. 
Sheets, postmaster. 
Dawson M H, saloon. 
Day Ezra, blacksmith. 
Keeler & Brown, flour mill. 
Locke William, shoemaker. 
StieetS S) general store. 
Sheets & Sharp, flour mill. 
Light R C, physician. 

BBOOK. With a population of 40, 
is located on the Iroquois river, in Iroquois 
township, Newton county, 10 miles north- 
east of Kentland, the county seat, banking 
town and usual place of shipment. An ex- 
cellent water site for a flour mill is offered 
here. Daniel E. Lowe, postmaster. 
Hawkins F T, wagonmaker. 
Herath Henry, blacksmith. 
Hess & Tyler, general store. 
t,Owei>avidE, Grocer and Druggist. 
Selring John Rev, (Methodist). 
Smith George B, physician. 

BB O OK FIELD. A station on the 
C, I., St. L. & C. R. R., located in Moral 
township, Shelby county, 13 miles north- 
west of Shelbyville, the count}' seat, and 15 
southeast of Indianapolis. Wheat, corn, 
wood and produce are the exports. A Baptist 
church has recently been erected here. Ex., 
Am. Cornelius Means, postmaster. 
McQuery James, meat market. 
Means Cornelius, Insurance Agt, 

Notary, R R and Ex Agt. 
Means C & Bro, General Store. 
Means R R, blacksmith. 
Stanley E H & Son, flour mill. 

BBOOKLYN, Is a prosperous vil- 
lage of 300 inhabitants, situated on White 
Lick Creek and I. & V. R'y-i i" Clay town- 
ship, Morgan county, 9 miles northeast of 
Martinsville, the county seat, and 20 south- 
west of Indianapolis. The creek furnishes 
power to drive 1 flour and 1 saw mill. 
Christian and Methodist churches are sus- 
tained. Ex., Adams. B. L. Gregory, post- 

Beem Samuel, justice of the peace. 
Beem S P, harness. 
Dyke W & Son, blacksmith. 
Fansler R, wagonmaker. 
Greeson W H, harness. 
Gregory B L,, R R and Ex Agt. 
Gregory J Bi & Son, Grain and 

Agricultural Imijlements. 
Harden J R, saw mill. 
Hobbs J E, shoemaker. 
King G T, wagonmaker. 
Lindley C M, physician. 
McDaniel Ira, flour mill. 
McNeff P S, General Store. 
Miller F R, grocer. 
Moss Samuel, drugs. 
Newby James, constable. 
Pennington M D, restaurant. 
Richardson & Morgan, General 

Rike Silas, blacksmith. 
Scott B D, shoemakei'. 
Sellers B, live stock. 
Ware Mary J Mrs, hotel. ' 

Woods C W Rev, (Methodist). 
Van Sant W P, physician. 

BB O OKSB UB GH. A hamlet 
containing 130 inhabitants, located in Mil- 
ton township, Jefferson county, on the Ohio 
river, Ih miles east of Madison, the county 
seat, banking town and nearest rail ap- 
proach. Hay, grain, and live stock are 
marketed. L. D. Daily, postmaster and 
general store. 

BBOOKSTON. Is located on the 
L., N. A. & C. R'y, in Prairie township, 
White county, 16 miles southwest of Mon- 
ticello court house, 14 north of Lafayette, 
the location of nearest bank. Brookston 
contains 566 inhabitants, Methodist and 
Baptist churches, a graded school, 1 ho- 
tel, a tile factory, and a weekly newspa- 
per — The Reporter. It derives its entire 
support from the surrounding country, 
which is very jiroductive, especially as to 
the growth of grain, which, with live stock,' 
comprises its chief exports. Am. and L., 

TWOR W OT 1I"PT3 OPTICIAN AND WATCHMAKER, 93 North PennsylTania street, 
'^■^-^'^'^» ^^* V/A^XXi-X-, New-Denison Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

I make a specialty of WATCHES AND OPTICAL GOODS, and have a full line. Having over thirty 
years experience, can assure satisfactorj' results in adjustment and repairs. 

Unmo I ifo I no Pn ^ith $5,000,000 ofAssets, has not one dollar of interest 
nOrriC Lllu lllwi UUi due and uncollected. For agencies Direct with Comp'ny, 

Apply to E. H. KELLOGG^ Sup't., Chicago, III. 





N. A. & C. Ex. Tel., ^Y. U. Clark S. Lit- 


Bordner Augustus S, lumber and insur- 

Brandon James H, General Store. 

Brandt Frederick, saloon. 

Brookston Keporter, Chester C French, 

Bross John, carpenter. 

Brown John, wagonmaker. 

Cochran Andrew, furniture and undertaker. 

Cochran D G & A, carpenters. 

Colvin Solomon S, shoemaker. 

Pieterle Andrew, blacksmith. 

French Chester C, publisher Brookston Re- 

Or ess Hotel, John Munn, Propr. 

Hayes Thomas S, grain and live stock. 

Head Truxton, general store. 

Holtzman John W, barber and cigars. 

Holtzman Morris J, meat market. 

Holtzman Wellington H, physician. 

Litson Richard E, shoemaker. 

Little C S & Son, agricultural implements. 

Little Mattie Miss, confectioner. 

Long Mahlon, saloon. 

Long Wentel, feed stable. 

McClelland William J, agt L, N & C R'y 
and Ex Company. 

Martin Augustus, blacksmith. 

Martin John C Rev, (Methodist). 

Mason E P & Son, general store. 

Medaris John, physician. 

Mendenhall & Kelly, physicians. 

Munn John, propr Gress Hotel. 

Murpby Daniel E, Hardware, 

Parrish .John & Co, grain dealers. 

Patterson A L, justice of the peace. 

Powell Dorcas A Mrs, general store. 

Price James K, wagonmaker. 

Rainer & Son, grocers. 

Ramey Lsaac, painter. 

Ramcy Manley C, carpenter. 

Ripley William, tile manufacturer. 

Rogt^rs Anna Mrs, milliner. 

Samjjson William H, phy.sician. 

Schneider Peter, harness and saddles. 

Smith William P, barber. 

Spencer Marion, livery stable. 

Spitzer Abram C, Hardware. 

Stahlmann Frederick, shoemaker. 

Staton William, j)ainter. 

Street A & Son, grocers. 

Street Laron E, agt Am Ex Company, 

Tedford J G liev, (Baptist), 

Thomi)Son Benton, druggist. 

VanWinkle & Martin, druggists. 

Wolff .John, baker and confectioner. 

Ji It O O K VILL E. Is an incor j)or a- 
ted town of 1^,000 inhabitants, the county 
seat of Franklin county, is pleasantly loca- 
ted on Wbite Water river and the W. W. 

V. R. R., 85 miles from Indianapolis and 
43 from Cincinnati. It is incorporated, 
cai'ries a bonded debt of $3,600, has real 
and personal property (assessed value) 
amounting to $875,000, is lighted by gas, 
has a good fire department, and supports 
Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran and 
Catholic churches, good schools, a town 
hall, 5 hotels, 1 bank, and 2 weekly news- 
papers — Franklin Democrat and Brookville 
American. The river furnishes good water 
power, which is partially utilized to operate 
2 flour mills and 1 paper mill, which, with a 
distillery, 1 saw mill, 1 brick yard, a tan- 
nery, 1 foundry, 2 cooper shops, 1 brewer} , 
and a churn factory run by steam comprise 
its manufacturing industries. Grain and 
lumber are the principal shipments. The 
surrounding country is fertile and particu- 
larlv adapted to the growth of cereals. 
Ex.; Am. Tel., W. U. J. B. Tyner, post- 

Alexander F M, lawyer. 
Armstrong Monroe, dentist. 
Baker Oliver B, saloon. 
Balsley H H, agt W W V R'y. 
Bender Anthony, boots and shoes and agt 

Am Ex Company. 
Bentley Cyrus B, propr Franklin Democrat. 
Berry George, physician, 
Berry William H, physician. 
Berry & Berry, lawyers. 
Bishop Charles A, furniture and under- 
Bracken William H, county clerk. 
Bi'ockamjj John H, grocer and saloon. 
Brookirille American, W H 

Green, Propr. 
Brookville Bank, C F Goodwin, cashr. . 
Brown Caroline C Mrs, milliner. 
Buck William, boots and shoes. 
Buckingham George B, physician. 
Buntz W^illiam, tanner. 
Burkhart .John, carpenter. 
Campbell E A Rev, (Methodist). 
Cates William H, barber. 
Chambers Susanna, carpet weaver. 
Central Hotel, John Rothermel, 

Clark Alfred, saw mill. 
Clark Benjamin F, cigars and tobacco. 
CullinsJohn M, dry goods. 
Curry James' F, Meat Market, 
Davis Samuel, dry goods. 
Davis & Ritze, boots and shoes, 
Dennett John, painter. 
Diener Oustavus P, Barber, 124 

Dudley George J, proi)r St Charles Ex- 
Ellis John, cooi)er. 
Fieber John D, stoves and tinware. 
Fleischman Mienard Rev, (Catholic). 


HiCKOEY, Oak and Asii Logs and Lumber delivered on line of any 
-^»,, .,rr^ Railroad, by O . S . G 1 1^ I, E T X E , 

'2ii and 30 East Georgia St,, Indianapolis, Ind. Sec adv., page 6. 



C2::^5=I*RI ENTERS A?«I> BIBH>ERS,::$:M5 

S. E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Franklin Democrat, C B Bentley, propr. 

Fries Anthony, brickmakar. 

Fries Joseph A, flour mill. 

Fries Michael J, cooper. 

Gagle A & Bros, coopers. 

Gagle Leonard, propr Miller House and 

Geis Frank, harnessmaker. 
Geis Mary Mrs, grocer. 
Gerber Jacob, propr Union House. 
Or een 'William H, Publisher Brook- 

ville American. 
Hannan Joseph, grocer. 
Harrell Samuel S, lawyer. 
Hartman Gus, grocer. 
Heason Andrew J, county treasurer. 
Heason Paul, shoemaker. 
Hegg Adam, cigars and tobacco. 
Hoffman Edward, photographer. 
Holder John, grocer. 
Holfe Ignatius, druggist. 
Honicher Lewis C, carpenter. 
Hornung Lewis, gun and locksmith. 
Hough AVilliam B, sewing machines. 
Hutchinson J W & Co, lumber and grain. 
Hutchinson Z T, grocer. 
Johnston & Templeton, agricultural imple- 
Jones & Jones, lawyers. 

Kaiser Albert H, dry goods. 

Kerr William H, county recorder. 

Kiefer Emma Miss, dressmaker. 

Kieseler Gottlieb, general store. 

King Andrew J, druggist. 

King John & Sou, dry goods and clothing. 

Klotz Constantine, blacksmith. 

Koeber Christian, baker and confectioner. 

Koeber C F & Bro, bakers and grocers. 

Kohler Ignatius, boots and shoes. 

Kolhoff" Joseph, merchant tailor. 

Kuhlman & Teepen, distillers. 

LaKue William K, wagonmaker. 

Liming Jacob F, blacksmith. 

Line A B, real estate agt and justice. 

McCarty Thomas J, druggist. 

Mcintosh Robert R, coroner. 

McKee John F, deputy internal revenue 

McKee & McKee, lawyers. 

Masters Samuel B, blacksmith. 

Meeks Mary R Miss, milliner. 

Mess Michael M, lawyer. 

Miller Aaron C, bridge builder. 

Miller A C Mrs, milliner. 

Miller House, Leonard Gagle, propr. 

Mitchell Peyton R, merchant tailor. 

Moore D R Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Popper Ignatz O, dry goods. 

Posey John J, livery. 

Prifogfle & Bossert) Grocers and 

Quellhorst Lewis, painter. 

Redelberger John, wagonmaker. 

Rehme John A, grocer. 

Ries Conrad, saloon. • 

Ritzi Casper, jeweler. 

Rockafellar E B & Co, stoves and tinware. 

Rotbermel John, Propr Central 

Hotel and Saloon. 
St Charles Exchange, G J Dudley, propr. 
Sachsa Henry, cooper. 
Samoniel Charles, hardware. 
Sauers John G, grocer. 
Schaf Peter, propr Valley House and sa- 
Schath Dismas, boots and shoes. 
Schilling Fannie & Maggie Misses, milli- 
Schiltz John P, county auditor. 
Sclilapp Charles R, Saloon. 
Schmidt Joseph, clothier. 

Schneider Joseph, furniture and under- 

Schrichte Herman H, marble works. 

Schultdress Henry, churn manufacturer. 

Seibel John A, lumber and grain. 

Senefeld John, cooper. 

Shoefle Ignatius, drugs. 

Showalter Isaac, carpenter. 

Singer Peter, saloon. 

Slaughter David, wall paper. 

Smith Jacob, marble dealer and saloon. 

Smith Thomas H, lawyer. 

Sottong Adam, meat market. 

Squier G C, physician. 

Stallcup W P & Son, machinists. 

Stead Smith W, baker. 

Stewart Paper Company, Thomas Lindsay, 
manager ; Charles Stewart, prest. 

Stock Adam, brewer. 

Sturapf John, blacksmith. 

Swift Ferdinand S, lawyer. 

Tappan James M, blacksmith. 

Tappan Mary A Miss, milliner. 

Tucker Alvin M, livery. 

Xyner James B, Books and Station- 

Union House, Jacob Gerber, propr. 

Urmston & Carter, lawyers. 

Valley House, Peter Schaf, propr. 

Walz Mary M Mrs, milliner. 

West James F, druggist. 

Williams William W^, sheriff". 

Withers T W, flour mill. 

Younts William H, county surveyor. 

BR 6 WNSB UR G. Fourteen miles 
west of Indianapolis, on the I., B. & W. R'y-j 
is a thriving village of 700 inhabitants, in 
Lincoln townshijj, Hendricks county, 11 
miles northeast of Danville, the county seat 
and nearest bank location. The farming 
district surrounding the village is excel- 
lent. The place has 4 churches — Christian, 
Methodist, Presbyterian and Catholic — a 
graded school, 2 hotels, drain tile factory, 

New York Life Ins.Co 

Was the first to issue Non-Forfeitable Policies. 
No suicidal clause or objectionable restrictions 

B J. W. Dean, Geii'l Ag't, in^VanIpoliI; 

Bread and Crackers of the Best Quality, (14 East South Street 






2 saw mills and 1 flour mill. Exports are 

lumber, grain and live stock. Ex., U. S. 

Tel., W. U. Mail, daily. Francis M. 

Hughes, postmaster. 

Adams & Thompson, live stock. 

Barker A Davidson, physicians. 

Bonney James, druggist. 

Brent c^ Young, millinery. 

Brown Oliver F, blacksmith. 

Brownsburg House, Mrs E Watts, propr. 

Burns John T, lawyer. 

Burns & Bray, grocers. 

Clark Frank, carpenter. 

Clark Owen, shoemaker. 

Cook A Co, lumber manufacturers. 

Cope t*i Hunt, general store and live stock. 

Davis Job II, druggist and grocer. 

Dinwiddle William F, grocer, 

Douglass Abraham, hotel and livery. 

Dugan John, grocer. 

Duncan & Gray, carpenters. 

Eaton & Eaton, Ijrick manufacturers. 

Ellis & Ellis, tile manufacturers. 

Forshee William J & Son, blacksmiths. 

Free William T, grocer. 

Graham Thomas A, physician. 

Gray Isaac W, justice of the peace. 

Green M D & Co, druggists. 

Griffith John W, barber and jeweler. 

Hughes Edward, painter. 

Hughes Francis M, general store. 

Johnson Jonathan H, lawyer and insur- 

Lingeman J F & Co, flour mill. 

Lumpkin & Lumpkin, milliners. 

McCaslin & Bell, live stock. 

McDonald Philip E, live stock. 

McDonald S W & Bro, Dealers in 
Dry Goods, Notions, Groceries, Hats, 
Caps, Boots, Shoes and Hardware. 

McGinnis Rose ^Irs, milliner. . 

McGinnis William M, agt I, B & W R'y and 
r S Ex Company. 

McQuown James H, saddles and harness. 

Marsh John L, physician. 

Miller Thomas C, grocer. 

Neligh Solon H, earriagemaker. 

O'Dea Thomas, grocer. 

Ohaver & Langsrlale, dressmakers. 

Pickett K H, ])ainter. 

Kidgway Charles, undertaker. 

Smith lienjaruin T, lumber manufacturer. 

Thompson Siinire, meat. 

Tolle & Euliss, general store. 

Walsh Patrick, grocer. 

Watts Eli'/a Mrs, propr Brownslnirg House. 


poi(iil:iti(jn of 100, and is located in Rock 
Creek townsliip, Huntington (.oiinty, 7miles 
southeast of JIijntint.'ton court house, the 
]ilacc of shipment and nearest bank loca- 
tion. It contains a Baptist church and dis- 

trict school. W. A. Gourley, postmaster. 
Cummins C C, shoemaker. 
Fall Daniel, blacksmith. 
Gilbert J B, blacksmith. 
Oourley "W A, General Store. 
Hite John, hotel. 
Lvons J W, livestock. 
R.iley yV R., General Store. 
Thelvey Reuben, meat market. 

Bit O WNSTO WN. The county seat 
of Jackson county, was settled in 1819, con- 
tains a population of 1,000, and is located 
on the O. & M. Railway, 11 miles west of 
Seymour, the location of nearest bank, and 
75 south of Indianapolis. The village con- 
tains a graded school of 4 departments, 
Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist and Chris- 
tian churches, 2 hotels, 1 flour mill, and 
supports a weekly newspaper — Banner. 
Grain and watermelons are the principal, 
shipments. Land in the vicinity com- 
mands $20 to $40 per acre, and is slightly 
undulating, but fairly productive. Ex., 
O. & M. Tel., W. U. Albert Benton, 
postmaster. , 

Acker William, county treasurer; 
Allen Oscar, grocer. 
Applewhite James F, sheriff. 
Applewhite R A, lawyer. 
Bain William C A, physician. 
Benton Walter Rev, (Methodist). 
Benton Walter L, harnessmaker. 
Boas M L, physician. 
Branaman Frank, lawyer. 
Branaman & Branaman, lawyers. 
Brodhecker Conrad, grocer. 
Brodhecker Louisa D Mrs, milliner. 
Brown D H, coroner. 
Brownstown Banner, William Frysinger, 

Burrell Frank, county clerk. 
Burrell John B, druggist. 
Burrell John R, shoem'aker. 
Burrell & Emerson, lawyers. 
Clement James S, jeweler. 
Dale N R Rev, (Christian). 
Durland Charles H, grocer. 
Etna House, J H Scott, jjropr. 
Falk Frank, saloon. 
Fassold Frank, barber. 
Ferris Maggie E Mrs, books and stationery. 
I'rysinger William, publisher Brownstown 

Gallamore Jesse N, county recorder. 
Hackendorf Martin, shoemaker. 
Hamilton James B, county supt of schools. 
Ilarbart Martin, baker. 
Heller Adam, general store. 
Hogg Washington Rev, (Baptist). 
Hurrle Dominick, blacksmith.- 
Ireland William II, physician. 
Johnston Benjamin F, barber. 

WU rr^PR AT rV attorney at law, IMMANAPOMS, INI). (48 Vance Block), Collects 
I III L/uADnLJu 1 1 '"■''-'''"'' I'^nHions, Iiicio.isf I'c'iridiis, I'ay, Bounty, Land Warrants, 
' Horse ClaiiriM-, etc. Kjiceiiil uliciitioii Kivcn to Kejected Claims. Special 
urraDgemcnts made with Claim Agents going out of tlie business, or Attorneys sending me business. 


IiAGER BEER, ALE and PORTER. In Casks and 
BottleSi Oliicago Office, corner Market and Randolpb Streets. 
T. D. STUVBR, Sole Agent. See Advertisement page 351. 





Kober Martin, shoemaker. 
Kochenour David A, lawyer. 
Long & Long, lawyers. 
Lubker D H & Bro, hardware. 
Miller Frank, flour mill. 
Moore Charles A, Lawyer and Jus- 
Price Benjamin T, county auditor. 
Scott James H, propr Etna House. 
Sheets Frank, wagonmaker. 
Shields Seth W. dentist. 
Smith T G Eev,' (Presbyterian). 
Smith S P Rev, (Baptist). 
Stilwell Joseph A, druggist and physician. 
Stout John, livery. 
Stryker Bros, blacksmiths. 
Taylor William, meat market. 
Tevis Virgil W Rev, (Methodist). 
Vermilya Wright, general store. 
Wacker H W & Co, general store. 
Winscott John, saloon. 
Winscott Richard .J, saloon. 
Wood F D, county surveyor. 
Wort House, Mrs S A Wort, propr. 

BROWN'S VALLEY. Is the lo- 
cation of 114 persons in Brown township, 
Montgomery county, on L. Div. T., H. 
& I. R'y, 11 miles southeast of Crawfords- 
ville, the county seat, and 41 northwest of 
Terre Haute. A Baptist church is sus- 
tained, and live stock, staves, heading, 
grain and wool are exported. Am. Ex. 
W. U. Tel. William H. Miles, postmaster. 
Allen J H, livery. 
Andress L S, barber. 
Bolser J T, R R and ex agt. 
Boylatid Samuel, carpenter. 
Clemants N, chairmaker. 
Gott S A, shoemaker. 
Johnson A W, dentist. 
Kendall JM Rev, (Baptist). 
Miles 'William H, General Store, 
dinger David, physician. 
Patton & Allen, live stock. 
Shockley F M, general store. 
Sites Henry, blacksmith. 
Straugfin K K, Physician. 
Wasson G W, druggist. 
Williams H, carpenter. 
^Williams & Allen, Saw Mill. 

BM O WNS riLLE. Township of 
same name. Union county, contains 322 in- 
habitants and is located on the C, H. & I. 
R'y., 5 miles northwest of Liberty, the coun- 
ty seat and location of nearest bank. East 
fork of White Water river furnishes power 
to operate 1 flour mill. Lumber and live 
stock are the chief shipments. Ex., U. S. 
Tel., W. U. George M. Heim, postmaster. 
Baldinger X, hotel. 
Bennett D, carpenter. 

Bradrick M, produce. 

Carlos James M, Drugs. 

Cross C D, carpenter. 

Cully L, produce. 

Douthit Charles, saw mill. 

Eckard John, blacksmith. 

Ford J H, justice of the peace. 

Green Alexander, carriagemaker. 

Grimes Joseph, grocer. 

Hall William R, general store. 

Hause Charles, meat market. 

Heim Adam, blacksmith. 

Heim O M & Sons, Builders and 

Jennings Daniel, shoemaker. 
Jones James H, wagonmaker. 
Mcintosh T W, blacksmith. 
Redd G W, flour mill. 
Rotan J & Son, blacksmiths. 
Ryan Daniel Rev, (Methodist). 
Shoudter George, saloon. 
Smith J, physician. 
Speers W B, grain. 
Spivey David, carpenter. 
Stages: 'William, General Store. 
Stagg William F, live stock. 
Wilson James, tinner. 

BRO WNTO WN. Johnson county. 

{See Bluff Greek.) 

BR UCE'S LAKE, Is a recently es- 
tablished country postoftice, located on 
lake of same name, in Union township, 
Fulton county, 10 miles west of Rochester, 
the county seat and shipping depot. Aman- 
da Lebo, postmaster. 

BRVCEVILLE. With 258 inhabi- 
tants, is a village located on the I. & V. 
Ry., in Washington township, Knox coun- 
ty, 9 miles northeast of Vincennes, the 
county seat and banking town, and 108 
southwest of Indianapolis. It has Metho- 
dist, Presbyterian and Christian churches. 
Wheat and live stock are the principal 
shipments. Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. Wil- 
liam Willis, postmaster. 
Hmison James, Flour Mill. 
Fairhurst M, live stock. 
Fairhurst William, physician. 
Gude Alfred, blacksmith. 
Hill Bros, grocers. 

Holmes George M, justice of the peace. 
Keakley Elias, blacksmith. 
Kelso J T, saw mill. 
McClure D G, undertaker. 
McClure J iS & Son, harness. 
McDowell James, physician. -^ 
Martin George W, dentist. 
Martin W L, shoemaker. 
Martin Z G, physician. 
Mayfleld J T, physician. 




16 aud 18 Hubbard Block, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 

IHAII nAAVIftinr For corru^ratea anu crimpea, .%aaress 

IRON ROOFINGlw. G, HYNDMAN & CO,, Cincinnati, Ohio. 





Milan J W, physician. 

Nash John, meat market. 

Roberts, Eniison & Steffey, 

General Store. 
Scroggin J H, general store. 
Simpson J T, constable and wagonmaker. 
Thompson J S. phvsician. 
Tront W J Eev, i Christian). 
"Watts, Hill i*c Maylield, tile and brick 

Willis John T. hotel. 
Willis J T ife Kro, general store. 
Willis T 11 Eev, uMethodist). 
"Willis "William, General Store. 

Bli UIN. A station on the A., L. & 
St. L. R'y, in Stouey Creek township, Mad- 
ison Lounty, situated tU miles west of An- 
derson, the county seat and banking town. 
Lumber and grain are the exports. Popu- 
lation, 26. Ex., U. S. Marion Graber, 

Graber Sebastian, grain. 
Graber Marion, Grocer, Notions, 

and Agt A, L c^ St L E'y. 
Graber c^ Co, saw mill. 

BRUNSWICK. Called formerly 
Hanover, is a hamlet located in Hanover 
township, Lake county, 9 miles west of 
Crown Point, the county seat and banking 
town. Cedar Lake, distant S] miles on C. 
I. (Air Line) R. E., is the nearest rail ap- 
proach. Tri-weekly stage to Crown Point; 
fare, oO cents. Population, 100. Herman 
C. Beckman, postmaster. 
Ahles William, saloon. 
Batterman Herman, feed mill. 
Beckmann H C & Son, General 

Beiriger Casper, blacksmith. 
Berg L & Co, general store. 
Buchholz August, cooper. 
Enisele Valentine, wagonmaker. 
Gaus-ser C A Eev, (Catholic). 
Gromann Charles, Physician. John, blacksmith. 
Haisse William, wagonmaker. 
Irish Josephus H, justice of the peace. 
Jostes .John, shoemaker. 
Schloer Jacob, shoemaker. 
Sherer M, ex agt. 

BR USH Y PJiA IltlE. Formerly 
known as Springfield, is the location of 49 
persons in Springfield townsliip, Lagrange 
county, 9J miles east of Lagrange, the 
county seat, shipping station, and nearest 
bank location. Tri-weekly stage to Lima 
and Kendallville. A. M.Spaulding, post- 

Appieraan Wesley, live stock. 
Ash by Ralph, justice of the peace. 

Brock Monroe, wagonmaker. 
Failor J M, blacksmith. 
Hall G F, live stock. 
Porter Hugh A, shoemaker. 
Spaulding: A M, Physician. 
Strayer William, general store. 

BRYANT. In Bear Creek township. 
Jay county, on the G., E. & L R. E., is loca- 
ted 65 miles north of Portland, the county 
seat and banking town. The village con- 
tains 350 inhabitants, 3 churches, graded 
school, 3 saw mills, 2 stave factories and 1 
hub factory. Lumber, staves, heading, 
grain and live stock comprise the chief ex- 
ports. Ex., Adams and U. S. G. S. Lewis, 

Adams F P, stave manufacturer. 
Bishop William 'P, justice of the peace. 
Brown C C, barber. 
Craig L J, stave manufacturer. 
Floor John, shoemaker. 
Freemyer G "W, Hardware and U S 

Ex Agt. 
Gibson G W, insurance agt. 
Hale John, grain, salt and lime. 
Heviland Christopher, hotel and livery. 
Hooklinger Henry, tile manufacturer. 
Lafallette G W, physician. 
L,e-wiS G S, Grocer. 
McLeilan I M, grocer. 
Miles J T, physician. 
MinehartS P, saw mill. 
Replogle John E, R R and ex agt. 
Robinson James, grocer. 
Schnelle Xlieodore, Dry Goods. 
Smith John H, township trustee. 
Straley Bros, saw mill. 
Turner & Butcher, saw mill. 
Vataw & Hanmitt, blacksmiths and wagon- 
Wert C W & Co, druggists. 
Williams & Phillips, meat market. 
Winch C J & Son, hub manufacturers. 
Woodward A B, contractor and builder. 

BR YANTSB UR G, Numbering lOa 
persons, is located in Monroe township,, 
Jeflerson county, 10 miles north of Madi- 
son, the county seat, and 8 miles east of 
Dupont, a station on the J., M. & I. R. R. 
Live stock is imported. Mail tri-weekly.. 
John M. Selbeck, postmaster. 
Bassett .Josiah, blacksmith. 
Blaine Dr, physician. 
Hobson Samuel Rev, (Baptist). 
Kabunce James, constable. 
Kiser .James, justice of the peace. 
Matthews .John, blacksmith. 
Selbeck John M, Grocer, 
Smitha G T, general store. 

James B. Lizius & Co. 



18>^ Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, Ind. 

8@^The Celebrated "Silver 
Steel" Circular and Cross- 
cut Saws. 






BRYANT'S CHEEK. With a pop- 
ulation of 50, is a hamlet located in Wash- 
ington township, Monroe county,* 9 miles 
north of Bloomington, the county seat, 
which is the location of nearest bank and 
railroad station. 
Houston R, general store. 
Payne Noah, general store. 

BBYAN TSVILLE. Contains 100 
inhabitants, in Spice Valley township, Law- 
rence county, and is located 10 miles south- 
west of Bedford, the county seat and bank- 
ing town. Mitchell, 7 miles southeast, at 
crossing of O. & ]VX. and L., N. A. & C. R. 
R's., is the usual place of shii^ment. Lum- 
ber, live stock and produce are the exports. 
John W. Lyons, postmaster. 
Baker J, produce. 
Bare A W, physician. 

Barnes Solomon, truss hoop manufacturer. 
BottS B F, Saw Mill. 
Chilton J L, hotel. 
Culbertson George, cooper. 
Eager J W, justice of the peace. 
Ethenson J, blacksmith. 
Ethenson W, blacksmith. 
Freeman Charles, truss hoop manufac- 
Kelly H, lawyer. 

I^yons John "W, General Store. 
Moren G W, shoemaker. 
Overman J R, live stock. 
Overman O C, live stock. 
Palmer J, justice of the peace. 
Smith Henry, Grocer. 
Turner Henry, carpenter. 
Wolf F G, flour and saw mill. 

BUCKEYE. A newlv established 
post office, located on the T. t). & B. R. R., 
in Salamonie township, Huntington county, 
18 miles southeast of Bluffton, the county 
seat. Population, 40. Grain and lumber 
are the shipments. John Foust, post- 

Foust John, R R agt. 
Foust John & Son, General Store 

and Grain. 
Sparks Hill, feed mill. 
Sutton Dr, physician. 
Welch John, blacksmith. 
Wiseman, McManis & Co, saw mill. 

B UCKSKIN. This is a hamlet con- 
taining 200 inhabitants, in Barton town- 
ship, Gibson county, 15 miles southeast of 
Princeton court house. Fort Branch, 10 
miles west on the E. & T. H. R. R., is the 
nearest rail approach, Lutheran, Catho- 
lic, Baptist, Methodist and Presbyterian 
churches are located here. Herman Bus- 
kuhl, postmaster. 

Burton H, physician. 
Buskuhl Herman, Postmaster. 
Criswell J R Rev, (Baptist). 
Meier & Ohning, saw mill. 
Morris Bros, saw mill. 
Hitch ey Newton, Meat Market. 
Rutledge R W Rev, (Methodist). 
Schnartzbeck John, blacksmith and wagon- 
Shanner Charles T, justice of the peace. 
Taylor J R, justice of the peace. 
Watt Bros, flour and saw mill. 
Woodruff' A C, physician. 


{See Cass.) 

Sullivan county. 

BUENA VISTA, Adams county. 

{See Linn Grove.) 

BUENA VISTA. Harrison county, 

{See Convenience.) 

BUENA VISTA, Population, 50. 
This hamlet is located in Indian Creek 
township, Monroe county, 13 miles south- 
west of Bloomington, the county seat and 
banking town. Harrodsburgh, 6 miles 
east, on L., N. A. & C. R'y-> is the nearest 
rail approach. Wool, produce and live 
stock are marketed. John T Woodward, 

Burch G L, justice of the peace. 
Coleman Frank, coal miner. 
Oliphant Harry, live stock. 
Oliphant James, meat market. 
Oliphant P T, physician. 
Oliphant William H, live stock. • 
Oliphant William L, meat market. 
Shipmau James, blacksmith. 
Shipman J M, wagon and carriagemaker. 
^Wood^ward J X, General Store. 

B UENA VIS TA. Randolph county. 

(*S'ee Cerro Oordo.) 

BUFFALO VILLE. Situated in 
Clay township, Spencer county, is a hamlet 
possessed of 155 inhabitants, 22 miles north 
of Rockport, the county seat and banking 
town. Gentryville, 3 miles west, on E., R. 
& E. R'y, is the usual place of shipment 
Wheat and tobacoo are marketed. Anna 
M. Schriefer, postmaster. 
Carlton S B, physician. 
Gammon William Rev, (Baptist). 
Jennings S H, barber. y 

Koerner J J, meat market. 
Price W W, justice of the peace. 
Riners Frederick, wagonmaker. 
Schmuecker E, shoemaker. 
Schriefer Anna M, Postmaster. 



i IHH South Meridian St., 


UNION OYSTER CO. largest Oyster House in the World; Capital Unlimitei. 

OF BAt,xiMoiiE, MD. Bi'ancli, 40 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





Schriefer Henry, General Store and 

Shinier J H, general store. 
Staten E E, saloon. 
Tonnemaoher T, blacksmith. 
^Wetsil A & Co, Saw Mill. 

BINKEB HILL, Sixty-seven 
miles north of Indianapolis, is a prosperous 
village of 650 inhabitants, located at cross- 
ing of I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P., and 
P.^ C. & St. L. R'ys, in Pipe Creek town- 
ship, Miami county, 8 miles south of Peru, 
the county seat and banking town. This 
village is situated in a good agricultural 
country and contains Methodist, Catholic, 
Advent, Baptist and Evangelical churches, 
a good graded school and 2 hotels. Pipe 
Creek furnishes power to operate 1 planing 
mill, which, with 1 saw mill and a furni- 
tuie factory driven by steam, comprises its 
principal manufacturing interests. One 
weekly newspaper — The Press, is sustained. 
Lumber, grain and live stock are shipped. 
Ex., U. S. and Adams. Tel., W. U. John 
F. Bussey, postmaster. 
Axbaugh Philip Rev, (Dunkard). 
Armstrong Samuel, general store and meat 

Beck John Rev, (German Evangelical). 
Bowman & Co, carpenters. 
Breckenridge House, David A 
York, Propr. Good Sample Rooms and 
Special Accommodations to Commercial 
Travelers. (See adv.) 
Bunker Hill Press, Charles A Jar- 

rell, Editor and Propr. [See adv.) 
Busey John F, General Store and 

Cook & Kaufman, blacksmiths. 
Coucher & Co, grain and saw mill. 
Cowgill Oliver G, agt W, St L & P Ry. 
Davis Samuel H, Druggist. 
Deisch & Drinkwater, meat market. 
Duckwall & Blue, Hour mill. 
Engle A C, agt P, C & St L Ry, and Adams 

]'^x Company. 
Hnsfle Herman, Tile and Brick 
Manufacturer, Yards located west of 
Fanslcr William .J, general store. 
Fletcher John, General Blacksmith 

an<l Ilorscshoer. 
Harter Mary A, milliner. 
Lsler & Cain, live stock. 
Jarrell Charles A, Editor and Pro- 
prietor Bunkt^r Hill Press. (See adv.) 
Ke<rgan Peter, shoemaker. 
Keller Elia.s, live stock. 
Keller Gottlieb Pu:v, (Dunkard). 
L,arinier Oliver A, Agt U S Ex Com- 
Larimore George, live stock. 

Long Martin L, shoemaker. 

Lucas H M Mrs, dressmaker. 

McDowell H P, physician. 

Mason Thomas J, saloon. 

Mason William, barber. 

Meek Jaires A, physician. 

Metzger Bros, restaurant and grocers. 

Miesse Cornelius, harness and saddles. 

Moore W W, hides and tallow. 

Noftzger L J Rev, (Methodist). 

Seisler Jacob, wagonmaker. 

Stuart Fanny, millinery. 

Sullivan B, general store. 

Tore L,amt>ert J, Druggist, Books, 
and Stationery. 

Walther Bros, hardware. 

l^ilSOn 'William N, Planing Mill 
and Furniture Manufactory ; Wholesale 
and Retail Manufacturer of Undertaking 
Goods, Tables, Bedsteads, Safes, Bureaus, 
Stair Rails, and Brackets. 

Wilson William T, physician. 

Wilson & Kohl, Livery and Feed 
Stable ; Horses Boarded by the Day or 
Week ; Good Rigs at Reasonable Rates. 

York David A, Proprietor Brecken- 
ridge House. (A^ee adv.) 



Dearborn county. {See 

BUBCHABD, Established as a 
postoffice in 1881. Contains 4 families and 
is located in Curry township, Sullivan 
county, 9 miles north of Sullivan, the 
county seat and banking town. Shelburn, 
the nearest rail approach, is distant 4^ 
miles on the E. & T. H. R. R. Alonzo T. 
Hill, assistant postmaster. 
Hill & Payne, General Store. 

B UBDICK. Is located on the L., S. 
& M. S. R'y, in Jackson township. Porter 
county, 14 miles northeast of Valparaiso, 
the county seat and banking town. It con- 
tains 50 inhabitants, and ships wood, lum- 
ber, and grain. Otto J. Sackman, post- 
Sackman Otto J, General Store, 

Grain, and Lumber. 
Cottrell N E, R R agt. 
Lush J H & Co, saw mill. 

B UBLING TON, Is in township of 
same name, Carroll county, 19 miles south- 
east of Delphi, the county seat, 16 west of 
Kokomo, the nearest bank location and 
usual jdace of shipment, and 18 southwest 
of Logansj^ort. The village contains 300 
inhabitants and supjjorts Methodist and 
Christian churches. Wild Cat creek furnishes 
])Owcr to operate 1 flour mill. Grain and live 

L; Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. GHAIW and PRO- 
VISIONS Bought and Sold ON MAROINS, 
125 IiaSaUe Street. CHICAGO. 


C. H. JENNE, Agfent, 

'I'iyy. North Pennsylvania Street, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 





stock are exported. W. H. Everman, post- 

Anderson S, physician. 
Barnard W F, constable. 
Barnard & Barnard, saw and planing mill. 
Beck W L, livery. 
Chittick C, physician. 
Davis B F, blacksmith. 
Doane G N, physician. 
Hverman "W H, General Store. 
Fennell J A, drugs. 
Gwinn J W, justice of the peace. 
Hann & Tapp, flour mill. 
Landes B F, physician. 
Lovell H A, blacksmith. 
Kobertson & Stone, flour mill. 
Shaffer J A, constable. 
Stone J J, general store. 
Stonebraker J W, flour mill. 
Stumbaugh W, hotel. 
Tapp & Everman, General Store. 
Wright J A, physician. 

BURNETT. Is the postoffice for 
Grant Station, on the I. & St. L. B. R., and 
has a location in Otter Creek townshiji, Vigo 
county, 8 miles northeast of Terre Haute, 
the county seat and banking town. Popu- 
lation, 40. Coal and lumber are the ex- 
ports. W. H. Porter, postmaster. 
Anderson M C Rev, (Methodist). 
Creal John, flour mill. 
Creal Joseph A, saw mill. 
Grant Coal Company. 
Melton S B, physician. 
Pane Frank, saw mill. 
Porter "W H, General Store. 
Tone & Kay grocers. 

B UR NE TTSCRE EK. Somet i mes 
called Burnettsville, with a population of 
450, is located on the P., C. & St. L. R'y., 
in .Jackson township. White county, 9 miles 

east of Monticello, the county seat. The 

village has 3 churches —Baptist, Methodist 

and Christian — and graded school. Ex., 

U. S. and Adams. J. M. Love, postmaster. 

Ballou A B, phvsician. 

Callahan G W,^hotel. 

Henry E P, physician and grocer. 

Henry L W, physician. 

Herman A B, grocer. 

Jones A B, physician. 

Lemon & Chappel, wagonmakers. 

IvOve J ]W[, General Store and Grain, 

Marsh Milville, drugs. 

Marvin Stephen, boots and shoes. 

Meek S D, cooper. 

Myers W E, blacksmith. 

Nethercutt John, saw mill. 

Stine H S, nurserv. 

BVRNSIBE. This postoffice was 
established for the convenience of a farm- 
ing community in Warren township, Clin- 
ton county. It is situated 10 miles north- 
east of Frankfort, the county seat, and 2\ 
north of Michigantown, its shipping depot, 
on F. & K. Br. T. D. & B. E. E. Willliam 
W. Boggs, postmaster. 

Bog:s:S "William "W, General Store. 
Skidmore A W, blacksmith. 
Taylor C, blacksmith. 

BURNSVILLE. Established in 
1830, is a post village of 78 inhabitants, 
located in Eock Creek township, Bartholo- 
mew county, 11 miles southeast of Colum- 
bus, the county seat and banking town. 
Elizabethtown, oh miles southwest, on the 
J., M. & I. E. R., is the nearest rail ap- 
proach. Telephone connection with Colum- 
bus. JeflT. S. Hufiman, postmaster. 
Am anus Frank, saw and feed mill. 
Brougher A T, barber. 
Cohee Nathaniel, shoemaker. 

Located at juiiotion of W., St. L. & P. aiul P., C. & St. L. R'ys, 

YORK & THOMAS, Proprietors. ETITlNri^EI^ ISIIXjXj, X2<T1D. 

RAXES, $2.00 PEH DAY, 

Refitted and refurnished. Good beds ; good table ; good sample rooms. Special accom- 
modations to the traveling public. Commercial trade solicited. 
Lunch room attached. 


^Yas Established in 1875, lias a good Circulation in Grant, Miami, Cass, Howard and Wabash Counties 

C^iS^TER-MS, $i.oo PER A:NNU]M[.=^iO 




Venusjlvaiiia St., New-Denison Hotel Block, INDIANAPOLIS. 

Dealer in Watches and Optical Goods. Oculists' prescriptions 
carefully filled. Cylindrical, Cataracts, etc., made to order. 


Home Life Ins. Co. 

Has perfected plans for a large business in Illinois 
during 1881. ^T" FOR AGENCIES APPLY TO 
E. H. KEIiLOGrG. Superintendent, Chicago, 111. 





Crittenden "William, justice of the peace. 
Fielder Cup, constable. 
Galley AVillis, Macksmith. 
HuflTiliail Jeff S, General Store. 
HuH'mau ^S: Brongher, general store. 
McFerrau H B, wagonmaker. 
McLeod & Cosby, physicians. 

B rBB O WS. Is a station on the W., 

St. L. & P. R'y., located in Eock Creek 
township, Carroll county, 12 miles north- 
east of Delphi, the county seat and loca- 
tion of nearest bank. The village contains 
150 inhabitants, a Christian church and 1 
saw mill. Grain, lumber and wood are 
the exports. Ex., Pacilic. George Sires 
sr, postmaster. 
Albert J, shoemaker. 
Fielder John, blacksmith. 
Hardy David, live stock. 
Johnsonbaugh D, wagonmaker. 
McCormick & Orahood, druggists and gro- 
McGreevy M J, saw mill and justice. 
Souder C L, physician and surgeon. 
JL,0"we Ed'ward, General Store. 
Scholl C E, E E and ex agt. 
Scholl & McGreevy, general store and grain. 
Sires Georgfe, Postmaster, 
Smith J H, photographer. 
Stanley J J, lawyer and notary. 
Stewart .J W, physician and dentist. 

B UR TON. Eecently established as 
a postoffice, is the location of a country 
store in Wabash township, Tippecanoe 
county, •) miles from Lafayette, the county 
seat, banking town and shipping depot. J. 
B.Thomas, postmaster and general store. 

B UTLEB. Located on Air Line Div. 
L., S. & M. S. and Eel Eiver Div. W., St. 
L. & P. E'ys., in Wilmington township, De- 
kalb county, 12 miles northeast of Auburn 
court house and 160 northeast of Indian- 
apolis. This is a thriving incorporated 
town of 1800 inhabitants, and contains 
Methodist, I utheran and Disciple churches, 
a graded sfhool, 2 hotels, 1 bank and 2 
weekly newspapers — Ritcinv and Bccord. 
One flour mill, 2. saw mills, a handle factory, 
2 brick yards and 1 tile factory comprise its 
prominent manufactories. Tri-weekly stage 
to Camden and Ft. Wayne. Grain is the 
principal crop raised in the surrounding 
country (which is very fertile), and is the 
principal shipment. Ex., Am. and Pacific. 
Tel., W. I'. Idar'ari'cnder, [)ostmaster. 
Aldricll & Son, Proi)rs Boots House. 
Barnett James S, jdiysician. 
Barns .J 8, brick and tile manufacturer. 
Baxter Andrew J, lawyer. 
Becker W 11, lawyer. 

Beechler Curtis W, dentist. 

Bennett Joseph B, physician. 

Blaker John, livery. 

Bolan Milton .J, physician. 

Boots House, Aldrich & Son, Proprs, 

Bowman Bros, saw mill. 

Boyle James B, lawyer. 

Burget Lewis C, wagonmaker. 

Butler House, Mrs Annie Dile, propr. 

Butler Eecord, Garrison & Dodge, proprs. 

Butler Review, E H Weamer, Pub- 

Campbell John A, insurance agt. 

Carpender William P, physician. 

Coats C, lawyer. 

Crane C H & W E, grocers. 

Crowe Bros, furniture and undertakers. 

Daily Isaac D, blacksmith. 

Diehl Leander J, jeweler. 

Dile Annie Mrs, propr Butler House. 

Egnew Calvin P, grocer and ex agt. 

Ely Clinton W, hardware. 

Fanning Fred W, druggist. 

Fisher Isaac, furniture. 

Fosdick E W, lawyer. 

Garrison & Dodge, p.ubrlishers Butler Re- 

Gengnagel N F, saloon. 

Hamilton & Beadle, hardware. 

Haskins George, livery. 

Hatha'way Ira A, Eestaurant, s e cor 
Main and Oak. 

Hirshley Isaac, saloon. 

Hoopingarner John J, druggist. 

Hopkins Ezra, brick manufacturer. 

Johns Garrett T, boots, shoes and harness. 

Johnson Isaac M, Photographer. 

Kain D F Eev, (Lutheran). 

Kehrer & Stone, druggists. 

Kindig Zacharia L, grocer. 

Knisely Boots & Co, bankers. 

Knisely Bros, general store. 

Leonard & Stevens foundry. 

Lillv Harrison, phvsician. 

Lynk C O, agt L, S'& M S R E. 

McBride Curtis C, painter. 

McBride Levi, handle manufacturer. 

McCurdy .John, marble works. 

Madden Theodore S, marble yard. 

Madden William H, physician. 

Mason A J & Son, lumber. 

Matheny Winfield S, shoemaker. 

May Adolphus, saloon. 

Miller John, physician. 

Milligan James, physician. 

Miltenbcrger .Julius, flour mill. 

Mitchell William K, physician. 

Moltz Charles H, general store. 

Moore Benjamin, barber. 

Otis .J M & Son, furniture and undertakers. 

Otis M B, agt W, St L & P Ry. 

Pinchins A F, lawyer. 

Proctor .John B, jeweler. 


Nos. 28 an'i '.'M Knst Go 


:orgia Street. ' Wagoii | Carriage 



e Material, 

"iSW See adv., page 6. 



S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts., 





Kudd Thomas, meat market. 
Searight Samuel G, tinware. 
Shaffer Howard, barber. 
Sise John J, justice of the peace. 
Springer Isaac, saloon. 
Stoy Cja'us S, saw mill. 
Strauss & Wolf, general store. 
Swarts George W, flour mill. 
Tyson John W, meat market. 
Vauconsant & Co, grocers. 
AVarren Daniel II, shoemaker. 
Watson Alexander, blacksmith. 
"Weamer Robert H, Publisher But- 
ler Eeview. 
Wilkinson C H Rev, (Methodist). 
W^ilkinson J J, physician. 
Worth Sudie E Miss, milliner. 
Wray Adolph, saloon. 
Wright Warren, tailor. 
Wyatt Nathaniel S Y, restaurant. 
Young Oscar L, lawyer. 


Madison Br. .J., M. & I. R. R., in Vernon 
township, Jennings county, 3 miles south- 
east of Vernon court house, and 5 south- 
east of North Vernon, the location of the 
nearest bank. Population, 150. Logs, staves 
and spokes are shipped J. H. Hole, post- 

Bland & Co, grain. 
Crist S M & Son, wool dealers. 
Hole J H, R R agt and justice. 
Hole & Co, general store. 

BVTLER riLLE. Contains 300 in- 
habitants, and is located on the O. & M. 
R'y, in Campbell township, .Jennings coun- 
ty, 7 miles northeast of Vernon court 
house, and 5 northeast of North Vernon, 
the location of the nearest bank. Metho- 
dist and Baptist churches are sustained. 
Ex. O. & M. G. J. Grimstead, postmaster. 
Armstrong Joshua, saw mill. 
Cook George, justice. 
Orimstead G J, General Store. 
Hutton W H, chair manufacturer. 
Myers J W, R R and ex agt and general 

Nelson H G, drugs and physician. 
Owen S W, blacksmith. 

BYBNEVILLE, Is situated in 
Jackson township, Harrison county, 10 
miles northeast of Corydon, the county 
seat. It has a daily stage connection 
with New Albany, its nearest railroad 
approach and bank location, distant 14 
miles. Daily stage to New Albany. A. 
Levi, postmaster. 
Cook Dilbert, flour mill. 
IvCvi A, General Store. 

CABOMN. With 50 population, is 
located on St. L. Div. L. & N. R. R., in 
Marrs township, Posey county, 6 miles east 
of Mt. Vernon, the county seat and bank- 
ing town. One Methodist church is sus- 
tained. Wheat is the principal export. 
Walter S. Caborn, postmaster. 
Cat>orn Walter S, General Store 

and Saloon. 
Campbell James B, lawyer. 
Eglis Peter, shoemaker. 
Fox John F, blacksmith. 
Green Thomas S, R R agt. 
Hiclis C, physician. 
Oeth John, constable. 
Sanders C W^, physician. 
Smith F, wagonmaker. 

CADIZ. This thrifty village of 600 
inhabitants is located in Harrison town- 
ship, Henry county, 7 miles east of New- 
castle, the county seat, place of shipment 
and banking town. It contains Christian, 
Methodist and Friends churches, 1 saw 
mill and 2 flour mjlls. Flour and lumber 
are the chief exports. Daily stage to New- 
castle ; fare, return trip, 50 cents. C. A. C. 
Lewis, postmaster. 
Allis E, shoemaker. 
Alshouse H T, blacksmith and justice. 
Barnes Samuel, live stock. 
Benbow S, blacksmith. 
Bond C W, physician and druggist. 
Booth Charles, blacksmith. 
Collins R K, hotel. 
Cook J Milton, carpenter. 
Cooper J D, justice of the peace. 
Cooper O R, live stock. 
Cooper "W D, General Store and Flour 

Cowgill Edward Rev, (Friends). 
Craig Samuel, carpenter. 
Gipe George, wagonmaker. 
Harris Lewis, cigar manufacturer. 
Harvey C Rev, (Methodist). 
Hess F C, physician. 
Hess L W, physician. 
Johnson F H, wagonmaker. 
l,e"^'iS C A C, Periodicals. 
Modlen W H, saw and flour mill. 
Perry & Barber, meat market. 
Pickering B W, harnessmaker. 
Rees & Pickerisig, General Store. 
Reeves .James, barber. 
Scart J, grocer. 

Schoolfield E O Rev, (Christian). 
Thompson G W, poultry. 
Wilson J M, shoemaker. 
Zimmerman G W, physician. 

CAMBBIDGE CITY. This enter- 
prising incorporated town, of .3,000 inhabi- 
tants, is pleasantly located on White Water 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

8®"The only Company that issues Tontine In« 
vestment Policies. Send for Cirenlars. 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, Indianapolis, 

Pr RRYPF ^''^P'^ °^ ^'^^ Indianapolis Enish Factory and Brjce's Steam Bakerjr 
1 11 Un I ULl 11 aud 16 East South Street^ Indianapolis, Ind. 





river, in Jackson townsliip, Wayne county, 
16 miles west of Eichmond court house, 53 
miles east of Indianapolis and 81 north- 
west of Cincinnati. Its transportation fa- 
citities consist of 4 railroads — the P. C. & 
St. L., Ft. W., C. & L.. \V. W. v., and Cam- 
bridge City Br. of the J., M. & I., thus 
giving it dii'ect and unbroken rail connec- 
tion with all points north, south, east and 
west. The city carries a bonded debt of 
$18,000, has substantial business blocks, a 
good opera house (seating capacity 600), 
a tire department, with 1 steam engine, 
and supports 6 churches — Presbyterian, 
^^thodist, Baptist, Christian and Catholic. 
— 2 graded schools, 2 public libraries, 3 
hotels, 1 national bank and 2 weekly news- 
papers— Trii/f/u' and Wayne Citizen. Its 
manufacturing interests are quite extensive 
and comprise 4 flour mills, a malt house, 2 
breweries, large car works, a machine shop, 
engaged in the manufacture of agricultural 
implements and millstone dressers, 1 plan- 
ing mill, a flax mill and 1 saw mill. Cam- 
bridge City is rapidly becoming known as 
one of the most important manufacturing 
towns of its size in the State, and certainly 
ofiers first-class inducements to manufac- 
turers," as it has great rail facilities and 
excellent Avater power, and is surrounded 
by one of the most productive districts in 
Indiana. Principal shipments comprise 
grain, cars, lumber, produce and livestock. 
Ex., Am. and Adams. Tel.,W. U. Frank 
C. Mosbaugh, postmaster. 
Adams Express Company, A Hinshaw, agt. 
Adams Jolin C," House and Sign 

American Express Company, A Hinshaw, 

Anderson Thomas J, barber. 
Ayler Charles Mrs &Son, dry goods. 
Bailey Charles M, jeweler. 
Bailey Josiah T, confectioner. 
Bayier August, l)aker. 
Benge William, restaurant. 
BertSCh & Co, Manufacturers Agri- 
cultural Implements and Teetor's Dia- 
mond P>nhr Dresser. {See adv.) 
Bond Ix'wis T, dry goods. 
Boon Daniel, barber. 
Boyd Horace B, physician. 
Boyd William M, flour and feed. 
Bradliury Ailjcrt W, hardware, harness, etc. 
Bradenhurg Calvin, blacksmith. 
Callaway M M, fiirtiiture and drugs. 
Cambridge City Tribune (weekly), ]\Ios- 

baugli & Kariden, pul)lishers 
Cammack Nathan H, lumber manufac- 

tu rer. 
CafiHeil S Carrie Miss, miiliiH-r. 
Clark .Jarnf". H, nwat market. 
Cokefair .Jolin. flour mill. 

Cokefair Eobert H, paperh anger. 

Conklin Benjamin, flour mill. 

Conklin William H, hardware. 

Cowles Edwin, propr Junction House. 

Cox William E, lawyer. 

Creitz David C, flour mill. 

Custer John L, cigars and tobacco. 

Dale William O, grocer. 

Dean James C, druggist. 

Dinwiddle Charlotte Mrs, dressmaker. 

Doney William & Son, cigars and tobacco. 

Drischel Benjamin F, grocer. 

Drischel Daniel, grocer. 

Ebert Emil, grocer. 

Ebert Frank K, lime and cement. 

Elliott Calvin B, general store. 

Finfrock John H, sash, door and blinds 

First National Bank; capital $100,000; 

Linvilie Ferguson, prest ; John Jackson, 

Foyst & Caster, saloon. 
Eraser John, taxidermist. 
Fraser Mary Mrs, milliner. 
Frohnepfel Theodore, grocer. 
Fulghum Orla B, sewing machines. 
Gary Jacob, flax mill. 
Gough Alice E, dressmaker. 
Grav John E, coal dealer and agt P, C & 

St L and J, M & I R R's. 
Griesinger Jacob, clothing. 
GrifJin Mary Mrs, dressmaker. 
Griffin Robert, grocer. 
Gunzels Enoch, painter. 
Haase AVilliam, shoemaker. 
Harding William P, publisher Wayne 

Harper Noah Rev, (Baptist). 
Harper Samuel, merchant tailor. 
Haskins Henry, baker. 
Hastings E R & Son, grocers. 
Hatchler Frank, photographer. 
Hauer Anthony, carpet weaver. 
Herrington Samuel P, harness. 
Hibbs Thomas B, saloon. 
Hollowell Amos C, stoves and tinware. 
Hoshour Samuel H, lawyer. 
Indiana Car Company, William McMillan, 

prest; William H Gardiner, vice prest ; 

O L Brigham, sec. 
Ingerman Henry, brewer. 
Jenks Alfred, notions. 
Jerden George, wagonmakcr. 
Jessup Thomas R, justice of the peace. 
Junction House, Edwin Cowles, propr, 
Kimmel J & I), maltsters. 
King Edward W, flour mill. 
Kothe Henry, saloon. 
Kurshner Owen G, carpenter. 
Lackej' (Jharles, livery. 
Lackey Sand ford, live stock. 
Landis Jacob, jeweler. 
Lucas .I(dm N, physician. 



onvnllions^mrln ouJ^S:}48 Vaucc Block, ludiauapolis, 

of War Claims. Kejectod Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 


LAGEK BEER, ALE and PORTER, Bottled by 
PUBE. See Advertisement page 351- 






Patented in different countries. Originally patented in America October 5th, 1880, and reissued 

August 30th, 1881. 

The following sets forth some of the points of excellence embodied in this machine, >vhich will 
recommend its adoption in preference to other and higher priced macliines of its class wliich can 
not cope with it in all respects: 

It will dress buhrs running either with or against 
tlie sun, and will dress furrows true to any practical 

More work can be done with this machine than 
any other of its class in the market, because it is 1 
more easily and quickly adjusted than any other 

Tlie feed can be instantly increased, decreased or 
reversed from right to left, or the opposite, while the 
carriage is in motion. 

The feed controller is portable, and can be moved 
to any part of the machine, to accomodate in short- 
stroke work. 

The guide plate can be so adjusted that the furrows may be cut more or less at the eye than at the 
skirt, and also for bosoming the buhr. This machine is especially warranted to be more convenient 
to operate than any other Dresser in the market. 

All of the adjustments and regulations can be accomplished without the use of any tool, wrench or 
screw-driver. From eight to six liundred cuts can be made to tlie inch with our feed, which is not 
possible with any other feed in use. 

The entire range of work ever required in mill-stone dressing is within the scope of this machine. 

There are no extra attachments required to accomplish the ditTereut kinds of work. It is a com- 
plete machine in itself. It has a circular disc clamp, which holds the diamond as firmly as though it 
were solid setting. The diamond can be reset in a moment's time. ^ 

The guides are so constructed that the carriage can not rise and wedge into them during the pro- 
ceas of heavy work, which is the case in so many of the machines in the market. 



Boarding and 
Livery Stable, 

Cor. Main & William Sts., 

Cambriip City 


Brei^er and fflaltster, 

Main Street, East of River, CAMBRIDGE CITY, IND. 




attention paid to complicated and dittieult cases, Reis- 
sues, Interferences, etc. References given if desired. 
W^rCall or write for information. (See adv.) 

inniinAnri^mr ^**^ "*^ best ana CHEAPKSX, Address 

mON nOOrlNGlW. G. HYNDMAN &C0., CiDcinnati, Obio. 





MoCafirey James & Son, druggists, etc. 

McCarthy Jeremiali J, marble works. 

McClelland iS: Young, saloon. 

Markle Casper, insurance. 

Marquis Wilson T, city marshal. 

Marson John, gunsmith. 

Marson John W, grocer. 

Martin ct "Wilson, horse shoers. 

Mason Daniel "W, Attorney at Law 
and Notary Public, Xo. 1 Odd Fellows' 

Mayall Thomas M, dentist. 

Medsker William F, lawyer. 

^leredith Henry, live stock. 

Miller William, pumpmaker. 

Mosbaugh Frank C, insurance and news 

Mosbaugh & Rariden, publishers Cam- 
bridge City Tribune. 

Mott Edwin E, commission merchant. 

Myers Bros, meat market. 

Myers Leonard, wagonmaker. 

Myers Leonard Mrs, grocer. 

Os"ter A Rev, (Catholic). 

Outland Margaret Mrs, hair dresser. 

Patton Ch:irlts U, veterinary surgeon. 

Paul George, shoemaker. 

Payne Isabella B Mrs, dry goods. 

Pritchard & Newby, milliners. 

Eoby George T, horseshoer. 

Eoth ct Co, lumber. 

Routh Charles W, livery. 

Routh John B, dry goods. 

Rummell Adam, wagonmaker. 

Rummell Felix, blacksmith. 

Rutledge .John W, physician. 

Schafer Casper, Dealer in Stoves, 
Tinware, and all kinds of Job Work. 

Sell Valentine, saloon. 

Shults George W sr, carpenter. 

Shults Kimniel & Bro, commission mer- 

Smallev George F, restaurant. 

Smith "Isaac N, agt Ft W, M & C, and W 
W V R'ys. 

Spencer Kdwin L, jeweler. 

Sprij^g- Ely D, Lisurance Agt and 
Ju-tice of the Peace. Main. 

Stahr lYilliam P, Propr Stahr's 
Central and Billianl llall, 280 Main. 

Stahr's Central, W P Stahr, Propr, 

280 Main. 
Stevenson William F, photographer. 
Straut> Cleoplias, Brewer, Main, 

E of river. (See (ulr.) 
Strayer Calvin M, fertilizer. 
Study .Joseph N, physician. 
Swiggett I.«vin & Son, clothing. 
Tabke Charles II, wagonmaker. 
Toby R Rev, ( .Methorlist i. 
Trembly Samuel B, dry goods and boots 

and shoes. 
Turner Burr, barber. 

Turner Mary C Mrs, notions. 

Tyler Henry A, barber. 

Valentine ^William H, Baker and 


Yanbuskirk David, saloon. 

Yinton Elbridge, hotel. 

Wayne Citizen (weekly), William P Hard- 
ing, publisher. 

"Weekly Isaiah, Livery and Sale 
Stable; ^Main. (See adv.) 

Weigel Joseph, boots and shoes. 

Wheeler & Fisher, boots and shoes. 

Whitely Isaac L, vinegar manufacturer. 

Wilson Charles S, dentist. 

Winchester E W, live stock. 

Wissler Daniel B, grocer. 

W^right Cornelius T, furniture and under- 

Wright David B, restaurant. 

Zehrung Peter, boots and shoes. 

CAMDEN. Is pleasantlv located on 
Deer Creek and L. Div. T. H! &L R'y, in 

Jackson township, Carroll county, 6 miles 
east of Delphi court hoiise, 13 south- 
west of Logansport and 102 northeast of 
Terre Haute. This is a prosperous, sub- 
stantial town of 600 inhabitants, supporting 
Methodist, Lutheran, Baptist and Presby- 
terian charches, graded school, a private 
bank, 1 hotel and a weekly newspaper — The 
E.rposito)'. Deer creek furnishes power to 
operate 3 flour mills, which with 3 steam 
saw mills and a planing mill, comprise its 
manufactories. Grain, live stock, lumber 
and produce are the principal shipments. 
Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. Zophar Hunt, post- 

Armstrong, Ellis W, physician. 
Armstrong Franklin G, physician. 
Baker Peter, undertaker. 
Bohannon Livingston B, grocer, 
Bowdle William, livery. :^? 

Brown Ziba A, agricultural implements, 
Bryant James M, tailor. 
Budd Isaiah, carriagemaker. 
Camden Expositor, Zophar Hunt, propr. 
Camp Charles, physician. 
Cole Ambrose S, saloon. 
Crooks L D & Co, grocers. 
Dillen .J A & Bro, general store. 
Eschter William, boots and shoes. 
Fearnot Elizabeth M, milliner. 
Frick Noah, saw mill, 4 miles southeast. 
Ilowey True W, druggist. 
Hunt Zophar, postmaster and propr Cam- 
den E.xpositor. 
Kendall James, restaurant. 
Kingley David W, hardware. 
Koontz Jolin "W, Justice of the 

KoontZ J W & Co, Saw and Plan- 
ing Mill and Lnmlier Dealers. 



fi^°Quality Warranted Un- 
excelled in CmCULAR AND 
Cboss-Cut Saws. 





Kvins George, justice of tlie peace. 

Knns & McFarland, meat market. 

Lenon Samuel, propr Pioneer House. 

Leonard Henry M, Hour mill, I5 miles east. 

Leslie Jessie W, carpenter. 

McFarland Arthur P, lawyer. 

McKinney Adolphus A, cfruggist. 

Marple Alfred, tiour mill, 3k miles east. 

Mills Daniel, carpenter. 

Musselman John, saw mill, 4 miles east. 

Peck Joseph F, blacksmith. 

Phipps Reuben S, R E. and ex agt and coal 

Pioneer House, Samuel Lenon, propr. 

Porter Adam & Son, flour mill, li miles 

Ray Philip, lawyer. 

Ray, Rice & Stewart, agricultural imple- 

Ray & Rice, bankers and grain dealers. 

Steel & Son, general store. 

Taylor John F, general store. 

Teal Flora Miss, milliner. 

Wallace James M, hardware. 

Youkey William P, jjhysician. 

antly located on line of L., N. A. & C. R'y., 
in Brown township, Washington county, 10 
miles northwest of Salem, the county seat 
and banking town. The village has a pop- 
ulation of 600, and supports Methodist and 
Christian churches. Produce and lumber 
are its chief exports. Ex., L., N. A. & C. 
Tel., W. U. Charles G. Robinson, post- 

Arnold S C, livery. 
Bilyew John E, justice of the peace. 
Boyden R W, hnrnessmaker. 
Brcwn, Cigars and Tobacco 

and R R and ex agt. 
Cain William, meat market. 
Denny John S, grain. 
Diefendorf P D, grocer. 
Evans G K, barber. 
Gipson Thomas, shoemaker. 
Gordon Morrison, carpenter. 
Grimes .Jacob, painter. 
Hall I G, phvsician. 
Hall & RattS, Drugs. 
Hancock G S, physician. 
Hiles S B & Son, marble works. 
Hubbard James & Son, blacksmith. 
King Jefferson, flour mill. 
Lee Eliza Mrs, hotel. 
Martin R W, physician. 
Pollard Simeon, blacksmith. 
Prow C, general store. 
Robinson Addie Miss, stationery. 
Robinson Charles G, Lawyer. 
Sappeufield E S, hotel and grocer. 
Shanks T J, tailor. 
Stansberry L, shoemaker. 

Stapp James V, manufacturer truss hoops. 

Stratton Bros, hardware. 

Stratton James, carpenter. 

Stratton John O, insurance agt. 

Stratton & Co, saw mill. 

Thompson E A, live stock and hotel. . 

Wade S D, saloon. 

Welker J W Rev, (Methodist). 

liVilkins J X C & Son, General 

Wyman Samuel, carriagemaker. 

CANA» With 12 inhabitants, is loca- 
ted in Marion township, Jennings county, 
18 miles southwest of Vernon, the county 
seat, and 8 northeast of Crothersville, its 
shipping depot, on the J., M. & I. R. R. S. 
B. Robbins, postmaster. 
Robbing S B, General Store. 
Wilson John P^, justice. 

CANAAN. With a population of 100, 
is a hamlet located in Shelby township, 
Jefferson county, 12 miles northwest of 
Madison, the county seat, banking town 
and shipping depot. It sustains 1 Metho- 
dist church. C. H. Lockard, postmaster. 
Christie James H, jjhysician. 
Dunn A, wagonmaker. 
Gill Henry, blacksmith. 
Hall David H, justice of the peace. 
Irvin A S Mrs, milliner. 
Kremer J, shoemaker. 
Lewis S B, physician. 
IvOCbard C H, General Store. 
Guthrie F A Rev, (Methodist). 
Stevenson R Rev, (Baptist). 

CANAL, Once known as Millers- 
burgh, is the location, 1.50 persons in Camp- 
bell township, Warrick county, 9 miles 
northwest of Boonville, the county seat, and 
5 north of Chandler, its shipping depot, on 
E., R. & E. Div. L., E. & St. L. R. R. 
Pigeon creek furnishes power to operate 1 
flour mill. Semi-weekly stage communi- 
cation with Boonville. Mts. L. E. Whet- 
stone, postmaster. 
Camp John, shoemaker. 
Campbell Thomas, justice of the peace. 
Cherry Richard, blacksmith. 
Gander Edward, consta1)le. 
Gray M, General Store. 
Green Daniel, barber. 
Kelly G W, flour mill. 
Park Dr, physician and coal mine. 
Pilkington W H, general store. - 
Shepard J L B, flour mill. 
Whetstone I^ E Mrs, Hotel, 

CANNELBURGH, Is the post- 
office name for Clark's Station, a coal min- 
ing village of 255 inhabitants, located on 

R. L, POLK & CO. 


E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 


Oysters, Caiifl Fris aM Veptais. 

Union Oyster Co. 

J. S. Keller, ^lanagrer, 

40N. lUiuoisSt., Indianapolis, Ind. 





the O. & ^[. K'y, in Ban- township, Daviess 
county, 11 miles west of Washington, the 
county seat and nearest bank location. 
Coal is the chief article of export. O. & 
M. P:x. ^y. v. Xel. W. F. CBrian, post- 

Buckeye Cannel Coal Company, coal mines. 
Clark J L lit Co, general store. 
O'Brian W P, hotel and blacksmith. 
O 'Brian 'W F & Co, General Store. 
Bobinson George, physician. 
Eudolph George, hotel. 
AValker George, phvsician. 
"Wallace J ^l, E K and ex agt. 

CAXX£L TON. The seat of justice 
for Perry county, is pleasantly located on 
the Ohio River, 140 miles south of Indi- 
anapolis, and 120 below Louisville. There 
is no town of like size in southern Indi- 
ana that has as much natural wealth asCan- 
nelton. Its coal is unexcelled in the state, 
and its inexhaustible stone quarries are a 
very important source of wealth. It has a 
population of 2,000, good county buildings 
and business blocks ; 6 churches — Metho- 
dist (2), Lutheran, Catholic (2) and Epis- 
copal — 2 graded schools, 1 private bank, 4 
hotels, and 3 weekly newspapers — The Jour- 
nal, JSeics, Enquirer and Reporter. In addi- 
tion to the large coal and stone industry, 
it has the following manufacturing estab- 
lishments : 1 pottery, a stone factory, 1 brew- 
ery, 2 cooper shops, 1 cotton mill, 1 saw mill, 
a shingle factory, 1 flour mill, 1 fertilizer 
factory, 1 paper mill and a brick yard. Can- 
nelton is rapidly increasing in commerce 
and manufacture, and is rapidly becoming 
known as one of the busiest river towns in 
the state. Daily stage to Tell City ; fare 
25 cents ; and telephone connection with 
Evansville. Adams Ex. Joshua B. Iluck- 
abey, postmaster. 
Adomsit F W Rev, (Lutheran). 
American Cannel Coal Com- 
pany ; R T lu.rd, Prest ; W L Shall- 
cross, Treas; R P Huntington. Sec. Coal 
Baerhtold Albert, furniture and undertaker. 
Beanl Charles II, pliysiciar. 
Beline Frederick, carpenter. 
Bemiss John S, physician. 
J5ens<^)n James, shoemaker. 
Bergcr Samuel, tailor. 
Board Martha J5 Mrs, dressmaker, 
IVjp|» William, saloon. 
Jiorntracger J. i)hysi(ian. 
Bryan Thomas .M, barber. 
Bu'klf Joseph, junk. 
Burnett Martin V, general store. 
Cannel ton Kn'juirer and Rejiorter, Will N 
I'nderwr>fjd, publislier. 

Cannelton Paper Mill Company, paper 

Cannelton Weekly News, Rounds & Silver- 
thorn, publishers. 

Chilton Oeorg^e, Groceries, Crock- 
ery, Glassware and Tinware, Washing- 

Clark Cyrus, grocer. 

Clark House, E C Clark, propr. 

Clark Bros, potters. 

Clemens Joseph P, insurance. 

Clemens Peter, general store. 

Connor J P & Bro. shoemakers. 

Gotten Robert L, druggist. 

Cullen Peter, general store. 

Cummings Eugene F, druggist. 

Cummings Titus, general store. 

Cummiskey John, general store. 

Damm Conrad, tailor. 

Damm Edward, shoemaker. 

Damm Jolin E, Publisher The 

Davis Daniel T Rev, (Methodist). _ 

Dekinder .John, baker and confectioner. 

Denner Frederick, meat market. 

Dent Roland, livery. 

Donnley, Elder & Bro, shingle manufac- 

Dorn T Mrs, general store. 

Drumb E E, lawyer. 

Du.sch Conrad, saloon. 

Dusch Joseph, saloon. 

Dwyer William, saloon. 

Ernst George, livery. 

Fisbach Joseph, shoemaker. 

Fuchs Phillip, general store. 

Fuller John H, physician. 

Gage Willard & Son, agricultural imple- 

Gerber Charles, saloon. 

Greenberg L & Co, general store. 

Guthnecht M L Rev, (Catholic). 

Harding Henry, wagonmaker. 

Harding W^illiam, blacksmith. 

Haring Fred jr, merchant tailor, 

Haury ,Iohn E, barber. 

Hay Thomas, grocer. 

Heck Ernst, propr I'nion Hotel. 

Heck Jacob, General Store and Fer- 
tilizer manufacturer, corner Taylor and 

Heck John J, harness. 

Ileim Phillip marble works. 

Hennen Alfred, insurance. 

Henning William, lawyer. 

Hinden Peter, saloon. 

Hinby Rudolph, saloon. 

HoUerbach A, stone quarry. 

Howard Mathias M, physician. 

Hu l)er .lacol), l)rewcr. 

Huber J W Rev, (German Methodist). 

Hurst N J Mrs, hotel. 

L. Everingham & Co, 

Commission Merchanis. Consignments 
J solicited. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 


Xbe Orisrlnal Stump-BIastintf Po-wder. 

C. H. JENBJE, Agent, 

29)-^ North Pennsylvania Street, 
Indianapolis, - - Ind. 





Indiana Cotton Mills, Andrew Buchanan, 
prest ; George C Buchanan, treas ; E W 
Chamberlain, general agt. Office, Louis- 
ville, Ky. 
Irwin John L, sewing machines. 
Irwin Thomas Mrs, general store. 
Joseph Simeon, lawyer. 
Kasper Isabell Miss, milliner. 
Keizer John T, brick manufacturer. 
Kielhorn Christian, general store. 
King Samuel, saw mill. 
Kunz Benedict, grocer. 
Land William A, lawyer. 
Layman William, blacksmith. 
Lees James & Son, machinists. 
Lehmann Eva Mrs, furniture and under- 
Loesch Anton, cooper. 
McGregor & Burst, Stave and 

Heading Manufacturers, Washington. 
Marin Ann Mrs, milliner. 
Markum Annie Mrs, general store. 
Marshall William A, general store. 
Marshall William C, physician. 
Mason & Scott, lawyers. 
May Heber J, Lawyer, Sixth, oppo- 
site Court House. 
May P E & Bro, flour mill. 
Meyer Peter, boots and shoes. 
Minnett John E, grocer. 
Moog Charles, meat market. 
Nettelbeck August, florist. 
l!^icolay James, jeweler. 
Olminkhof Henry, general store. 
Oswald Charles, saloon. 
Payne Robert, general store. 
Payne Samuel, grocer. 
Phoenix Hotel, John Silbereisen, propr. 
Polke Ferdinand, shoemaker. 
Hathsam Michael, cooper. 
Rauscher Christian, live stock. 
Reader Francis, tailor. 
Rial G W, dentist. 
Richards John, stoves and tinware. 
Roenttgen Frederick, blacksmith. 
Rounds Benjamin H, jeweler. 
Rounds & Silverthorn, publishers Cannel- 

ton Weekly News. 
Sampson Wm C, barber. 
Schmuck Andrew, meat market. 
Shevels George, grocer. 
Short Peter, saloon. 
Silbereisen John, propr Phojnix Hotel. 
Slattery Gertrude Miss, milliner. 
Smith 'Mary F Mrs, confectioner. 
Snyder Jacob, general store. 
Staiber Jacob, blacksmith. 
Steinsberger William, saloon. 
Sulzer J F & Bro, general store and bank- 
Xhe Journal (^Weekly), J E 

Damm, Publisher. 
Totten Richard Rev, (Episcopal). 

Underwood William N, publisher Cannelton 

Enquirer and Reporter. 
Union Hotel, Ernst Heck, propr. 
Vanderpool Dominick, boots and shoes. 
VoUot Nicholas, stone quarry. 
Wagner George R, druggist. 
Weber Peter, general store. 
Wittmer Jacob, general store. 
Zimmerman John, general store. 

CANTON, Situated on Blue river, 

in Washington township and county, is a 

village of 200 inhabitants, 4 miles northeast 

of Salem, the county seat. Harristown, on 

the L., N. A. & C. R'y, 2 miles south, is the 

station. Canton has 2 churches — Friends 

and Methodist — and Friends' academy. J. 

H. Trueblood, postmaster. 

Albertson Albert, insurance agt. 

Albertson A & Co, nursery. 

Albertson Mahlon, shoemaker. 

Albertson W T & Bro, general store. 

Anderson J L, shoemaker. 

Bundy J F, shingle machine manufacturer. 

Cad^well E "W, General Store. 

Curry H C, restaurant and barber. 

Daniels W^illiam, constable. 

Dennany Michael, lumber. 

Dowatt Daniel, distiller. 

Faulkconer J S, blacksmith. 

Green R, blacksmith. 

Gregory Henry, shoemaker. 

Harvey A, grain. 

Herrod S H, physician. 

McCoskey A A, justice of the peace. 

McCoskey L B, blacksmith. 

McCroskey A A, carriage and wagon- 

Mead M J & Son, nursery. 

Morris G M, dentist, insurance and notary. 

Parr Enoch Rev, (Christian). 

Smith Robert, tanner. 

Stewart Silas C, broom manufacturer. 

Truetolood J H, nursery. 

CAPE SANDY. Is the postoffice at 
Tyler's Landing, on the Ohio river, in 
Ohio township, Crawford county, and is 
located 9 miles southwest of Leavenworth, 
the county seat. It has no village popula- 
tion. John K. Tyler, postmaster and gen- 
eral store. 

CARBON, An incorporated town of 
1,000 inhabitants, located on the I. & St. L. 
R. R., in Van Buren township, Clay county, 
28 miles east of Terre Haute, 53 west of In- 
dianapolis, and 6 north of Brazil, the coun- 
ty seat and banking town. This is an ex- 
tensive coal mining place, and ships over 
500 car loads of coal per month. Metho- 
dist, Catholic and Baptist churches are 

XHOS. H. ClrAPP, Optician and Watchmaker, 

93 Piortli Pennsylvania Street, 
Wew-Denison Hotel Block, II«DIA?<(APOL,IS, IND. 

Accurate adjustment of Spectacle8. 
Personal attention to Fine Watch 
Repairing. Thirty years experi- 

Home Life Ins. Co 


All Policies non-forfeiting under tlis law of Ne^ York, 
1 after Jan. 1, 18S0. Will enable Agents to double their 
E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't., Chicago, III. 





sustained. Am. Ex. W. U. Tel. Eichard 

Havward. postmaster. 

Bariiett 'W E O, General Store. 

Barton J S, livery. 

Bauman Conrad, staves and heading manu- 

Black W D, general store and coal miner. 

Blair J, saw mill. 

Brazil and Chicago Coal Company. 

Brooks John, carpenter. 

Brooks Joseph, carpenter. 

Bullman William, shoemaker. 

Coal Blutl' Mining Company. 

Doran James, lawyer. 

Downs Jay A, wagonmaker. 

Downs J A, paper hanger. 

Dwyer Bell, milliner. 

Dwyer T, grocer. 

Farley Julia, saloon. 

Gallaher John, saloon. 

Garber John, plasterer. 

Geisburg Carl, baker. 

Hayward Bros, printers. 

Havward William, insurance agt. 

Hayward & Son, General Store. 

Hennessee James B, saloon. 

Hild William, stave and heading manufac- 

Hutchison J T, justice of the peace. 

James Edmond, coal miner. 

Kerr James A, general store and hotel. 

McDonald Lydia, restaurant and milliner. 

Marshall David, meat market. 

Morgan Margaret, general store. 

Morton & Doran, general store. 

Owens R G, R R agt. 

Pell G M, physician. 

Petty James H, carpenter. 

Preston Esau, lawyer. 

Priest M M, saloon, 

Pruett William, meat market. 

Roach Edward, saloon. 

Simpson Benjainin,General Store. 

Sourwine & Clutter,stave and heading man- 

Staples Richard, painter and paper hanger. 

Stetson C M & Co, general store. 

Throap James H, drugs. 

Trouzel Victor, hotel. 

Yansandt W H, physician. 

Walker John D, grocer and undertaker. 

Walker John O, agt Am Ex Company. 

West Joseph, shoemaker. 

White W C, barber. 

_ CARBONDALE. A small post 
village of 25 inhabitants, located in Liberty 
township, Warren county, 7 miles north of 
Williamsport, the county seat and nearest 
bank location. Attica, 8 miles south, sup- 
plies it with banking facilities. Charles 
>V. Senlman, postmaster. 
Berttana Benjamin, blacksmith. 

Sentman Charles "W, General 

Stewart J C, physician. 
Spelbring B F, physician. 

C AMI) ONI A, Was called formerly 
Alexander. It is a coal mining village of 
600 inhabitants, located in Van Buren 
township. Clay county, 3 miles north of 
Brazil, the county seat and banking town, 
and 2 miles south of Carbon, its shipping 
depot on the I. & St. L. R. R. Coal is the 
chief export. W. D. Black, postmaster. 
Black lY I>» General Store and Coal 

Dunn Thomas, saloon. 
Morgan John L, grocer and confectioner. 
O'Lery D, saloon. 

CAMLISLE, An enterprising vil- 
lage of 650 inhabitants, located on the E. 
& T. H. R. R., in Haddon township, Sulli- 
van county, 10 miles south of Sullivan, the 
county seat and banking town, 36 south of 
Terre Haute, 22 north of Vincennes, and 
109 southwest of Indianapolis. It contains 
Presbyterian, Methodist and Christian 
churches, 1 hotel, and 2 flour mills. Live 
stock and fruit are the shipments. Ex., 
Adams. Tel., W. U. John M. Warner, 
Akin C T & Co, general store and live 

Akins R W Sons, general store. 
Ambrose Claudius C, harness and saddles. 
Arnold George G M, R R and ex agt. 
Benefield Israel H, furniture. 
Benefield & Hardy, flour mill. 
Breuton & I^atsliai^, General 

Caubble T C Rev, (Christian). 
Coons W B, grocer. 
Davidson Francis M, barber. 
Dennison E D, physician. 
Greenfield S & Son, blacksmith. 
Hackney Stephen, shoemaker. 
Haddon David W, propr Haddon House. 
Helms & Lisman, physicians. 
•Jenkins & Curtner, druggists. 
McDaniel William, saloon. 
Land Jacob S, justice of the peace. 
Lalschaw A J, meat market. 
Lisman John W, blacksmith. 
Malone Alva C, General Store. 
Markee M A Mrs, milliner. 
Mathes J M, physician. 
Patten Ira, saloon. 
Plummer .Jennie Miss, milliner, 
Robbins C B, lawyer. 
Rogers W H Rev, (Presbyterian). 
Romelie Phillip H, grocer. 
Rotramel & Gwin, grain and hay. 
St Clair J F Rev, (Methodist). 


ivAKKiAGE AND WAGON STOCK OF ALL KINDS manuiacturca ana sola Dy 
Sales Room, 28 and 30 E. Georgia St., Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., p. 5. 

Blank Book Makers 


\ Printers, Binders aud Blank Book Makers, 

l S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts., Indianapolis. 





Speake Charles W, flour mill. 
Speake Lewis E, jeweler. 
Sproatt & AUumbaugh, livery. 
Sproatt & Benefield, hardware. 
"Warner Jolin M, Restaurant and 

Whalen R M & Son, druggists. 
Young J N, physician. 

CARMEL, Formerly known as Beth- 
lehem, is a pleasant town of 500 inhabit- 
ants, located partly in each, Clay and Dela- 
ware townships, Hamilton county, on the 
C. & I. Air Line R. R., lOj miles southwest 
of Noblesville court house, and 14 north of 
Indianapolis. It contains Methodist and 
Friends churches, 1 flour mill, a saw mill, 
and 1 tile factory. Grain, lumber and 
produce are the exports. Z. Warren, post- 

Bond C, undertaker. 
Carey & Dixon, flour mill. 
Carey & James, physicians. 
Comer A W, harnessmaker. 
Craven R, justice of the peace. 
Frost William, dentist. 
George & Ganze, livery. 
Haines A F, blacksmith. 
Haines J A, blacksmith. 
Harold William M, blacksmith. 
Harold & McShane, live stock. 
Harold & Morrow, drain tile manufac- 
Harvey H M, wagonmaker. 
Hawortb & Denny, Meat Market. 
Jessup A T, general store. 
King F H, general store. 
King F J Mrs, grocer. 
Kinder O "W, General Store. 
McShane & Harold, physicians, 
Newby G, Saw Mill. 
Nutt J W, undertaker. 
Owen Samuel, hotel. 
Patty D W, lawyer. 
Peacock Elias, shoemaker. 
Rail John W^, carpenter. 
Roberts Isaac R«v, (Friends). 
Sheets J M, general store. 
Small L J, drugs. 
Stewart D, blacksmith. 
"Warren Z, News and Periodicals. 
Wilson John, barber. 

in 1837, contains a population of 281, in 
Franklin township, Putnam county, on the 
L., N. A. & C. R'y, 10 miles north of Green- 
castle, the county seat and location of near- 
est bank. Lumber and grain are exported. 
Ex., L., N. A. & C. W. F. Garver, post- 

Anderson Eli, blacksmith. 
Baker James S, justice of the peace. 

Bateman William, physician. 

OarTer "W F, General Store, Ex and 
R R Agt. 

Harris B, hotel. 

Harris W C, Physician. 

Newton & McTerren, hardware and gro- 

Parker E J, blacksmith. 

Pickel A H, saw mill. 

Ritton David, wagonmaker. 

Stage H P, wagonmaker. 

StultZ W X, Drugs. 

C A It R O LL. Locally known as 
Wheeling, is a post village of 60 inhabit- 
ants, located in CarroUton township, Carroll 
county, 18 miles southeast of Delphi court 
house. It has tri-weekly stage communi- 
cation with Logansport, the shipping place 
and banking town, situated 122 miles north. 
M. H. Black, postmaster. 
Bell Joseph, blacksmith. 
Bell L T, boots and shoes. 
Black M H, Postmaster. 
Black William, general store. 
Hunt & Suell, saw mill. 
Kirk & Carter, general store. 
McFatridge L C, physician. 
Moore A G, physician. 

CARMOLLTON. Carroll county. 

{See Darwin.) 

CARROLLTON. Sometimes^ call- 
ed Reedville, contains a population of 200, 
in Brandywine township, Hancock county, 
and is situated on the C, H. & I. R'y, 7^ 
miles south of Greenfield, the county seat 
and banking town, and 18 southwest of In- 
dianapolis. Grain, live stock, produce, and 
lumber constitute its exports. U. S. Ex. 
H. Willis, postmaster. 
Allen & Kane, organs. 
Boring L, grain, R R, and ex agt. 
Boringf & Hutton, General Store. 
Boyce J, saw mill. 

Brandenburg & Simpson, general store. 
Coppell J, grain. 
House Lemuel, carpenter. 
Hutton H, shoemaker. 
Larimore Dr, physician. 
McRoberts J, wagonmaker. 
Matillo Emanuel, blacksmith. 
Moot J Rev, (United Brethren). 
Peck James, carpenter. 
Rounder Nelson, carpenter. 
Short H, druggist. 

Short & Hawkins, harness and saddlers. 
Stropes William, carpenter. 
Taylor T W, blacksmith, 
"W^illiS H, Barber and Restaurant! 

New York Ufa lns.Go. 

Purely Mutual. No Stockholders. Absolute Secur- 
ity at Actual Cost. Issues all desirable fornis of 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, m)iANAPOLil: 




14 East South Street, - - - Indianapolis, Ind. 





miles west of Indianapolis, on Vandalia 
Line, is an enterprising village of 250 in- 
habitants, located in Liberty township, 
Hendricks county, Si miles southeast of 
Danville, the county seat and location of 
nearest bank. Daily stage communication 
with Belleville ; fare 20 cents ; Centre Val- 
ley, fare 35 cents, and Monrovia, fare 50 
cents. Hogs, lumber, grain, staves and 
heading are the exports. Am. Ex. W. U. 
Tel. A. S. Grave, postmaster. 
Biddle & Grave, General Store. 
Clark J L, K R and ex agt. 
Coe F W, mason. 
Grave A S, Notary Public. 
Haydon & Tomlinson, soi'ghum manufac- 
Little J K, saw mill. 
Little A McCormick, grain. 
Morgan O, phvsician. 
Okeley F, blacksmith. 
Owens A, wagonmaker. 
Owens "William I, barber. 
Pearson Mary E, milliner. 
Phillips & Prewitt, general store. 
Ra^wliiig:^ H Iv, Hotel. 
Eennard Joel, live stock. 
Williamson S, plasterer. 

CARTHAGE. Is an incorporated 
town of 500 inhabitants, located in Kipley 
township. Rush county, 12 miles northwest 
of Rushville, the county seat. Knights- 
town, 5 miles north on the P. C. & St. L. E. 
R., is the shipping point. Carthage is 
located on Blue river, and contains 1 bank, 
3 churches — Friends, Methodist and Chris- 
tian — and a weekly newspaper, the Clarion. 
One flour and 1 woollen mill derive power 
from the river. Flour, grain, wool and 
produce are exported. Telephone and stage 
connection with Rushville and Knights- 
town. Drury Holt, Jr., postmaster. 
Bank of Carthage; capital $100,000; Charles 

Henley, prest ; S B Hill, cashr. 
Barber James, merchant tailor. 
Bennett James II, boots and shoes. 
Binford Levi S, drugs. 
Bogart H J, {jhysician. 
Charles H, physician. 
Coffin K T, grocer. 
Coffin O S, blacksmith. 
Cooi>er A C, baker and confectioner. 
Dunn E J, carriage and wagon manufac- 
Galloway Harvey, restaurant. 
Gwynne, Johnson & Co, general store. 
Henley Bros, flour and woolen mills. 
Hill. Milton, justice of the peace. 
Hill Pujbcrt W, stoves and tinware. 
Hill & Brother, blacksmiths. 
Hill & Cook, drugs. 

Holt Drury jr, Books, Stationery and 

Hubbard Joseph L, harnessmaker. 
Hunnicutt John A, carriage manufacturer. 
Johnson Bros, general store. 
Junken William A, saw mill. 
Newliy Oliver, physician. 
Nixon Benjamin, justice of the peace. 
Phelps H C, hotel. 
Righter O W, dentist. 
Small & Miller, meat market. 
Smith John P, grocer. 
Stone George H, General Store. 
Tollen Bros, meat market. 
Weingart Lewis, carriage painter. 

CASON. Or Dover, as the village is 
sometimes called, contains 100 inhabitants 
and is located in Jefferson township, Boone 
county, 8 miles west of Lebanon, the county 
seat. Thorntowu, 5 miles north on the C, I. 
St. L. & C. E. R., is the location of nearest 
bank and shipping depot. Grain is mar- 
keted. Fielding Denny, postmaster. 
Crafton O T, physician. 
Denny Fielding^, Justice of the 

Frazier Henrj', carpenter. 
Eoark Jackson, blacksmith. 
Wainscott Elias, wagonmaker. 
Ware W H, physician. 
Woodard Isaac, general store. 

CASS, This growing village of 120 
inhabitants, known locally as Buell City, is 
located on the S., E. & S. and B. R. R., in 
township of same name, county of Sullivan, 
8 miles east of Sullivan, the county seat 
and location of nearest bank. The sur- 
rounding country is underlaid with almost 
inexhaustible coal veins, which are only 
waiting to be worked to be made very 
profitable. Grain is the principal ship- 
ment. Ex., Pacific. N. H. Brown, post- 

Anderson Milton P, physician. 
Anderson & Brown, Druggists. 
Brown IV H, Physician. 
Case Daniel, justice of the peace. 
Hawtin John, justice of the peace. 
Hutchinson & Rains, saloon. 
McFaddan, J, blacksmith. 
Patton Joseph Rev, (Christian). 
Pope & LTsrey, general store. 
Rains Allen, shoe and harnessmaker. 
Rainswatler E, carpenter and builder. 
'Walters P A, Grocer. 

CASSVILLE. Has a population of 90, 
and is situated in Howard township and 
county, on I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. 
R'y., 5 miles north of Kokomo, the county 
seat and location of nearest bank. Grain 


UlfQl I IQIITlO Collected by W. H. COHnAI.EY, Attorney at L,awl 

■ ■ni lllnllllN. .^ 48 Vance Block, INDIANAPOLIS, INI). 

■ ■Ml WIMIIIIVI *«'20 years experience. Rejected aud iucreaso rensions a SDerialtr 


Porter's Joliet Lager Beer 

Ale and Porter, cor, Market 

and Randolph. T, D, Stnver, 

' SoleAgti See adv. page 3 5 L 





is'exported. Two churches — Methodist and 

Christian — are supported. Ex., U. S. J. 

D. Odell, postniister. 

Clark S J, Saw Mill. 

Gher David, shoemaker. 

James Joseph, blacksmith. 

Odell J D, General Store, K E and Ex 

Puckett J L, physician. 
Stantant A S, wagonmaker. 



Lake county. {See 

CASTLE. Is a farmer's postoffice, lo- 
cated in .Jackson township, Randolph coun- 
ty, 12 miles northwest of Winchester court 
house. Union City, 5 miles south, is the 
location of nearest bank and railroad de- 
pot. Joseph H. Sell, postmaster. 
King James V, physician. 
Sell Joseph H, General Store. 
Shreeve Emily, flour mill. 

CASTLETON. Is located on I. P. 
& C Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y., in Lawrence 
township, Marion county, 11 miles north 
of Indianapolis. Grain, live stock and 
lumber are the principal shipments. Popu- 
lation, 100. Ex., U. S. P. L. Negley, post- 

Hunter John, blacksmith. 
Lyle A W T, physician. 
Negley I" L,, General Store and Grain. 
Eooker J .J, physician. 
Silvey C W, general store. 
Silvey H, physician. 
Xbonipsbii 'W S, Saw Mill. 
Wadsworth & Son, general store. 

CA TAB, ACT, Is located at the falls 
of Eel river in Jennings township, Owen 
county, 12 miles northwest of Spencer, the 
county seat and banking town, and 6 south 
of Cloverdale, its shipping point, on the 
L., N. A. & C. R'y- The village contains 
145 inhabitants, 1 flour and 2 saw mills. 
The river furnishes power to operate the 
flour mill and 1 saw mill. Staves, lumber, 
produce anvl wagon material are the ship- 
ments. H. Miller, postmaster. 
Barnaby H, Saw Mill. 
Brasier T, physician. 
Burns F M, slaoemaker. 
Campbell I) P, notary public. 
Campbell J D, flour mill. 
Ennis Washington, meat market. 
Hofia Jacob, blacksmith. 
Hutson Jackson, lawyer. 
Jones J M, physician. 
Medaris J H, drugs. 
Miller H, Postmaster and News Agt. 

Minnick Theodore, watch and clock re- 

Nichols Charles, blacksmitli and wagon- 

Owens Greenville, justice of the peace. 

Pritchett E IJV & Son, General 

Russell Isaac, saw mill. 

Staudt John, flour mill. 

Stillwell TD, general store. 

W^illiams J G, saloon. 

CA TLIN, A station on line of L, 

Div. T. H. &I. R. R., is located partly in 

each, Florida and Raccoon townships, 

Parke county, 5 miles south of Rockville, 

the county seat and banking town, and IS 

northeast of Terre Hante, with a poulation 

of 200. The.village sustains Christian and 

Methodist churches. Lumber, staves, wheat 

and live stock are shipped. Ex., Am. 

William H. Elson, postmaster. 

Blair & Ashlev, stave manufacturers. 

Boyd J L Rev!^ (Methodist). 

Branson George W, blacksmith and town- 
ship trustee. 

Case M H, trustee Florida township, 

Catlin, Case & Puett, live stock. 

Catlin & Puett, grain. 

Clark T C, drugs. 

HlSOn 'Will H, General Store and 
Agt Hartford, ^Etna and Phcenix Fire, 
and Masonic Mutual Benefit Life Insur- 
ance Companies. 

Ernst William, carpenter. 

Geller James, carpenter. 

Gilkeson J C, justice of the peace. 

Heacox Hiram, coal mine. 

McCants H D, Grocer. 

Moody D M Rev, (Christian). 

Perrott W W, flour mill. 

Sullivan John, blacksmith. 

Tinsly B A, physician. 

Wakefield A C, Saw Mill. 

Wright William, R R and ex agt. 

CEDAR BEACH, Is a pleasant 
summer resort, located on Turkey Lake 
and the B. & O. R. R., in Turkey Creek 
township, Kosciusko county, 30 miles north- 
east of Warsaw court house. This place is 
becoming known as a splendid summer re- 
sort, and has a large number of visitors 
during the summer months. Ex., B. & O. 
T. B. W^ightman, postmaster. 

CEDAB CBEEK. Contains 35 in- 
hobitants, 1 church and a saw mill. It is 
situated on E. R. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, 
in Butler township, DeKalb county, 8 miles 
southwest of Auburn, the county seat and 
banking town. Lumber and grain are its 
exports. Mrs. Alice M. Holman postmaster. 



and Notary Public. Office, Rooms i6 and i8 Hubbard 
f Block, Indianapolis, Ind. {See adv.) 

InA^I nAAmiAf Por corrugated ana crimped. Address 
RON ROOF INGl W. G. HYNDMAN & go., Cincinnati, Oliio. 





Ammon J "SV, Carpenter. 
Holuiau Frank, General Store. 
Jones V B, saw mill and K E agt. 
Kester A A, physician. 
Zern Christian, shoemaker. 

CEDAR GROVE. Ilighlaud town- 
ship, Franklin county, with 90 inhabitants, 
is located on "WhiteWater river and the W. 
W. V. K. K., (i miles southeast of Brook- 
ville, the county seat and location of near- 
est bank. Two churches are sustained. 
Grain and live stock comprise its exports. 
Am ex. Mrs. Julia A. Hardy, postmaster. 
Ball Irwin, shoemaker. 
Batzner Frederick, saloon. 
Batzner John, blacksmith. 
Burns William, flour and saw mill. 
Case William L & Son, coopers. 
Chapman Alexander, saloon. 
Cooley A J, dry goods and groceries. 
Dorlaline John, blacksmith. 
Esctienbacli Pbilip, General 

Hardy Julia A Mrs, R E and Ex 

Herbert August, wagonmaker. 
Knecht Cooksey, live stock and grain. 
Osthermer Andy, hotel. 
Owens R J, physician. 
Sbuck Jacob & Co, Flour and Saw 


CEDAR LAKE. Derives its name 
from lake of same name, upon which it is 
situated. The village contains 150 inhab- 
itants, and is on the I. & C. Air Line R'y, 
in Cedar Creek township, Lake county, 8 
miles southwest of Crown Point, the county 
seat and location of nearest bank. Grain, 
hav, live stock, produce and ice are ex- 
ported. Ex., L., N. A. & C. A. D. Palmer, 

Bixman Leopold, Live Stock. 
Cross Philander, justice of the peace. 
Freeman, Anderson & Co, ice. 
Garrison E A, live stock. 
Harmon August, mason and bricklayer. 
Hill .J L, physician. 
Lowe Samuel & 50ns, hay. 
Palmer A D, General Store and Law- 
Palmer JC, carpenter. 
Moller Frederick, blacksmith. 
Shelow Bros, blacksmiths. 
Taylor C M, general store. 
Taylor O G, lumber. 
Thorapsrjn A P, driven wells. 
Wood R C, carjienter. 

CED A R VIL LE. Is situated at the 
head of steamboat navigation, on the St. 
Joseph river, in Cedar Creek township, 

Allen county, 11 miles northeast of Fort 
Wayne, the county seat and location of 
nearest bank. The village contains 150 in- 
habitants, Methodist and L^nited Brethren 
churches, 1 flour mill and 1 saw mill. 
The mills derive power from the river. Tri- 
weekly stage to Fort Wayne; fare 50 cents, 
and Butler — fare$l. Grain, flour and lum- 
ber are shipped. Z. T. Garrett, postmaster. 
Dinniws W Rev, (United Brethren), 
Disler Willis, saloon. 
Oarrett Z, X, General Store. 
Hallopeter M, justice of the peace. 
Hammond J, carpenter. 
Kryder H W, live stock. • 

Kryder John L, physician. 
Myers J A, blacksmith. 
Pisheon F, barber and cooper. 
Snyder J, live stock. 
vStevick J L, wagonmaker. 
Stevick W^ H, blacksmith. 
Ximbrook & Son, Saw and Flour 

Tracy D, shoemaker. 
Wyatt A R, physician. 

CEDAR WOOD. The location of 
40 persons, in Harrison township and coun- 
ty, 4 miles south of Corydon court house, 
and 9 north of Mauckport, its shipping 
point on the Ohio river. It has, in the 
vicinity. United Brethren, Methodist, Pres- 
byterian, Christian and Lutheran churches 
and district schools. Mail semi-weekly. 
J. W. Rowe, postmaster. 
Doll Joseph, shoemaker. 
Glenn William J, wagonmaker. 
Kitterman A P & Bro, general store. 
Kopp Michael, blacksmith. 
RO'we J "W, Carpenter and Builder. 
Rowe R Mrs, apairian. 
Weaver William, blacksmith. 

CELESTINE. Containing 225 in- 
habitants, is a village located in Hall 
township, Dubois county, 10 miles east of 
Jasper, the county seat and place of ship- 
ment. Wheat, tobacco and pork are mar- 
keted. Joseph Schlegel, postmaster. 
AUes Jacob, township trustee. 
Betz August, township assessor. 
Harman Isaac, justice of the peace. 
Hasanour O, General Store. 
Hasanour J, shoemaker. 
Johnson R 13, physician. 
Kaester S A Rev, (Catholic). 
Kirlen A, saloon. 

Ma.schidi John, barber and shoemaker. 
Merkil J, wagomaker. 
Miller A, wagonmaker. 
Miller P, cooper. 
Rinnick W, justice of the peace. 
Schaaf John, furniture. 

^UIIIUU Ul LilLIUU %XI UUl 18>^ Bates Block, opp. P.O., IndianapoU8,Ind. 


r B^^-Call or Write for 
< Prices. 206 to 216 
t South Illinois Street. 






Schles:el Josepb, Saddle aud Har- 

Schnause G, blacksmith. 
Seng George, wagonmaker. 
Seng Jacob, general store. 
Seng J H, hotel. 
Snaus & Striegle, saw mill. 
Strigle Joseph, blacksmith. 

CELINA.. Rural postofflce, located 
in Oil township, Perry county, 22 miles 
northeast of Cannelton, the county seat, and 
14 northwest of Alton, the place of ship- 
ment on the Ohio river. A United Breth- 
ren church is sustained, and staves are 
shipped. Ella F. Rickenbaugh, postmaster. 
Carr John, blacksmith. 
Cunningham Jesse, blacksmith. 
King A, shoemaker. 
Land Marsh, lawyer. 

Rickenbaug:!! Hlla F, Postmaster. 
Rickenbaugh J, tanner. 

CEMENTVILLE, Is a station on 
the J., M. & I. R. R., located in Jeffersou- 
ville township, Clark county, 5 miles north 
of JefFersonville, the county seat and bank- 
ing town. Cement is the only article of 
export. Population, 100. C. W. Gheens, 
postmaster. ? 

Akers Matthew, general store. 
Belknap Dexter, cement manufacturer. 
Biggs J F, general store. 
Carr Silas, R R agt and cement manufac- 
GbeetlS C 'W, Propr Silver Creek Ce- 
ment Mills. 
Mills O V C, cement manufacturer. 

CENTRAL, Is the location of 25 
persons in Heth township, Harrison coun- 
ty, 9 miles south of Corydon, the county 
seat, and 6 north of Mauckport, a landing 
on the Ohio river. Butter and eggs are 
marketed. D. W. Hays, postmaster. 
Hays D "W, Physician. 
Kopp C B, blacksmith. 
Miller S E, cabinetmaker. 
Read I E, justice of the peace. 
Eoby L G, constable. 

CENTRE. _ Known also as Tampico, 
is the location of 125 persons on the P., C. 
& St. L. R'y., in Taylor township, Howard 
county, 6 miles southeast of Kokomo, the 
county seat and banking town. A Chris- 
tian church is sustained, and lumber and 
grain shipped. Adams Ex. J. B. Skinner, 

Hercules L W Rev, (Christian). 
Hodson C H, physician. 
Jackman David, wagonmaker, 
Jackman Taylor, grain and grocer. 

Kirkpatrick J B, physician and drugs. 
Skinner J B, General Store, R R and 
Ex Agt. 

CENTR E P OIN T. On daily stage 
route from Brazil to Bowling Green, is a 
village of 300 inhabitants, located in Sugar 
Ridge township. Clay county, lOJ miles 
southeast of Brazil, the county seat and lo- 
cation of nearest bank. Saline City, 6J 
miles southwest, on the T. H. & S. E. R. R., 
is the nearest rail approach. Lumber and 
staves are the chief exports. C. W. A. 
Holley, postmaster. 
Ambrose Alexander, coal mine. 
Ambrose L F, nursery. 
Ashttiore & Russell, General Store. 
Booth James L, assessor. 
Boyce John, constable. 
Grimes Nelson W, hotel. 
Grimes W, physician. 
Helton J R, marble yard. 
Helton & Shaflfer, marble yard. 
Holley C ^W A, Tailor. 
Jones T W Rev, (Methodist). 
Jones & Boyce, marble yard. 
Kennedy J L, druggist. 
Kennedy L C, flour mill. 
McCurley James, wagonmaker. 
Malsom William Rev, (United Brethren). 
May rose D, shoemaker. 
Moss C W, insurance agt. 
Reeder J H, furniture and undertaker. 
Reeder William E, notary and justice. 
Rundell A E, physician. 
Shaffer & Miller, wagon manufacturers. 

_ CEN TRE S Q UARE. Is the loca- 
tion of 100 persons, in Jefferson township, 
Switzerland county, 8 miles north of Vevay, 
the county seat, shipping point and bank- 
ing town. Plas Baptist, Christian and Uni- 
versalist churches. J. S. Shadday, post- 

Gleason B N, blacksmith. 
Hall Edward A, carpenter. 
Hunter A G, harnessmaker. 
Jackson J M, wagonmaker. 
Kirkpatrick J C, apairian. 
Schoonover F, miller. 
Shadday J S, General Store. 
Sibenthal J A, flour mill. 

CENTRETON. Twenty-three miles 
southeast of Indianapolis is a village pos- 
sessed of 200 inhabitants, located on the I. 
& V. R'y, in Clay township, Morgan coun- 
ty, 7 miles north of Martinsville, the coun- 
ty seat and banking town. Brick, lumber, 
grain, and milk comprise its exports. Ad- 
ams Ex. W. U. Tel. Emma Bush, post- 
Bush Bros, general store. 



< 188 South Meridian St., 


Mers of Cove and Fresb Oysters. UNION OYSTER GO. 

J. S. K£]L,L,e:r, manager. 

40 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Bush B B, townsliip trustee. 

Busll Emma, Postmaster. 

Bush G L. R E agt. 

Gamble, Miller »& Gamble, saw mill. 

Hadley C. shoemaker. 

Jager John, painter and paperhanger. 

Maxwell J E, justice and ex agt. 

Miller *!« Gamble, saloon. 

Kiehardsou & Co, grocers and tinware. 

Stiger George, blacksmith. 

Stipp & Campbell, restaurant. 

Strader Brantley, constable. 

Swisher D. M'agonmaker. 

^"all B M,^hotel. 

hamlet located in Liberty township, Hen- 
dricks county, 12 miles southwest of Dan- 
ville, the county seat and location of nearest 
bank. Cartersburg, 8 miles north on the 
Vandalia Line, is the nearest rail apiiroach. 
Population, 40. J. C. Fen-ee, postmaster. 
Dillon L, F, General Store. 
Harper Branson, saw mill. 


{See Leici.'t.) 

Yigo county. 

CEXTBEVILLE. Is located in a 
very fertile agricultural district, on the P., 
C. & St. L. R'y, in Centre township, Wayne 
county, distant from Richmond courthouse 
6 miles, and from Indianapolis, 62 miles. 
Centreville is incorporated, contains 1,000 
inhabitants, has substantial businesss blocks, 
fine residences, wide streets, 1 ijublic hall, a 
good fire department, 4 churches — Metho- 
dist, Presbyterian (2), and Christian — 1 
graded school, township and citizens 
library, 1 national bank, and 1 hotel. The 
assessed value of its real and personal prop- 
erty amounts to $3.50,000, and its bonded 
debt is .S.3,o00. A prominent feature here 
is the white Sulphur Springs, the waters of 
which are gaining considerable notoriety 
as containing most excellent medical quali- 
ties, 2 flour mills, an organ factory, 1 saw 
mill, a cooper shop, 1 pump factory, and a 
boot and shoe factory, comprise the most 
prominent of its mills, factories, etc. 
Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. Mrs. Martha E. 
Greene, postmaster. 

Adams Express Com])any, O H Reece, agt. 
American House, E F Harner, propr. 
Aukerman Daniel, carpenter. 
Baker Chirk, wagonmaker. 
Bartz Charles, pumpmaker. 
Beitzell Marceilus, stoves and tinware. 
Bert«ch Mary Mrs, baker. 
Bowers Abraham D, cooper. 
Caf)peller Frederick, saloon. 
Carter Rtjbert, barber. 
Clark & Smith, flour mill. 

Commons Joseph A, saw mill. 

Dady & Cappeller, restaurant. 

Dietrich Rufus M, dentist. 

Diltz Henry A, wagonmaker. 

Doughty Samuel C, general store. 

Dunbar J A & Co, general store. 

Failor Christian, general store. 

First National Bank; capital $50,000; Jesse 

Cates, prest ; J K Jones, cashr. 
Gentry David, justice of the peace. 
Gentry James H, notary public. 
Gordon George C, physician. 
Green Martha E Mrs, fancy goods. 
Harner Edmund F, propr American House. 
Harvey John C, meat market. 
Hatfield Joseph F, tailor. 
Houck John W, carriage manufacturer. 
Jennings Luther, barber. 
Johnston Montgomery T, grocer. 
Kersey Silas H, physician. 
Keys & Co, harness. 
King Arthur C, flour mill. 
King William F, physician. 
Lantz Bros, undertakers. 
Lantz John, wagonmaker. 
Leeson Henry C, grocer. 
Lewellen James C, photographer. 
Lewellen Lizzie Mrs, milliner. 
McDevitt Isaac R, carpenter. 
McMahan C S, jeweler. 
Noble Henry C, under(>aker. 
Peele John Rev, (Christian). 
Peirce William R, job printer. 
Pricket John, physician and druggist. 
Reece Oliver H, agt P, C & St L Ry. 
Scott Frank E, boots and shoes. 
Shoff" Rudolph S, livery. 
Smith & Wilson, wagonmakers. 
Stoddard John D, Manufacturer of 

Boots and Shoes under Stoddard's Patent 

Upper and Sole Protector. 
Strayer Hiram, shoemaker. 
Tillsoh Hosea, physician. 
Tuttle Cynthia EMrs, milliner. 
Vogel Charles W, organ manufacturer. 
Williams Lafayette F, general store. 
Wolverton J M Rev, (Methodist). 
W^ood Calvin J, physician and druggist. 

CERBO GORDO. Sometimes called 
Buena Vista, is the location of 100 persons, 
on line between White River and West 
River townships, Randolph county, 7 miles 
southwest of Winchester court house, the 
l)anking town and place of shipment. 
Friends and United Brethren churches are 
sustained. J. M. Johnson, postmaster. 
Brady Thomas, tile manufacturer. 
Coyers A W & Bro, steam thresher. 
Heaston D, wagonmaker. 
Hiatt .lohn, shoemaker. 
Johnson J I, Blacksmith and Agri- 
cultural Implements. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. Orders for Purchase 
and Sale of Grain and Provisions Solicited. 
125 LaSalle Street, CSICAQO. ** 


C. H. jEBJJiJB, Agent, 293^ North Pennsylvania Street, INDIANAPOI^IS, IIKD. 





Oharra A, ex agt. 

Sellers B F, live stock. 

Starbuck K S, general store and hotel. 

Vauglm Bros, Saw Mill. . 

CHALMERS. On line of the L„ N. 
A. & C. K'y, in Big Creek township, White 
county, 12 miles southwest of Monticello, 
the county seat and banking town. Popu- 
lation, 50. Shipments are grain and live 
stock. Ex., L., N. A. & C. W. T. Dobbins, 
Dobbins V, hotel. 

Dottbins "W X, General Store, Lum- 
ber and Coal.- 
Dowling James, blacksmith. 
Kaub J & W W, grain. 

township, Allen county, 8 miles northeast 
of Fort Wayne, the county seat, which sup- 
plies it with railroad and banking facilities. 
Population, 38. Tri-weekly stage to Ft. 
Wayne and Halls Corners. Mary V. Tay- 
lor, postmaster. 
Barrall Jacob, blacksmith. 
Chausse Amie, justice of the peace. 
Doty (Solomon, justice of the peace. 
Gherkey & Bottles, saw mill. 
Geogline George, grocer and saloon. 
Shaffer William & G, saw mill. 
Xaylor Mary V, Postmaster. 


New Albany and Paoli stage line, in Paoli 
township, Orange county. The village con- 
tains 125 inhabitants, and is situated 5 
miles southeast of Paoli, the county seat, 
and 13 south of Orleans, its shipping depot, 
on the L., N. A. & C. K'y. Live stock is 
marketed. K. S. Dillinger, postmaster. 
Campbell John, shoemaker and constable. 
Dillinger G W, blacksmith. 
Dilling^er R. S, Groceries and Notions. 
Hazlewood Green, physician. 
Keynolds Thomas, wagoumaker. 
Tarr S P, saw mill. 
W^olfe J T, general store. 

CHANDLER, Once known as Lee, 
is a station on E. E. & E. Div. L. E. & St. 
L. R. R., located in Ohio township, War- 
rick county, 5 miles west of Boonville court 
house and 12 east of Evansville. Popula- 
tion, loo. Samuel T. Helt, postmaster. 
Alexander Samuel, justice of the peace. 
Harris W H, phvsician. 
Helt Samuel X, General Store, R R 

and Ex Agt. 
luglic Thomas & Co, coal miners. 
Kelsey Charles, blacksmith. 
Kline & Gaddis, stave manufacturers and 

saw mill. 

Narcross S, general store. 
Smith Henry, shoemaker. 
Strickland John, blacksmith. 


county. {See Colburn.) 

CHARLESTO WN. Is the location 
of 1200 persons in township of same name, 
county of Clark, on Louisville Br O. & 
M. R'y., 13 miles northeast of Jeffer- 
sonville, the county seat and banking town. 
This was formerly the county seat of Clark 
county and since the removal of the same 
to Jeifersonville it has not increased very 
rapidly, although it is in an excellent 
hnancial condition, entirely free from debt 
and surrounded by a rich farming country 
from which it derives its chief sujjport. 
Eight churches, a large graded school and 
1 hotel are supported. The only newspaper 
in the place is the Clark County Record, pub- 
lished and edited by Mr. William S. Fer- 
rier. It was established in 1869, and has 
the largest circulation of any weekly paper 
in south central Indiana. In the manu- 
facturing line it has a cheese factory, 2 saw 
mills, 3 flour mills, a truss hoop factory 
and 1 woolen mill. Ex., O. & M. Tel., 
W. U. Henry Howard, postmaster. 
Alpha Mitchel P, general store. 
Beeler G T & Co, flour mill. 
Berges Henry G, carpenter. 
Berry James, barber. 
Boyer William, wagonmaker. 
Bridges Dillon, justice of the peace. 
Cartright & Co, cheese manufacturei's. 
Clark County Record, (Weekly) 
William S. Ferrier, Publisher. (.See adv.) 
Claybrooks George W Rev, (Baptist). 
Cole & Beeler, general store. 
Coombs Lurana Mrs, notions. 
Coward George W, pension agt. 
Curran Robert E, physician. 
Demar James M, grocer. 
Dettmer Ernst W, shoemaker. 
Denser William, saloon. 
Deutschman Martin, flour mill. 
Dixon James S, grocer. 
Ferguson A J Rev, (Methodist). 
Ferrier 'William S, Editor and 
Proprietor Clark County Record. {See. 
Green Wilford M, flour mill. 
Green William, wagonmaker. 
Green William M, woolen mill. 
Harris Caleb, saw mill. 
Harris Harvey .J, grocer. 
Hay Andrew J, druggist. 
Hay Campbell, druggist. 
Hay George W, livery. 
Henderson Thomas W, truss hoop manufac- 

THOS. H. CLAPP, Optician, 

93 Nortli Pennsylvania Street, 
New-Uenison Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

I have for sale SPECTACIvES 

of all the best and late improved 
forms and material. 

Home Life Ins. Co. 

The strongest In the -world, has $140 for $100 of 
liability, therefore the best for the Agrent. Apply- 
to B. H. KELLOGG. Superintendent, Chicago, IlL 





Hester Mellville C, lawyer. 

Hoffmeister Peter, cooper. 

Ho-ward Meury, Postmaster and Sta- 

Howe Eobert L Eev, (Christian). 

Hughes John H Eev, ^Baptist). 

Hatchings & Crawford, livery. 

Karnes & Wiser, saAV mill. 

Keel Abner J, justice of the peace. 

Knight Samuel B, blacksmith. 

Latta Eobert, contractor. 

Long John M, stoves and tinware. 

Loring David, shoemaker. 

McCombs Mildred B Mrs, propr McCombs 

McCombs Milton, meat market. 

McCoy James T, wagonmaker. 

McCoy Joseph E, blacksmith. 

McKillip M E Eev, (Presbyterian). 

Masmar August, shoemaker. 

Mitchem Nathan, barber. 

Morrison L C, agt O & M Ex Co. 

Oldham James E, physician. 

Olvey Margaret B, dressmaker. 

Powell John W, lawyer. 

Eeeves McDowell, jeweler. 

Eeich Charles A, meat market. 

Eogers H D, dentist. 

Euddell Cornelius B, general store. 

Eunyan Francis M, grocer. 

Sargent James A Eev, (Methodist). 

Spriestersbach George, blacksmith. 

Stierheim William A, harriessmaker. 

Stockwell John, undertaker. 

Stumpf Michael, saloon. 

Teeple James M, undertaker and furniture. 

.Van Hook William, druggist. 

Wagner John C, grocer. 

Washburn Ephraim, tailor. 

Wilson Ephraim C, painter. 

'Wilson Josliua C, Groceries, Pro- 
visions and Queensware. 

Work William F, physician. 

gres.sive village of 400 inhabitants is locat- 
ed on the P., C, & St. L. E'y, in Jackson 
townshij), Hancock county, 29 miles east of 
Indianapolis and 9 east of Greenfield, the 
county seat. Knightstown, distant 4 miles, 
supplies it with banking facilities. Char- 
lottsville contains 4 churches — Methodist, 
Lutheran, Friends' and Christian — and ex- 
ports grain, lumber, flax and live stock. 
Ex., Adams. Joseph F. Shultz, postmas- 

Ball A K, blacksmith. 
Burk Daniel, barber and shoemaker. 
Clippingf-r N P Mrs, milliner. 
Coffin John, justice. 
Cox W B, physician. 
Foust Washington, florist. 
Frederick Henry, blacksmith. 

Girty John T, livery. 

Grass Daniel, physician. 

Grass Samuel, carpenter. 

Grass & Hatfield, General Store. 

Griflith Lafayette, general store. 

Hackleman John, saw mill. 

Hammer A W^, blacksmith. 

Hammer T B, physician. 

Leanon John E, justice of the peace. 

McLaughlin E, saloon. 

Niles Reuben C, Hardware. 

Pearson E, grain. 

Phillips L C, druggist and grocer. 

Philpot Marion, ex agt. 

Eoland John E, drugs and groceries. 

SllUltZ Joseph F, Stationery. 

Stringer Philip, florist and grocer. 

Thomas John S, agricultural implements. 

"Walker & Conklin, General Store. 

Wheeler B B, lawyer. 

Wright J E, physician. 

CHARM, Formerly known as Forest 
Grove, is a hamlet of 30 inhabitants, lo- 
cated in Middlebury township, Elkhart 
county, 10 miles northeast of Goshen, the 
county seat, banking town and place of 
shipment. Stage to Goshen and Lagrange 
4 days in each week. Henry J. Yoder, 

Haines Albert, undertaker and cabinet- 
Haines Henry, carpenter. 
Work Eobert, blacksmith and wagonmaker, 
Yoder Henry J, General Store. 

CHASE, Is located on the L., E. & 
W. E'y, in Grant township, Benton county, 
8 miles southwest of Fowler, the county 
seat, and 4 west of Oxford, the location of 
nearest bank. Population, 35. Grain and 
live stock are the shipments. Ex., U. S.- 
Tel., W. U. James Kirtley postmaster. 
Ford Elijah, blacksmith. 
Kirtley James, General Store and 

Ex agt. 
Kirtley W T, E E agt. 
Spelman & Jones, grain. 

CHESTER. With a population of 
150, is located in Wayne township and 
county, 4 miles north of Eichmond, the 
county seat, banking town and place of 
shipment. Methodist and Friends' churches 
are supported. B. F. Martin, postmaster. 
Addleman James B, blacksmith. 
Hampton Jacob L, live stock. 
Hiatt Eiley, live stock. 
King Edward, live stock. 
martin B K, General Store. 
Martin T S, live stock. 
Pickett Eli M, carpenter. 
Keed Wilson, physician. 

/^ C" C^ll T L," I " I ' p f ^lAifUFA£TUEEa or Wagon AND Carriage MATERIAL. 
Nos.'?anT?opi:^tGc.JSiaStn.c?' POLES, SHAFTS, DOUBLE & SINGLE TREES, 
II^JD. I AND NE^CK VOKE^S. See adv., page 6. 



Binding and Blank Book Making, 

Southeast Corner Circle aud Meridian Streets. - INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





"Williamson E P, carpenter. 
Williamsons P, carpenter. 

CHESTERFIELD. Situated on 
the C, C, C. & I. R'y, is a village possessed 
of 150 inhabitants, located in Union town- 
ship, Madison county, 41 miles northeast 
of Indianapolis and 5 east of Anderson 
court house, the location of nearest bank. 
Grain and hogs are shipped. A. J. Cor- 
nelius, postmaster. 
Armington C L, physician. 
•Clatterbaugh C, blacksmith. 
Cornelius A J, General Store. 
Dickson A, shoemaker. 
Glass & Holman, broom manufacturers. 
Heath J W, justice of the peace. 
Makepeace & Henderson, saw mill. 

CHESTERTON. Is a beautiful 
village of 500 inhabitants, located on the 
L., S. & M. S. R'y, in Westchester town- 
ship. Porter county, 10 miles north of Val- 
paraiso, the county seat and location of 
nearest bank. It is rapidly improving and 
contains 3 churches — Catholic, Metho- 
dist, and Lutherian — an organ factory and 
1 flour mill. Brick, grain, potatoes, organs, 
and berries are the chief expotts. IJ. S. Ex. 
W. U. Tel. D. D. Marr, postmaster. 
BergfStrotll K, Boots and Shoes. 
Bergstrom H, saloon. 
Bergstrom J, boots and shoes. 
Blackwell T, flour mill and machinist. 
Coulter J C, R R and ex agt and notary. 
■Crapp William Rev, (Methodist). 
Demass N, carpenter. 
Diddie 'William, General Store. 
Gable Charles, blacksmith. 
Gondring J, justice of the peace. 
Green H, drugs. 
Hallman A C Rev, (Lutheran). 
Harrigan Edward, saloon. 
Hillstrom & Co, organ manufacturers. 
Hylander Bros, general store. 
Johnson C, saloon. 
Jonas M, wagonmaker. 

Jones E J, physician. 

Johnson G, hotel. 

Jolltison !■ H', General Store. 

KhroU Father Rev, (Catholic). 

Lundberg J, furniture and undertaker. 

McHenry D, blacksmith. 

Marr D I>, Physician, Surgeon and 

Miller R E, physician. 
Murphy J, cooper. 
Patterson G, barber. 
Pinney J, general store. 
Quick Bi-os, hardware. 
Schaper E, barber and jeweler. 
SteiglitzC, boots and shoes. 
Stemper, N, wagonmaker. 
Stout W, saloon. 

Taylor Bros, General Store. 
Taylor J T, grain. 
Young M, meat market. 

CHES TN U THILL. Is a post village 
of 50 inhabitants, located in Franklin town- 
ship, Washinton county, 10 miles east of 
Salem, the county seat, and 7 north of 
Henryville, its shipping depot, on the J., 
M. &"l. R. R. Has 1 saw and 2 flour mills, 
H. N. Thompson, postmaster. 
Ashabrouer John, saw and flour mill. 
Blankenbaker F M, blacksmith. 
Casey & Bro, Flour Mill. 
Davis Henry Rev, (Christian). 
Elliott A, shoemaker. 
Kettry A, wagonmaker. 
Layman J H, physician. 
Sturdevant F, live stock. 
TllOttlpSOIl H N, General Store. 
Williams James, cooper. 

CHES TJV UT RIDGE, Sixty-four 
miles south of Indianapolis, is a station on 
the J., M. & I. R. R., in Washington town- 
ship, Jackson county, 13 miles east of 
Brownstown, the county seat, and 5 south 
of Seymour, the location of nearest bank. 
Its exports consist of lumber, fruit, staves 



^V. S. FET^RIER, Editor and 

It is an eight-page six-column paper, and has tlie hirgest circulation of any paper in Southern 
Indiana. Advertising" rates reasonable. 

Was established in 1869 : circulates in 5,000 of the best fanailies of Clark, Scott, Jefferson and Floyd 
counties. RATES OF ADVERTISING : Twenty-five cents per inch, iier insertion. Advertisements 
of less than four inches in length, inserted for a less time than one month, will be charged at rate of 
40 cents per inch per insertion. Local notices 10 cents per line per insertion. Our Only Terms. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

Purely Mutual. No Stockholders. Absolute Secur- 
ity at Actual Cost. Issues all desirable forms of 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, indiaxafoliI: 


PEXER F. BRYCE, Proprietor. I inuldlldpullSs, lUU. 





and heading. Adams Ex. F. E. Scott, 


Alpha J F, ex agt. 

Chestnut Eidge Mill Company, saw mill 

and general store. 
Scott F E, Postmaster. 
Smith IT J, lumber. 
Sperry E, Hotel. 

CHILI. Is a village and station on 
E. K. Div. AV., St. L. & P. E'y., located in 
Kichland township, Miami county, 7 miles 
north of Peru, the county seat and banking 
place. Chili is on the Eel river, and con- 
tains 150 inhabitants, Baptist and Metho- 
dist churches. Ex., Pacitic. N. C. Hall, 

Await (4eorge, druggist. 
Bain .J B Kev, (Baptist). 
Belew J C, phvsician. 
Brubaker A, Saw Mill. 
Fike Parvin, wagonmaker. 
Gilbert Frederick L, blacksmith. 
Gilbert H, druggist. 
Graham B E, phvsician. 
Hall 3V C, General Store. 
Hill Eev, (Methodist). 
Musselman Samuel, flour mill, 
Nichols Baurd, blacksmith. 
Ogden Henry, shoemaker. 
Eidenour David, phvsician. 
'Williams G, Hotel. 

CHINA, Established as a postofRce in 
1882, is the location of 15 families, in Shel- 
by township, Jefl'erson county, 7 miles north- 
east of Madison, the county seat, place of 
shipment and location of nearest bank. 
Produce is marketed Jacob Thinnes, post- 

Birkly Max, shoemaker. 
Hall jurd, blacksmith. 
Hester AVilliam, flour and sawmill. 
Leinenveber John, carpenter. 
Smidy David, saw and flour mill. 
Snabolt Josei)h, Ijlacksmith. 
Xliiiines Jacob, Grocer. 

ral postoffiee, located in Van Burcn town- 
ship), P.rown county, 13 miles southeast of 
Nashville court house. Columluis, the 
ship|)ing station and banking town, is 18 
miles northeast. Population, 10. William 
SpauMing, postmaster. 

Spauldiii];*: 'William, Blacksmith 
"NVadswortli Jolin, fl(»iir mill. 
Wadsworth William T, shoemaker. 
AVil.son Samuel C, physician. 

CHUMUBUSCO. Is a prosperous 
incorporated town of 1)00 inhabitants, lo- 

cated on Eel Kiver Div. W., St. L. & P. 

E'y., in Smith township, Whitely county, 

10 miles northeast of Columbia City, the 

county seat and banking town. It contains 

Methodist, United Brethren and Baptist 

churches, a graded school, 1 hotel, 1 saw 

mill and 1 flour mill and supports a semi- 
monthly newspaper — The JVhite Elephant. 

Lumber and grain comprise its chief ex- 
ports. Stage route to Albion and Heller's 

Corners. Ex., Pacific. Tel., W. U. Anes 

Yocum, postmaster. 

Barnd Bros, druggists. 

Barr S F, furniture and undertaker. 

Beavers & Young, meat market. 

Brown Charles, Livery and Agri- 
cultural Implements. 

Cresswell John F, physician. 

Deck John & Son, lumber and grain. 

Diller John H, saloon. 

Eby Samuel, saloon. 

Gandy W S, justice of the peace. 

Geiger Edward, barber. 

Geiger William A, hardware. 

Hosack & Kilfoy, wagonmakers. 

Hughes & Spears, saw mill. 

Isay Julius, meat market. 

Isherwood J L, dry goods. 

Jackson E A Mrs, milliner. 

Kichler Jacob, baker. 

Kirchler & Bros, flour and grist mill. 

Kinzy Gideon, gunsmith and ex agt. 

Klepper Daniel, Carpenter, Con- 
ractor and Builder. 

Kocher Martin, boots and shoes. 

L,arimore House, Thomas Lari- 
more, Propr. 

L,arimore Xliomas, Propr Lari- 
more House. 

Lewis Solomon, saloon. 

Magers F M, physician. 

Maxwell George W, general store. 

Mayer & Eichhold, general store. 

Nickey W S & Bro, live stock. 

Ort Joseph, shoemaker. 

Ott Geo W, grocer. 

Patterson Charles W, harnessmaker. 

Ehodes Thomas A, general store. 

Eieh John A, druggist. 

Eichards Joseph, general store. 

Eichey & Craig, hardware. 

Eoberson A W, undertaker. 

Shrafl" Allen P, cigars and tobacco. 

Simon Joseph, merchant tailor. 

Simon Joshua, agt W, St_L & P E'y. 

Squires James W, physician. 

W alburn George F, saloon. 

Walklcy Chaunccy C, grocer. 

'Watson William, Photographer. 

White Elephant, Anes Yocum, publisher. 

Wyatt Henry M, saloon. 

Yocum Anes, postmaster and publisher of 
White Elephant. 


or (hrir lioirs nJioiiM liavc tlifir riirlils investigated by 

48 Vance Blocli, IMHANAI'OLIS, IND., 
who lias hud 20 years experience. Correspondence solicited* 

linn DAffn^A Inllnt A In T. D. STUVER, Sole Agent, CHICAGQ. 

USc r urlGr S JUIIBI AIGi a^ see advertisement Pa^e 351. 





CICERO, This euterprisiug incor- 
porated town of 1,000 inhabitants, is pleas- 
antly located on Cicero Creek, and I. P. & 
C. Div. W. St. L. &P. Ry,in Jackson town- 
ship, Hamilton county, 6 miles north of 
Noblesville, the county seat and banking 
town, and 28 north of Indianapolis. Its 
prominent features are 2 hotels, 1 flour 
mill, a saw mill, and an extensive heading 
factory. Its religious and educational ad- 
vantages are good, and comprise 4 churches 
— Methodist, Christian Lutheran and Ger- 
man — and a graded school of 4 departments. 
Heading, flour, grain, live stock and lum- 
ber, are the principal shii:)ments. U. S. 
Ex., AV. U. Tel. Thomas D. Neal, postmas- 

Carson & Teter, Heading Manufac- 
turers. Established 1878. Manufactures 
Annually 750,000 setts Flour Barrel 
Church M \ Rev, (Methodist). 
Clifiord L O, R R agt and lawyer. 
Cottingham Ella, milliner. 
Geigfer, Coiling:® & Co, General 
Store, Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots, Shoes, 
Hats, Caps, etc. 
Dale & Sisson, saw mills. 
Dunham Samuel T, justice. 
Hdson & Gertoer, Furniture Manu- 
facturers and Dealers, and Undertakers. 
Undertaking made a Specialty. Will 
attend funerals in town or country. 
Fariss William H, grocer and notions. 
Flannagan ^mes A, general store. 
Oall l^illiattl, Liverv and Feed Sta- 
Good, David & Bro, general store. 
Havens James W, shoemaker. 
Harrison John J, live stock. 
Hildebrand Henry, harnessmaker. 
Hull Absalom D, restaurant. 
Jacobs Asa, flour and feed. 
Jacolis George, cabinetmaker. 
Kinder Jasper N, hardware and drugs. 
Kinder & Kinder, general store. 
Kreag George, agt Greenfield Marble 

Kreag: John, Propr Kreag House. 
Rates, SI Per Day. Special Accommo- 
dations to Commercial Travelers. 
Loehr Jacob, blacksmith. 
Martin xVnthony, general store. 
Miessen Alfred, jeweler. 
Mitchell Alfred, saddles and harness. 
Neal John F, lawyer. 

Neal Thomas, postmaster and general store. 
Neal l^illiam, Attorney at Law and 

Notary Public. 
Nevelle Redmon, justice. 
Nichols Joseph, barber. 
Presley Rev, (Lutheran). 
Quear Charles, wagoumaker. 

Sanders Isaac M, physician. 

Sanders Levina, drugs. 

Scherer Charles B, general store. 

Scott Peter, blacksmith. 

Shafer & Mushrusll, Blacksmiths, 

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers.. 

Horseshoeing a Specialty. 
Shaul & Whaley, barbers. 
Simjjson A J, general store. 
Six Preston, general store. 
Small Levi, propr Small House. 
Smith Thomas B, live stock. 
SmithWilliam, tinsmith. 
Sowers Henry F, meat market. 
Stehman & Moore, flour mill. 
Stephenson George R, shoemaker. 
Stout Harrison H, physician. 
Tucker Albert R, physician. 
Urban Phillip, wagoumaker. 
Warford Francis M, physician. 
Warford & Collings, druggists. 

CINCINNATI. Inhabited by 150 
persons, is a hamlet located in Centre town- 
ship, Greene county, 14 miles east of Bloom- 
field court house. Bloomington, 16 miles 
northeast, on the L., N. A. & C. R'y, is the 
nearest bank location, and the usual place 
of shipment. Lumber, staves and produce 
are exported. Richard W. Yoho, post- 

Bingham J W, drugs. 

Carmichael Thomas J, live stock and ho- 
Carter & Son, Saw and Flour Mill. 
Lankford Benjamin, barber and harness- 
Lawrence Henry, gunsmith. 
Lentes H I), harness. 
Norvell X "V, Physician. 
Perkins Asbury Rev, (Christian). 
Razer & Lankford, harness. 
Sparks & Sharr, liverv. 
Tatum Thomas Rev, (Baptist). 
Van Meter .Joseph, blacksmith. 
Yoho R. "W, General Store. 

CITIZENS. This office was estab- 
lished in 1881 for a farming community in 
Hudson township, Laporte county, and is 
located 15 miles northeast of Laporte court 
house. New Carlisle, 6 miles southeast on 
L. S. & M. S. R'y, is the shipping station and 
banking town. Semi-weekly stage to New 
Carlisle and Three Oaks, Mich. A. J. 
Hicks, postmaster. 
Carothers R W, justice of the peace. 
Hale S F Rev, ( Methodist) . / 
Hicks A J, Saw Mill. 
Hicks J L, physician. 

CLARE. Is a post village of 50 in- 
habitants, located in Hamilton county, 4 




16 and 18 Hubbard Block, INDIANAPOLIS, INT). 

innikl nnnriiin r X^or tne best ana CHEAPHSX, Address 

inON RDOrlNbl W. G. HYNDMAN & go., GincinDati, Obio. 





miles from Noblesville, the county seat, 
banking town, and nearest rail approach. 
Kauti'man Joel, general store. 
Scott "William, Flour Mill. 

CLARKE. Name of postoffice at 
Stone Station, on the G. R. & I. R'y, in 
Randolph county, 5 miles north' of AVin- 
chester, the county seat and banking town. 
Population, 16. Wheat and corn are the 
exports. T. Clarke, postmaster. 
Jotinson X H, General Store. 


Calumet river and P., Ft. W. & C. R'y, in 
Lake county, IS miles north of Crown 
Point, the county seat. Ice is the principal 
exported article, the shipments ranging 
from 3,000 to 5,000 cars annually. Popula- 
tion, 105. Mail daily. R. J. Robey, post- 

Baldwin J H, apiary. 
Borchert A, saloon. 
Cline George T, real estate. 
Kissner M, hotel. 

Krewitz Charles, saloon and grocer. 
Robey R. J, Agt P, Ft W & C R'y. 
"Washington Ice Comyany, ice dealers. 



Daviess county. {See 

CLARKSB UR GH. This prosper- 
ous village of 400 inhabitants is located in 
Fugit township, Decatur county, 12 miles 
northwest of Greensburgh, the county seat, 
banking town, and nearest rail approach. 
Presbyterian, Christian, and Methodist 
churches are sustained. Produce and grain 
are its exports. Daily stage to Greens- 
burgh ; fare, 50 cents. A. C. Shu mm, post- 

Adams William E, carpenter. 
Bailey Benjamin, carpenter. 
Beas:les A, General Store. 
Beal C M, physician. 
Bodine A A, barber. 
Burns J L, painter. 
Burns M A Mrs, dressmaker. 
Burrow Williani F, chair manufacturer. 
Cain C, druggist and physician. 
Chenoweth & Tipping, meat market. 
Clarkson L M Mrs, dressmaker. 
Clarkson M L, carpenter. 
Edwards Oliver, constable. 
Emmert Jacob, fiour and saw mill. 
Emmert .7, wagon maker. 
Ewick William W, Idacksmith. 
Ewick & Kincaid, milliners. 
Grey H, meat market and justice. 
Hamilton R i', lawyer. 
Hite M B, harnessmaker. 

Huniplirey W& J, Hotel and Black- 

Lawrence Jesse, live stock, 

Lewis N P Mrs, "milliner. 

McCaw James Rev, (Methodist). 

McGoM'an L D Rev, (Christian). 

Moore & Hite, General Store. 

Niccols & Lawson, milliners. 

Patterson E L, physician. 

Patterson Hiram, blacksmith. 

Ray Charles, blacksmith. 

Ray Thomas, wagonmaker. 

Ray W E, painter. 

Russell B, drugs and groceries. 

Sbumni A C, Merchant Tailor and 

Smith J L, physician. 

Tarplee James H, general store. 

Thompson J, furniture and undertaker. 

Weinland J G, hardware. 

Wise R N, confectioner. 

CLARK'S HILL. Originally known 
as Clarksville, is a thrifty villags of 2/0 
inhabitants, located in Lauramie township, 
Tippecanoe county, on the C, I., St. L. & C. 
R. R., 16 miles southeast of Lafayette, the 
county seat, and 48 northwest of Indiana- 
polis. Colfax, 5 miles southeast, supplies it 
with banking facilities. Churches, Meth- 
odist, United Brethren, Christian and Cath- 
olic. Exports, grain and produce. Ex., 
Am. Tel., W. U. George B. Rash, post- 

Bo-wers Mattie L,, Mill^^ner. 
Broomfield W H Rev, (Methodist). 
Brown Hattie E, R R agt. 
Burke Samuel, lawyer. 
Clark D D, hotel. 
Cowgill S Rev, (United Brethren). 
Gery H L, flour mill. 
Hall Slauter & Co, General Store. 
Kincaid Scott, physician. 
McKee Thomas G, live stock. 
Matthias Thomas, shoemaker. 
Milligan J W^, general store. 
Rasb George B, Notary Public and 

Ex Agt. 
Sabaree William, physician. 
Seegers George, blacksmith. 
Shannan John, shoemaker. 
W^all J F, physician. 
Wall W P, tile manufacturer. 
Williams C, blacksmith. 
Woodruff Eli as & Son, wagonmakers. 
Yeaman John O, carpenter. 

CLARKSVILLE. A hamlet con- 
taining 200 inhabitants, located in Wayne 
township, Hamilton county, 5 miles east of 
Noblesville court house, the location of 
nearest bank and railroad station. Christ- 

Jatine & Co. s MALARIA 

POSITIVE CI BE FOB '^'^ . a^^fc-ZA A^^A^X. A. 


e®"SoI(l hy DrntfiifiNts. 




Special attention given 


Work Warranted. 






ian and Methodist churches are sustained. 
Abe Caylor, postmaster. 
Alcorn William, grocer. 
Beckwith J B, grocer and drugs. 
Butler & Lutes, saw mill. 
Caylor At>e, Postmaster. 
Caylor I M, undertaker. 
Caylor IM. & Son, Grocers and No- 
Cruell C C, constable. 
Dick H S, wagonmaker. 
Kepler J, wagonmaker. 
Knarr J, barber. 

McCarty L C, justice of the peace. 
Snider W H, harnessmaker. 
Spaffer E, blacksmith. 
Stern Peter, grocer. 
"Whitesell P P, physician. 

CLARKSVILLE. Tippecanoe coun- 
ty. (-S'ee Clark's Hill.) 

CLA Y CITY, Was laid out in 1872. 
It has a population of 800, and is located 
near Eel river, on the T. H. & S. E. K. E., 
in Harrison township. Clay county, 20 
miles south of Brazil court house. The vil- 
lage contain? a Methodist church, district 
school, and supports 1 weekly newspaper — 
Independent. Coal, lumber and wheat are 
the chief exports. Adams ex. Ivan B. 
Harris, postmaster. 
Andrew John, coal mine. 
Barker W Z, grocer. 
Berger Bros, General Store. 
Bryson R, hardware. 
Burns U V, lawyer. 
Champer D, flour mill. 
Clay City Independent,W Travis, publisher. 
Cooprider & Fulkerson, grocers. 
Danhour J W, drugs. 
Dorothy F M, general store. 
Elkins W C, lawyer. 
Fleisbtnan "j G, Hardware. 
Fretz N, hotel. 
■Gardner J T, lawyer. 
Graber William, general store. 
Harris Ivan B, Stationery. 
Horner F A, lawyer. 
Hyatt J F, grocer. 
Jett M L, drugs. 
Kayser George, boots and shoes. 
Kline Peter, hotel. 
Langworthy J N, R E and ex agt. 
Mercer & Wilber, harness. 
Meyer L, saloon. 
Middlemas D C, hardware. 
Motter & Harris, Flour Mill. 
Nohart & Ferrell, grain. 
Sadler S C, general store. 
Smith J F, physician. 
Toney T W, saloon. 
Wagner George W, hotel. 

Warring J F, meat market. 

Watts H & Co, general store. 

Watts & Coats, livery. 

White J W, saw and planing mill. 

W^illiamson G M, grain. 

"Witty A t,. General Store. 

Witty B F, druggist. 

Woodruff & Turnkey, coal mine. 

Zook D I, physician. 

CLAYPOOL, Is located on C, W. 
& M. and N. Y., C. & St. L. E. E's., in Clay 
township, Kosciusko county, 8 miles south 
of Warsaw, the county seat and banking 
town. Population, 150. Grain, live stock 
and lumber are shipped at the rate of 50 
cars per month. Ex., U. S. Tel., W. U. 
A. J. Whittenberger, postmaster. 
Arnold M W, pump manufacturer. 
Beuney L, saw mill. 
Bouse John, meat market. 
Bopp AVilliam, constable. 
Boyce John, live stock. 
Bracket B D, druggist. 
Bright John, shoemaker. 
Cline J W, physician. 
Colbert J, agricultural implements. 
Decker Thomas, cooper. 
Dick Bro, saloon. 
Hazel J B, physician. 
Henry William, barber. 
Jordan George H, E E and ex agt. 
Noel James, blacksmith. 
Sarber William, justice of the peace. 
Sarber W L dentist and physician. 
Shoemaker J M, saw mill. 
Tridle Elias, blacksmith. 
Vanpner William, wagonmaker. 
Warner Samuel, constable. 
Wells Mary D, hotel. 
"Whittenberger A J, General Store 

and Grain. 

CLA YSVILLE. Huntington county. 
[See Bracken.) 

CLAYSriLLE. This hamlet con- 
tains a population of 50 in Vernon town- 
ship, Washington county, 10 miles west of 
Salem, the county seat and banking town. 
Campbellsburgh, 82 miles north, on the L., 
N., A. & C. E'y, is the shipping station. 
Tri-weekly stage to Campbellsburgh ; fare, 
25 cents. Joseph B. Shanks, postmaster. 
Child A B, lawyer. 
Ealston John justice of the peace. 
Shanks D K, carpenter. 
SliankS Joseph B, Postmaster. 

CLAYTON. On the St. L., V., T. 

H. & I. R. E., in Liberty township, Hen- 
dricks county, is a very thrifty village of 
450 inhabitants, located 20 miles Avest of 


T^. i-i. ifoxjIs: <sc 00., 

E. Corner Circle aud Meridian Streets, 


J. s. 


KCL,X<CR, manasrer, 40 :Mortli Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





Indianapolis and 5 south of Danville, the 

county seat. Clayton contains 4 churches 

— Methodist, Baptist, Christian and Pres- 
byterian — 1 flour mill, a plow beam fac- 
tory, saw mill, tile factory, brickyard, 1 

hotel and a private bank. AVheat, live stock 

and lumber are the prixicipal shipments. 

Ex., Am. John L. Tumey, postmaster. 

Acton Aaron, saw mill. 

Allen Thomas, drugs. 

Bray L T Rev, (Baptist), and physician. 

Byram l^ Son, pump manufacturers. 

Clark & Harrison, General Store 
and Flour Mill. 

Cliue David, furniture. 

Cook Isaac, meat market. 

Cutshall James, shoemaker. 

Dryden T F, physician. 

Emerson t^ Co, plow beam factory. 

Esman & Amos, file factory. 

Estes E Eev, (Baptist). 

Falkner William, harness. 

Gilbert A K, physician. 

Golden George, blacksmith. 

Hall J H, painter. 

Hall S B, grocer. 

Harkrider A Coble, livery stable. 

Hojtwood M R, meat market. 

Hutibrd I)avid, carpenter. 

Jackson Jehu Mrs, notions. 

Jones Smith, druggist. 

Johnson Bros, bankers. 

Jofanson Bro & Co, Grain and Gen- 
eral Store. 

Kelly Joseph II, barber. 

Lincoln B C, restaurant. 

Lincoln Henry, machinist and carpenter. 

Lockhart Thomas Rev, (Christian). 

McHaffie Frank, hotel. 

Mann F Miss. E R agt. 

Mannon Miss, milliner and dressmaker. 

Martin A E Mrs, milliner and dressmaker. 

Morgan Mark, shoemaker. 

Morgan M T, tailor. 

Patterson J S, wagonmaker. 

Ragan W A, nursery. 

Rankin R P, carpenter. 

Rhodes Joseph H, carriage painter, 

Rynerson William, Idrcksmith. 

Stone John, brick manufacturer. 

TTumey J L,, Postmaster. 

Wills J S, justice of the peace. 

CLE Alt CREEK. A .station and 
postfdiice on line of the L., N. A. & C. R'y, 
in Perry township, Monroe county, 3 J miles 
south of Blooniington, the county seat and 
banking town. Poj)ul:ition, 50. Lumber 
and live stock are shi|)ped. Ex., Adams. 
P. B. Martin, postmaster. 
Butcher .Jariifs If, carpenter. 
Cham hers William, lumber. 
Dill man H F, lumber. 

Dodd James, physician. 

Dowder J L, live stock and grain. 

Martin P B, General Store, Grain and 
R R Agt. 

Robinson James N, blacksmith. 

Wyman Walter, blacksmith and wagon- 

CLEONA., Is a rural postoffice, lo- 
cated in Hamblen township. Brown county, 
9 miles northeast of Nashville courthouse, 
and 15 southwest of Edinburgh,its shipping, 
depot, on the J., M. & I. R. R. L. J. 
Mcllvain, postmaster. 
Mcllvain L, J, Farmer. 
Taggart W^ P, saw mill. 

CLERMONT. Is located in Wayne 
township, Marion county, on the I., B. & 
W. R'y, 9 miles northwest of Indianapolis. 
The village contains 300 inhabitants, 3 
churches — Methodist, Christian and Pres- 
byterian — and exports grain and live stock. 
J. X. .Johnson, postmaster. 
Davidson W A, wagonmaker. 
Earhart Charles, blacksmith. 
Englehart Martin, blacksmith. 
Gal lard George, shoemaker. 
Henning J A, physician and drugs. 
Horlrig S E, saw mill. 
Johnson E V, general store. 
Johnson JIS & Bro, General Store. 
McCray S T, grocer and barber. 
Parker Alfred, cooper. 
Turpin H W^, hotel. 
Turpin T M Mrs, milliner. 

CL E VELA ND, Twenty-seven miles 
east of Indianapolis, is a village possessed 
of 100 inhabitants, located on the P., C. & 
St. L. R'y, in Jackson township, Hancock 
county, 6^ miles east of Greenfield, the 
county seat. Ex., Adams. Emma A Bid- 
good, postmaster. 
Bevil Ira, shoemaker. 
Bidgood Emma A, postmaster. 
BidgfOOd R. B, Grocer. 
Hatfield George W, grain. 
Hatfield Joseph E, R R and ex agt. 
Hess M M, physician. 
Kinder Joseph, painter. 
Lane Winfield, carpenter. 
McDougall Nathan, blacksmith. 
Ross R H, carpenter. 
Scott .Tohn S, carpenter. 
Xbomas J E & Bro, Dry Goods. 
Trees James, ])hysician. 

CLIFFORD. A station on C. C. Br. 
J., M. & L R. R., located in Flatrock town; 
ship, Bartholomew county, 71 miles north- 
east of Columbus, the county .seat and near- 
est bank location. The village has a popu- 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. Consig-nments 
solicited. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 


:*9>^ ?(ortli Peui-aylvaiiia Street, - - - lI«iI>IAI«Al«OI,IS, INF 





lation of 183, and Methodist and Christian 
churches. Grain and wahiut logs are the 
shipments. Ex., Adams. Telephone con- 
nection with Columbus. W. H. Butler, 

Aton Henry, blacksmith. 
Barb J, wagonmaker. 
Butler C H, physician. 
Butler "W Hj Job Printer and Justice. 
Cowles, Norton & Cox, saw mill. 
Everroad Charles, plasterer. 
Foust Henry, grocer. 
Quillen S, barber. 
Lee Howard, live stock. 
Link William, general store and grain. 
Ne-wton Xttotnas, General Store 

and Grain. 
Steenbarger James, poultry breeder. 
Steenbarger R F, shoemaker. 
Talbert F, lumber. 
Talkington Lafayette, carpenter. 
Tliayer J "W, Harnessmaker. 
Williams William, photographer. 

CLIFTON. With 65 inhabitants,^ is 
a hamlet located in Brownsville township, 
Union county, 4 miles northwest of Liberty, 
the county seat, shipping depot and bank- 
ing town. Butter, eggs, wheat and corn 
are marketed. Tri-weekly stage communi- 
cation with Liberty and Eiclimond. W. 
W. Snyder, postmaster. 
Beedle G E, wagonmaker. 
Benham Samson, justice of the peace. 
Diel David, blacksmith. 
Hann H C, R E agt. 
Landis Joseph, ex agt. 
Price D W, flour mill. 
Smelser & Teeguarden, threshers. 
Snyder & Jarrell, General Store. 
Steele Eobert, physician and justice. 
Teeguarden E F, live stock and saw mill. 

CLIFTY, Known locally as_ Mil- 
ford, is a thrifty village of 200 inhabitants, 
located in Clay township, Decatur county, 
8 miles west of Greensburg, the county seat 
and banking town. Adams, 4i miles north- 
east on the C, I., St. L. & C. E. E., is the 
shipping depot. Clifty creek furnishes 
power to drive 1 flour mill. Daily stage to 
Hope and Greensburg ; fare to either place 
35 cents. E. Butler, postmaster. 
Alexander J H, physician. 
Barnes J V, hotel. 
Brinker & Smith, blacksmiths. 
Brinley & Vanostrine, wagonmakers. 
Brown George, livery. 
Butler E» General Store. 
Crawford George, physician. 
Critzer Henrv E, flour mill. 
Dashiell J W Eev, (Methodist). 
Inman J L, druggist and grocer. 

Phillips William, druggist and grocer. 
Eeeves U G, physician. 
RotllSCllild S, General Store. 
Weaver John H, shoemaker. 

CLINTON. With a population of 
1,200, is pleasantly located on the Wabash 
Eiver and C. & E. I. E. E., 87 miles west 
of Indianapolis, and 16 south of Newport, 
the county seat and banking town. This 
is the chief commercial town of the county, 
and contains Methodist and Presbyterian 
churches, a graded school, 2 hotels, a week- 
ly newspaper — Herald — 1 flour mill, a tile 
factory, 1 saw mill, 1 foundry, and 2 grain 
elevators. The most important branch of 
commerce here is coal mining, there being 
no less than 6 large mines in operation, 
which produce large quantities of excellent 
bituminous coal. These mines are a great 
source of wealth to the place, and their de- 
posits bid fair to last several years. Grain 
and coal are extensively shipped. Ex., 
Am. Tel., W. U. John Leiton, postmaster. 
Alexander & Cannon, coal miners. 
Allen Peter B, machine shop. 
Anderson kelson C, Staple and 

Fancy Groceries. 
Anderson Piatt Z, Lawyer and 

Civil Engineer. 
Bailey & York, carpenters. 
Birt David H, harness and shoes. 
Bishop Isaac, saloon. 
Bishop Sabrina Mrs, milliner. 
Bishop & Campbell, painters. 
Bogart .John H, physician. 
Boren Jacob, wagonmaker. 
Borgman Frank, saw mill. 
Bowen F A, coal mine ; C P Walker, man- 
Briles John P, blacksmith. 
Browii & Hyndshaw, coal mine and general 

Burk William H, grocer. 
Campbell John G^ insurance. 
Casey & Bishop, publishers Clinton Her- 
Cash S C & L J, dry goods. . 
Central House, David McBeth, 

Clinton Herald (weekly), Casey & Bishop, 

Clinton House, Cephus Mack, propr. 
Cook & Eoberts, coal miners. 
Crabb Walter G, flour mill. 
Crane James C, druggist. 
Crawley & Buskirk, druggists. 
Crozier .James, physician. y 

Davis Melvin B, lawyer. 
Deeg, John L, plasterer. 
Downing & Hamilton, agricultural imple- 
ments, grain and lumber. 
Dudley Harry B, meat market. 

THOS. H. CLAPP, Optician, 

Q3 ::Kortli remisylvania Street, 
New-Denisou Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Xnd. 

I have for sale SPECXACLES 

of all the best and late improved 

forms and material. 

II 1 "X I A Thestrongestintheworld, has $138 for $100 of liability, therefore 

E. H. KELIiOaa, Sup't, Chicago, lU. 





Gardener Daniel W, carpenter, 

Hagenbaugh William, agricultural imple- 

Haney, Whitcomb & Co, grain dealers. 

Harris George W, barber. 

Hays William A, furniture . 

Hunter George W, live stock. 

Indiana Briar Hill Coal and 
Mining: Company, William G 
Merrill, Manager. 

Johnson Daniel (.', insurance. 

Leiton John, postmaster and books. 

McBeth David, Propr Central House, 
Livery Stable and Harness Manufac- 

McXight Benjamin, plasterer. 

Mack Cephus, propr Clinton House- 
Merrill ^William G, Manager Indi- 
ana Briar Hill Coal and Mining Com- 

Moore J M Mrs, milliner. 

Morey B F & Son, druggists. 

Morgan Oliver P, carpenter. 

Morris & Burton, coal miners. 

Xebeker Henry, physician. 

Newhouse & Webb, restaurant. 

Norton Milford, barber. 

Priugle James L, agt C & E I E'y and Am 
Ex Co. 

Robb & Edmiston, dry goods. 

Schloss P & Co, general store. 

Shepherd Harry F, physician. 

Smith & Hoover, blacksmiths. 

Swinehart Reason H, hardware. 

Tucker Morgan J, saloon. 

Victor & Vaughan, blacksmiths. 

Walther Henry, shoemaker. 

Weber Ernst, baker. 

Whitcomb A L & Co, general store. 

Whitcomb Charles, hardware and jewelry. 

Whitcomb Harry, grocer. 

Whitcomb & Rush, drain tile factory. 

White Charles M, physician. 

Wood Aaron W Rev, (Methodist). 

Wright .John, livery. 

Wright & Co, undertakers. 

CLINTON FALLS, Is on Little 
Walnut creek, in Clinton township, Put- 
nam county, 9 miles west of Greencastle, 
the county seat banking town and place 
of shipment. Population, 80. The creek 
furnishes power to drive 1 flour mill and 
1 saw mill. J. T. Brady, postmaster. 
Bos well J S A W If, shingle manufacturers. 
Brady & Tucker, General Store. 
Davis William, lihuksmith. 
Dill L K, jthysician, saw and flour mill. 
Spaulding Wilson, shoemaker. 
Stringer D C, blacksmith. 

CLINTON L O CK. Is a station on 
the Coal Br. of the C. & E. I. R. R., located 

on the Wabash river, in Florida township, 
Parke county, 14 miles southwest of Rock- 
ville, the county seat. Shijj to Clinton, dis- 
tant 1 mile, on the C. & E. I. R. R. Coal, 
grain, staves and heading are exported. 
Population, 150. Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. 
J. W. Lake, postmaster. 
Alexander & Cannon, coal miners. 
Bowen F A, coal mine. 
Clutter Cora Mrs, Saw Mill and 

Stave Factory. 
Crawly B F, druggist. 
Hudnut Theodore, grain. 
Hudnut & Co, hominy mills. 
L,ake & I^e^wiS, General Store. 
Morris & Burton, coal miners. 
Nelson Lewis, meat market. 
Pringle J L, R R and ex agt. 
Wilson .1 M, grocer. 
Young R J, shoemaker, 

CLOVERDALE. Is an incorpora- 
ted town of 600 inhabitants, located on 
line of L., N. A. & C R'y-, in township of 
same name, Putnam county, 10 miles south- 
east of Greencastle, the county seat and lo- 
cation of nearest bank. It contains Chris- 
tian and Methodist churches, 1 flour mill, 
and 1 saw mill. Wheat, wool and live 
stock are exported. Ex., L., N. A. & C. 
and Adams. Tel., W. U. H. Denny, post- 

Acker James F, saloon. 
Billman William, dry goods. 
Bridges M C, drugs. 
Brown T, undertaker. 
Cloverdale Herald, (weekly). 
Cohn M, general store. 
Denny H, General Store. 
Dix & Baston, grocers. 
Dyer H G, physician. 
Foster T C & Son, general store. 
Hart X H, Saw Mill. 
Hendricks J, flour mill. 
Hendricks N W, shoemaker. 
McCoy W D, hotel. 
Long E, justice of the peace. 
Merwin J C, R R agt. 
Merwin & Horn, hardware. 
Morris T H, agricultural implements. 
O'Daniel U V, Grocer. 
Poynter J A, blacksmith. 
Poynter W F, blacksmith. 
Preston .1 L, physician. 
Pritchard L, physician. 
Rockwell A J, general store and ex agt. 
Sharrard J N, blacksmith. 
Whetzel George, shoemaker. 

CLOVERLAND. Settled in 1830, 
is a station and postoffice on the St. L., V., 
T. II. & I. R. R., located in Posey township, 
Clay county, 6 miles west of Brazil, the 

Bent Felloes 


and sold by O. S. Gr Zr.r.E XTEI, 

28 and 30 E. Georgia St., Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., page 6. 



G5^ I" R.I ENTERS AI»«J1> mi>iI>ER.S,=S^3) ' 

S. E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets. INDIANAPOLIS. IND. 





county seat and banking town. The village 
contains 150 inhabitants, Baptist and 
United Brethren churches. Coal, lumber 
and grain are its exports. George W. 
Moore, postmaster. 
Bobo T G, sewing machines. 
Bowles A H, blacksmith. 
Cashman D W, physician. 
Clark Joseph, live stock. 
Grouse H J, jeweler. 
Falls J A, hotel. 
Grider C J, carpenter. 
Lucas James T, druggist. 
I^cBride & Moore, General Store. 
Miller George, shoemaker. 
Miller J T, carpenter. 
Miller M V, produce. 
Miller T J Rev, (United Brethren). 
Reeves Cyrus, wagonmaker. 
Robinson F J S, notary and insurance agt. 
Spencer & Webber, feed mill. 
Stewart & Steadman, coal miners. 
"Webber, "West & Spencer, Saw 
and Planing Mill. 

COAL BL UFF. Settled in 1870, is a 
village of 400 inhabitants, located on the 
I. & St. L. R. R., in Nevins township, Vigo 
county, 58 miles southwest of Indianapolis 
and 16 northeast of Terre Haute, the county 
seat and nearest bank location. Coal Bluff 
is a coal mining village, and coal is the 
only article of export. Ex., Am. Tel., W. 
U. Henry W. Horn, postmaster. 
Briggs B W, shoemaker. 
Coal Bluff Mining Company. 
Davis Edward, general store and justice. 
Eppert G W, coal mine. 
Garrigus Lewis, shoemaker and coal mine. 
Hobbert J C, live stock. 
Plolt G W Rev, clergyman. 
Horn Henry "W, General Store. 
Horn & Co, general store. 
McNeil William, constable. 
Peterson J M, saloon. 
Powell Coal Company, coal mines. 
Powers W A, blacksmith. 
Stetson C M, R R and ex agt. 
Webster R Rev, clergyman. 
"Voung; Kit, Hotel. 

COAL CITY. A village on the T. 
H. &, S. E. R. R., in Jefferson township, 
Owen county, 18 miles southwest of Spen- 
cer the county seat. A population of 200 
supports Baptist church'and district school. 
Nearest bank at Worthington, distant 10 
miles. Land is worth from $25 to $30 per 
acre. Ex. Adams. T>. D. Reed, postmaster. 
Bolton David, saloon. 
Clary HT, drugs. 
Kalor Tobias, wagonmaker. 
Powell & Stevens, grocers. 

Reed D D, General Store, R R and Ex 

Smith & Free, blacksmitht. 
Stants Daniel, harnessmaker. 
Sumerlot & Son, geneial store. 
Toney & Kirkpatrick, grocers. 
"Vaiihorn J A, Grocer. 
Yoitng William L, j^hysician. 

COA TES VILLE. Twenty-eight 

miles west of Indianapolis,is a thrifty village 

of 600 inhabitants, situated cfn line of the St. 

L., V.,_T. H. & I. R. R., in Clay township, 

Hendricks county, 11 miles southwest of 

Danville, the county seat and location of 

nearest bank. The business features of this 

place comprise 1 hotel, a brickyard, 1 flour 

mill, tile factory, 2 saw mills, carriage fac- 
tory, and 1 planing mill. Methodist and 

Baptist churches, and 2 graded schools are 

sustained. Lumber, grain and produce 

comprise its chief exports. Ex., Am. Tel., 

W. U. Daniel W. Risher, postmaster. 

American Express Company, D W Camp- 
bell, agt. 

Baughman Isaac, hotel. 

Bourne James N, druggist. 

Brown James, shoemaker. 

Bryant Richard B, druggist. 

Bunten Hemy T, general store. 

Byram C & I, dressmakers. 

Campbell David W, general store. 

Campbell Xhomas L,, Undertaker 
and Furniture Dealer. 

Combs J B Rev, (Methodist). 

Crews John T, live stock. 

Crews J F Rev, (Baptist). 

De'Atley & Elrod, meat market. 

Draper & Gambold, general store. 

Ellis Eldridge R, drain tile manufacturer 
and harness. 

Fetrow Alexander, Saw and Plan- 
ing Mills. 

Fisher Xatban, Agt St L, V, T H & 

Gambold L S, saw mill. 

Glass George W, photographer, printer and 
insurance agt. 

Harlan Jesse, brickmaker. 

Huber Jacob, baker and confectioner. 

Hunt & Hunt, physicians. 

Job Allen, hardware. 

Lakin William N, carriage manufacturer. 

Marker E H, flour mill. 

Mason Bros, wagonmakers. 

Pierson Lemuel, druggist. 

Risher Daniel W, postmaster and grocer. 

Roberts, Frank, blacksmith. 

Shaw Julia A Mrs, millinery. 

Shephard Henry, barber. 

Siler Noah E, blacksmith. 

Stanley & Talbott, lawyers. 

Stringer Nathaniel, livery. 

New York Life Ins. Go. 

B®"The only Company that issues Tontine In- 
Testnient Policies. Send for Circnlars. 

J.W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, Indianapolis. 

IjJri I LrL O L/llAL/lvlLrLo^ 14 East Soutli street, 


Indianapolls, Ind. 





Talbott "William H, insurance. 
Thompson Mary E Miss, dressmaker. 
"Western Union Telegraph Company, Na- 
- than Fisher, manager. 
"Williams Joseph, justice of the peace. 
"Wooii "William N, general store. 

COBUBGH, A small place on the 
B. & O. R. E., in Porter county, with a 
population of 50 persons, is situated 8 miles 
northeast of Valparaiso, the county seat. 
Ex., B. & O. Mail daily. H. "W. Forbes, 
porbes H "W, Manufacturer and 

Dealer in Hardwood Lumber. 
Noyes E H, grain dealer. 
Shombarger S P, justice of the peace. 

COCHRAy. In Centre township, 
Dearborn county, with 1,025 inhabitants, 
is a village located on the O. & M. R'y, 5 
miles southwest of Lawrenceburg, the 
county seat. Banking facilities at Aurora, 
distaiit 2 miles. There are located here the 
O. & M. car shops, a chair factory, and a 
Methodist church. Ex., O. & M. Abram 
P. Shutts, postmaster. 
Bloomer George, hotel, boots and shoes. 
Gegoldt G, meat market. 
Green J C, general store. 
Haines & Cris-^'ell, Meat Market. 
Live H c*v: Co, chair manufacturers. 
McConnell "William, constable. 
Opperiliail F, General Store. 
Peppergou Joseph, pottery. 
Pickelhimer M S, notary public. - 
Right J C Rev, ( Methodist). 
Shutts Abram P, Shoemaker and 

Sieferman John, blacksmith. 
Stanford L D, grocer and justice. 
AVheeler J M, general store. 
"Wright J C, carpenter. 

COESSE. A station on the P., Ft. "W. 
& C. R'y, located in Union township, "Whit- 
lev county, 5 miles southeast of Columbia 
Ci'tv, the' county seat and banking town, 
and 19 northwest of Fort Wayne. Metho- 
dist and Lutheran churches are sustained 
by a population of 200. *F. Smith, post- 

Aker M M Mrs, milliner, 
Aker & Bro, Idacksmiths. 
Boyd J, hotel and meat market. 
Byrum .V J, shoemaker. 
Clark J O, wagonmaker and justice. 
Eckman G W, druggist and physician. 
Eckman N T Mrs, milliner. 
Firth F, barl)er. 
Gregg II, physician. 
Smith F", General Store. 
Smith & Mossman, lumber manufacturers. 

Spencer S M, shoemaker. 

Tobey R Rev, (Methodist). 

Tousley L, grocer. 

Weuger N R, druggist and physician. 

COFFEE, This is merely a country 
postofiice located in a store situated in 
Lewis township. Clay county, 30 miles south 
of Brazil, the countv seat. Pimento, dis- 
tant 12 miles, on the E. & T. H. R. R., is 
the most accessible shipping point. John 
M. "Woodrow, postmaster. 
Woodrow James, general store. 
"Woodrow John M, Flour Mill. 

COLBTIBN. Originally known as 
Chapmanville, is a village of 400 inhabi- 
tants, located on the W., St. L. & P. R'y, in 
"Washington township, Tippecanoe county, 
12 miles northeast of Lafayette, the county 
seat. A population of 400 supports Metho- 
dist, Lutheran and United Brethren 
churches. Lumber and wood are the chief 
exports. Land is worth from $35 to $45 
per acre. Ex., Pacific. Tel., W. U. G. 
Z. Ychacoll, postmaster. 
Anderson J H, physician and drugs. 
Bates T, physician. 
Chapman A G, wood. 

Crider George W, druggist and physician. 
Hill Georg^e "W, General Store. 
Johnson J T, blacksmith. 
Kipp A & Co, lumber mantifacturers. 
Kirkeudall "W H, shoemaker. 
I^eig'h & "Wolf, Chair Manufacturers. 
Marine "W R, agt W, St L & P R'y. 
Martin J N Rev, (United Brethren). 
Scott T H & Son, drain tile manufacturers. 
Shipley A J, wagonmaker. 
Stanahan T B, boots and shoes. 
Wallis H A, general store. 
Ychacoll George X, Insurance and 
Collecting Agt. 

COLD SPRING. A station and post- 
office on the O. & M. R'y., located in Sparta 
township. Dearborn county, 16 miles west 
of •Lawrenceburg, the county seat. Nearest 
bank at Aurora, distant 14 miles. With a 
population of 100, the village supports 
Methodist, Lutheran and Baptist churches. 
Produce and lumber are the exports. O, 
& M. Ex. W. U. Tel. J, W. Livingston, 

Christy John, wagonmaker, 
Crippky H, blacksmith. 
Demand B, painter. 
Homan F, general store. 
Iviving-ston J "W, Postmaster. 
Loftus Thomas, R R and ex agt. 
Marshall J W Rev, clergyman. 
Mulford William C, justice of the peace. 
Sheuermann H, constable. 

PFNS llNS of'ponl^o'^rri^.'nrai^^^^^^^^^^^ Vance Block, Indianapolis. 

J 1 1 1 wl Wl 1 W I of War Claims. Rejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence eolicited. 

Ask for Porter's Joliet Ale. hPJJ^^e^l ^^^*' 

page 351, 





COLFAX. Is an incorporated town 

of 900 inhabitants, located at crossing of 

L. Div. T. H. & I. and C, 1., St. L. & C. R'ys., 

in Perry township, Clinton county, 22 miles 

southeast of Lafayette, 42 northwest of In- 
dianapolis, and 10 southwest of Frankfort 

court house. The town has a bonded debt 

of $2,000 ; 4 churches — Methodist, Chris- 
tian, Catholic and Advent — a graded school 

of 4 departments, 1 bank, 2 hotels, a weekly 

newspaper — Chronicle — 2 saw mills, 1 plan- 
ing mill, a drain tile factory, and 1 flour 

mill. Am. Ex. W. U. Tel. Bascom B. 

Clarke, postmaster. 

Armstrong Frank N, blacksmith and agri- 
cultural implements. 

Benjamin Eilward J, coal. 

Bliss Samuel E, carpenter. 

Bush Hotel, William Bush, propr. 

Clark John M, physician. 

Clark E A & Co, hardware. 

Claik & Blacker, general store. 

Clarke Bascom B, agricultural implements. 

Clift William N, marshal. 

Colfax Chronicle (weekly), G H Hamilton, 

Constable James, shoemaker. 

Coon Hiram J, physician. 

Davis Robert, saloon. 

Dawson John, tile manufacturer. 

Dukes William S, live stock. 

Dye & McKinsey, flour mill. 

Ewing Leander, drugg-ist and physician. 

Fitch Marion, grain and coal. 

Goldsberry Francis M, lawyer. 

Goldsberry Mahala J Mrs, restaurant. 

Griffith Belle Miss, millinery. 

Hamilton Gilbert H, publisher Colfax 

Harbaugh & Kliser, meat market. 

Hayden Benjamin F, druggist. 

Heath John P, painter. 

HoUowell Frederick. G, Drugs 
and Produce Shippers. 

Hutten Frederick, grocer. 

Jenkins Sylvester H, blacksmith. 

Johnson & Dunbar, furniture. 

Lanum David & Co, dry goods. 

Lenehan Michael, saloon. 

Loveless John V, grocer. 

McFarland Charles A, barber. 

McGrath John, druggist. 

Milbum Joseph E, physician. 

Milburn Robert C, physician. 

Mitchel John, grain and lumber. 

Montgomery Linnie Mrs, dressmaker. 

Moore Almira D Mrs, millinery, 

Moore James Rev, (Methodist). 

Moore John, saloon. 

Moore's Hotel, George F Moore, propr. 

Nash A M & Co, planing and saw mill. 

Parker Joseph, physician. 

Powers Francis W Rev, (Adventist). 

Powers F W & Co, bankers. 

Ream John D, carpenter. 

Reckard James L, baker and confectioner. 

Ridenor Frank, painter. 

Roudebush Gardner P, blacksmith. 

Runyon & Folk, general store. 

Scott Edward C, agt Am Ex Company. 

Shephard James R, stoves and tinware. 

Shobe James M, drugs and groceries. 

Slaughter George W, wagonmaker. 

Sparks Elijah, lawyer. 

Stafford John M, (Methodist). 

Swain Thomas E, agt C I St L & C and T 
H & I R'ys. 

Tankersley John, shoemaker. 

Teeguarden Freeman M, lumber manufac- 

Vale H W, physician. 

Webster James G, lawyer and justice. 

Westlake William M, harnessmaker. 

White Daniel, hardware. 

■ COLLAMER. Is a station on E. R. 
Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y., known locally as 
Millersburg, situated in Cleveland town- 
ship, Whitley county, 12 miles southwest 
of Columbia City, the county seat. A pop- 
ulation of 150 sustain Christian church and 
district school. Eel river flows by the vil- 
lage and operates by water power 1 flour 
mill. Grain, flaxseed, lumber and live stock 
are the exports. A. Ross, postmaster. 
Banta Henry, carjaenter and justice. 
Bolts & Davis, saw mill. 
Egolf H M, physician. 
Eager N, saloon. 

Halderman Daniel, Flour Mill. 
Kiuzie George W, hotel. 
Miller E H, general store. 
Monroe Jesse, blacksmith. 
Raff' C A, barber. 

Ross & Hayden, General Store. 
Schannep A, druggist. 
Snell J S Rev, (Dunkard). 
Striggle Frederick, blacksmith. 
Umbaugh Jonas Rev, (Dunkard). 


county. {See Liber.) 

COLLETT. A post village of 100 
inhabitants, located in Pike township, Jay 
county, on the G. R. & I. R. R., 4 miles 
south of Portland, the county seat and lo- 
cation of nearest bank. One United Breth- 
ren church is supported. C. A. Bockoven, 

Beedolt P C Rev, (United Brethren). 
Bye & Barr, carpenters. 
Fields W, saw mill. 
Finch T J, R R agt. 
Finch & Bro, General Store. 
Stanathan William, blacksmith and hotel. 


pertaining to these and like matters promptly and carefully 
attended to by €. BRADFORD, Solicitor of Patents, 16 and IS 
Unbbard BIocI:, INDIANAPOLIS. IND, (See adv.) 


iy^f^B| nnAn^mr ^**^ ^^^ best and CHHAPHSX, Address 

IRON nOOrlNGl W. G. HYNDMAN & CO, Cincinnati, Ohio 





COLLIXS, In Smith township, Whit- 
ley eoiratv, with GO inhahittmts, is located 
on E. E. biv. W., St. L. & P. R'y., 6i mil ^ 
northeast of Columbia City, the county seat 
and banking town. Land improved com- 
mands from S30 to |60 per acre. Lumber 
is the chief export. H. F. Crabill, post- 

Coleman Nicholas, saw mill. 
Crabill H F, Postmaster. 
Devault Lemuel, justice of the peace. 
Dohner L B. blacksmith. 
Duey William, wagonmaker. 
Garrison Peter, jusdce of the peace. 
Grisier F G, phvsician. 
Heiutuick' & Grisier, General 

Pence & Carter, tile manufacturers. 
Pollock & McKown, grocers. 
Bobbins C A, saw mill. 

COLOGNE. Is located in Washing- 
ton township. Delaware county, 18 miles 
northwest of Muncie, the county peat and 
banking town. Summitville, 5 miles west, 
on C, W. & M. R'y, is the place of ship- 
ruent. Population, 40. A Methodist 
church and district school is sustained. 
William Ladd, postmaster. 
Bell George, tile manufacturer. 
Ladd "William, General Store. 
Phillips Henry, saw mill. 
Stokes Samuel, shoemaker. 
Stokes William, blacksmith. 

COLOMA. Contains 75 inhabitants. 

in Reserve township, Parke county, 4j 

miles northwest from Rockville, the county 

seat, banking town and nearest rail ap- 
proach. Tri-weekly stage to Rockville. W. 

P. Musgrave, postmaster. 

Burks W T, grocer. 

Carter Joseph, drain and tile manufacturer. 

Cox E T Rev, (Friends). 

T>ix H C, carpenter. 

Durban William, blacksmith. 

Glenn James L, justice of the peace. 

Morris Aaron ^V, physician. 

Morris Thomas, live stock. 

Morris \V W, blacksmith. 

Musgrave WTilliam P, General 
Store and Agricultural Implements. 

Parker George W, pump manufacturer. 

Reynolds Veries A, carpenter. 

Swain Jesse, saw mill. 

Woodard I A, car[)enter. 

Woodard Nathan D, physician. 

Woodard Samuel A, shoemaker and con- 

Woodard Seneca, gunsmith. 

COLUMBIA. Is a small hamlet 
located in towhship of same name, Fayette 

county, 8 miles southwest of Connersville, 

the county seat and banking town. Alpine 

its shipping depot on W. W. V. R'y-, is 3^ 

miles southeast. Population, 60. Samuel 

E. Perin, postmaster. 

Anthony J T, blacksmith. 

Martin O A, shoemaker. 

Perin Samuel E, Carpenter. 

Per in J Z, wagonmaker. 

COLUMBIA CITY. This import- 
ant town of 2,600 inhabitants, the county 
seat of Whitley county, is pleasantly lo- 
cated on Blue River at crossing of Eel 
River Div. W., St. L. & P. and P., Ft. W. & 
C. R'ys, 18 miles northwest of Fort Wayne 
and 63 northeast of Logansport. The city 
has good county buildings, wide streets, 
handsome residences, is lighted by gas, has 
a well ecpiipped fire department, and sup- 
ports 10 churches of popular religious de- 
nominations, 1 graded and 1 high school, 
an opera house, 2 private banks, 3 hotels 
and 3 weekly newspapers — Commercial, Post 
and Herald.' It carries a bonded debt of 
$8,500, and is situated in the midst of a 
fertile, productive agricultural country. 
Prominent among its factories, mills, etc., 
are 7 saw mills, 2 drain tile factories, 1 
flour mill, a tannery, 2 woolen mills, 1 hub 
factory, 2 broom factories, 1 brewery and 
a furniture factory. Its chief exports con- 
sist of grain, produce, flax seed and lum- 
ber. Tri-weekly stage to Cromwell ; fare 
$1 50. It has Adams, and Pacific Ex., and 
Tel., W. U. Orson H. Woodworth, post- 

Adair Joseph AV, lawyer. 
Adams John "W, Publisher Colum- 
bia City Post. 
Allwein F P, sheriff. 
Anthes Philip, saloon. 
Appleman William M, carriagemaker. 
Bainbridge George M, general store. 
Baker John W, propr The Commercial. 
Barnett J W Rev, (Lutheran). 
Bechtoldt George, cigars and tobacco. 
Beeson Benjamin, wagonmaker. 
Beeson Henry N, druggist. 
Beeson William J, broom manufacturer. 
Brandenburg; Henry E, Baker 

and Restaurant. 
Brenneman D R & Bro, musical instru- 
Brenneman & Hneston, produce. 
Brown Valorus, hardware. 
Busch Arthur A, saloon. 
Carr William, stone yard. 
Carver & Circle, meat market. 
Chaney Amiel justice of the peace. 
Clark .Joseph, county treasurer. 
Click Michael E, photographer. 
Clugston, Adams & Co, general store. 

James B.Lizius& Co 

80t,ICIX0IlS OF- 


I 18>^ Bates Block, opp. P. O., Indianapolis, Ind. 

r Special attention given 

• £• C« A rivlWO & CO. \ to REPAIRING 

iBiDiAiPiAPOi^is, IND. ( TTorfc Warranted. 





Collins Eichard, lumber dealer. 

Collins & Sickafoose, lawyers. 

Columbia City Bank, F H Foust & Co, 

Columbia City Commercial, J W Baker, 

Columbia City Herald, I B Mc- 
Donald, Publisher. 

Columbia City Post, J W Adams, 

Gribbs George, cigars and tobaccos. 

Cuppy Thomas J, agricultural implements. 

Daniels W H Rev, (Methodist). 

Daniel & Bro, meat market and live stock. 

Deeler B F, tile manufacturer. 

Dempsey O J Mrs, livery. 

Edwards & Anderson, hardware, hub man- 
ufacturers and lumber. , 

Eel River Woolen Mill Company, M Ire- 
land, prest ; John AV Hunter, treas ; 
Thomas E Eyanson, sec. 

Eyanson Charles J, merchant tailor. 

Farmers' Bank, McLallen & Co, proprs. 

Feist John, barber. 

Ferguson & Elliott, undertakers and mar- 
ble dealers. 

Foust F H & Co, proprs Columbia City 

Fretts V O Rev, (Baptist). 

Garver David, boots and shoes. 

Glass R S & Co, woolen mills. 

Goodrich S, justice of the peace. 

Grant & Moser, saw mill. 

Gross Lewis, saw mill. 

Grund Frederick, shoemaker. 

Haas & Brenneman, grocers. 

Hacock & Ruch, livery. 

Harris John E, grocer. 

Harrison James M, county clerk. 

Hartsock J S, tile manufacturer. 

Hellhake H A Rev, (Catholic). 

Hess G Rev, (German Lutheran). 

HoUis Charles T, insurance agt. 

Horth & Cutter, wagonmakers. 

Huffman House, Frederick HuiTman, propr. 

Hunter John W, drugs. 

Kauffman Roscoe A, county surveyor. 

Kepmer & Hunter, grocers. 

Kessler William W, boot and shoemaker. 

Kithcart Nathan I, physician. 

Knisely, Reider & Co, hardware. 

Kramer Abraham, grocer. 

Kraus & Bros, grocers. 

Lamb & Brown, painters. 

Lancaster Wright, county recorder. 

Lawrence I E, physician. 

Levi Simon, meat market. 

Liggett W H & C, flour mill. 

Liggett & Crider, books and stationery. 

Line Oran E, marble works. 

Linvill David G, physician. 

Lore Samuel, livery. 

Lynch John W, blacksmith. 

McDonald House, Mrs W C Scant- 
ling, Proprietor. 

McDonald Isaiall B, Publisher of 
Columbia City Herald, and-Lawyer. 

McGinley C A Mrs, millinery. 

McLallen & Co, proprs Farmers' Bank. 

McWagny William F, justice of the peace. 

Maine Hotel, Maine & Kepner, proprs. 

Maine & Kepner, proprs Maine Hotel. 

Makemson William W, dentist. 

Mason Mary J Mrs, milliner. 

Mapus Frederick, saloon. 

Marshall & McWagny, lawyers. 

Meeley & Hemmick, di-y goods and gro- 

Meiser Levi M, merchant tailor. 

Meitzler William, bakery and saloon. 

Merriman W E, county auditor. 

Metz Moses, harnessmaker. 

Meyer Anton, saloon. 

Meyer Daniel, baker and confectioner. 

Meyers Abraham, tanner. 

Miller Alfred, saloon. 

Miller Andrew, furniture dealer. 

Miller J C & Bro, cigar manufacturers. 

Miller & Brahm, saloon. 

Mitten Allen P, physician. 

Mitten Lewis C, furniture dealer. 

North George W, hardware. 

North & Thrush, wagonmakers. 

Ober B Rev, (Church of God). 

Olds Walter, lawyer. 

Peabody S J, saw mill. 

Pool Mary M Mrs, dressmaker. 

Prickett Isaac W, harness, etc. 

Ramp Jacob, saw mill. 

Ramp Philip, saw mill. 

Randolph Eugene A, lumber dealer. 

Reese Frederick C, general store. 

Ricker Alfred A, grocer and agt Adams 
Ex Company. 

Ruch David, livery. 

Ruch J H & Bro, druggists and grocers. 

Sanders Charles IJ, shoemaker. 

Scantling- ^W C Mrs, Propr McDon- 
ald House. 

Schneider Ferdinand, wagonmaker. 

Sergeant James E, harnessmaker. 

Shafer Christian, broem manufacturer. 

Show Lewis C, jeweler. 

Slesman Benjamin F, dentist. 

Smith John E, saw mill. 

Smith William H, druggist. 

Snyder H & Son, furniture manufacturers. 

Steerhof George, cabinetmaker. 

Stoody James M, photographer. 

Stouffs Alfred J, grocer and salpon. 

Strauss Henry, saloon. 

Strong Ephraim, general store. 

Trout Zeddock, blacksmith. 

Tulley Cyrus B, justice of the peace. 

Tulley William A, sporting goods. 

Tulley & Kauflman, lawyers. 



< 188 South Meridiai. St., 


CANNED GOODS AND OYSTERS, | union oyster co., 

I 40 North Illinois Street, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 






Tuttle E & Co, boots and shoes. 

Ulerieh Charles, meat market. 

"Wallace Wm C, confectioner and grocer. 

"Walter "William A, Saloon and gro- 

"Walter & Eaupfer, brewers. 

Washburn James, general store. 

"Washburn Lanson S, millinery. 

"Weick Adam G, boots and shoes. 

AVeihe Eudolph T, musical instruments 
and barber. 

Webber "William, physician. 

AVigent John C, abstract of titles. 

AVilliams Charles S, physician. 

AVilliams James G Mrs, milliner. 

Winegardner Solomon F, grocer. 

Woodworth Albert H, jeweler. 

Yontz William, county coroner. 

Yountz James, saw mill. 

Zimmerman J Rev, (German Eeformed). 

COL UMB US. The county seat of 
Bartholomew county, is a flourishing in- 
corporated city of 5,500 inhabitants, located 
on the main line of the J., M. & I. E. E., 
at its junction with the Madison and Eush- 
ville branches, 41 miles south of Indian- 
apolis and 69 north of Louisville. It is 
surrounded by probably the most fertile 
agricultural district in the State. Nearly 
the entire county is under a very high state 
of cultivation, and in the growth of wheat 
it has no superior in Indiana. Haw and 
Flat Eock creeks both empty into White 
river at or near the city. Columbus is a 
handsomely laid out city, noted for its ex- 
cellent county buildings, substantial busi- 
ness blocks and handsome residences. It 
is lighted by gas, has good water works and 
a well organized fire department. The city 
supports 6 hotels, 2 banks, an opera house, 
several churches, 2 graded schools and 2 
newspapers — Democrat and Rqmblican — both 
are Lssued both daily and weekly. Its manu- 
facturing interests, while not very numer- 
OU.S, are quite substantial and add greatly 
to the wealth of the city. They consist of 
3 flour mills, carriage factory, 2 planing 
mills, 1 foundry, furniture factory, tannery, 
brewery, starch factory, hominy mills and 
1 stave and heading factory. The Adams 
Express and W. U. Telegi aph companies 
have well equipped offices here. Daily 
mail. Isaac T. Brown, postmaster. 
Adams Clarence W, druggist. 
Adams David O, photographer. 
A) kin George W, insurance agt. 
American Exjtress Company, T S Eoberts, 

American Starch Company, 

F M Banfiil, Prest, Starch Manufacturers. 
Apple Charles, carpenter. 
Armer David S, physician. 

Arnold Ad, Proprietor Democrat. 

(See adc.) 
Arnold George W, justice of the peace. 
Arwine John S, physician. 
Bain Thomas J, cigars and tobacco. 
Baker Charles S, lawyer. 
Banker Adoniram J, physician. 
Barrett & Hauser, druggist. 
Bedel John A, cigar manufacturer. 
Bissell House, C C Wilson, propr. 
Bland Marion E, phvsician. 
Boyer Mattie, dressmaker. 
Bradford Isaac, carpenter. 
Brinkley & Bosse, furniture manufacturers. 
Brockman Henry, grocer. 
Bro-wn Isaac X, Publisher the Ee- 

publican, .Job Printer, Bookbinder and 

Blank Book Manufacturer. 
Bruning John, grocer. 
Burgess & Helm an, stoves and tinware. 
Burns Amos, city prosecuting attorney. 
Busch Benjamin, founder and machinist. 
Busch Eeinhold B, plumber. 
Cahn & Strauss, dry goods. 
Canning John, city treasurer. 
Carr John, saloon. 
Carr N T, judge circuit court. 
Carruthers George, undertaker. 
Carter & Mahoney, grocers. 
Chambers & Maxwell, beer bottlers. 
Collins Charles F, boOts and shoes. 
Columbus Democrat (Daily and 

Weekly), Ad Arnold, Propr. (See adv.) 
Columbus House, Maynard & Lowe, proprs. 
Comstock Lj'ndon W, dentist. 
Convers John, meat market. 
Cooper M E Mrs, florist. 
Crane John E, crockery. 
Dahn John, meat market. 
Dalmbert & Lehman, dry goods. 
Daniel Webster S, druggist. 
Davis John M, saloon. 
Denham Thomas B, painter. 
Dillon Michael, shoemaker. 
Dixon Eoger, shoemaker. 
Dixon & Woodburn, lawyers. 
Doll John F, cooper. 
Donhash Lewis, county auditor. 
Donner Frederick, watches and clocks. 
Dopfer Jobn, Merchant Tailor, 314 

Draper & Lawhead, brick manufacturers. 
Duffy Howard, grocer. 
Dunlap Charles S, veterinary surgeon. 
Dunlap, Gilmore & Coats, planing mill. 
Efinger Andy, Baker, (^ee adv.) 
Ellis George E, news dealer. 
Him House, Josiah Shewmaker, 

Propr, Depot. (See adv.) 
Eli;varner Aug'ustus^ Meat Mar- 
Hmigf Michael, Barber. 
Emig Michael D, lawyer. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. © 

olUJVLro Tom to Pieces 

by Hercules Pova^der, 

C. H. JEBtKE, Agent, 

29)-^ N. Pennsylvauia St., Indianapolis, Ind. 






H. H. J.VCKSON, Proprietor, 


A First class Hotel, with every accommo- 
dation for Commercial Travelers. 
Good Sample Rooms. Ceutrally Located. 



0pp. Bissell Hotel, CoLujnbus, Ind. 



full supply of Staple and Fancy Groceries, 

309 "^jVasliitigfton St., Columtius, Ind. 


colum:bxjs, - iis'dia.n"^ 

(32 Located at the Depot. Terms Moderate ^^O 



And Dealer in Foreig^n Fruits 
and :^iuts. 

323 Wasliingtoii St., - - COLUMBUS, IND, 

rpxinCl XX OT K 'D'D OPTICIAN AND WATCHMAKER, 93 North Pennsylvania Street, 
A X1\^0. n, K^XuM^rr^ New-Denlson Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

I make a specialty of WATCHES AND OPTICAL GOODS, and have a full line. Having over thirty 
years experience, can assure satisfactory results in adjustment and repairs. 

UnntA I ifo I no Pn Has paid large dividends, has the largest surplus for 
nOlTIG LITG inSi uDi dividends in future- Best Co- for Agents. 

X! M. KEZJLOGG, Sup't . Chicago, III. 





Everroad & Eickter, plasterers. 

Fahv Henry, saloon. 

Falk Frederick, physician. 

Falkner & Morledge, harness manufac- 

Fehring Frederick W, slioemaker. 

Fehring' Theodore A, blacksmith. 

First ^'ational Bank ; .capital, $100,000 ; F 
J Crump, prest ; William J Lucas, cashr. 

Ford cS: Raymond, blacksmiths. 

Foster Albert R, groceries. 

Fowler Clarence J, painter. 

Friedgeu George H, photographer. 

Gabbert George G, propr Western Hotel. 

Gaff, Gent & Thomas, flour and hominy 

Gent J E & Co, flour mill. 

George Henry F, grocer. 

Gilgour "William, blacksmith. 

Godfrey Howard J, marble works. 

Goslen William, propr Indiana House. 

Griffith Frank, nferchant tailor. 

Griffith Roderick E, flour, feed and grain. 

Gysie John, saloon. 

Habig George, saloon. 

Hacker <& Strickland, lawyers. 

Hall Abraham O, dentist. 

Hallowell Edward J, grocer. 

Ham Joseph M, barber. 

Harker Marshall, sewing-machines. 

Harris Thomas S, insurance agt. 

Hege Samuel & Co, contractors. 

Hegfe & 'White, Dealers in Lumber. 

Heller & Bruck, carriages and wagons. 

Herod Augustus W, propr Jackson House. 

Hess John H, dentist. 

Hobbs James, machine shop. 

Hogue & Hertsch, druggistf. 

Holland John A, barber. 

Hord Francis T, lawyer. 

Huber Eugene I, furniture. 

Hudson James B, physician. 

Hughes & Henderson, stave manufacturers. 

Hutchins & Burnett, restaurant. 

Hutchins & "Winkler, real estate. 

Indiana House, hotel. 

Irwin Joseph I, banker and dry goods. 

Jackson Henry H, Proprietor St. 
Denis Hotel, corner Washington and 
Fifth. (.SV«> af7c.) 

Jackson House, Augustus W Herod, propr. 

Jackson Robert ]»I, Agent, Man- 
ufacturer Carriages, Buggies, AVagons, 
etc, corner .lackson and Fifth. (See adv.) 

Johnson .James T, harnessmaker. 

Jones Benjamin F, agricultural imple- 

Judkins O H, broker. 

Junction House. 

Kaiser .Jacob, tailor. 

Keith John A, lawyer. 

Keller & Brockman, planing mill. 

Kenney Emanuel IT, insurance. 

Kerr Charles B, agricultural implements. 

Keyes Nelson R, lawyer. 

Kiems Charles S, shoemaker. 

King Samuel, grocer. 

Kinney E H, justice and insurance agt. 

Kirtzing^er Oeorg^e, Baker and 

Confectioner, 323 Washington. (See adv.) 
Kruse Henry, saloon. 
Lambert Weldon W, lawyer. 
Lapp William H, physician. 
Lay Leonard, barber. 
Lay, Lucas & Pence, insurance. 
Leibfried William, shoem^er. 
Levering Levi L, architect. 
Levy Caroline, general store. 
Levy Samuel, grocer. 
Linton Samuel M, physician. 
Long David F, furniture. 
Lloyd «& Morledge, carpenters. 
Lucas & Stevens, agricultitral implements. 
McGregor John A, stave manufacturer. 
Marsh James N, grocer. 
Mason Hughes, drugs- 
Matthews Frank, painter. 
Matson James F, law^yer. 
May Benjamin, carriages and wagons. 
Maynard & Lowe, proprs Columbus House. 
Melroy Yates, shoemaker. 
Mesmer & Peifer, barbers. 
Miller Thomas, black'smith. 
Mooney Marion, justice of the peace. 
Mooney W W & Sons, tanners. 
Morgan John W, lawyer. 
Morgan Thomas, produce. 
Mothersliead Fabricius Ifl, 

Dentist, Mercantile Block. 
Moyer George W, plasterer. 
Newby Elijah A, barber. 
Newby William H, watches and clocks. 
Newsom D, justice of the peace. 
Pieman W Rudolpb, Saloon. 

{See adv.) 
Nienabler Henry, tailor. 
Norris Xantippie, dressmaker. 
Norton & Smith, lawyers. 
O'Brien Michael, blacksmith. 
Oppenheim Bros, clothing. 
Orr John C, lawyer. 
Palmer & Maynard, saloon. 
Pape Frederick, cigars and tobacco. 
Parkhill Nannie, millinery. 
Pfeifer Charles, saloon. 
Pfeifer George & Co, pump manufacturers. 
Piel Henry, grocer. 
Piel & Donhost, grocers. 
Plotz Charles W, blacksmith. 
Prather Thomas B, grocer. 
Quick Tunis G, grain dealers. 
Rapp John, grocer. 
Eeeves Jefl" B, lawyer. 
Eeeves & Co, machine shop. 
Eoberts Thomas S, agt Adams Ex Company. 
Eosenbush L & Co, clothing. 

Q a ^T T.T.Tm ^'T' W! f MANUFACiuREn of wagon and carriage material. 
Nos.2> East Georgia .Street, 'jSpokcs, Httbs, LoDg and Short Carriage and 

II«OIAl«(APOL,It», - - IPKD. I C:xpRE:SS BO^IVS. See adv., page 6. 


Binding and Blank Book Making, 


SoutTieast Corner Circle aud Meridian Streets, - INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Rosenheim Simon, grocer. 

Eost Herman L, watches and clocks. 

4St Denis Hotel, H H Jackson, Propr, 

cor Washington and Fifth. {See adv.) 
Sagalowsky Isaac, junk dealer. 
Saladin Jacob, shoemaker. 
Salmon Ward, painter. 
Samuels Bailey Miss, milliner. 
Samuels D & Son, dry goods. 
Schnur Jolin, Saloon, Washington. 
Schoessel & Siebert, shoemakers. 
Schultz & Washburn, transfer company. 
Schwartzkopf John G, hardware. 
Scott & Wilson, bakery. 
Scrieber August, brewer. , 

Seipp Geoi-ge, saloon. 
Selfridge William E., grocer. 
Shane Thomas A, physician. 
Shay Charles, harness. 
She^wmaker Josiali, Propr Elm 

House Dejiot. {See adv.) 

Shinerer George, cooper. 

Shirk David C, dry goods. 

Silverman Levy, dry goods. 

Sims Isaac N, livery. 

Sisk William, grocer. 

Smith Charles F, notions. 

Smith Daniel, livery. 

Snyder John F, auctioneer. 

Snyder Reuben, grocer. 

Sparks William J, grocer. 

Spencer Charles N, lawyer. 

Staehle Fred, grocer. 

Stanton W^illiam A, barber. 

Stobo W J & Bro, horseshoers. 

Story William D, stationery. 

Strassner Henry, galvanized cornice manu- 

Swenged Wilson S, lawyer. 

The Republican, (daily and week- 
ly), Isaac T Brown, Publisher and Propr. 

Tinsley George W, gunsmith. 


AD. ARJVOLD, Proprietor. 


Circulation— Weekly, 2,100 ; Daily, 650. B^HEADQUARTERS FOR FANCY JOB PRINTING. 

Office, 412 Fourth Street, COLUMBUS, IND. 



Ho. il3 Washington St., 

Columbus, - - Ind. 

R. M. JACKSON, Agent, 

Manufacturer of First-class 


SHOP— Corner Jackson and Harrison Streets, 


Was the first to issue Non-Forfeitable Policies. 
No suicidal clause or objectionable restrictions 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, in^"A*SI^'S: 



For mills. Foundries, and all kinds of Machiner j. 

Nos, Id arid 16 East South Street, 





Toohev James F, saloon. 

Formehlen John F, grocer. 

Turner Julius M, grocer. 

Ulrich Frederick, baker. 

Yogle Ferdinand, clothing, 

Yolland Frederick, hardware. 

Vollmer Anna M, grocer. 

Vollmer Christopher, junk dealer. 

Vonfange Gerhardt H, shoenaaker. 

Voorhees S M, physician. 

Yorwald John & Bro, grocers. 

Wagner Henry E, grocer. 

Wallace William B, boots and shoes. 

Warner Thomas F, shoemaker. 

Weber P F & Co, gents' furnishing goods. 

Werner John, meat market. 

Werner Peter, shoemaker. 

Western Hotel, G G Gabbert, propr. 

White William, coal dealer. 

Williams Amanda E, millinery. 

Williams Jeremiah F, harness. 

Williams Eoger, pianos and organs. 

Wilson Charles C, propr Bissell House. 

"Winterberg: L,ouis, Bakery, 309 

Washington. [See adc.) 
Woodburn Thomas C, insurance. 
Woolley Joseph, livery. 
Wright Bros, pork packers. 
Wright J F; physician. 

C O MMISKE Y, A station on Louis- 
ville Br. O. & M. K'y, located in Montgom- 
ery township, Jennings county, 10 miles 
south of Vernon court house, with a popu- 
lation of 100. It supports Methodist and 
Baptist churches. North Vernon, 12 miles 
north, is the nearest bank. Lumber, wood, 
hav and stone are the shipments. Ex., 
O. c^- M. and B. & O. John M. Lyle, post- 

Arbuckle A, grain and live stock. 
Avey John W, live stock and grain. 
Byfield B F, justice of peace. 
Connor William H, grain and live stock. 
Gla.sser .John, shingle manufacturer. 
James L S, live stock. 
Lawrence William H, pressed hay and live 

Lurtin C F, general store and photograjaher. 
Lyle John M., Physician. 
Nellis E P, lawyer and grain. 
Tate .Jesse, live stock and grain. 
'Wells Eli, Saw Mill. ■ 
Wilkerson H P, live stock and grain. 

CONCOItJJ, Township of same 
name, iJeKalb comity, with 50 inhabitants, 
is a station on the B. <Sc O. R. R., located 7 
miles southeast of Auliurn, the county seat 
and banking town. Contains Methodist 
church and district school. G. W. Draggoo, 
Baker D M, carpenter. 

Baker Henry, carpenter. 
Dragfg'OO G M, Live Stock. 
Garrett H, general store. 
Gill John, blacksmith. 
Griner P K, saw mill. 
Ricketts Ira, Saw Mill. 
Shilling S & W, live stock. 
Wade G W, carpenter. 

seat of Fayette county, is an incorporated 
city of 4000 inhabitants, pleasantly located 
on White Water river, 58 miles southeast 
of Indianapolis, 67 northwest of Cincinnati 
and 20 southwest of Richmond. This is 
probably the handsomest town in the state. 
It contains many fine residences, good busi- 
ness blocks, wide streets, beautifully lined 
with shade trees and has every appearance 
of a thrifty, enterprising place. The bonded 
debt amounts to $11,000. It is well lighted 
by gas, has good water works, a well equip- 
ped fire department, 1 opera house, 6 
churches, high and graded schools, 1 private 
and 1 national bank, 2 hotels and 2 weekly 
newspapers — Examiner and Times. Promi- 
nent among its manufacturing establish- 
ments are 3 large furniture factories, a 
planing mill, hosiery factory, 2 saw mills, 
2 machine shops, a pump factory, 2 cooper 
shops, 1 broom factory, a brewery, 2 flour 
mills, 1 cigar box factory and silver plating 
works. A portion of above mentioned de- 
rive power from White river. Its trans- 
portation facilities consist of 3 railroads — 
W. W., C. H. & I. and Ft. W., C. & L., 
and these, with its excellent water power 
and eligible location, gives it unusual ad- 
vantages for all kinds of manufacture. 
Furniture and grain are the chief exports. 
Ex., U. S. and Am. Tel., W. U. George 
M. Sinks, postmaster. 
Ackerman Charles C, jeweler. 
Adams Sabina, pumpmaker. 
Alexander Mitchell, saloon. 
Andrews Albert M, druggist. 
Backhouse, Shields & Co, meat market. 
Bailey John L, dry goods. 
Bailey & Holland, barbers. 
Baker Anna Mrs, milliner. 
Banes Harry G, boots and shoes. 
Barth Louis, shoemaker. 
Bartine Charles, saloon. 
Bass Eli, barber. 

Beck William H, merchant tailor. 
Billau Valentine, saloon and brewery. 
Blake B M Miss, dressmaker. 
Bower & Tatman, saw mill and cigar box 

Boylen Frank, music dealer. 
Broaddus L L, lawyer. 
Brookbank Charles H, agricultural imple- 



orSon^^;;:rLH'::^h!.rSs}48 Vance Block, Indlanapolis, 

of War Claims. Rejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 

Porter's Joliet Bottled Ale and Porter SHSS 





Brown Daniel, wagonmaker. 

Brown George W, lumber. 

Bruton John, saloon. 

Buckley House^ John Stryker, 

Buckley Michael C, grocer. 

Burk ISahum H, drj' goods. 

Burk & Morris, grocers. 

Burton Thomas, tailor. 

Butler D W, physician. 

Cain William J, stoves and tinware. 

Caldwell E C Mrs, milliner. 

Carder John M, pliotographer. 

Carr P D, pianos and organs. 

Carter & Ashburn, grocers. 

Casady John, harnessmaker. 

Chitwood Joshua, physician. 

Chitwood J E & F A, physicians. 

Citizens' Bank ; capital, $50,000 ; J N 
Huston, cashr. 

Claypool, Florea & Claypool, lawyers. 

Conner Reuben, lawyer. 

Conners & James, saloon. 

Connersville Examiner, J M Higgs, pub- 

Connersville Gas Light Manufacturing 

Connersville Times, Sinks & Ochiltree, pub- 

Cooley A C & Son^ furniture and under- 

Cooley- Morrison Furniture Manufacturing 

Cooley & Tatman, photographers. 

Crago Henry, flour, feed. 

Curry Robert I, books and stationery. 

Dale Wilson T, justice of the peace. 

Dale W T & Co, lumber dealers. 

Depner Henry, baker. 

Devoe & Hall, slate roofers. 

Dickey & Applegate, wagonmakers. 

Dickson J B Mrs, milliner. 

Dillman Lurton D, physician. 

Doll Louis, saloon. 

Downs, Ready & Co, planing mill. 

Eliason Henry C, saw mill. 

Hills Edwin 1^, Physician, Central 

Ellis Hewitt T, livery. 

Eager Michael, saloon. 

Eerris James H, telephone exchange. 

First National Bank; capital, $100,000 ; F 
M Roots, prest ; Charles Mount, cashr. 

Florea George C, lawyer. 

Forner John, county coroner. 

Forrey & Burke, lawyers. 

Fonts Silas, grocer. 

Erankel Moses J, dry goods. 

Friedgen F F Rev, (German Presbyterian). 

Friedrich Charles, tailor. 

Galbraith W T & Co, druggists. 

Gartlin Jo^, cigar manufacturer. 

Gentry James T, livery. 

Gettle Thomas N, county clerk. 

Gies John, cooper. 

Goodmon Jacob, wagonmaker. 

Grand Hotel, George Mauley, propr. 

Gregg Vincent H, physician. 

Griffis Theodore L, dry goods. 

Griffith O P & Co, hardware. 

Hackleman James G, city treasurer. 

Harrison J I & O B, foundry. 

Hatton William H, justice of the peace. 

Hatton W^illiam T, justice of the peace. 

Heeb Frederick, saloon. 

Heeb George, wagonmaker. 

Heeb W^illiam, wagonmaker. 

Heinemann George, grocer. 

Heineman Theodore, painter. 

Henry J & M, dressmakers. 

Heron J M & Co, boots and shoes. 

Higgs John M, publisher Connersville Ex- 

Hogan Frederick, grocer. 

Holberg H & Co, clothiers. 

Holliday F C Rev, (Methodist). 

Indiana Furniture Manufacturing Compa- 
ny, William Newkirk, prest ; W H Wher- 
rett, sec and treas. 

Johnson M C Rev, (A M E). 

Jones Alfred C, physician. 

Joseph Philip, dry goods. 

Junkin A C Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Kehl Anthony, jeweler. 

Keller & Co, clothing, hats and caps, 

Keller & Uhl, flour mill. 

Knight Robert F, boots and shoes. 

Kribbs Jacob, merchant tailor. 

Lair John T, sheriti". 

Landis Charles, agt U S Ex Company. 

Earned John D, agt C, H & I R R. 

Leonard Bros, hosiery manufacturers. 

Little Joseph I, lawyer. 

Logan J Q & Bro, laundry. 

Loper George, carriages. 

Low William H H, physician. 

Ludwick & Taylor, saw mill. 

Luking Henry, shoemaker. 

McCann Basil, justice of the peace. 

McCann James, grocer. 

McFarlan John B, carriage manufacturer. 

McWhinney Louisa Mrs, milliner. 

Mafiett Thompson, grocer. 

Magee William F, dentist. 

Maley Thomas, saloon. 

Metzger Christen a Mrs, milliner. 

Meyer Mart, harnessmaker. 

•Michael Florentine, cooper. 

Miller Jonathan S, grocer. 

Millikins W^illiam H, dry go.ods. 

Itlilton & Taylor, Barbers. 

Mitchell Hattie Miss, dressmaker. 

Morrow A & Son, hats and caps. 

Moyser William H, furniture. 

Mulheeren John, baker and confectioner^ 

Mullikin Josiah, shoemaker. 


and Notary Public. Office, Rooms l6 and l8 Hubbard 
f Block, Indianapolis, Ind. (See adv.) 

IRON ROOFINblw. G. HYNDMAN & go., Cincinnati, Oliio. 





Munk & Roberts, furniture manufacturers. 

Murray Charles A, lawyer. 

Myers William K, barber. 

Kevin John C, saloon. 

Nevin Thomas, shoemaker. 

Neviu Thomas E, restaurant. 

Newkirk Fannie Miss, dressmaker. 

O'Toole Michael H, marble works. 

Oliphaiit & Drysdale, Marble 
"Works, Central Avenue. 

Overman E C Mrs, milliner, 

Parker *t Co, agricultural implements. 

Parry, Ellis A Co, hardware. 

Pepper "William J, physician. 

Perrin Z, county surveyor. 

Perry Stephen, livery. 

Peters -J J, meat market. 

Pfaefflin Theodore, Saloon and 
Billiard Hall. 

Philebaum Martin "W, wagonmaker. 

Pratt George P, boots and shoes. 

Eawls David, druggist. 

Eeady AVilliam, hats and caps. 

Eees George E, agt Am Ex Company. 

Eegenstein Moses, dry goods. 

Eenner David J, grocer. 

Eichards Charles C, painter. 

Eickes & Snider, saloon. 

Eoehl Charles, lawyer. 

Eoots P H & F M, manufacturers force 
blast blowers and gas exhausters. 

Eoss & Morrison, grocers. 

Eothermel Adam, jewelry, books and sta- 

Eudolph F J Eev, (Catholic). 

Saunders & Barrows, insurance. 

Schoenholtz Frederick, baker and confec- 

Schoenig Michael, saloon. 

Shaefer John N, boots and shoes. 

Shaw Thomas, grocer. 

Shera & Mcintosh, dry goods. 

Shirkey George W, sewing machines. 

Simpson Margaret E Miss, milliner. 

Sinks & Ochiltree, publishers Connersville 

Smith Ephraim J, lawj'er. 

Smith Jacob, grocer. 

Snider Anton, painter. 

Snider & Pfafflin, cigars and tobacco. 

Stevens George T, sewing machine. 

Stryker John, Propr Buckley House. 

Thoma-s Thompson F, undertaker. 

Turkenkoph Bros, cigars and tobacco. 

Turner & Son, Ijarbers. 

Tyrrel A D, physician. 

Utter Eobert, county treasurer. 

Updegraff Martin H, harnessmaker. 

Vance Samuel C, pliysician. 

Van Kooten Herman, broom manufacturer. 

Wall John & Son, pliysicians. 

Waltz George, meat market. 

Wanley George, pro|)r Grand hotel. 

Wanley & Baldus, saloon. 

Webster Elias, physician. 

Weisel Henrv, grocer. 

Wetherald H L & Sons, flour mill. 

White Water Silver Plating Company, sil- 
ver platers. 

Williams Charles E, county auditor. 

Wood Greenbury, blacksmith. 

Wood John H, blacksmith. 

Woolsey M E, druggist. 

Wright N W, agt W W V & Ft W, M «& C 

Young William N, county recorder. 

CONVENIENCE, Formerly known 
as Buena Vista, is the location of 49 per- 
sons in Taylor township, Harrison county, 
16 miles southeast of Corydon court house. 
Eosewood 3 miles east on the Ohio river, is 
the place of shipment. Wheat and pota- 
toes are marketed. William E. Goldsmith, 

Fink Peter, general store. 
Goldsmith A H, general store. 
Ooldsmith ^William R^ Postmas- 
Kerr E S, justice of the peace. 
Kerr & Wesbecker, saloon. • 

Metling Ambros, saw mill. 

COONS CORNERS. Tippecanoe 

county. {See Fanner's Institute). 

COPE. A settlement in Green town- 
ship, Morgan county, located 6 miles east 
of Martinsville, the county seat, banking 
town and nearest rail approach. Popula- 
tion, 45. L. Gutridge, postmaster. 
Davee G E, saloon. 
Ennis S H, general store. 
Gardner D P, painter. 
Outridgfe r,, Postmaster. 
Eenner William, wagonmaker. 
Eundell S N, physician. 
Wagaman J N, carpenter. 
Weamer Frederick, blacksmith. 

CORNETTSriLLE. Established 
in 1878, is a hamlet possessed of 63 inhab- 
itants, located in Bogard township, Daviess 
county, 9 miles north of Washington court 
house, the location of nearest bank and 
railroad station. Tri-weekly stage to 
Washington ; fare 50c. William E. Ba- 
ker, postmaster. 
Baker l^illiatn R., General Store 

and Justice. 
Bennett's Bro, livestock. 
Hargrave W, physician. w 

Herendow & Bro, carpenters. V 
Kilion John N, blacksmith. 

Trade Marli. 



— SOL]> }{Y— 

•jJahne & Co., Prop's, 

Jersey City, N. J. 




(. South Illinois Street. 





Killon J W, blacksmith. 
Lester J C, barber. 
Myers J F, meat market. 

CORRECT. A farmers' postoffice, 
established June 1, 1881, located in John- 
son township, Ripley county, 4^ miles from 
Versialles, the county seat. Osgood, 9i 
miles north, on the O. & M. E'y., is the 
shipping station. Stage to Madison and 
Versailles. James M. McCoy, postmaster, 
and general store. 

COB TLAND. Located on east fork 
of White river, is a hamlet containing 100 
inhabitants, in Hamilton township, Jack- 
.son county, 10 miles northeast of Browns- 
town court house, and 4 west of Seymour, 
the location of nearest bank and railroad 
station. Flour and heading are the ship- 
ments. A. A. Shepard, postmaster. 
Attkinson & Pruden, General 

Barnes G O, physician. 
Cortland Milling Co, flour mill. 
Eucky "William, wagonmaker. 
Hermann A J, shoemaker. 
Hilker Jacob, shoemaker. 
Isaacs G H, drugs and groceries. 
Patrick C W, physician. 
Rains G W, physician. 
Rust Isaac & Co, heading factory. 
Shepard A A, Postmaster. 
Sleckster George, cooper. 
Vancleve James P, meat market. 
Williams Edward, carpenter. 
Woesner John, blacksmith. 

CORUNNA, Settled in 1848, is a 
thrifty village of 500 inhabitants, located 
on Air Line Div. L. S. & M. S. R'y, in 
Richland township, DeKalb county, 8 miles 
northwest of Auburn, the county seat and 
banking town. The prominent features of 
this place are 2 churches — Methodist and 
United Brethren — graded school, 1 hotel, 1 
planing mill, 1 saw mill, 1 flour mill, and 
a semi-monthly newspaper known as The 
Headlight. Grain is the principal crop 
grown in the surrounding country and is 
the chief shipment. Ex., U. S. Tel.,W.U. 
Benjamin A. Chaft'ee, postmaster. 
Adams William B, stoves and tinware. 
Backer John, blacksmith. 
Beck & Raichart, flour mill. 
Brumback J M, live stock. 
Calkin P M, planing mill. 
Cissel Benjamin G, druggist. 
Corunna Headlig^ht, J C Love- 
land, Publisher. 
Finch John, justice of the peace. 
Fried Frederick G, general store. 
Gettings J W, saloon. 

Helmer J W & Co, general store. 

Imus Charles, propr L^nion Hotel. 

Lipsett John, grocer. 

]L,oveland Josephi C, Publisher 

Corunna Headlight. 
Maynard Truman T, shoemaker. 
Mercer William M, druggist, grocer, and 

Miles George H, harnessmaker. 
Orsborne & Kline, saw mill. 
Park William, grocer. 
Paschal J W Rev, (Methodist). 
Quince Henry, meat market. 
Reynold Melvin, furniture. 
Shaffer Louis, blacksmith. 
Snyder Fairfield, physician. 
Union Hotel, Charles Imus, propr. 
Walda Herman, tailor. 
Wallace William J, stoves and tinware. 
Williamson Given G, barber. 
Williamson H A, wagon manufacturer. 
Williamson J D, saloon. 
Wise Harmon, wagonmaker. 

CORY. Settled in 1872, is a station 
and village on the T. H. & S. E. R. R., lo- 
cated in Perry township. Clay county, 12 
miles southeast of Brazil, the county seat 
and location of nearest bank. Churches, 
Methodist and Baptist. Exports, grain and 
lumber. Ex., Adams. O. James, post- 

Cady J C, saloon. 
Donham F G, justice of the peace. 
Donham J K, General Store. 
Donham Lewis, saw mill. 
Glick Bros, wagonmakers. 
Glick P H, hotel. 
Glick P H & Son, undertakers. 
Hamilton E, justice of the peace. 
James & Modesitt, Physicians and 

Jefiers & Guther, saloon. 
Lucas & Son, boots and shoes. 
McGregor J F Rev, (Methodist). 
McNamer H W, lawyer. 
Mewhenney Edgar, confectioner. 
Moreheart, Ferrell & Co, flour mill. 
Nivens D M Rev, (Baptist). 
O'Brien S W, livery. 
Stuck-wiSCb M R, General Store. 
Wilgus J G, lawyer. 

CORYDON, The county seat of 
Harrison county, is located on Big Indian 
creek, at its confluence with Little Indian 
creek, 20 miles west of New Albany, its 
shipping point and location of nearest bank. 
Corydon is a thrifty village, and only lacks 
railroad facilities to make it one of the 
most enterprising towns of its size in south- 
ern Indiana, as it is surrounded by a pro- 
ductive farming^iistiM^rt^andlui^^ 


I^. I-.. IFOXjIsZ <Sc CO., 
E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 
iKi>iA?«APoi^is, nsn. 

Fruits, Oysters and Canned Goods. 



J. S. K.ELI^EK. Ittanagrer, 

40 North Illinois Street, ISDIANAPOLIS, IND.. 





water power. It contains SOO inhabitants, 
Methodist, Disciple and Presbyterian 
churches, good graded school, 6 hotels and 
3 newsjiapers — Harrison Counti/ Xews, Demo- 
crat and Etpublican. The Democrat was es- 
tablished in 185(), is ably edited, and has 
the largest circulation of any paper in the 
county. Its manufactories consist of 2 flour 
mills, a furniture factory, saw mill, tannery 
and wool oartling works. The L. E. & W. 
Air Line K"y will have a station 7 miles 
north of here (near New Salsbury), and a 
branch '^\'ill, in the near future, be con- 
structed to Corydon from that point, in 
which event this place will be greatly ben- 
efitted, both in commerce and manufacture. 
It is on daily stage route from New Albany 
to Leavenworth ; fare to former, $1.25, and 
to latter, S1.5U. Nimrod S. Eeynolds, post- 

Allen Hezekiah, sewing machines. 
Applegate George W, broker. 
AppUegate H M & Son, general store. 
Ball Frederick, shoemaker. 
Bean James A, confectioner. 
Bean James M, propr Bean's Hotel. 
Boring N E Eev, (Methodist). 
Bo^'lingf, IvO-werth & Bro^wn, 

Proprs Eclipse Flour Mill. 
Brown George, saloon. 
Brown Louis, boots and shoes. 
Bullett & Bros, blacksmiths. 
Byrn Ransom N, agricultural implements. 
Byrne William H, marble works. 
Clark .Jacob C, physician. 
Corydon Democrat, (Weekly), 

Stockslager & Gwartney, Publishers. 
Corydon Republican, (weekly), George W 

Self, pul)lisher. 
Crawford .John W, hotel and meat market. 
Dannenfelser Henry, barber. 
Denbo George W, lawyer. 

DeutScll'S Hotel, Jacob Deutsch, 
Propr. I See adr. ) 

Deutsch Jacob, Propr of Deutsch's 
Hotel and Grocer, i See adv.) 

Douglass Claude N, propr Harrison County 

Douglass & Stockslager, lawyers. 

Dunn R<^)l)ert W, jeweler. 

Fravei William 11, blacksmith. 

Fried David H, meat market. 

Funk Major W, lawyer. 

Funkhouser Zachary T, dentist. t 

Gavin John, baker. 

Getzendanner G J & Bro, stoves and tin- 

Ginkins & Cunningham, grocers. 

GrantZ Josepll J, Blacksmith. 

Green William (y, lawyer. 

Griffin & McGrain, general store. 

G'wartney Oeorg^e K, Lawyer. 

Harrison county Agricultural Association, 
John Q A Seig, prest ; Craven S Hudson, 
sec ; Charles Martin, treas. 

Harrison County News (weekly), Claude If 
Douglass, publisher. 

Hays Henry C, Lawyer. 

Hisey «fe Boldt, flour mill. 

Hudson & Cook, lawyers. 

Irwin James D, dentist. 

Jones Andrew M, physician. 

Jones William T, lawyer. 

Jordan David, harnessmaker. 

Jordan & Heath, tanners. 

Jutton Joseph, wagonmaker. 

Keller & Bro, lumber manufacturers. 

Kintner Hotel, William W Kintner, propr. 

Kleber Flora Miss, notions. 

Kleber Nicholas, hotel. 

Lawson John E, druggists. 

Lemmon Daniel F, county supt schools. 

Lemmon Ellen E Mrs, milliner. 

Lemmon & Son, livery. 

I<og:an IIIas:g:ie Miss, Dealer in 
Notions, Fancy Goods, Millinery, etc. 

Lopp John W, stone quarry. 

Louder Susan C Mrs, dressmaker. 

Lynch William C, furniture and under- 

McCullum Anna Miss, milliner. 

Mathes George H, harnessmaker and jus- 

Mauck John J, flour mill. 

Miller Cortes M, grocer. 

Morris James L, general store and justice. 

Morris Rebecca Miss, dressmaker. 

Mowrer Ephriam, carpenter. 

Porter William A, lawyer. 

Reader William, physician. 

Reynolds Nimrod S, postmaster. 

Reynolds Theopholis H, carpenter. 

Riely L A & Son, druggists. 

Rowe & Bro, carpenters and undertakers. 

Rowland William, blacksmith. 

Self George W, lawyer and publisher 
Weekly Republican. 

Shaffer John, saloon. 

Shaffer Martha V Mrs, notions. 

Shuck David, hotel. 

Sims James M, wool carder. 

Slemons William B, hardware. 

Stevens Thomas J, ph3'sician. 

Stockslag:er & Owartney, Pub- 
lishers Weekly Democrat. ■ 

Tabler James R, saloon. 

Townsend Rev, (Zion M E). 

Tracewell W N & R J, lawyers. 

Wolfe Harvey S, physician. 

UVright Samuel J, Lawyer. 

COTTAGE GUOVE. On line of 
C, H. & I. R'y., is a post village of 150 in- 
habitants, located partly in each Union 
and Centre townships, Union county, 5 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Coimnission Merchants, Grain and Pro 
visions. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO^ 


By the Orls:lnal Hercules Poiivder. 

C. H. JEP^NE, Agent, 

No. 293^ North Pennsylvania Street, 





miles southeast of Liberty, the county seat 

and banking town. Grain and lumber are 

■shipped. Ex., U. S. Finley Egbert, post- 


Bell James A, R R agt. 

Egbert Einley, General Store. 

Gleeson P, blacksmith. 

Howorth & Cunigum, file makers. 

Johnson M M, justice of the jaeace. 

Kefler O, live stock. 

Maxwell E G, Saw Mill. 

Wright G R C, blacksmith. 

CQUBTEB. On the I., P. & C. Div. 
W., St. L. & P. R'y., in Jefferson township, 
Miami county, is located 81 miles north of 
Indianapolis, and 6 north of Peru, the 
■county seat and location of nearest bank. 
Population, 38. Ships grain, live stock 
and cooperage. Ex., Am. D. H. Smith, 

Armentrout Peter, blacksmith. 
Baldwin Zeri, tile manufacturer. 
Benbow Anna Mrs, carpet weaver. % 

Donaldson R F, R R agt. 
Donaldson & Smith, Grocers. 
Eikenburg George, live stock. 
Hammer Spencer, carpenter. 
Hammer William, carpenter. 
Mutchelknause Maria, carpet weaver. 
Ogle J C, carpenter. 

COVINGTON. Was settled in 1828. 
It is the county seat of Fountain county, 
located on White river, 27 miles southwest 
of Lafayette, and 72 northwest of Indiana- 
polis. Covington is incorporated, contains 
2,000 inhabitants, good county buildings, 
fine residences, substantial business blocks, 
7 churches, 2 banks, 2 hotels, a graded 
school, and 2 weekly newspapers — Spence's 
People's Paper and the People's Friend. It 
has excellent transportation facilities, be- 
ing traversed by the I., B. & W., and Cov- 
ington branches of the C. & E. I. and W., 
St. L. & P. R'ys. The town has great nat- 
ural wealth, consisting of an extensive sup- 
ply of excellent quality block coal. Its 
other prominent features are 2 saw mills, 
a brewery, 1 foundry, a tile yard and 2 
flour mills. Lumber, grain, produce and 

live stock are shipped. Ex., U. S. Tel., W. 
U. Richard Nebeker, postmaster. 
Allen Hannah Miss, milliner. 
Allen James L, harness and agricultural 

Barber William J, city marshal. 
Bender Henry, saloon. 
Bergedahl & Voltz, boots and shoes. 
Bever Mathias H, county surveyor. 
Beymer John G, meat market. 
Birch Thomas Rev, (Methodist). 
Bishop John M Rev, (Presbyterian). 
Booe Charles E, lawyer. « 

Boord M & Co, furniture and undertakers. 
Buunell Noah T, marble works. 
Burfeerst Frederick, boots and shoes. 
Butt George, wagon manufacturer. 
Cade Samuel, flour mill, 7 miles south. 
Cardiff Edward, saloon and lumber. 
Clark Henry M, tile manufacturer. 
Clark M H & Co, lumber, lime, etc. 
Craig House, James Craig, propr. 
Crane Wilkinson, jeweler. 
Crigler ^William H H, Dentist, 

over Mayer's Block. {See adv.) 
Davis Eli, carpenter. 
Dennis William & Co, grocers. 
Dowler Francis M, furniture repairer. 
Duncan James M, general store. 
Duukerly Joseph, founder and machinist. 
Everly, Marlatt & Co, flour mill and grain. 
Farmer's Bank, Nebeker & Gish, proprs. 
Foster Niles H, agt I, B & W and C & E I 

R'ys, and U S Ex Company. 
Gambrill Bros, wagonmakers. 
Gebhart John A, restaurant. 
Geiger Nicholas, saloon. 
Gumert Daniel T, druggist. 
Gwinnup Harry, barber. 
Gwynn Charles H, publisher People's 

Hanes Edward, dry goods. 
Hanes Lewis, county auditor. 
Hardy James G & Co, bankers. 
Harter Caleb N, general store. 
Heath Harpin L, hardware. 

Hotel Brunswick., A H Sprankle, 

Propr. [See adv.) 
Hunt Philip, blacksmith. 
Isbell Arista H, grocer. 



Cor. Main and Walnut Sts., CORYDON, IND. 
^•^Grood Rooms, Newly Fnrnished. Stable attached to the Hotel. 

RATE, 4$i>oo PER DAY. 


Penn8]rlr»ni» St., Nen-Denigon Hotel Block, IMDIANAPOLTS. 

Dealer in Watches and Optical Goods. Oculists' prescriptiona 
carefully filled. Cylindrical, Cataracts, etc., made to order. 

UnmpJifpInQ Pn ^^^^ requires TWO-THIRDS premium paid. 
nUlllu Lllu lllwl UUl BalaooeVxuiBiZDeroeDt. A&rdlng Agents a great advantage. 





Johnson George "W, Kestauraut; 
Propr of Johnson's Dining Hall. First- 
class meals at all hours. 

Johnston Albert K, grocer. 

Jones Caleb V, physician. 

Jones George S, physician. 

King Robert C, harnessuiaker. 

Kreiisch William, city clerk and florist. 

Lemp Alphonse, jeweler. 

Lewis Murphy, county recorder. 

Lewis Oliver P. lawyer. 

Loeb L & J, clothing and dry goods. 

Long J^mes, lawyer. 

McL'abe, Miller & McCabe, lawyers. 

McComas & Sullivan, grocers. 

MclTeorge Thomas H, hardware. 

Martin John B, Lawyer; Office, 
Mayer's Block. 

Martin Marcus, saloon. 

Meharry & Son, barbers. 

Meitzler John, saloon. 

Menefee James A & Bro, painters and wall 

Merryman & Carnagey, photographers. 

Miller John, grocer and baker. 

Miller Joseph, brewery. 

Minor Stephen H, boots and shoes. 

Mock John W, physician. 

Moore H H & Co, dry goods. 

Murray John B, saloon. 

Nash & Nash, druggists. 

Nebeker Richard, postmaster. 

Nebekcr & Dochterman, lawyers. 

Nebeker & Gish, propi's Farmers' Bank. 

Nixon Henry P, county treasurer. 

Morton & Gish, millinery. 

Ogden H N Rev, (Methodist). 

Olds Frank A, photographer. 

Patterson .John W, carpenter. 

People's Friend (weekly), Chas. H. Gwynn, 

Peter Jacob, shoemaker. 

Pettey James, cigars and tobacco. 

Pidgeon Michael, saloon. 

Plaister H M Rev, (Catholic). 

Porter, Wager & Co, coal miners. 

Purfeerst Charles, shoemaker. 

Reeil Isaac S, blacksmith and wagonmaker. 

Rhodes George D, lumber manufacturer. 

Rhoiles .Joseph M, carriage and wagon man- 

Richardson Sarah J Mrs, dressmaker, 

Rinn Thomas N, sheriff". 

Ritchey & Thompson, barbers. 

Rowland George, physician. 

Sailor John H, dentist. 

Savage Hardy, insurance. 

Schwin John B, lawyer. 

Sewell Homer, real estate and abstracts of 

Shamo Henry, shoemaker. 

Sharon James T, wagonmaker. 

Slattery John, saloon. 

Sloan Isaac J, justice of the peace. 

Solliday Jacob T, meat market. 

Spence's People's Paper (weekly), Spence <§; 
Duncan, proprs. 

Spence & Duncan, publishers Spence's Peo- 
ple's Paper. i. 

Spining John N, physician. ' 

Spinning & Crane, druggists. 

Spranhle Alfred H» Propr Hotel 
Brunswick and Dealer in Pianos, Organs 
and Sewing Machines. {See adv.) 

Stilwell Hiram H, lawyer. 

Sullivan John M, livery. 

Townsley James W, sash, doors and blinds^ 

Vaughn James F, lawyer. 

Watson Charles D, physician. 

W^ebb David, livery. 

"Weber Albert, Saloon. Dealer in 
Fine Wines, Liquors, etc. Billiards and 

Welch Pembroke S, blacksmith. 

Weldon Samuel G, physician. 

Wood & Copner, lawyers. 

Yeagy John, plasterer. 

Youut William, justice of the peace. 

COJVA.N. Is the postoffice name for 
McCowan, a station on the Ft. W., C. & L. 
R. R., located in Monroe township, Dela- 
ware county, 6 miles south of Muncie, the 
county seat and nearest bank location. 
With a population of 156, the village sup- 
ports a Union church. Grain, live stock 
and lumber are shipped. Am. Ex. R. M. 
Ball, postmaster. 
Anderson J M, saw mill. 
Ball R M, General Store, R R and ex 

Jefferson & Newton, tile manufacturers. 
Marshal Reuben, physician. 
Neff W H, manufacturer fanning mills and 

washing machines. 
West Jeremiah G, justice of the peace. 

COX'S MILLS. On the Whitewater 
river, in Wayne township and county, is lo- 
cated 52 miles northeast of Richmond, the 
county seat and banking town. The vil- 
lage was formerly called Middleboro, and 
contains 200 inhabitants and a Methodist 
church. Lime and flour are the exports. 
Daily stage to Richmond ; fare, 20 cents.. 
W. B. Graham, postmaster. 
Boyd & Cook, lime manufacturers. 
Cox Robert, flour mill. 
Craig & Craig, grocers. 
Graham W B» General Store. 
Hawkins Henry, blacksmith. 
Roberts Joseph, blacksmiths. 

CRAIG. Known also as Braytown, is 
located on the Ohio river, in Craig town- 
ship, Switzerland county, 6 miles west of 

Road Cart 

MATERIAL OF ALL KINDS Manufactured on short notice. 

Nos. 28 and 30 East Georgia Street, Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., page 6- 



S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts., 
B IP<»IA»(APOLrIS. - IB(I>. 





Vevay the county seat, banking town and 
usual place of shipment. It is only a rural 
postoffice, with no village population. 
James Shaw, postmaster and general store. 

CRAIGVILLE, A rural postoffice 
and station on T., D. & B. R. R., located in 
Lancaster township. Wells county, 6 miles 
northeast of Bluft^on, the county seat and 
.banking town. Lumber and grain are the 
exports. Ex., Am. and U. S. E. P. Da- 
venport, postmaster. 
Clowser & Miller, saw mill. 
Davenport E P» R R and Ex Agt and 


CMAXDALL. Contains 50 inhabit- 
ants, in Jackson township, Harrison county, 
7 miles northeast of Corydon court house, 
and 14 west of New Albany, the location of 
nearest bank and shipping station. Metho- 
dist and United Brethren churches are sus- 
tained, and lumber is marketed. W. F. 
Voyles, postmaster. 
AlStott Ulethias, Grocer. 
Buzby John, hotel. 
Emily William, wood turner. 
Krackman P, flour and saw mill. 
Melton John Rev, (Methodist). 

Voyles Dr, physician and saw mill. 
Teller John A, saw mill. 
"Voyles "W F, General Store. 

portant incorporated city of 6,500 inhabi- 
tants, the county seat of Montgomery 
county, is located in center of county,, 
on I., B. & W., L. Div. T. H. & I., and 
L., N. A. & C. R'ys., 43 miles northwest 
of Indianapolis, 119 south of Michigan 
City, 30 south of Lafayette, 63 southwest of 
Logansport and 53 northeast of Terre 
Haute. Crawfordsville is probably the 
most handsome and important commercial 
city of its size in the state ; has wide, clean 
streets, handsomely lined with shade trees ^ 
is well lighted by gas ; has a well organ- 
ized fire department, telephone exchange, 
substantial business blocks, many very 
fine residences and good public buildings, 
especially the court house, which is a struc- 
ture of remarkably handsome architectural 
beauty and solidity. Its religious and edu- 
cational facilities comprise 9 churches — 
Methodist, Baptist, Episcopal, Presbyterian, 
Catholic and Christian — good graded 
schools and the Wabash College. The last 
named is a first class educational institu. 
tion, and is unexcelled by any of its claSg 

A. H. SPRANKLE, Proprietor. 

W. S. SPRANKLE, Clerk. 



Rates, $2.00 per Day. Sample Rooms on First Floor. 
Eirst-dass in Every Particnlar. 


Office over Mayer's Block, 


Teeth Inserted from OJ«JE to an EISXIRE SET. 

I would say to the people of Covington and vicinity that I am thankful to them for past favors 
and solicit their continuance of the same, and that special attention will be given to the preservation 
and correction of irregularities of the natural teeth. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

Has the best Canrassing^ Documents and offers 

J. W.Dean,Gen'l Ag't, Indianapolis. 

HQ-Q 'V/^'C^'O X31D 11^ A T^ f Ck)untry orders for Cbackers or Bread 
13 Xa X V^JQ/ O DlxlLx\lJ\ filled at short notice. Address 


P. F. Eryce, Indianapolis, Ind. 





in the state. The city has }uany other 
prominent features, such as a good opera 
house, 5 hotels and 3 banks— "2 national 
and 1 private. The press is ably represented 
by 2 daily, 3 weekly and 2 monlhly publi- 
cations. The Argus and iSVus are dailies ; 
Star, Journal and Eeview are published 
weekly, and the Wabash and Lariat issued 
monthly. Its manufactories include 3 flour 
mills, l" heading factory, 2 planing mills, 
2 foundries, 3 carriage factories, 1 brew- 
ery, a coffin factory, 1 cooper shop, hay 
fork factory, saw mill and a wire fence fac- 
tory. The" surrounding country is quite 
fertile, and well adapted to grazing and the 
growth of grain. It has Am., U. S. and L., 
N. A., & C, Ex. and ^V. U. Tel. Alfred 
Dickey, postmaster. 
Abraham George, harness and saddles. 
Allen George W, dry goods and millinery. 
Allen Malita J Mi-s, milliner. 
American Express Company, Alba H Bra- 
den, agt. 
Anderson Albert B, lawyer. 
Ashley Warren H, coal dealer. 
Bacoii Edward O, dyer and scourer. 
Ballard & Clodfelter, lawyers. 
Bappert August, cigar manufacturer. 
Baruhill & Reagan, notions. 
Barron Charles, shoemaker. 
Bass Marquis L, phvsician. 
Bates W E Eev, (Baptist^. 
Bayless "William T, grocer. 
Beachler Mary Mrs, dressmaker. 
Bell George, barber. 
Billings & Mofl'ett, lawyers. 
Binford Ambrose W, druggist. 
Bircfa Bros, Manufacturers Stationary 
and Portable Engines, Saw and Grist 
Mills, Flax and Hemp Brakes and Flax 
Threshers, Tile Mills, Felloe Machines, 
etc ; Goods, Steam Fittings, etc. 
Bischof Louis, notions. 
Blackwell Edward D, dentist. 
Blair Cornelius, seeds. 
Blandin John K, laundry. 
Bonnell John R, cigars ajid tobacco. 
Bowen Charles H, publisher News. 
Braden Alba H, agt Am Ex Company. 
Braden Hector S, insurance. 
Breaks John jr, jeweler. 
Brennan Patrick, shoemaker. 
Brewer Edward M, agt L, N, A & C R'y. 
Brewer William E, Ijooks and stationery. 
Britton William P, judge circuit court. 
Bromley William, township trustee. 
Brower Hay Tool Company, hay fork man- 
Brown John S, cooper. 
Brown J S & Son, dry goods. 
Brown T D A S^m, druggists. 
Brown William L, saloon. 
Brown <& Watkins, flour mill. 

Bruner Melville W^, lawyer. 

Bundy Jason Eev, (colored Methodist). 

Burford John H, lawyer. 

Burk Misses, dressmakers. 

Burk & Wampler, fruits and vegetables. 

Campbell Alvin, lawyer. 

Campbell Bros, dry goods. 

CampDell Jobn r,, Secretary Wa- 
bash College. 

Cai-penter .John A, millinery. 

Central Telephone Company, Wallace A 
Stilwell, manager. 

Christ John M, tailor. 

Citizens' National Bank ; capital, $75,000 ; 
Alexander F. Ramsey, prest ; Benjamin 
Wasson, cashr. 

Clallis Joseph, boots and shoes. 

Clemson John W, painter. 

CofFman & Williams, lumber. 

Compton Eli, justice of the peace. 

Conner & Hall, grocers. 

Coons Frank M, grocer. 

Cotton & Hays, livery stable. * 

Courtney John R, lawyer. 

Cowan & Ensminger, physicians. 

Cox B F Mrs, lumber. 

Cox David W, florist. 

Cox & Cresse, bakers and confectioners. 

Crabbs & Co, flour and grain. 

Crawford Charles M, dry goods. 

Crawfordsville Coffin Company, coffin man- 

Crawfordsville Gas Light Company, gas 

Crawfordsville Journal, Thomas H B Mc- 
Cain, publisher. 

Crawfordsville News (daily), Charles A 
Bowen, publisher. 

Crawfordsvile Review (weekly), Seller, 
Hanna & Henkel, publishers. 

Crawfordsville Star (weekly), Jere Keeney, 

Crider George W, wagonmaker. 

Cumberland Jesse W, justice of the peace. 

Cunningham Cornelius, clothing. 

Cushman Samuel R, restaurant. 

Darter John J, grain dealer. 

Davis Isaac N, lawyer. 

Davis & McClure, grain dealers. 

Deunin .James Rev, (Catholic). 

Dennis M P & Co, grocers. 

Detchon Elliott, druggist and physician. 

Detchon Irwin A, physician, 

Dickey Alfred, postmaster. 

Dixon Hattie Mrs, hair work. 

Dobson George, painter. 
•Duncan Joseph R, physician. 

Elston & Son, bankers. 

Eltzroth Christian W, second hand goods. 

Engle John B, lawyer. 

Evans & Sidener, boots and shoes. 

Evening Argus, (daily), Thomas C. Pursell, 

PrNS IINa of°Pcrio":^ira.r;;^hlrkS}48 Vance Block, Indianapolis. 

I kl iWI VI IV I of War Claims. Rejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 




r-i'«ii ly.jyjj!^,, 








President and Beecher Professor of Moral and Intellectual Philosophy. 


WiUlams Professor of the Latin Language and Literature. 


Baldwin Professor of Physics and Astronomy. 


Professor of Rhetoric and Teacher of the German and French Languages. 


Professor of Mathematics. 


Professor of Greek. 


Professor of Chemistry. 


Rose Professor of Geology and Natural History. 


Principal of the Preparatocy Department 

H. S. KRITZ, M. A., 

Associate Principal of the Preparatory Department. 




Th** College Year is divided into THREE TERMS: The First Tonn opens 
Sept. 7, 1882: the Second Jan. 4, 1883, and the Third April 5, 1883. . 

l.v ai the Junction of the L., N. A. & C. R. R.. the I., B. & W, K. R. and the T. H, & I. R. R., and is 

eauily reached by several daily trains. The College Buildings are In the midst of a very beautiful 

and capacious campus. The courses of Instruction are such as are found in our best Colleges, 

including Latin, Greek, German and Blench, the pure and applied Mathematics, Natural 

Philosophy, Ajrtronomy, Drawing, Chemistry, Geology, Botany, Zoology, Mineralogy, 

etc. Peck Scientific Hall furnishes elegant Lecture Rooms and Laboratories for 

practice In Chemistry, Physics, Mineralogy, etc. The Library and Cabinet are 

both very rich in books and specimens. 

Preparatory Department, per Xerm, - - - - 4l7*oo 

Tuition In College Classest ....•• .to*oo 

Incidental Fee, per Term, ..,»•• 3.00 

•a»-Preparatory Departmeni furnlsheR instruction in all Classical and English studies taught in out 
be«t -VcHaemieB. Classical f^Durse occ.apieB two years, and is arranged with special reference to a 
ihorou«h preparation of young men for the regular College Course. 

EnKllsli and Bf ercantlle CourHe.— In this course classes will be organized each term 
in the year To these classes young men will be admitted at any time according to their standing. 

mM-FoT Catalogue, or any other information concerning the institution, send to 


Or, A. THOMSON, Treasurer. XTesident. 

Use Porter's Bottled Lager Beer 

ALE and POBTER. T. D. 

Stuver, Sole Agt., Chicago. 

' See advertisement page 851. 





Fink Philip, meat market. 

First National Bank ; capital, ^100,000 
William H. Durham, prest ; Daniel W. 
Austin, cashr. 

Fisher Albert J, grocer. 

Fisher, Doherty & Sons, carriage manufac- 

Fisher Lewis, druggist 

Fisher & Fossee, barbers. 

Fitchey George E, gas fitter. 

Foreman John D, grocer, 

Francis & Bro, blacksmiths. 

Fry William E, real estate. 

Fullenwider & Mack, grocers. 

Galey Bros, dentists. 

Gilbert .John A, musical instruments. 

Gipson Lemuel, barber. 

Goltra Charles, hats, caps, etc 

Griest Albert E, grocer. 

Grimes Joseph, tailor. 

Guthrie F B & Bro, meats and groceries. 

Hack Amelia Mrs, dressmaker. 

Hadley George W, grocer. 

Hallovvell & Dale, tlour mill. 

Hardee John A, boots and shoes. 

Hardee William B, saloon. 

Harris J W Rev, (Methodist). 

Harris & Conway, blacksmiths. 

Hastaday John, saloon. 

Hays Benjamin F, propr Junction House. 

Hays Loyal V Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Heaton James, insurance. 

Hernly Abraham H, cabinetmaker. 

Herron Howard F, livery stable. 

Hess Harvey H, grocer. 

Holmes Edward, saloon. 

Hoover Mary Mrs, midwife- 
Horn James T, cigars and tobacco. 

Hornaday & Barnhill, grocers. 

Hough George, real estate. 

Hulet William L, flour and feed. 

Plurley & Crane, law3'ers. 

Hutchings Benjamin F, physician. 

Hutton Harmon A, manager W U Tel 

Hyatt Richard, horseshoer. 

Indiana Wire Fence Company, wire fence 

Insley William R & Co, omnibus line. 

Insley & Shigley, livery. 

Irwin J, physician. 

Jackson & Co, carpenters. 

Jennison Albert C, Lawyer, Ab- 
stract of Titles and Insurance, 22 E Main. 

Joel Ephraim, clothing. 

Joel Jacob, clothing. 

Johnson Elizabeth Mrs, hair work. 

Johnson George M, saloon. 

•Johnson & Johnson, insurance and real es- 

Joslin Noah S, furniture. 

Junction House, Benjamin F Hays, propr. 
Kahn Eli, clothing. 

Karle Barnhart, saloon. 
Keegan Enoch W, physician. 
Keeney Jere, publisher Star. 
Kelley & Eastlack, boots and shoes. 

Kennedy James, saloon. 
Kennedy & Brush, lawyers. 

Klaiber & "Vance, Brewers and 

Klein Madison C, jeweler. 

Kostanzer Anthony, furniture. 

Krouger & Gilbert, flour mills. 

Krug John V, grocer. 

Lamb, George W, merchant tailor. 

Larkin Hiram W, propr St James Hotel. 

Laymon Sarah A Mrs, restaurant. 

Laymon William H, saloon. 

Layne Preston M, physician. 

Lee James & Bro, grocers. 

Leech T F, physician. 

Lippincott Eldridge, physician. 

Lockart R M & W C, lumber manufac- 

Lucas C F & Co, dry goods. 

Lucas Thomas N, wholesale grocer. 

Lyle & Smith, founders and machinists. 

McCain Thomas H B, publisher Journal. 

McClamrbck Bros, grocers. 

McClelland William D, physician. 

McClure David F, dry goods. 

McCrea Aaron, blacksmith. 

McManis Patrick, grocer. 

"McMechan Theodore, dentist. 

Mahorney Alex C, furniture and stoves. 

Mahorney Zach, hardware. 

Marks & Cohoon, planing mill. 

Marsh Henry B, oculist. 

Martin William, ice dealer. 

Mayer August, saloon. 

Mayer Melchoir, saloon. 

Metzger Jacob, gunsmith. 

Miller Adam, cooper. 

Miller J S & Co, carriage manufacturers. 

Miller Lydia T Mrs, dressmaker. 

Miller & Thompson, notions. 

Moffett & Booe, druggists. 

Montague Frank T, physician. 

Moore Ada Miss, dressmaker. 

Morgan Jackson, painter. 

Morgan Joseph, hotel. 

Morgan Samuel B, physician. 

Muhleisen Albert, saloon. 

Murphy Paul J, agt I, B & W R'y. 

Myers Abbie, dressmaker. 

Neilest George, barber. 

Newman Frederick, saloon. 

Nicholson John, photographer. 

Nicholson William E, sewing machines. 

Niestadt Herman D, merchant tailor. 

^Olan Xliomas E, Propr Sherman 

Noth Charles, saloon. 

Nutt'S Hotel, William Nutt, Propr. 

]^utt William, Propr Nutt's Hotel. 

On all matters pertaining to 
bard Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 
•careful and prompt personal 



consult C. Bkadford, 16 & 18 Hub- 
All business confidential, and given 
attention. {iSee odv.) 

IRON nOuFINul W. G. HYNDMAN & CO, Cincinnati, Ohio. 





Ornbaun Benjamin L, harness. 

Owens Kev, (Christian). 

Owsley & Dunnington, physicians. 

Paddaoks Williani A, photographer. 

Parker John A, lawyer. 

Peirce Robert B F, lawyer. 

Perry Henry M, lawyer. 

Pieroy George H, lawyer and justice. 

Powell tS: Gill, meat market. 

Price Michael, grain dealer. 

Pursel Thomas C, publisher Evening Argus. 

Purviance c't Eistine, physicians. 

Eamsey William T, blacksmith. 

Kamsey & Clore, wholesale grocers. 

Kamsey & Gilkey, proprs opera house. 

Eeifel George L, meat market. 

Eeynolds Austin P, real estate. 

Eice Albert, barber. 

Eidge David T, merchant tailor. 

Eoach & Proctor, lawyers. 

Eobb John B, hardware. 

Eobinson & Wallace, books and stationery. 

Eosebro Eobert J, blacksmith. 

Eountree Daniel W, dry goods. 

Eussell Byron E, lawyer and justice. 

Eutledge Martha A Mrs, dressmaker. 

St James Hotel, Hiram W Larkin, propr. 

Schlemmer Otto, saloon. 

Scott Levi, dry goods. 

Searight William & Co, hardware. 

Sellars Isaac P, second hand goods. 

Seller, Hanna & Henkle, publishers Ee- 

Shean .John F, saloon. 
Sherman House, Thomas E Nolan, 

Shular Lewis H, blacksmith. 
Silance William H T, barber. 

Singer Manufacturing Company, ZS Wheel- 
er, manager. 

Sloan John J, grocer. 
•Smith David D, grocer. 

Smith .John B, liverv stable. 

Smith .John Ij, grain dealoi-. 

Smith E C & Co, druggists. 

Smith & Markley, blacksmiths. 

Snyder Edward C, lawyer. 

Snyder Frank L, undertaker. 

Somcrville I\ter C, boots and shoes. 

Speed Sidney, marble works. 

Speed & Newton, marl)le dealers. 

Springgate H S, grocer. ' "•' 

Stafford George W, lawyer. 

Steel Jacob S, grocer. 

Stilwell Mary .J Mrs, dressmaker. 

Stilwell Wallace A, manager Central Tele- 
phone Company. 

Stilwell & Stilwell. lawyers. 

Stratton James P liev, (Presbyterian). 

Streight .Mary J .Mrs, planing mill. 

Stroh .John W, lumber. 

Suiter .Sarah .J Mrs, dressmaker. 

Swank & Clark, merchant tailors. 

Taylor Joseph H, baker and confectioner. 
Taylor & Gott, physicians. 
The Lariat (monthly), published by stu- 
dents at Wabash College. 
The Wabash (monthly), C W Merrill, J L 

Kingsbury, managing editors. 
Thomas Albert D, lawyer. 
Thomas Charles L, lawyer. 
Thompson James K P, baker and grocer, 
Thompson & Herod, Lawyers. 
Xhomson Alexander, Treasurer 

Wabash College. 
Thomson & Eistine, lawyers. 
Tilney DeCaux, physician. 
Tinsley & Martin, hardware. 
Totten Edwark, dentist. 
Townsley Charles E, sewing machines. 
Townsley J & Co, pianos, organs, etc. 
Travis Charles M, lawyer. 
Xuttle Joseph F, President Wabash 

United States Express Company, Alba H 

Braden, agt. 
Van Cleave Matthew M Eev, (Baptist). 
Van Sickle Isaac N, jew'eler. 

Vanslyke William H, shoemaker. 

Voris Clarence, bill poster. 

Voris Edgar, insurance. ' 

Voris Jerre & Son, undertakers. 

Voris John & Son, liverv stable. 

^Wabash College, Joseph F Tuttle, 
Prest; John L Campbell, Sec ; Alexander 
Thomson, Treas. (>See axiv.) 

Wade Samuel, barber. 

Waggaman Bros, junk dealers. 

Wallace Henry L, heading factory. 

Warnock James, saloon. 

Watson & Pursel, carriage manufacturers. 

Webster & Morgan, insurance. 

Weil & Albright, meat market. 

Western Union Telegraph Company, Har- 
mon A Hutton, manager. 

Weston John, shoemaker. 

Wheeler Ephraim, barber. 

White, Paul & Humphries, lawyers. 

Wickliff Silva Mrs, hair goods. 

Wilhite & Bishop, tailors. 

Williams Henry, agt L, N A & C E'y- 

Williams Z W & Co, restaurant. 

Willis Abner D, photographer. 

Winton T H & Co, painters. 

Woodson Benjamin F, cabinetmaker. 

Woodward David J, carriage emporium. 

^iVright Charles 'W, Insurance. 

Wright & Seller, lawyers. 

Yuncker Jacob C, beer bottler. 

Zeller Michael, saloon. 

CMESWELL. A small hamlet, lo- 
cated in vSmyrna township, Jefferson county, 
6^ miles northwest of Madison, the county 
seat and banking town. North Madison, 5 
miles east, on Madison Div. J., M. & I. R. 

James B.Lizius& Co. 



18>2 Bates Ulock, opp. P. 0., lodianapolis, Ind> 

El* ATBfiy^ if m l«®^Qtta"ty Warranted Un- 
■ Ul A i liiria ^ yUi I excellt^d in Circular and 

i?«ima:nai"oi.xs, ip«i>. 

Cross-Cut Saws. 





K., is the usual place of shipment. One 
Presbyterian church is sustained. A. C. 
Dean, postmaster. 
Dean A C, Postmaster. 
Hapfenter & Son, flour mill. 
Ritchie & Co, saw mill. 

CRISMAN, A station on the M. C. 
R. R., located in Portage township. Porter 
county, 13 miles north of Valparaiso, the 
county seat and banking town. Population, 
.50. Ex., Am. Joseph White, postmaster. 
Crisman I, township trustee. 
Hunter J, Carpenter. 
Johnson Henry, blacksmith. 
"White Joseph, General Store. 
Williams C F, R R agt. 
Yost N E Rev, clergyman. 


only a farmers' postoffice, situated in Boone 
township, Harrison county, 9 miles south 
of Corydon court house. Mauckport, 7 
miles southwest on the Ohio, is the place of 
shipment. T. R. McKim, postmaster. 
Frakes Peter, flour mill. 
McKim T K., Farmer. 

CRITTENDEN. A country post- 
office located in Deer Creek township, Cass 
county, 16 miles south of Logansport, the 
county seat, and 6 west of Galveston, its 
shipping depot on P., C. & St. L. R'y. Al- 
exander Murphy, postmaster. 

CROMWELL. Dates a settlement 
from 1851 ; it is a station on the B. & O. 
R. R., in Sparta township, Noble county, 
10 miles west of Albion court house. Lig- 
oniei", 5 miles north, is the nearest bank lo- 
cation. With a population of 45ti, the vil- 
lage supports Lutheran and Methodist 
churches. Wheat, live stock and lumber 
are shipped. Ex., B. & O. William C. Van- 
derford, postmaster. 
Barney G H, grain. 
Cress C & Co, Carpenters. 
Eugvall Oscar, shoemaker. 
Forshey William, R R and ex agt. 
Gants John, physician. 
Gick Henry, harnessmaker. 
Green Bros, meat market. 
Hoke David, gunsmith. 
Hussey M L, drugs. 
Kober William O, livery. 
McMeans W B, tinner. 
McDowell J R, saloon. 
Maggart A D, shoemaker. 
Mason R G, hardware. 
Mayfield Abram, hotel. 
Mayfield Hezekiah, saloon. 
Messmore E O, Grocer and Restaur- 
ant and Justice. 

Miller Bros, flour mill. 

Reed G W, general store. 

Ritter Jerome B, jeweler. 

Scott John, general store. 

Tucker H G, physician. 

Vanderford R C & Bro, General 

Winebrenner J & Bro, blacksmiths. 
Yeager J D & Son, saw mill. 

CR O OKED CREEK. Derives its 
name from a creek of the same name upon 
which it is located. The village was once 
known as Jamestown. It contains 150 in- 
habitants and is situated in .Jamestown 
township, Steuben county, 9 miles north of 
Angola, the county seat and banking town. 
Fremont, 5 miles southeast on the Ft. W. 
& I. R. R. is the shipping station. Tri- 
weekly stage to Fremont ; fare, 25 cents. 
Joseph W. Wilder, postmaster. 
Brown E, live stock. 
Carrick G AV Rev, (Congregational). 
Collins & Co, General Store. 
Eastman Albert, physician and druggist. 
Ford Frank, blacksmith. 
Gray C W^, justice of the peace. 
Harding William, flour and saw mill. 
Miller Abner, wagonmaker. 
Mills P P Rev, (Methodist). 
Packard James, cooper. 
Wilder Joseph H, Hotel. 

CROSS PLAINS. Is in Brown 
township, Ripley county, 12 miles south- 
east of Versailles, the county seat, and 12 
southwest of Dillsborough, its shipping de- 
pot, on the O. & M. R'y. The village con- 
tains 150 inhabitants, Methodist and Bap- 
tist churches. Rufus Lamb, postmaster. 
Hunter A G, Hotel. 
Hunter C P, carriagemaker. 
Hunter J T, saddles and harness. 
Jarvis J P, justice of the jjeace. 
Jarvis William C, bricklayer. 
Lamb F J, physician. 
r,anih Rufus, Postmaster. 
Leggett W^illiam, shingle manufacturer.^ 
McGee James A, saw mill. 
McGee Rebecca, General Store. 
Pardum J M, general store. 
Ratikin J, general store. 
Rissell Frederick, shoemaker. 
Sagner Christopher, blacksmith. 
Sweezy John M, physician. 

CROSS ROADS, Formerly known 
as Richwoods, contains 50 inhabitants, in 
Salem township, Delaware county, 10 miles 
southwest of Muncie court house. Mid- 
dletown, 4 miles south on the P., C. & St. L. 
R'y., is the banking town and shipping sta- 
tion. Tri-weeklv stage to Middletown and 



i ISS South Meridian St., 


Oysters Shipped in Large or Small Quantities, 

BY u:nion ovsxer co., 

J. S. KEHrER, Managrer. 40 North Illinois «treet, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 






Muncie. J. O. Lambert, postmaster. 
Browning B C, notary public. 
Ritchie Z, blacksmith. 

CBOTHEBSriLLE, Is a pleas- 
ant, prosperous village of 500 inhabitants, 
located on the J., M. <k I. R. R., in Jackson 
county, 15 miles southeast of Brownstown, 
the county seat, 71 south of Indianapolis, 
and 39 north of Louisville, Ky. It has 
Methodist and German Reformed churches, 
a public school, 2 hotels, 1 flour mill, and 1 
saw mill. Am. Ex. W. U. Tel. Daily 
mail. Daily Lester, postmaster. 
Arbuckle & Polk, general store. 
Baxter John, blacksmith. 
Beckman Heurv grocer. 
Brown Samuel C, agt J, M & I R R. 
Burch James, blacksmith. 
Bush Joseph, shoemaker. • 
Cave Thomas R, physician. 
Coryell & jNIay, physicians. 
Early Frank E, barber. 
Early & Hmerson, Druggists. 
Greger Alexander, druggist. 
Hamacher h Bro, saw and flour mills. 
Hughes Belle, milliner. 
Hyatt & Ryder, general store. 
Lester Eliza, milliner. 
Lewis John M, lawyer. 
McCormick L R, physician. 
McCrary Charles J, shoemaker. 
May Albert, physician. 
Mitchell George W, general store. 
Owen Winston M, clothing. 
Peters Harmon, harnessmaker. 
Rider Hard, watches and clocks. 
Rider Reily, wagons and carriages. 
Ryder & Hyjjtt, stave manufacturers, 
Schoon'over David, Hotel. 
Swope & Schuler, marble works. 
Thomas William H, stock dealer. 
"Warner W H, physician. 
Williams Henry, furniture. 
'Wilkins John, Barber. 
Wilson .Josejth H, hotel. 

CR O WN P OINT. The county seat 
of Lake county contains 1,800 inhabitants, 
and is situated on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, 
150 miles northwest of Indianapolis and 41 
southeast of Chicago. This is an incorpor- 
ated town, carries a bonded debt of $16,000, 
has good county buildings, substantial busi- 
ne.s.s blocks, and supports 9 churches 2 
schools, 6 hotels, 1 bank, 3 weekly newspa- 
pers — L<xke County Star, Freie Prease and 
Mef/ifter — 1 brewery, a planing mill, and 2 
brickyards. The town derives its chief 
support from the agricultural country by 
which it is surrounded, which is quite pro- 
ductive, especially so as to the growth of 
hay and grain. The principal shipments 

comprise live stock, grain, and hay. Ex., 

Adams. Tel., W. U. Harvey J. Shoulters, 


Abrams John H, brickmaker. 

Amelian Rev, (Catholic). 

Allen Solomon, barber. 

Allman Sarah M Mrs, milliner. 

Aulwurm William, grain. 

Babbitt William S, veterinary surgeon. 

Ball Timothy H Rev, (Baptist). 

Barr Samuel A, agt P, C & St L R'y, and 
Adams Ex Company. 

Berg John, brewer. 

Bliss Henry G, live stock. 

Bliss Malcolm G, physician. 

Brown Bros, grain and hay. 

Buderbach Peter, saloon. 

Caswell Edwin F, blacksmith. 

Church Edwin, grocer. 

Clark Wellington A, justice of the peace. 

Cleveland Timothy, lawyer. 

Coffin & Hayes, meat market. 

Cole Warren, jeweler. 

Coneway Christopher S, saloon and shoe- 

• maker. 

Coneway Smith B. blacksmith. 

Cooper Frank E, county supt. schools. 

Cooper James, shoemaker. 

Crown Point Freie Presse (German weekly), . 
Jacob Lehmann, publisher. 

Crown Point House, Jacob A Weis, propr. 

Crown Point Register, John Millikau, pub- 

Czischki Charles, gunsmith. 

Depot Hotel, A G Lightcap, propr. 

Deubois John A, blacksmith. 

Dill Theodore, baker and confectioner. 

Dresser Lewis, grocer. 

Eder Joseph, cigars and tobacco. 

Edgerton Amos, general store. 

Edgerton Lewis F, harnessmaker. 

Edmonds Nels^-n D, dentist. 

Ely Ben E S Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Emerson Frank P, jeweler. 

Fancher Thaddeus S, lawyer. 

Fancher & Fessenden, agricultural imple- 

Farley F Eugene, restaurant. 

Farmer's Hotels Peter M Heiser, 

Ferguson & Lee, plasterers. 
First National Bank ; capital, $50,000, 

John Brown, prest ; William C Murphey, 

Foster John M, agricultural implements. 
Frasier John, wagonmaker. 
Frey C J Rev, (German Methodist). 
Fry Augusta Mrs, millinery. 
Fuller & Nichols, live stock. 
Furman Orrin, propr Rockwell House. 
Geisen Peter, furniture and undertaker. 
Gewecke Henry, shoemaker. 
Gosch Bros & Co, planing mill. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants, Grain and Pro- 
visions. 125 USaUe Street. CHICAGO 


[The Safest High Explosive known. 

] C. H. JENNE, Agrent, 

L 293^ North Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





Greisel Henry C, furniture. 

Griffin & Son, lawyers. 

Gutschow Frederick, shoemaker. 

Haas & Schultz, general store. 

Hack's Exchange Hotel, Mrs Angeline 
Hack, propr. 

Hack Joseph, wagon maker. 

Hack & Rockwell, grocers. 

Hay ward Warren H, photographer. 

Heiutz George Rev, (Lutheran). 

Heiser Peter M, Saloon and Propr 
Farmers' Hotel. An Excellent Feed 
Stable in Connection with the Hotel. 

Higgins John, physician. 

Hilbrich Frank, saloon. 

Hildebrandt August, merchant tailor. 

Hoereth Conrad, harnessmaker. 

Hoereth Nicholas, harnessmaker. 

Holton Janna S, real estate. 

Hoi ton W B & Co, agricultural implements. 

Horine William T, lawyer. 

Horn Joseph, merchant tailor. 

Houk Jacob, boots and shoes. 

Jones B F & Co, hay and grain. 

Kaiser Peter, saloon. 

Keller Bros, dry goods. 

Kenney John, painter. 

Kester Hattie Mrs, artist. 

Kester Josiah H, physician. 

KopeHteJoItn, Lawyer, Master Com- 
missioner of Lake Circuit Court. 

Kramer Matthew J, cabinetmaker. 

Krimbill William, general store. 

Lake County Star, (weekly), John J 
Wheeler, publisher. 

Lathrop Charles, live stock. 

Laws Edward D, saloon. 

Laws John & Son, flour and feed. 

Lehmann Jacob, publisher Freie Presse. 

Lightcap Augustus G, propr Depot Elotel. 

Longnecker David, grocer. 

McCummings Jennie Mrs, milliner}^ 

McDonald Donald, lawyer. 

Mangold .1, carpenter. 

Meeker Hiram H, crockery, etc. 

Millikan John, publisher Register. 

Morton Charles N, lawyer. 

Muller Mathias, saloon and hotel. 

Muzzall Thomas A, coal and wood. 

Nassau Hugo, 'blacksmith. 

Pearson Esther A Mrs, dressmaker. 

Peterson John B, lawyer. 

Pettibone Henry, coroner. 

Pettibone H & Son, physicians. 

Pinney Herman F, grocer. 

Probst Jacob, painter. 

Quackenbush Darius T, dentist. 

Quackenbush Emma Mrs, dressmaker. 

Raasch Paul E, livery stable. 

Reading Byron E, insurance. 

Reich Christoph, general store. 

Rockwell House, Orrin Furman, propr. 

Rockwell & Hack, hardware. 

Saase Henry jr, agricultural implements. 

Sauerman Andrew A, insurance agt. 

Scheddell William A, druggist. 

Schlemmer John, general store. 

Schroeder Charles, blacksmith. 

Schultz Bros, hay. * 

Scoates & Coffin, meat market. 

Sherman Abel, gunsmith. 

Shinabarger William H H, veterinary sur- 

Shoulters Harvey J, sewing machines. 

Simon Fred, meat market. 

Smith Benjamin, carpenter. 

Spaulding C S Rev, (Free Methodist). 

StafTord J T Rev, (Methodist). 

Swartz Henry P, druggist. 

Turner David, real estate. 

Tuttle Marion F, painter. 

Vanwinkle Sylveus P, agricultural imple- 

Volk George, barber. 

W^eis Christian A, stoves and tinware. 

Weis Daniel, wagonmaker. 

Weis Jacob A, hotel and blacksmith. 

Wells & .Judson, livery stable. 

Wheeler John J, publisher Lake County 

W^heeler Oliver G, hardware. 

Wilmarth Thomas W, lumber. 

Wise Henry, brickmaker. 

Wood & Wood, lawyers. 

Youche Julius W, lawyer. 

Young Cliarles H, Lawyer and U 
S Claim Agt. 

Young Martin, saloon. 

Young Nicholas, wagonmaker. 

Yottng Nicholas D, saloon. 

Young William J, clothing. 

CB UMS POINT. A station on the 
C. & G. T. R'y, in Warren township, St. 
Joseph county, 9 miles southwest of South 
Bend, the county seat and location of near- 
est bank. Population, 150. Shipments are 
lumber and grain. Land, improved, com- 
mands from $rO to $100 per acre. James 
A. Cole, postmaster. 
Berger B F, blacksmith. 
Cole Bros, saw mill. 
Cole I R & Son, General Store and 

GrafTord L A, shoemaker. 
Hall H N, R R agt. 
Hay Noah, grocer and carpenter. 
Holler Christian, live stock. 
McCombs Leslie, grocer. 
Travis N A, general store. 

CUBA. Also called Santa Fe, hi a 
hamlet possessed of 100 population, located 
in Montgomery township, Owen county, 7 
miles north of Spencer, the county seat^ 
shipping depot and location of nearest 

XHOS. H. CIvAPP, Optician and Watchmaker, 

93 North Pennsylvania Street, 
New-Denison Hotel Block, IIufDIAPiAPOI^IS, IND. 

Accurate adjustment of Spectaclea. 
Personal atteniion to Fine Watcb 
Repairing. Thirty years experi- 

Home Life Ins. Co. 

Has removed all restrictions upon residence and travel 
policies. World-wide best Co. for Agents to -work. 

E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't., Chicago, l!f. 





bank. It has Methodist and 
■ohurohes. H. Jones, postmaster. 
Atley Joseph, shoemaker. 
Coble George, blacksmith. 
Corns Jeftersou, blacksmith. 
Eads Ezekiel, cliair manufacturer. 
Jones H, General Store. 
Melick William, dry goods. 
Treadwav A G, general store. 


CULP. A cross-roads postoffice, lo- 
cated in Barkley township, Jaspar county, 
10 miles north of Rensselaer, the county 
seat, and Oi west of Francesville, its ship- 
ping depot, on L., N. & C. .R'y. It was 
formerly called Saltilb). John G. Gulp, 
Alter Bros, flour mill. 
Gulp J T, live stock. 
Hains R B, live stock. 
Houser G W, live stock. 
Isolan William N, live stock. 
Randle J T, live stock. 
Handle Robert B, live stock. 
Kandle Thomas, live stock. 

cated in Wea township, Tippecanoe county, 
on C, I., St. L. & C. R. R., 8 miles southeast 
of Lafayette, the county seat and banking 
town. Population, 30. Grain and live 
stock are shipped. William Rush, post- 

Cook T A, blacksmith. 
Culver M C, grain and R R agt. 
Kirkj>atrick G W, phvsician. 
Rusb William," General Store. 

CUMBA CK. Established as a post- 
office in 1880, is the location of 100 persons, 
in Veale township, Daviess county, 8 miles 
.south of Washington, the county seat, 
place of shij)ment and nearest bank. 
Isaac Purcell, postmaster. 
Jones W S Rev, (Baptist). 
Parks J F, pliysician. 
Purcell &'Co, General Store. 
Ward F T Rev, ( Baptist j. 

CUMBEBLAND. Is a station on 
the J^, C. & St. L. R'y, located in Warren 
township, Marion county, 10 miles of 
IndianafX)lis. The village has 300 inhab- 
itants and supports 1 Baptist church. Grain 
and pork are the exports. Adams Ex. W. 
U. Tel. Ed Bonge, postmaster. 
Bong^e E, (^ieneral Store, 
Bonge it Struhhe, saw mill. 
Coleman II, meat market. 
Collins W E, physician. 
Darrach G M, (jhysician. 
JIbaugh .] R, saloon and grocer. 
Foley J E, W. K smd <x ;igt. 

Gale Charles, flour mill. 

Godfrey J D, physician. 

Griffin Saniuel, Lawyer. 

Hanlein J J, blacksmith. 

Heiurich Charles, general store. 

Lancaster H, blacksmith. 

Little E, hotel. 

McConnell John, justice of the peace. 

McConuell J, general store. 

Redmeier C, carpenter. 

Roland L, saloon and hotel. 

Shepard A, blacksmith. 

^Witte K, Planing Mill. 

Wolf F, meat market. 

W^olf W, hotel. 

CUBBYVILLE, Numbering 100 
inhabitants, is a station on the T., D. & B. 
R. R., located in Lancaster township, W^ells 
county, 7 miles northeast of BlufJ'ton, the 
county seat and location of nearest bank. 
Lumber is the chief article of export. U. 
S. Ex. D. J. Cump, postmaster. 
Cummins & Kellogg, saw mill. 
Cump D J, General Store. 
Pearce George, saloon. 
Pearce R E, general store. 
Stewart W H, saw milj. 

CUBTISVILLE. Was settled in 
1856. It is a village and station on the P., 
C. & St. L. R'y, in Madison township, Tip- 
ton county, 10 miles northeast of Tipton 
court house. The place contains 125 in- 
habitants, and exports live stock, grain 
and lumber. Adams Ex. Lee Goodwin, 

Boyden W W, general store. 
Colvin L B, blacksmith. 
Oonidiivin L,ee, General Store, R R 

and ex agt, and township trustee. 
Goodwin & Colvin, saw mill and heading 

Havens J A Rev, (Baptist). 
.Jessup John T, physician. 
Lee C, general store. 
Lee John, hotel. 
W^alker W F, justice of the peace. 


NoK. iH KrifJ ;;(> Kasi deorgia .Street, ' 1 

CUB VET ON. lias a population of 
G5, in Jefferson township, Cass county, and 
is situated 7 miles west of Logansport, the 
county seat and banking town. The vil- 
lage is on the Wabash river and P., C. & 
St. L. R'y, and shij)s grain, flour and lum- 
ber. One Presbyterian Church is sustained. 
John L. Herand, postmaster. 
Briscoe Dr, pliysician. 
Coble & Son, flour and saw mill. 
Gordon James, general store and saw mill. 
Herand Jobn Iv, Veterinary Sur- 
geon aud .Justice. 
Kendrick .James, general store. 
Manufactukeb of Wagon and Carriage Material. 
Feuders and Raves. See adv., page 6. 

Blank Book Makers 

Printers, Binders and Blank Book Makers, 

S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts.. Indiananolis. 





Kinney J, blacksmith. 
Netherciitt George, wagoumaker. 
Head John, flour mill. 
Ringer J, flour mill. 

CUSTEB. A recently established 
post oflice located in DeKalb county, 9 
miles from Corunna, its shipping point, on 
the L. S. & M. S. R'y, and 15 from Auburn, 
the county seat. Population, 40. Samuel 
Blair, postmaster and general store. 

CUTLER. This is an enterprising 
village of 150 inhabitants, located in Dem- 
ocrat township, Carroll county, on L 
Div. T., H. & I. R'y, 13 miles south- 
east of Delphi court house. Nearest bank 
at Frankfort, 13 miles south. Grain, hogs, 
and lumber are shipped. Am. Ex. A. Q. 
McKinney, postmaster. 
Allen D F& Bro, grain. 
Beck G M, R R and ex agt. 
Bonebrake & RadcliiT, Saw Mill. 
Bo wens A, saloon. 
Herron R D, physician. 
Hinkle & Greathouse, agricultural imple- 
Hostler Daniel, hotel and justice. 
Howe T A, general store. 
Koup William, undertaker. 
McDonald John, wagonmaker. 
Mclnery M M, general store. 
McKinney & Bro, Druggists and 

Pittman Francis M, barber. 
Sellers William, lumber. 
Smith U, blacksmith. 
Trobaugh W A, phyScian. 

CYNTSIAWA. A very progressive 
village of 450 inhabitants, located on 
Owensville Br. E. & T. H. R. R., in Smith 
township, Posey county, 24 miles northeast 
of Mt. Vernon court house. Nearest bank 
at New Harmony, distant 13 miles. It 
■contains Baptist, Methodist and Christian 
churches, and has made improvements 
within the last 2 years amounting to over 
$30,000. Grain, pork and produce are 
largely exported. Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. 
G. W. Fisher, postmaster. 
Bates E M, druggist. 
Berridg^e J ^W, General Store. 
Bistie C, saloon. 
Burchfield Larkin, livery. 
Burchfield & Son, hotel. 
Camp E M, physician. 
Clements & Rodman, brick and tile manu- 
Cleveland A J, confectioner. 
Cosley L B, physician. 
Fisher G W, Sewing Machine and 
Fire Insurance Agt. 

Glasier & Rosborough, meat market. 

Henson & Co, blacksmiths. 

Kuntz P, harnessmaker. 

Laine Joseph, shoemaker. 

Langford S, blacksmith. 

IvO-we A H, General Store. 

Lowe G W, lawyer. 

McKinstry J T, druggist and grocer. 

McNaughton G, carpenter. 

Malone H, blacksmith. 

Mathews & Showers, flour mill. 

Miller J T, carpenter. 

Moel' John F, shoemaker. 

Montgomery D B, physician. 

Montgomery N, meat market. 

Pruitt G "W, General Store. 

Pruitt S A, carpenter. 

Rising Paul, blacksmith. 

Rose G W, broom manufacturer. 

Rutter J W, physician. 

Sands W R, stoves and tinware. 

Showers A J, hotel. 

Skelton J H, justice of the peace. 

Stevens F, wagonmaker. 

Vint J K, justice, R R and ex agt. 

Whiting J C, druggist. 

^Whiting- W J & Sons, General 

Williams J B, physician. 
Wilkinson J L, general store. 
Wilkinson & Vint, undertakers. 
Young R & Son, hardware. ^ 


{See Blue Ridge.) 

Shelby county. 

DAGGETT, With a population o 
25, is a recently established postoffice, lo- 
cated on T. H. & S. E. R. R., in Jeflerson 
township, Owen county, 20 miles southeast 
of Spencer court house. Grain, lumber 
and produce are exported. Adams Ex. 
S. S. Haviland, postmaster. 
Blinn & Daggett, saw mill. 
Haviland S S» General Store. 

DALE. Is a thrifty village of 400 
inhabitants, located on E, Div., L. E. & 
St. L. R. R., in Carter township, Spencer 
county, 20 miles north of Rockport, the 
county seat. This is the location of Meth- 
odist, United Brethren and Presbyterian 
churches, a graded school, 2 hotels, a cooper 
shop, 1 flour mill, and 2 coal mines. Near- 
est bank at Boouville, distant 16 miles. 
Live stock, grain and leaf tobacco are the 
principal shipments. Ex., Adams. Tel., W. 
U. S. F. Johnson, postmaster, y 
Anderson John, leaf tobacco. 
Bays George W, blacksmith. 
Bradley Thomas J, justice of the peace. 
Brooner Allen, coal operator. 
Bryant Willis S, physician. 

New York Li 

Has tlie best Canvassiugr Documents and offers 

ll J. W. Deau, Geu'l Ag't, Indianapolis. 



14 aud 16 East South Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Butler N H Mrs, milliner. 

Current J D Rev, (United Brethren). 

Elberhardt Gottlob, wagonmaker. 

Elliott Mary Miss, milliner. 

Farow James, coal and grocer. 

Hammond James, Leaf Tobacco. 

Hatter ]^icholas, carpenter. 

Heirich Frank, tailor. 

Horr John, shoemaker. 

Hutnagel Ueorge J, harness. 

Jackson c<: Potli, carriage manufacturers. 

Johnson Samuel F, live stock. 

Johnson Thmnas J, physician. 

JoIlllSOU & Bays, General store. 

Killian August, hotel. 

Kitchen John R, grocer. 

Malter Michael, cooper. 

Medcalf Adam F, physician and drugs. 

Medcalf Cyrus W, general store. 

Ofer Lawrence, wagonmaker. 

Rimstidt Jolin, stoves and tinware. 

Schwartz William, general store. 

Smith W E, agt Adams Ex and L.,E. &St. 

L. R'y. 
Thompson W S & D S. blacksmiths. 
Tnrnham E & G W, live stock. 
Turnham George W, lawver. 
Xurnliam John J, General Store. 
Wahl .Jacob, saloon. 
Wahl John, hotel and general store. 
Wallace Bros, flour mill. 

DALEVILLE. On line of the C, 
C, C. & I. R'y., in Salem township, Dela- 
ware county, 4o miles northeast of Lidi- 
anapolis, and 11 southAvest of Muncie. the 
county seat and nearest bank location. 
White river flows through the village, and 
operates, l>y water power, 3 saw mills. With 
a population of 300, Daleville supports 
Christian and United Brethren churches. 
Ex., U. S. S. B. Garrett, postmaster. 
Armington J L, physician. 
Baker Isaac M, General Store. 
Beck Jacob, justice of the peace. 
Bender .John, shoemaker. 
Alley Bros, saw mill. 
Brown William D, blacksmith. 
Dillion .J, physician. 
Dusang J If, drugs and groceries. 
Garrett S B, Drugs and Groceries. 
Gray .Jolm, restaurant. 
Gray & Slioemaker, general store. 
Ilelvie tt Hichniond, Hour mill. 
Habrich John M Rev, ( United Brethren). 
Oler W A Rev, (IJnited Brethren). 
Kader Henry, blacksmith. 
Kader William, saw mill, 
Kichmari .J, saw mill. 
R Offers Jay, Saw Mill. 

Shoemaker .J K, grain. 
Skinner I'erry, saloon. 
Stewart John V, wagonmaker. 

Stewart & Snider, lumber and hardware. 
Summers H C, physician. 
Way R H, hotel. " 

D ALTON. In township of same name, 
Wayne county, with 91 inhabitants, is lo- 
cated 22 miles northwest of Richmond, the 
county seat. Hagerstown, 5 miles south, on 
the P.', C. & St. L. Ry., is the shipping de- 
pot and banking town. Tri-weekly stage 
to Hagerstown and Muncie. W. H. Har- 
ris, postmaster. 

Chamness A A, agricultural implements. 
Chamness G W, blacksmith. 
Chamne&s W^esley, blacksmith. 
Chamness William, wagonmaker. 
Farlow William S, justice of the peace. 
Harris "W H, General Store. 
Johnson O A, R R agt. 
Stonebr.iker J H, physician. 
Williams Matthew, live stock. 

DANA, Seventy-five miles northwest 
of Indianapolis, on St. L. Div. I., B. & 
W. R'y, is a thrifty growing village of 450 
inhaliit'ants, "located in Hell township, 
Vermillion county, 8 miles southwest of 
Newport, the county seat and banking town. 
Methodist and Baptist churches, and a 
graded school are sustained. Grain and 
live stock are the shipments. Ex., Am., 
Tel., W. U. Daily stage to St. Bernice. 
John E. Bilsland, postmaster. 
Bilsland John E, Grocer. 
Brock & Son, meat market. 
Conley Jerry, saloon. 
Duggen A, wagonmaker. 
Finney D W, grain. 
FuUenwider William, blacksmith. 
Gillmore R F, harness and saddles. 
Griffith G W^ & Sons, flour mill. 
Harlan .Joseph, druggist. 
Hays Bros, hotel and livery. 
Hays & Cully, Meat" Market,. 
Hutchinson T J, boots and shoes. 
Jordan & Finney, live stock. 
Keys CM, druggist and physician. 
Ladson T W, stoves and tinware. 
Lemraon W P, restaurant. 
Lowry Mrs, milliner. 
Lowry & Fisher, lumber and hardware. 
Peeler J F, saloon. 
Peer J I^, Dry Goods. 
Redman .J W, furniture and undertaker. 
Rhoads & Co, general store. 
Sheppard Hiram, physician. 
Taylor W M & S, lumber and hardware 

and grain. 
Thoinpsf)n A, l)arber. 
Thompson H R, grocer. 
Thompson William P, shoemaker. 
Wells Horace, R R and ex agt. 

WH rnPRM PV ATTORNEV AT LAW, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (48 Vanc<- Block), Collects 
I III Vjl/ADnL£j 1 1 '""'><'""•• Pensions, Pensions, i-a^. Bounty, l.-ukI Warrants, 
' Horse Claims, etc. Special attention given to Rejected Claims. Special 
arraDgementa made with Claim Agents going out of the business, or Attorneys sending me business. 



Price List Bent by request. 

DAN """201 


DANVILLE. The county seat of 
Hendricks county is'located on the I. & St. 
L. R'y, 19 miles west of Indianapolis and 
53 east of Terre Haute. This is a pleasant 
town of 2,000 inhabitants, containing good 
county buildings, churches — Methodist, 
Presbyterian, Christian, Friends, and Bap- 
tist — a graded school, a good college, 1 
hotel, and 2 banks. It was settled in 1824, 
incorporated in 1858, has real and personal 
property (assessed value) amounting to 
^556,995, and supports 3 newspapers ; last 
mentioned are known as the Republican and 
Gazette, weeklies, and the Normal Teacher, 
which is published monthly. Manufactur- 
ing industries comprise 2 saw mills, 1 flour 
mill, 1 tannery, 1 brick yard, and 1 tile 
factory. Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. C. F. 
Hall, postmaster. 
Adams Thaddeus S, lawyer. 
Akin John B, shoemaker. 
Alexander Sisters The, milliners. 
Almond Theodore E, meat market. 
Barnett .James P, tile manufacturer. 
Barnett Levi A, lawyer. 
Bartholomew Bradley, physician, 
Bayne John, boots and shoes. 
Bell James J, harness. 
Bell & Blaydes, bakers. 
Bennett Henry C, barber. 
Bo wen Andrew J, grocer. 
Brattin, Alexander R, jeweler. 
Brewer Urban C Kev, (Christian). 
Calvert M E Mrs, dressmaker. 
Campbell Leander M, lawyer. 
Central Normal College, Frank P Adams, 

Christie & Hicks, agricultural implements. 
Cofer & Taylor, lawyers. 
Colvin Samuel P Rev, (Methodist). 
Cook Samuel M, propr Mansion House and 

Crabb & Parker, general store. 
Craven William R, general store. 
Crim John F, grocer. 
Danville Telephone Company. 
Dickerson Henry L Rev, (Presbyterian). 
Dinwiddle Thomas, blacksmith. 
Dooley & McCoun, hardware. 
Emmons James M, sheriff. 
Farrabee Clark E, physician, 
First National Bank; capital, $82,500; John 

V Hadley, prest ; Benjamin F Thomas, 

Foley Charles, lawver. 
Fox John W, agt I& St L R'y and Am Ex 

Frye W S, phvsician. 
Gazette The, E D King, editor. 
Graham James M, liverj'. 
Greeg Bros, stoves and tinware. 
Green Nelson Rev, (Methodist). 
Green Yancy, grocer. 

Hadley, Hogate & Blake, lawyers. 

Hadley, Homan & Co, bankers. 

Hagen George W, sewing machines. 

Hall C F, ice dealer. 

Hall Elisha H, grocer. 

Hall Stanley A, hardware. 

Plarlan & Harlan, dentists. 

Hawkins Lucien B, sewing machines. 

Haynes William F, county clerk. 

Haynes & Davis, flour mill. 

Hendricks County Republican, Parker & 

Bo wen, proprs. 
Hilton Milton, tanner. 
Hoadley William J, physician. 
Hopkins Muratt W, lawyer. 
Hornaday Enos C, county treasurer. 
Howell Benjamin F, grocer. 
Howell Henry, grocer. 
Iluber Christian F, baker. 
Huron Frank H, physician. 
Huston Hamilton, general store. 
Jeflers James M, dry goods. 
.Johnson Bros, barbers. 
Johnson Nancy A Mrs, hair works. 
Johnson Thomas W, physician. 
Kennedy L H, physician. 
Kreitlien Charles, teas. 
Lawson Wilson T, physician. 
Lewis .James, dry goods. 
Lynch .John, saw mill. 
McArthur & Nichols, druggists. 
McClelland William R, furniture. 
McCurdy Charles G, restaurant. 
McCurdy James T, carriage manufacturer. 
McPhetridge William H, merchant tailor. 
Manning Bros, pianos and organs. 
Mansion House, S M Cook, propr. 
Marsh Julius, meat market. 
Marsh Louis, merchant tailor. 
Mesler John, grocer and ice. 
Moore John W, confectioner. 
Morris Frank M, books. 
Nave, Christian C, lawyer. 
Nave C A Mrs, pianos and organs. 
Neiger Frederick, wagon maker. 
Neiger & Rice, blacksmiths. 
Nichols Thomas, justice. 
Nichols William H, county auditor. 
Parker M G, physician. 
Parker & Bowen, proprs Hendricks County 

Pendergast John, photographer. 
Pierson Frank, drugs. 
Pierson, Smith & Pierson, saw mill. 
Orth Lizzie Miss, dressmaker. 
Osborn Elijah M, brick manufacturer. 
Osborn John A, county recorder. 
Rader H H, jeweler. 
Reed Joseph C Rev, (Methodist). ^ 
Reichard George W, druggist. 
Rowe John, livery. 
Scearce George W, boots and shoes. 
Sherrill Joseph E, propr Normal Teacher. 



J PATENTS, 16 and 18 Hubbard Block, corner of Washington and 
] Meridian Streets, Indianapolis, lud. 8®"A11 business confidential. 
l.8se"CALL OR Writk FOR INFORMATION. {See adv.) 

innil nnnniinr *'***■ COT^sated ana cnmped. Address 

InUN KUUFINbl W, e, HYNDMAN & CO, Cincinnati, Oliio. 





Shirley, ShowalterA McCoun, general store. 

Steele lii: Whyte, marble works. 

Stewart Charles W, sewing machines. 

Straughn E M Mrs, dressmaker. 

Talbott John E. sewing machines. 

Talbott lie Joiinson, boots and shoes. 

Thomas Erasmus D Kev, (Baptist). 

Todd Henry G. phyiiiciau. 

Todd ci Downard, lawyers. 

Tout George W. meat market. 

Towles A K, physician. 

Towles R P c*c Son, drugs. 

"Wade, Norton »& Co, furniture. 

"Wade A Wade, furniture. 

Waterous James C, lawyer. 

"NVayland George W, books. 

"Weibel J E, barber. 

"Welshans Thomas, boots and shoes. 

White Charles A, physician. 

Wills Julia Mrs, milliner. 

AVilson t*t Wilson, lawyers. 

Wooten William S Eey, (Friends). 

DA.RIjING, Formerly known as 
Manchester, is a postofEce and station on 
the C, I., St. L. & C. E. R., in York town- 
ship. Dearborn county, 10 miles northwest 
of Lawrenceburg, the county seat and 
banking town. Population, 25. Ships pro- 
duce. Am. Ex. August Graf, postmaster, 
general store R. R. and ex.agt. 

DARLINGTON. This progressive 
village of 6-50 inhabitants is pleasantly 
situated on Sugar Creek and L. Div. 
T. H. &, I. R'y, in Franklin township, 
Montgomery county, 10 miles northeast of 
Crawfordsville, the county seat and banking 
town. Sugar Creek furnishes power to op- 
erate 2 flour mills. The village contains 
Methodist, Presbyterian, Friends, New 
Light and 'Christian churches, and ships 
wheat, hogs and lumber. Am. Ex. Robert 
Jackman. postmaster. 
Aldridge & Booher, grocers. 
Armstrong William, justice of the peace. 
Booher & Ero, livery. 
Butler <S: Co, drugs. 

Cliambers & Co, Stoves and Tin- 
Cosanet .Mice, milliner. 
Curry J II, ])hysician. 
Dunbar T A, dry goods. 
Griffith M E Mr.s, physician. 
Griffith T J, |)liysician. 
Hall h Farir-k, irrocers. 
Hollinj^swortll J M, General Store. 
iIo|i[i<T M .S, pliysi(i;u). 
Howard F H, Pi E and ex agt. 
Hubbard & Bro, blacksmiths and agricul- 
tural implements. 
Hulct W F, hardware. 

Jackman Robert, Propr Central 

Jennings E T, boots and shoes. 
Johnston & Johnston, lawyers. 
McMechan J G, physician. 
Marshall J A, saw mill. 
Mote & Bowers, flour mill. 
Mote & Son, flour mill. 
Murphy J, furniture and undertaker. 
Naylor I E G, physician. 
Ehoads Daniel, hotel. 
Ehorer & Co, druggist. 
Ship M C, grocer. 

Smith W^ H, wagonmaker and undertaker. 
Thompson C E, dry goods. 
Thompson & Co, hardware. 
Xliompsoti & Daugfliter, Boots 

and Shoes. 
Tribbett J W, grocer. 
Wheeler H P, wagonmaker. 

DAB, fFIN, Or Carrollton, as the 
place is locally known, is located in Car- 
rollton township, Carroll county, 17 miles 
southeast of Delphi court house. Flora, 8 
miles northwest on L. Div. T. H. & I. E'y., 
is the place of shipment and Kokomo, 15 
miles east, is the location of nearest bank. 
A Methodist church is sustained. J. H. 
Koonsman, postmaster. 
Baer John, saw mill. . 
Crawford J J, shoemaker. 
Dunkin P, constable. 

Gilford John, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 
Hendricks J M, justice of the peace. 
Hicks H, blacksmith. 

Koonsman J H, Grocer and Under- 
Paddock C M, drain tile manufacturer. 


DA VIS* Starke county. (*See Kanka- 

DA VIS' MILLS, Lagrange county. 

{See Greenfield Mills.) 

DA YTON. Established in 1826, is a 
thrifty village of 500 inhabitants, located 
on Wild Cat creek and L., E. & W. E'y., in 
Sheffield township, Tippecanoe county, 7 
miles southeast of Lafayette, the county 
seat and location of nearest bank. Dayton 
supports 4 churches — Methodist, United 
Brethren, Presljyterian and Universalist — 
and a weekly paper — Sjuare Dealer. Grain 
is an important shipment from this station. 
U.S. Ex. W. U. Tel. Wilbert Baker, post- 

Baker Eobert & Son, undertakers. 
Baker "Wilbert, Agt Phoenix Fire 

Insurance Com])any. 
P>eary Owen, hotel. 
Benham D, broom manufacturer. 



OGjTSold l»v Drujfjfists. 


E. C. ATKINS & G9. 

8@°^The Celebrated "Silver 

Steel" Circular and Cross- 
Cut Saws. 






Burton V S, general store. 

Carter A J, tailor. 

Crouse D H, physician. 

Crouse J H, physician. 

Dayton Carriage Company. 

Fairman Edward W, druggist. 

Frankenfield Ezra, general store. 

French F N, balder. 

French Walter E, publisher Square Dealer. 

Johnson George, blacksmith. 

Kahl Jacob, shoemaker. 

Kahl J L, barber. 

Kellenberger George J, flour mill, K R and 

ex agt. 
Kellenberger, M E grain, 
Leiter E T, dentist. 
Lentz F S, justice of the peace. 
Lentz M A, hotel. 
Lentz N S, marble yard. 
I^entZ & Gladden, General Store. 
Morrison L S Rev, (United Brethren). 
Omeloena James Eev, (Presbyterian). 
Paden Marvin, general store. 
Paige P D, boots and shoes. 
Square Dealer, Walter E |French, propr. 
Strolher L, physician. 
Taylor William, carpenter. 
Wilgus Albert, physician. 
Yount & Singrleton, Meat Market. 

DECATUR, An incorporated town 
of 2,500 inhabitants, the county seat of Ad- 
ams county, is pleasantly located on the 
St, Mary's river, at crossing of T., C. &. St. 
L. and G. E. & I. R. R's, 21 miles south of 
Fort Wayne, 138 northeast of Indianapolis, 
and 70 north of Richmond. This town de- 
rives its chief support from the fertile and 
productive agricultural district by which 
it is surrounded. It has good county build- 
ings, fine business blocks, handsome resi- 
dences, is free from debt, and contains sev- 
eral churches, good schools, the Adams 
County Bank, 2 newsjjapers — Democrat and 
Journal — and 3 hotels. Prominent among 
last mentioned is the well known Burt 

House, Dick C. Townsend, proprietor, which 

has the reputation of being one of the best 

hotels in Northern Indiana. Its manufac- 
tories, while not great in number, are quite 

extensive and substantial, and include a 

woolen mill, 3 saw mills, 2 stirrup facto- 
ries, 3 flour mills, 3 stave factories, and 2 

planing mills. Its principal shipments 

comprise grain, lumber, live stock and 

staves. Am. and U. S. Ex., and W. U. 

Tel. Benjamin W. Sholty, postmaster. 

Adams County Bank; Capital, 
$50,000, Surplus, $30,000 ; Robert B Al- 
lison, Prest ; W H Niblick, Cashr. 

Adams Lemuel D, stave and heading man- 

Adams Silas H, staves. 

Alvers C E & »Son, groceries. 

Bailey John T, justice of the peace. 

Barkley & Steele, meat market. 

Barthel Albert, saloon. 

Bell Alexander R, livery. 

Billman Soloman, boots and shoes. 

Blackburn Norval, county clerk. 

Borden John, harness. 

Brake Herman H, saloon. 

Bremerkamp John H, saloon. 

Bremerkamp Magdalene, dry goods. 

Bremerkamp & Bottenberg, meat market. 

Brock John, tinware. 

Burns Millen, harness. 

Burt House, Dick C Townsend, Propr. 
[See adv.) 

Bushnell & Schlegel, blacksmiths. 

Christian Godfrey, county auditor. 

Closs Elzey & Co, jewelers. 

Closs Jacob, sewing machines. 

Colchen Matthias, grocer. 

Congleton Winfield S, lawyer. 

Cook & Elzey, blacksmiths. 

Coverdale Jonas S, physician. 

Cox Edwin L, blacksmith. 

Cunningham Mary, propr Indiana House. 

Curran Richard A, druggist. 

Decatur Democrat (weekly), A J Hill, pub- 

DECATUR, - - - - - INDIANA. 

DICK TOWNSEND, Proprietor. 




R. L. POLK & 


S. E. Corner Circle and Bleridian Streets, 



Brancb, 40 Mortli Illinois Street, .... Indianapolis, Ind. 





Decatur Journal (weekly), Sholty & Phil- 
lips, publisliers. 

Decatur 'Woolen Mills, D L My- 
ers & Bro, Proprs. 

Denuinger Ulrich, notions. 

DeVilbiss Alton L, dentist. 

Donovan & Adel.-^perger, grocers. 

Dorwin Cornelius T, photographer. 

Dorwin Thomas F, physician. 

Dorwin & Holthouse, druggists. 

Drummond William Mrs, dressmaker. 

Durhin Elias, justice of the peace. 

Edington James, general store. 

Eiting Henrv, saloon. 

Eitiug John, dry goods. 

Eiting A Co, grain. 

Elsworth J E& Co, carriage manufacturers, 

Forbing Peter, grocer. 

France & King, lawyers, 

Francke Frederick, jeweler 

Freeman Benjamin R, physician. 

Fristoe Kennie Mrs, dressmaker. 

Gates Samuel, clothing, 

Goodsell D I»I & Co, Planing Mill, 
and Dealers in Sash, Doors and Blinds. 

Gove H M & M L, fancy goods. 

Hart Jacob S, flour mill. 

Hastings Seth G, physician. 

Heinemann Herman, meat market. 

Hill A J, publisher Democrat. 

Iliskey Frank, furniture. 

Holloway Augustus G, physician. 

Holthouse Anthony, boots and shoes. 

Indiana House, Mary Cunningham, propr. 

Jamison Alcinous B, physician. 

Jeleff Charles, physician. 

Jackson Daniel O, planijig mill. 

Kennedy T Mrs, dressmaker. 

King D & L, blacksmiths. 

King .John jr, carriagemaker, 

Kintz Gabriel F, county surveyor. 

Kleinhenz .John W, saloon. 

Krechter August, cigar manufacturer. 

Krick Henry, sheriff. 

Krick & Mangold, produce. 

Lrf)se .John, barber. 

McKendry .J Y. & Co, stave and heading 
manufacturers and saw mill. 

McMillan William W, physician. 

Mann & Lammiman, grocers. 

Martin .Jacob, baker and restaurant. , 

Melching J-^inst M, grocer. 

Miesse 1 J, propr Miesse House. 

Miller Adam, saloon. 

Miller Charles W, tailor. • 

Miller John Ji, barber. 

Miller William Si Co, saw mill. 

Moon William P, grocer and contractor. 

moon & Christen, Carpenters and 

Myers D L, & Bro, Projjrs J)ecatur 
Woolen and Saw Mills. 

Niblack, Crawford & Sons, general store. 

L. Everjngham & Co., 

Patterson Robert D, county treasurer. 
Patterson & Pillars, flour mill. 
Peterson & HufTman, Lawyers, 
Notaries Public, Loan and Collection 


Pierce A R & Co, druggists. 

Place .James W, confectioner. 

Quinn John P, lawyer. 

Rademaker Cornelius, saloon. 

Railing & Rice, livery. 

Rout & Bro, flour mill. 

Schlegel Daniel, tinware. 

Schurger John, county recorder and ab- 
stract of titles. 

Shackley P C, painter. 

Shafer F & Bro, hardware. 

Shields Thomas J, stirrup manufacturer. 

Shigley George D, restaurant. 

Sholty Benjamin W, postmaster and insur- 
ance agt. 

Sholty & Phillips, proprs Decatur Journal. 

Shrock William H, physician. 

Smith George & Son, saloon. 

Smith .James R, justice of the peace. 

Smith John E, coroner. 

Smith J & Bro, wagon makers. 

Smith & Gaunt, livery. 

Spencer William G & Son, hardware. 

Stone James H, hardware. 

Studabaker David, lawyer. 

Studabaker & Eaton, dressmakers. 

Sj^lvester Franklin, dyer. 

Sylvester Obed W, tailor. 

Terveer Barney J, hardware. 

Tonellier .John J, saloon. 

Xo^W^nsend Dick C, Propr Burt 
House. {See adv.) 

Trout & Son, physicians. 

Vogelwede John W, saloon. 

Vogelwede & Conter, boots and shoes. ' 

Wagner .John T, saloon. 

Wagner & Smith, stirrup manufacturers.. 

Weibler Charles, meat market. 

Welfley John, grocer. 

Werahoff & Huse, marble dealers. 

Whipple Lewis, barber. 

White Jesse T M, gunsmith. 

Wicker & Gay, 11 R contractors. 

Wicks & Merryman, lawyers. 

Yager Leopold, furniture. 

formerly Deckerstown, is a village pos- 
sessed of 130 inhabitants, located on White 
river and E. & T. H. R. R., in Johnson 
township, Knox county, 11 miles south of 
Vincennes, the county seat and banking 
town. Grain and live stock are its ship- 
ments. Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. Royce 
Davis, postmaster. 
Davis Royce, Physician. 
Decker Frank, saloon. 
Deer J W, justice of the peace. 

Commission Merchants. GBAIN and PKO- 

VISIONS Bought and Sold ON MARGINS. 

125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 

BOULDERS BLOWN OUT ''^iTcvli:l^^'STu^^.^ 

€. H. JENNE, Agent, 29J North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Harroll & Herrod, saw mill. 
Jordan Bros, general store. 
Morrey J W, saw mill. 
Wallace A W, flour mill. 

DEEDSVILLE, Inhabited by 150 
persons, is a village located on I., P. & C. 
Div. W., St. L. & P, R'y, in Union town- 
ship, Miami county, 11 miles north of 
Peru, the county seat and location of near- 
est bank. A Methodist Church is sus- 
tained, and grain, lumber and hogs are 
shipped. Ex., U. S. S. M. Leetly, post- 

Bain William, carpenter. 
Kenters & Johnson, Saw Mill. 
Fites J W, shoemaker. 
Flitcraft L, blacksmith. 
Flitcraft William, blacksmith. 
Frets J C, physician. 
Hill E H, general store, R K and ex agt. 
Kepler J, grocer. 
Keplogle J, carpenter. 
I^eedy S M, Postmaster. - 
Piper F M, cooper. 
Steiner G, Tile Manufacturer. 

DEEP mVER. Situated on river 
of same name in Ross township, Lake coun- 
ty, is a post village of 50 inl#bitants, 11 
miles northeast of Crown Point court house. 
Aisnworth, distant 2f miles on the C. & G. 
T. R'y., is the nearest rail approach. Tri- 
weekly stage to Crow Point. Eugene Wood, 

Helbrich Adam, blacksmith. 
Mackey R C, physician. 
Oood George, cheese manufacturer. 
Wood Nathan, flour mill. 
"Wood Oeorg:e & Son, General 


DEER CHEEK. Is located in 
Washington township, Carroll county, 16 
miles east of Delphi court house. Has 
daily stage communication with Logans- 
port, distant 10 miles, which super ts it with 
railroad and banking facilities. With a 
population of 300 the village ships lumber 
and drain tile. Louis Ray, postmaster. 
Box John H, insurance and c(5llection agt. 
Bradfield B t), physician. 
Bradfield B'D & Co, Drugs and 

Hardware. _ 

Campbell R, blacksmith. * 

Collins George W, jeweler. 
De Ford C Mrs, hotel. 
De Ford H A, carpenter. 
Groninger John M, justice of the peace. 
Groninger Stewart, carpenter. 
Groninger & Rhea, blacksmiths. 
IvOOp 'W 1*1, physician. 
Loop & Plank, physicians. 

McCoole R D, barber. 

McKinney S S, shoemaker. 

Newer J C, lawyer. 

Newer J C & Son, drugs and groceries and 

Nice P F, physician. 

Paden Frank, painter. 

Pittman Will S, news depot and insurance 

Pollock J L & Sons, carriage manufactur- 

Ray Bros & Collins, tile manufacturers. 

Ray IvC-wiS & Bro, General Store. 

Ray & Wilson, live stock. 

Rhea A S, blacksmith." 

Sanders J K, carpenter. 

Studebaker D & Co, flour mill. 

Yakey A J, plasterer. 

DEEBFIELD, In Ward township, 
Randolph county, with a population of 
20p, is located on P., C. & St. L. R'y., 7 
miles north of Winchester, the county seat. 
Nearest bank at Ridgeville, distant 3 "miles. 
The Mississinnewa river furnishes power 
here to drive 1 saw mill. Ships grain and 
produce. U. S. and Adams Ex. D. M. 
Pierce, postmaster. 
Armstrong W H, blacksmith. 
Cartwright C E, R R and ex agt. 
Clapp J B, saw mill. 
Collett J M, grain. 
Collins Amos, general store. 
Collins E C, live stock. 
Hawley D F, justice of the peace. 
Hodge A B, shoemaker. 
Kelley C M, physician. 
Pierce » M, General Store. 
^Whipple & Marker^ Flour Mill. 


watering place noted for the most excellent 
medicinal qualities of its mineral waters. It 
is a station on E. R. & E. Div. L., E. & St. 
L. R, R., in Skelton township, Warrick 
county, 5 miles east of Boonville, the county 
seat and banking town. Population, 25, 
during the winter, but much greater in 
summer. Thomas W. Lacer, postmaster. 
l,acer Xliomas 'W, Grain Cradle 

Seifug William, hotel. 
White William S, general store. 

DE KALB. Postoffice name for St. 
Johns Station, located on the Ft. W. & J. 
R. R., in Butler township DeKalb county, 
5 miles southwest of Auburn, the county 
seat and banking town. Populaiion, 50. 
James Quince, postmaster. 
Harvey John, justice of the peace. 
Haynes A B, blacksmith. 
Ketchum William, shoemaker. 

THOS H C'L.A'P'P OPTICIAN AND WATCHMAKER, 93 North PennsylTania street, 
, '^'^'^* .•"•• ^■l-'«'-r'X-, New-Denl8on Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

1 make a specialty of WATCHES AND OPTICAL GOODS, and have a full line. Having over thirty 
years experience, can aesure satisfactory results in adjustment and repairs. 

Unmn I if ft I no C^n ^ith $5,000,000 ofAssets, has not one dollar onnteresfc 
nUmu LITC inbi uUi due and uncollected. For agencies Direct -with Comp'ny, 

Apply to E. H. KELLOGG, Su.p't., Chicago, III. 





Quince James, General Store. 
Roether D B, physician. 
Thaver Dr, physician, 
"NVyaut J P, wagonmaker. 

DEL AXEYS CREEK. Settled in 
1850, is the location of 50 persons, in Mon- 
roe township, "Washington county, 13 miles 
north of Salem, the county seat, banking 
town and nearest rail approach. One 
Methodist church is sustained. Lumber, 
grain, live stock and produce are marketed. 
E. H. Peugh, postmaster. 
Branock B B, physician. 
Peugll & Bro, Distillers, Flour and 

Saw Mill. 

DEL, A WARE. Is 3 miles from sta- 
tion of same name, on O. & M. R'y, and is 
located in Delaware township, Ripley 
county, 9 miles north of Versailles court 
house. Population, 25. Nearest bank at 
Greensburgh. Produce is marketed. Fred- 
erick Schutter, postmaster. 
Behlmer John H, wagonmaker. 
Buecker William, blacksmith. 
SchutterFrederick, General 

Yorden W, R R and ex agt. 

times called Algiers City, contains 50 in- 
habitants, in .Jeflerson township, Pike 
county, 6 miles east of Petersburgh court 
house. Washington, 12 miles north, on the 
O. & M. R'y., is the location of nearest 
bank and railroad station. J. M. DeBru- 
ler, postmaster. 

Bradfield William, general store. 
Chappell S W, general store. 
DeBruler J M, Postmaster. 
Green G W, blacksmith. 
Plarris J F, physician. 
Harris R W, physician. 
Jackson Joseph, justice of the peace. 
McCain Ilenrj-, blacksmith. 
RadcliflT B, General Store. 
Rcid II W, physician. 

DELPHI. The seat of justice for 
Carroll county, is an important incorpo- 
rated city of 3,000 inhabitants, pleasantly 
located on Deer creek at its confluence with 
the Wabash river, 17 miles northeast of 
Lafayette, 04 northwest of Indianapolis, 
and 20 southwest of Ljogansport. It is 
traversed by the W., St. L. & P. and Air 
Line Div. L., N. A. & C. Ry's-, and is sur- 
rounded by one of the finest farming dis- 
tricts in the State. Delphi, for its size, is 
probably the wealthiest city in Imiiana. It 
has wide, dean streets, good county build- 
ings, exceptionally fine business blocks and 

residences, a good volunteer fire department, 
several churches, excellent schools, 3 hotels^ 
2 opera houses, 2 banks, and 2 weekly news- 
papers — Time>< and Journal. Prominent 
among its manufactories are several lime 
kilns, a foundry, 3 flour mills, wagon mate- 
rial and hul) factory, 2 planing millsy 
cooper shop, furniture factory, and a stave 
factory. It has Am., L , N. A. & C. and 
Pacific Ex., and W^. U. Telegraph offices. 
James M. Watts, postmaster. 
American Express Company, J W Griffith, 

Angell Charles E, physician. 
Applegate & Pollard, lawyers. 
Armitage George, carriagemaker. 
Armitage & Wheeler, blacksmiths. 
Bachman & Meyer, barbers. 
Barley & Ballard, Architects and 

Builders, Washington. 
Barnes Edward M, books. 
Barnes J H & Bro, dry goods, 
Bamett & Mohr, stoves and agricultural 

Beck E W H, physician. 
Beck Larrey G, lawyer. 
Best George H C, merchant tailor. 
Blanchard James R, physician. 
Blythe James, furniture. 
Bootroyd Alfred, marble works. 
Bo wen A H & A T, bankers. 
Bowen Bros, grocers. 
Bowen Nathaniel W, flour milL 
Bowles & Wasson, general store. 
Boyd & Howe, lawyers. 
Bragunier & Cox, undertakers. 
Brown Edward, clothing. 
Bunnell D J, saloon and restaurant. 
Burk Henry, shoemaker. 
Burr John & Sou, boots and shoes. 
Carll John M, saloon. 
Carll's Opera House, Main. 
Carll & Co, clothing. 
Cartright & Co, grocers. 
Citizens' Bank ; capital, $150,000 ; E W 

Hubbard, prest; W W Hubbard,.cashr. 
Conklin Benjamin F, painter. 
Cory Noah, insurance agt. 
Coster, Madara & Co, cigar manufacturers. 
Crampton AdelbertB, propr Delphi Times. 
Crockett Renwick W, agt W St L & P R'y 

Culler & Taylor, painters. 
Deiplii Journal, James B Scott, 

Delphi Lime Company, John A Cartright, 

Delphi Times, A B Crampton, publisher. 
Dillinger William, cigars and tobacco. 
Diniinick Peter, hoots and shoes. 
Dittiner Frederick, boots and shoes. 
Dixon William H, boots and shoes. 
Dugan J P, grain. 


( Hickory. Oak and Ash Logs and Lumber delivered on line of any 
J Railroad, by O. S. GIH,EXXE, 

I 28 and 30 East Georgia St., iNuiANAPous, Ind. See adv., page 6. 

DIMHETDQ ICARLON & hollenbeck, 

■# I ■ V m^ ■■ ■ ■ ^# I <. S. £. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Dunkle Harrison, county auditor. 

Edmonds Matthew W, druggist. 

Eldridge A M, grocer. 

Eoibree Elihu W, carriage manufacturer. 

Ennis John W, photographer. 

Fawcett John W, lawyer. 

Finley .James R, blacksmith. 

Finney Peter, blacksmith. 

Fisher & Hare, wagon manufacturers. 

Florence A F & VV I, lawyers. 

Frank Herman, clothing. 

F'risbee House, Mrs M N Frisbee & 
Son, proprs, corner Union and Franklin. 
(»Set' adf.) 

Frisbee M N & Son, Proprs Frisbee 
House, corner Union and Franklin. {See 
adv. ) 

Givens James F & Son-, blacksmiths. 

Gleason & Donlin, meat market. 

Gosnell P H, meat market. 

Graham Sarah J Mrs, milliner. 

Gray & Lytle, stoves and tinware. 

Gresham Bros, livery. 

Griffith Isaac D, livery. 

Gros Lewis, dry goods. 

Gros William, jeweler. 

Gustavel Louis, harness. 

Haisley M E Mrs, milliner. 

Hamsher F M, dentist. 

Hamling Paul, saloon. 

Harley Bros & Co, lime kiln. 

Harley & Carll, grocers. 

Haugh W & Co, grocers. 

Heiland Samuel U, city treasurer. 

Hench Frank. P", Prosecuting Attor- 
ney, corner Main and Washington. 

Hiestand Elias, county recorder. 

Higginbotham Richard L, jeweler. 

Hodge Lafayette L, groceries and hardware. 

Hoilman John A, grocer. 

Holt & Sterling, dry goods and carpets. 

Honan James, sewing machines. 

Jenkins E& Co, flour mills. 

Jordan Lewis, dentist. 

Cane J B, lawyer. 

Kellev Patrick, saloon. 

Kellogg & Bradshaw, jewelers. 

Kennard Isaac R, county treasurer. 

Kent E & Co, dry goods. 

Kerlin Hiram, Sheriff, Court House, 

Kerlin&Haug:ll, Live Stock, Court 

Kilgore .James W, machinist. 

Kissling Henry, meat mearket. 

Knig^hi Cortoly M, Propr Knight 
House, cor Franklin and Washington. 

Knigfbt House, C M Knight, Propr.^ 
cor Franklin and Washington. 

Lapple & Herr, saloon. 

Lassell & Dosch, agricultural implements. 

Lathrope John jr, baker and confectioner. 

r,atlirope& Ruffing'S, Owners and 
Props Opera House; Seating Capacity, 500; 
Stage and Scenery New and Good, 66 

Lenon John, grain. 

Leonard David, justice of the peace and agt 
Pacific and L, N A & C R'y Co's ex. 

Leonard Michael, furniture. 

r«unney James, Manufacturer of 
Staves, Heading and Barrels. 

Lyon Charles B, hardware. 

Lyons Bartley, saloon. 

I^ytle Manufacturing: Com> 
pany, Manufacturers of Hubs, Spokes, 
and Wagon Materials; also, Sole Manu- 
facturers Finley Patent Safety Neck 
Yokes aiid Swingle Trees ; near Wabash 

Lytle & Wells, druggists. 

McClure C A & Co, lumber and jalaning- 

McGlennan Bros, bakery. 

Mcintosh Samuel D, harness. 

Martin Robert M, painter. 

Martin S Mrs^ milliner. 

Meigflian John F, County Surveyor 
and Civil Engineer ; Court House. 

Miller James M, sewing machines. 

Montman & Ewald, flour mill. 

Moore Lewis, planing mill. 

Murphy M J Mrs, milliner. 

The Ne»r Frisbee House, 

Cor. Uniou and Franklin Streets, 



A new house, newly furnished and delightfully located. Emphatically 
the Traveling Man's Home. Commodious Sample Rooms. First-class 
Livery in connection with the House. 


New York Life Ins.Go. 

Was the first to issue Non-Forfeitable Policies. 
No suicidal clause or objectionable restrictions 

J. W. Dean.Gen'L Ag't, iAuWoliI: 

Bread and Crackers of the Best Onality, 114 East South Street, 






^lurphy & ]\Vatts, druggists. 

Isace Frank, saloon. 

Welsou & Odell, Lawyers, cor Main 
and Washington. 

Keuer William H, meat market. 

Noland Stacy C, physician. 

Occideutal Hotel, John H Sweg- 
man , Propr ; Tony Swegman, Clerk ; 

Odell John C, Real Estate, cor Main 
and Washington. 

Pacific Express, David Leonard, agt. 

Pigman George W, county clerk. 

Pollard & Heiicb, Lawyers, cor 
Main and Washington. 

Ray. Rice & Ste^wart, Hardware, 
Agricultural Implements, and Field and 
Garden Seeds ; Main, opp Court House. 

Einehart William A, grain. 

Robinson c^ Robinson, physicians. 

Rosenthal & Bro, clothing. 

Ryan J t<i Co, saloon. 

Scliermerliorn Bernard K, Ab- 
stracts of Title, Lawyer, Real Estate, 
Loan, and Fire Insurance Agt and No- 
tary Public ; 1 Odd Fellows' Building. 

Schwartz & Lorber, fancy goods. 

Scott Charles M, hats and caps. 

Scott James B, Propr Delphi Jour- 

Shultz & Shnltz, physicians. 

Simmons, Aleshire & Co, railroad con- 

Sims Joseph A, lawyer. 

Sims & Sims, lawyers. 

Smith Lack, sec and treas I, L & C Ry. 

Smith & Canine, lawyers. 

Sonfield John H & Co, cigars and tobacco. 

Startzman Nathaniel, manufacturer car- 

Steele James, city marshal. 

Steele Thoma.s J, lawyer. 

Svk'egnian John H, Propr Occi- 
dental Hotel, W^ashington. 

Sweigert John, marble works. 

Todd William E, physician. 

AValker Edward, physician and mayor. 

Wallace George, barber. 

Watt.s James 5l, postmaster. 

Western Union Telegraph Company, George 
M Taylor, agt. 

Wolever Andrew W, photographer. 

DELTA. Is a rural postoflice, lo- 
cated in Liberty township, Parke county, 
county, 11 miles northwest of Rockville 
court house, and 7 north of Montezuma, its 
shipping station ou St, L. Div. I., B. & W. 
R'y. Thomas K. Harvey, postmaster. 

VEMING. Situated 5 miles west of 
Cicero, its shipping depot, on I., P. & C. 
Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y, contains 125 in- 

habitants, Friends and Methodist churches. 
It is in Jackson township, Hamilton coun- 
ty, 8 miles northwest of Noblesville, the 
county seat and banking town. Benjamin 
F. Holliday, postmaster. 
Baker Thomas, carpenter. 
Bartholomew W H, shoemaker. 
Clifford L O, ex agt. 
Craft E F, physician. 
Hall Ricliard, stave manufacturer. 
Haworth William, plasterer. 
Hiatte E C, blacksmith. 
Holliday B F, General Store. 
Kidwell W^illiam, plasterer. 
Moore Johh, carpenter. 
Perry W^ A, blacksmith. 
IPettijohn O B, Physician. 

DENMARK. A rural postoffice sit- 
uated in Marion township, Owen county, 
\S miles west of Spencer, the county seat. 
Clay City, 5 miles west on T., H. & S. E. 
R'y, is the shipping depot. W^illiam Her- 
stine, postmaster and general store. 

DENVER, Is a prosperous village 
of 700 inhabitants, located on Eel river, at 
crossing of Eel river and I., P. & C. Divs. 
of the W., St. L. & P. R'y, in Jefferson 
township, Miami county, 8 miles north of 
Peru, the county seat and banking town. 
It contains a Methodist church, one graded 
school, and exports live stock, grain, lum- 
ber and produce. Ex., U. S. and Pacific. 
W^. W. Petrow, postmaster. 
Allen L J, grocer. 

Babbert Michael, cigar manufacturer. 
Barns T C, machines. 
Bennett James H, tailor. 
Calkins Edward, justice. 
Cannon G W, R R agt. 
Central House, L A Metzger, propr. 
Cloud J, flour mill. 
Cooper Isaiah A, Physician and 

Drugs, w s Main. 
Deaderick, Gause & Co, saw mill. 
Denver Hotel, J F Wagoner, propr. 
Fetro-w "W "W, Drugs and Ex Agt. 
Fortney Amos, blacksmith. 
Grimes & Son, grain dealers. 
Harter & Son, grocers. 
Johns J H, livery. 
Kessler Bros, saw mill. 
La Due J, physician. 
Moloney Genio G, barber. 
Noftzger Charles, hardware. 
Ogden Franklin, saloon. 
Olds Richard, harness. 
Piper & McGinley, general store, 
liitzius J H, cabinet manufacturer. 
Robins J Q A, physician. 
Shoemaker J C, restaurant. 

Wn rrtPD AT rV ATTOBJfEY AT LAW, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (48 Vance Block), CollecU 
• III t/U ADilLlj I • ♦^^r'gi'ittl Pensions, Increase Pensions, Pay, Bounty, Land Warrants, 
' Horse Claims, etc. Special nttention given to Rejected Claims. Special 
arrangemenU made with Claim Agents going out of the buBineee, or Attorneys Bending me business. 


LAGER BEER, ALE and PORTER. In Casks and 
Bottles. Oliicago Office, corner Market and Eandolpb Streets. 
T. D. STUVER. Sole Agent. See Advertisement page 351. 





"Xrout & Hutdiinson^ General 

WooUey J N, wagonmaker. 
Wright Richard, meat market. 

nEPUTY. With a population of 
300, is a pleasant village, located on L. Br. 
O. & M. R'y, in Graham township, Jeffer- 
son county, 18 miles northwest of Madison, 
the county seat and banking town. Live 
stock and grain are the exports. Ex., O. & 
M. F. M. Tobias, postmaster. 
Barker David, shoemaker. 
Blake A W, justice of the peace. 
Brady S, blacksmith. 
CallO'way & Bro, General Store. 
Dixon L C, physician. 
Gaddy O & Co, druggists. 
Nay & Co, general store. 
Riley J W, saw and flour mill. 
Shrewsburg John, hotel. 
Stout W B, hotel. 
Tobias F M, Live Stock. 
Weeks Samuel, general store. . 
Weeks W H, general store. 
Whitsett VV T, livery. 

_ DEJRBEY. A landing on the Ohio 
river, situated in Union township, Perry 
county, 18 miles northeast of Cannelton 
court house. The village contains 150 in- 
habitants, who support a Catholic church 
and district school. Ex., Adams. H. C. 
Hargis, postmaster. 

Badgfer S Bf, Saw Mill and lumber. 
Bennett James B, physician. 
Davis John W, blacksmith. 
Davis & Badger, saloon. 
Elder B L, saloon. 
Elsby Samuel J, general store. 
Ford & Ronesey, blacksmiths. 
Hamilton Thomas, shoemaker. 
Hargfis H C, General Store. 
Mitchell Solomon A, general store. 
Mitchell W H, blacksmith. 
Mogan M, township trustee. 
Yates D A, carpenter. 
Yates Joseph, hotel. 

JDERJS", Was established as a pestof- 
fice in 1881. It is situated in Round Grove 
township. White county, 22 miles southwest 
of Monticello court house, and 9 west of 
Brookston, on L., N. A. & C. R'y., the near- 
east rail approach. Nearest bank is at 
Lafayette, 15 miles southeast. Population, 
20. Grain and live stock are the ship- 
ments. A. J. Dern, postmaster. 
Baker George F, live stock. 
Bell J S Rev, (Baptist). 
Briggs J J, news dealer. 
Bnsh P L, justice of the peace. 
Davis N W, broom manufacturer. 

Dern A J^ Physician and Dealer in 
Dry Goods, Groceries, Boots, Shoes, Hats, 
Caps, Drugs, etc. 

Headley Charles Rev, (Baptist). 

Headley George M, sorghum manufacturer. 

Kolb Richard, live stock. 

Rowe J H, live stock. 

Rowe T H, live stock: 

Scott E H, live stock. 

ToUey Mary Mrs, milliner. 

Wessfall Charles N, live stock. 

DESO TO, Formerly known as Wood- 
lawn, was established as a postoffice in 1882, 
and is located on the L., E. & W. R'y, in 
Delaware township and county, 6 miles 
from Muncie, the county seat and location 
of nearest bank. Population, 40. Lum- 
ber is shipped. Thomas M- Goff, post- 

Bailey John, saw mill. 
Cunningham W W, saw mill. 
OofirXbotnas M, General Store. 

DEXTER, Is on the Ohio river in 
Union township. Perry county, 20 miles 
northeast of Cannelton court house. Rono, 
a landing on the river, distant 3 miles, is 
the place of shipment. Population, 20. 
Louis E. Fournier, postmaster. 
Kournier L,ouis E, General Store. 
Smith David, blacksmith. 

DICE, Is strictly a farmers' postoffice, 
with no village population, located in New- 
ton county, 24 miles north of Kentland 
court house. St. Anne, 111., distant 12 
miles on the C. & E. I. and C, I., St. L. & 
C. R. R.'s, is the nearest rail approach. 
Semi-weekly stage to St. Anne, 111. John 
M. Harlan, postmaster. 

DTLLMAN. With 40 inhabitants, 
is an unimportant country postoffice, locat- 
ed in Jackson township, Wells county, 20 
miles southwest of Bluffton court house. 
Keystone, 7 miles east on the Ft. W., C. & 
L. R. R., is the usual place Oi shipment. 
H. C Thompson, postmaster. 
Dillman Sidney M, blacksmith. 
Good John A, justice of the peace. 
Griffin William, cooper. 
Johnson Elbert, physician. 
Xetnpleton H C, General Store. 

1830, is a prosperous village of 500 inhab- 
itants, located on O. & M. R'y., in Clay 
township, Dearborn county, 14 miles south- 
west of Lawrenceburgh, the county seat. 
Aurora, distant 10 miles, is the location of 
nearest bank. Methodist and Lutheran 
churches are sustained and produce shipped. 




16 and 18 Hubbard Block, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 

||^^m| nAAPIllAr For corrngratea ana crimpea, A.aares8 

IRON ROOFINIjI W. G. HYNDMAN & go., Cincinnati, Oliio. 





Dailv stage to Farmers' Retreaf and Friend- 
ship." Ex., O. & M, Tel., W. U. William 
Rowland, postmaster. 
Calvert J M, jeweler. 
Ginter Frederick, shoemaker. 
Hartley J L,, General Store. 
Hubbard G M, druggist. 
Kamping H, merchant tailor. 
Lathrop W R Rev, (Methodist). 
Lord T J, phvsician. 
:Milford O P M, blacksmith. 
Neasta A H, shoemaker. 
Oetjan John Rev, (Methodist). 
Perlee D, blacksmith. 
Perlee William, wagonmaker. 
Pohle William, blacksmith. 
Roberts L, tinner. 
Roberts & Suits, flour mill. 
Ro^'land ^^illiain, Druggist. 
Rudisill S, harnessmaker. 
Sale F H, physician. 
Sale J H, physician. 
Scudder Thomas, undertaker. 
Stevenson F M, R R and ex agt. 
Stewer William, notions. 
Teke W E, saloon. 
Tellas John, livery. 
Tholke Frederick, general store. 
Tholke Henry, wagonmaker. 
Vandolat J C & Co, general store. 
Veit L, hotel. 
Weaver S M, physician. 
"Witliro-w W "W, General Store. 
Ziegenbine Christ, general store. 

DIT NET, Campbell township War- 
rick county, with 36 inhabitants, is located 
10 miles northwest of Boonville, the county 
seat and banking town and place of ship- 
ment. Careleton Ketcham, postmaster. 
Ketcliani Carleton, wagonmaker. 
Ketcham Sanford, blacksmith. 
Lynn G, general store. 
Miller P H, justice of the peace. 

DITNEl^ HILL. With 75 inhabit- 
ants, is a hamlet located in Hall township, 
Dubois county, lo miles east of Jasper 
court house, the place of shipment and near- 
est bank location. Wheat, oats and tobacco 
are marketed. Daily stage to Jasper. 
Charles Holzlog, postmaster. 
Atkins inartin F, General Store. 
Cline Jobn Rev, (Uniteil iirethren). 
Dotsin William, bliu:ksniith. 
Harmon Isaac, lilacksmith. 
Holzlos: Charles, Farmer. 
.J;i(obs Wesley, blacksriiitti. 
King Alexander Rev, (Baptist). 
Kuriklen ik Co, saw mill. 
Nelson David, cooper. 
Pruett .Joshua, shoemaker. 
Roach Napoleon, cooper. 

Roberts George W, blacksmith. 
Sliultz I^eopold, General Store. 
Smith Isam, justice of the peace. 

DIXON. A hamlet of 60 inhabitants, 
located on the I. & V. R'y-, in Fairplay 
township, Greene county, 7J^ miles north- 
west of Bloomfield court house. Nearest 
bank at Worthington. Mary J. Dixon,, 

Dixon Charles, blacksmith. 
Dixon Mary J, Postmaster. 
Shelburn James & Son, live stock. 

DONALDSON. Settled in 1870, is- 
a station and postoffice on P., Ft. W. & 
C. R'y., located in West township, Marshall 
county, 7 miles northwest of Plymouth, the 
county seat and banking town. Popula- 
tion, 63. Adams Ex. Henry NefF, post- 

Learnan John, saw mill. 
May L B, justice and insurance agt. 
Molock John, saw mill and thresher. 
3Jeff Henry, General Store. 
Neff S N, general store. 
Rickey S R, physician. 
Smith Samuel, stonemason and plasterer. 

P ON J VAN. Is a hamlet of 60 popu- 
lation, located in Anderson township,. 
Perry county, 10 miles north of Cannelton 
court house, Tell City, 8 miles south, on. 
the Ohio river, is its shipping point. Solo- 
mon Pekinpaugh, postmaster. 
Dodson Oeorgre "W, General Store- 

and Justice and Blacksmith. 
Hipsh George, blacksmith. 
Hix John L, general store. 
Hix William R, physician. 
Hagerdorn John, blacksmith. 
Pekinpaugfli Solomon, Farmer. 

tains 60 inliabitants, in oil township. Perry 
county, and is located 30 miles north of 
Cannelton court house. Leavenworth, 17 
miles southeast, on the Ohio river, is the 
most accessible shipping point. One Uni- 
ted Brethren church is sustained. P. L.. 
Doolittle, postmaster. 
Brown G W L, physician. 
Burr Calvin H, carpenter. 
Doolittle P L,, Postmaster. 
Doolittle & Doolittle, general store and 

flour mill. 
Farry .1, Idacksmith. 
Fclkner George, justice of the peace. 
McMahal L, wagonmaker. 
Pavy James, general store. 
Winklepleck J N Rev, (United Brethren). 

James B. Lizius & Co. 



18)4 Bates Block, opp. P. O., IndianapoliH, ind> 

•E. G. ATKINS & GO. 

B^^The (ielebrated "Silver 

Steel" CiRcui-AB anC Cross- 
cut Saws. 






Z> O on VIL LA GE. A rural post- 
office in Scipio township, La Porte county, 
4 miles south of La Porte, the county seat 
and shipping depot. A district school, 
Methodist and Baptist churches will be 
found in the vicinity. Mail received 
daily. J. B. Higgins, postmaster. 
Higfg'ins J B, Justice of the Peace. 
Peterson Charles, shoemaker. 
Peterson Gustave, blacksmith. 

DOM A., Is situated on the Salamonie 
river, in LaGro township, Wabash county, 
9 miles southwest of Wabash, the county 
seat and banking town. LaGro, 5 miles 
northwest, on the W., St. L. & P R'y., is 
place of shipment. ^lethodist, Christian 
and Dunkard churches are sustained. Pop- 
ulation, 100. Thomas Gibb, postmaster. 
Brown J W, physician. 
Duncan & Smith, meat market. 
Duzan P E, general store. 
Fall Jacob L, general store. 
OibbS Thomas, Postmaster. 
Harrell Jesse, boots and shoes. 
Hicks Edwin, carraige painter. 
Kautz John, physician. 
Kesler & Hoch, saw and flour mill. 
King N, blacksmith. 
Peffly Lydia & Sarah, carpet weavers. 
Teegarden Calvin, wagonmaker. 

DOVER, Boone county. {See Carsrni.) 

DOVER, Dearborn county. (-See 

DOVER SILL, Settled in 1832, is 
a village located in Centre township, Mar- 
tin county, 4 miles north of West Shoals 
court house. Shoals, 4 miles south on the 
O. & M. R'yi is the shipping point and 
banking town. With a population of 300 
the place supports Christian, Methodist, 
Reformed, and Baptist churches. Daily 
stage to Indian Springs ; fare, 75 cents ; and 
Shoals ; fare, 25 cents. Nathan P. Calvin, 
Calvin :N^atlian P, Justice of the 

Hixson James, blacksmith. 
Hovis Elizabeth, general store, 
Luzadder George, general store. 
Mar.shall Wm, justice. 
Schooley John, blacksmith. 
Sims Jasper N, physician. 
Stephens Lewis, lawyer. 

DO W. Also called Onward, is a station 
and postoffice on the P., C. & St. L R'y, in 
Tipton township, Cass county, 10 miles east 
of Logansport, the county seat and location 
of nearest bank. Population, 60. Lumber 

and grain are shipped. W. P. Simes, post- 

Bennett W H, saw mill. 
Little T, saw mill. 
Picket J J, physician and druggist. 
Simes W P, General Store and Saw 

Smith Daniel A, tile manufacturer. 
Snyder David, saw mill. 
Younglove S P, tile manufacturer. 

DOWNEIVILLE. Is situated on 
Little Flat Rock creek, in Adams town- 
ship, Decatur county, 8 miles northwest of 
Greensburgh, the county seat and banking 
town. Adams, distant 3 miles, on the C, 
I., St. L. & C. R'y, is the place of shipment 
Population, 50. Amos F. Downey, post- 

Downey Amos F, Grocer. 
Kelley R M & Co, flour and saw mill. 
Leffler E S, carpenter. 
Parker J W, physician.. 

DOWN HILL, Is a country postof- 
fice located on the L. E. & St. L. R. R., m 
Johnson township, Crawford county, 19 
miles northeast of Leavenworth court house. 
The place was formerly called Boston. 
Thomas Gilmore, postmaster. 
Courtney Thomas, physician. 
Crecetius J E, lawyer. 
Oilmore Xbomas, Postmaster, 
Newton & Avery, saw mill. 

DRAPER, Is a recently established 
country postoffice, located in Jackson town- 
ship, Miami county, 12 miles southeast of 
Peru court house. Amboy, distant 4 miles 
on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, is the nearest rail 
approach. Stage route to Amboy and 
AVabash. Hugh Fulton, postmaster and 

DRtlSDEN. A station on the B. S. 
O. & B. R'3% with a population of 50, in 
Jackson township, Greene county, 12. miles 
southeast of Bloomfiefd court house. 
Churches — Methodist and Christian. Ex- 
ports, wheat, tobacco, hogs and cattle. Mail 
daily. George J. Jackson, postmaster. 
Ashcraft Joseph, live stock. 
Edington Elijah, lawyer. 
Gastineau George, live stock. 
Jackson Oeorge J, Justice and E 

Merritt William, cooper. 
Miller John & Co, coal miners. 
Neal John D, blacksmith. 
O'Bannon George H, general store. 
Records James M, tobacco manufacturer. 



\ 188 (South Meridian St., 


UNION OYSTER CO. lafjesl Oyster House in the Worldi Capital Unlimited. 

OF BAL,xi>iOR.E, i»iD. Branch, 40 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





DUE WEB SB IBGH, With a pop- 
ulation of 100, is a hamlet located in White- 
waU'r township, Franklin county, 15 miles 
southe.\st of Erookville, the county seat 
and banking town. Harrison, 0., 7 miles 
south on the W. "\V. Y. K. R. is the nearest 
rail approach. Grain and live stock are 
marketed. William A. Heap, postmaster. 
Brohhite Francis, meat market. 
Burtonsaw J F, physician. 
Currey A C, carpet weaver. 
Hancock Chester, meat market. 
Heap "William A, Postmaster. 
Otto Henry, general store 
Stansbury Thomas, live stock. 
Waltz George E, blacksmith. 

DUBLIN, Is an incorporated town 
of 1,300 inhabitants, situated on line of the 
P., C. & St. L. R'y., in Jackson township, 
Wayne county, 17 miles west of Richmond, 
the county seat, 2 west of Cambridge City, 
the location of nearest bank, and 51 east of 
Indianapolis. Its principal industries con- 
sist of 1 agricultural implement factory, 1 
saw mill, a pump factory, 1 Hour mill, soap 
vorks, brick yard, 1 foundry and a tile 
yard. Dublin sustains 5 churches — Friends, 
Methodist, Christian, Universalist and 
United Brethren — a public library of 400 
A'olumes, 1 hotel and a weekly newspaper, 
the Wayne Rughter. It is entirely free from 
debt, has real and personal property (as- 
3essed value), amounting to $400,000. 
Grain is extensively exported. Ex., Ad- 
ams. Tel., W. U. J. W. Scott, postmaster. 
Baird Orange, shoemaker. 
Barrett Clinton T, harness. 
Bell Mary E C Mrs, dressmaker. 
Bilby Albert G, blacksmith. 
Boyd Samuel S, physician. 
Brown Abraham S, wagonmaker. 
Browne & Fountain, milliners. 
Burney Jolltl, Carriage Manufac- 
Burr Albert M, publisher Wayne Register. 
Garmony David, blacksmith. 
Carmony Thomas F, livery. 
Cope Geoige. cigar manufacturer. 
Cranor .John Rev, (United Brethren). 
Crull S<domon F, grocer. 
Custer Benjamin F, baroer. 
Custer Solomon F, grocer. 
Demundrum Felix Rev, (United Brethren). 
Dillon S & Son, general store. 
Dublin Agricultural Works, H Floyd, sec 

and trea.s. 
Ellis Hiram, blacksmith. 
Floyd Haleck Rev, (United Brethern). 
Floyd Haleck & Son, tile manufacturers. 
Fountain .John, lumber. 
Gordon George W, tailor. 
Grifiy John A, pump manufacturer. 

Hagaman & McTaggart, grocers. 

Hardin Edwin D, shoemaker. 

Hardin Russell B, carpenter. 

Heacock M S, furniture and undertaker. 

Herbst M D, brick manufacturer. 

Hicks Wm J, flour and feed. 

HoHman J V & Son, real estate. 

Holland & Brown, druggists. 

Hood Charles L, meat market. 

Hottendorf Charles, physician and drugs. 

Hubbard Elias, physician. 

Huddleston Nathan, soap manufacturer. 

Huddleston & Working, plasterers. 

Jackson Joseph, flour mill. 

John Frances S Mrs, notions. 

John R W Rev, (Universalist). 

Johnson Horace B, general store. 

Landis Luther L, R R and ex agt. 

Layman Thomas J, general store. 

Leonard James Rev, (Methodist). 

McTaggart Charles, physician. 

Maxwell Benjamin F, nursery. 

Morgan Edmond, machinist. 

Pierce & Campbell, saw mill. 

Pike Jesse, furniture and undertaker. 

Reed .Joseph S, hotel. 

Reed William & Son, blacksmiths. 

Robertson J D, dentist. 

Smith Sallie Mrs, milliner. 

Smith & Cope, grocers. 

Southworth & Day, physicians. 

Stanley William C, deiitist. 

Stokes' Lemuel Rev, (A M E). 

Swain Cyrus T, grocer. 

Swaim John G, groceries and hardware. 

Taylor Livingston B, physician. 

Wayne Register (weekly), Albert M Burr, 

White & Maxwell, druggists. 
Winslow John, barber. 
W^inslow John Mrs, hair goods. 

DUBOIS. Or Knoxville, as it was 
formerly known, is a post village of 70 
inhabitants, located in Harbison township, 
Dubois county, 10 miles northeast of Jasper 
court house, which is the nearest rail ap- 
proach and bank location. Grain, live 
stock and produce are marketed. C. W^. 
Ellis, postrai'ster. 
Arnold George, shoemaker. 
Dikemper George, blacksmith. 
ClliS C W, General Store, Saw and 

Flour Mill. 
Hemmerlein George J, wagonmaker. 
Klee Frank, blacksmith. 
Lothes John, cooper, saloon and barber. 
Poison T, physician. 
Reuss Mike, wagonmaker. 
Shodd George, saloon. 
Shot Georgfe, Shoemaker. 
Waldrip H L, physician. 

L.' Everingham & Co, 

OonmilBsioii Merchants. ORATN* and PRO- 

VISIONS Boneht and Sold ON MABQINS. 

125 IjaSaUe Street, CHICAOO. 


C. H. JENNE, Asrent, 

29>$ North Pennsylvania Street, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 





DUDLEY, Known formerly as both 
Kose Creek and Harmony, is a rural post- 
office for the convenience of a farming 
commnnity in VanBuren township, Monroe 
count)\ Bloomington, the county seat, 
banking town and place of shipment, is dis- 
tant 7 miles. Grain and hogs are market- 
ed. N. L. Rice, postmaster. 
Butcher R M, justice of the peace. 
Goss J RRev, (Baptist). 
Jones S C, blacksmith. 
Rice N L,, Physician and Drugs. 
Ryors J H & Co, spoke factory. 
Thrasher Alfred, justice of the peace. 

DUDLEYTOWN. Eslablished in 
18.50, is a hamlet of 200 inhabitants, locat- 
ed in Washington township, Jackson coun- 
ty, 9 miles cast of Brownstown court house. 
Seymour, distant 8 miles has nearest bank. 
Langdon's station, 3 miles east on the J., 
M. & I. R. R. is the place of shipment. Its 
exports comprise staves, produce, lumber 
and grain. Henry A. Otto, postmaster. 
Brant & Breathauer, lumber. 
Breath auer August, cooper. 
Breathauer William, carpenter. 
Breathaur W F, shoemaker. 
Brietfield Gotlieb, cooper. 
Brietfield Gustave, justice of the peace. 
Cordes Conrad, flour mill. 
Custer Cliristian, Meat Market. 
Flick Rudolph, shoemaker. 
Froelick Frederick, harnessmaker. 
Gabbert J C, physician. 
Green William O, physician. 
Holtman .John, tailor. 
Kratzer John, painter. 
Kuhn J Rev, (Lutheran). 
Osterman Dr, physician. 
Otto HenryA, General Store. 
Roth William, blacksmith. 
Stolle Rudolph, saloon 
Vondervalle Jobn, Nursery. 

D UWF. Or Green's Store, as it was 
formerly known, was established as a post- 
office in Oct., 1881, for the convenience of 
a farming community in Patoka township, 
Dubois county. It is on the line of the L., 
E. & St. L. R. R., 8 miles southwest of Jas- 
per court house. Thomas R. Green, post- 

Green Xhomas R, General Store. 
Lemanel Milton D, live stock. 
Lemon J H, live stock. 

DUGGER, Established in 1881, is 
a village of 100 inhabitants, located on the 
S. E., S. & B. R. R., in Cass township, Sul- 
livan county, 10 miles east of Sullivan, the 
county seat and banking town. Coal is 

the chief article of export. Ex.,-Pacific. 

William E. Pleaton, postmaster. 

Abby Robert, flour mill. 

Clark A J, general store. 

Dugger & Neal, coal miners. 

Gaskell Dr, physician. 

Gravenyre John, R R agt. 

Heaton Bros, Hotel and Genera) 

Heaton James W, ex agt. 
Hedley William, blacksmith. 
Lowder Caleb M, physician. 
Sheepe M, general store. 
Shoptaw William, blacksmith. 
Taylor Dr, physician. 
Xaylor & Sims, General Store. • 

D VNDEE, A station and postoffice 
on the L., E. & W. R'y, in Pipe Creek 
township, Madison county, 18 miles north- 
west of Anderson court house. Nearest 
bank at El wood. Population, 59. Ship- 
ments comprise wood, lumber, staves and 
produce. Eliza Wood, postmaster. 
Clevenger & Co, Tile Manufac- 
Cory Marion, tile manufacturer. 
Etchison Riley, hotel. 
Ferguson Robert, restaurant. 
Foster Charles & Co, saw mill. 
Gilliam A J, road supt. 
Giss Adam, carpenter. 
Griffee O, saloon. 

Wood Alexander, justice of the peace. 
'Wood A S, General Store and Grain 

and R R agt. 
Wood George, live stock. 

D TJNKIB K, Is located in Richland 
township. Jay county, on the P., C. & St, L. 
R'y, 15 miles southwest of Portland, the 
county seat, 12 miles southeast of Hartford 
City, the location of nearest bank, and 90 
northeast of Indianapolis. Dunkirk is in- 
corporated, contains 800 inhabitants, has a 
bonded debt of $5,000, real and per- 
sonal property (assessed value) amount- 
ing to $150,000, Methodist and Baptist 
churches, a graded school of 3 depart- 
ments, 2 hotels, a weekly newspaper — Ga- 
zette — 1 flax mill, a handle factory, saw 
mill, tile factory, and 1 flour mill. Grain 
is extensively shipped. Ex., U. S. and 
Adams. Tel., W. U. Richard J. Sutton^ 

Adams Express Company, D H Parker, agt. 
Albright Perry J Rev, (Methodist.) 
Alltnon Israel, Lawyer. 
Anderson George, boots and shoes. 
Anderson George Mrs, milliner. 
Anderson James M, physician. , 
Bishop Bros, saw mill. 
Bowen Jehu M, furniture and undertaker. 


'-'eunsylraiiia St., New-Denison Hotel Block, INDIANAPOLIS. 

Uealer in Watches and Optical Goods. Oculists' prescriptions 
carefully filled. Cylindrical, Cataracts, etc., made to order. 

Home Life Ins. Co. 

Has perfected plans for a large business in Illinois 
during 1881. ^ FOR AGENCIES APPLY TO 
E. H. KELLOGG. Superintendent, Chicago, IlL 





Brooks Albert L, grocer. 

Brotherton & Wilson, meat market. 

Burden Allen J, barber. 

Carl Hattie Mrs, milliner. 

Carl Joseph L, lawyer. 

Crogan John M, physician. 

Crouch Nathaniel W, physician. 

Cunningham S M & Bro, druggists. 

Pillon Benjamin F, druggist and physician. 

Dunkirk Gazette, Evans & Borden, pub- 

Evans Hial J, billiard hall. 

Evans & Borden, publishers Dunkirk Ga- 

( xette. 

Foorman & Co, grocers. 

France John W, physician. 

Gray O D, handle factory. 

Hamilton Bros, wagonmakers. 

Higman George N, shoe and harnessmaker. 

Holley House, H M Salisbury, propr. 

Hoover Edwin B, hardware. 

Manning, Brotherton & Kennedy, flour 

Mendenhall John B, blacksmith. 

Millig^an House, William Milligan, 
Propr, Dunkirk. 

Milligfail 'William, Propr Milligan 

Parker David H, Agt P, C & St L 
RV., and Real Estate Agt. 

Patrick J Thomas, tile manufacturer. 

Payton William W, grocer. 

Rupe Henry L Rev, (Baptist). 

St John Isaac W, dry goods. 

Salisbury H M. propr Holley House. 

Selvey Samuel S, physician. 

Semans & Huffman, bakers. 

Sharrette Jerome B, grain dealer. 

Sherwood Charles C, physician. 

Steel & Co, meat market 

Sutton W^illiam G, lawyer. 

Teague William G, bb-icksmith. 

Thomas John W, blacksmith. 

United States Express Company, D H Par- 
ker, agt. 

Weaver Martin V, general store. 

Weaver & Son, general store. 

Whiteman George, flax mill. 

Willis Stanford C, barber. 

DUNI.AP8V1LLE. Is the loca- 
tion 22-5 persons, a Presbyterian church, 
graded school, 2 saw niil'ls, and several 
stores, in Liberty township, Union countv, 
on east fork of VVhite Water river, 5 miles 
southwest of Liberty, the county seat, ship- 
ping depot, and location of nearest bank. 
Lumber, grain and livestock are shipped. 
Tri-weekly stage to Liberty; fare 25 cents; 
and Brookvillc ; fare hO cents. William D. 
Smith, j)OHtnjaster. 
Burk Alfred, justice of the peace. 
Burk & Scudder, saw mill. 

Fo-wler Kelley M, General Store. 
Freeman Monroe, blacksmith and hotel. 
Garrett Jacob, carpenter. 
Garrett John, insurance agt. 
Grove Elmer, lumber. 
Hanna George, meat market. 
Leech James, grocer. 
McGee Robert, wagonmaker. 
Osborn Benjamin, lumber. 
Osborn & Fowler, saw mill. 
Smitb liVilliaili », Boots, Shoes and 

DUNREITH. Forty miles east of 
Indianapolis, is a station on the P., C. &St. 
L. R'y, located in Spiceland township, 
Henry county, 10 miles south of New Castle 
court house, and 5 east of Knightstown, the 
location of nearest bank. With a popula- 
tion of 160, the village supports Methodist 
and Friends churches. Daily stage to 
Spiceland ; fare, 20 cents ; and Greens- 
borough ; fare, 40 cents. Adams Ex. W. 
U. Tel. D. H. Hudelson, postmaster. 
Bartlett C G, physician. 
Craighead R D, general store and physi-. 

Crawford Bros, saw mill. 
Green John, shoemaker. 
Greenstreet A, real estate. 
Harrold Jesse, livery. 
Hinshaw B F, general store. 
Hollowell C, justice of the peace. 
Hollowell E Rev, (Methodist). 
Hudelson D H, Drugs and Grocer, 

R R and Ex Agt. 
Marson M H, general store. 
Miller M, general store. 
Moore &, Bros, painters and plasterers. 
Nicholson William, horticulturist. 
Owsley William, carpenter. 
Pearce J R., General Store. 
Pollock J A Rev, (Presbyterian). . 
Raye A C, hotel. 
Stambaugh F, hotel. 
Steele A, blacksmith. 
Teas E Y, nursery. < 
Thomas F W Rev, (Friends). 
Watson J F, grain, R R and ex agt. 
White J, blacksmith. 

DUrONT, On M. Div. J., M. & L 
R. R., in Lancaster township, Jefferson 
county, is the location of 200 persons, 14 
miles northwest of Madison, the county seat 
and banking town, and 72 southeast of In- 
dianapolis. Lumber is exported, and Meth- 
odist and Baptist churches sustained. Ex., 
Adams. Tel., W. U. George B. Lewis, 

Flanders J "W, Physician. 
Graston George W, saw mill. 
Guthrie William A, staves. 


No'i. 28 an'l ''M Kasi ';cor(.;ia Strec 
INDIA9(APOL,Iii, - - IN 



on ^ Carriage Material. 

«^BENT AND SAWED RIMS.'«0 See adv., page 6. 



S. E. Cor. Circle anrt Meridiau Sts., 





Houghton W^D, wagonmaker. 

Hughes B W, general store. 

I^e-wis George B, Druggist and 

Lewis J F, druggist and physician. 

Newkirk P, blacksmith. 

O'Neel S E, apairian. 

Spragfue Rog^er A, Dealer in Lum- 
ber and Logs. 

Thomas N, carpenter. 

Williams B B, blacksmith. 

l^illiams T S, General Store. 

D JJHIUlM. Has in all, a population 
of 38. It is located in New Durham town- 
,ship, LaPorte county, 8j miles southwest of 
LaPorte, the county seat and location of 
nearest bank. Westville, 3| miles south- 
west, on the L., N. A, & C. K'y, is the place 
of shipment. Produce is marketed. Wil- 
liam Hetfield, postmaster. 
Cathcart J P, wind mills. 
Metlield "William, General Store. 
Poston John, meat market. 
Smith Henry, carpenter. 
Smith P P, blacksmith. 

DYER, Stands at junction of (Joliet 
cut off ) M. C. and C. & I. Air Line R. R.'s, 
in St. John's township. Lake county, 11 
miles northwest of Crown Point, the county 
seat and banking town. With a popula- 
tion of 550, the village supports a Catholic 
Church and graded school. Grain and hay 
are exported. Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. 
Charles J. Santer, postmaster. 
Arabre M, pressed hay. 
Battermann H, harnessmaker. 
Beiriger J, furniture. 
SOOS Jolin, Hotel. 
Buresch J, furniture. 
Evarts R A, barber. 
JFehring C, plasterer. 
Flach J Rev, (Catholic). 
•Gettler T, cooper. 
Hart & Xalcott, Dairy. 
Heimann A, brick mason. 
.Johns J W^, physician. 
Kaiser Adam, harnessmaker. 
Xeilmann & Lowersburg, lumber. 
Keilmann & Schafer, pressed hay. 
Xlaas August, produce. 
Klein Matthew, hotel. 
KoUing N, carpenter. 
Margraph L, plasterer. 
Neifing & Stommel, general store. 
Overhage Arnold, carpenter. 
Peschel Josepb^ Hardware. 
Rust H, saloon. 

Santer C J & Co, General Store. 
SchafJer J, blacksmith. 
Scheldt & Davis, flour mill. 
Schultz Nicholas, saloon. 

Seidler A, physician and justice. 
Stech Joiin, Tanner. 
Stommel A, meat market. 
Tanner James, R R and ex agt. 
Trully Anton, live stock. 
Vogel Frederick, shoemaker. 

EAQLESFIELD, Is a recently 
established country postoffice, located on 
the St. L., v., T. H. & I. R. R., in Van Bu- 
ren township. Clay county, 12 miles north- 
east of Brazil, the county seat and banking 
town. It has no village population. James 
T. Eaglesfield, postmaster. 

EA GLETO WN, With a population 
of 400, is a village located in Washington 
township, Hamilton county, 10 miles west 
of Noblesville, the county seat and banking 
town. Zionsville, 8 miles southwest, on the 
C, I., St. L. & C. R. R., is the present ship- 
ping point. Tri-weekly stage to Zionsville 
and Noblesville. P. F. Brunson, post- 

Applegate A J, physician. 
Bowman C R, justice of the peace. 
Brunson I* F, General Store. 
Brunson P F Mrs, milliner. 
Conor William, physician. 
Cottingham C, druggist. 
Gordon B, blacksmith. 
Inman E T & Bro, flour mill. 
Jackson James, blacksmith. 
Muston E, saw mill. 
Vance W C, general store. 
Way A A, carpenter. 
Wells Henry, carpenter. 

EAMES. Formerly known as Tenny- 
son, is a station and postoffice located on E,, 
R. & E. Div. L. E. & St. L. R. R., in Skel- 
ton township, Warrick county, 8 miles east 
of Boonville, the county seat and banking 
town. Population, 158. Shipments are head- 
ing, felloes and tobacco. Adams Ex. W. 
U. Tel. E. D. Gee, postmaster. 
Condict & Keith, grocers and leaf tobacco. 
Eanies C B, General Store and Head- 
ing Factory. 
Gee E D, Flour and Saw Mill and Fel- 
loe Factory. 

EAML. Once called Goshen, is a small 
village located in Scott township, -Vander- 
burgh county, 9 miles north of Evansville, 
the county seat and place of banking. Ingle- 
field, 2 miles west, on E. & T. H. R. R., is 
the nearest railroad approach. Produce is 
marketed. Population, 46. William Earl, 

Bohn Frederick, hotel, saloon and grocer. 
Browning G B, flour mill. 
Earl 'William, Farmer. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

H®"The only Company that issues Tontine In* 
Testment Policies, ^teud for Circulars. 

J, W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, Indianapolis, 

Pr D P YPC I'rop'r of the Indianapolis lm\ Factory and Brjce's Steam Bakery, 
lllOniULl 14 and 16 East South Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Miller Christian, cooper. 
Shiflf Philip, hotel ami saloon. 
Snyder Philip, blacksmith. 

EABL PABK. This progressive vil- 

loge of 475 inhabitants, is located on line 

of C, I., St. L. & C. E'y, in Richland town- 
ship, Benton county, 7 miles northwest of 

Fowler court house, 95 southeast of Chi- 
cago, and 98 northwest of Indianapolis. 

Nearest bank at Fowler. It has Methodist 

and Catholic churches and a graded school. 

The shipments from this station comprise 

grain, flax and live stock. Am. Ex. W. U. 

Tel. H. M. Beckwith, postmaster. 

Anderson J C, blacksmith. 

Beck^'itll H M, General Store, Law- 
yer, Collection, Insurance and Real Es- 
tate Agent, 

Bertrand C, wagonmaker. 

Bisloskey J E, furniture. 

Boice B R & A C, physicians and druggists. 

Borders Bros, livery. 

Brockenbrough A D, grocer. 

Braubien E, harnessmaker. 

Burlage Max, hotel. 

Burns William, saloon. 

Curtis Edward, barber. 

Douglas Eli, shoemaker. 

Fallansbee M C & Co, general store. 

Hackley Joseph, Hotel. 

Hixson J A, grain and stock. ' 

Kelly Robert, grocer. 

Liguera Moses, blacksmith. 

I^ord C, Blacksmith. 

McXary Thomas, saloon. 

Raub, Earl & Henry, grain and stock. 

Sonnekfon C, wagonmaker. 

Stout John, Druggist. 

Sullivan William, restaurant. 

Truett Mi.s.s, dressmaker. 

Woodington C E, R R and ex agt. 

lished in 1850, is the location of 150 per- 
sons, in Cotton township, Switzerland coun- 
ty, 12 miles northeast of Vevay, the county 
.seat anfl banking town. Markland, a land- 
ing on the Ohio river, 7 miles south, is the 
place of shipment. Daily stage to Rising 
Sun and Vevay ; fare to either place, 50 
cents. Ii. G. Sinif)son, jmstmaster. 
Brown A 1^ & Co, General Store. 
Heath B C, barber. 
Heath Daniel, basketmaker. 
Hide S B, livestock. 
Littlefield Harvey, justice of the peace. 
Lockwood S J>, shoemaker. 
McCrary T F, grain. 
McGuffin W'illiam, cooper. 
PhiJlifjs Dennis, carpenter. 
Richmond E S, jeweler. 
Sedam .Michael, blacksmith. 

Seymour E G Rev, (Baptist).. 
Simpson James, blacksmith. 
Simpson J F, hotel and livery. 
Simpson R O, Physician. 
Simpson & Clement, general store. 
Washer & Duning, saw and flour mill. 

five miles east of Indianapolis, on the P., 

C. & St. L. R'y, is a thrifty village of 551 

inhabitants, located in Jackson township, 

Wayne county, 14 miles west of Richmond, 

the county seat. Nearest bank at Cam- 
bridge City, 2 miles west. Evangelical and 

Lutheran churches are located here. Plows, 

tobacco and grain are the exports. Adams 

Ex. Wesley Gipe, postmaster. 

Baker Benjamin, shoemaker. 

Bear John, cooper. 

Bolinger J H, Carriage Manufac- 

Breneman Henry, shoemaker. 

Condo A & Co, plow manufacturers. 

Condo Peter blacksmith. 

Davis William, wagon manufacturer. 

Doll Harry, meat market. 

Gipe "Wesley, Justice of the Peace. 

Goldman William, hotel and saloon. 

Jamieson & Co, general store. 

Kocker H H, pottery. 

Lechty James, saloon. 

Lyons H B, lumber. 

Mank J R, physician. 

Mank W D, druggist. 

Neft" Daniel, grocer and saloon. 

Nefl' Edward D, cigar manufacturer and 

Nefif W W, physician and druggist. 

Penny R L, brick maker 

Raber AO Rev, (Evangelical). 

Riegel William H, blacksmith. 

Riley William R, furniture and lumber. 

Rush Daniel, meat market. 

Small Thomas, barber. 

Stirewalt M Rev, (Lutheran). 

Tout Sylvester, constable and restaurant. 

Warfel Elmer, cigar manufacturer. 

Winter J H, General Store. 

W^ysong C, R R and ex agt. 

E ASTON, Hendricks county. {See 

EA TON. Is located on Ft. W., C. & 

L. R'y, in Union township, Delaware coun- 
ty, 12 miles north of Muncie, the county 
seat and banking town. The Mississinewa 
river furnishes power to operate 1 woolen 
and 2 flour mills. Eaton, with 343 popu- 
lation, supports Methodist, Christian and 
Dunkard churches, and exports live stock 
and grain. Am. Ex. W. U. Tel. W. A. 
Blair, postmaster. 



oTll^;:^l'^;'^.*^'d'^liro!h!."kinTs}48 Vance Block, Indianapolis, 

of War Claims. Rejected Claims a epecialty. Correspondence solicited. 


LAGKR BEER, ALE and PORTER, Bottled by 


PUBE* See Advertisement page 861- 





Ames George F, physician. 

Ames Samuel B, R R and ex agt. 

Black S W, wagonmaker. 

Blair "W A, Furniture and Undertaker. 

Brane B F, justice of the peace. 

Brant, Carter & Co, dry goods. 

Carter C & Sons, flour mill. 

Carter George W, justice of the peace. 

Davis Lydia, milliner. 

Dragoo John, general store. 

Emdee & Carmicael, general store. 

Eshelman H & Son, saw and planing mills. 

Poor man A IX, Grocer. 

Foorman Eli, drugs. 

Ginn J C, physician. 

Gunckle C O, wagonmaker. 

HuflTman John, harnessmaker. 

Hyland M, flour and woolen mill. 

Keller Sarah Mrs, hotel. 

Miller Joseph, barber. 

Morris R M, blacksmith. 

NefF D M, produce. 

Ripbinger Alice Miss, milliner. 

Russey H, Blacksmith. 

Thomas S W, hardware. 

Thompson George, hotel. 

Wagoner F M, boots and shoes. 

Younce Andrew, cooper. 

Younce J A, justice of the peace. 

Young D, Hardware. 

EBY. With 60 inhabitants, is a ham- 
let located in Hart township, Warrick 
county, 8 miles north of Boonville, the 
county seat, place of shipment and banking 
town. Tri-weekly stage communication 
with Boonville and Lynnville. Mary 
Shrode, postmaster. 

Bohannon D H Rev, (United Brethren). 
Camp William O Rev, (Baptist). 
Dillon Edwin, live stock. 
McCoy T J, physician. 
McMilliam George wagonmaker. 
Shrode E P, blacksmith. 
Shrode Mary, General Store. 

ECONOMY. A village possessed of 
400 inhabitants, located in Perry township, 
Wayne county, 16 miles northwest of Rich- 
mond, the county seat and location of near- 
est bank. Green's Fork, 7 miles southeast, 
on P., C. & St. L. R'y., is the place of ship- 
ment. Grain and live stock are exported. 
It has Methodist and Friends churches. 
Stage tri-weekly to Richmond ; fare, 50 
cents. E. K. Olvey, 2iostmaster. 
Adamson S R, justice of the peace. 
Atkinson J M, flour mill and grain. 
Chamness Leander, barber. 
Clark Bros, brick and tile manufacturers. 
Clark J B, physician. 
Clark J M, physician. 
Clark TEA Bro, General Store. 

Clark T E & B W, manufacturers of boots 

and shoes. 
Conley John, harnessmaker. 
Cook & Son, blacksmith. 
Good John W, hotel. 
Gwinn Swain, carpenter. 
Harris Israel, painter. 
Kimball & Ward, builders. 
Marshall Alonzo, notary public. 
Ogborn C S, dentist. 
Olvy Belle Mrs, milliner. 
Olvy E K, Druggist, Grocer and Meat 

Osborn Elam, furniture and saw mill. 
Purdell Thomas, tinner. 
Robbins D B, General Store. 
Thornbiirg W L, live stock. 
Wakefield Joseph Rev, (Friends). 
Williams M B & Son, blacksmiths. 
Williams T B, live stock. 

EDEN. Contains 150 inhabitants, 
Methodist church and district school, in 
Green township, Hancock county, 9 miles 
north of Greenfield, the county seat and 
banking town. Pendleton, 7 miles north 
on G, C., C. & I. R'y-> is the nearest rail 
approach. Wheat and hogs are shipped. 
L. H. Rigg, postmaster. 
Barrett A H, carpenter. 
Carter A L, physician. 
Chappell William, plasterer. 
Curtis Henry, blacksmith. 
DeCamp Samuel E, general store. 
Jackson Benjamin R, carpenter. 
Jarrett William H, shoemaker. 
Justice John, physician. 
Justice W A, physician. 
Lawrence C P, carriage painter. 
Moore B F, saw mill. 
Rigg Iv H, Grocer. 
Taylor A J, blacksmith. 
Trueblood Alfred H, shoemaker. 
Trueblood James M, lumber. 

EDINBURGH. Situated in the 
southern portion of Johnson county, on the 
J., M. & I. R. R., is a thrifty village of 
1,815 inhabitants, located 11 miles south of 
Franklin, the county seat, and 30 south of 
Indianapolis. It was settled in 1821, con- 
tains 5 churches — Methodist, Presbyterian, 
Baptist, Catholic and Christian — a good 
graded public school, 2 hotels and 2 private 
banks. Blue river flows through the village 
and furnishes power for starch, hominy, 
lumber and flour mills, which comprise its 
principal manufactories. The place has a 
bonded indebtedness of $4,000, supports 1 
weekly newspaper — the Courier — and ex- 
ports grai6, stai-ch and flour. Stage com- 
munication with Shelbyville ; fare 25 cents;^ 
and Williamsburg; fare, 35 cents. Ex.,, 


attention paid to complicated and difficult cases. Reis- 
sues, Interferences, etc. References given if desired. 
IS'Call or write for information. (See adv.) 

inn II nnnri II nr ■^***' '"^ best ann CHKAPE^ST, Address 

IRON ROOFING I W. G. HYNDMAN & CO., Gincinnati, Ohio. 





Am. Tel., W. U. W. R. Strawn, post- 

Ashbv "William, meat market. 

Armstrong: L Mrs, Propr Gait 

Baker .Jennie A Mrs, milliner. 

Beason D E t^- Bro, live stock. 

Bell Henry, shoemaker. 

Bloor N A Mrs, milliner. 

Borry Henry W, grocer. 

Breeding J D & Bro, grocers. 

Broughion Samuel S, sewing machines. 

Barton James T, dentist. 

Carney William, agricultural implements. 

Carvin John A, dry goods. 

Carvin & Mutz, grocers. 

Clancy Charles L, livery. 

Commercial Hotel. 

Cook Heniy, restaurant. 

Cutsinger Martin, live stock. 

Cutsingcr & Co, starch manufacturers. 

Dalmbert & Sergeant, dry goods. 

Deming Dillard L, agricultural imple- 

Downs & Dark, carpenters. 

Edinburgh Courier, (weekly). E M Hardy, 

Forrer & Webb, hardware. 

Oalt House, Mrs L Armstrong, Propr. 

Garrison Flave F, saloon. 

Griffith Charles, horseshoer. 

Hageman F M, saw mill. 

Haney John W, saloon. 

Hardy Edward M, propr Courier. 

Haslam Samuel, barber. 

Hazzard Rinaldo P, physician. 

Holmes Harry M, druggist. 

Hosford E K, planing mill, 

Hughes Joseph, saloon. 

Johnson Richard, carj^enter. 

Johnson & Badger, marble works. 

Karmire & Kyle, agricultural implements. 

Kerr William W, blacksmith. 

Hyle Albert, live stock. 

Law & Pritchard, live stock. 

McClain John D, carpenter. 

McColgin Jennie, milliner. 

McCray Samuel D, saloon. 

Marcy Theodore, cooper. 

Mooney John, saloon. 

Moorman & Son, furniture. 

Mutz & Lynch, druggists. 

Neal Samuel, barber. 

Ni(;holson William, carpenter. 

Nieble Louis, saw mill. 

Otto Frederick, tailor. 

Parrish William .J, livery. 

Pate Henrv F, carpenter. 

Pinney H H, ngt J, M & I R R. 

Pitman .\le.xander, Ijlacksmith, 

Pruitt .Vlexander, saw mill. 

Quick Samuel T, physician. 

Riley Kate Miss, milliner. 

Roth Michael, lime dealer. 

Rush W^illiam B, physician, 

Sadler Joseph J, physician. 

Sawin & Ground, groceries. 

Schall William, barber. 

Sellenberg Minnie, milliner. 

Shaw William W, barber. 

Showers & Compton, hardware, 

Sims Noah N, meat market. 

Snow & Dorsey, lawyers. 

Stine Thomas, gunsmith and justice. 

Stine William, baker. 

Stinell William, groceries. 

Stra^wn. 'W R.^ Postmaster. 

Thompson Alfred C & Co, bankers. 

Thompson John A, banker. 

Thompson John A & Co, flour mill. 

Thompson W H & Co, general store. 

Toner J L «& Co, hominy manufacturers. 

Valentine J C & Son, groceries. 

Vandorn Tunis D, wagon and carriage 

Wade Napoleon B, saloon. 
Ward Robert, furniture. 
Ward Robert, harness maker. 
Walsh, Deming & Howell, dry goods. 
Wallace Peter, tailor. 
W^arner John C, restaurant. 
White John & Son, carriage manufacturers. 
White W D & Bro, livery. 
Wilber George & Co, harnessmakers, 
Williams Richard C, watches and clocks. 
Wilson William C, lawyer. 
Winterberg August W, boots and shoes. 
Winterberg Charles C, saloon. 
Winterberg Frank, baker. 

EDNA MILLS* Is located on the 
daily stage route from Rossville to Lafay- 
ette, in Ross township, Clinton county, 12 
miles northwest of Frankfort court house 
and 12 east of Lafayette, the banking town 
and shipping station. One flour mill de- 
rives power from Middle Fork of Wild 
Cat. J. Q. Mellinger, postmaster. 
Berkholder Levi, blacksmith. 
Cripe, Shrock &Co, flour mill. 
Hartzel F P, shoemaker and justice. 
Mellinger Jacob, meat market. 
Mellingfer J Q, General Store. 
Snyder Jacob, wagonmaker. 

ED WARDS. This office was estab- 
lished in 1882, for the convenience of the 
farming community in Otter Creek town- 
ship, and is located in Vigo county, on the 
L. Div. of the T. H. & I. and C. & E. I. R. 
R.'s, 6 miles northeast of Terre Haute, the 
county seat and ]>anking town. Wheat and 
corn are its exports. S. Watkins, postmas- 
ter and physician. 
McKeen & Bro, flour mill. 


Sold by UruxKlHtB. OEPOX, JERSEY CITY, ]N. J. 



«@°"Quality Warranted Un- 
excplled in Circular and 

Cross-Cut Saws. 





Eogers E M, E R agt. 
l?iratkins S, Physician. 

EDWABDSrOItT. Is the loca- 
tion of 750 inhabitants, on the I. & V. E'y, 

in Vigo township, Knox county, 20 miles 

northeast of Vincennes, the county seat and 

banking town, and 98 southwest of Indian- 
apolis. It was settled in 1830, and now 

contains Methodist, Baptist and Christian 

churches, graded school, 1 hotel, 2 saw 

mills, a coal mine, and 1 flour mill. Grain 

and coal are the princijDal shipments. Ex., 

Adams. Tel., W. U. Benjamin F. Keith, 


Anderson William B, physician. 

Azhell Charles C, jeweler. 

Barr Hugh, livery. 

Bartlett Xllbtnas, General Store. 

Bryant Davis, baker. #> 

Culbertson James L, lawyer. 

Edwards Henry A, stoves and tinware. 

Freeman Bros, general store. 

Freeman Edwin, grocer. 

Freund Charles, shoemaker. 

Froeschke Eobert, shoemaker. 

Hinton John C, propr Hinton House. 

Keith Benjamin F, postmaster and physi- 

Maddox Thomas, druggist. 

Marshall Leon P Rev, (Presbyterian). 

Montgomery Frank, E E and ex agt. 

Eamsey William W Rev, (Methodist). 

Reeve Samuel T, furniture. 

Reeve William S, notary. 

Reeve & Barr, lumber and agricultural im- 

Sahse William, harness and justice. 

Scudder Jacob F, drugs. 

Sliepard & Co, Coal. 

Simonson Alfred & Son, general store. 

Slawson Monassa B, blacksmith. 

Slawson William H, meat. 

Slinkard Stephen, livery. 

Spaulding Thomas, physician. 

Stoekley Mrs, millinery. 

Toops James C, general store. 

Voils John, saw mill. 

Watters & Jones, flour mill. 

"W^icker John H E, barber. 

Wright Amos, saw mill. 

stage route from New Albany to Corydon, 
is located in Georgetown township, Floyd 
county, 5 miles west of New Albany court 
house, the location of nearest bank. Its 
350 inhabitants support a Christian Church 
and graded school. Wheat and fruit are 
marketed. .Joseph E. Thomas, postmaster. 
Beard Jonathan, nursery. 
Fordyce William, apiarian. 
Gunn Emily, dressmaker. 

Hoover F X, baker. 

Krousgrill George, blacksmith. 

Murphy James, general store* 

Xliohias Joseph K» General Store. 

Thornton John T, saloon. 

Wilson James E, justice of the peace. 

Wymeyer D W Rev, (Christian). 

EEL JRIVER. Once known as Hel- 
ler's Corners, is a hamlet of 50 persons, lo- 
cated on Eel river, in Eel river township, 
Allen .7'>unty, 12 miles northwest of Fort 
Wayne lourt house, which is the nearest 
bank location. Churubusco, 3 miles north- 
west, on E. R. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y., 
is the shipping station. W. E. Thompson, 

Baker Hamilton, lawyer. 
Baxter James, saw mill. 
Brown A J, physician. 
Foster A W, carpenter. 
Iden Rev, (Baptist). 
Xlionipson "W E, Grocer. 

EGYPT, Is situated in Clay town- 
ship, Carroll county, 10 miles due south of 
Delphi, the county seat, and 13 east of La- 
fayette, the location of nearest bank. Seda- 
lia, 8 miles east on L. Div. T. H. & I. R'y., 
is the nearest rail approach. Population, 
100. Alvin DeLong, postmaster. 
Calvert R H, physician. 
Clowser Charles, carpenter. 
Clowser Henry, saw mill. 
Clowser Samuel & John, tile manufactur- 
Cripe J J, flour mill. 
Cripe Peter, live stock. 
DeLong' Alvin, General Store. 
DeLong J P, carpenter. 
Jones N P, bLacksmith. 
Paul T F, carpenter. 
Renaly Alvin, carpenter. 
Reppert William, blacksmith. 
Ruegamer Charles, brick manufacturer. 
Snyder C, carpenter. 
Snyder C P, carriage painter. 
Snyder Peter, wagonmaker. 
Snyder Solomon, carpenter. 

EKIN^, A hamlet possessed of 75 in- 
habitants, is located in Jefferson township, 
Tipton county, 10 miles southwest of Tip- 
ton, the county seat and banking town, and 
7 west of Buena Vista, its shipping depot, 
on I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y. 
Daily stage to Buena Vista ; fare, 25 cents. 
James McKee, portmaster. 
Bundy John, blacksmith and justice. 
Foster C, live stock. 
Foster & Co, hardware. 
Foster & Kassebaum, general store. 
Foster & Lewis, saw mill. 

R. I. POLK & CO. 


E. Corner Circle and Meridiau Streets, 

IP<»IA7>iAPOL,IS, I]M». 

Oysters, Mi Fits aM Veptaliles. 

Union Oyster Co. 

J. S. Keller, managrer, 

40 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind, 





Henderson Lon, blacksmith. 
Howard J B, nursery. 
Johnson M S, j)hysioiau. 
McKee Janies, Postmaster. 
Eamsey John, shoemaker. 
Seward A B, physician. 

ELBEBFELD. A post village 
of 200 inhabitants, located in Greer town- 
ship, Warrick county, 17 miles north- 
west of Boonville court liouse, and 85 south- 
east of Haubstadt, its shipping depot, on E. 
& T. H. K. K. Nearest bank at Evansville, 
distant 15 miles. Churches — Methodist, 
Albright and Lutheran. Shipments— grain 
and tobacco. P. Magenheimer, postmaster. 
Bethe T, carpenter. 

Blackman Auj^ust, General Store. 
Danks M Kev, (Methodist). 
Fiedler A, plasterer. 
Finkebine Rev, (Albright). 
Hebbler Frederick, carpenter. 
Holtz Frederick, general store. 
Holtz & Schultz, flour mill. 
Kroger Bros, brick and tile manufacturers. 
Seids Rev, (Lutheranb 
magenheimer P, Physician. 
Sanders F jr, cooper. 
Schnell C, carpenter. 
Susott Bros, blacksmiths. 
Susott Louis, carriagemaker. 
Thene F jr, shoemaker. 
Ude F, carpenter. 
Zapp H W, plasterer. 

ELIZAHETH.. Is an incorporated 
town of 300 inhabitants, located in Posey 
township, Harrison county, 12 miles south- 
east of Corydon court house, and 15 south- 
west of New Albany, the location of nearest 
bank. Glace's Landing, on the Ohio river, 
distant 4 miles, is the usual place of ship- 
ment. Tri-weekly stage to New Albany 
and Laconia. John W. Tuell, postmaster. 
Barnes James A, grocer and lawyer, 
Bottorff J S, meat market. 
Bowling Robert, meat market. 
Bowling T E, saloon. 
Bradburn ,J B, physician. 
Breese George W, blacksmith. 
Compton Caroline, general store. 
Compton Edward S, general ctore. 
Detrich Sarah Mrs, confectioner. 
Evans Ella, milliner. 
Funk Z T, physician. 
Gilmore& Kessinger, general store. 
Hildebrand & Neamer, flour and saw mill. 
Knibbs William R, shoemaker. 
Jones A A, physician. 
Lowe G T, grocer. 
Money -J T I', justice. 
Rush Jacob, lawyer. 
Rush William H, saddler. 

Rusk Henry C, blacksmith. 
Rusk J Q A, blacksmith. 
Tuell John "W, Postmaster. 
Walpert Frederick, tanner, 
Walpert George & Bro, drugs. 
Welker Nannie, milliner. 
Wolfe SO, physician. 

corporated town of 390 inhabitants, located 
on M. Div. J., M. & I. R. R., in Sand Creek 
township, Bartholomew county, 7 miles- 
southeast of Columbus, the county seat and 
banking town, and 48 southeast of Indian- 
apolis. Wheat, corn, live stock, lumber 
and drain tile are exported. It has Meth- 
odist and Christian churches. Adams Ex. 
and W. U. Tel. A. L. Bateman, postmas- 

Adams W C, saw mill. 
Adams & Orem, blacksmiths. 
Anderson Georgie Miss, milliner. 
Anderson John B, justice of the peace. 
Bateman A L,, R R and Ex Agt. 
Bergen J W, drugs. 
Bodenbaum & I udden, blacksmiths. 
Burns D, shoemaker. 
Burns M J Mrs, hotel, 
Buxton Bros, general store. 
Danforth C, broom manufacturer. 
Elzen E, wagonmaker. 
Farrer D & J, flour mill. 
Hawley K D, physician, 
Hege & White, saw mill, 
Leslie & Gant, grain, 
Lindley I C, apiarian. 
Marsh W J, harnessmaker. 
Merrill & Campbell, drain tile manufact- 
Ne-WSOn R C, General Store. 
Rogers J S, lawyer. 
Sharp William, barber. 
Sisco Charles, shoemaker. 
Smith L F, hotel. 
Springer E & Son, general store. 
Thompson D A, physician. 
Vaught A, undertaker and furniture: 
'Wills P E, Drugs. 

ELIZA VILLE. This is a post vil- 
lage of 100 population, situated in Clinton 
township, Boone county, 8 miles northeast 
of Lebanon court house, the nearest rail 
approach and bank location. Prominent 
among the recent improvements here is a 
new process flour mill, erected by L. P. 
Hopkins at a cost of $9,000. Flour and 
wheat are marketed. L. P, Hopkins, post- 

Clark A J, physician, 
Harrison R, shoemaker, 
Higbee E, flour mill. 

L Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. Consignments 
solicited. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 


Xbe Original Stump-Blastins^ Po-wder. 

C. H. JENr<JE, Agent, 

29^2 North Pennsylvania Street, 
Indianapolis, - - Ind. 





Hopkins r, P, General Store and 

Flour Mill. 
Long & Clossin, carpenters. 
Niekey A S, physician. 
Tomlinson J C, blacksmith. 

ELKHART, One of the most im- 
portant manufacturing and commercial 
places in Northern Indiana, is a progressive 
incorporated city of 10,000 inhabitants, 
pleasantly located on the St. Joseph and 
Elkhart rivers, in Concord township, Elk- 
hart county, 10 miles northwest of Goshen, 
the county seat, 101 east of Chicago', 60 
northwest of Ft. Wayne, and 150 northeast 
of Indianapolis. It is traversed bv the L. 
S. & M. S. and C. W. & M. R'ys., and is a 
very important station for both roads. The 
city is lighted by gas ; has excellent works ; 
a good and well equipped fire depart- 
ment ; has real and personal property 
(assessed value) amounting to $2,250,- 
000, and carries a bonded debt of $10,- 
€00. Its educational and religious ad- 
vantages are most excellent, and comprise 
1 high and 5 ward schools, employing 24* 
teachers, with an enrollment of 1,400 
scholars, and several very handsome church 
edifices, belonging to nearly all kinds of 
prominent religious societies. The city 
supports 7 hotels, 3 banks and 5 news- 
papers — Monitor and Review, published 
daily and weekly, and Elkhart County 
Journal, issued weekly. The most import- 
ant feature of Elkhart is its extensive 
manufactories, which include 4 paper 
mills, 2 straw board mills, 2 knit goods 

factories, a band instrument factory, 3 
planing mills, 2 wind mill factories, 1 saw 
mill, 2 starch factories, 2 foundries, car 
works, 5 flour mills and 2 box factories. A 
large portion of the mills and factories de- 
rive water power from rivers above men- 
tioned. This is an excellent point for the 
location of any kind of manufacturing es- 
tablishment, as it offers most excellent 
water power and transportation facilities. 
Ex., U. S. Tel., W. U. F. W. Miller, post- 

Allen & Lee, planing mill. Main. 
Arnold Joseph D, justice of the peace, 76 

Arrisman Alexander, saw mill. 
Arrisman Jacob, grocer, 200 Main. 
Babb Ann E, books and stationery, 94 Main. 
Barney George T, insurance agt, cor Main 

and Jackson. 
Barney ^Villiam M, boots and shoes, 39 

Barr Edward Rev, (Presbyterian). 
Baugher David H, blacksmith. State. 
Baumgarten John, merchant tailor, 204 

Beardsley James R, paper manufacturer. 

Beckley Norman, General Manager 

C W & M R'y, cor Main and Harrison. 
Benham Francis A, physician, 78 Main. 
Best Wind Mill Company, Chamberlain & 

Straw, proprs, 107 Main. 
Bibbins Charles D, cigars, 35 Jackson. 
Bickel Emanuel C, lawyer, 72 Main. 
Blackburn Richard, clothing, 118 Main. 
Blake Miles, meat market, Harrison. 

-A-. STE33F»HE31>JS 


E! iz^rcoiEt., 


O'HOS. H. CI.APP, Optician and Watclimalier, 

93 Nortli Pennsylvania Street, 
NeTr-DeBiton Hotel Block, II«I>IAI«APOL,IS, IP(D. 

Accurate adjustment of Spectacles. 
Personsl atteniion to Fine Watch 
Repairing. Thirty years experi- 
ence. ■sj'Satisfaction Assured. 

Llnmo I ifo I no Of\ All ^oli^ss noa-forfeiting under the law of New York, 
nUlTlG LIIC inSi uUi after Jan. 1, 18S0. Will enable Agents to double their 


E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't., Chicago, 111. 





Bloomer Annie S Mrs, milliner, 121 Main. 

Borneman & Doll, hardware, 103 Main. 

Boss John, brickmaker. 

Boyer Edward K, grocer, 210 S Main. 

Braden James D, horseshoer, Jackson. 

Brodrick Bros & Hazleton, dry goods, 98 

Brodrick's Opera House, J L Brodrick, 
propr, 98-100 Main. 

Browning Henry T, druggist, cor Main and 

Burns Albert R, druggist, cor Main and 

Burroughs Chester S, Propr Junc- 
tion House, bet Main and 2d. 

Butterfield James H, livery, E Jackson. 

Cady Lyman S, upholsterer, 164 Main. 

Cady Mary C Mrs, corsets, 164 Main. 

Calvert Walter, cigars and tobacco, 75 

Campbell Edward A, carriage trimmer, E 

Carpenter Charles, live stock. 

Carpenter E A & Co, druggists, 146 Main. 

Castetter Samuel B, wall paper, 202 Main. 

Central House, Benjamin Wool worth, propr. 

Chamberlain Albert W, patent medicines, 

Chamberlain Orville T, lawyer, 169 Main. 

Chapman Henry P, dry goods, 128 Main. 

Chase & Kent, Publishers of the Elk- 
hart Daily and Weekly Review ; over 
Postoffice, Jackson. 

Chester L E & E M, cigar manufacturers, 
162 Main. 

Christmin Philip, barber, 194 Main. 

Chumway George F, second hand goods, 
37 Jarkson. 

Cincinnati, '^Tabash & Michi- 
gan R.'y, Norman Beckley, General 
Manager, Office cor Main and Harrison. 
{See adx:) 

City Hotel, 197 Main. 

Clark Asa B, junk dealer, 56 Main. 

Clifton House, G W Greene, propr, cor 
Jackson and Main. 

Cole Joseph H, restaurant, 120 Main. 

Cole M E, pianos and organs. 

Cole Nicholas, confectioner, 95 Main. 

Colpitts Roland, saloon, cor Main and 

Combination Board Company, straw board 
manufacturers, Elkhart ave. 

Compton Jacob D, grocer, 52 Main. 

Compton, Meader & Dorn, dry goods, 100 

Comstock .John, grocer, 5 Main. 

Conley Eli, sewing machines, 152 Main. 

Conn Charles G, band instruments, E Jack- 

Cook Charles L, restaurant, 1.36 Main. 

Cook Elisha B, jeweler, 186 Main. 

Main. ^^ 
M S and C 


Cowherd & Weatherwax, box manufactur- 
e)s. High. .J I 

Crockett James, physician, 2d, 

Cummins Steven M, dentist, 81 

Curtis Annie Miss, agt L S & 
W & M R'ys. 

Daily Monitor, J B Stoll, Publisher, 
89 Main. 

Danforth & Chamberlain, driven well 
points, cor Main and Waihington. 

Darling M W Rev, (Congregational). 

Darr David, flour mill. 

Davenport John B, gents' furnishings, 101 

Davis Harry B, propr St Charles hotel, cor 
Main and State. 

Davis William, merchant tailor, 125 Main. 

Deane & Sons, barbers, cor Jackson and 

Dewey George H Mrs, dressmaker, Wash- 

Dockeray Robert L, jeweler, 148 Main. 

Dodge Henry C, lawyer, 97 Main. 

Dotson Alexander, grocer. 

Doty Nelson P, marble works, 19 Jackson. 

Drake Elisha A, sewing machines, 184 

Drake William N, harness, 67 Main. 

Dunbar William H, lime and cement, 

Dunn William N, architect, 123 Main. 

Durant Oliver N, shoemaker, 212 Main. 

Eagle Knitting Company, 159 to 163 Main. 

Eckelman Frederick C, physician and 
drugs, 130 Main. 

Edgerly Royal H, saloon, 87 Main. 

Elkhart Car Works, R E Mulcaly, mana- 

Elkhart Carriage and Harness Manufactur- 
ing Company, Pratt. 

Hlkhart County Journal, Elk- 
hart Journal Company, Publishers, 6 

Elkhart Daily Review, Chase & Kent, pub- 
lishers, Jackson. 

Elkhart Gas Light and Coke Company, E 

Hlkhart Mouse, W F Wickwire, 
Propr, cor 2d and Jackson. {See adv.) 

Elkhart Journal Company, W 
E Hawk, Prest ; D H Christopher, sec 
and treas, 6 High. 

Elkhart Knitting Company, Main. 

Elkhart Milling Company, flour mill,. 

Elkhart Mutual Aid, Benevolent and Re- 
lief Association, 97 Main. 
Elkhart National Bank ; capital, $50,000f 
Abrum Upp, prest ; Ed R Kerstetter 
cashr; 114 Main. 
Elkhart Paper Company, Elkhart ave. 
Elkhart Starch Company, starch manufac- 
turers, Elkhart ave. 

Bent Wood.! 

UARRiAOE AND WAGON STOCK OF Ai^L KINDS manuiacturca ana som oy 
Sales Boom, 28 and 30 £. Georgia St., Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., p. 6, 

Bldnk Book MSkBrS' ^^ ~^^''^' ^^'n^^^'^ ^nd Blank Book Makers, 

l S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts., Indianapolis. 






W. F. WICKWIRB, Proprietor, 
Cor. Second mid Jackson Streets, ELKHART, INO. 


/^•^RATES REDUCED.— $L50 to $2.00 per day. 

Free Hack to and from all trains. Hack calls made to any part of the city. 
Manufacturer of and Dealer in 

Breech f Muzzle Loading Shot Guns, 

Rifles, Revolvers, Ammiiiiition, and 
Sporting Goods of all kinds. 

Repairing Neatly Executed. Guns Bored to Shoot 
Close and Hard. 


Pigeon Street. 

13., C TM^RIGHX, 


I*. O. Box, 1319, 

Pine and Hard Wood 


Lath, Shingles, Pickets, Etc. 



Dealers in 


Jewelry and Holiday Goods. 

(-^^ REP AHtlNG A SI»EC1AI,XV.^^_J 



New York Life Ins.Co. 

Purely Mutual. No Stockholders. Absolute Secur- 
ity at Actual Cost. Issues all desirable forms of 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, indiana^omI: 


the: bbsx in xhb markhx, 

from bryce^s bakery, 

14 East South Street, - - - Indianapolis, Ind. 





Elkhart Tissue Paper Company. 
£lkhart Daily and "Weekly 

Review', Chase & Kent, Publishers, 

Elkhart and Goshen Telephone Exchange, 

C M Proctor, manager, 65 Main. 
Erwin, Lane & Co, paper manufacturers, 

Elkhart ave. 
Excelsior Starch Manufactory, Elkhart 

Fahne^ock Augustus A, physician. 
Feig Jacob, clothing, 84 Main. 
Fieldhouse John W, meat market, 24 Jack- 
First National Bank ; capital, $100,000 ; J 

R Beardsley, prest ; John Cook, cashr; 85 

Fish <& Bickel, real estate, 72 Main. 
Fisher Dr, physician, Pigeon. 
Foltz John H, sewing machines, 196 Main. 
Foster Bros, (^arriagemakers. Main. 
Fox J & Son, grocers, Main. 
France William, furniture, 141 Main. 
Frink Charles, physician, cor Jackson and 

Funk John Kev, (Menonite). 
Funk Sophia M Miss, physician, cor Main 

and Jackson. 
Gafney Henry, propr City Hotel, 197 Main. 
Garey John, hotel, 2d. 
Oilman Henry, Builder, Contractor 

and Pteal Estate Agt, cor Virginia ave 

and Prairie. 
Gilman Henry Mrs, millinery, 108 Main. 
Gofi' Frank L, photographer, 122 Main. 
Goldberg Jacob, gents' furnishings, 202 

Golden Elza, druggist, 194 Main. 
Gore & Wright, planing mill, E J:'.ckson. 
Gorman Michael, shoemaker, 208 Main. 
Greene C T & Co, grocers, 105 Main. 
Greene George W, propr Clifton House, 

cor Jackson and Main. 
Grossman H C Rev, (Lutheran). 
Guipe & Patterson, shoemakers, 214 S Main. 
Haggerty Robert V, physician, 90 Main. 
Hall Samuel T, liquors, 32 Jackson. 
Hammond Peter E, saloon, 91 Main. 
Harmon David, wagonmaker, E High. 
Harrington Oscar B, physician. High. 
Hayden James, barber, 198 Main. 
Hayden & Hively, barbers, 198 Main. 
Hege Ulrich, j)rinter, 206 Main. 
Henderson (Jliarles S, lawyer, 169 Main. 
Hendryx Truman C, Physician 

and Surgeon, 138 Main. 
Herald J>er Wabrheit, 157 Main. 
Herald of Truth, 157 Main. 
Herman tt Co, hardware, 81 Main. 
Hill Daniel, dry goods, 136 Main. 
Hoffman Jacob J, grocer, cor Main and 

Hoffman Joseph J, grocer. 

Hoke Samnel, notions, 144 Main. 
Hoover David S, livery, 2d. 
Hopkins Thomas C, stationery, Jackson. 
Horton John, physician, 149 Main. 
Hostetter Abraham, saloon, 188 Main. 
Hovey Edmund S.Mrs, dressmaker, 150 

Hueneryaeger William, wagonmaker, State. 
Hunt Julius A, grocer, 206 Main. 
Hunt J F & Co, dry goods, 134 Main. 
Hunter D W, builder, 11 Pigeon. 
Hurbert James U, saloon, Main. 
Hutchison James H, justice, 76 Main. 
Her John W, insurance, Vistula, 
Jones Leonard, blacksmith, E Jackson. 
Jones Lewis P, photographer, 121 Main. 
Jones L Monroe, photographer, 188 Main, 
Joy Austin D, livery, 7 Pigeon. 
Judd Rufus S Mrs, restaurant, 33 Jackson, 
Jugend Freund, 157 Main. 

Junction Mouse, C S Burroughs, 

Propr, bet Main and 2d. 
Kaskel Michael, cigars and tobaccos, 30 

Kavanagh & Pollard, grocers, 138 Main. 
Keene Elijah H, flour and feed, 197 Main. 
Kelley & Leonard, druggists, 90 Main. 
Kellogg Joel W, crockery, 115 Main, 
Kibbe Edward, druggist, 22 Jackson, 

Kinzy Jolin S, Grocer and Bakery, 

140 Main, 
Krau John, meat, 89 Main. 
Kremer Henry J, grocer, 151 Main. 
Kroeger William Rev, (Catholic). 
Lacy Edward, meat market, 112 Main, 
Leib D N, lawyer, 138 Main. 
Leininger William, grocer, S Main. 
L,emon Ouy C, Dealer in Paperhang- 

ings. Picture Frames, Mouldings, etc, 196 

Levy Charles, clothing, 110 Main, 
Lilley John T, barber, 102 Main. 
Linderman John, blacksmith, E High. 
Little & Forward, founders. 
Lowry Andrew, shoemaker, 152 Main. 
Luke Frank, flour mill. Main. 
Lasher Eli, restaurant, 93 Main. 
Lusher John, general store, cor Main and 

Lutz Bros, boots and shoes, Harrison. 
McBain Joseph R, saloon, depot. 
McKahin William J, sewing machines, 124 

McKay Andrew W, agricultural imple- 
ments, 66 Main. 
McLaohlan & Felt, fancy goods, 93 Main. 
Main Oliver H, lawyer, 99 Main. 
Mann William H, agt U S Ex Company, 

Martin Jacob S, grocer, 154 Main, 
Marvin Peter, grocer, 76 Main. 
Mast Ludwig, tailor, Middlebury. 


IHf Of I lOirtIO Collected by -w. H. CORDAI^KV, Attorney at L,a-w. 

■Will lllnllllN. 48 Yance Block, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 

■ ■Ml WIUIIIIVl *9*20 yekfi exporlence. Rejected and increase Peniions a RoeclAltr 


LAGEB BEER, ALB and PORTER, Bottled by 
PUBS* See Advertisement page 351> 





iriaxon, Parmater & Co, Planing 

Mill and Manufacturers of Sash, Doors 

and Blinds, E Jackson. 
Mead Eussell, bill poster, Clifton House. 
Melkus Franz, shoemaker, cor Main and 

Mennonite Publishing Company, J F Funk 

& Bro, proprs, 157 Main. 
Meyers Enos M, meat market, Harrison. 
Miles Frank L, physician;; 32 Jackson. 
Miller Emily D Mi-s, milliner, 107 Main. 
Miller Frederick W, postmaster, Jackson. 
Miller Lovina Miss, restaurant, 155 Main. 
Minnich Alonzo A, hardware, 99 Main. 
Minnich John M, agricultural implements, 

99 Main. 
Montgomery Thomas, physician, cor Main 

and Jackson. 
Nadel & Frank, clothing, 122 Main. 
Nash Milton, wagonmaker, E Jackson. 
Neal William A, physician, 176 Main. 
Neighbour R E Eev, (Baptist). 
Nelson C & Co, millinery, 166 Main. 
Neusbaum C M, live stock. 
Nopper William, hardware, 193 Main. 
O'Reilley Michael, bottler. Main. 
Oliver Xhomas, Grocer, Baker and 

Confectioner, 126 Main. 
Palmer Charles G Mrs, dressmaker, 176 

Payne Calvin E, notions, 111 Main. 
Payne Mary E H Mrs, dry goods, 78 Main. 
Peck Charles H, furniture. High. 
Philliber H & J, coopers. Water. 
Pllillips HI & Co, Watches, Clocks, 

Jewelry, 184 Main. {See adv.) 
Pixley Chelius S, physician, cor Marion and 

Pletcher John A, meat market, 143 Main. 
Pope Alexander, hardware, 82 Main. 
Post Arthur H, wall paper, 124 Main. 
Powers Mary A Mrs, laundry, 17 Jackson. 
Poyneer David H, physician, 148 Main. 
Primley Frank M, hardware, Main. 
Primley Jonathan P, druggist, Main nr 

Reed J L & Son, carriagemakers, Jackson. 
Reynolds John M, confectioner, cor Main 

and Jackson. 
Richley John A, gents' furnishings, 77 

:Rittel Philip, meats, 196 Main. 
Robb Joseph W, shoemaker, 204 Main. 
Roberts & Tracy, general store, 142 Main, 

and feed, 165 Main. 
Robinson R D Rev, (Methodist). 
Rogers George R, saloon, 70 Main. 
Rogfers John, Gunsmith, 2 Pigeon. 

{See adv). 
Rohrig Frank, shoemaker, 129 Main. 
Rolling Jonathan, laundry. Main. 
Rush Jesse, wagonmaker, cor Main and 


Rutter Mary A Mrs, dressmaker, 140 Main. 

St Charles Hotel, cor Main and State. 

St Joseph Valley Bank ; capital, $25,000 ; 
A M Tucker, prest ; W H Knickerbocker, 
cashr, 92 Main. 

Sage M G & N, flour mill, E Jackson. 

Sargent Alfred T, shoemaker, 68 Main. 

Scofield Lawrence H, painter, 149 Main. 

Secord Pi^ormail A, Propr Temper- 
ance House, S Main. 

Seely Edwin, confectioner, 31 Jackson. 

Sell Frank, jeweler, 104 Main. 

Shackman Joseph, clothing, 116 Main. 

Shaflfer Charles S, meats, 212 S Main. 

Shaffer Lewis F, barber, 96 Main. 

Stta'W Preieric G Baker and 
Confectioner, 200 Main. 

Sheldon Calvin, lime and plaster, Main. 

Short Samuel B, dentist, 194 Main. 

Shuey Michael F, lawyer, 96 Main. 

Shumard Sylvester W, general store, Har- 

Shumway George F, furniture, 188 Main. 

Sloat John A, harness, 154 Main. 

Smalley Julia Mrs, dressmaker, 76 Main. 

Smith & Huggins, shoemakers, 94 Main. 

Solari Antonia, confectioner, 152 Main. 

Sones Wilson, junk dealer, 58 Main. 

Spencer Lorina T Miss, dressmaker, 94 M ain 

Sriver Delia Miss, laundry, cor High and 

State & Chamberlain, lawyers, 122 Main. 

Stealey & Smiley, grocers, 184 Main. 

Stefley M N Rev, (German Evangelical). 

Stephens Andre-w, Furniture and 
Undertaker, 119 Main. {See adv.) 

Stevenson Milton L, grocer, 83 Main. 

Stewart W S Rev, (Methodist). 

Stinsson Swan, cabinetmaker, 20 Middle- 

Stoll John B, Publisher of the Daily 
and Weekly Monitor, and Book and Job 
Printer, 89 Main. 

Stout Charles W, sewing machines, 117 Main. 

Strauss Benjamin, clothing, 102 Main. 

Straw Board Company. 

Swanson Charles, grocer, 198 Main. 

Swinehart Daniel, grocer, 69 Main. 

Tavernier Martin, cooper, Franklin. 

Xemperance House, N A Secord. 
Propr, $1 Per Day, S Main. 

Theis William H, saloon, 192 Main. 

Thomas Warren H, physician. 

Thompson Otis D, City Judge, 87 

Thompson & Davenport, wind mill manu- 
facturers, 50 Main. 

Thornton S & S, brickmakers. 

Thorp Bros, barbers, 210 Main. / 

Thorp John, barber, 146 Main. 

Throop Samuel B, agricultural implements, 
40 Main. \ 

Titus James W, grocer, 96 Main. 



16 aud 18 Hubbard Block, INDIANAPOLIS, IKD. 

in^Bl nAAPIllAf For Corrugrated and Crimped, Address 

IKON nDOFINGl W. G. HYNDMAN & CO., CmciDnati, OMo. 





Tompkins William A, milliner, 109 Main. 

Truby Michael, jeweler, Pigeon. 

Tyler Josiah B, dining hall, depot. 

Union News Company, E P Willard, supt, 

Upham Nelson, billiard hall, 5 Pigeon. 

Yanderlip Washington P, pianos and or- 
gans, 1*4 Main. 

Vanlleet John M, lawyer, 74 Main. 

Yoisinet Y & Co, flour mill, E Jackson. 

Wales James Rev, (English Evangelical). 

Walley Charles, furniture, 4 Pigeon. 

Warner Byron W, harness, 113 Main. 

AVeaver Michael K, druggist, 97 Main. 

Weaver & Bvam, lawvers, 76 ]Main. 

"^■' Monitor, J B Stoll, Pub- 
lisher, 89 Main. 

Weiler John, saloon, 205 Main. 

Weith Kudolph J, barber, 127 Main. 

^''ickwire 'W F, Propr Elkhart 
House, cor 2d and Jackson. {Sec adv.) 

Wilder Josiah W, meats, 204 Main. 

Willard Edward P, supt Union News Com- 
pany, depot. 

Wells Asa F, photographer, 115 Main. 

Welsh Charles, baker, 151 Main. 

Wentworth & Babcock, grocers, cor Main 
and High. 

Wertz and Morrow, painters, 124 Main. 

Western Union Telegraph Company, Miss 
M A Fenton, agt, 65 Main. 

Wolf John L, boots and shoes, 80 Main. 

Wood Julius D, insurance agt, 114 Main. 

Woolworth Benjamin, propr Central House, 

Words of Cheer, 157 Main. 

Work Aaron, coal, 153 Main. 

Work James A, physician, 140 Main. 

"Wright Henry C, Lumber Dealer, 
etc, E High. (See adv.) 

Zabel John, saloon, 198 Main. 

^^Itler Bros, Saloon, Groceries, Bak- 
ery, 28 Jackson, opp Postoffice. 

Zimmer Zoran, cabinetmaker. 

ELKINS riLLE. Has 30 inhabit- 
ants, in Jolinson township, Brown county, 
and is located 10 miles south of Nashville 
court house. Bloomington, the banking 
town and nearest rail approach, is 20 miles 
northwest on the L., N. A. & C. K'y. Staves, 
spokes, hooppoles, bark, and wheat are 
shipped. .Jesse P. Browning, jiostmaster. 
Browning- Jesse P, General Store. 
Browning, Selser & Hall, Saw 

Headrick .Joseph, flour mill. 
IjConard John H, physician. 
l'hillii)pe John \', blacksmith. 

EL LETTS VIL L E. Th is is a 

growing village of (i((() inhabitanls, located 
in Richmond township, Monroe county, 7 

miles north of Bloomington courthouse and 
35 south of Greencastle. The most im- 
portant feature of this place is its immense 
supply of superior quality building stone, 
which is unexcelled by any in the state. 
The village contains Methodist, Presby- 
terian, Baptist and Christian churches, a 
graded school, 2 hotels, a private bank, 
weekly newspaper — News — 1 spoke factory, 
2 large stone quarries, 2 flour mills, 1 plan- 
ing mill, a saw mill, and 1 woolen mill. 
Stone, grain, produce and live stock are 
shipped. Ex., Am. and L., N. A. & C, 
Tel., W. U. Francis M. Stephenson, post- 

Baxter John M. Rev, (Methodist). 
Buchanan Columbus, agt L, N A & C R'y 

and Ex Company. 
Copenhaver William H, blacksmith. 
Cornwell Catharine Mrs, propr St Charles- 
Draper "William C, Hardware and 
Furniture Dealer and Lumber Manu- 
Ellettsville News (weekly), Samuel E Har- 
ris, publisher. 
Fields John, grocer. 
Fletcher George, planing mill. 
Harris Bros, general store. 
Harris James F, druggist. 
Harris Rice C, physician. 
Harris Samuel B, flour and woolen mill. 
Harris Samuel E, publisher News. 
Harris William T, hardware, etc. 
Harris & Pressley, milliners. 
Hughs Hamilton S, shoemaker. 
Hughs Stallard, agt Adams Ex Company. 
Hughs & Whitted, druggists. 
Jackson William H, flour mill. 
Kriner Daniel S, Wagonmaker. 
Krutsinger William H Rev, (Christian). 
McNeely & Simpson, livery stable. 
Matthews John & Sons, stone quarry. 
May John A, barber. 
Moore George B, general store. 
Parks James M, grocery and justice. 
Perry Bros, general store and stone quar- 
Provin Samuel, dry goods. 
Prow Almira Mrs, millinery. 
Raper John W, justice of the peace. 
Ridgway & Montgomery, lumber dealers. 
Robertson James T, general store. 
St Charles Hotel, Mrs C Cornwell, propr. 
Saunders J Wood Rev, (Baptist). 
Sharp I^rank ^I, saloon. 
Shook Henry M, shoemaker. 
Shook & Faulkner, blacksmiths. 
Sedwick .John E, blacksmith. 
Sodwick & Co, spoke manufacturers. 
Stephenson Francis I»I, Grocer 

and Postmaster. 
Stimson Charles P], meat market. 

James B. Lizius & Co. 



18% Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, ln.1. 


E. C. ATKINS & C9, 

Ig^'The Celebrated "Silver 
Steel" Circular and Cross- 
cut Saws. 





Whitsell Matilda E Mrs, hotel. 
Whitted William L, physician. 
Worley Frank E, banker. 

ELLSW OB TH. Hall township, 
Dubois county, with 40 inhabitants, is lo- 
cated 15 miles east of Jasper, the county 
seat and place of shipment. In the vicini- 
ty can be found Methodist and Baptist 
churches. Produce and staves are the ex- 
ports. James M. Ellis, postmaster. 
Beaty James, flour mill. 
Bender John, blacksmith. 
KlliS James M, General Store. 
Ellis Levi K, lumber. 
Hubbard & Co, stave manufacturers. 
Eiley William K, gunsmith. 

ELMA Y, Is a postoffice located in a 
farm house in Liberty township, Grant 
county, 10 miles southwest of Marion court 
hou^e, and 6 miles southwest of Jonesboro, 
on P., C. & St. L., and C, W. & M. E.'s. 
Joseph A. Prine, postmaster. 

ELU OD. A settlement of 1 50 persons, 
in Washington township, Kipley county, 
located 6 miles east of Versailles court 
house, and same distance south of Milan, 
its shipping depot, on the O. & M. R'y- 
Nearest bank at Aurora, 16 miles east. 
Live stock and grain are the exports. J. 
P. Elrod, postmaster. 
Boldrey C E, physician. 
Burbage William, surveyor. 
Elrod J F, wagonmaker and blacksmith. 
Klrod JR, General Store. 
Givan S E, physician. 
Johnson K, general store. 
McCabe W W, justice of the peace. 
Nighbert J, agricultural implements. 
Penderg^ast E, Saw Mill. 
Teny S, blacksmith. 

ELVAN, Inhabited by 100 persons, 
is a hamlet located in Smith township, 
Greene county, 10 miles northwest of 
Bloomfield, the county seat, and 6 south- 
west of Worthington, its shipping depot 
and banking town, on the I. & V. E-'y. 
Grain and live stock are marketed. W. 
G. Acton, postmaster. 
Acton Bell Miss, dressmaker. 
Acton "W G» Druggist and Physician. 
Arney J W, carpet weaver and carpenter. 
Brov/n Harrison, lumber. 
Brown & Gastin, saw mill. 
Buskirk & Gastin, stave manufacturers. 
Davis William, mason. 
Mater Samuel Rev, (Methodist). 
Miller Adam, live stock. 
Reynolds James, live stock. 
Speaker James, blacksmith. 

Speaker Mark, carpenter and wagonmaker, 
Stahl Adam, live stock. 

ELWOOD. Established in 1852, was 
known as Quincy formerly, and became an 
incorporated town in 1875. It is located on 
Duck Creek, in Pike Creek township, Madi- 
son county, at crossing of L., E. & W. and 
P., C. & St. L. R'ys, 16 miles northwest of 
Anderson court house, and 50 northeast of 
Indianapolis. This town is rapidly improv- 
ing, both in commerce and manufacture, 
and contains excellent churches, a large 
graded school of 4 departments, a public 
hall, several fine business blocks, 2 hotels, 1 
private bank, and a weekly newspaper — 
The Revievj. Its prominent manufactories 
include 3 saw mills, 1 stave factory, 1 flax 
mill, a cooper shop, 2 planing mills, a brick 
and tile yard and 1 flour mill. Tri- 
weekly stage to Independence and Rigdon. 
Staves, lumber, grain and live stock com- 
prise the principal shipments. Population 
1,000. Ex., Adams and U. S. Te].,W.U. 
Frances M. Hunter, postmaster, 
Adair John T, justice of the peace. 
Adair J T & Son, saw mill. 
Anderson House, G W Kidwell, propr. 
Armfield John D, physician. 
Austin William H, furniture and under- 
Bachfield Charles, jeweler. 
Ballard George M, Lawyer and 

Notary Public. ^ 

Barnes Bros, barbers. 
Barnes George W & Son, blacksmiths and 

Bauer Benjamin, saloon. 
Bauer Thaddeus, shoemaker. 
Beck T S, physician. 
Boy den I T, bakery. 
Brown Rudolph, lawyer, 
Buchanan John, shoemaker. 
Callaway Beniah, physician. 
Callaway & Co, general store and proprs 

Citizens' Exchange Bank. 
Carter George W, barber. 
Chambers Emanuel H, general store. 
Cliatnbers House, William M 
Sharp, Propr. This House has been Re- 
fitted and Refurnished Throughout, and 
has Good Sample Rooms on First Floor, 
Chamness Anthony, boots and shoes. 
Citizens' Exchange Bank, B T Callaway, 
prest; H C Callaway, cashr; capital, 
Clymer R. H, Livery, Sale and Feed 
Stable. Will Buy and Sell Horses; 
Board Same by Day or Week. Commer- 
cial Trade Solicited. 
Cochran Henry & Son, saw and planing 

Davis Eli Rev, (Methodist). 



\ ISSSonth Meridian St., 


Wers of Gove and Fresli Oysters. UNION OYSTER GOi 

J. S. KHL,L,HR, IMCanaser. 

40 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Dehority James M, lawyer. 

Dehority J M Rev, (Methodist Protestant). 

Dehority J M & vSon, general store. 

Doon Theo F, painter. 

Dunlap Bros, Livery, Sale and Fee^ 

Elkins Thomas J Rev, (Methodist). 

Elwood Review, S T Legg, propr. 

Fisher ^Y H Rev, (Methodist Protestant). 

Hand & Wagner, flax manufacturers. 

Hannah James C, blacksmith. 

Harting & Dehority, grain and agricultural 

Heck Alice, milliner, 

Hefi'ner Louis, saw and planing mill. 

Hopseuroth "William, shoemaker. 

Hunter Francis M, postmaster and breeder 
Plymouth Rock fowls. 

Hupp George W, hardware and insurance 
agt. • 

Jeffries & Kramer, brick and tile manufac- 

Kelley & Knotts, grocers. 

Kidwell George W, propr Anderson House. 

Kid'Well & Ooode, Proprs of the 
Elwood Flouring Mills, Manufacturers 
of Flour and Meal and Dealers in All 
Kinds, of Grain. 

Kramer Gustav, meat market and stave 

Lee Lizzie, milliner. 

Lee Selina J Mrs, drugs and medicines. 

Lee William, saddles and harness. 

Leeson R L, grocer. 

Legg Samuel T, justice and editor Review. 

Lister Henry, restaurant. 

Larah & Lyst, meat market. 

Mac Kenzie Charles, merchant tailor, 

Piation Charles, Attorney at Law. 

Needham Charles L, drugs and books. 

Nuding John, saloon. 

Overshiner James M, hardware. 

Eoss A W, druggist. 

Sharp 'William m, Propr Chambers 

Sigler Daniel, physician. 

Sims Thomas S, physician. 

Slifer Charles D, agt P, C & St L R'y. 

Spahr William F, general store. 

vSpeeney Willis, cooper. 

Vinson Samuel R, agt L F & W R'y. 

Wells Peter & Son, furniture and under- 

Wheeler & Wagner, wagonmakers, 

Wiggins A H & Co, boots and shoes. 

Wilson Richard, Dealer in Im- 
ported Kentucky Whiskies, Choice Wines, 
Liquors and Leading Brands of Cigars. 

Wise Jesse, shoemaker. 

EMINENCE, Is a village of 350 

eopulation, located in Adams township, 
lorgan county, 18 miles northwest of Mar- 

tinsville, the county seat and banking 
town. Amo, 13 miles north, on the St. L., 
v., T. H. & I. R. R., is the usual place of. 
shipment. Methodist, Christian and Bap- 
tist churches are sustained. George P. 
Rhea, postmaster. 

Aren C J & Son, harness manufacturers. 
Banta William C, physician. 
Brasier Gideon, hotel. 
Braiser & Hubel, harness. 
Burges James K, drugs. 
Carver A, carpenter. 
Cheneworth S A, blacksmith. 
Cheneworth S H, justice of the peace. 
Dossett Solomon, brick manufacturer. 
Gum Mollie Mrs, hotel. 
Homes Daniel N, General Store. 
Miller M, saw mill. 
Miller Sisters, milliners. 
Nicholas C E & Bro, notions. 
Nicholas H, milliner. 
Nicholas & Rhea, general store. « 

Parker Joel, drugs. 
Parker & Son, general store. 
Pottorff William A, physician. 
Rhea Joseph C, carpenter. 
Rhea J I & O P, Lawyers. 
Rhea & Ryan, General Store, 
Scott Liberty, blacksmith. 
Slage & Rhea, undertakers. 
Summers & Tarleton, flour mill. 
Twomey John, constable. 
Twomey, PottoS' & Co, saw mill. 
Varley William E, shoemaker. 
Watson A, blacksmith, 
Watson E N, carpenter. 
Watson G W, carpenter. 

on the E. & T. H. R. R., in Busseron town- 
ship, Knox county, 10 miles north of Vin- 
cennes, the county seat and banking town. 
Population, 40. Grain and live stock are 
the principal shipments. J, R. Ray, post- 

Charley Samuel, blacksmith and wagon- 
Owings T, physician. 
Ray J W, physician. 
Ray & Bro, General Store. 

EMMA, Established as a postoffice, 
Oct. 7, 1881, stands at the four corners of 
Edna, Newbury, Clay and Clear Spring 
townships, Lagrange county, 8 miles west of 
Lagrange, the county seat, shipping depot 
and location of nearest bank. Population, 
50. Produce is marketed. J. J. Hostetler, 

Hostetler Bros, General Store. 
Kauffman Jacob D, hardware. 
Miller J L, physician. 
Reynolds George, shoemaker. 

L^ CifAi'iMMUniM Pff Oa Commission Merchants, Grain and Pro- 
I LVcringnain 0& UOij visions. 125 La^alle Streot. CHICAGO 


C. H. JEMlSlie, Asent, 29>^ North Pennsylrania Street, IB(DIAMAPOL,IS, IKD. 





Schrock V L, saw mill. 
Stutzman Urias, blacksmith. 

EMME T TS VILLE, A rural post- 
office, located in Green township, Randolph 
county, 13 miles northwest of Winchester 
court house, and 4 west of Eidgeville, its 
shipping depot, on P., C. & St. L. and G. E. 
& I. Ry's. E. Zimmerman, postmaster. 
Zixntnerman K & Son, General 

Zimmerman & Jenkins, subscription book 


ENERGY. A discontinued postof- 
fice, located in Howard county. 

ENGLISH* Formerly known as 

Hartford, is located on the L., N. A. & St. 

L. Air Line R. R., in Sterling township, 

Crawford county, 13 miles northwest of 

Leavenworth court house. The town has a 

population of 270, and is improving rapidly, 

both in population and commerce, and will, 

in the near future, be the county seat. 

Lumber and wheat are the chief exports. 

R. L. Sloan, postmaster. 

Arnold L, barber. 

Austin F, saloon. 

Ben J & Son, dry goods. 

Bevan J M Rev, clergyman. 

Bird John, blacksmith. 

Bird W C, physician. 

Chappell A F, stave and heading manufac- 

Hammond H C, physician. 

Henry A, saloon. 

Louise J P, confectioner and hotel. 

McMickle J H, justice. 

Milton Daniel, hotel. 

Price C W, truss hoop manufacturer. 

Pro J W, drugs. 

Roberson E, flour mill. 

Roseubarger Philip, hotel. 

Rothrock H A, flour mill. 

Rothrock & Co, drugs. 

Rundell & Bullington, lawyers. 

Sloan R. ly, General Store. 

Smith George, blacksmith. 

Smith Henry, shoemaker. 

Temple & Bros, confectioners. 

Wiel F L, shoemaker. 

ENGLISH LAKE. A station on 
the C, C. & I. C. Div. P., C. & St. L. R'y, 
located in Railroad township, Starke coun- 
ty, 15 miles southwest of Knox court house. 
Winamac, distant 20 miles, is the location 
of nearest bank. Hay, ice and cranberries 
are shipped. The village is located on 
Kankakee river and English Lake, and 
contains 100 inhabitants. Ex., Adams. 
Tel., W. U. George W. Green, postmaster. 

Comer John, hay and live stock. 

Green Georgfe 'W, R R and Ex Agt, 

Kellogg D B, hotel. 

Moore & Green, ice packers. 

Seegrist Henry, general store. 

ENNES. With no village population, 
is a recently established postoffice, located 
in Washington township, Gibson county, 
9 miles north of Princeton, the county seat, 
and most available place of shipment. 

ENO CHSB VR GH, Ls a postoffice 
located in Ray township, Franklin county, 
18 miles southwest of Brookville court 
house, and 3 northeast of New Point, its 
shipping depot on the C, I., St L. & C. R. R. 
Population, 50. Nearest bank at Greens- 
burgh, distant 13 miles. 
Huser John H, blacksmith. 
Kreinbaum H, wagonmaker. 
Kuntz Michael, shoemaker. 
Schroeder K, General Store. 

ENTERPRISE. This village of 200 
inhabitants has a steamboat landing on the 
Ohio river, and is located in Luce town- 
ship, Spencer county, 10 miles southwest of 
Rockport, the county seat and., banking 
town. Tri-weekly stage to Eureka and 
Rockport. Adams Ex. Louisa P. Allen, 

Allen LrOUisa P, Postmaster. 
Allen William, general store. 
Dodds A, General Store, Drugs, Ex 

Agt and Hotel. 
Purda M, hotel. 
Suttle J C, ferryman. 

Willeshause Henry, shoemaker and grocer. 
Wilson J N, grain and liquors. 

EPSOM. Is situated in Bogart town- 
ship, Daviess county, I25 miles northeast 
of Washington, the county seat, shipping 
depot and banking town. With a popula- 
tion of 40 it supports Methodist, Christian 
and United Brethren churches. Live stock 
and grain are the shipments. George Hyatt, 
Allen W S, coal mine. 
Carter D R, physician. 
Clark G W, physician. 
Cowan Peter, saloon. 
Fields S Rev, (Christian). 
Haines H C, lawyer. 
Hyatt Georg^e, General Store, Live 

Stock, Real Estate Agt and Lumber. 
Myers Elias, justice of the peace. 
Myers George W, lawyer. 
Ray T G, Physician. 
Tomey William A, undertaker. 
Wade David, Justice of the peace. 
Yount John H, blacksmith. 


Pennsylrania St., New-Denison Hotel Block, INDIANAPOLIS. 

Dealer in Watches and Optical Goods. Oculists' prescriptions 
carefully filled. Cyliadncal, Cataracts, etc. , made to order. 

II ■ ■/ i i\ "^^^ strongest in the world, has $138 for $100 of liability, therefore 

HOmGLllGlnS uO the best for the Agent Apply to 

E. H. KELLOaa, Sup't, CMoagro, lU. 





ERIE* A small place located in 
Shawswick township, Lawrence county, 6 
miles east of Bedford, the county seat, 
shipping station, and banking town. Popu- 
lation, 35. Produce is marketed and a 
Methodist church sustained. George Glo- 
ver, postmaster. 
Ne-wk-irk & Glover, General Store. 

EBVUV, Possessed of 150 inhabi- 
tants, is a post village located in town- 
ship of same name, county of Howard, 10 
miles west of Kokomo, the county seat 
and banking town, and nearest rail ap- 
proach. Baptist, Christian and Dunkard 
churches are supported. Tri-weekly stage 
to Kokomo ; fare, 25 cents. I. W. Martin, 

Collins & Collins, drain tile manufacturers. 
Earley & Oberholtzer, drain tile mnfrs. 
McCoy Charles, saw mill. 
McCoy & Griffith, steam threshers. 
]9Iartill I "W, Druggist. 
Stetler & Kitchey, steam threshers. 

ETNA. Whitley county. {See Hecla.) 

ETNA GREEN. Settled in 1852, 
is a pro'sperous village of 400 inhabitants, 
located on the P., Ft. W. & C. R'y, in Etna 
township, Kosciusko county, 10 miles west 
of Warsaw, the county seat and banking 
town. Lumber, grain and live stock com- 
prise the shipments from this station. The 
village supports Christian and Episcopal 
churches and a weekly newspaper — Enter- 
prvie. Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. Moses J. 
Coons, postmaster. 
Airgood Frederick D, blacksmith. 
Airgood Martha Mrs, milliner. 
Balsley George W, saw mill and handle 

Bowman Abram, hotel. 
Bowman William, saw mill and hoop man- 
Coons Itloses J, Physician and Drug- 
Coons Samuel R, lawyer and justice. 
CuUison James, plasterer. 
Etna Green Enterjirise (weekly). 
Oatzel Jacob, drugs. 
Gross O B, saloon. 
Hamlin liros, grocers. 
Hamlin D 'W, General Store. 
Hoiloway .J M, physician, 
Jordan J C & Son, drugs. 
Larue James Kev, (United Brethren). 
Lei and A N, R R and ex agt. 
Lightcap William J, restaurant. 
McGee J O, shoemaker. 
Rot)inson A I>, physician. 
Kopj) Frederick, meat market. 
Sellers Jennie Mrs, milliner. 

Sellers W, meat market. 

Senior Zackariah, saw mill. 

Shenefeld Thomas, boots and shoes. 

Sharle J A, grocer. 

Snailes Thomas A, general store. 

Stine Lawson, grain. 

Taggart N E, flour mill. 

Taylor & Leffell, wagonmakers. 

Thomas J E, carpenter. 

Tribley Charles, justice jaf the peace. 

Wood William L, shoemaker. 

EUGENE, This important village 
of 600 inhabitants is located on Big Ver- 
million river and C. & E. I. R. R., in town- 
ship of same name, Vermillion county, 7 
miles north of Newport, the county seat 
and banking town, and 37 north of Terre 
Haute. Corn, wheat and hogs are shipped, 
and a Methodist church is sustained. Am. 
Ex. W. U. Tel. W. N. Hosford, post- 

Bell Thomas W, tailor. 
Brown Edward, hardware. 
Brown M E Mrs, hardware and hotel. 
Con"way M, Confectioner. 
Dever & Brown, shoemakers. 
Edmonds E, saloon. 
Eichelberger W C, physician. 
Eugene Ice Company, ice dealers. 
Fable A, cooper. 
Fultz W W, meat market. 
Goddis A, saw mill. 

Heidbreder G D, undertaker and furniture. 
Hosford H H, undertaker and furniture. 
Hosford M G, dry goods and ex agt. 
Hosford "W N, Drugs anw Grocer. 
Hosford & Bell, drugs & grocers. 
McClelland J, blacksmith. 
McMeen James, physician. 
Malone S W, hotel and live stock. 
Malone William, general store. 
Miller J, cooper. 
Nelson J L, R R agt. 
Pallard F, blacksmith. 
Peters H O, General Store. 
Pierce J C, blacksmith. 
Sallars D & Bro, barbers. 
Shelito & Fable, livery. 
Sprague H D, saloon. 
Strand O W, shoemaker. 
Todd Bros, flour mill. 
Towel W C, general. 

EUREKA. Luce township, Spencer 
county, with 150 inhabitants, is a village 
located 10 miles west of Rockport, the 
county seat and banking town. Enterprise, 
4 miles southeast, on the Ohio river, is the 
shipping jjoint. 'lobacco, grain, live stock 
and lumber are the shijiments. One Metho- 
dist and 2 Baptist churches are sustained. 
Simon Wiener, postmaster. 


Oak and Ash Logs and Lumber delivered on line of any 
Railroad, by p._S. GIU.EXXE, 

r Hickory 

I 28 and 30 East Georgia St., Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., page 6. 


Binding and Blank Book Making, 

Southeast Corner Cirele aud Meridian Streets, • INDIANAPOLIS, IXD. 





Ashby F W, physician. 

Ashby J P, lawyer. 

Astlby J P & Co, Drug and Grocers. 

Bennett J T, hotel. 

Boyd & Rhodes, drugs and grocers. 

Drew A, wagonmaker. 

Ensor James, saloon. 

Hart L, blacksmith. 

Hatfield J, live stock. 

Headley H, carpenter. 

Helms L, r,, Meat Market. 

Horten L, dressmaker. 

Jackson A Mrs, hotel. 

Jackson Stephen, barber. 

Killian J L, physician. 

Lawburg C, township trustee. 

Mattingley William, general store. 

Meyler J M, physician. 

Miller F M, flour and saw mill. 

Mottler M, shoemaker. 

RotllSCllild & "Wiener, General 

Stuart William, justice of the peace. 
Wiener M, brush manufacturer. 
Woods John, broom manufacturer. 

ErANS\ LANDING, Contains 
only 14 inhabitants. It is situated on the 
Ohio river, in Taylor township, Harrison 
county, 20 miles southeast of Corydon, the 
county seat. Grain and produce are 
shipped by the Ohio river boats. H. C. 
Roberts, postmaster. 
Chaffin Jacob, live stock. 
Davis R N, live stock. 
Eckert Joseph, carpenter. 
Hess Adam, live stock. 
Lancaster W E, general store. 
Roberts H C, Farmer. 
Summers J R, justice of the peace. 
Young Jesse S, General Store. 

EVANSVILLE. The county seat 
of Vanderburg county, is pleasantly lo- 
cated on the Ohio river, 192 miles from 
Indianapolis, 161 from St. Louis and 250 
from Louisville. This is the most import- 
ant manufacturing and commercial city in 
southern Indiana and is the second in pop- 
ulation, commerce and manufacture in the 
state. It is surrounded by a very rich ag- 
ricultural district, is rapidly improving in 
every respect and for thrift and general 
activity has no equal in the state. The 
river gives it direct water transportation 
with all of the river cities from Pittsburgh 
to New Orleans. 


In addition to itssplendid river transporta- 
tion, Evansville has 3 railroads as follows . 
The Evansville & Terre Haute, with its 
southern terminus and general offices here, 

thus giving it direct connection with Chi- 
cago. The St. Louis division of the Louis- 
ville & Nashville road has its eastern ter- 
minus at this point and runs direct to St, 
Louis, and the Louisville, Evansville & St. 
Louis (Evansville division) railroad. The 
last mentioned will in the near future 
probably extend their line to Indianapolis, 
which will give direct eastern connection 
with the trunk lines. 


This is essentially a manufacturing city 
and is rapidly increasing in this line. 
Prominent among its many mills, factories, 
etc., are 7 large furniture factories, which 
employ a large number of hands and have 
capital invested amounting to over $1,000,- 
000, 3 plow factories, 4 tanneries, 15 saw 
mills, 2 potteries, 2 woolen mills, 4 stave 
and heading factories, 6 flour mills, 5 stove 
foundries, 6 planing mills, 3 breweries, 4 
cooper shops and several other establish- 
ments engaged in the manufacture of brass 
goods, iron castings, brick, boot and shoe 
uppers, agricultural implements, wash- 
boards, boxes, carriages, tools, boilers, en- 
gines, steam pumps, steamboat machinery, 
whips, soap, hominy, architectural iron 
works, sails, white lead, overalls, bagging, 
coffins, mattresses, vinegar, cotton goods 
and brooms. 


Evansville contains 30,000 inhabitants, 
has real and personal property, assessed 
value amounting to $19,305,765, is well 
lighted by gas, has street railways, good 
water works, a well-equipped and efficient 
fire department, several handsome church 
edifices, graded and high schools, a busi- 
ness college, the St. Mary's Hospital, a fine 
opera house, public library, board of trade, 
stock yards, custom house, telephone ex- 
change (which runs wires to all the ad- 
joining towns), and several good hotels. 
Its public buildings are substantial, resi- 
nences handsome, and the general appear- 
ance of the city is one of activity and 


The city has 7 banking institutions, 5 
national, 1 private, and 1 savings bank, 
representing in capital and surplus over 

$2,500,000. " 


is represented here by 6 daily, 1 tri-weekly 
and 8 weekly papers. The Courier, Demo- 
l-rat, Tribune and Union are published both 
daily and weekly ; the Neu's daily only. 
The Journal is issued daily, tri-M'eekly and 
weekly, while the Argus, Bulletin and Indi- 
ana Post are weekly publications. There is 

New York Life Ins.Co. 

Was the first to issue Kon-Forfeitable Policies. 
No suicidal clause or objectionable restrictions 

J. W. Deau, Gen'l Ag't, i^S^l^l& 

PC P P YP C ^f°F'>' of ^^^ Iniianapolis Srush Factory and Brjce's Stean Bakerj, 
iriDnluLl 14 and 16 East Soath Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





probably no point on the Ohio river that 

has more natural advantages for commerce 

and manufacture than this city. It has 

most excellent transportation facilities, 

good coal in the vicinity, is surrounded by 

a rich agricultural district, and its business 

houses are substantial and solid. The 

wholesale trade here is increasing very 

rapidly and extends over southern Indiana, 

Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, and even as 

far south as Louisiana. Lumber, coal, 

grain, furniture, stoves and live stock form 

its chief exports. The Adams Southern Ex. 

and W. U. Tel. Companies have offices 

here. Francis M. Thayer, postmaster. 

Achilles Frederick W, physician, 205 Up- 
per 3d. 

Adair John J, gent's furnishings, 403 Up- 
per 1st. 

Adams Express Comjiany, 23 Main. 

Adis William, cigar manufacturer 112 E 

Adler Jacob, grocer, 2 Lower Main. 

Adrian Bernard, grocer, 52-1 Upper 6th. 

Ahlering Henry M, grocer. Upper 8th. 

Ahlering H & B, saw mill, cor Water and 
and Gum. 

Akin E L & Co, patent medicines, 13 Main. 

Akin AV M & Son, pork packers, cor 2d and 

Albecker John, saloon and Apollo theater, 
408 Upper 3d. 

Alexander William, dry goods, 301 W 

Alexander W & Co, drugs, 901 W Pennsyl- 

Allen Nathaniel, barber, St George Hotel. 

Allen William, sewer pipe manufacturer, 
cor 4th and Powell. 

Allies Charles, cigars and tobacco, 316 Up- 
per Water. 

Allis Charles C, ticket broker and cigars, 
324 L'pper 1st. 

Allmen Joseph, broom manufacturer, 12 
Lower Main. 

Althfide August, grocer, 800 Pennsylva- 

AlthoffF & Bro, Carriage Manufac- 
turers, cor 2d ave and Ingle. 

Andel Ernst, harnessmaker, 326 Main. 

Anderson George W, saloon, 226 Upper 

Anderson Oliver B, barber, 8 Upper Water. 

Andreae Andreas, shoemaker, 5 Lincoln 

Andreae Kate Mrs, confectioner, 3 Lincoln 

Anthes Michael R, lawyer, .301 Main. 

Afjollo Theater, 408 Upper .3d. 

App Joseph L, chief of police, city build- 

Archer Charles S, dentist, 102 Main. 

Arclier& Co, Bankers, 102 Main. 

Armstronsf Furniture Com* 
pany, U W Armstrong, prest ; J Gr 
Kounz, sec ; E B Price, treas., 108, 110 
and 112 Upper 1st. {See adv.) 

Arnold Frederick, grocer, 819 Fulton ave. 

Arnold & Nugent, bridge builders and 
street contractors, 17 W High. 

Artes Charles F, jeweler, 120 Main. 

Ashford Henry S, physician, 425 Upper 3d. 

Babcock E S & Son, grain commission, 18 
and 20 Sycamore. 

Babcock Howard L, seeds and produce, 

124 Upper Water. 

Babcock & Viele, carriage hardware, 203- 
Upper 1st. 

Bacon & Lining, physicians, 329 Upper 3d. 

Baer David, trunk manufacturer,"21 Main. 

Baird Ludwell M, commission, 220 Upper 

Ballew John C, cooper, Virginia, nr Barker 

Ballew E C, junk dealer, 202 E Pennsylva- 

Ballew Eobert E, junk dealer, 313 Lower 2d- 

Balz Henry, baker, 123 Upper 3d. 

Balz Peter, grocer, 723 Upper 2d. 

Barchet John, meat, 301 William. 

Barke George, iron broker, 215 LTpper 1st. 

Baronowsky Anton, furniture, 325 Upper 

Bartenwerffer Oscar A, dentist and drug- 
gist, cor Pennsylvania and 2d ave. 

Bartlett, Ktibn & Co, Grain Deal- 
ers and Proprs LTnion and Evansville 
Elevators, 11 Main. 

Bauer Frederick, grocer, 931 W Ohio. 

Bauer John S, saloon, 229 Clark. 

Bauer Lena Miss, milliner, 502 Main. 

Bauer William, grocer, 15 Lower Water. 

Baum B & Co, notions and millinery, 205 
Upper 1st. 

Baum Morris C, lawyer, 327 Upper 3d. 

Beard James A, drugs, 720 Ingle. 

Beard S C, physician, 901 J W Pennsyl- 

Beauchamp William & Co, blacksmiths, 

125 Lower W^ater. 

Becker Charles H, meats, 513 Upper 4th. 

Becker Frederick, meats, 1016 Main. 

Becker Henry M, blacksmith, 117 Syca- 

Becker H F, merchant tailor, 303 Mary. 

Becker Michael, shoemaker, 210 Locust. 

Becker William, meats, 1026 W Pennsyl- 

Becker & Bro, Wagonmakers, 816 
W Pennsylvania. (See adv.) 

Bedell John C, Commission, Flour 
and (irain, 224 Ujiper Water. 

Bedford William J, contractor, 314 Grant. 

Begmann Frederick C, marble works 517 
2d ave. 

Behag John, grocer, 625 Oak. 



onSlon^'^aild airothlr kfnTs}48 Vaiice Block, IndianapoIis, 

of War Claims. Rejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 

Established 185$. 


Incorporated 1874. 




Also, Diuiug Room, Common and Medium Furniture manufactured in 
large quantities. Prices and quality of (loods are as 
favorable as any market in the World. 



UNITED STATES. Have added Dry House facilities equal 

to 5,000 feet of Walnut per day. 

Salesroom and Office, 108, liO and 112 First St., Evansville, Ind. 


inflKI nfinriAlfir *''**^ «;orrug:atea ana crimpea, Aaaress 

mON RDOFINGl W. G. HYNDMAN & go., Cincinnati, Ohio. 





Behme & Seitz, wholesale grocers, 18 Up- 
per 1st. 

Belling Adam, meats, 600 Fulton ave. 

Belling Jacob, meats, 1113 Fulton ave. 

Bell Aaron P, mantels and grates, 119 

Bell 'William m, Eeal Estate and 
Loans, 315 Upjaer 3d. 

Bemus Hotel, 'E & M B Hall, proprs, 318 
Upper "Water. 

Bennett William F, fish, 420 Upper 4th. 

Bentiett & Tanner, drugs, 322 Upper 1st. 

Benninghof Henrv V, wholesale liquors, 
407 Main. 

Bentz Adolph W, baker, 423 Main. 

Bernardin A & Co, mineral water manu- 
facturers, 210 Upper 1st. 

Berndt Henrv, harness, 224 Sycamore. 

Bernhardt Peter, merchant tailor, 224 E 

Bertelsen Jeppe, meats, 820 Upper 2d. 

Biegler Nicholas, saloon, 526 Division. 

Bingham John W, forwarding and com- 
mission, levee foot Main. 

Birkenbusch John A, grocer, 119 Upper 3d. 

Bisch Victor, lawyer, 215 Upper 3d. 

Bitterman Bros, jewelers, cor Main and 2d. 

Bittrolff John F, jeweler, 122 Main. 

Bixby Alfred, stave dealer, 230 Upper Wa- 

Blackman William, florist, cor 4th and 

Blakey & Frey, lawvers, 313i Upper 3d. 

Blemker, Xillman & Co, Proprs 
Excelsior Stove Works, 213 Upper 2d. 

Blend Peter, cigar manufacturer, 231 Main. 

Bliss George I, oculist, 106 Upper 3d. 

Blomer, Schulte & Rietman, furniture man- 
ufacturers, 30 and 32 Upper Water. 

Blount Henry F, plow manufacturer, cor 
Main and Franklin. 

Boden S & Co, musical instruments, 611 

Boesenberg A, grocer, 323 Edgar. 

Boetticher, Kellogg & Co, wholesale hard- 
ware, 122 Upper 1st. 

Bofandick Anna Mrs, grocer, 430 Upper 4th. 

Bonn Henry, confectioner, 128 E Illinois. 

Bonn H, barber, 224 Franklin. 

Boos Nicholas, cooper, 310 Lower 2d. 

I>o])p Jacob, slioemaker, 122 Upper Water. 

Borrer August, cutlery griuder, 313 Locust. 

Borries Charles, grocer, -501 Oak. 

Bour Joseph, meat cor Fulton ave and 

Bowen Edward A, cooper, rear Main, nr 

Bowles Henry, merchandise broker, 126 

Bradstreet Company The, mercantile agen- 
cy, cor Main and' 1st. 

Brandon Milton C, saloon, 318 Upper 3d. 

Brandsasse Henry, grocer, 618 Cherry. 

Brauns August, lawyer, 213 Upper 3d. 

Bray Madison J sr, physician, 312^ Upper 

Bray Simeon L, pottery, 219 E Pennsylva- 

Brend Peter, cigar manufacturer, 131 Main. 

Bridwell Thomas C, mayor, city building. 

Brill David, clothing, 327 Upper 4th. 

Brill Mary, cigars and tobacco, 103 E 

Brinkmeyer & Polsdorfer, washboard man- 
ufacturers, 709 1st ave. 

Bristow George, news agt, St George Hotel. 

Britz J & Son, saddlery hardware, 415 

Brizins Frederick, grocer, 801 Mulberry. 

Brizins George, barber, 929 Main. 

Brizins George W^, harness, 625 9th. 

Brizins Louis, grocer, 626 9th. 

Brokamp F Mrs, millinery, 425 Main. 

Bromm, Henn & Co, manufacturing con- 
fectioners, 9 Upper 1st. 

Brose George, flour mill, cor Ohio and Wa- 
bash ave. 

Browneller, Grayville & Co, stove founders, 
214 Main. 

Brownlee John, lawyer, 307 Upper 3d. 

Bruce & Raymond, blacksmiths, 400 Upper 

Bruckner Herman, jeweler, 127 Main. 

Bruning J F & Son, coffee and spice mills, 
203 Lower 1st. 

Bryan Anthony H, physician, 516 Walnut. 

Bryan Stanton L, physician, 526 Walnut. 

Bucnanan, Gooding & Buchanan, lawyers, 
313 Upper 3d. 

Buecher Philip K, watchmaker, 105 E 

Buehner J B & Co, chair manufacturer, 215 
1st ave. 

Buente & Hoge, brick manufacturers. Oak 
Hill road. 

Buhmeier August, shoemaker, 928 W Penn- 

Bullen Thomas, livery, 415 Upper 5th. 

Bulletin Printing Company, proprs The 
Weekly Bulletin, 326 J Upper 3d. 

Bunge Charles, saloon, 221 E Pennsylvania. 

Bureau of Excbangfe Com- 
pany, C F Gould, Manager, Real Es- 
tate, 326j Upper 3d. 

Burggrabe Frederick, grocer, 901 Pennsyl- 

Burk Peter, restaurant, 203 Upper 2d. 

Busehe John C, boots and shoes, 106 Lower 

Busll A S & Co, Real Estate Agts, 
3262 Uj^per 3d. {See adv.) 

Butts Plenry, dyer, 229 Locust. 

Caden Franz R, stone worker, 100 Upper 

Cahn Simon, hotel and saloon, 205 Upj)er 



flCSrSohl liv Druffffists. 


•E. C. ATKINS & GO. 

8^"The Celebrated "Silrer 
Steel" Circular and Cross- 
cut Saws. 







F. IfV. HUIvVERSHORN, Proprietor. 

Mauufai'turer and Dealer in 

Shoe Findings, Tools, Oak Tanned Leather Belting, Tanners' Materials, Oils, Etc. Boot, Shoe 
and Gaiter Uppers. Agents for the sale of Gnm Belting, Hose and Steam Packing, 

QS^iNO. 12 MAIN ST., bet. Water & First, EVANSYILLE, IND.-^o 






No. II Lower Fifth Street, between Division and Ingle. 


An Independent Republican Paper, and Official Organ of the Indiana 




Em«ST -WII^KOni, Proprietor, 








Orders from Outside Promptly Attended To. 

No. 315 Sycamore Street, between Third and Fourth, Evansville, Ind, 


lEL. Xj. ^OUjI^ dc CO., 
S. E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 




J. S. KEI<L,]SR, Manager, 40 Piorth Illinois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





Caldwell "William, grocer, 307 Upper 1st. 

Cameron James M, blacksmith, 210 Divi- 

Capello John, cigar manuf acturer,511 Main. 

Carmody Fannie E Mrs, dressmaker, 213 

Carmody J D & Co, florists, 520 Water. 

Carpenter Willard, real estate, 4 Carpenter. 

Carr N F & Co, wholesale liquors, 216 Up- 
per "Water. 

Carroll Margaret, dressmaker, 317 Locust. 

Carson Bruce, sail maker, 215 Upper 1st. 

Carson Francis P, merchandise broker, 215 
Upper 1st. 

Carter Augustus, barber, 306 Upper 1st. 

Carter E Louis, physician, 325 Upper 2d. 

Cavender & Jones, livery, 408 Upper 2d. 

Center George F, physician, 415 Upper 2d. 

Chapman Henry, grocer, 7 William. 

Christ A & W, confectionery, 325 Main. 

Christmann Frederick, saloon, 700 Main. 

Chubb Charles H, painter, 208 Upper 2d. 

Citizens' Insurance Company ; F T Hodge, 
prest ; John Gilbert, vice-prest ; C K Drew, 
treas; 217 Upper 1st. 

Citizens' National Bank ; capital, $200,000 ; 
M Henning, prest ; S P Gillett, cashr; 
121 Up'oer 1st. 

Clark Margaret A, dressmaker, 319 Syca- 

Clark & Donahue, wagonmakers, Nevada, 
nr 5th ave. 

Clarke & Pyne, architects, 301 i Main. 

Clement Converse, real estate, 331 Upper 3d. 

Clements Joseph, saloon, 130 LTpper 3d. 

Clements William, File Cutter, 29 
2d ave. 

Coburn & Williamson, grocers, cor 2d and 

Cody, Burtis & Co, coopers, 105 Lower Main. 

Cody James,, physician, 604 Upper 4th. 

Cohn Mayer, meat market, 208 Locust. 

Colburn Andrew J, city clerk, city building. 

Collett Sarah F Miss, milliner, 327 Upper 

Compton John W, physician, 330 LTpper 3d. 

Conant William H, steamboat agt, 124J 
Upper Water. 

Conn & Cross, fish, 502 Upper 4th. 

Continental Fast Freight Line, A F Banks, 
agt, 228 Upper Water. 

Cook H A & Son, grocers, 311 Upper 1st. 

Cook Peter & Co, tinners, 806 Upper 9th. 

Cook Stephen S H, grocer, 623 Main. 

Cook & Rice, Brewers and Bottlers, 
214 Upper 7th. 

Corlew Kufus M, physician, 423 and 1105 

Corman Winnie Miss, dressmaker, 229 Vine. 

Cosby George P, physician, 321 i Ujjper 3d. 

Couden William C, physician, 128 Locust. 

Courtney & Porter, drugs, 613 Main. 

Courtot Jolm, Hair Worker, 315' 

Courtot Sidonie BlrSt Laces and 
Lace Curtains, 315 Sycamore {See adv.) 

Cowl G, baker, 201 Lower 2d. 

Cramer Charles F & Sons, barbers, 42& 

Crawford Bros, plumbers, 314 Upper 1st. 

Crawford Henry, shoemaker, 203 Lower 2d, 

Crescent City Chair Works, chair manu- 
facturers, 100 Lower 1st. 

Crosby James E, druggist, 139 3d ave. 

Cross & Long, livery, 114 Upper 2d. 

Cummings William E, blacksmith, 1203 
Upper 2d. 

Curnick Paul C, notary public, 321 Upper 

Curnick Thomas, shoemaker, 202 Upper 

Curnick & Moll, boots and shoes, 121 Main 

Curry AVilliam, barber, 406 Upper 3d. 

Cutteridge John, livery, 216 Locust. 

Daescher Christian, confectioner, 320 Up- 
per 2d. 

Dallam W J& Son, boots and shoes, 108 

Damm George L, barber, 212 Upper 2d. 

Damm Phillip, grocer, 224 Fulton ave. 

Dannettell & Fares, hats, caps and furs, 209 

Darling James, cigar manufacturer, 219 
Upper 2d. 

Daudistel Henry, meats, 24 Upper 6th. 

Daum Charles, barber 17 Main. 

Davidson, Blount & Co, wagon works. Lo- 
cust, nr 4th. 

Davidson Caleb, merchant tailor, 122 Lo- 

Davidson & Babcock, physicians, 416 Up- 
per 1st. 

Davis Christopher C, barber, 726 J W Ohio. 

Davis & Taylor, physicians, 209 Locust. 

Dawson A M, general sec Y M C A, 219 Lo- 

Dawson Nicholas, grocer, 131 Locust. 

Day B J, physician, St George Hotel. 

Day Sam, justice of the peace, 226 Locust. 

Deacon Mary W Mrs, millinery, 506 Main. 

DeBruler & Hatfield, lawyers, 213^ Up- 
per 3d. 

Decker Charles, blacksmith, 418 Walnut. 

Decker Charles, insurance, 432 Main. 

Decker Christian jr, piano tuner, 316 Syca- 

Decker C & Sons, wagonmakers, 432 Main. 

Decker H L & Co., pianos and organs, 504 

Decker & Co, commission, 114 Upper 3d. 

Deckert Wendel, meats, 907 Canal. 

DenViy & Knmler, lawyers, 310 Upper 3d. 

Denebeim Bros, notions, 227 Main. 

Depot House, Charles Schmidt, 718 Main. 

LCirni'mfvkntM Pi Pa Commissioii Merchants, Grain and Fro- 
LVGringnalll OO lOij visions. 125 LaSalle Street. GHIGAGO 


^9% ]»ortli Peiiiisylvaiiia Street, ... XISOXA^AI^OI^XS, II«r 





Deusner L W & Co, druggists, cor 2d and 

Dickman Henry, merchant tailor,219 Vine. 

Diehl Charles, grocer, 1006 West Pennsyl- 

Dirksen T & G Misses, millinery, 122 Main. 

Dodenhoif H, shoemaker, 106 Franklin 

Doench Conrad, saloon, 130 Upper 5th. 

Douglass Sydney W, photographer, 314 
Upper 1st. 

Dow John L, physician, 12-1 Walnut. 

Doyle M & K, milliners, 305 Upper 2d. 

Draheim Charles, Avagonmaker, 311 Lower 

Drew & Bennett, Insurance, 217 
Upper 1st. 

Duddenhausen Charles, drugs, 1 Lower 3d. 

Uun R O & Co, "The Mercantile 
Agency;" A J Miller, Manager, 121^ 
Upper 1st. 

Dunk Edgar, florist, 412 E Columbia. 

Durjin Isaac H, cigar manufacturer, 607 

Durham Bros (John W & Edwin L Dur- 
ham), steamboat blacksmiths, 117 Lower 

Durland & Perkins, Towboats, 
300>^ Upper Water. 

Durre& Firnhaber, wines and liquors, 501 

Durringer & Limberger, wagonmakers, 217 
Lincoln ave. 

Dury Lawrence, grocer, 16 E High. 

DuSouchett F F & Co, mattress manufac- 
turers, 614 Main. 

DuSouchett Mary Mrs, dressmaker, 311 
Upper 1st. 

Dutcher John E, millinery, 221 Upper 2d. 

Eaves Joel T, grocer, 1501 Walnut. 

Ebert Louis, grocer, 400 Bond. 

Ecker John M, photographer, 421 Main. 

Ehmail Henry H, marble works, 817 Main. 

Eichel & Lowenthal, proprs Evansville 

IZ" Pressed Brick Company, 205 Upper 3d. 

Eichel & Weil, liye stock, 931 Main. 

Eickmier William, blacksmith, 1029 W 

Eisenburg L, agt clothing, 119 Main. 

Eisenhauer John, dry goods, 615 Main, 

Eisenkolb Augustus, shoes, 217 Upper 8th. 

Elbert Charles, shoemaker, 208 Lincoln ave. 

Eller Louis, saloon, 220 Sycamore. 

Ellert Caspar H, Boot and Shoe 
Upper and Belting Manufacturer, and 
Dealer in Leather and Findings, 7 Upper 

EUes Jacob, merchant tailor, 107 Main. 

r. GROTE. 



r. O-250XE as, CO., 



Machinery Made to Order and Repaired. Patterns and Models 

Made to Order. 

WS Lower First Street, EVAJVSVILLE, IJVI). 



€reileral Blacksmitliiug, Horseshoeing and Repairing promptly attended to. 

816 W. Pennsylvania St., ■ - - - EVANSVILLE, IND. 

THOS. H. CLAPP, Optician, 

03 North Pennsylvania Stree'^^ 
NeiT-Denison Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

I have for sale SPECXACI^ES 

of all the best and late improved 
forms and material. 

HAino I ifo I no Pn ^^l ^o*i<^i9s non-forfeiting nnder the law of New York, 
OmB LIlC inSi uDiafter Jan. 1. 1880. Will enable Agents to doulsle their 


E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't.^ Chicago, III. 





Elles & Knauss, flour mill, 825 Canal. 

Elliot Edward P, sec Water Works, city 

Elliot Joseph P, crockery, 328 Main. 

Ellis William H, shoemaker, 212 Locust. 

Ellison Susan E, milliner, 323 Upper 1st. 

Elmendorf Henrv W, grocer, 118 E Frank- 

Emig Martin, grocer, 301 Lincoln ave. 

Empire Line, F Heaks, agt, 25 Main. 

Emrich J & P, meats, 524 Upper 4th. 

Emrich Peter, meats, 206 Upper Water. 

Endress J & F, grocers, 301 Grant. 

Enneking Bernhardt, jeweler, 121 Main. 

Esner George, shoemaker, 212 Main. 

Esner Stephen, shoes, 113 Lower 6th. 

Estminger & Thompson, dressmakers, 311 
Upper 2d. 

Enz Stephen, shoemaker, 313 Upper 2d. 

Epmeier William F, drugs, 128 Upper 3d. 

Erie & North Shore Despatch, G W French, 

Esslinger Isidore, publisher Daily and 
Weekly Union, cor 4th and Main. 

Eugene Ice Company, 18 Sycamore. 

European House, H T Hassler, propr, 120 

Evans & Verwayne, dry goods, 211 Main. 

Evansville Argus (weekly), Frank M Gil- 
bert, propr, 19 Main. 

Evansville Board of Trade, N Ellis, prest ; 
H H Umble, sec, 213 Upper 1st. 

Evansville Board of Underwriters, C K 
Drew, prest ; A C Hillock, sec, 214 Upper 

Evansville Belt Eailway Company, J E 
Martin, prest ; E T Baker, sec, 18 Syca- 

Evansville, Carlo and Memphis Steam 
Packet Company, nr foot Main. 

Bvansville Coal Mining: Com- 
pany, (Sunny Side), Jabez Woolley, 
prest; Henry Schminke, sec and treas; 
office, cor 3d and Sycamore. 

Evansville Coffin Company, coffin manu- 
facturers, cor Main and Michigan. 

Evansville Cooper Association, cor Kead 
and Indiana. 

EvaasvilleCotton ManufacturingCompany, 
William Hellman, prest; Walker W 
Cumnock, supt, St Joseph ave, nr Ver- 

Evansville Courier (daily and weekly), 
Courier Comj)any, props, 308 Upper 2d. 

Evansville Courier Company, proprs Evans- 
ville Courier, .308 Upper 2d. 

Evansville Daily News, Ryan & Covert, 
proprs, cor 4th and Main. 

Evansville Daily and Weekly Union, 1 Es- 
slinger publisher, cor 4th and Main. 

Evansville Dernokrat (daily and weekly), 
F Lauenstein, propr, 300 Upper 2d. 

Evansville Foundry Association, cor Head 
and Pennsylvania. 

Evansville Furniture Company, P Nonwei- 
ler, manager, 309 and 311 Main. 

Evansville Gaslight Company, 3202 Up- 
per 1st. 

Evansville Grain and Provision Exchange, 
John N Lee, manager, 16 Main. 

Evansville Journal (daily, tri-weekly and 
weekly), 14 Locust. 

Evansville Journal Company, proprs Ev- 
ansville Journal, 14 Locust. 

Evansville t,eatlier and Belt- 
ing Company^ F W Hulvershorn, 
Propr, 12 Main. {See adv.) 

Evansville National Bank ; capital $1,000,- 
000 ; Samuel Bayard, prest ; Henry Keis, 
cashr ; 20 Main. 

Evansville Opera House, cor 1st and Lo- 

Evansville Pottery Company, Pennsylvania 
nr Boonville E'y. 

Evansville Pressed Brick Company. Eichel 
& Lowenthal, proprs, 205 Upper 3d. 

Evansville Public Library, Miss Lou 
Scantlin, librarian, cor 7th and Vine. 

Evansville Telephone Exchange, Azra 
Dyer, prest ; E T Baker, sec ; 18 Syca- 

Evansville and Cairo Packet Company, 
John Gilbert, prest and supt; levee foot 
of Main. 

Evansville and Tennessee Kiver Packet 
Company, John Gilbert, prest; W G 
Brown, sec and treas ; 230 Upper Water. 

Hvansville & Xerre Haute R 

R, D J Mackey, Prest ; C J Hepburn, 
General Supt; G J Grammer, General 
Ticket Agt ; cor Main and Water. [See 

Evening Tribune, P V & M T Jf»nes,proprs, 

310 Upper 1st. 
Evart Charles H, painter, 113 Clark. 
Failing Walter, physician, 514 Main. 
Farmers Hotel, Baker Bros, proprs, 200 

Lower 1st. 

Farrell Michael W^, saloon, 106 Upper 

Feay Andrew J, photograjjher, 201 Main. 

Fehn Michael, cigar manufacturer, 203 
Fulton ave. 

Feldhacker Frederick, tinner, 411 Main. 

Fenchler Frederick, meats, 128 Upper 7th. 

Fendrich Herman, cigars and tobacco, 105 

Fendrich William W, confectioner, 131 

Ferlemann William, meats, 5 Lower Main. 

Fey John, barber, 220 Upper 4th. 

Field William & Co, commission, 222 Up- 
per Water. 

File William P, saloon, 1031 W Ohio. 


Manufacturer of Wagon and Carriage Material. 
N.;H.2>ia.,ri.;o East G.orgia .Street, \ Spokcs, Hubfi, LoDg and Short Carriage and 

IMUIAMAPOI^IS, - - I2SI>. I EXPRESS BOWS. See adv. , page 6. 



(3:^I"im<XEK.S AND BII»i»EK.S,=^;:^_:. 

S. E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets. INDIANAPOLIS. IND. 





Fillinger D Joseph, Dentist, 221 

Upper 3d. 
Finch E B & Co, boots and shoes, 320 Main. 
Findley James W, saloon,120 Upper Water. 
Fink & Barenfanger, carriage manufactur- 
ers, 430 Sycamore. 
First German Mutual Life Insurance Com- 
pany, 432 Main. 
First National, Bank, Charles Vicle, prest , 
James H Cutler, cashr ; cor Main and 1st. 
Fischer Frank, merchant tailer, 212 Upper 

Fischer Henry, meats, 525 Oak. 
Fischer Joseph, baker, 522 Upper 4th. 
Fischer Morris, 2d clothing, 323 Locust. 
Fisher & Co, tinners, 806 Main. 
Fitchner John, restaurant, 711 Main. 
Fleager John, dentist, cor 3d ave and Penn- 
Fleming & Bryan, fish, 321 Locust. 
Flickner Jacob O, harness manufacturer, 

26 and 28 Main. 
Foltz J, grocer, W Franklin. , 
Forth & Bowles, livery, 320 Upper 3d. 
Foster A H & Co, pork packers, 221 Lower 

Foster Frank, barber, 531 Main. 
Francke William, saloon, 730 Main. 
Freimuth, Frederick, saloon, 616 W Frank- 
French William E & Co, carpets and wall 

paper, 205 Main. 
Frick Joseph K, architect, 302^ Upper 1st. 
Frick Peter, saloon, 1 Clark. 
Frick & Feldman, cloths and woolens, 207 

Upper 1st. 
Frick Christian, grocer, 934 E Illinois. 
Friedman Louis, second-hand furniture, 

407 Upper 4th. 
Friedrich August, meats, 721 Locust. 
Frisse Frederick, shoemaker, 3 Lower 3d. 
Kritsch IvOrenz, Propr A La Belle 
Jardiniere, Merchant Tailor, 321 Upper 
Fritsch Ludwig, drugs, 8 Upper 7th. 
■ Fritsch William A, physician and druggist, 
■: 621 3d ave. 
Fritz Marie, grocer, 850 Vine. 
FuchS IvOUis^ Confectioner, 319 Up- 
per 1st. 
Fuchs Peter & Son, locksmiths, 218 Syca- 
Gans Bros, auction and commission, 318 

Main, and notions, 319 Main. 
Garvin Thomas E, broom manufacturer, 

20 Fulton ave. 
Garvin & Cunningham, lawyers, 31 4 Upper 

Gasser Jacob, saloon, 1031 Main. 
Gebhardt Frederick, confectioner, 1018 W 

Geiger Frederick, furniture, 125, Locust. 
Geiger John G, grocer, 1501 Fulton ave. 

Geiss Jacob C,cigars and tobacco,704 Main. 
Geiss William, painter, 24 Upper 6th. 
Geisz Wendel, shoemaker, 414 Upper 6th. 
Genung Charles C,civil engineer, 112 Main, 
Georget George, barber, 322 Upper 2d. 
Georget John, saloon, 318 Upper 2d. 
Gerichs Louis E, sewing machines, 521 

German National Bank ; capital, $250,000 ; 
Samuel Orr, prest; Philip C Decker, 
cashr ; 216 Upper 1st. 
Geupel John M, books, 413 Main. 
Giessecke Edmund, organ manufacturer,. 

509 Harriet. 
Gilbert David M, hats and caps, 138 Main. 
Gilbert Frank M, propr Evansville Argus, 

19 Main. 
Gilchrist & Butterfield, lawyers, 329 Upper 

Gilman Thomas J, saloon, 727 W Ohio. 
Gilmore Benjamin F, propr Western House, 

513 Main. 
Gi^ens Duncan C, Lawyer, 323 Up- 
per 3d. 
Gleaves Albert, crockery, 30 Main, 
Glesige August, saloon, 211 Upper 3d. 
Goedde Henry, grocer, 125 Upper 7th. 
Goeke & Uffenkamp, grocei's, 1 Lower 

Goldstein Eric, shoemaker, 304 Locust 
Goodale George S, stave dealer, 230 Upper 

Goodlet Kalph E, merchandise broker, 2& 

Goodman & Frank, clothing, 226 Main. 
Gottmann Charles, drugs, 801 Oak. 
Gough W^alter L, saloon, 422 Chestnut. 
Gould Charles F, lawyer, 326i Upper 3d. 
Gowen Samuel, grocer, 418 Upper 4th. 
Granger Sumner, grocer, 620 Upper 4th. 
Green John K, saloon, 217 Upper 2d. 
Green W^illis S, physicion, 5 Day's Block. 
Green William S, saloon, 302 Upper Water. 
Greene & Bro, insurance, 219 Upper 1st. 
Greenwald Charles, second hand clothing,. 

315 Locust. 
Gremse August, grocer, 400 Edgar. 
Grieshacker Charles, grocer, 301 Harriet. 
Griess Edward M, confectioner, 201 Upper 

Griess John, horse shoer, 225 Sycamore. 
Griess John jr, agricultural implements, 

414 Main. 
Grismer & Brinkman, stave manufacturers, 

9th ave nr Franklin. 
Gross Nathan, clothing, 202 Main. 
Orote F & Co, Founders and,Machin- 
ists. Engine Builders, Steamboat Machin- 
ery, etc., 205 Lower 1st, and sewing ma- 
chines, 504 Main. {See adv.) ' 
Groves Thomas J, manager opera House, 
cor 1st and Locust. 

New York Life Ins. Go. 

Has the best Canrassing Docnments and offers 

J. W. Dean, Oeii'l Ag't, Indianapolis, 



Country orders for Cbackers or Bread 
■j filled at short notice. Address 
( P. F. Eryce, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Groves Thomas J & Co, job printers, 312 

Upper 1st. 
Gudgel & Slaughter, lawvers, 329 Upper 

Guerich Louis, insurance, 205 Upper 3d. 
Gugenheim A t^ Co, furniture, 211 and 213 

Gumberts Henry sr, wholesale liquors, 323 

Gumberts Henry E, saloon, 802 Main. 
Gumbert R A, physician, 31-1 Upper 1st. 
Gunton K *!i Son, lime, 529 Locust. 
Gutenberger John, tailor, 208 Locust. 
Gutenberger & Paine, printers, 17 and 19 

Gutting Frederick, meat market, 112 Upper 

Haas Frank, saloon, 6 Lower Main. 
Haas Isaiah, dentist, 303 Upper 1st. 
Haase Conrad, mattress manufacturer, 719 

Hacker William, grocer, 308 Sycamore. 
Hafendorfer "William, grocer, 301 3d ave. 
Hahn Adam, grocer, 226 E High. 
Hall E & M B, proprs Bemus Hotel, 318 

Upper Water. 
Hallock A C & Son, insurance, 201 Main. 
Hallock Kate A, insurance, 201 Main. 
Hammerstein Frank, carriage manufac- 
turer, cor 4th and Locust. 
Hammerstein & Schmitt, carriage makers, 

2 Upper 8th. 
Hanev John A sr, founder and machinist, 

23 and 25 Lower Water. 
Hargan Henry C, dentist, 409 Main. 
Harms George, drugs, 209 Upper 1st. 
Harnishfeger F W, boots and shoes, 308 

Upper 1st. 
Harper John E, physician, 223 Upper 2d. 
Harrison James B, hominy mills and bag 

factory, 312 Upper Water. 
Harrison, Peckinpaugh & Co, overall man- 
ufacturers, 314 Upper Water. 
Hartloff Richard, physcian, 126 Upper 3d. 
Hartmann Charles, baker, 816 Main. 
Hartmann C & Bro, flour and feed, 214 

Lower 1st. 
Hartwig Ernest, harness, 903 W Franklin. 
Hass C, Supt H Hermann, cor 11th ave 

and Vermont. 
Hassler Henry T, European House, 120 Lo- 
cust. John, shoemaker and tobacco, 108 

Upper Water. 
Hasty William, saloon, 28 Upper Water, 

and 401 4th. 
Hatch Stearns, justice of the) peace, 328 

Upper 3rd. 
Hayden Anexamander M, physician, 416 

Up[er 1st. 
Hayes William M, saloon, lower Water. 
Hayhurst Azariah S, patent medicines, 

201 J Upper .3d. 

Hayne George W, drugs, 419 Main. 

Haynie Henry H, grocer, 200 Olive. 

Heberer Peter, grocer, 807 Upper 9th. 

Heblich Jacob, grocer, 401 Main. 

Hedderich Christian, saloon, 402 Main. 

Heddericll Gust, Dealer in Fancy 
and Staple Groceries, Seine Twine, and 
Fishing Tackle, 403 Main. 

Hedderich House, John Hedderich, propr, 
230 E High. 

Heerdink William, brick manufacturer. 

Hefele George, saloon, 28 Lower 3d. 

Heilman Plcw Company, (Wil- 
liam Heilman, A CRosencranz, George P 
Heilman), 1st, bet Ligle and Pine. 

Heilman William, hominy mills and malt 
house, cor Water and 7th ave, and foun- 
dry, cor 1st and Pine. 

Heimaun Adolph, live stock, 119 2d ave. 

Heimann David & Co, wholesale liquors, 
119 Upper 1st. 

Heimann H, second-hand clothing 319 

Heimann Louis, live stock, 119 2d ave. 

Heimann & Kahn, wholesale grocers, 26 Up- 
per 1st. 

Heinrich Sebastian, abstract of titles, court 
house building. 

Helder Philip C, stoves and tinware, 211 
Upper 2d. 

Helfricb & Rechtitl, Planing Mill, 
cor 7th and Ingle, and Saw Mill, Frank- 
lin St Bridge. 

Hepperle William, saloon, 429 Upper 4th. 

Hermann George, cigar manufacturer, 428 

Hermann Henry, confectioner, 123 Main. 

Hermann Henry, C Hass, Supt, 
Lumber and Furniture Manufacturer, 
cor 11th ave and "Vermont. 

Hermann Jacob, confectioner, 223 Main. 

Herr L S, physician, 403 Upper 2d. 

Herrmann & Bro, Wagon Manufac- 
turers and Dealers in Agricultural Im- 
plements, 17 Main. 

Hesker Herman, shoemaker, 506 Upper 4th. 

Hess Peter, meats, 102 W Franklin. 

Hesse Adolph, drugs, 701 Main. 

Heyden Charles, cigars and tobacco, 728 

Hicks James P, saloon, 106 Locust. 

Hilgedick William, shoemaker, cor Ingle 
and i5th. 

Hill Robert A, lawyer, 313 J Upper 3d. 

Hillyard M F & Co, grocers, 522 Main. 

Hilt Philip, saloon, 100 Upper 3d. 

Hinde Charles T & Co, grain dealers, 211 
Upper 1st. 

Hinkle, Nisbet & Co, wholesale boots and 
shoes, 116 Upper 1st. 

Hirsch Jacob & Co, grocers, 230 Indiana. 

rr NN IINN o?Knr.yikr^^^^^^ Vance Bloek, Indianapolis, 

\ k 1 1 W I w 1 1 V I of War Claims. Rejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 

Ask for Porter's Joliei Ale. hPJ^^^'^^il 





Hodge & Co, wholesale liquors, 200 Upper 

Hodson George P, physician, 321 Upper 3d. 
Hodson Ricbard V, Lawyer, 313i 

Upper 3d. 
Hoelscher Adolpli P, grocer, 2107 Fulton 

Hot" George, grocer, 315 Lower 1st. 
Hofferberth Charles, lumber manufacturer, 

Henderson road nr St Josej)h ave. 
Hoflman John J, grocer, 236 Franklin. 
Hofmann Frederick, baker, 424 Upper 4th. 
Hollingsworth Bros, wholesale crockery, 202 

Upper 1st. 

Holtz A & Co, grocers, 1014 Main. 

Holzgraefe August J, grocer, 500 Washing- 

Holzgraefe Henry, brickyard, cor Baker 
ave and Oregon. 

Hopkins F & Co, dry goods, 116 Main. 

Hopkins & Roberts, foundry, cor Ingle and 
1st ave. 

Hornbrook Eichard S, farm machinery, 24 
and 26 Upper Water. 

Hornbrook & Hawkins, lawyers, 211^ Up- 
per 3d. 

Horster William, grocer, 31 Upper 6th. 

Hosse Gustave, cutlery grinder, 302 Ingle. 

HouSSelS & Klein, Leather Find- 
ings, Hides, Pelts, etc, 210 Upper 3d. 

Hubbard John & Co, seeds and produce, 27 
Upper 1st. 

Hudspeth, Curtis & Co, dry goods, 125 and 
127 Main. 

Hudspeth & Sonntag, gents furnishings, 
427 Main. 

Huebsch Lorenz, shoemaker, 305 Locust. 

Hughes William, notions, 216 Upper 2d. 

Hulvershoril F W, Propr Evans- 
ville Leather and Belting Comjjany, 12 
Main. {See adc.) 

Humphrey J, confectioner, 705 Main. 

Humphrey & Rice, lumber manufacturers, 
11th ave nr Vermont. 

Humphrey & Shipe, Proprs St. 
Cloud Hotel, 10 to 14th Upper Water. 

Hunsdon A, confectionery, 409 Edgar. 

Hunter John, saloon, 121 3d ave. 

Hunton Frank N, photographer, 606 Main. 

Hunt Clemens H, drugs, 600 Oak. 

Hutchinson Franklin, dentist, 323 Upper 

Huthflies George, grocer, 221 Line. 

Ichenhauser Louis, wholesale crockery, 13 

Upper 1st. 

Iglehart Asa & John E, lawyers, 317 Up- 
per 3d. 

Inglehart Bros, flour mill, 418 Locust. ' 

IllingF August, drugs, 1515 Fulton ave. 

Indiana Post, (German Weekly and 
Sunday), M E Wilkom, Propr, 203 Up- 
per 3d. {See adv.) 

Indianapolis & Evansville Railway Com- 
pany, Robert G Hervey, prest ; P Camp- 
bell, supt; 14 J Main. 

Ingle John & Co, miners and dealers in 
coal, 29 Main. 

Ingle Thomas, ice, 13 Lower Water. 

Ingle Thomas & Co, coal, 13 lower Water. 

Inwood William, junk, 118 Pine. 

Irwin Joseph W, phvsician, St George Ho- 

Isaacs Albert C, printer and book binder, 
200 upper 1st. 

James Emma Mrs, restaurant, 408 Upper 

Jaquess Bro & Co, wholesale dry goods 
and notions, 114 Upper 1st. 

Jarvis Charles M, baker, 523 Main. 

Jenkins Charles T, county recorder, court 

Jeppeson John, meats, 400 Chestnut. 

Jewell J C, surveyor of customs, custom 

Jewell Robert C, restaurant, 315 Upper 1st. 

Joest John N, trunk box manufacturer, 
116 Sumner. 

Joest Nicholas, grocer, 621 Upper 6th. 

Johann Albert, undertaker, 114 Washing- 

Johann Kate Mrs, milliner, 418 Main. 

Johnson Alvah, real estate agt, 332 Upper 

Johnson Elmer C, white lead manufacturer, 
14 Main. 

Johnson Oliver H, confectioner, 721 W 

Johnson J M, shoes, 106 10th ave. 

Johnston Wm L, druggist, 816 Upper 2d. 

Jones Hiram G, physician, 525 Upper 2d. 

Jones P V & M T, propr Evening Tribune, 
310 Upper 1st. 

Jones Robert W, physician, 525 Upper 2d. 

Jorgenson Henry C, blacksmith, 218 Locust. 

Joseph Henry, clothing, 104 Main. 

Juers Frank, grocer, cor 6th and Walnut. 

Jung Christian, blacksmith, 311 Lower 1st. 

Jung Joseph, boots and shoes, 516 Main. 

Kanzler Charles carpenter, 110 Lower 

Karsch John & Sons, mineral water manu- 
facturers, 433 E Illinois. 

Karges Frederick, grocer. 111 E High. 

Kasper Richard, grocer, 626 Ingle. 

Kaufman Wendel F, harness, 411 Fulton 

Kaute William, leather, 404 Main. 

Keck, Miller & Co, dry goods, 207 Main. 

Keene Samuel M, dry goods, 322 Main. 

Keil Henry, sewing machines, 422 Main. 

Keil John, saloon, 200 Lower 2d. 

Keilmannl^illiant, Attorney, No- 
tary Public and Editor Daily Union. 
Collection of Money in all Places, and 
Europe a Specialty, n e cor 4th and Main. 


pertaining to these and HkcMnatters jnomptly and carefully 
attended to by C. BRADFORD. Solicitor of Patents, IG and 18 
Hubbard Blocit, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (See adv.) 


inn^l nnnnimr *"or me best ana cheapest. Address 

IRON nOUFINGI W. 6. HYNDMAN & go., CiDcioDati, Obio. 





Keller Albert, shoemaker, 113 Upper 3d. 

Keller Charles, guns and ammunition, 315 

Keller iS: White, druggist, 106 Main. 

Kellogg Robert H, hardware, 21-3 Main. 

Kerth Thomas, leather tindings, "209 Upper 

Kierstead Charles W, physician, 213 Up- 
per 4th. 

Kissel Jacob, tobacco manufacturer, 302 

Kissel Nicholas, saloon, 302 Williams. 

Klappcrt Philip G, grocer, 1205 W Frank- 

Klauss John, merchant tailor, 314 Upper 

Klee Bros, blacksmiths, 821 W Franklin. 

Klenck Jolin M & Co, General 
Feed Store and Dealer in Grain and 
Seeds, cor Fulton are and Franklin. 

Kline Philip, cooper, 1033 Vine. 

Kliugelhoefer C, meats, 325 Mary. 

Klinger John, confectioner, 8 Upper 7th. 

Kuapp Charles, physician, 223 Upper 2d. 

Knapp Emil, dentist, 221 Upper 2d. 

Knapp .John, produce, 105 Lafayette. 

Knox J N & Co, mill machinery manufac- 
turers, cor Main and Michigan. 

Koch George, tinner, 1016 W Pennsyl- 

Koch Henry, stoves, 411 3d ave. 

Koehler Charles, sewing machine repairer, 
.530 Main. 

Koehler George J, saloon, 114 Upper 

Koehler John, saloon, 110 Upper Water. 

Koehler John, saloon, 914 Main. 

Koehler Louis, insurance and collection, 
326.] Upper 3d. 

Koelling William, grocer, 138 E Pennsyl- 

Koenig Andrew, barber, 715 Main. 

Koenig Ernest, shoemaker, 225 Vine. 

Koester & Korff, wholesale grocers, 611 
Upper 8th. 

Kohl John, saloon, 1022 Main. 

Kohl Nicholas, saloon, 619 7th. 

Kopj) Adolph, watchmaker, 10 Main. 

Krach Gustav H, dye house, 312 Ingle. 

Kramer John L, dry goods, 725 Main. 

Kramer Louis, saw mill, cor William and 
Elsas ave. 

Kratz Christian, foundry, 120 Lower 1st. 

Kreipke Charles & Co, copper and sheet 
iron workers, 316 Upper Water. 

Kreipke Henry, feed, 202 E Pennsylvania. 

Kreutzer Mathias, shoemaker, 120-^ Fulton 

Kroener Charles, jeweler, 418 Main. 

Krohn Henry, saloon, .324 W Pennsylvania. 

Kronen l>erger & Barnett, livery, cor Locust 
and 5th. 

Kuehn Charles W, barber, 103 2d ave. 

Kuehn F William, barber, 212 Upper 2d, 

Kuhn John, cigars and tobacco, 425 3d ave. 

Kuhn Valentine, grocer, 921 Fulton ave. 

Kullmann Valentine, grocer, 901 Fulton 
ave. I 

Kuriger Conrad, saloon, 331 Fulton ave. 

Kurz Frederick A, saloon, 921 3d ave. 

Lahr Adolph P, general store, 616 Fulton 

Lahr Jacob & Co, grocer, 205 Fulton ave. 

Lambert George H, saloon, 631 Main. 

Lang F'rancis, grocer, 1119 Fulton ave. 

Langdon John W, millwright, 224 Walnut. 

Langenwalter Andrew, saloon, 1323 Divi- 

Langolf Louis, city marshal, city building. 

Lannert & Erthal, carriage manufacturers,. 
600 Main. 

Lanphear DeWltt H, hats and caps, 22 

Lartz Louis A, confectioner, 231 Locust. 

Lauenstein Fred, propr Evansville Demo- 
krat, 306 Upper 2d. 

Lauer Bros, boots and shoes, 206 Main. 

Laughlin James, real estate, 329 Upper 3d. 

Laval Charles FH, druggist, 331 Upper 3d. 

Laval John, druggist. 220 Main. 

I^a^W Ed-ward E, Lawver, 306 Upper 

Lawton John, hardware, 431 Main. 

Lederer Frederick, saloon, 331 Main. 

I^elmtiard & Earl, Planing Mill,. 
Manufacturers Sash, Doors, Blinds and 
Moldings, cor 6th and Canal. 

Leich & Carlstedt, wholesale druggists, 209 
Upper 1st. 

Lemcke J Augustus, woolen mill, cor 1st 
ave and Bond. 

Lennert George, cigar manufacturer, 32 

Lennert Jacob, cigars and tobacco, 400 

Leon John, restaurant, 204 Upper W^ater. 

Leonard William H, meats, 231 Vine. 

Leubitz Henry, meats, 1031 Main. 

Levi Morris Mrs, milliner, 510 Main. 

Levin Bennett, gent's furnishings, 227 Lo- 

Levy Henry B, meats, 531 Locust. 

Lewis vStephen B, dentist, 223 Upper 2d. 

Limberger Jacob, wagonmaker, 312 Lin- 
coln ave. 

Lindley J F & Bro, dry goods, 305 and 307 

Links C'harles, saloon, 804 Main. 

Linthicum Edward, physician, 108 Upper 

Little Samuel, W,saw mill, 830 W Ohio. 

Lockwood Charles S, laundry, 121 Locust 

Loehnis George, cabinetmaker, 127 Upper 
6th. _ 

Loetzrich Louis, shoemaker, 850 Vine. 

James B. Lizius & Co. 



isy2 Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, Ind. 

E. C. ATKINS & CO. f '"'lo irSe*'"" 

i^i>£A»APOL,is, iNo. i Work Warranted, 





Loewenstein Samuel, insurance, 205 Upper 

ILoe'weiltlial & Co, Dealers in Wool, 
Feathers, Furs, Hides, Pelts and Tallow, 
503 and 505 Main. 

Lohse Robert, saloon, 116 Upper 4th. 

Long C D & Co, wholesale harness saddlery 
hardware, 100 Upper 1st. 

Lorenz George, saloon, 1 Upper 2d. 

Lorenz John H, tinner, 107 E Franklin. 

Louisville, Evansville& St Louis Railway, 
R G Butler, general supt, 300j tapper 

Louisville & Nashville Railroad Com- 
pany, Lee Howell, agt, cor Main and 1st. 

Lowenthal L & Co, wholesale clothing, 120 
Upper 1st. 

Luck William J, drugs, 22 Lower^Main. 

Ludwig Henry, grocer, 626 Division. 

Ludwig C G & Co, manufacturers sewed 
shoes, cor Main and 4th. 

Lutz Adam, shoemaker, 315 William. 

Lutz Enoch, wagonmaker, 510 Fulton ave. 

Lyon E & Co, grocers, 217 Main. 

Lyon Matthew S, loans, 327 Upper 3d. 

Lyon Michael, clothing, 110 Main. 

McCorkle John S, contractor, cor Walnut 
and 8th. 

McCoy & Irwin, physicians, 502 Upper 1st. 

McCrarey William, blacksmith, 919 W 

McGutchan Rol^ert, feed mill, cor Illinois 
and Elsas ave. 

McDevitt John, shoemaker, 209 Lower 

McDonagh John, city auditor, city build- 

McGrew Robert J, painter, 208 Upper 2d. 

McHugh John, saloon, Sherwood House. 

McKay Margaret A Miss, fancy goods, 309 
upper 2d. 

McKee James A, grain broker, 213 Upper 

McKenney Joshua, Proprietor 
Chicago Cash Grocery, Dealer in Staple 
and Fancy Groceries, Produce, etc. Tele- 
phone No". 43; 923 Main. 

McMahon Agnes, physician, 501 Upper 1st. 

McNeely Edwin T, pictures and frames, 
318 Upper 1st. 

McPhillips John C, hatter, 508 Main. 

McSherry Lizzie Mrs, dressmaker, 309 Up- 
per 2d. 

McTernan Thaddeus, justice of the peace, 
404 Upper 3d. 

Mackey, Nisbet & Co, wholesale dry goods, 
102 Upper 1st. 

Mackey & Huston, proprs St George Hotel, 
cor 1st and Locust, and druggist, 401 
Upper 1st. 

Magner Louis, clothing, 417 Main. 

Maier Mathias, grocer, 1 Upper 8th. 

Maier Peter, lawyer, 325 Upper 3d. 

Mail Line Wharf Boat Company, W B 
Pennington, sec, levee foot Main. 

Manheimer R & Co, grocers and manufac- 
turing confectioners, 123 Upper 1st. 

Mann Jacob & Son, grocers, 422 LTpper 4th, 

Mann John, grocer, 201 2d ave. 

Mann Michael, barber, 209 Upper 3d. 

Manz Henry, saloon, 433 Upper 4th. 

Margraff Frederick, grocer, 500 Main. 

Marlett John J, real estate, 329 Upper 3rd. 

Marsh Adam, saloon, 208 Upper Water. 

Martin A J & Co, carriages, 24 Vine. 

Mason J Everett, carpenter, cor 4th and Lo- 

Mathesie John, gunsmith, 920 Main. 

Mathison & Wilkinson, lawyers, 309^ Up- 
per 3d. 

Mauntel Maiy A, milliner, 112 2d ave. 

Maurer A & Co, vinegar and pickle manu- 
facturers, 28 Fulton ave. 

May Moses, barber, 114 L^pper Water. 

Mayer Jacob C, grocer, 922 Main. 

Mayer Mathias, grocer, 1 Ujiper 8th. 

Mayflower House, Gaul & Tighe, proprs, 
121 Lower Water. 

Meadows Felix H, .sewing machines, 304 
Upper 2d. 

Mechanic's Furniture Company, 709 1st ave. 

Medical College of Evansville, cor 5th and 

Meier W E & Co, grocers, 725 Chestnut. 

Melsheimer Frederick, saloon, 317 Upper 2d. ' 

Melzer A & Co, soap manufacturers, cor 3d 
ave and Oregon. 

Menden Bertram, coal, 706 Main. 

Mendenhall John C, drugs, 401 Fulton ave. 

Merchants' Despatch Transportation Com- 
pany, 18 Sycamore. 

Merchants' National Bank ; capital, $250,- 
000 ; C R Bement, prest ; H L Meadows, 
cashr; 100 Main. 

Merz Jacob, flour and feed, 319 William. 

Mesker Henry & Son, grocer, 727 Main. 

Mesker J B & Sons, stoves and tinware, cor 
4th and Division. 

Mesker S H & Co, architectural iron works, 
16 Division. 

Mexal George, books and stationery, 519 

Meyer Christian, tailor, 118 Locust. 

Meyer Ernst C, clothing, 311 Main. 

Meyer George V, grocer, 601 Gum. 

Meyer Joseph, restaurant, 215 Locust. 

Meyer & Rahm, book binders, 123^ Main. 

Meyers Jacob & Bro, planing mill, cor 
Water and Goodsell. 

Meyers J Edwai-d, manager Keystone 
Wringer Company, 425 Main, 

Meyers William, sewing machines, 223 

Miehle Adolph, notary, 325 Upper 3d. 

Miller Bros, dry goods 113 and 717 Main. 

Miller Charles, saloon, 228 W Franklin. 



] 188 South Meridiai. St., 


CANNED GOODS AND OYSTERS, {union oyster co., 

"«VMOr,ESAt,E AI««I> R.ISTAIL,. I 40 North Illinois Street, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Miller Christian, general store, cor 1st and 
3d ave. 

Miller Daniel, grocer, 101 Lincoln ave. 

Miller George & Co, boots and shoes, 208 

Miller Melchoir & Son, plasterers, 518 Up- 
per 7th. 

Miller William, junk dealer, 9 2d ave. 

Millerlei T P, saloon, 001 Main. 

Mills Frank L, lawver, 14 Main. 

Milton George W, saloon, 1001 W Ohio. 

Minch William, grocer, 500 Division. 

Miner Henry L, lawyer, 310 Upper 3d. 

Minnis Joseph S, gents' furnishings, 225 

Mitchell J T & Co, hats, caps, boots and 
shoes, 321 Main. 

Moehlenkamp William, confectioner, 231 
Fulton ave. 

Mohr Casper, grocer, 101 Upper 8th. 

Mohr & Dietrich, carpenters, 716 Sycamore. 

Mohr Mary A Mrs, grocer, 1201 Fulton ave. 

Moll Peter, boots and shoes-, 620 Cherry. 

Montgomery Samuel, saloon, 19 and 21 
Lower Water and 229 Fulton ave. 

Mooney Thomas J, lawyer, 229 Locust. 

Moore Otho AV, sewing machines, 319 Main, 

Morris Aaron, tailor, 211 Locust. 

Morris Benjamin, saloon, 529 Main. 

Morris Ferdinand, general store, 613 Fulton 

Morris Frank & Co, grocers, 527 Main. 

Morris Joseph, clothing, 116 Upper Water. 

Morris J H & Co, coal and tow boats, 228 
Upper Water. 

Morris Lawrence, merchant tailor, 211 Lo- 

Morris Levi, milliner, 510 Main. 

Morsch Adam, saloon, 208 Upper Water. 

Morse John S, boots and shoes, 313 Main. 

Moskowitz Joseph, second hand furniture, 
423 Upper 4th. 

Mueller Frank S, drugs, 925 W Franklin. 

Mueller Jacob, tailor, 8 Upper 3d. 

Mueller William, saddlery, 512 Fulton ave. 

Muhlhausen Mathew, phvsician, 406 Upper 

Mundo Frank G, saloon, 901 W Franklin 

Murray Thomas W, coal, cor Water and 
Fulton ave. 

Mursinna Henry, architect, 320J Upper 1st. 

Muth Conrad, township trustee, 410 Upper 

MutSChler Georg^e, Contractor and 
Ijuilder, Dealer in Lumber, Mouldings,, Doors and Blinds and Building 
Material, 312 and 314 Goodsell. 

Myer Aaron, saloon, 321 Upper 4th. 

Nanney Dr, physician, 313 3(1 ave. 

Nathan Morris, second hand furniture, 416 
Upj>er 4th. 

Neeb Louis, boots and shoes, 124 E Iowa. 

Neel William S, physician, 325 Upper 2d. 

Neucks Ernst, general store, 134 Indiana. 
Newman Bros, grocers. 222 Lower 2d and 

207 3d ave. 
Newman Louis, second hand furniture, 403 

Upper 4th. 
Newman Samuel, second handfurniture,425 

Upper 4th. 
Nexseu J W & Co, insurance, 214 Upper 


Niagara Press Brick Company, 205 Upper 

Nichtern Anna Mrs, saloon, 411 Upper 4th. 

Niedermeyer Frederick W, grocer, 401 Ed- 

Niemeier Henry A, grocer, 309 6th ave. 

Nienaber & Fitton, chair manufacturers, 
205 Upper 5th. 

Nitzer Caroline Mrs, confectioner,409 Main. 

Noel William T, loan agt and tobacco 
broker, 302 Upper Water. 

Nussmeier Henry, grocer, 1034 Main. 

Nussmeier William, cooper, 1014 Vine. 

O'Toole Patrick, awnings, tents, etc, 222 
Upper Water. 

Oehlkuch Jacoh & Co, grocers, 1001 3d ave. 

Oeth Nicholas, saloon, 117 Upper 3d. 

Old Brewery Company, cor Fulton ave and 

Olsen & Eaves, confectioners, 721 Main. 

Orr Samuel & Co, iron and steel, 14 Syca- 

Osborne Charles W, painter, rear 318 Up- 
per 2d. 

Oslag:e E Frederick, Dealer in 
Groceries, Produce and Feed, 19 and 21 
Lower Main. 

Ossenberg Charles W, grocer, 327 Chestnut. 

Ossenberg Frederick W, grocer, 807 Upper 

Otto Angus , grocer, 301 Jackson ave. 

Otto Charles, meats, 106 2d ave. 

Overlin Eli, State Agt Southern Mu- 
tual Life Insurance Company of Ken- 
tucky, office 224 Locust. 

Owen Abraham M, physician, 504 Upper 1st. 

Owen John E, physician, 504 Upper 1st. 

Pacific Express Company, W G Living- 
stone, agt, 317 Upper 1st. 

Palmer George, lawyer, 321 Upper 3d. 

Parrott & Pawley, painters, Walnut, nr 4th. 

Parsons & Scoville, wholesale grocers, cor 
2d and Sycamore. 

Patrick W H & Co, insurance,215 Upper 1st. 

Patrick & Wilson, books and stationery, 
102 Main. 

Pattison & Brown, lottery, 324 Upper 2d. 

Patton Catharine Mrs, confectioner, 70 E 

Patton James, confectioner, Main. 

Paul Henry, jeweler, 424 Main. 

Paul Jacob, baker, 200 Fulton ave. 

Paul Kobert, clothing, 507 Main. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 


olUMro Torn to Pieces 

by Hercales Poi^-der, 

C. H. JE3SBJE, Agent, 

29>^ N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





People's Savings Bank of Evansville, Mat- 
thew Henning, prest ; Fred Lnnkenheim- 
er, sec and treas, 222 Main. 

Peoria Decatur & Cvansville 
Rail^waj, Duke Nicholson, agt, 25 

Perry Matthew, grocer, 1101 Fulton ave. 

Pfaefflin Emily Mrs, fnillinery, 414 Upper 

Pfeifer George, cooper, 232 Bond. 

Pfeiffer August, shoemaker, 411 Upper 3d. 

Pfistner, Kitt & Co, tanners, 500 W Frank- 

Phipps John M, physician, 325 Upper 2d. 

Pierson L & Co, stoves and tinware, 11 
Upper 1st. 

Pirnat John, physician, 713 Upper 6th. 

Pittman Charles E, dentist, 416 Upper 1st. 

Platz Charles, saloon, 800 Main. 

Poindexter James T .artist, 125 J Main. 

Pollard William S, lawyer, 312 Upper 3d. 

Porter, Dixon & Co, wholesale boots and 
shoes, 206 Upper 1st. 

Porter Nathan, barber, 628 Main. 

Postoffice Building, F M Thayer, postmas- 
ter, cor 2d and Sycamore. 

Pregler Frank, grocer, 202 E Michigan. 

Preiss Frederick, mattress manufacturer, 
510 Upper 10th. 

Preston Bros, wholesale groceries, liquors, 
208 Upper 1st. 

Price William G, dentist, 108 Upper 2d. 

Proll Charles, saloon, 212 Upper 3d. 

Prybil Hermon, books, etc, 205 Upper 4th. 

Puder G & Co, galvanized iron cornice 
manufacturers and roofers, 208 Upper 3d. 

Pues Bernard, shoemaker, 5 John. 

Purdue George C, physician, 321 Upper 3d. 

Puster L & Co, furniture manufacturers, 
cor 6th and Ingle. 

Eaben John R, grocer, 218 Main. 

Kaber Philip, plumber, 222 Sycamore. 

Ragon Bros, wholesale grocers, 15 and 17 
Upper 1st. 

Ralim William jr, grocer, 601 Fulton ave. 

Rahm & Herrenbruck, boots and shoes, 210 

Raider Wm, saloon, 617 Main. 

Raleigh & Kleiner, lumber manufacturers, 
cor St Joseph ave and Henderson road. 

Ralston William G,physician,310 Upper 3d. 

Ranes Thomas M, carriage trimmer, 624 

Ranes & Kleager, Carriage Trim- 
mers and Manufacturers of Tops, Cush- 
ions, Tarpaulins, Wagons, Dray and 
Horse Covers (send for price list), 204 

Rank & AVright, business college, cor Main 
and 3d. 

Rasch H, shoemaker, 1018 Main. 

Rasch John, boots and shoes, 606 Main. 

Raymond & Bruce, blacksmiths, 400 Upper 

Read H H & Co, Real Estate and 

Loans, 325 Upper 3d. 
Read William W, notary public, 325 Up- 
per 3d. 
Reavis William, laAvyer, 313 Main. 
Reese David F, dentist, 716 Cherry. 
Reid Bros, architects, cor Main and 1st. 
Reis Jacob, saloon, 620 Fulton ave. 
Reis & Schumacher, tanners, cor Michigan 

and 5th ave. 
Reisinger John S, barber, 326 Upper 3d. 
Reitz Clexn^lt, Saw Mill, Manu- 
facturer and Dealer in all Kinds of 

Lumber, Lath and Shingles, 200 7th ave. 
Reitz John A & Sons, saw mill, 22 7th ave. 
Reitz Joseph F, furniture manufacturer, 

317 and 319 Main. 
Rexing John B, grocer, 121 W Franklin. 
Rheinhardt John, grocer and wagonmaker, 

122 E High. 
Rheinlander John, wholesale tobacco and 

cigars, 200 Upper 1st. 
Rice, Givens & Headley, leaf tobacco, 414 

Upper Water. 
Rice & Humphrey Bros, saw mill, 1127 W 

Richards Aaron W, lawyer, 323 Upper 3d. 
Richards John ^N, feed store, 1014 W Penn-. 

Richardt & Ruehman, livery, 17 2d ave. 
Richardson & W^alker, lawyers, 217 Upper 

Ricker Henry, boots and shoes, 212 Main. 
Riechmann Frederick, grocer, 616 Main. 
Ries Jacob, saloon, 620 Fulton ave. 
Rietman & Schulte, saw mill, 507 Ohio. 
Rimroth & Gossent, general store, 301 E 

Ringolskv Hannah, second hand furniture, 

427 Upper 4th. 
Ritz Adam J, horseshoer, 416 Sycamore. 
Ritz Andrew, wagonmaker, 919 W Ohio. 
Roach Edward C, seeds and produce, 24 

Upper 1st. 
Roach John J, oil and produce commission, 

304 Upper Water. 
Roberts Charles L, lawyer, 224 Locust. 
Robertson Richard H, tailor, 425 Upper 3d. 
Robinson Andrew L, lawyer, 313^ Upper 3d. 
Robinson Lucian M, agent's supplies, 212 

Robinson Samuel, Saw Repairer 

324 Main. 
Rock, Thomas & Slocomb, wholesale hard- 
ware, 211 Upper 1st. 
Rocquette, Andrew, gold and silver plater, 

312 Upper Water. 
Roeder Theodore & Co, shoemakers, 123 

Roeder & Muth, millinery, 422 Main. 

Tp-trriCS, XJr r^T K T313 OPTICIAN AND WATCHMAKER, 93 North Pennsylvania Street, 
■*■ XX\/0. Xl, y^l^txr'r'y New-Denison Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

I make a specialty of WATCHES AND OPTICAL GOODS, and have a. full line. Having 
years experience, can assure satisfactory results in adjustment and repairs. 

over thirty 

Unmo I ifo \no On Has paid large dividends, has the largest surplus for 
nOllIC LIIB lIlSi uOi dividends in future. Best Co. for Agents. 

J57 a. KEZLOGG, Sup't , Chicago HI. 





Koehrig Jacob, propr Smith's Hotel, 210 

Upper 4th. 
Eoelker J H t*c Co, stove founders, 512 

Eoelker Plow Company, J H Eoelker & 

Co, proprs, 513 Sycamore. 
Eoesues George J, grocer, cor Oakly and 

Eoesner Peter, propr stock yards, 931 Main. 
Eoettger Ferdinand, baker, 629 Main. 
Eoetzel Frank, saloon, 121 Sycamore. 
Eose William, meat market, 203 Olive. 
Eose tS: Cosby, physicians, 319 Upper 3d. 
Rosenberg^er August^ Wholesale 

anil Eetail Dealer in Groceries, Feed, 

Lime, Salt and Cement, S2S and 830 W 


Rosenbergfer Henry, Propr Na- 
tional Cooper Shop. Manufacturer of 
All Kinds of Coop.r; ge. Office, 828 W 

Roseufeld Josepll, Dealer in 
Hides, Furs, Featheis, Sheep Pelts, Gen- 
seng, etc, 408 Main. 

Eossman Jacob, insurance, 212^ Main. 

Eothschild Joseph J, live stock, 209 Lower 

Eucker James B, lawyer, 332 Upper 3d. 

Eucker Thomas H, drugs, 1510 Walnut. 

Euhl Charles, propr Warwick House, cor 
3d and Locust. 

Eumpf Jacob, cigar manufacturer, 103 

Euppert Jacob, barber, 127 5th ave. 

Euschmeier Charles, blacksmith, 917 Main. 

Eussell Agnes J Mrs, dressmaker, 323 Up- 
per 2d. 

Euston Eobert, flour mills, cor Ohio and 
6th ave. 

Evan & Covert, publishers Daily News, 
cor 4th and Main. 

St Cloud Hotel, Humphrey & Shipe, 
Proprs, 10, 12 and 14 Upper Water. 

St George Hotel, Mackey & Huston proprs, 
cor 1st and Locust. 

St Joseph's Academv, 313 Division. 

St Mary's Hospital, "920 W Ohio. 

Sacht Alexander, merchant tailor, 514 Ful- 
ton ave. 

Sachs Leonard, painter, 025 William. 

Sanders Washington, tinner, 500 Upper 9th 

Saasom Saunders B, city treasurer, city 

Sauer Jacob, junk dealer, 209 Lower 1st. 

Sauer Jolin, cigar manufacturer, 115 3d 

Saner Louisa, meats, 125 3d ave. 

Saunders Jame^^ », City Engineer 

and Siirvevor, City IJnihiing, 
Sawyer F \V, druggist and physician, 327 

Upper 2d. 
Scantlin Jamf-^, tinw.'in-, 15 Walnut. 

Scantlin Thomas & Son, stove manufactur- 
ers, 327 Upper 1st. 
Schaefer Henry J, saloon, 536 Upper 4th. 
Scliaefer Joseph, Undertaker, 11 

Lower 5th. {»S'ee adv.) 
Schaefter John, grocer, 230 W Franklin. 
Schaich John & Co, coopers, cor 5th and 

Schapker B & Co, mattress manufacturers, 

15 Main. 
Schaum Charles & Co, malt house and 

homin}' mill, 304 W Ohio. 
Schauss & Eothschild, live stock, 931 Main. 
Schautrup Henrv, shoemaker, 426 Upper 

Scheeffer Gustav A, Electrical and 

Physical Instruments, 19 Main. 
Scheller Ferdinand, physician, 26 Upper 

Schemet Louis, meat market, 207 Upper 3d. 
Schenck George, grocer, 428 Upper 4th. 
Schenck Henry, grocer, 219 Main. 
Schepman George H, grocer, 1000 2d ave. 
Scherer Bertie Miss, hair goods, 311 Upper 

Scherer Charles L, merchant tailor, 430 

Scheu Adam, blacksmith, 9 W Franklin. 
Schlaepfer Henry J, druggist, 201 Main. 
Schlamp George, shoemaker, 1111 Main. 
Schlamp William, grocer, 1000 Division. 
Schlange August, propr Schlange's Hotel 

and second hand furniture, 410 Main. 
Seblang^e's Hotel, August 

Schlange, Projir, 419 and 421 Upper 4th. 
Schlauch Charles, shoemaker, 208 E High. . 
Schlauch John, cigars and tobaccos, 101 

Upper 7th. , 

Schlauch John& Co, cigar manufacturers, 

414 Upper 3rd. 
Schlensker & Woehler, grocers, 525 Upper 

Schlotter Joseph, saloon, 810 Main. 
Schmidt Charles, propr Depot House, 718 

Schmidt Charles F, pianos and organs. 111 

Schmidt Florence C, drugs, 700 Fulton ave. 
Schmidt Frank A, shoemaker, 104 Ujjper 

Schmidt & Naegle, barbers, 108 Upper 

Schmitt Anton C, grocer, 29 Upper 9th. 
Schmitt August, stoves and tinware, 605 

Schmitt George, wagonmaker, 518 Upper 

Schmitt Martin, tinner, 517 Oak. 
Schnake Gottleib, shoemaker, 9 Lower 3d, 
Schneider A M & Co, j)rinters, 210 Lower 

Schneider Frederick, fancy goods, 312 Ujj- 
per 2d. 

Q^ S GUilj^STTE f Manufacturer of Wagon and Carriage Material. 
Nos-z-Tanri-io East Georgia Street, ' ] Spokes, Hubs, Long auQ Short Carriage and 

INDIAIHAPOI^IS, - - IMD. I CXPRE:SS BO'WS. See adv., page 6. 


Binding and Blank Book Making, 

Southeast Corner Circle aud Meridian Streets, - INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Schneider Jacob, meat, 321 Fulton ave. 

Schneider John B, meats, 101 E Franklin. 

Sclinepper'S Hotel, Charles 
Schnepper, propr, 129 5th ave, opposite 
L & N R depot. 

Schniep & Negley, meat, 406 Main. 

Schoellkopf John, shoemaker, 204 Upper 

Schoening Albert C, saloon, 713 Main. 

Schofield David, woolen mills, cor 3d ave 
and Oregon. 

Scholem & Kahu, livery, 414 Sycamore. 

Scholz Fred J, marble works, 11 and 13 
Lower 3d. 

Schor E G, pottery, 219 E Pennsylvania, 

Schreiber Fritz, barber, 814 Main. 

Scliricllte Jolm H, Merchant Tai- 
lor, 124 Main. 

Schueler Philip, printer, 212^ Main. 

Schulte Frederick W, merchant tailor, 213 
Upper 7th. 

Schultz Theodore, physician, 325 2d ave. 

Schultze, XhurmaM & Co, Foun- 
ders and Machinists, Engine Builders, 
Boiler Makers, etc, cor 3d ave and 1st. 

Scliultze, 'Waltnian & Co, Saw 
Mill, and Manufacturers of all kinds of 
Lumber, 712 and 714 W Ohio. 

Schulz Ernst, confectioner, 210 Upper 

Schumacher Jacob, saloon, 416 Main. 

Schuttler Jacob, blacksmith, 1000 W Penn- 

Schwab Charles A, harness, 608 Main. 

Schwaegerle A & Son, painters, 211 Syca- 

Schwambach Jacob, grocer, 1201 3d ave. 

Schwartz Eichard H,grocer, St Joseph ave. 

Schwarzbeck Ernst, wagonmaker, 1029 W 

Schweigert Frederick, tailor, 703 Main. 

Schweitzer Jacob, blacksmith, 620 3d ave. 

Schwengel Henry, shoes, 802 E Pennsylva- 

Schwentker & Bamle, meats, 5 Lower 3d. 

Scull Anson B, sewing machines, 218 LTp- 
per 2d. 

Seesengut .J J Mrs, milliner, 120 Main. 

Seibert Henrv, boilermaker, 105 Lower 

Seidel Charles, wagonmaker, 11 W Frank- 

Seiffer Gustave, restaurant, 319 LTpper 1st. 

Seltzer George, saloon, cor 10th and Lin- 
coln ave. 

Setchell & Green, livery, 118 Upper 2d. 

Setzer Jacob, meats, 201 Lincoln ave. 

Shackelford James M, lawyer, 330 Upper 

Shackelford W Ross, lawyer, 330 Upper 3d. 

Shafer Henry, meats, 1419 Walnut. 

Shaflfer Edward C, tailor, 512 Sycamore. 

Sharp George, stencil cutter and news- 
dealer, 206 LTpper 3d. 

Sheldon Charles H, saloon, 500 Upper 4th. 

Sherwood House, William B Sherwood, 
propr, cor 1st and Locust. 

Siegel Magnus, shoemaker, 114 Locust. 

Siepen Joseph, tailor, 603 Main. 

Sihler Louis C, saloon, 218 Upper Water. 

Sinz Martin, physician, 210 E Penn. 

Sinzich John J, ship chandler, 128 Upper 

Smith Edward Q, chair manufacturer, 226 

Smith George C & Co, books and stationery, 
129 Main. 

Smith's Hotel, JjRoehrig, propr, 210 Upper 

Smith Jacob G, tool repairer, 711 Walnut. 

Smith John G, edge tool manufacturer, 
foot Bayless. 

Smith Josiah, saloon, 320 Upper Water. 

Smith ,J J Mrs, dressmaker, 419 Main. 

Smitli Robert, undertaker, 420 Main. 

Smitll Samuel E, Lawyer, 312 Up- 
per 3d. 

Smith William F, lawyer, 303 Upper 3d. 

Sode Andrew F, marble works, 406 Main. 

Sode George W, saloon, 22 Upper Water. 

Sonntag George S & Co, hardware, 109 

Sorenson Soren, justice, 412 Upper 3d. 

South Shore Line, George W French, agt, 
230 Upper Water. 

Southern Express Comjiany, 23 Main. 

Southern Mutual Xife Insur- 
ance of Kentuckv, Eli Overlin, State 
Agt. Office, 224 Locust. 

Spalding James A, cigar box manufacturer, 
121 Upper 9th. 

Speer Bernhard, clothing, 212 Upper Water. 

Speers William F, sewing machine re- 
pairer. 307 Sycamore. 

Spiry Louis, tailor, 112 Locust. 

Stadler Frederick, baker, 601 4th ave. 

Stahlhefer Joseph, grocer, 121 Lincoln ave. 

Starger Bros, barbers, 728 Main. 

Stalschniidt Henry, grocer, 223 Harriet. 

Stanfield & Bate, plumbers,. 129 Locust. 

Star Union Line, E W Patrick, agt, 215 
Upper 1st. 

Stark Albert J, gents' furnishiugs,lll Main. 

Stark Albertina Mrs, shirt manufacturer, 
404 Main. 

Starr Thomas C, photosirapher, 221 Upper 

Start G H & Co, wholesale flour and salt, 
cor Water and Vine. 

Staser Clinton, lawyer, 311 Upper 3d. 

Steed James H, boots and shoes, 119 Locust. 

Steele James, city assessor, City Building. 

Steier M, shoemaker, 220 Franklin. 

Steinbach Alfred, tanner and saddler, 412 

New York Life Ins. 

Was, the first to issue Non-Forfeltable Policies. 
No suicidal clause or objectionable restrictions 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, indVaUpoliI: 

For 3Iills, Foundries, and all kinds of Machinery, 


Nos* 14: and 16 East South Street^ 






Steirer Christian, saloon, 407 Fulton ave. 

Stemper Frederick, harness, 406 Upper 4th. 

Stevens Anson F, fancy goods, 114 Main. 

Stewart Annie, dressmaker, 317 Upper 1st. 

Stillson Joseph O, physician, 416 Upper 1st. 

Stockrteth Henry, grocer, 130 Upper 6th. 

Stockdeth A Wiggers, saw mill and chair 
factory, cor Franklin and 8th ave. 

Stoddard William H P, druggist, 27 Main. 

Stofleth John, harber, 618 Fulton ave. 

Stohl Frederick, saloon, 614 W Franklin. 

Stoltz Martin, saloon, 401 3d ave. 

Straub Fred P ct Co, hardware, 224 Main. 

Streeby J B t'i Co, confectionery, 327 Main 
and 300 I'pper Water. 

Stroebel John V, saloon and baker, 1209 
Fulton ave. 

Strohn, McCorkle & Co, stationery and no- 
tions, 310 Upper 1st. 

Strouse (i Bros, clothing, 203 Main. 

Strupp Jacob, blacksmith, 510 Fulton ave. 

Stuehmeyer William, grocer, 101 Upper 5th. 

Suess & Co, Opticians, Engravers, 
Stencil Cutters, Kubber and Steel Stamps, 
10 Main. 

Suhrheinrich A & Co, flour mill, cor Main 
and Michigan. 

Summers Thomas W, painter, 124 Locust. 

Sutton George, crockery, 200 Main. 

S'Wanson Bros, Planing Mill, Lum- 
ber, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, 
Hardware, etc, cor 1st and Goodsell. 

Sweetzer, Caldwell & Co, wholesale notions, 
124 Upper 1st. 

Swift Josiah, saloon, 415 Water. 

Swinney Merit, feed store, 410 Upper 4th. 

Talbott George, barber, vSherwood House. 

Tanner & Ireland, lawyers, 309 Upper 3d. 

Tardy Frank, grocer, baker and saloon, 118 
Upper Water. 

Xeamer l^illiam, Pattern and 
Model Maker, 1(1 Division. 

Tenney Charles C, hats and caps, 117 Main. 

Tharling John W, photographer, 222 

The Weekly Bulletin, Bulletin Printing 
Company, publishers, 326J Upper 3d. 

Thiele A & Son, stoves and Tinware, 108 3d. 

Thoma.s & Sons, coal, 318 Upper 1st. 

Thompson Theodore F, lumber, cor Ingle 
and Water. 

Thorbecke Joseph, agt Hall's Safe and 
Lf>ek Company, 421 Main. 

Thorbecke & Filer, merchant tailor, 421 

Thornhill George, harnes-smaker, 324 Upper 

Tiemann Henry, shoemaker, 18 Upper Wa- 

Ti lesion William W, insurance, 327 Upper 

Tilman M, dentist, 205 Upper 5th. 

Tin! IIS Mary, hair goods, 21 Lower 3d. 

Tobitt & Bailev, oils and syrups, 23 Upper 

Tofaute John G M, seeds, 525 Upper 4th. 

Topf & Co, wholesale harness, saddlery and 
hardware, 22 Sycamore. 

Torian & Barbour, wholesale hats and caps^ 
118 Upper 1st. 

Tosethel Frederick, brickyard, cor Baker 
ave and Virginia. 

Trunz Peter, barber, 110 2d ave. 

Xurtiock ^^illiam C & Co, Brass 
Founders and Steam Heating Apparatus, 
201 Lower 1st. 

Tuttle & Schwing, plumbers, 9 Main. 

Tyrrell Cassins C, physician, 322 Upper 2d- 

Ubrich Henry, tailor, 126 Upper 3d. 

Uhl A & L, pottery, 900 Main. 

Uhlhorn Henry H, stone and marble yard,. 
421 Main. 

Ullmer & Hoedt, brewers, 402 Fulton ave. 

Ulrich William, taxidermist, 106 William.. 

LTmber Louis, photographer, cor 3d and 

Umble H H, grain, 300J Upper Water. 

United States Custom House, 2d, bet Syca- 
more and Vine. 

United States Marine Hospital, Vermont, 
nr 10th ave. 

Uphaus John B, grocer, 601 Oak. 

LTrso & Marsicano, wholesale fruits and 
confectionery, 16 Upper 1st. 

Vance Andrew C, notary, 325 Upper 3d. 

Vance Samuel B, lawyer, 325 Upper 3d. 

Vaugflin's Steam L,aundry, 214 

Veach James, grocer, cor Oaklyand Frank- 

Veneman Robert T, physician, 419 Upper 

Venemann Theodore & Sons, foreign ex- 
change and steamship agt, St. George- 

Venemann Theodore W, ticket agt and 
propr city transfer, St George Hotel. 

Vickery Bros, grocers, 228 Main. 

Vickery George J, grocer, 825 Franklin. 

Vickery James N, grocer, 1113 Main. 

Vickery & Co, grocers, 412 Upper 4th. 

Viele, .Stockwell & Co, wholesale grocers, 
201 Upper 1st. 

Vierling, Haas & Eunge, wh drugs and 
liquors, 22 Upper 1st. 

Villing Louis, barber, 302 2d. 

Vitzdamm William, drugs, 1001 E Michi- 

Vogler John, saloon, 608 Fulton ave. 

Voss George, grocer, 201 Lower 5th. 

Wack & Miller, wholesale harness and sad- 
dlery hardware, 20 Upper 1st. 

Waddell Granville, barber, 234 E High. 

Waddell John E, barber, 104 Locust. 

Wade Charles, watchmaker, 118 Locust. 

Wagner Bernard, lawyer, 321 Upper 3d. 



oMvn::;on^^;;:?l/{';;!h;"Ss}48 Vance BIocR, Indianapolis, 

of War Claim.s. Itejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 

Porter's Joliet Bottled Ale and Porter 

is equal to imported, T. D, 
STUVER, Sole Agt, See 
advertisement page 351, 





Wagner Henry C, wagonmaker, 1025 Main. 

Wagner Jacob, saloon, 138 Lincoln ave. 

Wahnsiedler Frederick, saloon, 122 Upper 

Wahnsiedler & Bell, plumbers 314 Syca- 

Walden Samuel H, druggist, 925 Main. 

Walden William N, artist, 125^ Main. 

Waldschmitt Henry, grocer, 415 Upper 4th. 

W\ilker Edwin, physician, 427 Upper 3d. 

Walker George B, physician, 502 Upper 

Walker G B Mrs, florist, 508 Upper Water. 

Walker Jesse W, county clerk, court house. 

Wandert John, grocei-, 218 West Franklin. 

Warren G W & Co, musical instruments, 
127 Main. 

Warren W H, blacksmith, 524 Main. 

Warter Christian, saloon 206 Upper 4th. 

Wartmann James W, clerk U S court, cus- 
tom house. 

Washington Frank, barber, 413 Upper 4th. 

Weber E & Son, harness, 121 Upper 3d. 

Weber George L, wines and liquors, 602 E 

Weber William, drugs, 630 Main. 

Weber & Kupp, beer bottlers, 323 Fulton 

'Wedding: Charles t,, Attorney 
and Counsellor at Law, 321 Upper 3d. 
Will Practice in State and Federal 
Courts. Special Attention Given to 
Commercial Law and Collections. 

Wegener Adolph, umbrellas, 124 Upper 3d. 

Weidenmann M C, laundry, 801 Canal. 

Weidner William, saloon, 200 Upper 3d. 

Weigand Louis, barber, 304 Upper 3d. 

Weil Frank, tailor, 317 Sycamore. 

Weil Gus, meat market, 4 Adams ave. 

Weil Joseph, furniture, 323 Upper 4th. 

^eil M & Son, insurance and real estate, 
219 Upper 3d. 

Weinbach William, grocer, 227- Oak. 

Weisheimer John, shoemaker, 119 Lafay- 

Weiskop Barbara Mrs, millinery, 102 Up- 
per 3d. 

Weiss Morris, second hand furniture, 409 
Upper 4th. 

Western Union Telegraph Company, N M 
Booth, manager, 213 Upper 1st. 

Weyerbacher Ch, saloon, 319 LTpper 3d. 

Wheeler & Co, grocers, 303 Main. 

White, Dunkerson & Co, leaf tobacco, 1 

White John, grocer, 801 W Pennsylvania. 

White Robert, shoes, 819 Main. 

Wiechel Bros, coppersmiths, 8 Lower Wa- 

Wiegand Conrad, saloon, 316 Main. 

Wiegand John, saloon, 201 E Pennsylvania. 

Wieggers C & Co, coopers, 511 Upper 9th. 

Wilde Charles A, physician, 319 Sycamore. 

Wilde Herman, dentist, 222^ Main. 
Wiley Rudolph D, whipmaker, 922^ Main. 
Wilkens Charles, grocer, 223 4th ave. 
'Wilkom M Hrnst, Propr Indiana. 

Post, 203 Upper 3d. [See adv.) 

Willerding Theodore, gunsmith, 626 Main. 

Willershansen Peter, grocer, 701 3d ave. 

Williams George I, hotel, 121 3d ave. 

Williams Silas, grocer, 435 E Illinois. 

Williams William W, dyer, 117 Locust. 

Williamson Joel E, lawyer, 213 Upper 3d. 

Wilming Barney, cooper, 214 W Franklin. 

Wiltshril & Keipke, coopers, 136 E Penn- 

Wimberg Henry, saloon, cor 4th and Syca- 

Wimond John, stationery and wall paper, 
126 Main. 

Winder Jacob, saloon, 500 Main. 

Winfrey Jordan G, lawyer, 327 Upper 3d. 

Winiger Sebastian, saloon, cor 6th and 

Wisch Louisa, dressmaker, 319 Sycamore. 

Wittmer Frederick J, shoemaker, 609 Main. 

Wittmer Henry L, bootmaker, 812 Main. 

Wittmer Philip, shoemaker, 625 Main, 

Woelfiel John, saloon, 20 High. 

WolfT Charles, wholesale saddlery hard- 
ware, 204 Upper 1st. 

Wood Bros, boots and shoes, 216 Main. 

Wood I & B, grocers, 501 Upper 4th. 

Wood William J, lawyer, 311J Upper 3d. 

Woods W H & Son, painters, 911 Upper 4th. 

Wulkop Adolphus F, physician, 202 Divis- 

Yates George W,, physician, 1152 Upper 1st. 

Yeager Leonhardt, tailor, 312 Sycamore. 

Young Adam, saloon, 215 Upper 2d. 

Young Joseph, shoemaker, 516 Main. 

Young Mens' Christian Association, A M 
Dawson, general sec, 219 Locust. 

Zenthoefer Julius, locksmith, 530 Main. 

Ziegler Joseph & Son, grocers, 300 Indiana. 

Ziener Conrad, grocer, 422 Upper 5th. 

Zumstein Frederick S, painter, 118 Upper 

EVERTON. With a population of 
200, is a village located in Jackson town- 
ship, Fayette county, 7 miles south of Con- 
nersville, the county seat, banking town, 
and most available shipping station. Pro- 
duce, hogs and grain are the exports. A 
Union Church is sustained. J. D. Lam- 
bert, postmaster. 

Develin Lewis M, justice of the peace. 
Fayette Co-Operative Association, general 

Hamilton S N, physician. \ / 
Hubbell J T, blacksmith. 
Jerman T J & R H, blacksmiths. 
Johnston William & Son, general store. 
Joice Patrick, wagonmaker. 


and Notary Public. Office, Rooms l6 and l8 Hubbard 
f Block, Indianapolis, Ind. (See adv.) 

■ |««%K| nfmnftin f ft<~or corrugatea ana t:rinipea, Aaaress 

IRON ROOFINGlw. G. HYNDMAN & go., Cincinnati, Ohio. 





Kerr N J Mrs, milliner. 

Lake P, saw mill. 

]L,anit)ert J O, General Store. 

Miller James L, harnessmaker. 

Moore Daniel O. barber and saw filer. 

Perdne W H, hotel. 

Post John, shoemaker. 

Rockafellow E K, notary public. 

Kodgers B F, upholsterer. 

Shepard S D, phvsician and druggist. 

Silvey T H, blacksmith. 

EWIXG. On the O. & M. R'y., in 
Brownstown township, Jackson county, is 
1 mile from Brownstown, the county seat, 
and is the shipping station for that town. 
The village has a population of 500, and 
exports lumber, live stock and produce. 
Ex., O. & M. Tel., W. U. R. H. Clouston, 

Bolles W R & Co, general store. 
Bolles, Robertson, Wavman & Scott, flour 

Bolles & Co, coopers. 
Brown S W, barl^er. 

Clouston & Bland, Hides and Furs. 
Ewing Lillie. milliner. 
Hancock W T, carpenter. 
Knight C A, carpenter. 
Newby, Young & Wayman, spoke and 

planing mill. 
Rosenbaum C, grocer. 
Samples W, blacksmith. 
Se-w-ell & Xidwell Bros, General 

Store, Saw and Planing Mill. 
Stanley Lillie, milliner. 
Tidwel] & Co, saw mill. 
Utterback M, blacksmith. 
Zubel P W, furniture. 

EWIXG TON, Is a post village of 
100 inhabitants, located in Clay township, 
Decatur county, 6 miles westof Greensburgh, 
the county seat, shipping depot and bank- 
ing town. Tri-weekly stage route to Greens- 
burgh ; fare, 40 cents; Hartsville; fare, 
$1; and Columbus; fare, $2. Grain and 
live stock are the shipments. James S. 
Armstrong, postmaster. 
Anderson James, live stock and veterinary 

Armstrong- James S, Blacksmith 

an<l \V igoninakcr. 
Braden Romeo, live stock. 
Brown .John, blacksmith. 
Barney Jolin W, general store. 
Ewing Morgan, live stock. 
Ewing I'atrick, livestock. 
Ewing Til, lawyer. 
Gentry II, meat market. 
Grant .J W, justice of the ijeace. 
Grant Ii<jbert, general store. 
Howard Aaron, barber. 

Martin Daniel, carpenter. 

Martin John, meat market. 

Mowry N, live stock. 

Myers T J, live stock. 

Pavy R P, physician. 

Pavy W S, deptist. 

Pulse J C, surveyor. 

Xliompson IV R., Saw Mill. 

Toothman Frank, lime burner and meat 

Ward Edward, carpenter. 

EXCHANGE. Is a rural postoffice 
with no village population, located in Mob- 
gan county, 7 miles from Martinsville, the 
county seat and shipping depot. D. T. 
Evans, postmaster and general store. 

FAIMBANKS. Twenty miles south 
of Terre Haute, in township of same name, 
Sullivan county, is located 15 miles north- 
west of Sullivan court house. Farmers- 
burgh, 8 miles east, on the E. & T. H. R. R., 
is the nearest rail approach. Population, 
100. Laura E. Sharpless, postmaster. 
Ernest C C, General Store. 
Fox Bros, general store. 
Holmes T H, blacksmith. 
Plew J H, physician. 
Scott John, live stock. 
Sharpless H, physician. 
Sharpless L,aura E, Milliner and 

Thixtun W H, general store. 
Winans William Rev, (Baptist). 

FAIRDALE. Harrison county. (See 

FAIRFAX. Country postoffice, loca- 
cated in Polk township, Monroe county, 14 
miles southeast of Bloomington, the county 
seat and banking town. Population, 20. 
Guthrie, 4 miles southwest, on the L., N. 
A. & C. R'y, is the shipping station. J. H, 
Clendenin, postmaster. 
Adams M H Rev, clergyman. 
Carris Abram, plasterer. 
Clendenin J H, Postmaster. 
Cracruft I L, chair manufacturer. 
Deckard J, gunsmith. 
Deckard Milton G, blacksmith. 
Mitchell Isaac, live stock. 
Smith .John, basket manufacturer. 

FAIRFIELD. Was settled in 1806, 
it contains .%0 inhabitants, Methodist and 
Universalist churches. The village is lo- 
cated in Fairfield township, Franklin 
county, 7 miles north of I5rookville court 
house, the place of shii)ment, and nearest 
bank location. East fork of Whitewater 
river furnishes power to operate 1 saw and 

Trade Mark. 



—.SOLI; BY— 

•jJahne & Co., Prop's, 

) Jersey City, K. J. 

Er^ A T^t^Tl^TC fi r^d r 8®"Call or AVrite for 
• L/. i\ i XVlriO Ot i^U. I Prices. 3o6 to 216 


(. South Illinois Street. 





2 flour mills. Flour, grain and produce 

are shipped. Tri-weekly stage to Brook- 

ville ; fare 35 cents, and Liberty ; fare 60 

cents ; Thomas W. Hayward, postmaster. 

Chaney E J, shoemaker. 

Chaney M Mrs, milliner. 

Cory C R, lawyer. 

Curry Mary, dressmaker. 

Doyle t, B, Hotel. 

Du Bois .James, barber. 

Glidewell W A J, justice of the peace. 

Harris Charles, druggist. 

Hayward X W, General Store. 

Hendricks J L, physician. 

Homsher G W, physician. 

Irwin & Co, general store. 

Johnson James, blacksmith. 

Logan David jr, harnessmaker. 

Logan Lydia .J, dressmaker. 

Loper Allison, horseshoer. 

Loper George, carriage manufacturer. 

Loper Rose Miss, milliner. 

Mc [ntosh Mary, milliner. 

Maharry W W, druggist. 

Merrill H A Rev, (Universalist), 

Miller Bros, grocers and harnessmakers. 

Miller & Tyner, general store. 

Mullen Amos, flour and saw mill. 

Riggor & Co, flour mill. 

Rose H O, stoves and tinware. 

Smith Edward, wagon manufacturer. 

Snider John E, blacksmith. 

Thurston M H, shoemaker. 

Trusler ^^^illlam H, Meat Market. 

Turner Isaac Rev, (Methodist). 


post village of 150 inhabitants, located in 
Fairfield township, DeKalb county, 10 
miles northwest of Auburn, the county 
seat. Corunna, 4 miles south, on the L. S. 
& M. S. Ry, is the shipping point, and Ken- 
dallville, 8 miles southwest, the banking 
town. Tri-weekly stage to Kendallville and 
Angola. Jerome Reynolds, postmaster. 
Baughman M D, druggist. 
Bower & Short, flour and saw mill. 
Chaflee Robert, ex agt. 
Leighmau Henry, physician. 
Miller Michael, "blacksmith. 
Reynolds Jerome, Cabinetmaker. 
Rice L Rev, (Lutheran). 
Rudolph C F, physician. 
Sthair John, blacksmith. 
Webster William, plasterer. 
Weinich Alfred, general store. 

FAIRLAND, This is a pleasant 
village of 375 inhabitants, located at the 
intersection of the J'., F.^A M. br. of the 
C, I., St. L. & C. R. R. with the main line, 
in Brandywine township, Shelby county, 6 
miles northwest of Shelbyville, the county 

seat and banking town, and 20 miles south- 
east of Indianapolis. Methodist and Bap- 
tist churches are located here. Its ship- 
ments comprise grain, lumber and live 
stock. Am. Ex. W.U.Tel. L. Plymate, 
Akers Albert, lawyer. 
Bass & Holmes, grocers. 
Cobbler Nelson, meat market. 
Culbertsou Martha Mrs, milliner, 
Cullember George H, hotel. 
Darrell G S, livery. 
Eubank Samuel, barber. 
Fields Abner, barber. 
Foster James, meat market. 
Francis Daniel, meat market. 
Harrell Granville, hotel and saloon. 
Hoop James, blacksmith. 
Huxtable William Mrs, General 

Jones W W, undertaker. 
McCollum James, blacksmith. 
McDowell C H Rev, (Baptist). 
Morgan B F Rev, (Methodist). 
Neal & Reese, boots and shoes. 
Osborn A C, blacksmith. 
Osborn George C, carpenter. 
Owens J C, blacksmith. 
Plymate J B, grocer and harnessmaker. 
Plymate L, Postmaster. 
Powers .J W, R R and ex agt. 
Ritcher Adolph, wagonmaker. 
Rittenhouse J H, general store. 
Smith II C, druggist. 
Smith, Bro & Co, general store. 
Snepp D J, justice and grain dealer. 
Snider J W, physician. 
Stewart J K, physician. 
Stewart William P, saw mill. 
Tull E N, physician. 
Wilson B D, justice of the peace. 
"Wright C W, General Store. 

FAIRMO UNT. Located on the C, 
W. & M. R. R., in township of same name, 
Grant county, 11 miles south of Marion, 
the county seat, is a prosperous village con- 
taining 600 inhabitants. The village has 
3 religious societies — Friends, Methodists 
and Free Thinkers— 1 graded school, 1 
hotel, and supports 1 weekly newspaper — 
the News. The manufacturing interests of 
Fairmount are quite extensive, consisting 
of 2 saw mills, a handle factory, 2 flour 
mills, 2 flax mills and 1 planing mill. 
Grain, live stock and flax tow are the prin- 
cipal shipments. Ex., U. S. Tel., W. U. 
Albert H. Johnson, postmaster. 
Baldwin Micah, hides and furs. 
Baldwin O F, Barber. 
Baldwin Thomas, shoemaker. 
Beals Jacob, shoemaker. 
Blew P M, barber^ 


^1- Xj. i=»oxjI^ <sc 00., 

E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 

Fruits, Oysters and Canned Goods. 



J. S. KEI^I^EIt, IHanajfer, 

40 North Illinois Street, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Bogiie Jesse, grocer. 

Bryan A D & Bro, Hardware, Stoves, 
Tinware and Agricultural Implements. 

Carter c^' Hollingsworth, carpenters. 

Carter & Brown, Hotel. 

Compton John C, lawyer. 

Davis Foster, Lawyer and Real Es- 
tate Agt. 

Dougherty John, grocer. 

Edwards Nathan W, druggist. 

Fairmount News, Charles Stout, publisher. 

Gallaway Irvine, restaurant. 

Hastie Charles, shoemaker. 

Hasting William, boots and shoes. 

Henley Alpbeus, Physician. 

Henley & Nixon, Grain Dealers 
and Elevator. 

Hiatt i& Co, general store. 

Holliugsworth John B, marble works. 

Hollingsworth Joshua, pumps. 

Hollingsworth Maria, milliner. 

Jay Isaiah Rev, (Friends), 

Johnson Albert H, postmaster and grocer, 

Johnson Gabriel, dealer in carriages, 

Larue & Bros, saw mill. 

Latham Thomas P, harnessmaker. 

Lillibridge John, tailor. 

Moore Charles V, physican. 

Norton & Son, general store. 

Oakley Sarah J, general store. 

Pickard cV: Fritz, carriage manufacturers 

Parker Joseph H, Hardware and 
Dealer in All Kinds of Farming Imple- 
ments; also Agt of the Anderson Wagon, 
and Oval Churn of Goshen; Sash, Doors, 
Blinds, etc. 

Rigdon B T, bakery. 

Scott & Scott, clothing. 

Sbteppard Thomas F, Manufac- 
turer and Dealer in Carriages, Buggies 
and Wagons. 

Star House, Levi Winslow, Propr. 

Stout Charles, editor Fairmount News. 

Trowl Tailor .1, carpenter. 

Vinson E F, justice and sewing machines. 

Wheeler Jasper N, flour mills. 

White Winfield, agt C, W & M R'y, 

Wiley Harry H. planing miil. 

Wilson & I'easley, grocers. 

Winks .John V., Ilf)urmill. 

'^Tinslow Hugfh Wj Livery; Will 
Keep None but the Vdy Best Horses; 
Will Buy and Sell on Reasonable Terms. 
Special Attention paid to Commercial 

^Winslow J P & Son, Fla.x Mills. 

^'iiislO-w Levi, Proj)r Star House, 
Main, nr Cross; Centrally Located, 
First-Class Accommodations and Reason- 
able Kates. Meals at all Hours. 

"Winslow & Beals, Grain Dealers 
and Elevator. 

Winslow & BuUer, meat market. 

Winslow & Pierson, saw mill, 
"Winslow & Son, Tow Mill and 

Handle Factory. 
Wright Peter H, physician. 

FAIR PL A Y. Is a landing on the 
Ohio river, in Union Township, Vander- 
burgh county, 12 miles south of Evansville, 
the county seat and banking town. Popu- 
lation, 50. Baptist and Methodist churches 
are sustained. James E. Monroe, postmas- 

Blackburn J Rev, (Baptist). 
Carson R B, Grain. 
Cooper Franklin Rev, (Methodist). 
CuUen T W, justice. 
Gerard R J, general store, saloon and meat 

Higgins J M, live stock. 
Jenkins R A, physician. 
King J L, justice. 
IMonroe James K, General Store. 

Saloon, Drugs and Barber. 
Rawlins Joseph Rev, (Methodist). 
Smith John, blacksmith. 
Williamson B F, live stock and lawyer. 

FAIR VIEW. Fayette county. [See 
Groves. ) 

FAIR VIE JV. Located on the Mis- 
sissinewa river in Green township,Randolph 
county, 18 miles northwest o'f Winchester 
court house. Nearest bank at Muncie, 
Albany, the shipping station, is 2^ miles 
west on the L., E. & W. R'y. Population, 
200. Produce and live stock are shipped. 
C. M. Eager, postmaster. 
Bramagan J T, blacksmith. 
Bush William A, justice of the peace. 
Pager C M, Physician, 
Eager S A, general store, 
Goodwin Thomas, hotel, 
Vickroy J F, shoemaker. , 

FALLEN TIMBEE. Is a farmers 
supply office, located in Nettle Creek town- 
ship, Randolph county, on the I., B. & W. 
R'y., 13 miles southwest of Winchester, the 
county seat and banking town. Charles A, 
Gillam, postmaster and farmer. 

FALMOUTH. On line of Cam- 
bridge City br. J., M. & I. R. R , is a vil- 
lage of 250 inhabitants, located partly in 
each Union and Fairview townships. Rush 
county, 11 miles northeast of Rushville, 
the county seat and location of nearest 
hank. The most important shipments 
from this station*" comprise grain and live 
stock. Ex., Adams. Tel., W. U, D. H. 
Van Nuys, postmaster. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants, Grain and Pro- 
visions. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 


By the Original Hercules Po-wder. 

C. H. JEI^NB, Agent, 

No. 293^ North Pennsylvania Street, 





Bates Cal, live stock. 

Beck J P, shoemaker. 

Joseph Simon, General Store. 

Kindal Thomas, blacksmith. 

Kiiotts Amos, drugs. 

Logan W W, physician. 

McCready Mrs, hotel. 

Meeker M J, blacksmith. 

Oglesby J H, general store. 

Overhiser Charles & Son, flour mill. 

Overhiser M, saw and planing mill. 

R'^a B F, R R agt, meat market. 

Rea S W, wagonmaker. 

"Van NuyS D H, Physician. 

Wickoff" B S, live stock. 

Wickoff .James M, grain and live stock. 

Wurth Daniel, undertaker. 

tion and postoffice on the L., N., A. & C. 
R'y, located in Pierce township, Washing- 
ton county, 8 miles southeast of Salem, the 
county seat and banking town. Lumber, 
wheat and tobacco are exported. Popula- 
tion, 36. Ex., L., N., A. & C. Charles 
Skelton, postmaster. 
Bowman John A, live stock. 
Charles Elisha, justice of the peace. 
Day J L, shoemaker. 
Johnson J D & Bro, saw mill. 
Martin M, carpenter. 
Skelton Cliarles, General Store, R 

R and Ex Agt. 
Taylor William, shoemaker. 


Coon's Corners, as it is locally known, is a 
hamlet of 50 inhabitants, situated in Wayne 
township, Tippecanoe county, 9 miles south- 
west of Lafayette, the county seat and bank- 
ing town. West Point, distant 4 miles, on 
the W., St. L. & P. R'y, is the nearest rail 
approach. Tile, lumber and grain are the 
shipments. Marcus Beers, postmaster. 
Baugh S T, phy'sician. 
Beers lUarcus, General Store, 
Crouse A H, saw mill. 
Haggard Jackson, blacksmith. 
Hollingsworth B Rev, (Friends). 
Symons & Osborn, tile manufacturers. 
Vail W Rev, clergyman. 

called Opptown, contains 1 00 inhabitants, in 
Cesar Creek township. Dearborn county, 20 
miles southwest of Lawrenceburgh, the 
county seat. Aurora, distant 18 miles, has 
the nearest bank. Dillsborough Station, 7 
miles northeast on the O. & M. R. R., is the 
shipping station. Methodist and Lutheran 
churches are supported. Daily stage to 
Dillsborough ; fare 40 centfe. Anthony Opp, 

Barkley J M, physician. 

Bosse Garrett, general store. 

Bulthaup H, township trustee. 

Campbell William R, justice of the peace. 

Doctor Frederick, blacksmith, 

Hess David, cooper. 

Kretzman C Rev, (Lutheran). 

Kuhlmier Henry, harness. 

Oetzen John Rev, (Methodist). 

Opp Anthony, General Store and 

Opp Anthony & Son, Agricultural 

Opp Charles, news dealer. 
Pate James W, live stock. 
Schuette Frederick, shoemaker. 
Stapel E H, General Store. 

five miles southwest of Indianapolis, on the 
I. & V. R'y and White river, is located in 
Franklin township, Owen county, 12 miles 
southwest of Spencer court house. Nearest 
bank at Worthington, distant 6 miles. 
Population, 50. Shipments, live stock, 
staves, lumber and grain. Ex., Adams. 
Thomas Mclndoo, postmaster. 
Crow John H, R R and ex agt, and gen- 
eral store. 
Gilbert William H, physician. 
Mclndoo Thomas, General Store, 
Oliver Joseph, blacksmith. 
Williams Solomon, grain and live stock. 

town, as the village was once known, con- 
tains 100 inhabitants, in Black township, 
Posey county, 3i miles north of Mt. Ver- 
non, the county seat, nearest rail approach 
and banking town. Wheat and corn are 
marketed, and Baptist, Christian and 
Methodist churches sustained. Daily stage 
to Mt. Vernon ; fare, 25 cents, and New 
Harmony ; fare, $1. H. T. Gregory, post- 

Allyn Sidney, justice of the peace. 
Duckworth John S, shoemaker. 
Gregory Henry X, General Store, 
Gregory James C, physician. 
McGregor B, lumber. 
Russell Samuel, blacksmith. 

FABMLAND. Sixty-seven miles 
northeast of Indianapolis, on line of C, 
C, C. & I. R'y., is an idfcorporated town of 
700 inhabitants, located in Monroe town- 
ship, Randolph county, 8 miles west of 
Winchester, the county seat and banking 
town. It is free from debt, and contains 
Methodist, Christian and Friends churches, 
a graded school, 1 hotel, 2 saw mills, and 4 
flour mills. Grain and live stock are the 


Pennsylvania St., Ne^r-Denison Hotel Block, IXDIANAPOLIS. 

Dealer in Watches and Optical Goods. Oculists' prescriptions 
carafuUy tilled. Cylindrical, Cataracts, etc., made to order. 

nUlllu IbIIu llldl UUl Bakooe loan tdz per oeat Molding .Agents a great advantages 





principal exports. Ex., U. S. Tel., W. 

U. George B. Watson, postmaster. 

Bacon Charles E Rev, (Methodist). 

Barker & Oren, harnessmakers. 

Bates James C, grocer. 

Branson & Carter, hardware. 

Brinkley Alonzo, meat market. 

Clark & Meeks, agricultural implements. 

Davis James S, dry goods. 

Davis Lewis N, physician. 

Davisson "William .J, jeweler. 

Devoss L C, lawyer. 

Dick c^ Addington, flour mill. 

Gable & Bly, drugs. 

Good «& Bond, flour mill. 

Gray Nathan E, furniture and undertaker. 

Grimes James W, stoves and tinware. 

Grooms John, meat market. 

Johnson Isaac R Rev, (Christian). 

Leverton A J, blacksmith. 

Macy David, stoves and tinware. 

Moore Cyrus S, dry goods. 

Moore George A, barber. 

Moorman John A, lawyer. 

Moorman ^lalinda Miss, dressmaker. 

Mull Kendrick L, boots and shoes. 

Penrey Hamilton, saw mill. 

Pretlow Joseph J, dentist. 

Reeves John L, general store. 

R.etter G e O r g: e E, Restaurant, 

Robbins & Merridith, druggists. 

Robinson .John \V, saw mill. 

Simmons Nathan C, dry goods. 

Smith Calvin, physician. 

Smith William W, livery. 

Spilers Samuel, barber. 

Stanley Charles H, flour and grist mills. 

Stanley & Harbour, general store. 

Stinson James H, boots and shoes. 

Studebaker Henry, flour mill. 

Taylor Elisha M, furniture and undertak- 

Wasson David, justice of the peace. 

Watson George B, general store. 

Watson House, George B Watson, jDrojir. 

Wilson William W, blacksmith. 

FA YE T TE VI L L E. Ind i an Creek 
township, Lawrence county, with a popula- 
tion of 100, is located G miles west of Bed- 
ford, the county seat, banking town and 
nearest rail approach. Grain and produce 
are shipped, and a Christian church sup- 
ported. H. Peppel, postmaster. 
Allen K Y, physician. 
Creekmon; .James T, justice of the peace. 
Espich William, blacksmith. 
Johnson W R, physcian. 
Jorflan William I, general store. 
Jordan & Son, saw mill. 
King Nathan, Idafksmith. 
Peppel C & H, General Store. 

Peppel H, photographer. 
Sears John M, general store. 
Short Milton, general store. 
Slider Isaac, wagonmaker. 

FElSfNS. On St. John's Switch, is a post- 
office and station on C. C. Br. J., M. and I. 
R. R., located in Addison township, Shelby 
county, 5 miles south of Shelbyville the 
county seat and banking town. Popula- 
tion, 50. Grain and produce are shipped. 
John C. Smith, postmaster. 
Andrews James E, grain. 
Phunket W J, blacksmith. 
Smitll H & Son, General Store. 
Stei:)hens John, grain. 

FEJRDINAND, Six miles east of 
Ferdinand station, its shipping point, on 
E. R. & E. ;Div. L. E. & St. L. R. R., con- 
tains a population of 500, in Ferdinand 
township, Dubois county, 12 miles south- 
east of Jasper, the county seat. Boonville, 
14 miles southwest, is the location of near- 
est bank. The village contains Catholic 
church, female academy and district 
school. Grain, produce and tobacco are 
the shipments. Daily stage to the station 
and St. Meinrad. A J. Fisher, postmaster. 
Altmann John, saloon. 
Ansterman T, cooper. 
Beckniann H, General Store, 
Beckmann .J H, grain and tobacco. 
Benken A, shoemaker. 
Bromm H, saloon. 
Bromm Paul, blacksmith. 
Dilger E, carpenter. 
Droste M, justice of the peace. 
Fisher Andre^w J, Hotel. 
Garver E, barber. 
Gerber John, carpenter. 
Gerber Peter, cabinetmaker. 
Gerhard M, tinner. 
Gohmann John B, general store. 
Heidt Frank, wagonmaker. 
Hoppenjan & Theile, flour mill. 
Keitten Florence, threshing machine man- 
Kempf E J, physician. 
Kinchel Frank, R R agt. 
Knapp Charles, blacksmith. 
Kronenberger Peter, brickmason. 
Kunkler L, carpenter. 
Leppert Joseph, saloon and barber. 
Luecken C, wooden shoe manufacturer. 
Lusch Anton, gunsmith. 
Mehlina Josejjh, saloon. 
Meyer Frank, shoemaker. 
Miller Peter, Flour Mill. 
Moster John, carpenter. 
Noldan Herman, cigar manufacturer, 
dinger Matthew, planing mill, 
Remke August, bricklayer. 

Road Cart 

MATERIAL OP ALL KINDS Manufactured on short notice. 

Nos. 28 and 30 East Georgia Street, Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., page 6. 



S. E. Cor, Circle and Meridian Sts., 





Eemke George, tailor. 

Koth E, shoemaker. 

Ruhkamp Henry jr, brewer. 

Saalmann H, tailor. 

Satidermann A X, General Store. 

Schmitt John, harnessmaker. 

Senninger F, hotel. 

Sieher J A, physician. 

Stadler E Rev," (Catholic). 

Stenger S Rev, (Catholic). 

Tiemann H, carpenter. 

Timmerman H, boots and shoes. 

Weber John, meat market. 

Woerter Amatus, saddles and harness. 

FIA. T, A recently established rural 
postoffice, located in Penn township, Jay 
county, 17 miles northwest of Portland 
court house, and 6| east of Montpelier, its 
shipping depot, on Ft. W., C. & L. R. R. 
Tri-weekly stage to Bluffton and Portland. 
Albert Martin, postmaster and general store. 

FIDELITY, Is a cross-roads post- 
office, located in Marion township, Pike 
county, 15 miles southeast of Petersburgh 
court house and banking town. Jasper, 12 
miles east, on E., R. & E. Div. L. E. & St. 
L. R. R., is the nearest rail approach. Live 
stock, grain and lumber are the shipments. 
Daily stage to Jasper and Petersburgh ; 
fare to either, 75 cents. W. C. Beadles, 

Beadles B, general store. 
Beadles 'W C, General Store. 
Bethel W J, druggist and physician. 
Black, Morgan & McLaughlin, flour mill. 
Brock AV F, general store. 
Capeheart R, blacksmith. 
Bearing G T, general store. 
Lindsey Jesse, carpenter. 

FILLMORE. On St. L., V. T. H. 

& I. R. R., in Marion township, Putnam 
county, contains 190 inhabitants and is 
located 7 miles northeast of Greencastle, 
the county seat and banking town. It con- 
tains Methodist and Christian churches 
and ships grain, hogs, and produce. Am. 
Ex. W. U. Tel. M. H. Reilly, postmaster. 
Bodenhamer W D, druggist. 
Bridgfes J "W, General Store. 
Day Isaac M, blacksmith. 
Fortune Lemuel, blacksmith. 
Freeman Geo H, wagonmaker and justice. 
Morris Alpheus, hotel. 
Nicholson Benjamin, drugs. 
Owen & Son, general store. 
Reilly- M H, Shoemaker. 
Robinson A, meat market. 
Robinson A E, druggist. 
Robinson James B, physician. 
Robinson J H, physician. 

FINCASTLE, _ Settled in 1827, is a 
hamlet of 175 jjopulation, located in Frank- 
lin township, Putnam county, 12 miles 
north of Greencastle court house, which has 
the nearest bank. Raccoon, distant 3 miles, 
on St. L. Div. I., B. & W. R'y, is the near- 
est rail approach. Churches — Christian 
and Universalist. Shipments — wheat, live 
stock and produce. Thomas L. Grider,. 

Akers & Stultz, meat market. 
Bridges M A, grain and live stock. 
Bridges R L, grain and live stock. 
Brown John, flour mill. 
Foslier & Grider, General Store. 
Glover Robert, justice of the peace. 
Grider Z, hotel. 
Harris C, blacksmith. 
Shannon George M, notary public. 
Stanley Logan, physician. 
Stultz Thomas A, lawyer. 
Stultz X, Hotel and Livery. 
Twigg C W, blacksmith. 
Walker Samuel H, carpenter. 

FISHEBSBURGm Located in 

Stony Creek township, on line between 

Hamilton and Madison counties (but mostly 

in Madison), is a village of 300 inhabitants, 

10 miles west of Anderson, the county seat 

and banking town. The C, I. & St. L. R'y 

passes through the village and exports its 

surplus grain, lumber and produce. George 

Dunham, postmaster. 

Busby S E, R R agt. 

Conrad & Aldred, general store. 

Conrad & Wright, grain. 

Bunham Oeorgfe, General Store. 

Fisher Stephen, blacksmith. 

Graham J J, harnessmaker. 

Hilligoss G N, druggist. 

Millspaugh J F, blacksmith. 

Reddin Clark, blacksmith. 

"Wood'ward Bros, Flour Mill. 

on the I., P. & C. Div. W., St. L. & P. R'y 
and White River, in Delaware township, 
Hamilton county, 7 miles south of Nobles- 
ville, the county seat and banking town, 
and 15 north of Indianapolis. One Meth- 
odist church is sustained by a population 
of 225. Grain and live stock are shijiped. 
U. S. Ex. W. U. Tel. W. G. Flanagan, 
Bolton William, harness manufacturer and 

Dixon W H, cigar manufacturer. 
Dunn G W shoemaker. 
Flanagan S A & Co, general store and 

Flanagfan "W G, Drugs, Grocer, 

Heading Manufacturer and Ex agt. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

Has tlie best Canrassing Documents and offers 

J. W. Deau, Geu'l Ag't, ludiauapolis. 


<3J5=IS THE BKSX.=5^ 

Country orders for Crackers or Bread 
filled at short notice. Address 
(. P. F. Bryce, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Heath J P, physician. 
Kepner Samuel, blacksmith. 
Isortham Walter, justice of the peace. 
Sowers Philip, shoemaker. 
Spangle Mattie Miss, E E agt. 
Swords George, wagonmaker. 
Tucker O, drugs. 

FISH LAKE, Strictly a rural post- 
office, with a location in Clinton township, 
Elkhart county, 10 miles east of Goshen, 
the countv seat. Millersburgh, distant 7 
miles, on Air Line Div. L. S. & M. S E'y, 
is the nearest rail approach. John Shoup, 

Kauftman Frank, live stock. 
Prough Henry, live stock. 
Shoup Jollll, Farmer. 

FLA T JRO CK. Located on river of 
same name and C. C. Br. J., M. & I. E. E., 
in Washington township, Shelby county, 
contains 450 inhabitants, and exports grain 
and lumber. Shelbyville, the county seat 
and nearest bank location, is 11 miles north. 
Ex., Adams. Tel., W. U. Simon Nading, 

Almeroth Leonard, blacksmith. 
Conger Frank J, agt J M & I E K. 
Conger Sid, poultry breeder. 
Conley Henry, physician. 
Grecian Joseph, wagon manufacturer. 
Gulbert J C Eev, (Methodist). 
Higgins John, notary. 
Hilderbrand George, hotel. 
JoUiif George, shoemaker. 
Jones T S, physician. 
Moore Alvin, saw mill. 
Nading John, grain. 
:Xa<ling- Simon, General Store. 
Nading William, general store. 
White John, carpenter. 

FLINT, Or Flint Eapids, is located 
on Pigeon river, in Jackson township, 
Steuben county, 8 miles west of Angola, 
the county seat, banking town, and nearest 
rail approach. The river furnishes power 
to drive 1 saw mill, and 1 flour mill. Tri- 
weekly stage to Angolo. Population, 100. 
John Crandell, postmaster. 
Blue J B, physician. 
Brown .J C, physician. 
Clark Wallace, saw and flour mill. 
Cleveland George, blacksmith. 
Cobert .James, blacksmith. 
Crandell John, General Store. 
Fanning Amos, carpenter. 
Hinman William, wagonmaker. 
Huff'man T .J, general store. 
Huffman AV^.!, shoemaker. 
Keighter T J, carf)enter. 
Kickard H B, hotel. 

FLORA. Is a rapidly improving 
village of 400 inhabitants, located, on 
L. Div. T. H. & I. E'y, in Monroe town- 
ship, Carroll county, 9 miles southeast of 
Delphi, the county seat, and nearest bank 
at Camden, 6 miles north. Grain, lumber 
and produce are shipped, and a Lutheran 
church sustained. Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. 
William Landis, postmaster. 
Arhright J H, meat market. 
Bowser T A, shoemaker. 
Bridge J A, live stock. 
Bridge William, hotel and justice. 
Bright E E, notary public. 
Cline Michael, flour mill. 
Cromer J E, physician. 
Cromer & Bright, druggists. 
Dunkin "W H, meat market. 
Eikenberry & Keyes, hardware. 
Fawcett D A, editor Flora Eecord". 
Flora Eecord (weekly), D A Fawcett, 

Gearhold Adam, carriage manufacturer. 
Gearhold Bros, blacksmiths. 
Gearhold Lizzie, milliner. 
Gee Charles, saloon. 
Howes X A, General Store. 
Jordan W H, livery. 
Johnson Charles, physician. 
Keyes John, general store. 
Leahy Bros, restaurant. 
Lenou John, lumber. 
Lenon William, grain. 
Myer & Wheeler, agricultural implements. 
EatclifT Abner, planing mill, 
Eeppetto W H, general store. 
Eowland L, blacksmith. 
Shew maker F M, E E ex agt. 
Smelser S W, general store. 
Williams J F, barber. 
Wirt J H, physician. 
Wooley C A, jeweler and gunsmith, 

FLORENCE, A village and land- 
ing on the Ohio river, containing 250 in- 
habitants, with a location in York town- 
ship, Switzerland county, 9 miles east of 
Vevay, the county seat ; Warsaw, Ky., on 
opposite side of river is the location of 
nearest bank. Its shipments are hay, 
wheat, potatoes and onions. Churches, 
Methodist and Christian. Lemuel Bledsoe, 
Baldwin S D, barber. 
Barkham H, shoemaker. 
Bledsoe & Beymer, General Store. 
Buscher Henry, cooper. 
Cunningham O D, dry goods, 
Dunn A H, wagonmaker. 
Duplan M, blacksmith. 
Hile John H Eev, (Christian), 
Kelso G, carpenter and justice. 
Krutz J P, saloon. 

MfMB|#\|#%f|A| 'W. H. CORttAI^KY, ATTORNEY AT I^A^W, 

r FNS llNS ^^^<:^i^n:^<'^^^nZ}^ Vance Block, Indianapolis. 

I kl 1 VI wl 1 W I of War Claims. Kc-jected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 

Use Porter's Bottled Lager Beer 

ALE and PORTER. T. D. 

Stuver, Sole Agt., Chicago. 
J See advertisement page 851* 





Land George, grocer. 

Langsdale J M W, druggist and physician. 

Luck F, meat market. 

Muellen John Rev, (Methodist). 

Piatt E P>, blacksmith. 

Schumpf & Xold, General Store. 

Young William A, undertaker. 

FLORIDA. Settled in 1860, is a 
post village of 50 inhabitants, located on 
the P., C. & St. L. R'y., in Lafayette town- 
ship, Madison county, 4 miles from Ander- 
son, the county seat and banking town. 
Grain and hogs are shipped. Enos Mus- 
tard, postmaster. 
Gonsinger J S, physician. 
Jenkins Isaac N, R K agt. 
Mustard & Jenkins, General Store. 
Van Metre J N, physician. 

FL O WEB riL L E. A post village 
of 40 inhabitants, located in Liberty town- 
ship, White county, 12 miles north of 
Monticello, the county seat and banking 
town. Monon, 7 miles west at crossing of 
L., N. A. & C. and C. & 1. Air Line E'ys., the 
place of shipment. Live stock is the prin- 
cipal export. W. V. White, postmaster. 
Helfrich W E, blacksmith. 
Hildebrand A S, general store and shoe- 
Johnson J, wagonmaker. 
Lowe L & S, live stock. 
Welty T> G, physician. 
"Wflite ^W V, Farmer. 

FLO YDS KNOBS. Named also 
Mooresville, contains 250 inhabitants in La- 
fayette township, Floyd county, 4 miles 
north of New Albany, the county seat, 
place of shipment, and banking town. 
Daily stage to Greenville, Paoli, and New 
Albany. Henry S. Perrette, postmaster. 
Ewin George K, justice of the peace. 
Fenton Catherine, general store. 
Hoffman George, shoemaker. 
Jacquet Philip, wagonmaker. 
Journey Paul, distiller and saloon. 
Parsons John, nurserj'. 
Perrette .Henry S, General Store. 
Eotterdfour R S, physician, 
Schumann Jacob, blacksmith. 
Schumann John, blacksmith. 
Wheeler Andrew, marble yard. 

F0LS031VILLE. Located in a 
very rich tobacco-growing district, is a 
village possessed of 350 inhabitants, in 
Owen township, Warrick county, SJ miles 
northeast of Boonville, the county seat, 
banking town, and most available shipping 
depot. Wheat and tobacco are shipped. 

Tri-weekly stage to Boonville. Marion 
Folsom, postmaster. 
Bradley John H, physician. 
Caldwell J L, shoemaker. 
Floyd H F, blacksmith. 
KolsOBU & Kelley, General Store. 
Frent Daniel, physician. 
Hart Elihu H, physician. 
Hart H J, flour mill. 
Haynes James, physician. 
Houghland Isaac, general store. 
Husk W J, blacksmith. 
McKinney & Seigle, flour mill. 
Mills William H, physician. 
Rice M M, livery. 
Rice Union, hotel. 
Roberts George, general store. 
Roberts James, saloon. 
Shryock, Folsom, & Bone, To- 
Sparks Armer, saloon. 
Wallace W A, saloon. 
Wilkinson James W, undertaker. 

FONTANET. First known as Mil- 
ton Station, then Hunter, is a village of 300 
population, located in Otter Creek town- 
ship, Vigo county, ou the I. & St. L. R. R., 
12 miles northeast of Terre Haute court 
house, which is also its banking place. 
Coal is the chief article -of export. Ex., 
Am. Tel., W. U. E. W. Moreland, post- 
Coal Bluff Mining Company, ""coal mines. 
Dalton S, saloon. 
Garrison James A, shoemaker. 
Gropp John, hotel. 
Hollingsworth S, saloon. 
Holt J W Rev, (Christian). 
Humphreys, Moreland & Co, real estate 

Lambert Reese, confectioner. 
Moreland & King:, General Store. 
Stetson C M & Co, general store. 
Vannest Taylor, hotel. 


postofiice, located in Noble township, Cass 
county, on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, 5 miles 
west of Logansport court house. The place 
consists of 1 store and 3 dwellings. Fred- 
erick B. Lutman, postmaster. 
Bachman H W, carpenter. 
Kisler William, meat market. 
L,utnian Frederick B, General 

FOREST. Is a station on the F. & 
K. Div. T., C. & St. L. R. R., located in 
Warren township, Clinton county, 13 miles 
northeast of Frankfort, the county seat and 
banking town. Population, 160. Lumber, 

On all matters pertaining to 
bard Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 
careful and prompt personal 



consult C. Bradford, 16 <& 18 Hub- 
All business confidential, and given 
attention. {See adv.) 

inn&i nnnnHlffer l^or the best ana cheapest. Address 

mON nuOrlNGIw. g. hyndman & co., cmciDDati, ouo. 





hogs and grain, comprise its exports. Am. 
and F. S. Ex. C. G. R. Sims, postmaster. 
Alldrus Bros, General Store. 
Andrus E C, general store. 
Andrns E D, physician. 
Andrus I E, general store. 
Auble Frank L,, Notary Public. 
Alible & Auble, saw mill. 
Burns J I, contractor and builder. 
Camplin J N, R R and ex agt. 
Darby John, drugs and grocer. 
Davis S M, township trustee. 
Gentry "\V A, justice of the peace. 
Horniday "William, physician. 
Hunter A E, agricultural implements. 
Johnson Harrison, carpenters. 
Martin M L, physician. 
Parvis G.W, shoemaker. 
Sims C G R. & Son, Drugs and Gro- 
Sims Frank, poultry breeder. 
Sims & Goodwine, tile manufacturers. 
Wilheliu J W, grocer. 

FOREST. Whitley Co. (See Lcmd. 

FOREST GROVE, Elkhart Co. 
{See Charm.) 

FOREST HILL. Is a postoffice, 
located in Jackson townshsp, Decatur 
county, 10 miles southwest of Greensburgh. 
the county seat and banking town. Horace, 
distant 2^ miles on V., G. & R. Br. C, I., 
St. L. & C. R'y, is the shij^ping station. 
Population, 250. Tri-weekly stage to 
Greensburgh ; fare, 25 cents. George As- 
kins, postmaster. 

Askins George, General Store. 
Charlton N E, physician. 
Denham B F, blacksmith. 
Fraley R M, hotel. 
Fraley W K, blacksmith. 
Purvis J A, drugs. 
Robarts J, carriage manufacturer. 
White Isaac, saw and flour mill. 

FORNEY. This postoffice was estab- 
October, 1881, and issituated in West Point 
township. White county, 24 miles southwest 
of Monticello court house. Wolcott, 8 
miles north, on the P., C. & St. L. R'y, is 
the nearest rail approach. Population, 28. 
John W. Forney, postmaster. 
Blake James, justice of the peace. 
Cowgill Alonzo, lawyer and notary, 
Forney John 1^, Grocer. 
Hoffin William, live stock. 
Hughs John, blacksmith. 
JacK.son Thomas, live stock. 
Sutton Rinaldo, justice of the peace. 

FORT BRANCH. Is an incorpo- 
rated town of 750 inhabitants, located on 

the E. & T. H. R. E., in Johnson township, 

Gibson county, 7^ miles south of Princeton, 

the county seat and banking town, 20 north 

of Evansville and 142 southwest of Indi- 
anapolis. The prominent features of this 

town comprise Methodist, Presbyterian and 

Baptist churches, graded school, 2 hotels, 2 

tile factories, 2 brick yards, 2 flour mills 

and a grain elevator. Grain is the chief 

article of export. Ex., Adams. Tel., W. 

U. It has telephone connection with Evans- 
ville. Andrew J. Strain, postmaster. 

Allen James, shoemaker. 

Arburn John M, General Store. 

Archer Susan Mrs, propr Central House. 

Bates David, physician. 

Bates Elmore, druggist. 

Biel Franz, propr Depot House,Fort Branch. 

Blessing John, contractor and lumber. 

Butler David D, blacksmith. 

Central House, Mrs Susan Archer, propr. 

Depot House, Franz Biel, propr. 

Dickson John T, blacksmith. 

DougflaSS & Douglass, Tile Man- 

Forrester William, carpenter. 

Foster & Lewis, general store and flour mill. 

French Willian W, physician. 

Garrison Nehemiah, livery. 

Genung William R, physician. 

Gill F M Rev, (Cumberland Presbyterian). 

Graham Casper, grocer. 

Hamilton Henry, carpenter. 

Hedden Jacob R, R R and ex agt. 

Hofi'man Frank, agricultural implements. 

HofTman P & N, harness and brick yard. 

Holcomb Silas M jr, lawyer. 

Hopkins W G, physician. 

Jenkins Joseph W, wagon material manu- 

Johnson Joseph, brickyard. 

Jones James H, boots and shoes. 

Jones Nelson, shoemaker. 

King H N Rev, (Methodist). 

Knapp John, meat market. 

Kuhn Charles C, dry goods, 

Lambert Elias, blacksmith. 

Maher Sarah Mrs, milliner. 

Mead Stephen'W. live stock, 

Medcalf William M, physician. 

Meuser John, saloon. 

Meyers I H, carpenter. 

North Susan Mrs, dressmaker. 

Oliphant John T Rev, (Baptist). 

Pritchett Elisha L, furniture and under- 

Quindry John, carriage manufacturer, 

Robinson James, saloon. 

Rodemann August, grocer, 

Runcie J W, physician, 

Runcie J T & Co, grain elevator. 

James B.Lizius& Co. 



183^ Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, Ind. 

E^ ATB#IMG §L 1*11 I «@°Q"'ility "Warranted Un- 
■ Ul Ml I^IPiv @K U Hi I excelled in Circular and 

IP(I>IA?i(APOL,IS, I?il>. 

Cross-Cut Saws. 





Eutherford Lucy Mrs, millinery. 
Smitli & ^Witherspbon, Tile 

Speers J M & Co, general store. 
Strain Andrew J, postmaster and stationery. 
Strain Thomas M Kev, (Baptist). 
Strickland Wilson, barber. 
Victor E & Bro, stoves and agricultural 

Wallace Benjamin H, grain. 
W^allace Daniel T, flour mill. 
West John A, drugs. 

FORT RED, Putnam Co. {See Barn- 

FOR T RITNER. A station on the 
O. & M. K'y, located in Guthrie township, 
Lawrence county, 13 miles southeast of 
Bedford, the county seat and banking town. 
White river flows by the village, but is not 
utilized for water power. With a popula- 
tion of 130, the place exports lumber, stone 
and staves. Ex., O. & M. F. S. Hunter, 

Burk J H, blacksmith. 
Dixon Luretta, hotel. 
Dixon William, carpenter. 
Donica Thomas M, physician and general 

Holland W A, general store. 
Hunter F S, Phvsician, E E and Ex 

Lee E, justice of the peace. 
Quigley Thomas, saloon. 
Tingley & Coude, saAV mill. 

FORTVILLE. Is the location of 
800 persons, in Vernon township, Hancock 
county, on the C, C, C. & I. E. E., 12 
miles northwest of Greenfield, the county 
seat and banking town, and 21 northeast of 
Indianapolis. Fortville is incorporated, 
contains 3 churches, a good graded school, 
2 hotels, 2 saw mills, 1 heading factory, 1 
flour mill, 1 planing mill and a flax tow 
factory. The chief exports comprise grain, 
live stock and flax tow. Ex., U. S. Tel., 
W. U. Thomas E. Noel, postmaster. 
Anderson J B & Son, flour mill. 
Arnett Lillie Miss, milliner. 
Baker & Schultz, general store. 
Bills Josephus, general store. 
Brewster John W, carpenter. 
Brewster & Thomas, druggists. 
Brown Henry, saw mill. 
Brown John, gunsmith. 
Brown E P, meat market. 
Cannaday Calvin E, agricultural imple- 
Carroll Mary E Mrs, milliner. 
Copper Ealph, shoemaker. 

Crouch Larkin P, planing mill. 

Davis, Volney & Son, saw mill. 

Edmonds John C, carpenter. 

Gardner Thomas, barber. 

Garrett James, cattle dealer. 

Gray & Walker, grocers. 

Gwinn James, saddles and harness. 

Hagen Andrew, grain and flax tow manu- 

Hardin & Jarrett, blacksmiths. 

Harris Charles, heading manufacturer. 

Hastings O P, justice of the peace. 

Hudson Elizabeth, grocer. 

Jarrett & Yaryan, blacksmiths. 

Jenkins James, brickmason. 

Jones T A Mrs, milliner. 

Kappes Andrew, tailor. 

Kellum Eoss, blacksmith. 

McCarty John S, (Methodist). 

McCarty & Son, undertakers. 

Manford William J, meat market. 

Maroney Matthew, saloon. 

Noel Thomas E, E E and ex agt. 

Patterson James B, carpenter. 

Pilkenton A C, drugs. 

Eash & Lefever, grocers. 

Eoberts Lee, cattle dealer. 

Smail John, boots and shoes. 

Stonebraker F M, livery. 

Stuart John G, physician. 

Swanson Joseph, painter. 

Thomas Charles P, hotel. 

Treher John H, carpenter. 

Van Laningham Cicero, justice of the 

Vanzant E H, blacksmith. 

Vanzant & Haskell, hardware. 

West Elmer, stoves and tinware. 

AVhelchel E T, carpente'r. 

Wisehart S E, baker. 

Wiseman Isaac L, hotel. 

Wynn David T, carpenter. 

Yancey Simeon T, physician. 

FORT WAYNE. The chief com- 
mercial and manufacturing city of North- 
ern Indiana, contained in 1880, 26,048 in- 
habitants, which has now increased to over 
30,000. It is the county seat of Allen 
county, and the second city in the state in 
point of manufacture and thrift. The city 
is located nearly in the geographical centre 
of the county, distant from Chicago 148, 
Indianapolis 135, Toledo 94, and St. Louis 
342 miles. 


Fort Wayne has excellent railroad ad- 
vantages, being traversed by six roads as 
follows: The main line of Wabash, St. 
Louis and Pacific, which reaches from To- 
ledo, O., to St. Louis, Mo., thus giving it 
unbroken connection with all the leading 



■{ 188 South Meridian St., 


Oysters Shipped in Large or Small Quantities, 

J. S. KBI<]L,BR, Manasrer. 


40 NOKTH Illinois Street, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





western roads, as well as its own branches 
and leased lines. The Pittsburgh, Ft "Wayne 
and Chicago is the second in importance, 
and has its shops located here which give 
emplovment to over 1,000 hands. The 
Grand Eapids and Indiana road, with its 
leased lines is the most important north 
and south line in the State. The Fort 
Wayne, Jackson and Saginaw has its south- 
ern terminus here, and is an important 
road. The Fort Wavne, Cincinnati and 
Louisville road make this its northern ter- 
minus, and the location of the general of- 
fices and shops. The New York, Chicago 
and St. Louis Kailway, "nickel plated," is a 
new road with main line extending from 
Chicago to BufTalo. 


Fort "Wayne may well boast of her edu- 
cational facilities^ for in addition to sev- 
eral handsome graded school buildings, 
there are the following well known insti- 
tutions of learning : The Fort Wayne 
College ; the Medical College of Fort 
Wayne, an institution that has eai-ned the 
reputation of being one of the most thor- 
ough of its kind in the State ; the Fort 
Wayne College of Medicine ; the Concor- 
dia College ; St. Augustine Academy, an 
excellent business college and a musical 
conservatory ; the Academy of Our Lady 
of the Sacred Heart, located at Academy, 
7 miles northeast of city, may also be reck- 
oned as one of Fort Wayne's institutions. 
This most excellent academy is conducted 
by the sisters of the Holy Cross, and is not 
excelled by any in the State. The city has 
a large number of handsome church edi- 
fices, representing all the popular religious 


This is essentially a manufacturing city, 
and can boast of the largest establishments 
in the State. The most prominent among 
the mills, factories, etc., are the extensive 
works of the Bass Foundry and Machine 
Works, Fort Wayne Organ Company, 
Peters' Box and Lumber Company, Cent- 
livre's French Brewery, and S. Pennock's 
Sons & Co., road scraper salesrooms. The 
Bass Foundry and Machine Works is the 
largest car wheel manufactory in the 
United States; it was estalilished in 185.3, 
and incorporated in 1873. The foundry 
alone is 75 by 800 feet, and the entire works 
cover an area of 129,300 square feet. Mr. 
John H. Bass, president of the concern, 
also owns the Chicago car works, and a 
steam forge for the manufacture of car and 
locomotive axles. In addition to car wheels 
they manufacture steam engine boilers, 
railroad castings, mill and heavy machin- 

ery, etc. These works are an important ad- 
junct to the wealth of Fort Wayne, and 
give employment to a large number of her 
inhabitants. The Fort Wayne Organ Com- 
pany, organized in 1871, employs over 100 
haiids, and is the most successful factory of 
its kind in the west. The works and lum- 
ber yards cover over 3 acres of ground 
Their instruments are rapidly becoming 
known to be of the best manufacture, and 
find a market not only in the United States, 
but in Europe as well. The Peters Box 
and Lumber Company is also a very im- 
portant concern to Fort Wayne. It is the 
largest of its kind in the State, and has a 
reputation that is unexcelled. Its promi- 
nent manufactured articles consist of to- 
bacco pails, I'oad scrapers, refrigerators, 
packing boxes, sash, doors and blinds, 
chair stock, school and all other kinds of 
furniture. The Centlivre Brewery was es- 
tablished in 1862, and is the fourth largest 
in the State, having 'a capacity of 15,000. 
barrels per year. It is owned and conduct- 
ed by Mr. C. L. Centlivre. S. Pennock 
Sons & Co. have established a branch here 
of their well-known Kennett Square, Pa., 
Works. They manufacture a superior qual- 
ity of road scrapers and machines, and 
Fort Wayne is quite fortunate in having 
secured their location. The above-men- 
tioned do not comprise, by any means, all 
of the manufactories located here, for, in 
addition to these, the city produces furni- 
ture, band-saw mills, truss hoops, mattress- 
es, earthenware, leather, pumps, handles, 
carriages, barrels, kegs, linseed oil, plows, 
crackers, castings, sash, doors and blinds, 
stoves, flour, grain cradles, lumber, files, 
stirrups, potash, brushes, woolen goods, 
wheels, staves, horse collars, soap, pork, 
overalls, mineral water, engines and boil- 


The press is represented by 5 dailies — 
the Sentinel, Neivs, Gazette, Journal and Staats- 
Zeitung — and 8 weekly papers. The last 
namecl are known as the DvqMtch, News, 
Mail, Journal, Sentinel, Herald, Gazette and 
Staais-Zeitung, which gives it a very strong 
press influence throughout Indiana and 
portions of Ohio. 


Fort Wayne has broad, clean streets, is 
compactly built, has substantial business 
blocks, is lighted by gas and electric light, 
has a telepiione exchange, excellent water 
works, a well organized fire department, 
several miles of street railway, good county 
buildings, an excellent theatre, 17 hotels, 
and ] private and 3 national banks. It is 
rapidly increasing its commercial trade. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commissioii Merchants, Grain and Pro- 
visions. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO 






Sole Agents for the Allen Steam Governor 

Exclusive Manufafturers of BARNES* PATENT 

STEAM WHISTEES, the Cheapest in the Market. 

Special attention paid to Architectural Iron Work, including Cast Columns, Window Caps 

and General Castings. Plans and Estimates Furnished. Repairing Promptly and 

Cheaply Done. Send for Illustrated Catalogue and Mechanical 

Gruide, Mailed Free on Application. 

Office and 'Works on Hanna St., 
South of the Railroads, 



,. €Z}:n^TSirUlLMX^S7'JFLlES,^^ 

Manufacturer of Lager Beer 

And Dealer in Bottled Beer. Manufacturer of L. A. Centlivre's Patent Box Fastener. 

^Order solicited from all parts of the State, TPT* TTT A. TS^KTTS* T^fn 

and promptly attended to. * A ■ W ^^ X AN JSi, A AN *Jm 


-whoi^e;sai,k a]v» rexaii,- 


Huntinij: Suits, Gun IVIaterial, Aniniunltion, Fishing: Xackle, Pocket 
Cutlery, Boxing: Gloves and Boat Oars. 

Agent for I^aflin & Rand's Orange Sporting Powder. 

Kei.airing and Keboring of Gims a .Specialty. Stencil and Steel Stamp Cntting in First 
Class Style. Kire -Works of All Descriptions. 



High Explosive known. 

The Safest 

C. H. JEBJNK, Agent, 
29% North Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind 





and the outlook for the future is very flat- 
tering.- The city has much private wealth, 
its citizens are industrious, enterpris- 
ing and liberal, and Fort Wayne is in 
fact a prosperous, growing place, with 
great natural advantages for manufac- 
ture, being situated at the head of the 
Maumee, and on the St. Joseph river at its 
confluence with the St. Mary, giving it an 
immense water power, which is utilized by 
means of canals, which are lined with mills 
and factories. It has a very healthy loca- 
tion, and is a pleasant residence as well as 
a great manufacturing and commercial 
city. It has W. U. and M. U. Tel., and 
Adams, Am., U. S. and P. Ex. oflices. Fred 
W. Keil postmaster. 

Academy of Music, John A Scott, 

Manager, n a Berry, bet Clinton and Barr. 

Academy of Our L,ady of the 

Sacret Heart, Conducted by the 

Sisters of the Holy Cross ; Academy P 

O, six miles north of Ft AVayne. {See 


Adams Express Company, 102 Calhoun. 

Ahern Thomas, saloon and restaurant, cor 

1st and Harrison. 
Albrecht John, shoemaker, 133 Broadway. 
Alden Samuel R, Lawyer, s e cor 

Main and Court. 
Alderman Frank, agricultural implements, 

10 W Columbia. 
Aldrich & Barrett, lawyers, 025 Calhoun. 
Allen Albert S, painter, 18 W Calhoun. 
Allen Kanson, restaurant, 10 E Columbia. 
Allen & Co, photographers, 129 Broadway._ 
Alter George J, grocer, 25 Force. 
Alter Jacob jr, painter, 140 W Van Buren. 
Alter & Kiess, general store, 197 Broadway, 
American Express Company, 102 Calhoun. 
.\nderson Eli G, grocer, 124 Broadway. 
Anderson Thomas P, music, 98 Calhoun. 
Angell Charles, grocer, 28 Calhoun. 
App Mathias, boots and shoes, 106 Calhoun. 
Argo MarlinE, county auditor, court house. 
Arnold Anthony, furniture, 36 Clinton. 
Ash Henry J, stoves, 9 E Columbia. 
Aufrecht Charles, saloon, 36 W Main. 
Auger Charles, florist, 453 E Wayne. 
Aurentz Solomon A, grocer, 129 Broadway. 
Aveline House, Miller & Moritz, proprs, 

cor Calhoun and Berry. 
Bagley Hugh, shoemaker, 58 Wells. 
Bahret Christian, carpet weaver, 176 Broad- 
Baker Anna K Mrs, notions, 18 W Berry. 
Baker G & B, wagonmakers, 16 Lafayette. 
Baker Killian & Son, saw mill, E end Wa- 
Baldwin D H & Co, pianos and organs, 15 

W Main. 
Ball Magdalena, grocer, 189 AV Main. 
Baltes Jacob, contractor, 3 Harrison. 

Baltes Michael, manufacturer lime, cement, 
etc, 3 Harrison. 

Baltes M & Co, coal and wood, 3 Harrison. 

Bangert Bonifacius, grocer, 1S7 Broadway. 

Barbour Myron F, real estate, 90 E Berry. 

Barcus Hezekiah H, confectioner, 116 Cal- 

Barcus Isaac, grocer, 140 Broadway. 

Barnard William M, sewing machines, 11 

Barnum George P, livery and veterinary 
surgeon, 91 E Columbia. 

Barrand John B, grocer, 91 Harmer. 

Barrows Frank R, photographer, 18 W 

Bartels & Co, general store, 199 Lafayette. 

Barton Charles M, city treasurer, city hall. 

Bash S & Co, wool, hides and pelts, 22 W 

Bashelier Edward W, lawyer, 72 N Cass. 

Bass Alfred, barber, 44J W Main. 

Bass Foundry and Machine 
'Works ; J H Bass, Prest ; J I White, 
Sec ; E J Fisher, Treas. Manufacturers 
of Steam Engines, Boilers, Car Wheels, 
Eailroad Castings and Mill Machinery, 
Hanna S of railroads. (-See adv.) 

Bass John H, Prest Bass Foundry 
and Machine Works, and Citizens' Street 

Batchelder Jesse S, Manufacturer 
of Stock Candy, Caramels and Taffy. 
Dealer in Oysters, Cakes, Bread and 
Crackers, Wholesale and Retail, 98 Barr 
cor Wayne. 

Bauer Henry shoemaker, 321 Lafayette. 

Bauer John, barber, 154 Barr. 

Baumann John, shoemaker, 374 Calhoun. 

Bans Fred, furniture repairer, 236 Lafay- 

Beach Frederick, furniture, 184 Calhoun. 

Be'aver Charles 15, agt, U S and Pacific Ex- 
press Companies and Erie & North Shore 
freight line, 28 E Main. 

Beaver, Miller & Co, lumber, cor Francis 
and R R. 

Bechtold Louis, grocer, 102 Maumee road. 

Beck Leopold, carpet weaver, 136 Barr. 

Becker August, grocer, 160 Fairfield ave. 

Becker Fred, horseshoer, 9 E Washington. 

Becker Jacob, junk dealer, cor Columbia 
and Barr. 

Beeks James C, lawyer, 51 Barr. 

Bender Louis, cigar manufacturer, 168 E 

Bennett Joseph F, second hand goods, 55 E 

Berghofl" Bros, beer bottlers, cor "^ashing- 
ington and Wabash ave. 

Beverforden Henry F, druggists, 294 Cal- 

Beyerle Gottlieb, hotel, 9 N Calhoun, 

Bickuese Frederick, grocer, 92 Barr. 

XHOS. H. CI^APP, Optician and Watchmaker, 

93 ]Nortti Pennsylvania Street, 
New-Denlson Hotel Block, IKDIAI<(APOI<IS, IND. 

Accurate adjustment of Spectacles. 
Personal attention to Fine Watch 
Repairing. Thirty years experi- 

Home Life Ins. Co. 

Has removed all restrictions upon residence and travel 
policies. World-wide best Co. for Agents to work. 

E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't., Chicago, IH. 





Biemer George, blacksmith, cor Clay and 

Bischort" Rudolph A Eev, Director Concor- 
t;" dia College, E Washington. 
Bisson Martin, potash manufacturer, cor 

Ewing and Canal. 
Bittenger Jacob R, lawyer, cor Main and 

Bittinger Adam H, lawyer, P O building. 
Bittinger George L, lawyer, 44 Calhoun. 
Blair Thomas W, cooper, 19 E Water. 
Blake Benjamin B, barber, 44 E Columbia. 
Blase Lewis, baker, 29 W Columbia. 
Blaser Henry, baker, 195 Hanua. 
Blood Reuben, ice, 410 E Wayne. 
Blynu Hattie Mrs, dressmaker, 135 Broad- 
Si,^" ay. 
Blystone Cyrus L, grain cradle maker, 13 

Boergfer Oustav "W, Leather and 

Findings, Harness Leather, and Boot 

and Shoe Uppers, o9 E Main. 
Boester Fred H, carpenter, 164 Griffith. 
Bohrmaun Henry, commission, 52i Cal- 
Boltz Fred C, saloon, 37 Calhoun. 
Boltz & Drake, saloon, 83 Calhoun. 
Bond Bakery (The), H W Bond, manager, 

96 Calhoun. 
Bond Stephen B, Brest Ft Wayne 

National Bauk and Brest Ft Wayne Or- 
gan Company. 
Bond William J, dry goods and drugs, 376 

and .378 Calhoun. 
Boseker Charles, carpenter, 139 Calhoun. 
Boseker, White & Co, wheel manufacturers, 

e end Wayne, on N Y C & St L R'y. 
Bossier Henry H, insurance, cor Main and 

Bothner John, saloon, 136 Calhoun. 
Bourie L T & Co, wholesale liquors, 37 E 

Bo wen Francis E, lawyer, 52 J Calhoun. 
Bowen George W, physician, 12 W Main. 
Bowen William & Co, wholesale millinery, 

27 E Columbia. 
Bowser Madison M, collector Wabash and 

Erie Canal, cor Canal and Harrison. 
Brackenridge Charles S, civil engineer, 68 

Brackenridge & Carey,lawyers,62 Calhoun. 
Bradley William, restaurant, 29 E Main. 
Braeuer Conrad, boots and shoes, 32 W 

Brames&p]hrman, bottlers, 78 E Columbia. 
Branch Book Company, A P Cosgrove, 

manager, P O buiding. 
Branch Paper Company, J M Yohey, propr, 

77 Calhoun. 
Brannan John H, grocer, 72 E Main. 
Braun George, baker, 135 Fairfield ave. 
Breen James, grocer, 76 Calhoun. 
Brenner George, saloon, 13 W Wayne. 

Brimmer Joseph H, painter, 9 Harrison. 
Brink & Stier, druggists, 43 Wells. 
Brinkroeger William & Son, shoemakers, 

43 AV Main. 
Brinsley John C, feed stable, cor Pearl and 

Maiden Lane. 
Brooks William H, physician,113W Berry. 
Brossard & Hahn, blacksmiths,146 W Main. 
Brown Seneca B, dentist, cor Main and 

Bruebach George T, physician, 80 Calhoun. 
Bryant Stephen, confectioner, 216 Calhoun. 
Buchman Alpheus P, physician, 80 Calhoun. 
Buck Charles W, cigars and tobacco, 272 

Buck Wilson S, insurance, 62 Calhoun. 
Bullard Sherman L, lawyer, 138 W Berry. 
Burslev G E & Co, commission merchants, 

23 W Main. 
Busching Henry, grocer, 272 Hanna. 
Busking Henry, boots and shoes, 90 Har- 

Butler George, grocer, 332 W Main. 
Butler Louis G, grocer, 7 N Calhoun. 
Canipljell George B, General 

Ticket Agt Ft W, C &,L RE, 1st nr Cass. 
Caps Rine, jeweler, 56 E Main. 
Carier xVugust H, insurance, 4 Foster Block. 
Carl John, cigars and tobacco, 39 Calhoun. 
Carnahan, Hanna & Co, wholesale boots 

and shoes, 30 E Main. 
Carson William W, lawyer, 44 Calhoun. 
Carter 'William & Son, Dealers 

in Hot-Air Furnaces, Ranges, Mantles, 

Grates, Copper, Tin and Sheet Iron Ware; 

Particular attention given to all kinds of 

Job Work ; 29 Clinton. 
Casey Emma Mrs, hair dresser, 25 W 

Casso Frank A, saloon, 264 Calhoun. 
Centlivre Charles L,, Propr French 

Brewery, N end Spy Run ave. (See adv.) 
Certia Jacob & Co, grocers, 116 Wells. 
Chambers John D, physician, 16 Madison. 
Chapman William P, agt Am and Adams 

Ex Companies, 102 Calhoun. 
Chaska Samuel & Co, notions, 72 Calhoun. 
Chauvey Bros, carriage manufacturers, cor 

Clinton and Water. 
Citizens' Street Railroad 

Company, J H Bass, Brest; SB Bond, 

Vice-Prest; G E Bursley, Sec and Treas; 

J W Pearse, Supt; Capital, $50,000; cor 

Main and Calhoun. 
City Mills, Iloagland & Tresselt, 

Proprs, cor Clinton and Water. 
Clark Joseph M, merchant tailor, 34 E 

Clark Lewis, propr Oliver House, cor Laf- 
ayette and Columbia. 
Clutter William M, saloon, 26 W Main. 
Cochrane & Humphrey, contractors, 100 



Son. '^anfJ .'Ji East Georgia Street, ' 

■ Georgia I 


Manufacturer of Wagon and Carriage Material. 
Feuders and Raves. See adv., page 6. 


Ill the Office: 

Col. Jno. Roy. 
Geo. Andeews. 




To all Statioiis oti Railroads leading: from Kort Wayne, Indiana. 

Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago Railroad. 


Maples 10 

Monroevllle 16 

Dixon 19 

Convoy 25 

Van Wert 32 

Delphos 45 

Elida 53 

Lima 59 

Lafaj-ette 67 

Ada 74 

Washington ^ 81 

Dunkirk 83 

Forest 90 

Kirby 95 

Upper Sandusky 102 

Nevada 110 

Grenville 115 

Bueyrus 119 

Robinson 125 

Crestline 131 

Alliance 236 

Pittsburgh 320 

Philadelphia 675 

New York 751 


Areola 9 

Columbia City 19 

Larwill 27 

Pierceton 31 

Kosciusko 33 

Warsaw 40 

Selby 45 

Atwood 46 

Etna Green 50 

Bourbon 53 

Plymouth 64 

Donelsou 71 

Hamlet 79 

Davis 85 

Hanna 89 

Wanatha 95 

Valparaiso 104 

Wheeler Ill 

Hobart 115 

Liverpool 118 

Clark 124 

Cassello 128 

Chicago. i 148 

San Francisco 2,-559 

Wabash, St. Louis & Pacific Railway. 


New Haven 6 

Woodburn 16 

Antwerp 23 

Cecil 30 

Emerald 33 

Defiance 43 

Oakland 53 

Napoleon 58 

Liberty 65 

Washington 70 

Whitehouse 77 

Maumee City 86 

C. & T. Crossing 93 

Toledo 94 


Prairie Switch 6 

Roanoke 15 

Huntington 23 

Antioch 29 

La Gro 36 

Wabash 42 

Keflers 47 

Peru 56 

Waverly 62 

Logansport 71 

Clymers 77 

Burrows 81 

Rockfleld 85 

Delphi 92 

Colburn 97 

Lafayette 108 

Junction 110 

Wea 116 

West Point 118 

Independence 125 

Attica 130 

Danville 155 

St. Louis 382 

Grand Rapids & I 


Muncie Railroad. 

Jack. & Sag. 


Cincinnati & Rich 






















.... 11 
.... 17 
.... 18 
.... 21 
.... 27 






.... 11 

... 14 
... 17 
.... 19 
.... 24 










Kendal ville..-. 





. .. 33 



.... 34 
.... 37 
.... 46 
.... 57 


.... 67 

.... 71 

.... 80 













... 38 
.... 47 

... 50 
.... 54 
.... 60 
.... 65 

... 71 

Pleasant Lake. 



State Line 











Stone .y. 



























Snow Hill 



. .103 


N. C. Junction 

.... 78 
.... 80 

.. 83 



Ross t 








Grand Rapids 

D. & M. Crossing. 

L. Big Rapids 


New Lisbon 

Cambridge City .... 





.... 90 
.... 96 






Grand Rapids. 








14 aud 16 East South Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Codv John H, ice, 2SS W Main. 

Colerick W G & P B, lawyers, 17 Court. 

Colerick & Oppenheim, lawyers, 10 W 

Collins Lindley D, grocer, 20 Harrison. 

Commercial House^ A McClure & 
Bros. Proprs, 210 and 212 Calhoun. 

Concordia College, (Evangelical Lutheran), 
E A Bischoff, director; e end Washing- 

Conrad George,sewing machines, 65 E Main. 

Coombs, Bell & Morris, lawyers, 32 E Berry. 

Coombs & Co, wholesale hardware, 42 E 

Cope Joseph N, baker, 10 E Columbia. 

Cosgrove Franklin G, jr, sherift", courthouse. 

Cosgrove Patrick J, blacksmith, 46 W Main. 

Coverdale John H, feed stable, cor Pearl 
and Cass. 

Coyle J David, dentist, 108 Calhoun. 

Crabbs Cyrus, hats, 258 Calhoun. 

Crane George D, lawyer, 44 Calhoun. 

Curtice John F, prest Curtice Brake Shoe 
Company, of Indianapolis ; office, 22 W 

Custer House, Gerson Scherzinger, 
Propr, 16 and IS W Main. 

Dauner Orlan O, laundry, 37 E Columbia. 

Darrow James R, hotel, 248 Calhoun. 

Davis "William H, cigar boxes, 78 and. 80 

Davis & Bro, printers, 78 and 80 Clinton. 

Delzeli Sophia J, milliner, 30 Calhoun. 

Dennis Michael, saloon, 181 E Wayne. 

Deppeller Rudolph, physician, 18 E Co- 

Dessauer L & Co, cigar manufacturers, 23 

Deturk Lebanon, saloon, 26 Harrison. 

Detzer & Bro, druggists, 260 Calhoun. 

De Vilbiss Allen, phvsician, 37 W Berry. 

De "Wald Oeorg:e & Co, Whole- 
sale and Retail Dry Goods, n e cor Cal- 
houn and Columbia. 

De Wald George sr, tinware, 82 Barr. 

De Wald Nicholas, grocer, 406 Calhoun. 

Dicke Henry, grocer, 119 E Lewis. 

Didier John C, grocer, 20 W Berry. 

Didion Martin^ Propr Tremont 
House, 15 and 17 W Columbia. {See adv.) 

Diehl M & Co, junk dealers, 259 Calhoun. 

Dierstein Samuel, saloon, cor Hendricks 
and Fairfield ave. 

Diether & Campbell, lumber, Water, bet 
Clinton and N Y, C & St L R'y. 

Dills Thomas J, physician, 37 W Berry. 

Dinnen James M, physician, 66 Calhoun. 

D'Lsay Isaac, real estate, 62 Calhoun. 

Docter Allen W, saloon, 47 E Main. 

Doctor George, Idacksmith, n end Wells. 

Doehrman & Hitzeman, grocers, 56 Barr. 

Draker John, livery, 13 Pearl. 

Draker & Oawford, grocers, 37 W Main. 

Dreier & Bro, druggists, cor Calhoun and 

Drew Stephen A, saloon, 319 W Main. 

Dudenhoefer Conrad, grocer, 401 E Wayne. 

Dudenhoefer, Daniels & Co, carriage man- 
facturers, 11 and 13 Clay. 

Dukeman Augustus, saloon, 84 Calhoun. 

Durfee William R, barber, 272 Calhoun. 

Eckart Fred, pork packer, 60 Calhoun. 

Eckerle Albert saloon, 48 E Columbia. 

Eckert John D, cigar manufacturer, 85 

Hdg^erton Mon Josepli K, Propr 
Ft Wayne Steel Plow Works, 57 W Main, 
Agricultural Implements, 23 W Calhoun. 

Edsall House, Jacob H Stouder, propr, cor ' 
Clinton and Water-. 

Edsall & Tons, real estate P O building. 

Edv/ards W, shoemaker, 191 Lafayette. 

Eggemau Peter, boots and shoes, 118 Cal- 

Ehle August N, cigar manufacturer, 178 

Ehrman Charles & Co, blacksmiths, 149 W 

Ellert Benoit, barber, Aveline House. 

Empire Kile "Work.©, Charles C 

Keller, Propr, 20 W Main. (-S'ee adv.) 
Emjjire Line, 26 Court. 
Emrick F C & Co, furniture, 59 E Main. 
Entemann Christ, saloon, 13 E Main. 
Epple Gottleib, grocer, 184 Fairfield ave. 
Erie & North Shore Despatch 28 E Main. 
Erie & Pacific Despatch, 4 Aveline House 

Ervin John, restaurant, 12 Harrison. 
Esmond George, flour mill. Spy Run ave. 
Etzold Theodore W, wood engraver, 80 

Fairbank Clark, insurance, 19 Court. 
Falk & Lamley, wholesale liquors, 24 E 

Falker Frank, city marshal, city hall. 
Fee Thomas W, painter, 40 Clinton. 
Feist Lewis J, tailor, 75 Harrison. 
Ferckel Martin, saloon, 31 Clinton. 
Figel Charles, grocer, 54 W^ells. 
Figel Frederick C, grocer, 121 Wells. 
Fink Charles, undertaker, 37 Maiden Lane. 
First National Bank ; capital, $300,000 ; O 

A Simons, prest., Lem R Hartman, cashr; 

cor Main and Court. 
Fiser Charles M, pliysician, 286 Calhoun. 
Fisher Bros, trunks, cor Clinton and Berry. 
Fisher David C, real estate, 32 E Berry. 
Fisher Joseph G, agt Empire Line, 26 Court. 
Fisher Robertson J, Treas Brass. 

Foundrv and Machine Works. 
Fitcli O B & Co, hats, 34 Calhoun. 
Fitzgerald Francis, saloon, 28 Clinton. 
Fledderman J O & Co, Merchant 

Tailors, 35 E Main. 

ATTORNEY AT LAW, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (48 Viiiire B ock). Collects 


arraDgements made with Claim Agents going out of the business, or Attorneys sending me business, 

Original Pensions, Increase Pensions, J'^i.i, Jiomity, i-ami Warrants, 
Horse Claims, etc. Special attention given to Rejected Claims. Special 

rURlLriO iULlLl Price List sent by request. 





CHARI^HS C. KEI^trER, Proprietor, 

Manufacturer aud Dealer iu all kinds of Rasps and Files. Old Files re- 
cut and warranted to give good satisfaction. Send for Price List. 

No, 20 West Main Street, FORT WAYNE, IND. 

C. E. JEISriSrE, A.geiit 


aiul Contractor for 

ridding fields of 

tlieir unsiglitly 


to contract and 
blow stumps. 


Address C. R. JENNE, 88 Barr Street, FORT WAYNE, IND. 

M. F. KAAG. 


J. C. KAAG. 


Cliina, Glass and Qiieens^^f are, 
Z.AMFS, ciza2tdbz.z:e:b.s, btc. 

No. 5 East Columbia Street, Fort Wayne, Ind. 


J PATENTS, 16 and 18 Hubbard Block, corner of Washington and 
j Meridian Streets, Indianapolis, Ind. 8®"A11 business confidential. 




and Crimped, Address 

& CO., Cincinnati, Ohio. 





Fleming House, T H Kennedy, propr, 22 

W Berry. 
Fleming- J & Co, Manufacturers 

Eoad Levelersi, 10-2 High. 

Fletcher Josiah F, Liverv, Feed 
and Sale Stable, 32 Barr. {See adv.) 

Fletcher Margaret A Mrs, dressmaker, 65 
E Main. 

Fletter Margaret, laundry, 34 W Chicago. 

Flinn Charles M, livery, cor Clinton and 

Fogerty Edward, horseshoer and veterinary 
surgeon, 14 Harrison. 

Foote ^Villiam A, cigar manufacturer, 92 

Forbes Joel, lawyer, cor Main and Calhoun. 

Forrest James, shoemaker, 882 Barr. 

Fortriede Louis, boots and shoes, 21 Cal- 

Fort VITayne Ale Mouse, Bottlers 
and Dealers in Foreign and Domestic 
Ales and Porters, Glutting & Christen, 
Proprs, 34 E Columbia. 

Fort "Wayne, Cincinnati and 
Louisville R. R., Passenger Depot 
and General Offices cor Harrison and 1st; 
"\V W Worthington, General Supt; George 
B Campbell, General Ticket Agt. (See 
adv. ) 

Fort Wayne College, Eev Wilbur F Yo- 
cum, prest, w end W Wayne. 

Fort AVavne College of Medicine, William 
H Gobrecht, dean, 328 Calhoun. 

Fort Wayne Conservatory of Music, C F W 
Meyer, principal, 22, 24 and 26 E Main. 

Fort Wavne Dispatch, J M Mitchell, propr, 
20 E Berry. 

Fort Wayne Furniture Company, 35 Clin- 

Fort Wayne Gaslight Company, cor Water 
and Barr. 

Fort Wayne Gazette, Keil Bros, proprs, 25 
W Main. 

Fort Wayne Herald, (weekly), S B McMa- 
nus, publisher, 13 E Main. 

Fort "Wayne Jenney Electric 
Lrigllt Company, Oscar A Simons, 
Brest; K T McDonald, Treas; H G Olds, 
Yice-Prest ; C L Olds, Sec ; CD Jenney 
and J A Jenney, Electricians, Water nr 

Fort Wayne Journal, Journal Company, 
proprs, 20 E Berry. 

Fort Wrayne iNational Bank; 
Capital, S350,000; Surplus, §125,000; 
Stephen B Bond, Prest ; Pliny Hoagland, 
Vice-Prest ; Jared D Bond, Cashr ; James 
C Woodworth, Asst Cashr; cor Main and 

Fort Wayne News, Page, Taylor & Co, pub- 
lishers, 19 E Main. 

Fort Wayne Newspaper Union, Keil Bros, 
j)roprH, 25 W Main. 

Fort "Wayne Organ Company, 

S B Bond, Prest and General Manager; 
II F Keith, General Supt ; Fairfield ave, 
nr City Limits. (See adv.) 

Fort Wayne Pump Works, J 
Spice & Sons, Proprs; Manufacturers of 
Plain and Porcelain Lined Pumps, 48 W 

Fort Wayne Sentinel, E A K Hackett, 
propr, 107 Calhoun. 

Fort Wayne Steam Iron 
Works, C L Olds & Co, Proprs, cor 
Harrison and Water. 

Fort Wayne Steel Plo-v^ 
Works, 57 W Main ; Hon Joseph K 
Edgerton, Propr ; Ofiice, 23 W Columbia. 

Fort Wayne Water Works, Christian Bose- 
ker, Prest Board of Trustees, 68 Barr. 

Fort Wayne & Jackson Rail- 
way • E S Philley, Agt'; Depot cor 1st 
and Harrison. (See adv.) 

Foster Andrew, merchant tailor, 15 W 

Foster David N, furniture, 11 Court. 

Foster Samuel M, dry goods, 13 Court. 

Fowler George S, shirt manufacturer, 102 

Fowler Willis J, publisher Sunday Morn- 
ing Mail, 13 E Main. 

Fox George, grocer, 167 E Jefferson. 

Fox George & Son, confectioners, 25 E 

Fox James, coal and . wood, Railroad, nr 

Fox Louis, cracker manufacturei', 100 Cal- 
houn. ' . 

Foye John D, lawyer, 10 W Berry. 

France Harry F, lawyer and justice, 31 

Frank Marx & Co, dry goods, cor Berry 
and Calhoun. 

Frank Mendel, grocer, 208 Hanna. 

Freiburger Bros, tinners, 187 Broadway. 

Freiburger S &■ Bro, leather and findings, 
24 E Main. 

Freistroffer Henry, horseshoer, 41 W Main. 

French Charles G, carpenter, 87 E Wayne. 

French Hanna & Co, woolen mills, 96 E 

Freyer Adam W, second hand goods, 141 

Friend A I & H, clothing, 26 Calhoun. 

Frotkingkam & Kingsley, En- 
glish Specialists, 34 W Main. 

Fry Henry W, meat market, 101 E Lewis. 

Fry Jacob, tanner, cor Main and Cherry. 

Gable Kate, laundry, 45 W Main. 

Gaetje John, saloon, 179 Calhoun. 

Gafthey William, township trustee, 54 

■ Gage J & Bro, broom manufacturers, 318 W 

Gard Brookfield, physician, 143 Calhoun. 

PrK.T.v* rrpr Jn„ l*l/\ J-/-M.Xil/i. 



WB^oM l>y DruRKists. 


Ft. Wayne Organ Company, 









oww^Qm ^mm) wm.qtqm'^ 



I -r r '^ -■ ^ ' 

i- 5 -/■ - 3 o jj te 60 r C c a> =5 

s ° 


s-s a; 

g.2-G >. 

sis sills-. ^ar-^':;i^- 

;• O ^ '-' -J^ r^ C ( 


^ 3 g ^ 

c5 o i:^ +^ ; 

Oc; ? o^E r^ Che's ?^ >■ 2 S "^ 

•si^ a'^ j,*^- gs'^.s 3f ^ jp-p >.>?g 

,,3 0) .^>.<i;>2 ■^g2.S2oii: 


2 '42 O 5 •„ ":• 3 "' ci P 7* *! •" -C >> a; xD% 

M aj>^ 5 j- o aj 

-r ^ (^. oj n ^ ^ 

Terms per Session of Five Months: 

Board and Tuition $7.", 00 

Wasliinir and IJcdding JO 00 

Mosi'c— Harp 30 00 

" ftuitar 15 00 

" I'iano 2.", 00 

Mod<Tn l.anirnairbs, eacli 10 00 

Latin §15 00 

Drawing and Painting in Water Colors... 10 00 

Painting in Oil 20 00 

Artificial Floncr Lessons... 12 00 

Artificial Fruit and Leather Work 12 00 

Itoarding in Vacation, two months 25 00 


Academy P. O., Allen County, Ind. 


iPiDlAKAPOX^lS, iBfD. 1 Cut Saws. 

l^'The Celebrated "Silver 
K I Steel" Circular and Cross- 



— Manufacturer of and Wholesale Dealer in — 

Factory, Cor. "Wayne and Walton Aveniies, Fort Wayne, Ind. 

B. IMI. HCOHilvCJLlsr, 

Msiief MiertisiM km 

No. 4 Foster Block, Fort Wayne, Indiana. 

j^jjr Proprietor of Indiana Gilt-Edge List. 

$2.00 PER DAY. W. W. REED & CO., Proprietors. 





M. DIDIOJV, Froprietor. 


^^First-Class. Loav Rates.- 


15 and 17 West Columbia Street, - - FORT WAYNE, IND. 


. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 


R. L POLK & CO.!" 



Brancbt 40 :Nortli Illinois Street, .... Indianapolis, Ind. 





Geake William & John J, stone vard, 88 

Gebert Alfred, saloon, 100 E Columbia. 

Gree Chong, laundry, 45 "W Main. 

Geismar Adolph, restaurant, HE Main. 

Geistdoerfer Bros, saloon, 221 Lafayette. 

Geller William F, baker, 106 Broadway. 

Gerke Henry F, grocer, 207 Lafayette. 

Gessler Albert F, meat market, 60 E Main. 

Getty George, trunk manufacturer, 22 E 

Geye Henry, shoemaker, 424 E Wayne. 

Gilchrist M H Mrs, hair goods, 64 W Main. 

Glaser Edward F, baker, 195 Hanna. 

Glass & Co, planing mill, cor Broadway 
and Taylor. 

Glock Fred, physician, 28 Force. 

Glutting c^' Bauer, rea.1 estate, 7 Court. 

Gluttiugf & Cbristen, Bottlers and 
Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Ales 
and Porters, 34 E Columbia. 

Glynn MattbiaSi Livery and Sale 
Stable, 53 E Main. (See adv.) 

Gobrecht William H, physician, 54 Cal- 

Golden & Monahan, hats, caps, etc, 68 Cal- 

Goldman & Aronsou, clothing, cor Main 
and Calhoun. 

Goldsmith Herman N, pawnbroker, 82 Cal- 

Goodman Charles, saloon, 6 E Columbia. 

Goodwin Horatio N, dry goods, 126 Broad- 

Gorham Marcus, saw filer, 19^ W Berry. 

Graf Philip, grocer, 337 Lafayette. 

Graff Myer L, lawyer. 19 Court. 

Grafle Henry C, jeweler, cor Calhoun and 

Graffe G W & Co, stoves and tinware, 132 

Grafmiller C & Co, R R contractors, 31 

Grafmiller & McConnell, restaurant, 257 

Graham & Breidenstien, law and insurance, 
17 E Main. 

Grain and Provision Exchange, Harry 
Brc'lsford, manager, Foster block. 

Grand Rapids and Indiana 
Railroad ; P S O'Rourke, Supt; Offi- 
^ ces and Depots P F V W & C R'y. 

Great Western Despatch, 4 Aveline House 

Green Mollie Mrs, dressmaker, 25 W 

Gregg .James S, physician, 54 Calhoun. 

Griebel & Son, furniture manufacturers, 44 
E Main. 

Griffiths William E, hardware, 120 Broad- 

Grimme J H & Sons, merchant tailors, 114 

Grotholtmann & Kruse, carpenters, 48 W 

Grothouse Henry, grocer, 162 Holman. 

Gruber Michael, grocer, 16 Wilt. 

Gumpper Christian C, confectioner, 238 

Gumpper Jacob D, grocer, 240 Calhoun. 

Gunther Henry, barber, 89 Harmer. 

Haberkorn Emil F, saloon, 74 Calhoun. 

Hackett Edward A K, propr Fort Wayne 
Sentinel, 107 Calhoun, 

Haffner Christian, baker, 37 W Berry. 

Haibel Charles F, meats, 122 Wells. 

Haiber George W, grocer, 393 Lafayette. 

Hake Frank, saloon, 28 E Columbia. 

Hake F & Co, bottlers, cor Harrison and 

Hall Samantha S, milliner, 34 W Main. 

Haller Gottlieb, meat market, 366 Cal- 

Hamilton Frank W, photographer, 4 E 

Hamilton National Bank (The) ; capital, 
$200,000; Charles McCullough, prest ; 
John Mohr, cashr ; 44 Calhoun. 

Hamilton & Co, coffees and spices, 30 Clin- 

Hammill Harry, saloon, 6 E Columbia. 

Hanks J M & Co, boots and shoes, 18 Cal- 

Harding Daniel L, justice and insurance, 
P O building. 

Harmon House, Daniel Harmon, propr, 
2S2 Calhoun. 

Harmon Samuel W, restaurant, 278 Cal- 

Harnung John G, saloon, 69 Harrison. 

Harper & Bowers, hats, etc, 36 Calhoun. 

Plarries John & Co, hardware, 126 Calhoun. 

Harris L P, physician, 13 W Jefferson. 

Harter & Son, blacksmiths, 170 W Main. 

Hartman John H, grocer, 126 E Washing- 

Hartman S Brenton, dentist, 88 Calhoun. 

Hartman & Fleming, lawyers, 22 W Berry. 

Hartshorn Salem J, fruits, etc, 172 Calhoun. 

Hattersley A & Son, plumbers, 48 E Main. 

Hayden Fred J, real estate, 68 Barr. 

Hayden John W, lawyer. County Bldg. 

Hays Charles A, real estate, P O building. 

Hays & Wilson, lawyers, P O building. 

Heaton Charles E, physician, 27 Calhoun. 

Heckler George, saloon, 44 W Main. 

Hedekin House, M ,J Lamb, propr, 25 Barr, 

Heilbroner L & Co, cigars, 10 W Berry. 

Heingartner Sibella, merchant tailor, 34 

Heiny Erhart J, saloon, 22 W Main. 

Helgeman Ernst, carpenter, cor Fairfield 
ave and Baker. 

Helling Frederick, ice, 18 W Washington. 

Helmke Edward, shoemaker, 214 Calhoun. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. GRAIN and PRO- 
VISIONS Bought and Sold ON MARGINS. 
125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 

BOULDERS BLOWN OUT '^^iTol'l^^^^S^'S^^^ 

C. H. JENNE, Agent, 2^ North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Helmkamp & Wellman, stair builders, cor 

Fairfield ave and Baker. 
Hench Samuel M, lawyer, 10 W Main. 
Henderson & Lavanway, flour and feed. 
Henry John W, shoemaker, cor Eailroad 

and Calhoun. 
Henschil Albert G, propr Kacine House, 

cor 1st and Cass- 
Henzel William, shoemaker, 110 AVells. 
Hernsdorfer George A, boots and shoes, 4 E 

Hetrick Jacob, physician, 54 Calhoun. 
Hey August A, beer bottler, 232 W Main. 
Hickman John W, carpet weaver, 43j E 

Hild Henry, painter, 149 W Main. 
Hill Charles L, music, 10 E Berry. 
Hillegass Jerry, county supt public schools, 

Foster block. 
Hilt Fred & Co, harness, 18^ E Columbia. 
Himmerle Xavier, saloon, 19 W Columbia. 
Hinman Harvey F, carpenter, 138 Broad- 

Hinman Ida M Miss, dressmaker, 138 

Hitzemann Henry, grocer, 89 Harmer. 
H:oag:land&Tresselt, Flour Mill, 

cor Clinton and Water, Millers and 

Wholesale Dealers in All Kinds of Grain. 
Hoch William, saloon, 313 Lafayette. 
Hoemig Charles, barber, 28 Wells. 
Hoflman Bros, lumber manufacturers, 200 

W Main. 
Hoflrtnan Charles A, Auditor Ft 

W C & L R K, 1st, nr Cass. 
Hoft'man Charles A, cider and vinegar, 185 

Hoffman Daniel, painter, cor Fairfield ave 

and Baker. 
Hoflman J E & Co, manufacturers band 

saw mills, 200 W Main. 
Hollenbeck William, saloon, 135 Calhoun. 
Holiuan Benton M, Newspaper 

Adv Agt, 4 Foster Block. {See adv.) 
Home for the Friendless, 144 Pritchard. 
Hood & Son, meat market, 100 Barr. 

M. GLINN, Prop'r 


De Horse, 

= 53 E. Maiu St., FORT WAYNE, IXD. 



F. L. Jones & Co., Proprietors. 


Hverytliins: First-Class. Special Quotations made to I^ocal Ageiits. 
Correspoiideuce Solicited. Xraveliiigr Men's "Work a Specialty. 

Office and Works at 60 Pearl Street. 



Good RisTS al-ways on band to serve 
the public. 


TTTOR W C^l B Ta'P optician and watchmaker, 93 North PennsjlTania Street, 
^''^V^*^* iJ».» ^-'J^.fl^X-X-, New-Denison Hotel Block, Indianapolis, Ind. 

I make a specialty of WATCHES AND OPTICAL GOODS, aud have a full line. Having over thirty 
years experience, can assure satisfactory results in adjustment and repairs. 

LJAmn I if ft I HP Pft With $5,000,000 ofAssets, has not one dollar of interest 
nOlTlu Lllu inSi uUi due and uncollected. For agencies Direct with Comp'ny, 

Apply to E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't., Chicago, III. 





Hoosier Manufacturing Company, manu- 
facturers overalls and jeans pants, 28 E 

Hormiing J George, sivloon, 69 Harrison. 

Horstmever Henry, saloon, 2 Fairfield are. 

Houser John A, agricultural implements, 
14 W Columbia. 

Hover James V. photographer, (30 Calhoun. 

Howe Machine Company, William McMil- 
lan, manager, 170 Calhoun. 

Huelf Nicholas, brushmaker, SSBroadvray. 

Huestis & Hamilton, wholesale grocers, 23 
and 25 E Columbia. 

Hughes Joseph & Co, linseed oil mill, cor 
Canal and Calhoun. 

Hugflies & Humphreys, Slate 
Koofers, Miners, and Dealers in all Kinds 
of Slate, 220 Calhoun. (See adv.) 

Hull Lewis O, wall paper, etc, 90 Calhoun. 

Hull Sylvester W, painter, 39 E Main. 

Hull Wesley, oil crayon pencils, 68 E Co- 

Hunt Thomas, saloon, n end Spy Eun ave. 

Huser Louis P, shoemaker, 17S| Broadway. 

HuxoU August, grocer, 90 Barr. 

Indiana Mutual Aid Associa- 
tion, F D Martin, Prest ; H M Harp- 
ster, Sec ; Cyrus Denman, Treas ; .Joel 
Forbes, Attv ; L K Harpster, Yice-prest; 
F D Martin, Medical Director; H C 
Heath, Supt of Agts, 54 Calhoun. 

Indiana Staats-Zeitung, Staats-Zeitung 
Company, publishers, 37 E Columbia. 

Irwin George B, millinery, IS W Berry. 

Israel Henry, horseshoer, 116 W Main. 

Jacobs Charles "NV, baker, 62 E Main. 

Jacobs M N & Co, hides, pelts, etc, 87 and 
89 E Columbia. 

Jacobs W & Son, boots and shoes, 17 Co- 

.Jacoby & Wiegand, planing mill, cor Vir- 
ginia and Monroe. 

Jaeger August, carpet weaver, 18 W^ Co- 

Jahr Frank B, barber, 189 Lafayette. 

Jenkinson Joseph J, lawyer, 33 Calhoun. 

Jenne C R, Agt for Hercules Powder 
Company, for Stump Blasting, 88 Barr. 
(.See adv.) 

Jinks & Kice, cigars and tobacco, 252 Cal- 

Jocquel John J, books, 168 Calhoun. 

Johns A S & Son, harness, 69 E Main. 

Johns Louis B, carriage manufacturer, cor 
Main and Barj;. 

Jones F L, & Co, Troy Steam Laun- 
dry, 50 Pearl. (Stx adv.) 

Jones George W, real estate, 52J Calhoun. 

Jones Levi M. real estate, 26 Court. 

Jones Maurice L, photographer, 44 Cal- 

Jourdain Celestain, grocer, 98 Maumeeave. 

Journal Co, proprs Journal, 20 E Berry. 

Kaag: & Bro, Wholesale and Ketail 
China, Glass and Queensware, 5 E Co- 
lumbia. [See adv.) 

Kahnlien Henry, barber, 134J Broadway. 

Kalbacher Anton, flour mill, 65 E Colum- 

Kalbacher A Co, flour and feed, 288 Cal- 

Kane James M & Bro, notions, 19 Calhoun. 

Kariger George, second hand goods, 43 E 

Katt A C & Co, books, 12 W' Berry. 

Keegan & Muldoon, hats and caps, 66 Cal- 

Keefer & Roth, marble works, 94 W Main. 

Keel Aurora C, books and millinery, 137 
and 139 Broadway. 

Keg^elmann Julius, Mattress Man- 
ufacturer, cor E W^ayne and W^altou 
ave. [See adv.) 

Keil Frederick W, postmaster, Court, bet 
Berry and Main. 

Keil & Bros, books and proprs Gazette, 1& 

Keintz John, saloon, 310 Lafayette. 

Keinz Philip, saloon, 307 Lafayette. 

Keith Robert F, General Supt Ft 
Wayne Organ Company. 

Keller Charles C, Propr Empire 
File Works, 20 W Main. {See adv.) 

Keller Medicine Company, 54 W^ Main, 

Keller & Brunner, marble works, cor Main 
and Griffith 

Kelley John B, saloon, 72 E Columbia. 

Kelley Michael M, saloon, 250 Calhoun. 

Kelsey James T, meat market, 22 Harrison. 

Kerr Murray Manufacturing Company, 
foundry, 291 Calhoun. 

Kerr William J, lawyer, cor Calhoun and 

Kestel "Peter P, music, 133 Calhoun. 

Kimball Benjamin H, confectioner, 139 

King Jonathan T, harness, 43i E Columbia. 

Kinsey Jacob J, barber, 276 Calhoun. 

Kiser Peter, general store, 25 Calhoun. 

Klett Jacob, lumber, cor Pearl and Ewing. 

Kline Jacob, grocer, 30 E Columbia. 

Klotz Daniel, grocer, cor Calhoun and 

King Gregor, shoemaker, 204 Hanna. 

Knapp I & Son, dentists, 36 E Berry. 

Koch John B, grocer, 122 E W^ashington. 

Koch John W, tailor, 119 Lafayette. 

Koch Margaret Mrs, millinery, 76 Barr. 

Kocher .John, hotel, 3 and 5 Railroad. 

Koegel Christian, saloon, 173 Broadway. 

Kohn Charles, meat market, 42 Maumee 

Korn August, grocer, 194 Broadway. 

Korn John, meat market, 134 Fairfield ave. 

HratzHch Herman, notions, 86 Calhoun. 


! Hickory, Oak and Ash Logs and Lumber delivered on line of any 
Railroad, bv O. 8. GIl,l,ETTE, 
28 and SO East Georgia St., Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., page 6. 


-Mauiifacturers of- 




Self-Loading and Self-Dumping Scraper. 



To Road Superintendents . Address for Particulars, 

S. Pennock & Sons Co., ^ 


















^Maniifactiiri'r of and Dealer in: 



Sole Manufncturer of the 


Wigs and Toopees. 

114 G^.LiaiOTJlNr STK.EET. 



■ ■ ■ ■* ■■ ■ ■ ^^ D I S. E. Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 





Krieger Jerome, Importer and 
"Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Human 
Hair and Hair Goods, 114^ Calhoun. 

[See adv.) 

Krull Lena & Maggie, milliners, 268 E 

Kruse Charles, tailor, lOi Harrison. 

Kuhne & White, abstracts, 19 Court. 

Kunkle Erastus B, manufacturer safety 
valves, 95 Barr. 

Kuntz George H, harness, 11 Harrison. 

Kuntz & Co, meat market, 68 Wells. 

I^adle Max G, Sportsman's Emporium, 
Gunsmith, Metal Engraving and Stencil 
Cutting, 58 E Main. {See adv.) 

Laemmle David, pottery, 284 W Main. 

Lam Chuen, laundry, 131 Calhoun. 

Lamb Martha J, propr Hedekin House, 25 

Langard Joseph, grocer, 70 E Columbia. 

Langohr Andrew J, baker, 142 Broadway. 

Lauferty Ales S & Co, clothing, 9 E Main. 

Lauferty Isaac, banker, 69 Calhoun. 

Law Charles D, supt Western Div P, Ft AV 
& C R'yj Clinton, cor Railroad. 

Lizzarini Amadeo, saloon, 74 E Columbia. 

Leeser Charles, shoemaker, 189 Broadway. 

Leffler Otto, druggist, 66 W Jefferson. 

Leichner Charles, saloon, 26 E Columbia. 

Leichner John, saloon, cor Calhoun and 

Leifels Joseph J, saloon, 86 Barr. 

Leikauf John, meat market, 94 Barr. 

Leonard Park M, physician, 305 W Wash- 

Leonard William, gunsmith, 71 W Water. 

Lewis Bayless A, dyer, 59 Water. 

Leykauf Nicholas, grocer, 209 Broadway. 

Lichtsinn William, grocer, 94i Barr. 

Liebenguth Charles, saloon, 26 E Colum- 

Liggett Bros, livery, 5 N Harrison. 

Lillie & Shoemaker, lime, sewer pipe, etc, 
1 N Calhoun. 

Limecooley & Gerding, grocers, 108 Cal- 

Lindemann William E, saloon, 24 E Berry. 

Lindley William H, saloon, 31 Calhoun. 

Linker Henry E, meat market, 246 Cal- 

Lipes & IJVhitelea tiler's 
Business College and Institute 
of Penmanship, Foster Block. 

Loag George W, dentist, 2 E Columbia. 

Loesch George H, druggist, 96 Barr. 

Logan William L, blacksmith, 3 W Lewis. 

Long George W, restaurant, 31 W Colum- 

Long Henry F, feed stable, 22 N Calhoun, 
Lordier August, saloon, 20 Clinton. 
Lordier Philip, saloon, 138 Calhoun. 

Lowry Robert, judge superior court, cor 
Main and Court. 

Luegring Anthony, tinware, 79 E Wash- 

Lumbard Sidney C, insurance, 36 Calhoun. 

Lunt George W, business manager daily 
and weekly Gazette, 25 W Main. 

Lynn Prince A, agt Star, Union and Nation 
Lines, 93 Calhoun. 

McCaskey George W, physician, 54 Cal- 

McClure A & Bro, Proprs Commer- 
cial Hotel, 210 and 212 Calhoun. 

McConnell, Becker & Meyer Misses, mil- 
linery, 30 W Main. 

McConnell William J, physician, 54 Cal- 

McCracken James K, freight and ticket 
agt P, Ft W & C and G R & I R'ys, cor 
Clinton and Railroad. 

McCullough G W, dentist, 28 Calhoun. 

McCullough Howard, physician, 180 Har- 

McCullough Thomas P, physician, 180 Har- 

McElfatrick & Brindel, dressmakers, 104 

McKinley Perry, feed stable, 64 E Water. 

McKinney House, P, Ft W & C depot. 

McLachlan & Bowen, plumbers, 110 Cal- 

McManus Silas B, publisher Ft Wayne 
Herald, 13 E Main. 

McMillan William, manager Howe Ma- 
chine Company, 170 Calhoun. 

McNulty William H, shoemaker, 127 Fair- 
field ave. 

Mahln Louis, dancing academy, 27 Cal- 

Maier Willis D, county clerk. Court House. 

Mannix Thomas, shoemaker, 231 Calhoun. 

Mannock Edward, saloon, 96 Broadway. 

Mannweiler Martin, barber, 137 Fairfield 

Mariotte Horace, second hand goods, 13 W 



Markey Edd J, florist, 117 W Jeff■erso^. 
Martz Christian, physician, 25 W Washing- 

Maroney H & Co, horseshoers, 88 E Colum- 

Mayer'August,3shoemaker, 117 E Lewis. 
Ma yerjCharlesjF, physician , 105 Barr. 

MayerJGeorge J E, Propr Mayer 
House,fs e cor Wayne and Calhoun. {See 

Mayer House, George J E Mayer, 
Propr, s e cor Wayne and Calhoun. {See 

Mayer Jacob, saloon, 6 Force. 

Mayer Joseph M, pictures, 142 Calhoun. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

Was the first to issue Non-Forfeitable Policies. 
No suicidal clause or objectionable restrictions 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, i^S^l^l^iHl: 

Bread and Crackers of the Best Quality, (14 East South Street 







Medical College of Fort 
^''ayne ; Hugh D Wood, A M, M D, 
Dean ; Miles F Porter, A M, M D, Sec ; 
Hiram Y Sweringen, M D, Eegistrar ; 
Board of Trustees ^Thomas J Dills, Prest ; 
A P Buchanan, Sec; Hugh D Wood, 
Treas ; Hiram Y Sweringen, M D ; J L 
Gilbert, M D ; cor Broadway and Jefler- 
son. {See adv.) 

Melching Albert W, harness, etc., 20 N 

Mellen Bros, boots and shoes, 12 E Colum- 

Merchants Despatch, 87 Calhoun. 

Mergel Eeinhard, cigars and tobacco, 35 

Mergentheim A & Co, notions, 60 J Calhoun. 

Metcalf Samuel C, physician, cor Columbia 
. and Calhoun. 

Mever Bros & Co, druggists, 14 Calhoun 
and 9 W Columbia. 

Mever Ernst, saloon, 213 Lafayette. 

Mever Frank H, blacksmith, 10 N Cal- 

Meyer Fritz C, barber, 79 Calhoun. 

Mever William D, grocer, 227 Layfayette. 

Michael Herman, barber, 12 AV Main. 

Milfight & Smenner, saloon, 28 Columbia. 

Miller Charles H, gunsmith, 24 W Main. 

Miller Christian, grocer and saloon, 59 

Miller C H & Son, shooting gallery, 34 

Miller Frederick J, druggist, 324 Lafay- 

Miller John J, furniture repairer, rear 417 
E AVayne. 

Miller John M, furniture manufacturer, 52 
E Main. 

Miller Joseph A, propr Union House, 49 
W Main. 

Miller Kendrick B, grocer, 102 Broadway. 

Miller Martin H, news stand, postoffice. 

Miller Nathaniel C, lawyer, 13 EMain. 

Miller AVilliam H, grocer, 25 W Columbia. 

Miller & Moritz, props Aveline House, cor 
Calhoun and Berry. 

Miner Byum D, real estate, 91 W Main, 

Mitchel James, publisher Dispatch, 20 E 

Moderwell & Clayton, coal and wood, Wells 
n of Water. 

Moderwell & Studor, carpets, 26 E Berry. 

Moellering W^illiam L, druggist, 113 E 

Moellering William & Son, grocers, 215 La- 

Moellering & Paul, contractors, 55 Murray. 

Mohr Lewis, sewing machines, 64 E Col- 

Mommer Joseph jr, county recorder, court 

Monning Henry, real estate, 35 E Main. 

Momiing J B & Co, coffees and spices, 73 E 

Mordhurst Henry W, druggist, 66 Calhoun. 
Morgfan & Beacll, Jobbers of Hard- 
ware, Cutlery, Tools, etc, 19 and 21 E 
Morganthaler P & Co, clothing, 5 E Main 
and 33 Calhoun. 

Morse Joseph C, agt South Shore, E & P D 
andG W Despatch lines, 4 Aveline House 

Motsch Fred, saloon, 28 W Main. 

Motz George, merchant tailor, 10 Harrison. 

Muehlfeith John, tailor, 38 AVells. 

Muhler Charles F, cornices, 20 E Columbia. 

Muhler George L & Co, commission mer- 
chants, 4 E Columbia. 

Muirhead Alex & Co, coal and wood, 213 

Muirhead Robina Mrs, milliner, 201 Cal- 

Mull John H, restaurant, 16 W Main. 

Mull's European H0tel, George Mull, propr, 
42. AV Main. 

Myers AVilliam H, contractor, 100 Fairfield 

Myers AVilliam H, physician, 157 AA^ 

Nathan -Charles & Co, wholesale liquors, 8 

Nathan Julius & Co, wholesale liquors, 16 
and 18 AV Columbia. _ 

National Accident Association of Ft AVayne, 
John AV Hayden, prest ; Henry H Boss- 
ier, general manager, cor Main and Cal- 

National Line, 93 Calhoun. 

Neireiter Casper P, horse collar manufac- 
turer, 152 AV Main. 

Nestel Adolph, shoemaker, 113 E Lewis. 

Nestel Daniel, dry goods, 130 Broadway. 

Nestel Edward, painter, 115 E Lewis. 

Neuenschwander Isaac M, saloon, 46 E Co- 

New York, Chicago & St Louis Eailway, 
office cor Calhoun and Columbia. 

Newcomer Christian, saloon, 284 Calhoun. 

Nick Joseph, saloon, 144 Broadway. 

Niebergall Henry, baker and grocer, 201 E 

Nieman Theodore, grocer, 274 E Washing- 

Niemann & Dammeier, grocers, 148 Cal- 

Nies Adam, painter, cor Calhoun and 

Nieter Herman, saloon, 267 E AVayne. 

Ninde & Ellison, lawvers, 16 AV Main. 

Noll B R & Co, druggists, 128 Broadway. 

Noll M & Son, boots- and shoes, 22 Clinton. 

Noll Upton, meat market, 125 Fairfield ave. 

Noll & Golden, millinery, 14 W Berry. 

WII riADD K T fV ATTOBJfEY AT LAW, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. (48 Vance Block), Collects 
. n. IjUrirjAljrj I . '^^riginal Pensions, Increase Pensions, Pay, Bounty, Land Warrants, 
I Ail \j\jA.t.uii.±j±j M. J jiQj^g Claims, etc. Special attention given to Rejected Claims. Special 
arrangements made with Claim Agents going out of the business, or Attorneys sending me business. 

Idical College of Ft Wayne 


luSXABLISHED 18"76.; 

A. P. 
H. D 
J. L. 
II. V, 


DILLS, M. D President 

BUCHMAN, M. D Secretary 

WOOD, A. M. M. D Treasurer 


SWERINGEN ..'. m' d 

Officers of Faculty. 

H. D. WOOD, A. M. M. D 


H. V. SWERIxNGEN, M. D ■■" 



-Chas. PArE, Pres'tv 

^W. J. Eckels, Sec'j-.- 


,v_ v^ >''f '*'(iiiri I'l 


f-<S=?Man>ifacturers of 




LAGER BEER, ALE and PORTER. In Casks and 
Bottles. Chicago Office, corner Market and Randolph Streets. 
T. D. STUVER, Sole Agent. See Advertisement page 351. 





Xolton X J & Co, Hardware aud 
Cutlery, 22 Calhoun. 

Nussmann John, boots and shoes, 68 E 

O'Brien Dennis, street commissioner, City 

O'Rourke Patrick S, supt Southern Div G 
R & I R'y, Clinton and Railroad. 

O'Rourke, Miller & Co, soap works, 6 and 8 
Glasgow ave. 

O'Rourke, William S, lawyer, 62 Calhoun. 

Oetting William, grocer, 362 Calhoun. 

Ofenloch Valentine, grocer, 30 Force. 

Ogden Robert, plumber, 112 Calhoun. 

Olds CL, & Co, Founders and Ma- 
chinists, Water, bet Calhoun and Harri- 

Olds Henry G, Prest Olds Wagon 
Works, and Vice-prest Jenney Electric 
Light Company, Murray. 

Olds N G & Sons', Manufacturers 
Patent wheels, Wabash R'y and Lafay- 

Olds "Wagon "Works, Capital, 
$200,000 ; Henry G Olds, Prest ; William 
Johnston jr. Sec ; Chas H McCuUoch, ' 
Treas, Murray. 

Oliver House, Lewis Clark, propr, cor Col- 
umbia and Lafayette. 

Omnibus, Hack and Bas:g:as:e 
I^ine, Powers &Barnett, Proprs, 18 and 
20 E Wayne. 

Oppenheimer Frederick, hides, 67 E Colum- 

OrfF John, flour mill, foot of Main. 

Ortlieb George, saloon, 76 Calhoun. 

Ortmann Henry W, cigar manufacturer, 26 

Owen, Pixley & Co, clothers, 15 and 17 

Pacific Express Company, 28 E Main. 

Page, Taylor & Co, publishers News, 19 E 

Paulus &Kaough, agricultural implements, 
58 E Columbia. 

Peltier & Meegan, undertakers, 17 W 

Pennock Frederick M, Manager 
Western Branch Office S Pennock & Son's 
Co, 358 Calhoun. (See adi\) 

Pennock S & Son's Company, 
Manufacturers of Pennock's Patent Road 
Machine, and the "Matchless" Self 
Loading and Self Dumping Scraper ; 
Manufactory, Kennett Square, Pennsyl- 
vania; Western Branch, 358 Calhoun. (See 

' adv.) 

Perrin Ashley C, livery, 62 E Wayne. 

Perry Oscar L, Manager Western Union 
Telegraph Company, Aveline House. 

Peters Box and Lrumber Co^ 
The; Capital, $55,000; Charles Pape, 
Prest; W J Eckles^Sec; Manufacturers 

of Band Sawed Lumber, Furniture, and 

Cottonwood Tobacco Pails; 78 to 103 

High ; Furniture Warerooms, 19 W Main. 

{See adv.) 
Peters John C, saw mill, cor Osage and Ca- 
Peters Simon, barber, 24 Barr. 
Pfeiderer Jacob, meats, 199 E Washington. 
Pfeiffer & Schlatter, Dealers in 

Hardware, Nails, Glass aud Agricultural 

Implements, 47 E Columbia. 
Phelps Calvin B, Propr Phelps 

House, 233 and 235 Calhoun. 
Phelps House, Calvin B Pheljis, 

Propr, 233 and 235 Calhoun. 
Philley Eli S, agt Ft W, C & L R'y and F 

W & Jackson R'y, cor 1st and Harrison. 
Philley Milton, S, lawyer. 20 E Berry. 
Phillips & McCain, billiards, rear 20 W 

Pickard T R & Sons, stove manufacturers, 

29 E Columbia. 
Pierr Peter, dry goods, 168 Broadway. 
Pietz J Ferdinand, jeweler, 82 Calhoun. 
Pipenbrink Conrad D, boots and shoes, 36 

E Columbia. 
Pisano Martin, shoemaker, 116 Fulton. 
Porter Charles D, druggist, 108 Fairfield 

Porter Miles J, A M, M D, Physician, 

and Sec of Medical College of Ft Wayne, 

106 Fairfield ave. 
Potter Phillip L, real estate, P O building. 
Po-wers & Barnett, Bus, Hack and 

Baggage Line, 18 and 20 E Wayne. 
Poyneer George W, physician, 86 Calhoun. 
Pratt William T, justice, 12 W Berry. 
Prescott Bros & Co, wholesale hardware, 33 

and 35 E Columbia. 
Prince Isaac, saloon, 11 W Columbia. 
Proegler Carl, physician, 66 Calhoun. 
Purman Algernon A, lawyer, 66 Calhoun. 
Pyke William H, grocer, 94 Calhoun. 
Quinn Mary Miss, notions, 136 Fairfield 

Raab Christina Mrs, milliner, 175 E W^ash- 

Raab John, grocer, 18 E Columbia. 
Rabus John sr, merchant tailor, 16 W 

Racine Aime, horse collar manufacturer, 

cor 1st and Cass. 
Racine Fz-ederick L, horse collar manufac- 
turer, 36 N Cass. 
Racine House, Albert G Henchil, propr, 

cor 1st and Cass. 
Racine & Co, saloon, 14 E Columbia. 
Radahaug^h Hannah A Mrs, 

Millinery, 11 E Columbia. 
Rambo Benjamin W, jeweler, 98 Calhoun. 
Randall Franklin P Iton^ At- 

tornev-at-Law, Insurance and Real Es- 
tate, 26 Clinton. 



16 and 18 Hubbard Block, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 

I|«#^B| nA#%f"|l|#|r For corrusrated ana crimpea, A.aares8 
RON ROOFINGl W. G. HYNDMAN & CO., CiDcmDati, Ohio. 




Eandall Thomas, agt Merchants' Despatch, 
87 Calhouu. 

Eandall & Vesev, lawyers, 5 and 6 Foster 

Eanke, Yergens & Co, stave manufacturers, 
Water, bet Ewing and Gritlith. 

Eaquet Christian, gunsmith, 24 W Main. 

Hea George N, physician, 292 Hanna. 

Read Henry A^ Veterinary Surgeon, 
and Livery Stable, 66 Harrison. 

Reading George, saloon, 26 Wells. 

Eedelsheimer D S & Co, clothing, 20 Cal- 

Eeed Asahel J, livery, 18 W Wayne. 

Reed "WW & Co, Proprs Eobinson 
House, cor Harrison and Columbia. {See 

Eeese Charles, grocer, 70 Barr. 

Eehneu Bernard, saloon, 18 Harrison. 

Eeichard Ferdinand, cigar manufacturer, 
31 Calhouu. 

Eeiling August, locksmith, 66 Pearl. 

Eeinewald Bros, painters, 361 Calhoun. 

Eeinewald Eudolph C, cigar manufacturer, 
330 S Harrison. 

Eeinkensmeier Chris, grocer, 141 Broad- 

Eeiter George, cigar manufacturer, 30 Cal- 

Eekers Gerhard, grocer,116 W Washington. 

Eeuter Louis, physician, 68 E Main. 

Ehinesmith & Simonson, planing mill, cor 
Wabash E'y and Lafayette. 

Eich Edwin, meat market, 17 W Berry. 

Eidley Daniel, barber, 52 Barr. 

Eidley John, barber, 32 E Columbia. 

Eiedley Anton, saloon, 185 Fairfield ave. 

Eiedmiller John M, beer bottler, Taylor 
W of Broadway. 

Eieke Henry, wagonmaker, 116 W Main. 

Eiethmiller August, grocer, 354 Broadway. 

Eeithmiller George, grocer, cor BroJ^dway 
and Taylor. 

Eippe & Son, livery, 90 Broadway. 

Eoab John, grocer, 18 E Columbia. 

Robbe & Scherer, Dealers in and 
Manufacturers of Mineral and Seltzer 
Waters, Ginger Ale and Eoot Beer, 29 
and 31 Barr. (See adv.) 

Eobertson & Harper, lawyers, 52 Calhoun. 

Robinson House, W W Eeed & Co, 
Proprs, cor Harrison and Columbia. (<See 
adv. } 

Rockhill Wright W, city clerk. City Hall. 

Eodabaugh John F, lawyer, 60 Calhoun. 

lioesener Frederick, wagonmaker, cor 
Broadway and Taylor. 

Rogers Ivewis & Co, carriage goods, 31 E 

Rogge Ernst, pool table, 127 Main. 

Rohs, Eme & Reinking, dry goods, 13 E Co- 

Root & Co, Wholesale and Retail Dry- 
Goods, Carpets and Notions, 46 and 48 

Rosenberger Charles, saloon, 104 Calhourk, 
and cooper, 76 Mary. 

Rosenthal Isaac N, physician, 54 Calhoun. 

Boss George, physician, 15 E Washington. 

Eothschild & Bro, clothing, 7 E Columbia. 

Rowe Nicholas B, meat market, 256 Cal- 

Rowe William, confectioner, 19 W Wayne. 

Rudolph & Roleder, harness, 38 Clinton. 

Ruppel John, grocer, 268 E Wayne. 

Ryan Daniel, justice, 22 E Berry. 

St Augustine's Academy, cor Jefiferson and 

St Joseph Hospital, cor Main and Broad- 

Sallier Francis, grocer, 66 E Columbia. 

Salinger Bros, clothing, 17 E Main. 

Salzmann William, photographer, 150 Cal- 

Sauser Louis, jeweler, 223 Calhoun. 

Sawyer Sarah M, dressmaker, 24 Clinton. 

Scarlet Chester, justice, 13 E Main. 

Schalk John, saloon, 168 W Main. 

Schalk Mathias, saloon, 52 W Main. 

Schauk Louis, saloon, 62 E Columbia. 

Scharf Charles A, tinner, 195 Lafayette. 

Schefter John & Co, grocers, 13 Grand. 

Scberzinger Oerson, Propr Cus- 
ter House, 16 and 18 W Main. 

Scheumann & Schoppmann, undertakers, 
39 W Main. 

Schiefer George F W, flour mill, 242 E 

Schiefer C & Son, boots and shoes, 8 E Co- 

Schiemer Frank & Co, saloon, 264 Calhoun. 

Schild Jesse S, plater, cor Clinton and Main. 

Schilling Mary B, milliner, 31 E Main. 

Schmidt J W & Son, merchant tailors, 70 
E Main. 

Schmuckle Frederick, saloon, 123 Calhoun, 

Schneider Bernard H, shoemaker, 188 Cal- 

Schneider William, school books, 146 Cal- 

Schnoesenberg Andrew, saloon, 41 E Main. 

Schoch August F, tailor, 43 W Main. 

Schoenlein Charles B, tailor, 47 W Main. 

Schoppman William, saloon, 209 Hanna. 

Schott George J, druggist, 120 Barr. 

Schrader Henry C, insurance, 22 W Berry. 

Schroeder Bros, druggists, 244 Calhoun. 

Schroeder Gottfried, tailor, 129 Main. 

Schroeder Louis C, saloon, 27 W Columbia. 

Schulz Peter, saloon, 45 E Main. 

Schutt Louis C, physician, 294 Calhoun. 

Schwartz, Louis, blacksmith, 84 Barr. 

Schwieters Herman, baker, 41 E Columbia. 

Scott John A, Flour, Feed, Hay and 
(irain, 45 E Columbia. 

James B.Lizius& Co 



I 18}4 Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, InJ. 


S^-The Celebrated "Silrer 
Steel" Circular and Cross- 
cut Saws. 





Seabold John, grocer, 202 Broadway. 

Seaton John, occulisl and aurist, cor Colum- 
bia and Calhoun. 

Seemeyer Gottlieb, merchant tailor, 134 

Seidel Ed & Son, bakers, 52J Calhoun. 

Senker Herman, saloon, cor Calhoun and 

Standard Oil Company, John Gilbert, agt, 
cor Calhoun and Main. 

Stanley & Bieber, carriage manufacturers, 
106 W Main. 

Stapleford Lucien P, auction and commis- 
sion, cor Lafayette and Columbia. 

Stapleford & Co. auction and commission 



Mineral Water, Seltzer Waters, 

&m§@p Ale mmM M&Bi Be@Fi; 

Nos. 29 and 31 Barr St., FORT l^AYNE, IND. 

field ave. 

Spice J & Son, Proprs Ft Wayne 
Pump Works, 48 W Main. 

Spiegel Ernst, grocer, 183 Broadway. 

Spiegel Gustav, boots and shoes, 132 Broad- 

Staats-Zeitung Company, publishers Indi- 
ana Staats-Zeitung, 37 E Columbia. 

Struver William, grocer, 16 E Main. 
Summers James, saloon, 262 Calhoun. 
Sunday Morning Mail, W J Fowler, 13 E 

Swaidner Jacob W, hotel, 76 E Columbia. 
Swayne Samuel F, lawyer, 44 Calhoun. 
Sweet Samuel B, ticket agt W, St L & P 

E'y, cor Calhoun and Railroad. 



\ 188 South Meridian St., 


in All nnAnim r ^**^ cormgatea ana crimpea, A.aaress 

IRON KOOFINGl W. G. HYNDMAN & CO., Cincinnati, Oliio. 




Eandall Thomas, agt Merchants' Despatch, 

87 Calhoun. 
Kandall & Vesev, hvwvers, 5 and 6 Foster 

Eanke, Yergens & Co, stave manufacturers, 

"Water, bet Ewing and Griflith. 
Kaijuet Christian, gunsmith, 24 W Main. 

Root & Co, Wholesale and Eetail Dry 
Goods, Carpets and Notions, 46 and 48 

Rosenberger Charles, saloon, 104 Calhoun, 
and cooper, 76 Mary. 

Rosenthal Isaac N, physician, 54 Calhoun. 

Koss George, physician, 15 E Washington. 

K^jdabaughJohn F, 'lawyer, 60 Calhoun. 

li^> Frederick, wagonmaker, cor 
Broadway and Taylor. 

lifjgers Ivcwis & Co, carriage goods, 31 E 
Col miopia. 

Plogge Ernst, pool table, 127 Main. 

Kohs, Eme & Reinking, dry goods, 13 E Co- 

Schroeder Gottfried, tailor, 129 Main. 
Schroeder Louis C, saloon, 27 W Columbia. 
Schuiz Peter, saloon, 45 E Main. 
Schutt Louis C, physician, 294 Calhoun. 
Schwartz, Louis, blacksmith, 84 Barr. 
Scliwieters Herman, l)aker, 41 E Columbia. 
Scott John A, Flour, Feed, Hay and 
Grain, 45 E Columbia. 

James B. Lizius & Co, 



183^ Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, InJi 



g^^-The Celebrated "Silver 
Steel" Circular and Cross- 
cut Saws. 






Seabold John, grocer, 202 Broadway. 

Seaton John,occulist and aurist, cor Colum- 
bia and Calhoun. 

Seemeyer Gottlieb, merchant tailor, 134 

Seidel Ed & Son, bakers, 52i Calhoun. 

Senker Herman, saloon, cor Calhoun and 

Seybold Charles F, painter, 46 W Main. 

Shaffer George, grocer, 169 Broadway. 

Sharp John, harness, 7 E Water. 

Shaw David J, meat market, 270 Hanna. 

Shea Cornelius, saloon, 82 Fairfield ave. 

Sheldon Charles H, bleacher, 57 Clinton. 

Shidel Charles, barber, 87 Calhoun. 

Shilling Mary B Miss, millinery, 31 E 

ShoafF John A, photographer, 23 W Berry. 

ShoafT Samuel H, harness and trunks, 12 
W Columbia. 

Shordan Daniel, agricultural implements, 
63 E Columbia. 

Shryock William W, dentist, 21 W Berry. 

Shuman Erastus, furniture, 71 E Main. 

Shunk Charles M, druggist, 207 E Jeffer- 

Shurick John S, cooper, Wallace nr Wa- 
bash depot. 

Siemon & Bro, books, 50 Calhoun. 

Sinclair & Hanna, lawyers, 5 W Main. 

Singer Manufacturing Company, H C East- 
wood, manager, 73 Calhoun. 

Sites E Frank, dentist, 27 Calhoun. 

Sites Henry C, dentist, 82 Calhoun. 

Skelton Benjamin VV, grocers, 254 Cal- 

wSleet Benjamin, barber, 125 Calhoun. 

Smaltz Frank M, general store, 307 W 

Smick M M & W P, agricultural imple- 
ments, 14 W Columbia. 

Smith Andrew J, picture frames, 21 Grand. 

Smith Cornelius S, physician, 38 Douglass 

Smith Egan H, taxidermist, 18 W Colum- 

Soliday & Archer, furniture, 63 E Main. 

Sommer Carl, photographer, 30 Calhoun, 

Sorg Joseph, restaurant, 61 E Main. 

South Shore Line, 4 Aveline House Block. 

Sovine Samuel H, blacksmith. High, nr 

Spencer Martin V B, lawyer, 33 Calhoun. 

Spereisen J Alex, wagonmaker, 163 Fair- 
field ave. 

Spice J & Son, Proprs Ft Wayne 
Pump Works, 48 W Main. 

Spiegel Ernst, grocer, 183 Broadway. 

Spiegel Gustav, boots and shoes, 132 Broad- 

Staats-Zeitung Company, publishers Indi- 
ana Staats-Zeitung, 37 E Columbia. 

Standard Oil Company, John Gilbert, agt, 
cor Calhoun and Main. 

Stanley & Bieber, carriage manufacturers, 
106 W Main._ 

Stapleford Lucien P, auction and commis- 
sion, cor Lafayette and Columbia. 

Stapleford & Co, auction and commission, 
15. E Main. 

Star Union Line, 93 Calhoun. 

Starkey O L & Co, paints and painters, 70 

Staub Bros, stoves and tinware, 16 E Co- 

Stauffer & Hardung, merchant tailors, 128 

Steinbru«ck Otto & Co, druggists, 277 E 

Steinman Abraham J, confectioner, 152 

Steinman Jacob, carpenter, 314 Lafayette. 

Steirs C Mrs, millinery, 32 Clinton. 

Stellhorn Charles, shoemaker, 146 Calhoun, 

Stemen Christian B, physician, 54 Cal- 

Steptien H & Co, Manufacturer of 
Cooper's Truss Hoops, cor E Wayne and 

Steup & Son, agricultural implements. 

Stevens George 'W, Div Supt W 
St L & P E'y, cor Calhoun and Kailroad. 
(See adv). 

Stewart Hugh, collector, 12 W Berry. 

Stier Catharine Mrs, millinery, 32 Clinton. 

Stockbridge Nathaniel P, books and wall 
paper, etc, 15 E Columbia. 

Storm Joseph, wholesale hardware, Colum- 
bia, nr Calhoun. 

Stotz Ulrich, saloon, 21 E Main, 

Stouder Jacob H, Edsall House, cor Clin- 
ton and Water. 

Strasburg Christian, potash manufacturer, 
cor Canal and Lafayette. 

Stratton J Q & Bro, lawyers, 22 E Berry. 

Stratton Robert, lawyer, cor Main and Cal- 

Strauss A & Co, wholesale cigars, 16 W, 

Strodel Gust A, hotel and saloon, 132 Wells. 

Strodel John G, saloon, 54 E Main. 

Strong Henry, confectioney, 74 W Jeffer- 

Strope Dennis B, druggist, 286 Calhoun. 

Strunz Christian, grocer, 72 Barr. 

Struver William, grocer, 16 E Main. 

Summers James, saloon, 262 Calhoun. 

Sunday Morning Mail, W J Fowler, 13 E 

Swaidner Jacob W, hotel, 76 E Columbia, 

Swavne Samuel F, lawyer, 44 Calhoun, 

Sweet Samuel B, ticket agt W, St L & P 
R'y, cor Calhoun and Railroad. 



■{ 188 South Meridian St., 

UNION OYSTER CO. largest Oyster House in the World; Capital Unlimited. 

OF BAi^xiMORE, MD. Braiicli, 40 N. Illiuois St., Indianapolis, Ind. 





S"werin8:enHiraiu"V,M D, Keg- 
trar Medical College of Indiana, 197 W 

Swindell ct Lape, grocers, 123 Fairfield ave. 

Tag Henry J, cigar manufacturer, cor 
Clinton and Main. 

Tagtmever David, saw mill, cor Canal and 
Cass. ■ 

Tagtmever F & Son, boots and shoes, 17 

Tavlor Isaac N, pianos and organs, 91 Cal- 

Taylor John M, county treasurer, court 

Taylor Eobert S, lawyer, 34 E Berry. 

Thayer Frederick, physician, 176 Calhoun. 

Thiel Wlliam, wagonmaker, 157 W Main. 

Theime John A, grocer, 170 Broadway. 

Thieme J G & Bro, merchant tailors, 37 and 
39 E Columbia. 

Thieme Theodore F, druggist, 80 Calhoun. 

Thompson B S, stirrup manufacturer, Wa- 
bash R'y, w of Broadway. 

Thompson & Tonnellier, saloon, 274 Cal- 

Tigar Bros, printers, Postoffice building. 

Tinkham John P, wood and coal, cor Grif- 
fith and Pearl. 

Tolan T J & Son, iirchitects, cor Main and 

Tompkins Peleg G, restaurant, 270J Cal- 

Touey Patrick, saloon, 15 Grand. 

Traub Louis, harness, etc, 140 Broadway. 

Xremont House, Martin Didion, 
Propr, 15 and 17 W Columliia. {See adv.) 

Trenan George, architect, 160 W Main. 

Trenkley & Scherzinger, jewelers, 78 Cal- 

Trentman August C, wholesale grocer, 56 
and 58 Calhoun. 

Tresselt Herman, taxidermist, 18 Clinton. 

Trexler & Laubach, physicians, cor Wash- 
ington and Barr. 

Tritchler John P, saloon, 148 W Main. 

Xroy Steam L,aundry, F L Jones 
& Co, Proprs, 50 Pearl. {See adv.) 

Turner Levi, grocer, 24 Harrison. 

Tyler & Long, grocers, 108 Broadway. 

f mstead Hiram D, shoemaker, 287 Cal- 

Underbill George C, marl^le works, 74 and 
76 W Main. 

Union House, Joseph A Miller, propr, 49 
W Main. 

United States Express Company, 28 E 

Uplegger Louis, barber, 45 Wells. 

Upmeyer Herman H G, dry goods, 242 Cal- 

Vesev William J insurance, 5 and 6 Fos- 
ter blk. 

Virgil Thomas S, physician, 70 Harrison. 

Vizard Anthony, horseshoer, 17 Lafayette. 

Vogel Frank B, merchant tailor, 29 Cal- 

Vogely Andrew, blacksmith, Maumee road. 

Voirol Frank J, jeweler, 75i Calhoun. 

Voors John G, saloon, 119 W Jefferson. 

Vordermark E & Sons, boots and shoes, 32 

^Wabasb, St I^ouis & Pacific 
Rail^'ay, George W Stevens, Div 
Supt, Calhoun and Railroad. {See adv.) 

Wagner Henry G, druggist, 54 Calhoun. 

Wagner John T, saloon, 67 E Main. 

Wagner Rupert, saloon, 7 E Main. 

Waltemath Charles H, general store, Laf- 

Walter Frederick, pianomaker, 139 E Jeff- 

Walter Jacob, barber, 7 E Wayne. 

Walter John A, shoemaker, 19 W Berry, 

Walter Theresa Mrs, confectioner, 139 E 

Walters A R & Co, produce, 8 W Wayne. 

Waltschmidt Peter, cigar manufacturer, 
173 Broadway. 

Ward Horatio N, crockery, 8 W Columbia. 

Warner & Koegel, grocers, 171 Broadway. 

Wasserbach John, tailor, 40 Harrison. 

Waterhous Edward, blacksmith, 81 E 

Webber Milton L, saloon, 3 E Main. 

Weil Bros & Co, hides, pelts, etc, 85 E 
Columbia. , 

Weisell David D, dentist, 34 Calhoun. 

Weisenburger George, saloon, 299 W Main. 

Weitzmann Theobald F, merchant tailor, 
162 Calhoun. 

Welch & Baker, roofers, 190 Calhoun. 

Wells L B Mrs, milliner, 130 Calhoun. 

Welsh Patrick, blacksmith, 75 E Water. 

Welsheimer William T, loan agt, 40 Cal- 

Wenminghoff Chistopher, cigar manufac- 
turer, 144 Calhoun. 

Wessell John jr, saloon, 335 Lafayette. 

Westenfeld Conrad, saloon, 120 Calhoun, 

Western Union Telegraph Company, Oscar 
L Perry, manager, Aveline House. 

Wheeler N & Co, handle manufacturers, 161 
W Main. 

Wheelock Kent K, physician, cor Columbia 
and Calhoun. 

Whery William P, physician, 80 Calhoun. 

White James B, grocer, 9 and 11 W Berry, 

"White Jotin I, Sec Bass Foundry and 
Machine Works. 

White & Boseker, hardware, 54 E Columbia, 

Whiteley Thomas R, tailor, 139 J Calhoun. 

Wieneke Frederick, shoemaker, 283 W 

Wikel Samuel A, Assistant General 
Freight Agt Ft W, C & L R E, 1st, nr 

li Everingham & Co. 

Commission Merchants. GRAIN and PRO- 
VISIONS Bought and Sold ON MARGINS. 
125 liaSaUe Street, CHICAGO. 


C. H. JENNE, Agent, 

29)^ North Penneylvania Street, 
Indianapolis, Ind. 





Wilcox Isaac, saloon, 241 Calhoun. 

Wilding James & Son, coal and wood, 191 

Wilkens C & Bros, meat market, 112 Broad- 

Wilson George H & Son, stoves and tinware, 
17 E Columbia. 

Wilson & Bro, saws, 177 Calhoun. 

'Wing: J F & Co (M S Mahurin), 
Architects and Superintendents, 27 Cal- 

Withers & Breen, lawyers, 44 Calhoun. 

Wobrock Oscar, barber, 17 W Columbia. 

Woehrlen George, hair goods. 

Wolf Abraham, meat market, 10 W Main. 

Wolf A & Son, meat market, 187 Broadway. 

Wolf Louis, dry goods, 24 Calhoun. 

Wolf Paul E, upholsterer, 51 E Main. 

Wolif Henry, shoemaker, 5 Wells. 

'Wood Ilus:ll D« A I»I M D, Dean 
Medical College of Ft Wayne; P O, An- 
gola, Ind. 

Woodworth Benjamin S, physician, 12 E 

'Woodworth C B & Co, Dental 
Depot, 12 E Berry. 

"Woodworth C B & Co, Druggists, 
Aveline House. 

Wordeu James L Hon, judge supreme court. 

"Wortllingfton WTilliam WT, Gen- 
eral Supt Ft W, C & L E'y Office, 1st, nr 

Woulfe J & Bro, grocers, 266 Calhoun. 

AVoulfe Patrick, saloon, 268 Calhoun. 

Wyeth Newton, lawyer, 62 Calhoun. 

Yobst Am an, meat market, 327 Lafayette. 

Yocum Wilbur F Kev, prest Ft Wayne 
College, w end AVayne. 

Young George B, cigars and tobacco, cor 
George and Griffith. 

Young N B & Co, merchant tailors, 27 E 

Younge John W, physician, 328 Calhoun. 

Younge & Reinewald, druggists, 328 Cal- 

Zern Xavier, grocer, 342 Hanna. 

Zimmerman Anthony, grocer, 57 E Main. 

Zoeller & Merz, grocers, 372 Calhoun. 

Zollars Allen, lawyer, 64 Calhoun. 

Zoller George, shoemaker, 13 Harrison. 

Zollinger Charles A, justice and mayor, 
city hall. 

Zollinger Louis C, wagonmaker, 15 E 

FOS TER'S MID GE. Rural post- 
office located in Clark township. Perry 
county, 26 miles north of Cannelton court 
house. Birds Eye, 5 miles north on L., E. 
& St. L. R. R., is the nearest rail approach. 
Nancy Foster, postmaster. 
Foster Alexander, Physician. 
Foster Hiram, physician. 

FOUNTAIN. Once called Port- 
land, is located on the Wabash River, in 
Fountain county, 8 miles northeast of Cov- 
ington, the county seat. Attica the most 
available shipjaing depot, and nearest bank 
location, is 8 miles northeast, on the W., 
St. L. & P. R'y. With 100» inhabitants, 
the village supports Methodist church. H, 
J. Reed, postmaster. 
Cox W H, lawyer. 
Crane Elijah, saw mill. 
Douglass O S & Co, broom manufacturers. 
Galloway George A, planing mill. 
Reed L D, blacksmith. 
Reed & "Vail, General Store. 
Simpson T J, physician. 
A^ail George, R R agt. 
Watts Joel, justice of the peace. 
AVood M, wagonmaker. 

FOUNTAIN CITY, Named for- 
merly Newport, was settled in 1818 by 
Redden Chance and Solomon Thomas. It 
is located on the G. R. & I. R. R., in New 
Garden township, AVayne county, 9^ miles 
north of Richmond the county seat and 
banking town. AVith a population of 550, 
the village contains four churches — Meth- 
odist (2), AVesleyan and Friends — a good 
graded school, 2 grain elevators, and a 
flour mill. Principal shipments are grain 
and lumber. Ex., Adams and U. S. Tel., 
AV. U. Emeline S. Conner, postmaster. 
Arnett Mahlon, grocer. 
Bolster H, plasterer. 
Boren T E & Son, live stock. 
Boyd & Bush, blacksmiths. 
Coate E, justice of the jjeace. 
Conner James, Carpenter and Con- 
Davis Harvey, undertaker. 
Fox Albert, flour mill. 
Freeman E S Rev, (Methodist). 
Gardner Bros, saw mill. 
Harris John S, physician and harnessmaker, 
Hiatt Lucy Mrs, dressmaker. 
Hill & Woody, General Store. 
Hough Moses, nursery. 
Hough & Osborn, wagonmakers. 
Hubbard Alice, milliner. 
Huft' B N, physician. 
Huft R. B", Hardware. 
Hull C J, brick manufacturer. 
Johnson L C, physician. 
Johnson Mary A, milliner. 
Johnson & Marine, drugs and groceries. 
Keever Frank, barber. 
Lamb Aaron, wagonmaker. y 

Lovin Isa-ac, shoemaker. 
Pierson AA'^illiam Al, physician. 
Parker J L, carpenter. 
Parker & Clark, blacksmiths. 
Pressnall J F Rev, (Wesley an). 


OrTICIAKJ AKfl* ^WA'rtMIttAlCE;!*, »3 Nortll 
■•'eiiiisylvauia St., New-Denison Hotel Block, INDIANAPOLIS. 

Oealer in Watches and Optical Goods. Oculists' prescripiious 
carefully filled. Cylindrical, Cataracts, etc. , made to order. 

Home Life Ins. Co, 

Has perfected plans for a large business in Illinois 
during 1881. ^T" FOR AGENCIES APPLY TO 
E. H. KELLOGG. Superintendent, Chicago, IlL 





Evan P H, E R and ex agt. • 

Scarce "W D, stationery. 

Shute John C, live stock. 

Thomas Elwood M, hotel. 

Thomas Isaac E, agricultural implements. 

Xhorne & Elliott, Meat Market. 

Townsend Charles, cigars and tobacco. 

"Williams W H, grocer. 

miles southeast of Indiauapoljs, is a station 
on the C, H. & I. E'y, located in Van 
Buren township, Shelby county, 12 miles 
north of Shelbyville court house. With a 
population of 300, the place supports Chris- 
tian and Methodist churches. Nearest 
bank at Greenfield. Live stock, grain, lum- 
ber and drain tile are the shipments. Ex., 
U. S. J. E- Smith, postmaster. 
Amons George, blacksmith. 
Amons & Draper, saw mill. 
Avers Frank M, pump manufacturer. 
Campbell J E, agricultural implements. 
Copple Jonathan, grain, and E E and ex agt. 
Draper John W, saw mill and tile manu- 
Gerbig Nicholas, wagon manufacturer, 
Gillispie & Eigdon, general store. 
Kroeuing Conrad, blacksmith. 
Macv Clark, flour mill. 
Smitll J E & Co, General Store. 
Smith T L, live stock and grain. 
Spurrier & Eigdon, harnessmakers. 
"\Villiams William H, produce. 

FO JVLER. This incorporated town 
of 1,300 inhabitants, the county seat of 
Benton county, is located on the C, I., St. 
L. & C. E'y., 28 miles northwest of Lafay- 
ette, and 91 northwest of Indianapolis. It 
has excellent county buildings, good busi- 
ness blocks, handsome residences, and is 
rapidly increasing in population and com- 
merce. Methodist, Christian and Presby- 
terian and Catholic churches, a graded 
school, 1 private bank, 3 hotels and 3 weekly 
newspapers — Repuhliran, Benton Review and 
Era — are sustained. Fowler is surrounded 
by a very productive grain growing dis- 
trict, from which it derives its chief sup- 
port. Grain, live stock and hay are the 
Principal shipments. Ex , Am. Tel., M. 
J. and W. U. Frank Taylor, postmaster. 
Anderson Frank, plasterer. 
Bank of Fowler; capital, $200,000; Wil- 
liam II Dague, cashr. 
Barnard O & Co, grain dealers. 
Barnes & Payne, druggists. 
Bartaway PZugene, saloon. 
Ikardsley & Shaplev, carpenters. 
Bento'n Review, ( Weekly), Thomas 

F Eedmond, Publisher, 
liouchard Charles, carpenter. 

Brake E V & E, carriagemakers. 

Brockway & Hempstead, dry goods. 

Brown & Eraser, lawyers. 

Browne Thos J, insurance and real estate. 

Bruner A B Eev, (Methodist). 

Butterfield Hiram, harnessmaker. 

Carr William C, saloon. 

Chefter Bros, general store. 

Craw Charles S, Publisher Fowler 
Eepublican. (See adv.) 

Crosson P J Eev, (Catholic). 

Danner Joseph S, barber. 

Dinwiddle J L,ee, Lawyer ; a Com- 
plete Abstract of Benton County Titles. 

Donovan Mason C, blacksmith. 

Dupies Nicholas, saloon. 

Eastburn Carey, live stock. 

Fowler Era (Weekly), Mock & Corkins, 
publishers. * 

Eo^vler Republican (Weekly), 
Charles S Craw, publisher. {See adv.) 

Gordon & Mclntire, grocers. 

Gray George, lawyer. 

Gray William H, physician. 

Gum Joseph S, jjainter. 

Harkrider 'William R, Livery, 
Feed, and Sale Stable. {See adv.) 

Harmon Theo K, marble works. 

Harrell & Boonebrake, photographers. 

Hartley Bros & Co, general store. 

Hawkins Bros, meat market. 

Hawley Luther D, lawyer and justice. 

Head & Baldwin, general store. 

Herman William H, lumber and coal. 

Hixson Walter, live stock. 

Hughes Edward, saloon. 

Huls & Son, corn mill. 

Johnson Charles H, druggist. 

Jones G W & Co, druggists. 

Jones John M, merchant tailor, 

Jones William, live stock. 

Knowlton Eensellaer, photographer. 

La Eoche Jerry, harnessmaker, 

Lobdell Addison L, painter. 

Lobdell George J, grocer. 

Lobdell Judson C, planing mill. 

Long James, dry goods. 

LrOngwell James, Plasterer. Con- 
tracts Made in Plastering and Bricklay- 
ing Work done promptly and well. 

Longwell John, plasterer. 

Love D E Eev, (Presbyterian). 

McCasliu Martin, saloon. 

McCleary John H, blacksmith. 

McCormick John P, hotel. 

McCorraick Sarah J, restaurant. 

McDade & Stanfield, livery stal)le. 

McDaniel Samuel, agricultural implements. 

McKinney & Snyder, hardware. 

Maddux House, Thomas E Maddux, propr. 

Manlie Richard, Dealer in Stoves 
and Tinware and General House Fur- 
nishing Goods. Job Work a Specialty. 


Nos. 28 an'l ■',<) KaM (iijorgia Street, 

'I Wag 


on § Carriage Material, 

T AND SAWED RIMS.-=sa See adv., page 6. 



S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts., 





Masse John T, saloon. 

Matthews Bros, grocers and bakers. 

Mavity James S, physician. 

Mellish & Bailey, boots and shoes. 

Merrick & Travis, lawyers. 

Messinger & Shapley, carpenters. 

Meyer Aaron, Propr Summit House. 

Mitchell John E, blacksmith. 

Mock & Corkins, publishers Fowler Era. 

Morrison Charles J, jeweler. 

Mutual Union Telegraph Company, George 

W Nixon, manager. 
Nelson Andrew, blacksmith. 
Pearson John C, lawyer. 
Pearson Mahlon L, physician. 
Pelton Charles H, carpenter. 
Perry M L & Co, hardware. 
Purdy Albert J, physician. 

Rednion Xtionias F, publisher 

Benton Review. 
Eichmire George I, agt C, I, St L «fe C R'y 

and Am Ex Company. 
Seney Stanislaus, Dealer in Dry 

Goods, Groceries and Queensware. 
Shaffer John G, barber. 
Simon Charles, clothing. 
Simpson & Stephens, grocers. 
Smith Dawson, lawyer. 
Smith Jacob, boots and shoes- 
Smith J P & Co, lumber and coal. 
Smith Mahlon D, lawyer. 
Snyder Mary A, restaurant. 
Stewart & Wadsworth, lawyers. 
Stow Isaac M, jeweler. 
Stow Isaac M Mrs, millinery. 
Straight & "Wiley, Lawyers. 



Particular attention paid to the wants of traveling men. 
Stock boarded by the day "or meal. Fine horses, with new 
buggies and carriages, for hire at all times. 







J. P. CARR & CO., Publishers and Proprietors. 


.u^. 3^>/d:El"!rE!Pi, IProprietor. 

^0"Vv^XjEI^, IOSTID. 



»2.oo PER DAY. 

New York Life Ins. Co. 

B®"The only Company that issues Tontine In- 
vestment Policies. Send for Circulars. 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, Indianapolis. 

Pr D pypC Frop'r of the Indianapolis Brusli Factory and Brjce's Steam Bakery, 
I 11 Un I ULl 14: and 16 East Soath Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





SutniUit House, Aaron Meyer, Propr. 

Templetoii Leroy, stock dealer. 

Traves Heury S, insurance. 

Tiirvey "William S, live stock. 

Walker c^ Phares. lawyers. 

"Warner Joseph F. furniture. 

"Westman Caroline Mrs, Fine 

Westman & Eckland, shoemakers. 

"Whorry James, carpenter and county sur- 

Wiles Peter M, saloon. 

Wood Mattie J Mrs, millinery. 

Zinn Peter, hardware. 

FBANCESTILLE. This village 

of 500 inhabitants, is located on the L., N. 

A. & C. R'y., in Salem township, Pulaski 

county, 18 miles southwest of Winamac, 

the county seat and banking town, and 39 

north of Lafayette. It contains Methodist, 

Christian and Catholic churches, a graded 

school and 2 hotels. Grain, hay and live 

stock comprise its chief exports. Ex., Am. 

William A Hennegar, postmaster. 

Allen W B & Co, hay dealers. 

Andrews James, propr Union Hotel. 

Applegate Edmund H, general store. 

Bledsoe Charles M, grocer. 

Bledsoe John T, drugs and notions. 

Brenneman Roy, carpenter. 

Brewer William A, general store. 

Claus Joseph, boots and shoes. 

Commercial House, William H, Conn, 

Concannon James, grocer. 

Conn William H, propr Commercial House. 

Daseke A Petre, harnessmakers. 

Davidson Peyton, furniture and undertaker. 

Garrigues Charles H, carpenter, 

Gordon Moses M, physician. 

Haymond William C, grain dealer. 

Hazen Nathan S, saloon and lawyer. 

Hennegar William A Rev, cigars and to- 

Hollett Leonard N, blacksmith. 

Jones William N, general store. 

Jones William R, hardware and livery. 

Kennard Albert H, hats, caps, etc. 

Loring D J, physician. 

Mallon John H, general store. 

Mattingly Horace, barber. 

Mattinglv Robert, physician. 

Priest John, agt L, N A & C R'y & Ex 

Recher Lauson H, physician. 

Reese George T, blacksmith. 

Rees .Joseph B, meat market and agricul- 
tural implements. 

Rice Marsh H, insurance. 

Horn P2mma W Miss, dressmaker. 

Ros,s James M, justice of the peace. 

Shortriflgf Elizabeth L, niillinerv. 

•Tague A, sewing machines. 

Thrasher Stephen, carpenter. 

Union Hotel, James Andrews, propr. 

Vose Emma Mrs, millinery. 

"Vose Samuel F, "Wholesale 
Dealer in Hay. Has an Excellent 
Horse Training Stable in Connection. 

Wilson Harry, plasterer. 

FRAA'CISCO. A station and vil- 
lage on the L., N. A. & C. R'y, located in 
Centre township, Gibson county, 7 miles- 
east of Princeton, the county seat and bank- 
ing town. It has a population of 400, and 
1 Slethodist church. Grain, staves, timber 
and hay are shipped. Ex., Adams. Tel.^ 
W. U. T. X. Adams, postmaster. 
Adams X N, General Store. 
Beasley Hardie, dry goods. 
Boger Christian, shoemaker. 
Davis S, justice of the peace. 
Devin Alexander N, general store. 
Granger George, blacksmith. 
Harrington Thomas, blacksmith. 
Hughes James, flour mill. 
Hussey R L, R R and ex agt, grain and 

Ireland J M, physician. 
Johnson M V, carpenter. 
McConnell W S, confectioner. 
Patten James, Physician. 
Reavis Daniel, physician. 
Wallace L B, druggist. 
Wilson Joseph, wagonmaker. 

FRANKFORT. The seat of jus- 
tice for Clinton county, is the most impor- 
tant city, of like size, in northern Indiana. 
It contains a population of 4,500, and is 
surrounded by a rich and productive agri- 
cultural district. Its railroad facilities are 
excellent, and comprise four roads as fol- 
lows : F. & K. Div. T., C. & St. L., L., E. & 
W. Air Line Div. L., N. A. & C, and L. 
Div. T. H. & I. The city is distant from 
Indianapolis 50 miles, Lafayette 25- miles, 
Terre Haute 79 miles, and Logansport 37 
miles ; has good county buildings, very sub- 
stantial business blocks, many fine resi- 
dences, a volunteer fire department, several 
churches, good schools, 2 banks — 1 private 
and 1 national — an opera house, telephone 
exchange, and several good hotels ; of 
the last mentioned, the Coulter House is- 
the most prominent ; it was erected at a 
cost of $20,000, and is a handsome building 
with all modern improvements. The press 
is represented by 3 papers; the Banner 
and Crescent are weekly publications, and 
the Christian Press is issued monthly. 
Frankfort lias gained the reputaticn of be- 
ing the most enterprising, thrifty city in the 
State, and its gener;il appearance well de- 



orlSon^^lliran othJ,rSs}48 Vaiice Block, Indianapolis, 

of War Claims. Rejected Claims a specialty. Correspondence solicited. 


LAGER BEEH, ALE and PORTER, Bottled by 


See Advertisement page 351' 





notes that such is a fact. Its manufacturing 
industries comprise 3 flour mills, a cooper 
shop, 1 tannery, 4 stave and heading fac- 
tories, 2 saw mills, 2 large planing mills, 1 
furniture factory, tile factory, 1 foundry, 
carriage factories, grain elevators and furn- 
iture factories. Ex., Am. and U. S. Tel., W. 
U. William H. Hart, postmaster. 
Adair James L & Co, grocers. 
Allen D F & Bro, Proprs City Ele- 
vator and City Flouring Mills. 

Anderson J, broom manufacturer. 

Andrew E R Miss, millinery. 

Andrew & Potter, dressmakers. 

Aus^lie Charles E, Meat Market. 

Aughe Harmon M, agricultural imple- 
ments. ■•-"-'CJ 

Aughe J J & Bros, gunsmiths and sewing 

Aughe J W & W, saloon. 

Avery Elwood, circuit clerk. 

Avery Sarah C, ladies' furnishings. 


The Frankfort Crescent, 


-^tcOfficial Organ of the County,3|£^ 

Thus making it valuable as au ADVERTISING MEDIUM. Terms, $1.50 

aud $1.75 per Anuum. 

First-Class Job Rooms! Steam Po"wer Press! 


E. H. STALEY, Editor and Proprietor, 

Domestic Steam Laundry, 

FRHD T. PR.ESXOIV, JProi»rietor, 

jYos. 265 and 267 JYorth Jiew Jersey Street, 


Cor. College Ave. and Seventh St. 
Cor. First and Illinois Streets. 
809 Massaeiiusetts Avenue. 
24 Columbia Avenue. 

Corner IMIassacbusetts Ave., 



attention paid to complicated and ditttcult cases, Reis- 
sues, Interferences, etc. References given if desired. 
B®°Call or write for information. (See adv.) 


and CHE^APHST, Address 

& CO., Cincinnati, Ohio. 





Ball Eilev, agt L, E & W and P, C & St L 

Ball & Major, meat market. 

Baruer John, lawyer. 

Baruer John H ct Co, dry goods. 

Bauij H M, Dealer and Breeder of Jer- 
sey Cattle; Farm Adjoining Corporation 
Line on the East. 

Bavless S O, mavor. 

Beaver Edward "C, agt T II & I R'y. 

Beck S Rev, (Methodist). 

Belknap Lee, dry goods. 

Beneiiel & Son, stave and lumber manufac- 

Black Isaiah, insurance agt. 

Blake t« Ham, jewelers. 

Boyland & Cavett, Dealers in Mar- 
ble and Granite Monuments, Headstones, 
Building Stone, etc. 

Bracken Robert, stave and heading manu- 

Bradley H H & E S, drugs and books. 

Brandon Jonathan, carpenter. 

Brown G W, physician. 

Brown James R, civil engineer. 

Brumbaugh Owen E, lawyer and insur- 

Bryant & Norris, drugs. 

Campbell & Young, grain elevators. 

Canlield Moses S, physician. 

Cast John M, agricultural implements, etc. 

Catterlain N T, general store. 

Cheadle Joseph B, editor Frankfort Banner. 

Christian Press, Rev Madison C Peters, 

Claybaugfli & Hig^iiibotliaiii, 
Attorneys at Law. 

Clinton House, A A Swodner, propr. 

Cohee B F, dry goods. 

Cohee John, cabinetmaker. 

Cohee & Hoath, clothing. 

Colby William A, blacksmith. 

Cook Bros, bakers and confectioners. 

Cook Isaac, justice of the jjeace. 

Cook Jonathan, grocer. 

Coulter Bros & Co, druggists. 

Coulter, Hockman & Co, clothing. 

Coulter House, Edwin S Russell, 
Propr ; Rates, $2 Per Day ; the Leading 
Hotel of the City ; 5 large Sample Rooms. 
(See adv.) 

Coulter James W, clothing. 

Cox & Adams, physicians. 

Cummins Daniel & Son, undertakers. 

Cunningham Joseph K, merchant tailor. 

Cushwa Martin, baker and restaurant. 

Davis W R, carpenter. 

I>eart }i .J P & Co, giocers. 

Dearth 'William L,, Livery, Sale 
and Feed Staldes, cor (Joluniliia and 
Washington; also Dealer in Self-Bind- 
ers ; Leading Stable of Frankfort. 

Debolt William Rev, (Baptist). 

Derrick Cyrus, blacksmith. 

Dorner Philip, Manufacturer and 
Dealer in Leather, Harness, Hides and 
Shoe Findings. Cash paid for hides and 
pelts ; 3 Catterlin's block, north side of 

Doyal & Gard, lawyers. 

Dutley Rebecca, propr DufFey House. 

Dunlap .loseph, boots and shoes. 

Eaton George W, shoemaker. 

Eldridge Henry C, Practical Horse 
Shoer and Blacksmithing. Horse Shoe- 
ing of all kinds a specialty ; Jackson, 
nr Phoenix Stables. 

HpStein Moses, Clothing and Gents' 
Furnishing Goods. 

Erisman J & Bro, harness. 

Farmers' Bank of Frankfort ; 
Capital, $100,000, surplus, $7,100 ; Rob- 
ert McClamrock, Prest ; D A Coulter, 
Cashr ; R P Shanklin, Ass't Cashr. 

First ]Vational Bank; Capital 
and surplus, $240,000 ; A Given, Prest ; 
D P Barner, Cashr ; T B Cox, Vice-Prest ; 
J H Coulter, Ass't Cashier. 

Fisher Samuel P, grocer. 

Fisher & Smith, managers city opera house. 

Fletcher Nathan, saloon. 

Frankfort Banner, J B Cheadle, propr. 

Frankfort Crescent, Established 
1851, E H Staley, Managing Editor and 
Propr ; the official paper of Clinton 
county; the only paper printed at home; 
8-page paper; subscription, $1.75 per 
year. {/See adv.) 

Freeman Ann C, dressmaker. 

Freeman & Abee, whips. 

Fritck & Rothermel, Proprs 
LTnion Flouring Mills, and Dealers in 
Flour, Grain and Feed, Main, north of 
F & K depot. 

Fulkerson Mila, lumber. 

Gaddis J P, agt L E & W R'y. 

Garber Stephen, propr Garber House. 

Garrett Jacob, cigar manufacturer. 

Gaskill Newton J, county auditor. 

Gates William N, drugs. 

Geddes Joseph'H, boot and shoe manufac- 

Gentry James M, Physician. 

Ghent I K, druggist. 

Given, Kelly & Co, cattle dealers. 

Oiven & Baun, Dealers in Clydes- 
dale, Imported and Native Best Stock, 
and specially adapted for draught horses ; 
season stock. 

Goodwin George W, furniture and under- 

Greene, Biinn & Co, planing mill. 

Hammond John "W, Architect. 

Ilarriman John, feed and hay. 
Harrison John W, millinery. 


Sold toy UruKKl»tM. DKPOX, JERSBV CITV, N. J. 


JS@^Quality Warranted Un- 
excelled in Circular and 
Cross-Cut Saws. 





Heaton, Lucas & Co, grocers. 
Hedgecock James A, county recorder. 
Heichert L Y, photographer. 
Hertz Morris, dry goods. 
Hichborn & Packard, grocers. 
Hickman W H Eev, (Methodist). 
Hillis Joseph E, grocer. 
Hockmaii James T, Lawyer. 
Hockman, Ross & Young:, 

Lawyers and Abstracts of Title. 
Holman Dallas S, lawyer. 
Hoover Enos, justice and insurance agt. 
Hoover Samuel A, clothing. 
Hoover Thomas J, tinsmith and roofer. 
Johnson & Kersey, barbers. 
Kelly William, county treasurer. 
Kelly & Sons, boots and shoes. 
Kemp William, insurance agt. 
Kempf Bros, bakers and restaurant. 
Kern P J, carriage manufacturer. 

Kern Robert, tile manufacturer. 

Klein William, jeweler. 

Klopfer Andrew J, merchant tailor. 

Knott I G Rev, (United Brethren). 

Kramer Bros, lumber. 

Kuhns Benjamin F, grocer. 

Lawson George W, sewing machines and 

musical instruments. 
r,a-fvSOll James ^W, Omnibus Line 

to and from Depot and Any Part of the 

City ; Fare, 25 Cents. 
Lee George R & Son, boots and shoes. 
Loftin John, physician. 
I^ougll Pleasant, Wagonmaker and 

Blacksmith. {See ad r.) 
Lynch Marion A, flour mill. 
McClurg & Kent, lawyers. 
McGuire William H, physician. 
McKenzie M B Rev, (Christian). 
McMurray James S, physician. 


Southeast Corner Public Square. 

This House has been refitted and refurnished in first-class style. Has all modern improve- 
ments, including Gas. Water Closets on office and parlor floors. Large Sample 
Rooms on lower floor. H^^'Bath Rooms free to transient guests. 

RATES, $2.00 per Day. eSTA. reduction of 50 cents per day to Sun> 

day Guests. 

E. S. RUSSELL, Proprietor, 



Patented Augrust 26, 1879. 



F, LOUEH, Fibtee, FRAimi, iHD/ 

J". "W". HI-A-IMIILvdlOD^ID, 



LK & GO. 


S. E, Corner Circle and Meridian Streets, 


Union Oyster Co. 

J. S. Keller, 9Ianas:er, 

40N. lUiuoisSt., I^D^ANAI>oLIS, Ind. 





Marion, Booher & Price, hardware. 

Meifeld John G c^ Son, merchant tailors. 

Meredith James W, dentist. 

Miller Joseph, sheriff. 

Milroy t*ir Petty, saloon. 

Miner John H c*i Sons, boots and shoes. 

Moody Foster M, blacksmith. 

Moore "William E, lawyer. 

Morris 'Williani'O, Lumber, "Wood 
and Coal Dealer. 

Iflorrison H Y & J "W, Lawyers 
and Abstracts of Titles. 

Xeptune E & Co, stave and heading manu- 

Xewcomb & Purdum, milliners. 

Ostler Eobert, painter. 

Paige i& Bayless, lawyers. 

Palmer Truman H, lawyer. 

Paris James H, dry goods. 

Parish Theodore C, propr Parish House. 

Parker Joseph, barber. 

Paul David W, marble dealer. 

Pedigo Albert T, insurance. 

Pedlow Thomas C, saloon. 

Pence & Lane, restaurant. 

Peters Madigon C Eev, propr Christian 

Petty & Earner, livery. 

Poison Irwin, tinsmith and roofer. 

Pond A C Mrs, dressmaker. 

Potter Abel, General Traveling Agt 
for Smith's Portable Force Pump; Agts 

Eech John E, barber. 

Rice Gusta-ve, Carriage Manufac- 
turer. Eemember I Build and Sell the 
Best Buggies for the Money. 

Eichardson Scott "W, agricultural imple- 

Eobinson Lew, blacksmith. 

Eogers Thomas J, saloon. 

Ross "William E, Lawyer. 

Eoss ct Martin, cigar manufacturers. 

Russell Hd^win S, Propr Coulter 
House. (See adv.) 

Sellars & Epperson, hardware. 

Shanks & Mitchell, restaurant. 

Shires & Bowen, restaurant. 

Simpson "William H Eev, (Methodist). 

Sims Cicero, furniture. 

Sims James BI, Lawyer. Will Prac- 
tice in all Courts. 

Sims Robert, Cooper and Painter. 

Sipe House, Sipe & Smith, Prop's. 
Terms Si per day. Board from $4 to 
So per week. 

Sipe & Smitb, Proprs Sipe House. 

Smith Bros, livery stable. 

Smith S M, physician. 

Smith Thomas W, physician. 

Smith & Osborne, grocers. 

Snyder <k Braitmayer, notions. 

Southard & .Swan, dry goods. 

Staley H, Editor and Propr the Frank- 
fort Crescent. {See adv.) 

Staley William A, lawyer. 

Steller Jacob B, grocer. 

Stoms Bros, hardware. 

Stotter & Byers, furniture manufacturers. 

Suit Joseph C, lawyer. 

Swadner Andrew A, propr Clinton House. 

Telephone Exchange, S M Smith, manager. 

Thompson David, watchmaker and auc- 

Toops Jacob, blacksmith. 

Van Arsdale Jacob, U S Ex agt and car- 

Van Sickle William, marble yards. 

Van Sickle & Ball, monuments. 

Vanton Sam, lawyer. 

Waldo LA & Co, stave and heading manu- 

Walener William W, harness. 

Wallace & Kramer, founders and machin- 

Walter Frank M, photographer. 

Weaver John L, musical merchandise. 

AVerkhofl & Cook, grocers. 

Williams Samuel B, barber. 

"Wirt John O, Dentist. 

WTise John M & Son, Physicians. 

Wolf Charles, mattress manufacturer. 

Wolf Joseph, carriage manufacturer. 

W^ray S F, boots and shoes. 

"Votings John 1,, Lawyer. 

FRANKLIN, Located on the J., M. 
& I. E. E., at its crossing with the F., F. & 
M. E. E., 21 miles south of Indianapolis 
and 89 north of Louisville, Ky., is a pleas- 
ant, prosperous, incorporated town of 3,200 
inhabitants, situated in the midst of a rich 
agricultural district, which is tilled by an 
intelligent and prosperous farming commu- 
nity. It is lighted by gas ; has new and 
handsome county bu-ildings ; 8 churches — 
Presbyterian, Christian, Episcopal, Catho- 
lic, Baptist and Methodist ; 2 large school 
buildings, 4 hotels, 1 opera house, 1 national 
bank, and supports 2 weekly newspapers — 
the Democrat and Jeffersonian. The manu- 
factured products of Franklin consist of 
pork, strach, lumber, flour, brick and 
leather. Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. Daily mail. 
William M. Conner, postmaster. 
Alexander & Eowe, hardware. 
American Express Company, O G Eags- 

dale, agt. 
Baldwin & Payne, flour mill. 
Barnard Bros, lumber dealers. 
Barnett "William H, Lawyer. 
Barnum & Utter, Proprs Smith 

Beard .John, grocer. 
Blizzard Austin A, grocer. 
Blizzard James L, grocer. 

L. Everingham & Co., 

Commission Merchants. Consignments 
solicited. 125 LaSalle Street, CHICAGO. 

HERCULES POWDERJ%f;ifpr>^i.tfr' 

The Original Stunip<Blastln}jr Powaer. I Indianapolis, 






Bowen Fannie, milliner. 
Bowen & Vaught, grain dealers. 
Brown C Mrs, milliner. 
Brown James W, meat market. 
Brown Nicholas, meat market. 
Brown William S, undertaker. 
Brown & McLaughlin, insurance. 

Brown & Yeager, stationery. 
Buckingham William J, lawyer. 
Carnine Abraham N, carriages and wagons. 
Carson John, dry goods, 
Cheney J C& C W, harnessmakers. 
Clemons & Alexander, horseshoers. 
Coulton Albert, foundry. 



This Hotel is conveniently located, 
near the Depot. 

First-Class in Every Respect. 

Well arranged and commodious 
Sample Rooms, for the convenience 
of Commercial Travelers. Newly 
renovated throughout. Terms mod- 
erate. Give us a trial. 



Clock anl Watcli h}m\ 








Cor. Jefferson Street and J., M. & I. R. R., FRANKLIN, IND. 

XHOS. H. CIvAPP, Optician and Watchmaker, 

93 Nortti Pennsylvania Street, 
New-Denison Hotel Block, II«iDIAI«(APOL,IS, II«D. 

Accurate adjustment of Spectacles. 
Persoufil attention to Fine Watch 
Repairing. Thirty years experi- 
ence. bs^Satisfaction Assured. 

U#imn I if ft I no Pft All Policies non-forfeiting under the law of New York, 
nUlTIG LITC inSi llOi after Jan. 1, IS80. Will enaUe Agents to donlsle their 


E. H. KELLOGG, Sup't.j Chicago, III. 





Conner 'William M, Postmaster. 

Cravens Joseph R, druggist. 

Davis William A, brick manufacturer. 

Day & Fesler, dry goods. 

Ditmars & Yoris, dry goods. 

Donnell John H, physician. 

Dunlap Joseph M, grain. 

Dunlap "NV L & Bro, grocers. 

Dunn & Fleming:, Meat Market. 

Finegold A Joseph, clothing. 

Foley Jeremiah, shoemaker, 

Fossett & Moore, bafbers. 

Frame Charles H, watches and clocks. 

Franklin Democrat (weekly). 

Franklin Jeffersonian, Allison C Harvey, 

Franklin Mills^ William Needham 
& Co, Proprs ; Manufacturers Celebrated 
O K Flour, Star Meal, Bran, Shorts, 
Shipstuff, etc. 

George J Dewitt, physician, 

Gibson James, shoemaker. 

Graves George, carriage painter. 

Green Henry A, dry goods. 

Halfaker Philip C, horseshoer. 

Hall & Hall, physicians. 

Hazelette Mathew, livery. 

Hazelette Lizzie, dressmaker. 

Hellerick Isaac, Saloon. 

Heineken Caroline, millinery. 

Herriott, Vawter & Co, pork packers. 

Hicks Alvin G, photographer. 

Hite & Clark, carriage manufacturers. 

Hulsman Alexander, saloon. 

Hulsman Louis A, jeweler. 

Hutchinson & Fisher, boots and shoes. 

Jeffery W^alter C, dentist. 

Johnson & White, lawyers. 

Jones, Bergen & Co, planing mills. 

Jones John L, dry goods. 

Jones J T, physician. 

Jones Oscar I, druggist. 

Knobe Louis W, grocer. 

La Grange Isaac W, grocer. 

Lee James, restaurant. 

Luyster Harry H, boots and shoes. 

Mc'Clain Joseph B, carriage and wagon 

UlcClellan House, John F McClel- 
lan, Propr. 

McClellan James H, agt J, M & I R E. 

iricClellan John F, Propr McClel- 
lan House. 

McCullough William B, druggist. 

McDaniel & Wright, flour mills. 

McOlade Patrick. H, Sewing Ma- 
chine Adjuster and Repairer, and Re- 
pairer of Watches and Clocks. {See adv.) 

McKane Joseph "W, Gunsmith. 

McLaughlin W^illiani H, saw mill, 

Mangum & Green, marble works, 

Martin & Ragsflale, grocers. 

Meggenhofer Frederick, gunsmith. 

Mendenhall Noah, sewing machines. 

Medsker John T, barber. 

Miller David H, druggist. 

Miller & Barnett, lawyers. 

Moore Edward R, boots and shoes. 

Moorehous John W, dyer. 

Needham W^illiam & Co, Flour 
and Grist Mills. 

Overstreet & Hunter lawyers. 

Overstreet & Wilson, lawyers. 

Oyler & Johnson, lawyers. 

Parkhurst John W, furniture. 

Payne Leland, flour mills. 

Pettiford & Casselman, barbers. 

Pritchard & Leach, lawyers. 

Ragsdale & Dunn, agricultural implements. 

Ralston Hattie, Fashionable Dress 
and Cloakmaker. 

Randall Edward P, furniture. 

Ransdell & Bro, pump manufacturers. 

Richardson James, dentist. 

RickettS House, Strohmeier Sisters, 
Proprs, cor Jefferson and J, M & I R E. 
(»S'ee adv.) 

Rose Walter J, horseshoer. 

Rynerson William F, carriages and wagons. 

Sauer Anton, foundry. 

Schmitt Joseph A, grocer. 

Sebastian Tilitha A, millinery. 

Second National Bank ; capital, $100,000 ; 
William H La Grange, prest ; Richard 
T Overstreet, cashr. 

Sexsou Allen, justice of the peace. 

Slater Major R, grocer. 

Sloan James W, blacksmith. 

Smiley Frank, shoemaker. 

Smith House, Barnum & Utters, 

Snow Frank, harness. 

Staff Frederick S, lawyer. 

Stansifer & Kandell, cigars and tobacco. 

Stewart House, hotel, 

Stewart Job B, saloon, 

Stewart Judd, livery. 

Storey Joseph M, hardware, 

Strickler Henry C, grocer. 

Strohmeier Sisters, Proprs Rick- 
etts House. (*See adv.) 

Taggart Robert, physician. 

Thompson Howard, physician. 

Thompson, White & Co, starch works. 

Thompson William H & Co, merchant tail- 

Turner Alexander, agricultural imple- 

Vawter David G, dry goods. 

Wagener Robert, planing mill. 

Walker & Son, coopers. 

Wallace Barnett, physician. 

Walsh & McNaughton, dry goods. 

Watson Robert, saloon. 

Webb William A, physician. 

Weyl Henry, grocer. 



o. s 

Sales Room, 28 and 30 

STOCK OF ALL jxiNDS manuiacturea ana soia oy 
E. Georgia St., Indianapolis, Ind. See adv., p. 6. 

Blank Book Makers 


\ Printers, Binders and Blank Book Makers, 

I S. E. Cor. Circle and Meridian Sts., Indianapolis. 





Wheat, Fletcher, Vawtei- & Co, pork pack- 
Whitesides Abraham D, boots and shoes. 
Whitesides J <& Son, clothing. 
"Williams William, photographer. 
Wood John C, physician. 
AVood Robert C, druggist. 
Woolen & Banta, lawyers. 
Wyrick Ephraim W, dry goods. 
Younce William H, boots and shoes. 
^eppenfeld A & Bro, tanners. 

FRANKTON. An incorporated 
town of 400 inhabitants, located on 3d Div. 
P. , C. «& St. L. R'y, in Pipe Creek township, 
Madison county, 10 miles northwest of An- 
derson, the county seat, and 3 southeast of 
Elwood, the location of nearest bank. Its 
shipments comprise wheat. Corn, and hogs. 
Christiaa and Methodist churches are sus- 
tained. Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. M. J. 
Adams, postmaster. 
Adams M J, Assistant Agt P, C & St L 

Armfield E, grocer. 
Brown J D, drugs. 
Brown N N, physician. 
Canaday J E physician. 
Canaday W O, physician and dry goods. 
Cranmer R R, meat market. 
Daugherty J H, hotel. 
Davis C S, undertaker and wagonmaker. 
Ed^wins S "W, Physician. 
Hurlock D C, harnessmaker. 
Kimmerling L, drugs. 
Lawson I, livery. 
Layne J S & Co, general store. 
Layne L A, barber. 
Orr & Campbell, saw mill. 
Powers H, saloon. 
Quick Bros, General Store. 
Quick C, R R and ex agt. 
Quick V C, live stock. 
Ring J J, painter. 
Roach W L, lawyer. 
Srackergast F P, carpenter. 
Steffy E, drugs. 
Sutton J & M, grocers. 
Tharp P S, live stock. 
Xo^wnsend J "W, General Store. 
VanValkenberg J H, shoemaker. 
Watkins & Tappan, hardware. 
Webb M, flour mill. 


the New Albany & Vincennes Turnpike, 
in Posey township, Washington county, is 
a village of 400 inhabitants, located 15 
miles southwest of Salem, the county seat 
and banking town. New Albany, 23 miles 
southeast, is the usual shipping station. It 
has a Methodist church, 1 weekly newspa- 
per — News — and ships grain and live stock. 

Tri-weekly stage to Paoli and New Albany. 

John B. Cromer, postmaster. 

Adams J Will, wagonmaker. 

Armstrong AVilliam A, druggist. 

Avery W R, physician. 

Black J Henry, carriagemaker. 

Bullington Samuel R, saw mill. 

Cromer John sr, hotel and justice. 

Cromer Jolm B, Insurance Agt. 

Cromer M Mrs, general store. 

Daily .Joseph, lawyer. 

Dewees Charles B, carriage painter. 

Dewees George W, physician. 

Drayer J R, general store. 

Fredericksburg News (weekly), Calvin 

Goss, propr. 
Funk J R, lawyer. 
Goss Calvin, sewing machines. 
Green J M, flour and saw mill. 
Gresham C W, blacksmith. 
Hancock B, insurance. 
Hon George W, drugs and physician. 
Hottel L P, general store. 
Jones W C, shoe and harnessmaker. 
Julian Charles H, artist. 
Kay John sr, hotel. 
Kay J "W & Bro, General Store and 

King E B, carpenter. 
La Follette Sac, milliner. 
Little R T, carpenter. 
Little & Julian, carpenters. 
McRichards L J, hotel. 
Merkel Henry, shoemaker. 
Morgan John B, live stock. 
Roberts Will J, carpenter. 
Roby James & Son, wagonmakers. 
Royse Ed-ward, Grocer. 

FR ED ONI A . On the Ohio river, in 
Crawford county, with a population of 75, 
is located 4 miles southwest of Leaven- 
worth, the county seat. The village has 
2 churches — Methodist and United Breth- 
ren — and district school. William H. Con- 
rad, postmaster. 

Conrad "William H, General Store. 
Myers H & J, saw and feed mill. 
Stevens Lafayette, cooper. 


Bear Branch.) 

Ohio county. {See 

FREEDOM. Is a thrifty village of 
600 inhabitants, located on Ihe I. & V. R'y 
in Franklin township, Owen county, 8 miles 
southwest of Spencer, the county seat and 
banking town, and 62 southwest of Indian- 
apolis. It has Methodist, Christian and 
Baptist churches, and ships lumber, staves 
and grain. Ex., Adams. Tel., W. U. Mad- 
ison C Stephenson, postmaster. 
Armentrout W L, barber. 

New York Life Ins. Go. 

Purely Mutual. No Stockholders. Absolute Secur- 
ity at Actual Cost. Issues all desirable forms of 

J. W. Dean, Gen'l Ag't, indiaxapoliI: 




14 East South Street, - - - Indianapolis, Ind. 




Bledsoe & Bros, saw mill. 

Dyar A W, justice of the peace. 

Gentry W E, saw mill. 

Goss James M, physician. \ 

Johnson Clinton, lawyer. 

Johnson & Brb, General Store. 

Kemmerer Elias, blacksmith. 

Kirkham Oliver, wagonmaker. 

Mclndoo John, notions. 

Mcintosh P C, carpenter. 

McKee Jacob L, cabinetmaker. 

Minnick Andrew J, physician. 

National House, Mrs Belle C Stephenson, 

Eoyer William & Son, general store. 
Scott J B, hardware. 
Scott R M, wagonmaker. 
Sievers H, meat market. 
Stephenson Belle C Mrs, propr National 

Stephenson M C, General Store and 

Ex Agt. 
Stephenson & Leonard, grocers. 
Sufaal William J, saddles and harness. 
Trent L D, insurance agt. 
Wise F A, E R agt. 
Wise John, blacksmith. 

Fit EEL A ND VILLE. Dates as a 
settlement from 1850, and has a location in 
Widner township, Knox county, 19 miles 
northeast of Vincennes, the county seat and 
location of nearest bank. It has daily 
stage communication with Edwardsport, 
the nearest rail approach, 5 miles southeast 
on the I. & Y. E'y. The churches located 
here are known as Methodist, Baptist, Re- 
formed Christian, and United Brethren. 
Wheat and produce are the principal shijj- 
ments. Population, 525. A. D. Cox, post- 

Albert H F, drugs. 
Alsop G R, physician. 
Baker C & Co, General Store. 
Begem an H L, hardware and undertaker. 
Brandt William, blacksmith. 
Brower John L, shoemaker. 
Cox A P, Books and Stationery. 
Dant J M, saloon. 
Dry man A & Co, flour mill. 
Ernst Jacob Rev, (United Brethren). 
Kreeland J X, Physician. 
Frohne Ph Rev, {German Reform). 
Laue Henry, l)lacksmith. 
McDowell M M, physician. 
Mesch C & Co, meat market. 
Mesch & Co, flour mill. 
Myers 11 N, physician. 
Patterson R D, hardware. 
Ritterskamp J & Son, General 

Schmedskamp Henry, hotel and confec- 

Stanley & Gray, wagonmakers. 
Unferferth C, shoemaker. 
Weitzel William, harness. 

FREEPORT, Hanover township, 
Shelby county, with 85 inhabitants, is situ- 
ated on Big Blue river, 10 miles northeast 
of Shelbyville, the countv seat and bank- 
ing town. Morristown, 3 miles north on 
the C, H. & I. R'y., is the place of ship- 
ment. One flour and saw mill derive 
power from the river. Daily stage to Mor- 
ristown ; fare, 15 cents ; and Shelbyville ; 
fare, 50 cents. Mary Burtch, postmaster. 
Bovin J, blacksmith. 
Burtch Mary, postmaster. 
Burtch X 3(, Carpenter. 
Dailey George W, physician. 
Mellis Alexander G, general store, saw and 

flour mill. 
Robinson C A, physician. 

FREETOWN. Better known locally 
as Freeport, is the location of 100 inhabi- 
tants, in Salt Creek township, Jackson 
county, 10 miles northwest of Brownstown, 
the [county seat. Ewing, 10 miles south- 
east, on tha 0.2& M. R'y., is the shipping 
point, and Seymour, 14 miles east, the 
banking town. Staves, spokes and lumber 
are shipped. Levi M. Cross, postmaster. 
Acton & Denny, General Store. 
Chute G H, physician. 
Cooper L F, pianos and organs. 
Cross UrCvi M, General Store. 
Cross & Harbaugh, wagonmakers. 
George J M, general store. 
Hendrix Daniel, cooper. 
Highnote Alexander, shoemaker. 
Kindrxl I W, wagonmaker. 
Manuel Dr, physcian. 
Robert 'William, Four and Saw 

Smith Isaac, real estate and justice. 
Thompson S A, blacksmith. 
Tinch E T, physician. 
AVagoner Thomas, physician. 
■Wheeler Bros, General Store, Staves 

and Spokes. 
Wheeler Stocker, general store. 

FREMONT. AVas settled in 1837, 
incorporated a town in 1867, contains a 
population of 800, and is located on the 
Ft. W. & J. R. R., in township of same 
name, Steuben county, 8 miles north of 
Angola, the county seat and banking town, 
50 north of Fort Wayne, and 168 northeast 
of Indianapolis. It carries a bonded debt 
of $3,500, and contains 4 churches — Meth- 
odist, Evangelical and Congregational — a 
graded school of 4 departments, 1 hotel, % 
saw mills, 1 planing mill, a tile factory, 1 

War Claims. 

Collected by 1^. H. CORUAI^KV, Attorney at L.a'w, 

48 Vance Ulork, INDIANAPOLIS, IND. 
A^20 rears experience. Itcjected and iucreaso Pensions a sDociallv 

gffif/ol Porter's Joliet Lager Beer, ^^'^^^:i 

) SoleAgti See adv. page 351. 





flour mill, 1 plow factory and a brick- 
yard. Ex., Am. Tel., W. U. W. W. Wil- 
kinson, postmaster. 
Abbott Lvman, physician. 
American House, J Y Bevier, 

Baum Mattie Miss, milliner. 
Bevier Jollll Y, Propr American 

Bisbee D, lumber dealer. 
Black L Bascom, Jentist. 
Blake William H, carriagemaker. 
Brieker Samuel L, grocer. 
Broughton Andrew J, agricultural imple- 
Burdick S A Mrs, milliner. 
Carpenter Heman F, saloon. 
Cluck Peter, blacksmith. 
Creditor Edward H, dentist. 
Davison Otis S, photographer. 
Farnham Eraslus, flour mill. 
Flowers William, barber. 
Foltz Henry D, livery. 
Foreman James, brick and tile manufac- 
French J Addison, restaurant. 
Gibson Peter D, saw mill. 
Gilbert Charles T, dry goods. 
Gofl" B J, grocer. 
GofF Eliza Mrs, dressmaker. 
Gore & Bassett, blacksmiths. 
Greenamyer John R, boots and shoes. 
Hagerty Joseph L, physician. 
Hastings Moses, veterinary surgeon. 
Havens C & Son. jewelers. 
Havens George N, agt Am Ex ComiDany. 
Havens Ira S, painter. 
Heller George, general store. 
Holcomb Benjamin B, harnessmaker. 

Howe G W Rev, (Methodist). 

Hubbell Burt, carpenter. 
Isenhower Amos, livery. 
Isenhower Jacob P, grocer and meat mar- 

Johns Gilbert, saloon. 

Kayler Henry, builder. 

Kibbee Thomas W, jeweler. 

Kinsey Bros, hardware. 

Klbck Peter, wagonmaker. 

Koons Albert A, shoemaker. 

McNabb Theodore B, physician. 

Mahood William, saw mill. 

Masters William, agt Ft W & J R R. 

Melendy Daniel W, blacksmith. 

Merwin Calvin J, harnessmaker. 

Michael Phillip, hardware. 

Michael & Fox, furniture. 

Paul Albert, druggist. 

Pettit James, blacksmith. 

Piefer Frederick, wagonmaker. 

Reppard Henry A, planing mill. 

Schaflfer Daniel, baker. 

Scott Willard L, general store. 

Sheets Michael, boots and shoes. 
Simmons Edward B, physician. 
Stephens J & Son, grocers. 
Van Alstine John M, plow manufacturer. 
^^^ilkinson 'W^arren "W, Druggist. 

FRENCH LICK. Is the postoffice 
for French Lick Springs, which is located 
in French Lick township. Orange county, 
10 miles west of Paoli, the county seat, and 
18 southwest of Orleans, its shipping station 
on the O. & M. R'y. Daily stage during 
the summer to Orleans ; fare, $2 25. Pop- 
ulation, 100. Samuel Ryan, postmaster. 
Bundy John X, General Store and 

Saw Mill. 
Plummer L C, blacksmith. 
Roberts S A, physician. 
Ryan Samuel, Physician. 
Ryan William E, physician. 
Tillery Charles, saw mill. 
Wells & Andrew, general store. 

FRENCH TOWN. Is simply a 
farmers' supp!y office, located in Harrison 
county, 8 miles northwest ef Corydon court 
house. Leavenworth, 12 miles southwest, on 
the Ohio river, is the usual place of ship- 

FRIEHHEIM. Is a German settle- 
ment, in Preble township, Adams county, 
on St. Marys river, 9 miles northwest of 
Decatur, the county seat, and same distance 
south of Hoagland, on G. R. & I. R. R. 
Contains 100 inhabitants, Lutheran church, 
graded school and saw mill. Mail semi- 
weekly. F. Glock, postmaster. 
Bunch Dietrich, live stock. 
Frederick Gustav, blacksmith. 
Gallmeier F W, justice of the peace. 
Olock K, Physician. 
Glock & Witte, cigars and tobacco. 
Huser George, shoemaker. 
Keller & Huser, saw mill. 
Meyer Herman Rev, (Lutheran). 
Rentz Andrew, blacksmith. 
Scbeuman Conrad, meat market. 
Witte Conrad, veterinary surgeon. 

FRIENDSHIP. Known once as 
both Hart's Mills and Paultown, contains 
125 inhabitants, in Brown township, Ripley 
county, 10 miles southeast of Versailles, the 
county seat. It has daijy stage communi- 
cation with Dillsborough station, the place 
of shipment, 9 miles northeast on the O. & 
M. R'y. Live st6ck comprise its exports. 
Methodist, Baptist and German Protestant 
churches are sustained* Henry Schmols- 
mier, postmaster. 
Bear Otto, Jeweler. 
Ebel Philip, wagonmaker. 



and Notary Public. Office, Rooms i6 and l8 Hubbard 
f Block, Indianapolis, Ind. (See adv.) 

in^ftl nAAmiA r For corrugated and Crimped, Address 

IRON nODFINGl !■ 6. HYNDMAN & go., Gincinnati, OMo. 





Elleman Samuel, blacksmith. 

Johnson J M & T S, flour mill. 

Kramer John F, tailor. 

Lowmatsh A, general store. 

Miller E H, physician. 

Miiller C E 0,"Eev, (German Protestant). 

Parke Samuel, saloon and hotel. 

Roberts John Mrs, stoves and tinware. 

Eoder Christopher, shoemaker. 

Eost & Otto, shoe and harnessmakers. 

Eump Charles, blacksmith. 

Sdnnolsmier Henry, General 

Schuleuburg Henry, general store. 
Stute Henrv, general store and saloon. 
Thomas B F, hotel. 

FBIENDSWOOD. Contains 150 
inhabitants. Friends and Methodist 
churches, and is located on the I. & V. E'y, 
in Guilford township, Hendricks county, 
18 miles southeast of Danville, the county 
seat, and 12 miles southwest of Indianapolis. 
Grain, milk, and timber are its exports, 
Ex., Adams. Tel., W. U. Add Ballard, 
Ballard Add, General Store and 

Burnett Isaac, saw mill. 
Jessup Joel & Sons, flour mill. 
Lefler Andrew, blacksmith. 
Lever Patrick, shoemaker. 

FULDA. Was settled in 1847. It is 
the present location of 86 persons, in Har- 
rison township, Spencer county, 28 miles 
northeast of Eockport court house. Troy, 
15 miles south on the Ohio river, is the 
usual place of shipment. Tri-weekly stage 
to Troy. B. Schneider, postmaster. 
Beohm George, general store and saloon. 
Calignon Joseph, grocer. 
Caligfnon & Sliue, Flour Mill. 
Greulich August, justice of the peace. 
Haller Joseph, shoemaker. 
Hermflnie August, physician. 
Hufl'man Harrison, flour mill. 
Sclineider Bernard, General Store. 
Simon Henry, shoemaker. 
Zogleman Joseph, blacksmith. 

_ FULTON. This place of 200'popu- 
tion is located in Liberty township, Fulton 
county, 9 miles south of Eochester, the 
county seat and shipping point. Contains 
district school. Baptist and United Breth- 
ren churches. Has tri-weekly stage com- 
munication with Logansport. Mail tri- 
weekly, .larnes Wilson, posiuiaster. 
Allen Samuel M, shoemaker. 
Crone & Tracy, blacksmiths. 
Hedges Bros, blacksmiths. 
Martin W D, hotel. 

Morris James M, physician. 
Peterson Frederick, flour mill. 
Towey J T, physician. 
"Wilson James, General Store. 

FUNKS. Is a station and postofiice 
on line of the C, W & M. E'y, dn Lafayette 
township, Madison county, 6 miles north of 
Anderson, the county seat and banking 
town. Population, 40. Wheat and lumber 
are shipped. Solomon • Cripe, postmaster. 
Cripe Solomon, Postmaster. 
Kirk William, grain and live stock. 
Eiggs E M, saAV mill and E E agt. 
Towel S A, general store. 

FUQ UA Y. Established in 1881, is a 
rural postofEce and station on E., E. & E. 
Div. L., E. & St. L. E. E., in Ohio town- 
ship, Warrick county, 10 miles west of 
Boonville, the county seat and banking 
town. Nearest bank at Evansville. Hay 
and grain are shipped. William Fuquay> 

Cavett S T Eev, (Baptist). 
Fuquay William, General Store- 

and E E agt. 
Eerk J, blacksmith. 
Taylor G, grain. 
Vonoy J, huckster. 

FUBNESSVILLE. Is a postoffice 
on line of M. C. E. E., in Westchester town- 
ship, in Porter county, 15 miles north of 
Valparaiso, the county seat. Population, 
150. Nearest bank at Michigan City. Lum- 
ber, wood and piling are the chief exports. 
W. U. Tel. Frank J. Templeton, postmas- 

Brummitt William, justice of the peace. 
Burnmitt William & Sons, pressed hay. 
Cheeny William, hotel. 
Ernest August, blacksmith. 
Furness E. L. lumber and wood. 
r,eury W^illliam & Son, Wagon- 
makers and General Store. 
McDonald H E, saw mill. 
Morgan Gilbert, saw mill. 
Payne Louis, lumber and wood. 
Xempleton Frank J, Agt M C 
E E. 

GALE. Formerly known as Easton, 
is a small hamlet, located on the I. & St. 
L. E. E., in Centre township, Hendricks 
county, 3 miles from Danville, the county 
seat and banking town. Population, 15. 
A. J. Gibbs, postmaster. 
Gibbs A J, E E Agt. 
Winings A, saw mill. 

GALENA. Has a population of 250 
and is located in Greenville township, Floyd 

James B. Lizius & Co. 



18>^ Bates Block, opp. P. 0., Indianapolis, Ind.- 

E. C. ATKINS & CO. (Kf Vi6^o 5i°6 


(. South Illinois Street. 






county, 8 miles northwest of New Albany, 
the county seat, shipping station and bank- 
ing town. Daily stage to Paoli and New 
Albany. One Methodist church is sus- 
tained. Allie Neat, postmaster. 
Ashby William, justice of the peace. 
Bro^wn N M, General Store. 
Coffman Seth, dairy. 
Dodd David, painter. 
Dodd Samuel, insurance agt. 
Eblerior J M, barber. 
Halstead H B, boots and shoes. 
Hancock George, meat market. 
Harmon T J, physician. 
Lamb A K, carpenter. 
Lamke F, general store and hotel. 
Loesch Peter, blacksmith. 
Loesch W J, wagonmaker. 
^eat Allie, Postmaster. 
Neat L C «fe H S, dressmakers. 
Kutherford R S, physician. 
Schwartz & Son, flour mill. 
Taggart W J, physician. 
Williamson Mary Mrs, notions. 

GALLAUDET. Is a station and 
postoffice, located on the C, I., St. L. & C. 
R. R., in Franklin township, Marion coun- 
ty, 9 miles southeast of Indianapolis. New 
Bethel, a small hamlet, distant 1^ miles, 
receives mail at this office. J. C. Traut- 
wein, postmaster. 
Bond H, carpenter. 
Brown H Y, grocer. 
Btro^wn S M, Physician. 
Gooden W, Avagonmaker. 
Haas J, saw mill. 
Hettle Isaac, tile manufacturer. 
Holler J, blacksmith. 
Jungerman Charles, blacksmith. 
Xrautwein J C» Harness and Shoe- 
maker and R R Agt. 
Wilsay L B, saw mill. 
"Wilson J, grocer. 

GALVESTON. This enterprising vil- 
lage of 416 inhabitants, is located on the P., 
C. & St. L. R'y, in Jackson township. Case 
county, 16 miles southeast of Logansport 
court house. Kokomo, 6 miles southeast, 
is the banking town. Its churches consist 
of Methodist, United Brethren and Baptist 
societies. Grain and live stock are the ex- 
ports. A weekly newspaper — Herald — is 
sustained. Adams Ex. W. U. Tel. S. W. 
Hart, postmaster. 
Baldwin Thompson, physician. 
Beall J S, physician. 
Bell & McConnell, tile manufacturers. 
Bigger J H, meat market. 
Brown George M, druggist. 
Collins Jacob, wagonmaker. 
Pavis Bros, General Store. 

Davis George W, agt Adams Ex Com- 
pany. ^ 

Eiseubrey J H, harnessmaker. ^ 

Galveston Herald, (weekly). 

Gemmill H C, physician. 

Gibbs Thomas, saloon. 

Hart S yKy Jeweler. 

Keesey Rev, (United Brethren). 

Kelly Daniel, saloon. 

Kever John, broom manufacturer. 

King B L, pump manufacturer and saw 

King W A, barber. 

Landrey S F, physician. 

Loop J C, lawyer. 

Loop Z N, drugs. 

Lytle H W, barber. 

Lytle Mollie, milliner. , 

Mannington F, nursery. 

Mead Mrs, dressmaker. 

Nefziger Rev, (Methodist). 

Patterson A J, justice of the peace. 

Rairden J R Rev, (Baptist). 

Rule A B, blacksmith. 

Shafer G N, hotel. 

Simmons L A, physician. 

Stanley George, brick manufacturer. 

Taylor William, merchant tailor. 

Thomas Louis, lilacksmith. 

Xhotnas M H &: Sons, General 

Turley John, saw mill. 

W^ addle Joshua, carpenter. 

Woolley W J, blacksmith. 

GAR CREEK. Is a station on the 
W., St. L. & P. R'y, in Milan township, 
Allen county, located 11 miles east of Ft. 
Wayne, the county seat and shipping de- 
Yiot- Lumber and grain are the principal 
shipments. Population, 130. Jesse Roth- 
geb, postmaster. 

Bieber & Co, shingle manufacturers. 
Grover, Taylor & Alfred, carpenters. 
Harper Edward, carpenter. 
Richart Joseph, justice of the peace. 
Rothgeb Daniel, saw mill. 
Rotlig^eb Jesse, General Store and 

R R Agt. 
Rothgeb Michael, blacksmith. 
Shroeder Rev, (Lutheran). 
Smith E D, hoop manufacturer. 
Stringfellow J W Rev, (United Brethren). 

GARFIELD. Established as a post- 
office in 1880, was formerly known as Bin- 
ford, and is located on L. Br. T. H, & I. 
R'y, in Union township,Montgomery county, 
6 miles northeast of Crawfordsville, the 
county seat and banking town. Lumber, 
staves and heading are exported. Popula- 
tion, 40. Isaac T. Kelsey, postmaster. 
Binford David, saw mill. 



\ 1S8 (South Meridian St., 


JoMers of Cove and Fresh Ojsters, UNION OYSTER GO. 

J. S. KHL,I<CR, manager. 40 North Illinois Street, Indianapolis, Ind. 





Griest E F, tile manufacturer. 
Haycock Howard, saw mill. 
Kel^y Isaac X, Groceries and No- 

GABBETT, Is the location of 1,500 
persons, on the B. & O. E. R., in Keyser 
township, DeKalb county, 5 miles west of 
Auburn court house. This place was plat- 
ted in 1875 by the Baltimore Land Im- 
provement Company of Baltimore, Md.; 1 
year later it was incorporated a town, and 
is the present location of 3 churches — Meth- 
odist, Catholic and Episcopal — a graded 
school of 4 departments, 3 hotels, 1 bank, 1 
saw mill, a flour mill, and repair shops of 
the B. & O. E. R. Company ; 1 weekly news- 
paper— ^ez-aW — is sustained. Grain is the 
principal shipment. Ex., B. & O. Tel., 
W. U. Alexander H. Phillips, postmaster. 
Bacon Frank M, blacksmith. 
Behler George, saloon. 
Bennett & Linkenhelt, grocers. 
Bicknell Henry M, druggist. 
Blair Thomas M, agt B & O E R and B & 

O Ex Company. 
Bloom R, saloon. 
Cherry & Woolson, restaurant. 
Clark H F, meat market. 
Covell Lewis, lawyer. 
David Peter K, grocer. 
Davis John L, hardware. 
Decker Isaiah, livery. 
DeKalb House, J A Riley, propr. 
Dennis E H Eev, (Episcopal). 
Dibert Josiah H, druggist. 
Duck Martin L, furniture and undertaker. 
Garman John W, jeweler. 
Garrett Herald, (weekly), O J Powell, pub- 
Hanmer George, shoemaker. 
Minerman Millard S, Physician. 
Hunsel Bernard, merchant tailor. 
Imler William, baker. 
Johnson James F, painter. 
Klumpp Joseph, baker. 
Kornetske Natthan, tailor. 
Lackey George W, dry goods. 
Linkenhelt Charles, saloon. 
Loutzenheiser Peter, saloon. 
McCarty W E Eev, (Methodist). 
McNamara Mathew, prop: Tarney House. 
Ocker David W, propr Sargent House. 
Phillips Alexander H, grocer. 
Powell Otho J, publisher Garrett Herald. 
Prouty James E, saloon. 
Reyher C C & Co, general store. 
Riley Joe A, i)ropr DeKalb House'. 
Roether Daniel E, physician. 
Sargent Clara A Mrs, milliner. 
.Sargent House, D W Ocker, propr. 
Schelter Henry, barber, 
gchnitzer Henry, grocer. 

Sherman Sylvester M, physician. 
Simpson Robert L, cabinetmaker. 
Singler Joseph, general store. 
State Bank of Garrett; capital $10,000; R 

D Thomas, prest ; F W Rawles, cashr. 
Stickuey Fanny G Miss, mill